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This is Afternoon Live on ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Kim Landers. Our top story today - Labor says the Coalition has run out of excuses for not releasing its election costings after Treasury unveils its final pre-election update.From today, with the release of the Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook, the alibis end. The excuses end. Nowhere to hide.Labor delivered their costings the day before the election.We will cross live to Canberra to hear the latest on the costings which have dominated today's campaigning.

This Program is Captioned Also, workers at Holden's Adelaide plant vote on a new wage proposal which could make or break the carmaker's future in Australia. A Sydney policeman found guilty of secretly filming sex sessions with women. Australia's cricketers gutted by England's Ashes
surprise win in the fourth Ashes Test. The Federal Government is using the final budget update before the election to increase release
pressure on the Coalition to release all of its policy costings. Treasury and Finance officials have released the Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook, called the PEFO. But the Opposition says it needs time to carefully consider it before it can release its costings. The new out look stands by the forecast in the Government's economic statement from 10 days ago and it shows - The surplus will be $200 million more than the Government predicted in its economic statement. On the campaign trail, the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced a $30 million plan to improve skills and training in early childhood and social services. He made the announcement while campaigning at an early childhood centre in Townsville this morning. The Opposition Leader Tony has been in Western Sydney pledging to improve mobile phone coverage with a $100 million plan. We will have a wrap of politics including reaction to the Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook with our reporter Nick Dole in a moment but first let's take this look at the leaders' day so far.Welcome Tony. Welcome.Lovely to be here. Great to see you. Thanks for coming out to Colo Heights.It is good.It is good to be here. is good.It is good to be This mobile phone issue is a This mobile phone issue is real problem in places like Colo Heights.For businesses that are making billions of dollars profit a year, there is really no excuse from where we are coming from. Need to step
up and start into the community.Dad started this because he looked at me and said "Clint, this is Australia, mate, it is not the Congo".That's right. Good on meet
you. Good to see you.Lovely to meet you.This youngster is? Hi Sophia, how are you darling? Sophia! I love your little badge.Strangers!. What are you guys doing? We are singing.Have you got a song for us? # Five monkeys in the tree, Mr Crocodile, you can't catch me #.I take it that's a good Far North Queensland song. Lots of crocs but no monkeys to be seen. I got it. You are doing some serious stuff here guys, you guys participate as well, is that right? Are you going to do some shapes too? Watch this, watch this.Gidday mate, how are yo you? With the leaders out on the campaign trail, I am joined by political reporter Nick Dole in Canberra. The Government's certainly putting a lot of pressure on Tony Abbott over costings but so has one of his backbenchers, suggesting some promises might have to be dropped? Yes. It wasn't helpful for the Abbott campaign today because the Government, for the last few days or indeed weeks, has been accusing the Coalition of essentially saying one thing before the election and planning a series of changes planning a series of policy
changes and spending cuts it gets into Government. Today Kevin Rudd said it gets into Kevin Rudd said Don Randall, a wab backbencher from the Coalition had belled wab backbencher Coalition had belled the cats in his words. Don Randall said if the Coalition wins office, it may need to reconsider some policies depending on the state of the Budget. Tony Abbott was directly asked what would take priority - the Budget bottom line or his commitments? Tony Abbott said he wants to be remembered as a Prime Minister, should he be elected, that essentially does as he has promised. He says his commitments stand firm and he says that, essentially, what Mr Randall said is just not true.He knows what he said was wrong. I will keep my commitments. We will do exactly what we say we will do. I am not going to be a Prime Minister like Mr Rudd, like Ms Gillard, who makes a whole of promises before an election
to win votes and then abandons them afterwards.There was a lot of anticipation about the Outlook
Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook that was released today. Many of the headline figures in it, though, are the same as what the Government had released just before the election? It would be a serious problem for the Government if they were too far different from what the Government delivered just 11 days ago. You wouldn't want the figures to change too substantially. Essentially, it is confirmed that the deficit is far worse than it had initially been forecast become in May and unemployment is on the rise. The Opposition, though, sees more danger signals in the Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook. Joe Hockey, the Shadow Treasurer, says it shows $15 billion is being spent on border protection. Joe Hockey has also zeroed in on some of the commentary contained in the outlook. There is essentially some commentary about some of the downside risks, if you like, that Australia may face. Essentially saying Australia is increasingly vulnerable to some of the potential downside risks from overseas. From Joe Hockey's perspective, there is still a lot of bad news in the PEFO statement. When it comes to costings, of course, the Government has been using the arrival of PEFO as a way to really ramp up pressure on the Opposition to release its full details when it comes to policy costings and where some of the savings will come from but Joe Hockey says the Government is being hypothetical on that - hypocritical on that issue in particular.The Labor Party has not even submitted policies to the Treasury for costing. We have. We have submitted over 200 Parliamentary Budget Office for costing. They Parliamentary Budget Office costing. Parliamentary Budget Office for
costing. They A number of them still haven't costing. They are coming back. come back after the A number of them still come back after economic come back after the last
economic update from the economic update from Government.Finally, Nick Dole,
the PEFO

independent report card the PEFO is supposed to be prepared by Treasury but the Coalition is prepared by Treasury but Coalition is still casting doubt Coalition is still those figures? That's doubt on the credibility of For the last week those figures? For the last week or so, there For the last has been, I guess, some For the last week or so, different messages coming has been, I different messages coming from
the Opposition but certainly one key one has been you can't necessarily trust everything in PEFO, certainly Joe Hockey talked about the fact that Treasury forecasts have been so dramatically wrong in the past so he says PEFO will form part of the Coalition's forecasts but not all of it. The is
Treasurer, though, Chris Bowen, is defending the trustworth yness of the PEFO Corey forecasts. He says they are business
prepared by the best in the business from Treasury and Finance. They are still the most reliable figures any responsible Government or Opposition would rely on. He is speak with Lyndal Curtis.Chris Bowen, welcome to News 24. The Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook has confirmed the forecast you released just before the election campaign has started but given the changes we have seen in forecasts, are these likely to last six months until the mid-year update? These are the forecasts based on the best expert advice. They are realistic forecasts. They are forecasts they have taken into account the views of other economic agencies and have provided the figures free of any interference from any politician for the Australian people to see. As you say, they confirm the figures the Finance Minister and I released Friday before last. This is an important part of the process under the charter of budget honesty, a document for the Australian people to see - not my document, Penny Wong's document, the Government's document - the views of the central economic agencies of Australia out there for all to see and both parties to base their budget bottom line on in terms of costings, promises and the Coalition for not accepting PEFO as the document on which it would base its costings but which of the forecasts the Government has made over its term have survived the six months between the Budget and the mid-year update let alone the 12 months from Budget to Budget? The point is there is a charter of budget honesty which says how these things shall be done. It is not a Labor document. It is a document introduced by Peter Costello to give credit where it is due and it says there shall be a Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook document released. We have seen the Opposition at sixes and sevens what they think about that. Mr Hockey said it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. That's what he said about the Treasury and Finance document. They had been bullied by the Government. What an insult to Australia's senior economic public servants whom he hopes to work with in a month's time ...Even Treasury itself has said it is difficult forecasting particularly revenue in this economic environment, so while these are the forecasts at this time, there is a real prospect they'll change, won't they? They are forecasts, of course they are. The Treasury is regarded and has been an independent review, the Treasury is using every available tool and they are forecasting the economy as well as any economic agency in the world could be expected to do in a volatile environment. If you look at the forward projections in this document and in the economic statement I released last Friday, there is $1.5 trillion worth of Government revenue over the next four years. They have downgraded the revenue growth by about 2% as a result of the terms of trade impact but what's the alternative here? These are the projections of the Department of Treasury and Finance. What does the Opposition hope to base their figures on, if not those figures of the central economic agencies with whom they hope to work in a month's time? If the coalition puts the costings into the Parliamentary Budget Office, is that good enough for Budget Office
you? Well, the Parliamentary Budget Office is wrun one of the mechanisms available under the charter of budget honesty, but the important thing is they lay out clearly the assumptions underpinning the costings, who has costed them, whether it is a government agency or not. Last year they used accountancy firms who were fined for breach of standards, the Department of Finance went through costings after the $11 billion worth of $11 billion worth of
$11 billion, and nine out of 10 of the $11 billion, and nine out of of the savings were wrong that
were claimed by $11 billion, and nine out of 10
of were claimed by the Opposition.
The Australian of the savings were wrong that were The Australian people have a
right to be were claimed by the Opposition. The Australian right to be very kinical unless the Opposition complies completely with the charter.You are talking charter.You are talking about the $11 billion hole in the Coalition's costings in the last election, you had a $33 writedown in revenue.Completely different things. This was an update to the economic circumstances as affected by the terms of trade and other changing world conditions. Very different to saying to the Australian people "We think our policies cost this much" and then a couple of weeks later the dpds of Finance saying "That was completely wrong, that was $11 billion more". The Australian people are entitled to think both political parties will comply with the charter of budget honesty. If the Opposition doesn't do that, it is because they know they can't make their sums add up without pretty significant cuts, to things like health and hospitals, and so they are making a calculated decision not to be honest with the Australian people about it before the election.Have you put any policies into Treasury since the campaign started? We have had our policies costed by the Treasury. I saw Mr Rob b holding up a piece of paper in a pathetic stunt a while ago. If he bothered to read the charter of budget honesty, he would know the only policies to be outlined in the document are policies requested to be funded after the writs are issued. We have had ours costed before the writs have had writs were issued and they have been reflected in the economic statement.You have had policies that have been through the Department of Treasury costing process before the caretaker - the election campaign started? Of course.Are any of those unannounced yet? Of course we have done that. We made allowance in the economic statement for those policies and we have seen, for example, the Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook statement out today shows we have a health and hospitals fund which the Minister for Health announced particular projects out of it, all funded and cost ed through the economic process by the agencies.Thanks for your time.Good to talk to you.670,000 people have logged on to Vote Compass to find out where they fit into the Australian political landscape. The ABC's election analyst Antony Green has crunched the numbers on people's attitude towards party leaders. He says the overall results seem to have Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott evenly rated in the opinion.A broader sample over the last week of about 300,000 voters, when you weight the sample, it looks like both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are about the same sore of 3.5. That's a rating of 1 to 10 everyone was given the opportunity to fill in. We have a habit of not giving our leaders great ratings. Both came out at 3.5. The Labor supporters think Kevin Rudd is better. The Coalition supporters think Tony Abbott is better. Kevin Rudd rates slightly higher on competence, 4.2 to 3.9. There isn't a lot of difference in the gross national figure. Interesting for those who thought Kevin Rudd was going to give Labor a kick-off in Queensland. Tony Abbott rated higher in Queensland significantly and in WA. It is interesting also in we have done demographic details by occupation, Tony Abbott rates more strongly amongst labourers than does Kevin Rudd which is a turn-around in Australian history. There is a big agenda gap for Tony Abbott but I don't think that's as significant as some of the other things we are seeing like the State differences and the occupational differences.Now let's look at some of the other stories we are following today with Richard Davies.Kim, good afternoon. Workers at Holden's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide are voting whether to accept a three-year wage freeze. The company says they need to agree to the deal for long-term production at the plant in Elizabeth to continue. Robyn Powell is outside the plant. Workers are being asked to make some sacrifices. Is there any indication they will accept the new conditions? Richard, a vote has just taken place a short time ago. We saw hundreds of workers pile on to the lawns out the back of Holden. They are expected to be spoken to by the managing director Mike derf row and - Devereaux and the unions. At this stage we are hearing it will be very close, too close to call. We spoke to many workers as they left the building shortly after finishing their shift. Many said they were very angry and upset at having to take this freeze
move which would mean a wage freeze for the next three years. Also a cut in entitlements, a change to penalty rates on the weekend and also giving Holden more power to sack workers who are under-performing. At this stage it is looking too close to call but we should have the results in an hour or so.Even if they vote yes, they may not still able to guarantee their future?
That's right. able to guarantee That's is expected to guarantee Holden will continue operating here at Elizabeth until 2022 but managing director Mike Devereaux has said he wants to wait until the outcome of the election and then election and then he wants to sit down with whoever is in power and have a chat about Holden's long-term future. We Holden
also know at the same time Holden is putting together its long-term business plan for the future. That is expected to finalise where Holden will continue making it Cruze and Commodore models and stay here in Elizabeth.Investigators are examining the cause of a suspicious factory fire on Brisbane's Southside. 10 fire trucks and 40 firefighters were called to Nissan Wreckers. Flammable material exploded as they tried to get the flames under control. Police say it is a double blow for the owners.The owners of the business were devastated in the 2010-2011 floods. They had 7.5 feet of water go through the business. Three years on, they are starting to rebuild the devastates
business and the fire devastates it yet again.Three firefighters were taken to hospital with Sydney police officer has been
found guilty hospital with minor injuries. found guilty of three counts of secretly filming himself having sex found guilty of three counts sex with women. A court heard 42-year-old Marc David Osborn wanted to prove he was sexually active. Karl Hoerr is outside the court. Marc David Osborn was the senior constitution at Gladesville - Constable at Gladesville and his exploits were said to be common knowledge around the police station. Last year he purchased a clock from e ba they secret
contained a hidden camera and secret ny filmed himself having The films
sex with three different women. The films were downloaded on to the laptop, recorded on to his iPhone and shown to his colleagues at the station and also some of his colleagues who happened to be in his housemates who were aware of what was going on. Marc Osborn admitted to making the films and admitted the women didn't know they were being filmed but he said it wasn't for the purposes of sexual gratification. He said, at 41, he was working with a lot of officers who were much, much younger than him who were boasting about women themselves and he said, in his words, he wanted to show them that the old man still got it. The magistrate has found that the fact he was showing the films to others and that he wanted to prove himself may have been true but it was for the purpose of gratification. She said the two concepts were inextricably linked. Marc Osborn will be sentenced on these three offences at a later date.

Police are searching for two people who robbed a 94-year-old man in Sydney's west last night. The World War II veteran was driving a motorised scooter into his home at Harris Park when a man and woman followed him inside. The pair ransack ed his home and left with hundreds of dollars in cash. The victim was shaken by the incident but he wasn't injured.You don't do that do you? You don't do that. You don't take - come into an old man's house, steal his possessions, especially a Second World War veteran who has fought for this country and done everything right.Sydney Police have seized a cache of weapons including illegal guns, egs plosives and illicit drugs link ed to the Hells Angels bikie gang. Officers carried out a controlled blast of the explosives. Officers say two of the weapons seized are linked to previous crimes. Police are continuing their search of a reserve in Melbourne's east as they investigate the disappearance of a local schoolgirl two years ago. Siriboon, also
13-year-old Siriyakorn Siriboon, also known as Bung, disappeared while on her way to school in June 2011. Police and SES volunteers have been searching a reserve in the suburb of Boronia less than 2km from the girl's home. Defence abuse response
taskforce taskforce has confirmed it has referred its first taskforce has confirmed it referred its first round of referred its alleged sexual abuse cases to State Police for investigation. The taskforce is investigating thousands of allegations The taskforce is thousands of allegations of physical abuse, sexual abuse, harassment and bullying over more than half a century. Former WA judge Len Roberts-Smith is leading the inquiry. He says nine incidents have been referred to police with more expected to follow. Checking the weather around the capitals tomorrow -

I will be back with more news a little bit later this
hour.An economic study published today shows a new airport in Western Sydney would generate tens of thousands of jobs while injecting billions into the economy. The NSW Business Chamber released the report after the issue was leaders'
raised during Sunday night's leaders' debate. Philippa
McDonald has this report. Kaaren White has a high-tech Greater Western
manufacturing company in Greater Western Sydney and her export business is growing fast.We current li take about an hour and a half from this factory to the airport. You can imagine the expense.Western Sydney is one of the fastest-growing economies in the nation. One in 11 Australians call Western Sydney home. The business lobby says the evidence is overwhelming. Western Sydney needs its own airport.What's at stake here is, over time, the economic potential of Sydney won't reached. Airports are a very important piece of infrastructure for a modern, functioning economy.The cost of building an airport is approximately $3 billion but Deloitte Access Economics says a second Sydney airport would be a windfall for the economy, generating between $11.5 billion and $15 billion by 2050. The number of jobs that would be created could be in excess of 46,000.Money flows around, there is a multiplier effect that occurs with big catalyst stimulus projects. We think it would be transformative for region.The report estimates there would be 20,000 new jobs at the airport alone by 2050.You are talking about an airport that's looking like Melbourne in terms of passenger numbers that it currently puts threw through. 1500 people would be employed during the seven-year construction phase. The NSW Business Chamber is urging both sides of politics to show their hand when it comes to the future of a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek. The Chamber says they should consider that, in some parts of Western Sydney, youth unemployment is as high as 30%. Aircraft noise is definitely not a vote winner.I think it would causeway too much noise. Noise pollution.But the NSW Business Chamber and unions are united and they say they can't see a downside. Time for business and finance now. Michelle, slight gains on the markets this afternoon? That's right. Energy stocks are leading the broader market higher despite the NAB's latest monthly survey which shows business conditions stayed at a four-year low. Resources stocks are performing strongly.

The falling dollar and record low interest rates have failed to lift the mood amongst business owners. The NAB monthly business survey shows confidence has dropped to 8-month low. Manufacturing and construction sectors reported the weakest result. Meanwhile, confidence was lowest in the mining sector, reflecting a drop in conditions for business in the West. The NAB release believes politics isn't to blame for the sour mood and expects the Reserve Bank to cut interest rates again in November. Development and construction giant Stockland says it is seeing some signs of recovery in the demand for new homes. Today the company reported a 7 9% slump in its full-year profit to $105 million because of poor market conditions. The chief executive Mark Steinert says the company started off the new financial year with a 25% jump in new contracts and hopes conditions will improve and gain momentum. Thousands of dollars a year, that's how much the average Australian household is in on the Chinese trade Australian household is cashing in on the Chinese trade accord ing to in on the Chinese ing to a new report. It comes
as ing to a new report. as a Federal Resources Minister Gary Gray plays down fears the mining boom mining boom is over. 14,000 dollars per household per year. According to a new report commissioned by the Australia-China Business Council, that's how much the bilateral trade with China is worth to the national economy.The benefits have been too great to ignore. Too many commentators look to China with a wary and suspicious eye.But selling that message to the public has been the hard part, especially in recent years with a steady flow of news about factory closure s and manufacturing jobs heading overseas. Tim Bradley says the study adds up Australia's imports and exports to China to arrive at the total benefit per household.It is all contributing in terms of greater income, job opportunities, more diverse economy, cheaper products. U you wouldn't see it, it is hidden, but you would feel it if it wasn't there.One aspect of the relationship that will need nurturing is investment in general tend to go reputation or general tend to go up by the staircase one step at a time but they come general tend to go up by the but they come down in the elevator.It should be no surprise to anyone there be a elevator.It should be pause in capital investment. But when I look at it in some of the energy areas, I see a growing appetite.While Gary Gray is optimistic large-scale foreign investment in Australian resource projects will continue, he says the mining boom is moving on from the investment phase to the production phase. Ford has unveiled a new push to win back Australian car buyers. The carmaker says it remains committed to Australia despite its plans to shut down local manufacturing in 2016. Ford has held a glitzy launch in Sydney to unveil 11 new vehicles.I'm at Fox studios in Sydney where Ford is unveiling what it calls its vision for the future. This is largely a public relations exercise. The event aims to reverse the perception that Ford is leaving Australia once its manufacturing closes in 2016. We know Ford has already announced its local factories will shut at 2016 but the carmaker acknowledges there is a perception among Australian consumers that Ford cars will no longer be available here after 2016 so this event is largely to reverse that perception and to show that is in fact not the case. Ford has unveiled a product offensive today with a range of new vehicles and they've unveiled them globally. The Ford CEO, the Australian CEO, spoke a short time ago. Let's listen to what he had to say..For us the future starts today and it is time to take a fresh look at a new Ford motor company here in Australia and New Zealand.Ford also says it will increase the amount of vehicles in its Australian range by 30% over the next three years. ABC News 24 at any
Don't forget you can watch ABC News 24 at any time, even when you are away from your television. You will find the live stream at Still to come on Afternoon Live the taskforce investigating sexual abuse in the Defence Force refers nine cases to the police. We will speak to the head of the taskforce shortly. The top stories on ABC News - the framework for austere election campaign has been set with confirmation of $58 billion worth of deficits over the next three years. The Treasury and Finance didn't Departments have released the updates. The parties were poised for the documents and re-ignited the debate over the costings of election promises. Holden workers in Adelaide's north are preparing for the outcome of today's secret ballot that could determine the carmaker's future in Australia. They are being asked to accept a three-year wage freeze as well as cuts to their conditions. If workers reject the offer, the carmaker could close its Elizabeth operations by 2016. A fire at a wrecking by 2016. A fire at a car
wrecking business on Brisbane's southside over night is being southside treated southside over night is treated as suspicious. More
than 40 southside over night is being
treated than 40 firefighters were than called just after midnight. Flammable material ex plolded as they tried to get the flames under control. The owners rebuilt after the 2010 Queensland floods. Work has begun to tear down Sydney's monorail six weeks after the final circuit of the city. Cranes are being used to dismantle track and cables which will be taken away for recycling. A small portion will be preserve ed at Sydney's Powerhouse museum. Our top story - the framework for an austere election campaign has been set with confirmation of $58 billion worth of deficits over the next three years. The Treasury and Finance Departments have released their official budget jaup date forecasting deficits until 2017 when a $4 billion surplus is predicted. The figures are little changed on the Government's last update 10 days ago but the document has re-ignited debate over campaign costings.It is D-day for Mr Abbott when it comes to announcing his own Budget bottom line. Mr Abbott has been preparing for this election for three years.The current Government released its costings document at 5 o'clock on the Friday before the 2010 election. We'll do a lot, lot better than that.Today's update also reveals the Government has made changes costing $350 million changes that haven't yet been that haven't yet announced. For more from the campaign trail, I am joined Greene. He has been travelling with the Prime Minister. Where has Kevin Rudd been today? Well, Kim, he is here in Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next. He has been spending the day in Townsville. A full day of campaigning in what is a marginal Liberal National Party held seat, the seat of Herbert here which is held by Ewen Jones. Kevin Rudd was at a childcare centre where he unveiled a $30 million pledge for skills. This was another response to the end of the China-led resources boom. Later Kevin Rudd went to the Laverick army barracks are not far from here and there he had the opportunity to meet with some of the troops that are stationed there. He also got to inspect some of the military hardware and have a general tour of the facility which is very central to the city of Townsville. A lot of military personnel live at the barracks and it is a crucial part of this city.Certainly is a garrison town, Townsville. What was Kevin Rudd's specific message for the troops and what sort of reception did he get? Look, he didn't have anything specific to announce but he gave an impromptu speech to some of the men and women stationed there. His message was the country is behind all of the men and women of the Australian Defence Force. This is his first visit to a military installation since calling the election. This is a bit of what he had to say to the people gathered there today.As you know in Afghanistan, 40 of our best and bravest have not come home. 250-odd have been wounded. You have lost four or five here from this very base at Laverick. We remember them today as well. For the future, you are the strength of the army, the strength of the Defence Force and we want to make sure that tradition goes straight into the future. I'm so proud of each and every one of you. You make us feel proud to be Australians. Thanks fellas.Kevin Rudd speaking at Laverick barracks. Is Labor confident of winning seats in North Queensland? This is an interesting one. He is certainly giving the impression by coming to a lot of Coalition-held seats that Labor
is on the Coalition-held seats is on the offensive and wanting is on to snatch some of is on the offensive and to snatch some of these seats
back. back. Yesterday we flew into back. Yesterday we flew Mackay, which is the electorate of Dawson, and it is Mackay, which is the that went to Kevin of Dawson, and it that went of Dawson, and it is a seat in the so-called Rudd slide that went to Kevin Rudd in 2007 in the so-called Rudd slide but
it went back in the so-called Rudd it went back to the Coalition last it went last time. Speaking to the it went back to the Labor faithful on the last time. Speaking to Labor faithful on the ground,
they weren't overly confident they can win that seat back despite the resurrection of Kevin Rudd, Kevin Rudd, the home town hero in Queensland. Here in Herbert, well, I think the outlook is This
probably even more pessimistic. This is a seat that has been with the Liberal National Party for a long, long time and with the heavy military presence, that is a vote that traditionally is very conservative. So you wouldn't imagine Labor would pick up this seat. The signs aren't looking overly good in Dawson either but Kevin Rudd, since the recruitment of Peter Beattie, is giving the impression that he is very wanting to turn up to these marginal seats in Queensland, even if a lot of the people aren't overly confident they can be won.Andrew Greene, our political reporter in Townsville, very jealous of you there this afternoon, thank you very much. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been campaigning in Western Sydney, pledging to improve mobile phone coverage across Australia. The $100 million plan will help build new mobile phone towers. Reporter Narda Gilmore is travelling with Tony Abbott.This area is right in the middle of a national park and phone coverage is patchy at best. This is where the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott came to announce his policy of $100 million to help phone black spots across the
country. Under a Coalition Government, that funding would go Government, that funding go towards building 250 new mobile phone towers in rural, regional and outer metropolitan areas around Australia. Tony Abbott was able to get enough Abbott information threw to - through to answer information threw to answer some questions on the to PEFO figures today but we got no new information on when the Coalition will be putting no new information on when Coalition will be putting out
its costings. Mr Abbott did say the PEFO figures prove the Government got its figures very wrong in the May budget but gave no hints when he will release his costings, only to say it will be in good time before the election.All the commitments we make will be commitments that are carefully costed and the savings to fund them will all be well known well before people go to the polls on Saturday, September 7.He has made a pledge, though, a Coalition Government would deliver all promises delivered before and during this election campaign.A topic Opposition
causing headaches for the Opposition Leader has been questions about his followers on Twitter and how many of them are real. Tony Abbott's followers jumped by 60,000 at the start of the week and then quickly disappeared sparking a Liberal Party investigation into where they came from. Today - The first cases of alleged sexual abuse in the Australian military have been handed to police for investigation. Former judge Len Roberts-Smith, who is leading the Defence abuse response taskforce, says police are investigating nine cases with more to follow soon. The taskforce was established in November after a series of damaging sex scandals and alleged cover-ups in the Defence Force over many decades. To discuss this work a little further, I am joined now by Len Roberts-Smith QC. Len Roberts-Smith, can you give us a broad outline of the type of offences covered by these nine cases that have now been referred to police? Good afternoon Kim. Yes. The nine cases we have referred so far involve a spread of offences which are mainly around what used to be called rape, indecent assault, intimidation, threats to kill and intimidation involving assaults again. That's the spread we have at the moment.Is it possible to estimate how many other cases might be referred to police? No, it's We to police? No, it's not, Kim.
We have got in excess of 2,400 complainants at the moment. A lot of the abuse lot of the abuse which has been lot of the alleged we know would potentially involve criminal offences potentially involve offences of one kind or another but the offences of one kind but the question whether or not they would be referred to police across the various jurisdictions in police across the jurisdictions in Australia is
one which we police across the various
jurisdictions one which we would have to
determine jurisdictions in Australia is
one which determine in consultation with
the one which we would have to
determine the complainants. We would not be referring anything to the complainants. We would be referring anything to police
unless the complainant in each instance wanted that to happen.Okay, so as you mentioned, you've got more than several thousand cases referred to your taskforce for assessment. Why only such a small number that have made it on to prosecuting authorities so far? As I mentioned a moment ago, we will not refer matters on to police for investigation and potential prosecution unless the complainant wants that to happen and the fact of the matter is that many complainants - I would suspect in the end probably most whose abuse would constitute a criminal offence -
would not, in fact, want the taskforce to refer them to police. The reasons for that, of course, would be ordinarily the same as people do not report cases of that kind in the civilian area.It is not just criminal prosecutions, though, you are tackling. Is it the case you are also looking at whether some cases are eligible for compensation or some other sort of reparation? Well, that's correct. It's not compensation, and I need to stress that. We do have reparation payment scheme which we've developed as a result of the terms of reference given by the Minister and the Attorney-General. There is a maximum payment of $50,000 in respect of each complainant. We anticipate that there will probably be in the order of potentially towards 2,000 people who may well want potentially towards people who may well want to
apply for a reparation payment. apply for a We also can provide counselling We and we are in the process at the moment of establishing a nationwide counselling scheme of abuse
particularly for complainants of abuse in Defence who are the subject of the taskforce's work and we are also in the process of finalising arrangements for restorative engagement program which will involve individual complainants meeting one-on-one with senior leaders within Defence.How confident are you that your taskforce will eventually do itself out of a job, or are you concerned that sometime in the future, once again, a taskforce such as yours might need to be formed to try to go through a myriad of allegations? I would certainly hope we can do ourselves out of a job. What's unique about this taskforce, as opposed to, say, a Royal Commission or some other of inquiry, is that we are not
here to conduct an inquiry in general terms and to produce a report dealing only with systemic cultural issues, for of
example. Our brief, our terms of reference, specifically require us to deal with individual complainants and their own allegations and to deal with them in a way which produces outcomes for those individuals. In most instances, the people who are coming to us now have never told their stories before. That's a powerful factor when they come and they can tell it to us.Nobody envies you with your task, thank you for joining us.Thank you.Turning overseas now, one person is dead and 13 others missing are after a typhoon lashed the Northern Philippines. There are fears of more casualties with reports from isolated villages expected in the coming days. It is believed to be the most powerful storm to strike the Philippines this year. Packing wind gusts of up to 210 km/h, Typhoon Utor slammed into the Northern Philippines early Monday morning. Powerlines were ripped from the ground, evidence of just how powerful the storm was.TRANSLATION: This typhoon was really strong. If you compare it to the previous typhoons, it was like double the strength.A massive downpour turned rivers into raging torrents. These pictures show the moment one woman is swept away. Along the east coast of Luzon Island, about a thousand people spent the night in emergency shelters. Many returned to find their homes in ruin.TRANSLATION: It was really frightening. I thought I was going to die. I thought I might not see the morning.The coastal town of Casiguran was one of the worst hit. The typhoon set off land slides, leaving thousands stranded. Elsewhere, the clean-up has Elsewhere, the clean-up already begun.TRANSLATION: have to repair have to because the typhoon took all of our livelihood. We have to start over again.But it could have been much worse. Hundreds of people die each year in the Philippines from around 20 typhoons that strike the country annually. Typhoon Utor is now making its way out to the South China Sea. For these residents, it will be a long time before life returns to normal.

Returning home now, we are standing by to take you live to Adelaide where the union representing Holden workers is expected to hold a media conference shortly. You might remember the Holden workers have been voting on whether to accept a new package of pay and conditions - revised pay and conditions, taking a downgrade in some of their conditions. It is all part of a bid to help make sure Holden continues to manufacture cars in Australia. We will take you live to just outside the Holden plant in shortly
Elizabeth in Adelaide's north shortly when that press conference gets under way. In the meantime, let's check sports news with Adam Stephen. There is still no word on what's happening with Essendon? None Kim but lots of people are very interested to hear what's going to happen with James
this one, none more so than James Hird who says he knows nothing about potential charges being laid today and waiting on news like everyone
else. There is speculation the AFL will soon announce its response to ASADA's interim report into the Bombers' 2012 supplements program. Hird told waiting supplements waiting media as he arrived at training at Windy Hill, he waiting media as he spent the day reading books to his children.All I can say what I said this morning. are,
Waiting to be charged if we are, don't know anything more than that.Have you been in talks this morning? Been reading children's stories to my kids and then going to training.The Brisbane Lions are hopeful Jonathan Brown will play on next season despite a foot injury. Brown will have surgery today to repair a torn connective tissue muscle in the bottom of his foot. The captain is yet to determine his future but Michael Voss has confirmed he wants Brown to play on. Sam Burgess will miss two vital games against Manly and the Bulldogs after he was suspended for grabbing the testicles of mbl's Will Chambers . The incident happened in the second half of Friday night's match against the Melbourne Storm. guilty
Burgess has taken the early guilty plea. His presence on the field will be sorely missed.Sammy has been one of the biggest leaders this year. Not having him in the side will be bit of a setback for us but one thing we have at South Sydney is great depth that surely will step into the spot and make the most of the opportunity.Bunnies will be boosted by the return of Greg Inglis and John Sutton. Benji Marshall has made no apologies for releasing a video message with his SuperRugby club. The five-8th recorded the statement in an Auckland Blues jersey which was released the night after his NRL club's loss to the bottom of the ladder Parramatta Eels. Marshall doesn't see what the fuss is about.What's been done has been done. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if people feel that way, they feel that way. At the end of the day I had to put out what I put out for the Blues' sake. We are not in finals contention so it was the time to do it.England has won the Ashes by 74 runs at Durham. Australia looked to be in a strong position before Stuart Broad tore threw through - tore through the batting line-up and the tourists were bowled out for 224. England had already retained the Ashes but an embarrassing collapse by Australia handed the home side a 3-nil lead in the series with a match to play.It's extremely disappointing. I guess I know what it feels like now to lose an Ashes series as a captain.Ryan Harris' career-best effort of 7/117 helped to finish England's second innings off. The tourists were well placed in their pursuit of 299.Game on here.Opener David Warner and Chris Rogers made an ideal start with the partnership of 109. England eventually broke through with Rogers departing one short of a half century.There it is. There it is. A wicket finally for England.Australia looked to be in control at 2/168 but when Warner fell for 71, the momentum shifted back in England's That's the wicket they have England's favour.Gone. been looking England's favour.Gone. Gone.
That's the wicket they have been looking for.Warner's dismissal sparked a dismissal sparked collapse dismissal sparked a humiliating through the tourists' middle order.Well bowled. Stuart Broad has found his mojo again.Australia lost 8/56 with five wickets falling in less than an hour's play.Full and straight, Broad has 10 in the match.He made it 11. Australia all out for 224.Lobbed straight to mid off. That's straight to mid off. That's it. That's the wicket that give England the Ashes series win for 2013.At the moment we are being outplayed.We are going to get greedy I think. We want to repeat that at the Oval but we can think that with sore heads tomorrow and enjoy what's a very special day.Keeping English pride in check looks like it will be Australia's biggest test in the final match of the series.

In rugby union is Wallabies are going into the Bledisloe Cup test with a relatively clean bill of health. The team is seeking to end an 11-year drought in the series - that's clearly not the Wallabies vision. That's the world athletics meet in Russia. Anyway, the Wallabies will be That
doing well against New Zealand. That was Valerie Adams, she won the shot put. Here is a scintillating finish to snatch the 400m final. Jason ri Richardson won the 110m hurdle gold.Daniel Geale is finalise ing his preparation s for his fifth defence of the IBF crown. He will take on Darren Barker on Sunday Monday. Barker says Geale can't punch and has no killer instinct. Geale of course has laughed off the comments. It wouldn't be boxing without trash talking.That's what makes it. Sydney's monorail is being dismantled with parts of the defunct track being trucked out of the CBD overnight. Johanna Hatcher has more.A majority of the monorail structure will be taken down at night-time to avoid rush hour. Work started here at Darling Drive last night and will continue through the city and finish up night and will continue the city and finish up around
Darling Park. Once the structure has been taken down, it will Darling Park. Once it will be loaded on to trucks using cranes and a majority of it will be recycled except for two of the cars and 10m of the track which will be taken and preserved at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum. It is a pretty complex removal process because the tracks weave through buildings and across major intersections so there will be some disruptions to traffic and residents and businesses in the area. Transport NSW say they have consulted with businesses and with residents as well as city officials and other transport operators to minimise any clashes with major events and other construction going on in the city. Transport NSW says there will be some unavoidable disruptions to traffic here in Sydney and this will be the case right up until March next year when the completion of the removal of the monorail is expected.

Now let's take a quick check of the markets just before the close. Time to check the weather now and severe winds are a feature across Tasmania? .Yeah, it covers the entire State. Severe weather warning for damaging winds. Even Hobart picking up wind gusts to about 96 km/h reaching well in excess of 100 km/h at Mount Wellington. That's in association with another cold front set to move into the south-east. We have strong and gusty north-westerly winds across Tasmania and that severe weather warning extends to the eastern parts of Victoria, so entire Gippsland region and north-eastern mountains of the state, also through the Snowy Mountains in NSW. Gale warnings for most of the southern marine waters of SA, so wild strong winds across that region and further widespread rainfall across Tasmania, particularly overnight tonight. At this stage all these falls have been light. It is a band through the central parts from Cradle Mountain to the southern cape that we have seen falls of 10 to 20mm. We have a flood watch out for the entire northern basins. A flood watch out for many parts of Victoria especially around the north-eastern region. This is the frontal system that's strengthening the winds across Tasmania. Start to see them freshening through Victoria and SA. That's why we have the strong wind warnings out for this evening. The frontal system will bring another burst of rainfall across the southern areas. We will see code air with it - cold air with it so that will drop snow levels in Tasmania to 500m overnight. We are looking at 1,000m through Victoria and NSW. Overnight, clear skies leading to cool temperatures
mornings but well above average temperatures being recorded during the afternoon. As the frontal system moves in through the south-east, it will bring showers towards the southern slopes, very little rainfall. The better of the falls will be in southern Victoria and Tasmania. Another front moves koempb up towards the south-west
koempb corner of WA. Longer term outlook, none of the models showing significant variation term outlook, none of variation in the weather in the southern States until around the early to middle part southern States or northern
States until to middle part of next week.
Further strong winds States until around the early
to middle Further way.Thanks Graham. You are watching Afternoon way.Thanks Graham. You watching Afternoon Live on ABC News 24. When we come watching Afternoon Live will have the News 24. When we will have the latest from the campaign will have campaign trail in a day dominated by the state of the economy and election economy and election costings. Closed Captions by CSI.

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This is Afternoon Live on ABC News 24. Hello. I'm Kim Landers. Our top story today - pressure on the Opposition to release its policy costings as the PM fails to establish a clear lead in his home State.I will keep my commitments. We will do exactly what we say we will do.The political leaders have been responding to Outlook,. We
Treasury's Pre-Election Fiscal Outlook,. We will have a wrap of the day with Nick Dole.

This Program is Captioned Live.

1700 Holden workers voting in Adelaide on the future of the carmaker. The Sydney policeman who used a hidden camera to secretly film his sex sessions found guilty. That sinking feeling - a Florida resort disappears after being swallowed by a 30m wide crater.

Holden workers at Elizabeth in Adelaide's north have voted in a secret ballot on the company's wages and conditions proposal. We will take you live now to a media conference.... to make these vehicles here at the Elizabeth operation. It is a tough choice. They made the right decision. The situation we'll be calling on the Coalition and the Government in regards to whether they support the automotive industry in Australia and whether they support Holdens in regards to investment for the replacement of the Cruz and the Commodore. The workers have voted. It is up to forward to see whether they support the in support the automotive industry everything in Australia. We will do
everything in our power to commitments out of the
politicians.What was the vote? It is unfair I give a number. There are Victorians who have indicated they will abstain over Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. There are a few people who decided to vote. It is unfair we give the numbers out at this stage. If the Victorians want to Victorians want to vote, let them vote. Early next week, we will put news letters out explaining the details in regards to numbers. I had the numbers before me but I think Victorians should have the opportunity if they want to vote, to vote.You were saying a tight vote but you say it was a clear majority? Very clear majority. Our workers didn't want the union saying it was one way or the other. I thought it was going to be close. It was the right choice, it was a strong vote in regards to a positive yes. They want to see a generation of the new Cruz and Commodore. They are waiting for the next tick in the box which will be the politicians, whether they are prepared to support GMH.Is this a relief for you after the campaign you have supposedly run? It is hard. Very hard.Why is that? You are very emotional at the moment. Is it because this is what you got the support and the workers Is that
saw commonsense out of this? Is that what you are feeling? A bit of that. A bit of young people, I'm in my senior years, to see young people who want to work for the organisation and when you see young people that are saying they want a job, they are finding it very difficult in regard to wage cuts and so on but they are prepared to give it a good go. That hurt. I know these people want to continue to work.Did you feel a weight on your shoulders and the union shoulders to try and convince workers into a certain direction? I wouldn't say convince workers. I think if FAU made it quite clear from day one we will give the workers the information they had with regard to the variation. The union didn't want to recommend to the workers, they had to make the choice. A lot of young people there, I got to say over the last few weeks were very emotional, very upset. I have received many phone calls from people saying "How will I pay the mortgage? My bills". We are in this boat together. We will monitoring this over the next few years. If the Coalition supports the automotive industry, we will go forwards in regards to that.Now they have voted, how confident are you Holden will continue to operate past 2016? I am very confident. Detroit wanted flexibility. The workers have shown they are prepared to be flexible for the organisation. I asked the company when we started discussing the issues do you know where the line in the sand is to get the next generation. Union officials say quite clear ly "I know where the line in the sand is". They pushed very hard, we pushed very hard to know where the line in the is. It is up to GM in Detroit but the politicians in Australia, are they going to support the industry or let the workers down? The mood from the workers have been subdued. They voted yes in overwhelming numbers but not with a lot of enthusiasm. They are taking a hit here. They have chosen to take a hit to their own pockets to keep Holden open.It is a hard ask but the change in regards to overtime, flexible working arrangements doesn't hurt anybody, they will get used to that. The 3% increase in November was very, very hard for these people. CPI continues moving. They know in three years' time, it will be tough but to keep this company going for the next 10 years they are prepared to do all that. They don't like it and they wanted the
to vote no but at the end of the day they know there is a in the future and also suppliers here in the thousands who had no in the thousands who had no say
in the thousands who had in regards to whether they would vote for the automotive industry or not. Good industry or not. Good news at this stage but we need the politicians to give us support in co-investment for the next generation.A lot of the workers have said they didn't felt they had a choice and Holden was holding a gun to their head. How would you say the company has behaved throughout the process? I understand GM's situation, this is not just happening in Elizabeth, it is happening in Spain, in England. The Canadian auto workers, the same thing. The unions over there are very strong. When the decline in the automotive industry, not much of a bargaining chip you have. While we sat down to discuss as much as we can, the ball is not in that court in regards to the automotive industry. There is a future in the industry if we work together in getting there.... the company used scare tactics to ensure they did get a yes vote? Every employer will try to do that to keep the company going. These people have to report back to stakeholders in regards to their achievement . They will use all the scare tactics to get the vote up. We made it quite clear to the workers as to what we saw in regards to the va, variation. In regards it
to the scare tactics, we said it was a true reflection.Isn't it a bad ...What do we do? Say we are not prepared to change, stare the company down when they close shop. Not only does Holden close, the rest of the components sector. It is not a good time but it is tough times. They around the world, in other around the locations. We get 10 years around the world, in other locations. We get 10 years out of Holden, keeps people in work, not only the Holden but components sector.When do the conditions kick in? Only when the company make the announcement for the new Cruz and Commodore. Not until when we see the writing on paper there is a new Cruz or Commodore in 2016.When will that be? Mike Devereaux will talk to politicians regard how much money they will put in for the co-invictim. - investment. As soon we know that, we can go ahead.Is the ball in Holden's court? It would be almost be betrayal now, given the workers have voted the way they have, to pull the rug, wouldn't it? Yes, if they pull the rug, we revert to the 2011 collective agreement. They'll get a 3% wage increase in November and next year we will work out redundancy. The company pull the carpet under their feet, the GM brand in Australia won't be a good brand.It will be trashed, there will be a huge public Bab - backlash? It will be if GM does that. At this stage there is a tick in the box, that is whether the Coalition support the automotive industry. GM Detroit has to make the decisions. These workers are suffering right now, they don't know if they have a job. We would like GM in Detroit and the politicians to come out to put these people in the position where they have confidence coming to work knowing they have a future.How confident are you this gesture of goodwill will be repaid? How likely do you think it is the other boxes will be ticked? We have to wait and see. Too early to say. The pressure will be put on the politicians whether they support the industry or not. Heading into a Federal election as you know, we want to put the pressure on now before 7 September.Dave, the situation with workers in Victoria, obviously the union here was not suggesting a vote one way or another to workers but you are suggesting to workers in Victoria they abstain? Yes, the members in Victoria are suggesting to me they abstain and respect the right of South Australians to determine their future. They have today. I think it has been very tough for them, very stressful as John pointed out. Look, we wouldn't have done this if the independent expert that came in and looked at the Holden business case hadn't come back and said "It needs to be improved. You need to do something to get it over the line in Detroit". The workers here have made a decision about that and they have a future.How many of those Victorian workers will take part in the vote? I will find out tomorrow. I will be going around. I have spoken to a number of workers and they are very comfortable about do
abstaining from the vote.How do you feel - has Holden handled this well? Has it been sympathetic towards workers or has it been a tough nut to crack? It is not important about whether they handled it well or not . They had to handle it. One thing I haven't been coming out is criticising the company. Unlike Ford who didn't give workers a choice, this company has given workers a choice. I'm not going to bag them for that.Is it a choice in time will be given to the work force in Victoria? Are you anticipating they will have freeze or alterations a similar request for a wage conditions coming down freeze or pipeline? We will go into bargaining next November. Two separate agreements. It is up to the company to draw up what they want from Victorian workers? Do you think they will be prepared to make a similar sacrifice? I can't comment on that. We were able to lay out all the facts to workers here and workers made a choice about what they wanted to do. If it happened in Victoria, once again we would lay out all the facts in front of people.How many workers in Victoria do you expect to vote on the revised EBA? I think it is about a thousand all up.After the bulk of people abstain, how many votes do you think are in it? Look, not able to comment ...Not enough to sway the result today? It is not across the line but at the end of the day workers in Victoria want to respect the right of workers in SA to determine their future. That's the decent thing to do. Our workers, our members, are decent people.In terms of the hurdles that have been jumped, is this do you think the to
toughest hurdle that will need to be jumped to save Holden? Look, I think the toughest hurdle is getting a commitment out of the Coalition. Joe Hockey was in yesterday. He used weasel words. He said "We're the only party that can protect the automotive industry". He was really there promoting the leasing industry. He mention anything about vehicle
manufacturing. mention anything about manufacturing. He still maintained he was going to rip out $500 million from the maintained he was going out $500 million from the ATS.
That's a disaster. The

Coalition has a clear choice now. They're Coalition has a now. They're either going to support Australian jobs or they're going to let them go down the gurgler. As simple as that. Come out and give the Australian public, tell the Australian public what your position is. It is yes or no. Thank you.

That was union officials speaking outside Holden's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide. The 1700-strong work force there has voted to accept a revised pay and conditions package. Basically the new deal would be a three-year wage freeze, changes to sick leave, overtime and shift breaks. Holden asked workers to consider this new package in order to try to keep the company in the business of making cars here in Australia correspondent 2016. - beyond 2016. We saw emotional union officials there saying this was a difficult decision by the workers but they have voted to it
take on that package. However, it is contingent on Holden actually promising to make a new Cruz and a new Holden Commodore here in Australia. This yes vote from the work force in Elizabeth is not an iron-clad guarantee. The company's long-term future is going to be decided by a board meeting of General Motors in Detroit. That's coming up later this year. Holden's boss Mike Devereaux says he will wait election to
until after the Federal election to find out who is in power and then he will talk to whoever forms Government in order to try to make a deal with the Government to keep Holden in business. Let's turn Federal
now to Federal politics and the Federal Government is using the final Budget update before the election to try to increase pressure on the Coalition to release all of its policy costings. Treasury and finance officials have released the Pre-Election Economic & Fiscal Outlook, that's called the PEFO. The Opposition says it needs time to carefully consider it before it releases its costing. The new outlook stands by the forecast in the Government's economic statement from 10 days ago. It shows -

The surplus is $200 million more than the Government predicted in the economic estimate on election eve. has
the campaign trail, Kevin Rudd has announced a $30 million plan to try to improve skills and training in early childhood and social services. He made the announcement while today. The Opposition
campaigning in Townsville Tony
today. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been in Western Sydney. He has been pledging to improve mobile phone coverage across Australia with a $100 million package. We will have a wrap of politics including reaction to this election fiscal outlook with Nick Dole in a moment. First, let's look at the leaders' day.Welcome Tony.Lovely to see you. Great to see you. Thanks for to see you. Thanks for coming out to Colo to see you. Thanks out is good.It is good to be here. This mobile phone issue is a real problem in places like Colo Heights.For businesses making billions of dollars profit a year, there is no excuse from where we are coming from. We need to step up and start putting money back into the community.Dad started this because he looked at me and said "Clint, this is Australia mate, it is not the Congo".That's right.Lovely to meet you. This youngster is hi