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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. We begin with the Essendon drugs crisis in Melbourne. The AFL is about to hand down its verdict and is tipped to lay charges against the club over its controversial supplements program. Let's go straight to our correspondent at Windy Little. Good afternoon. This is really dragging out -- Windy Hill. Good afternoon. This is really dragging out. Any idea when an announcement will be made?Good afternoon. Still nothing through from the AFL. They won't want to rush the decision. They'll want to make sure that they've got all the evidence in order before they go ahead with laying charges of bringing the game in to disrepute. There is one school of thought that the Bombers and the league are currently locked in negotiations. That the AFL is trying to get Essendon to accept the charges in return for a lighter penalty and that the Bmers are arguing that any -- Bombers are arguing that any acceptance of the charges would be an admission of guilt. The league publically deny that any negotiations like this is going on. James Hird was here this afternoon. He confirmed that he had heard nothing either from the AFL. We're waiting to be charged, if we are charged and don't know anything more than that.REPORTER: Have you been in talk this is morning?I have anticipate been reading kids stories with my children. The players were also at Windy Hill for a closed training session which James Hird did not ahend. Earlier when he left his house, James Hird laid out his case as to why Essendon or any other Bomber officials should accept any charges. I think we all find it hard to believe that charges can be laid on individuals or the club when none of our players have been shown to have taken performance-enhancing drugs and none of our players have been shown to have been harmed by anything. And there's an interim report and nothing is finalised. We're all staggered and shocked that any charges could be laid on points.James Hird making it clear that he does not think that any charges should be laid, and nor are they acceptable for him or any other individual at the Essendon Football Club. As we go on, it's still possible that an announcement from the AFL could come down tonight. Though your guess is as good as mine. We'll keep on waiting. Police are expected to charge two people over a car-jacking that ended in a dramatic arrest in Sydney's south-west. A man and a woman hijacked the car at Revesby dragging a female driver out of the car. They then pulled up outside a home where armed police were forced to cordon off the street. We will cross live to our reporter for more on the developing story later in the bulletin. A Sydney policeman is yet to apologise to his victims despite being found guilty of secretly filming their sexual encounters. Mark Osbourne has admitted to buying a hidden camera off the Internet and setting it up in his bedroom.REPORTER: Nervous about today? What were you thinking?And our reporter will join us with all the details on the case. That's coming up after 5:00. To the campaign trail now and Tony Abbott is copping plenty of flak after describing one of his female candidates as having sex appeal. The Opposition Leader made the gaffe as he zeroed in on a region vital to veer on September 7 - Sydney's west. John O'Doherty is travelling with the Opposition Leader. Here at the Panthers Stadium this afternoon, Tony Abbott has pledged $12 million to upgrade the facilities. It is part of a big charm offensive that's under way here in western Sydney. This afternoon, Tony Abbott made the announcement with the local candidate, Fiona Scott. And one person made the comment that Miss Scott is often compared with the former Liberal member, Jackie Kelly. Mr Abbott was asked what the two of them had in common. Here's what he had to say.They were' young, they're feisty. I think I can probably say, have a sit of sex appeal! And they're just very, very connected with the local area. There are plenty of marginal seats here in western Sydney, and earlier this afternoon, Tony Abbott met with some of the local candidates to launch the Liberal campaign bus. It will feature prompt nant in streets here in western Sydney. Earlier in the day, Tony Abbott met with locals in the Blue Mountains in Macquarie, an area notorious for mobile phone black spots. That's something Mr Abbott hopes to change with the Coalition's pledge of $100 million to build more bay stations. This is good news for the smaller communities of Australia. It's good news for everyone who is travelling on our major roads and not so major roads because we want to try to ensure that wherever you are, you can use your phone.And this $100 million commitment is a sign of our determination to ensure that these black spots are rectified.This evening, Tony Abbott is heading north and will continue the campaign in Brisbane. But given how much is at stake here in western Sydney, there's no doubt he'll be back. And Day 9 of the election campaign has involved plenty of big numbers. There were no economic shocks in Treasury's pre-election fiscal outlook, but the Opposition still raised alarm bells about some of the figures. Kerrie Yaxley is on the campaign trail in North Queensland and joins us now. Good afternoon. What did come out of the figures?Well, the reason why there was no nasty surprises in Treasury's numbers is because most of the nasty stuff was revealed when the Government handed down the mini Budget a few weeks ago. Basically, Treasury's numbers are in line with the Government's forecast. For example, Treasury is also saying that the Budget deficit will be $30.1 billion for this financial year and that unemployment will rise to 6.25% over the coming years. And now, the Government says all the information is out there and it is now time for the Coalition to reveal just how much its policies are going to cost. Here is the Treasurer and then Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey's response.From this day forward, there is no excuse for the Opposition not to release all its costings, how it intends to pay for the policies. Costings that should be done in accordance with the Budget.It is only the Coalition that is going to repair the Budget. It is only the Coalition that is going to get the economy back on track.And the Prime Minister held a press conference this morning. He held it before Treasury actually released the numbers, so he couldn't respond to them as such. But he did take the opportunity to attack the Coalition along the same lines that we just heard. This morning, the Prime Minister also paid a visit to a childcare centre here in Townsville where he announced a $30 million fund for workers in the community services sector including childcare workers. Basically, just to improve their skills in to the future.And Mr Rudd has also dropped in on some of the diggers. Tell us about that. Yeah, he went to visit troops from the 4th Regiment at the barracks here in Townsville. They showed him how to fire a Howitzer gun and they showed him their joint fighter team, which are the ones who direct where the firing is going to happen in battle. And he also toured the soldier rehabilitation centre and gave the troops a bit of a pep talk and thanked them for their efforts in Afghanistan.All right, we will leave it there. Thank you so much for that. And the question we're asking today:

Our results this afternoon is 48% of voters say no. Police in Melbourne have vowed to continue their search for missing teenager Bung Siriboon despite failing to uncover any new leads today. Let's go live to Laura Turner for the latest. Laura, police have given an update this afternoon. What did they have to say?Good afternoon. Well, homicide detectives have revealed that they found bones in the bush land behind me and they found clothing as well, but the bones are that of an animal and the clothing is thought not to be that of Bung Siriboon. All of those bids of evidence are being put forward for further testing just to be sure. Police have also revealed that the reason they're searching this site here is that they're acting on public information given to Crime Stoppers. That information, they say, is not particularly credible, but they need to make sure. Of course, this is day two, the end of day two of the search involving the SES, police search and rescue and dogs all searching the Old Joes Creek Reserve here in Boronia. They say they've looked carefully but they'll continue looking.We're hoping that ultimately we will find something and provide answers to the family. But at this stage, we've found nothing.Now, John Potter has also revealed that the homicide squad are now considering offering a reward in this case. They really do need more public information to help find Bung Siriboon. They've had 900 calls to Crime Stoppers already, but they really do need more public help. Of course, she went missing as she walked to school more than two years ago, seen by a neighbour a few minutes later and then was never seen again. So they need much more public help in this case.All right, we will leave it there. Thank you. Still ahead this afternoon - three strikes and you're out. The tough new rules for teachers. Plus, recognise these faces? The new test for memory loss. And a very special and very This program is not captioned. Get a magical shine with new Jif Easy Lift bathroom spray. Its unique lift action formula
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bonding session.
NSW teachers will soon have to abide by a new Code of Conduct under a State Government plan to lift stands. Teachers will be given tree strikes if they refuse to do play ground duty, are repeatedly late or wear inappropriate clothing. We want a system in place to make sure that teachers who don't meet the standard are either helped to come up to the standard or are moved on.The State Government also wants the capacity to link pay to performance. The Teachers Federation is yet to comment. Researchers in the US have made an exciting discovery in the fight against dementia, developing a new test which could determine how likely a person is to develop the debilitating disease. Take a guess - what is this person's name? Recognise this person? Now, what about this person makes them famous? How about this man? Turns out these faces might just predict if you'll develop demeantia. Here's how it works. Researchers at north western medicine showed 20 celebrity faces one at a time. Can you name him? If you said Albert Einstein, that's two points. Now, why is he famous? Think it through. If you said scientistor e equals MC squared. Two groups took the test. And reliably, those with dementia clearly struggled for answers a lot more than those without. Pblgts we're trying to better understand dementia and identify them earlier and earlier.If we think about heart disease, for example. We don't like to treat someone after they've had a heart attack. We try to intervene earlier.Dementia, a slow decline in overall mental ability and memory most commonly shows up as Alzheimer's which is steadily growing. By 2025, it's estimated more than seven million people will have it. By 2050, almost 14 million. Diagnosing dementia early gives doctors a head start and a familiar face like this one just might provide a clue. Now to a very special moment between a panda and her cub. The one-month-old was taken to spend time with her mother for the first time at a zoo in Taiwan. Zoo keepers holding the tiny panda up to her mother, who affectionately licked her through the cage. Staff take care of most of the mothering feeding the cub, checking her temperature and changing her bedding while monitoring her progress. After spending some time with mum, she'll be ready for her public debut next next month. In the news ahead - a 9-year-old war veteran robbed inside his own - - a 94-year-old war veteran robbed inside his own home. And Ford's pitch to win back the Australian market. And second time lucky - why IVF could be the key to falling pregnant naturally. But right now - let's have a look at what's

Armed police surround a home at Picnic Point, as a family is terrorised by two alleged carjackers. A Sydney policeman found guilty of using a spy camera to film himself having sex with women, without their consent. Tony Abbott heads to the heart of Penrith, to launch his campaign bus through Sydney's west. A giant sinkhole swallows a building, triggering frantic evacuations in the middle of the night. And incredible video from the Nine News chopper as dozens of dolphins attack a large bait ball off one of Sydney's most popular beaches. Stay up to date on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages, and join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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news at 6:00.
Tomorrow, Aussie music legend Paul Kelly performs live in the studio. And we have

Ford have reaffirmed their commitment to the country rolling out a fleet of flashy new vehicles at a multimillion dollar launch in Sydney. When a few months ago, Ford announced it was leaving Australia in terms of manufacturing, a lot of people might have thought it was leaving full stop. Well today, Ford roll out its stop brass from the United States to convince not only consumers but, also dealers, that it was not leaving Australia T would continue to sell. And so, what it did was unveil a suite of new vehicles and upgrades and as a result of this, tried to convince people that despite the decision to stop making cars here in Australia, that Ford does have a future. Here's the chief executive of Ford International.Today has been about sharing our One Ford plan with all of you to drive us forward together. Serving Australians with a full family of best in class vehicles, quality, fuel efficiency, safety, really smart design and the very best value.The truth is that still, the Government has got decisions to make and the Opposition. Do they continue to support manufacturing in Australia? When it came down to Ford, what it says really is that it wasn't the absolute be all and end all in their decision to remaining here in Australia.Our business is changing. Our spirit, our emergency and our -- energy and our drive are increasing. We're thinking, investing and acting in new ways to go further for our customers.Perhaps the big news of today is that the Mustang will be coming to Australia. It hasn't been seen in Australia for more than 50 years, but of course, probably phased out is the Ford Falcon from 2017. Thank you very much for that. A new study suggests Australian women who have their first baby with IVF have a one in three chance of falling pregnant naturally the second time around. The study at Monash University surveyed 236 women. Melbourne mother Samantha Hart fell pregnant naturally with her daughter after conceiving her son through IVF.When we were pregnant with Belle, we didn't believe it because you didn't want the heartbreak again. I know, it's the rollercoaster, but the every month of trying for a baby and not getting one.Researchers say it is possible some women suffered from undiagnosed endometriotis that affects fertility but improves after a pregnancy. Stay with us. Still ahead - sex appeal. Tony Abbott's controversial description of a female candidate. Plus, the holiday resort that was swallowed up by the ground. Also, the policeman who used a secret spy camera to film himself having sex with women. And dolphins and a seal join forces in a spectacular This program is not captioned. I' m Kerryn Johnston with a WIN
Newsbreak The opposition moves a no- confidence motion in ACT A in ACT Treasurer A Andrew
confidence motion in ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr over the budget. Rndrew Barr over the budget. The Roya Andrew Barr over the budget. The Royal Commission into Child Sexual Canber
Abuse is holding private sessions in th
Canberra this week. And in sport, the Raiders and The Deaartment of indige
Veteran Affairs pay tribute to indigenous Australians ahead of the close the gap round. Details in the b the gap round. Details in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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Residents at a luxury resort in Florida have had a lucky escape after their villas were swallowed by a giant sink hole. Denham Hitchcock has the -- Denham Hitchcock has the details. This happened not far from Disneyland, but Disneyland is fine. For the residents of this luxury resort, it is incredible. It happened around 3am in the morning. About 20 people inside woke to horrendous noises and cracks through the walls. Something that sounded like an earthquake as the building just literally started to sink in to the ground. They panicked and got out of there as soon as they could. Many couldn't get out of the doors. A couple of the people had babies as well so they jumped out with whatever they could. The hole itself is around 20 metres. The police say it is not getting wider. But they don't know how much it will go. It is sinking deeper and deeper. About two storeys of the building remains. There is mobile phone footage of it taking place. For the residents, it was pretty frightening.You could hear the pops of the metal and the concrete and the glass breaking. Next thing I know - people were yelling - get out of the building. One person had to break out of the building because the door collapsed and him and his wife and an infant. They had to break the window.The last case in Florida that made headline news was back in March where there was a sink hole that literally took a man's sink hole and his bed with him in it down in the middle of the night. A body that they never recovered because the house then followed it. That was back in March. Thankfully, this one, no injuries and no deaths. You are watching the Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now. Essendon coach James Hird says he's still no closer to knowing if or when any charges will be laid against the club as the wait continues for an announcement at AFL headquarters. A Sydney family has been terrorised by car-jackers. The drama ending with armed police surrounding a home in the city's south-west. And Tony Abbott makes another campaign gaffe talking up the sex appeal of a female candidate. Let's get an update now on the top story. Essendon coach James Hird has dismissed speculation he's been in crisis talks with the AFL. Which is tipped to hand down its punishment over the club's controversial supplements program. And Tony Jones is at AFL headquarters for us. TJ, good afternoon to you. What has Hird had to say today?Good afternoon. Well, James Hird certainly had more to say than what the AFL has said today because they have said absolutely nothing. There was to have been, apparently, a 9:00 media conference here to announce what penalties, if any, would be issued against Essendon as a supplement regime just continues to spiral out of control. That hasn't eventuated. It could still happen in the next five minutes and could happen up until 8:00 tonight. But no indication to the AFL as to just when it will make its findings public. That said, James Hird, according to some wild speculation, was at the centre of some secret talks today to try to thrash out a deal. While James Hird arrived at Windy Hill this afternoon to set the record straight on that. Waiting to be charged if we are charged and don't know anything more than that.REPORTER: Have you been in walks this morning?I've been reading children's stories with my kids.All right, James Hird, the one thing that he has done throughout this ordeal is be upfront with the media and that's certainly been the case even at his own personal address. It's almost become a daily door stop. This morning, he ramped it up a little bit in terms of the personal defipance for himself and for the club in general.We don't believe we've done anything wrong on those lines and we will fight and yeah, it's about our reputation. It's also about the football club. The football club is the greatest football club in Australia and we're going to protect its name. James Hird speaking earlier today. As I say, still nothing from the AFL in terms of charges from the AFL. But that could happen in the next 60 seconds, any time from now, but when it does, we'll let you know.And so it continues. Thank you for bringing us up to date. We have breaking news now on a car- jacking in Sydney's south-west which ended in armed police surrounding a home in Picnic Point. Our reporter is at the scene. What can you tell us?What we can tell you is that a man who was involved, allegedly involved in the car- jacking has now been charged. He's facing a range of charges. And a woman who was with him is in the process of being charged. Now, this all ended at the house behind me here when police surrounded the house at gunpoint with police tracker dogs. It was the end of a car-jacking series of events that happened in Regent Park where a collision occurred and a car was jacked and a woman dragged out of the car. The stomen vehicle then headed off and crashed in to another car which was driven by a 17-year-old. Have a listen to what she had to tell us earlier.And put the car back in to reverse and she hit me. So I swerved and then she just ripped the car back around and hit the front of the car.Now, the car then sped off again. It collected a speed sign, a 50km/h speed sign and then hurtled along Henry Lawson Drive. There were witnesses who saw it coming along here. There were sparks flying out from behind the car which were being created by the sign which was trapped underneath it. The car eventually stopped at this house where there were five children inside the house and two women. One of the women told us that she was scared that she would be taken hostage and the children, she feared for them. Here's what she told us.My heart fell to my stomach and it felt like it was all up in my throat. So no, it was really scary. I didn't know what to think. I thought the worst. Strangely, only the woman was arrested at this location. The man was arrested at another place, another address nearby some hours later. Interestingly, the woman who is now in the process of being charged knew the occupants of the house. Perhaps she came here hoping that they would protect her from the police. But when the police turned up, they told her to get out and that's when she was arrested. What an ordeal. Thank you. And Simon will have all the details for the Sydney viewers. That's coming up in Nine News at 6:00. NSW Police have condemned one of their own after the acting sergeant was found guilty of using a hidden camera to film his sexual exploits with unsuspecting women. And Matt Snelson was in court for today's verdict. Good afternoon to you. How did the officer's dirty secret become public?Police became aware of the tapes last year. When they arrived at the door with a search warrant and their own camera to film everything, he was so taken aback and shocked, he packsed out and needed an ambulance to be taken to hospital. During that search, then uncovered the camera that was hidden in his bedroom and used to film sex with three women who he met in online dating sites who had no idea that they were being recorded. He admitted filming without consent, but in court, denied the charge that it was for his own gratification. He was found guilty and two of the three women were in court today and actually cheered when the verdict was handed down. We can show you now a little bit of the search warrant tape and also hear from one of his superiors who were scathing today about his conduct.We've located on the tallboy on the bedroom, a silver clock. We will be seizing that item. Behaviour of that sort is completely intolerable and unacceptable. Now, Osborn will be sentenced next month. As for his future in the force, that's still unclear. We're still waiting to hear back from police about what happens now that the 41-year-old has been found guilty.All right, thank you so much for that. Tony Abbott has grabbed the election spotlight for all the wrong reasons today. The Opposition Leader was campaigning with Fiona Scott - his candidate in western Sydney. He was asked whether Miss Scott had anything in common with Jackie Kelly.They're young. They're feisty. I think I can probably say, have a bit of sex appeal! And they're just very, very connected with the local area.Mr Abbott also announced a $100 million plan to improve mobile phone coverage and launched a coalition campaign bus. Well, some big figures out of Canberra also attracted attention on the campaign trail today. Treasury's pre-election fiscal outlook didn't contain any nasty surprises but the Opposition still went on the attack. Let's go to Kerrie Yaxley in North Queensland now. Good afternoon. Take us through the key figures. Well, most of the numbers in Treasury's figures are consistent with the Government released a couple of weeks ago in the mini Budget. For example, Treasury is also saying that the Budget deficit will be $30.1 billion for this financial year. And Labor has used the release of Treasury's figures to basically attack the Coalition and say that they have no more excuses now, it's time for the Opposition to release its policy costings.From this day forward, there is no excuse for the Opposition not to release all its costings, how it intends to pay for its policies, costings that should be done in accordance with the budget honesty.It's only the Coalition who will repair the Budget. It is only the Coalition who will get the economy back on track.And Kerrie Yaxley, you've been with the Prime Minister today. What has he been up to?Well, he spent I day in lovely Townsville. First he went to a childcare centre this morning to announce $30 million in funding for community service work basically to improve their skills in to the future. And after that, he went to the barracks here in Townsville and met some of troops from the 4th regiment. And basically, they showed him how they fire, how it is a gun and a soldier rehabilitation centre at the barracks and gave them a bit of a pep talk thanking them for all their work in Afghanistan.And do nought enjoying all that beautiful Queensland weather as well. Holden workers in Adelaide have agreed to accept a pay freeze in the hope that it will help the carmaker keep its Elizabeth plant open beyond 2016.Well, I voted yes mainly because I've got a young family and I need the place to stay around.I can't say I'm happy with losing working conditions that we fought for over the years when things were good. We still had to fight for conditions. Now things are bad, and everything is just getting taken.A final decision now rests with Holden management which is waiting on the result of the Federal Election. A Brisbane car-wrecking business has been dealt the second major blow in as many years with a fierce fire burning it to the ground. Let's go live to our correspondent for the defails. -- details. Good afternoon to you. How are the business owners coping?Obviously, they're incredibly emotional. They want to rebuild but don't know if they have the strength in them to do it for a second time. This gear gutted their fire-wrecking business. They started to pull everything back together after the 2011 floods and it was two patrolling police cars who noticed smoke coming from the premises around midnight. Despite 40 firefighters battling for three hours to control the blaze, there was leg they could do. Car bodies, petrol and several major explosions kept crews at bay. Even later today, the area was too unstable to enter. Let's take a listen to what the owner and some of his neighbours had to say.When I came over the back, I could see the fire from up there. I just knew it was gone. Everything we worked for. The staff are here. They're going to rally behind us and we've got to try to kick on.You put everything in to running a business and having it, and then to see it go up like that is pretty sad. Forensic investigators are trying to work out what caused the blaze. They haven't ruled out arson at this stage. But police have confirmed the owners are not suspected.Thank you for the update. There has been some spectacular teamwork off Sydney's Northern Beaches today and it was all for a big feed. A pod of dolphins joined forces with a seal to herd up a tasty treat of bait fish off Manly. It is relatively common, particularly when you have predatory fish like King fish and also the dolphins there. They are pushing the fish up to the surface. The sea birds are getting involved. The seals are getting involved and all hunting together as one large group. It is fascinating to see it. Perhaps not so exciting for the bait fish. It is sport time now with Rob Canning. Good afternoon to you. Another Rabbitohs sidelined.Sam Burgess pleads guilty to his squirrel-grip tackle. We'll have more on that, next. Also, the Aussie cricketers sink to new lows in England. And a Bledisloe Cup blow This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At GIO, we know that cars mean different
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This program is not captioned. All Blacks.
Geelong player Tom Hawkins is said to be rested this weekend as his back problems continue to cause him grief. With the fines looming, coach Chris Scott has conceded his key forward needs to be wrapped in cottonwool.It's difficult to get a raepd on how Tom's mobility -- a read on how Tom's mobility is. Meanwhile, Dale Thomas will make his long awaited return via the VFL this weekend. And another blow to Carlton with Carrazio's season over. South Sydney will be bolstered for Friday night's clash against Manly with the return of Greg Inglis and John Sutton for injury. But the Bunnys will be without Sam Burgess for the next two weeks after accepting the early guilty plea for his controversial squirrel-grip. No matter what angle, it didn't look good. Melbourne centre Will Chambers wasn't the only one left clutching. South Sydney with snore star player sidelined.He's a key player for us. We knead him on the field as much as we can so those sorts of things, as much as we joke about it and give him a hard time, we need to be smart when playing football.Be snrbgs ji Marshall couldn't care less if it was smart football releasing a video wearing the new Auckland jersey. The departing five-eighth denying a rift with Mick Potter. I heard the coach saying something about you on radio? He says you're sweet now. Did he need to apologise for you? What for? I don't take notice of what's said in the TV or papers about me. I don't worry about that stuff. But Mick called me up just to say that headlines say a lot more than what the actual story was and he didn't slam me. At the Roosters, out of contract captain Anthony Minichello is confident he'll remain at Bondi for another year and that goes for Sonny Bill too, despite a 3-year offer by the Chiefs.Weapon don't pressure him. We'll make the decision when it happens.And the Titans have beaten the Bulldogs for the first-ever time in Sydney. Winger Gordon crossed for the win.

the first-ever time in Sydney.
Winger Gordon crossed for the win. So the ladder looks like this:

The Eels are doing their best to avoid the wooden spoon.

The Eels are doing their best to
avoid the wooden spoon. A woeful second innings collapse has seen Australia surrender the Ashes series to England.

Australia surrender the Ashes
series to England. The Aussies fell 74 runs short at Durham losing the last eight wickets for just 77 runs. Heading in to the fifth Test, the series sits at 3-0 to England. Niall An evenly poised match at the beginning of the day and Ryan Harris got straight to business. The speedster sent Ian bell's leg- stump flying. And did the same to the off-stump just a few balls later. He finished the innings with career-best figures of 7/117. England bowled out for 330. It meant an Ashes Test victory for Australia just 29 runs away. And the opening pair of Rodgers and Warner gave it a red-hot crack. With the usual afternoon storm threatening overhead, the pair smashed their way to a 100 partnership.That's a very good shot.But then things began going wrong. Rodgers fell to Graeme Swan. Khawaja added only 21 and then the other half of the opening pair finally falted on 71. -- falted. The quick departures of Steven Smith and Shane Watson had the Aussies reeling and in a 2-hour window, the visitors' shot at victory had turned in to a fight for survival. When Broad took the fifth, England were given more time to reach the inevitable. The sixth and Australia was cleaned up. COMMENTATOR: That's the wicket that England needed. That will give them the Ashes series win for 2013.

England needed. That will give them
the Ashes series win for 2013. StpooI feel for the bowlers, especially Ryan Harris. He didn't deserve the result we got today and the way we lost today. Yeah, I don't know the answers right now. I'll continue to look for them and you know, I'm a big part of it as well. I've got to make more runs. I said that a number of times. Yeah, I got a decent ball but I've got to find a way to keep that out. We have work to do before the next Test. The All Blacks have suffered a major blow with fly-half Dan Carter ruled out of Saturday's opening Bledisloe Cup match against the Wallabies with a calf injury.Yeah, it's a bit frustrating especially when the body feels good. You know, you have a set back like this and it is always frustrating. But you know, the thing is I've had injuries like this before so I know what I have to do to get back out and play and play as well as I can. The Chiefs play maker Aaron Crude is a likely replacement in the number ten jersey. The All Blacks name their side on Thursday. And that match is at ANZ Stadium in Sydney on Saturday.And a big game as well for their new coach.That's right, good to have an Aussie back in charge. Thank you for that. Stay with us. We will have the finance next and the latest weather with Rebecca Judd. And a windy day in parts of the country.

with Rebecca Judd. And a windy day
in parts of the country. Yes, and a severe weather warning for damaging winds has been issued this evening for south-east earn parts of the country. I'll have A
Tonight: A no confidence motion in ACT Treasurer Andrew Barr over the su
budget A crowd gathers in Civic in support of Marriage Equality And
support of Marriage Equality And the Raiders launch the NRL' s Close The Gap Round This program is not captioned. We start from scratch every day. Pane di casa?
It's been made this way for years. What do you reckon?
Good work, mate. They're going to love these. VOICEOVER: At Bakers Delight,
we bake fresh every day. From our oven to you.

This program is not captioned.

the weather after the break.
Stkpwafr. Well, it was fairly dry over most of the country today with a strong high. But as you can see, a front and cloud band is stretching from Tasmania all the way back to WA. After strong winds overnight, Sydney was much calmer today with blue skies. The low was 10 and the top was a warm 23. Breaks of sunshine in Melbourne with a top of 17. Tonight, a front will progress across the south-east of the country causing strong winds for coastal and elevated areas. And showers in these parts of the country. North western parts of Tasmania can expect the most. Up to 30mm there. But in Sydney tomorrow, it will be dry and mostly sunny and a low of 11 and a lovely top of 23. Melbourne will be windy with scattered showers during the day. Up to 8mm. Also the chance of a late morning storm and hail. A low 11 and a top of 15. It will be mostly fine in Brisbane tomorrow with just a possible shower. A warm top of 26. Canberra will have a sunny day and then evening showers and 16. Morning and afternoon showers in Hobart and cloudy. Adelaide, isolated showers clearing in the afternoon. Dry in Perth but cloudy. 19 there. Sunny in Darwin and a fine day in Cairns and Townsville. On Thursday, a fine day in Brisbane with some clouds and 23. Another sunny day for Sydney with 20 degrees right there. Mostly sunny in Canberra. Melbourne 17 with sunny periods after a few early showers. Sunny for Hobart and then showers and Adelaide 18 and sunny and sunny in Darwin with 31. Enjoy your evening. Thank you. In finance:

That is the afternoon news for today. The next bulletin is coming up at 6:00. I'm Amelia Adams. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Tonight, yes,
let's get straight into the show. Six contestants want to make this
the night of their lives. Don't you, guys? The audience want to see something
pretty spectacular as well. We want to see $1 million go off,
don't we, everyone? (CHEERING)
Yeah. Why not? Alright,
let's meet our contestants tonight. And they are... Samantha Serna Verenzuela, will treat her family
to an Aussie holiday. Good on you! While living in Tuscany, Phil Rogers developed a love
of Italian food, wine and coffee. In January 1969, Janelle Benwell's
neighbours, the Beatles, did a gig on the roof at Abbey Road. Working at a dairy,
Daniel Moore left a tap open. 8,000 litres of milk
went down the drain. Whoops! Trevor Bartlett had a joy flight
in a jet fighter. Wasn't so joyful, though -
took him three days to get over it. And Kathleen McCormick
finds jokes much funnier when ducks are involved -
they quack her up.

Samantha, you ready to play?
Yes, I am. Let's go. Come on.

Samantha Serna Verenazuela? Verenzuela. Venezuela?
Verenzuela. Verenzuela. Close? And you are from?
Venezuela! Ahh! Of course you are. Is that the flag there?
Yep. You're a proud Venezuelan. Fantastic. That's where Miss Universe
always comes from, isn't it? And other things. Yeah, but every year Miss Venezuela
wins Miss Universe or Miss World or something. Living proof. How long have you
been in Australia for? Two years.
Yeah? What made you come out here? Uh, the situation in Venezuela,
it's not good. Not good, yeah. Yeah, it's not for 5:30 for a show. Tough situation.
Yep. Alright, let's get on with the show,
OK? Are you ready to play?

Ready or not. Do I have a choice? 15 questions. Do you watch the show? Yep, yep. I do. And do you go alright
with the questions? Yeah, sometimes I yell at the TV. Like, "It's D!"
That's it. "Just D! Come on!" "Come on!" Alright, Samantha,
you ready to play? Yes, I am.
Here we go. Go.



I'm gonna take my pass card
because I have no idea. No idea?
Not big in Venezuela, this one? No. Especially 'cause it's in English.
Exactly. Sorry, Samantha.
We'll get you a bit later on, OK? Well played.

Where are you going?

You just do as you like over here,
OK, Samantha? Exit stage left,
came back around, over there... David's just shaking his head
up the back. Is she like this all the time? Yeah. Hello, Phil. G'day, Eddie. How are you going?
Good, buddy. Phil Rogers
is from Richmond in South Australia. That's correct. By the sounds of things,
you spend a bit of time in NSW. Oh, New South, Victoria -
yeah, bit of...round everywhere. What do you do? At the moment
I work for an aviation company and we do border protection
surveillance aircraft flights around Australia. OK, so is that to look for
asylum seekers and things? Illegal asylum seekers, yeah. Bit of illegal fishing.
All that type of thing. Alison's your partner. Hi, Alison.
Hi, Eddie. How are you doing?
Good. How are you? Good. I'm very well. Come on, Phil,
let's get on with it, buddy. Let's go. We are still at question
one for 100 bucks. (REPEATS QUESTION)

I've met a Mary
that probably had a beard but let's lock in garden,
please, B.