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(generated from captions) rapid systems moving through throughout the week. Another cold front expected to come up from the southern ocean tomorrow and that will lead to once again very windy conditions across the south-east and rain as well. And another cold front to follow on Friday night so that will take us into the weekend where we can expect snow and tomorrow, most of
also pretty wild conditions, tomorrow, most of the rain will with over Tasmania and Victoria but also extending up into the southern parts of NSW. The Stick with us on News 24 as we bring you the very latest on the day's top stories right throurt your afternoon and we expect that vote to come in from the workers at the Holden plant at the Elizabeth in Adelaide around the 4 o'clock mark this afternoon.

This Program is Captioned Live.Hello, I'm Ros Childs, welcome to this national edition of ABC News.

Costings front and centre as Treasury releases its election snap shot of the Budget and economy.Key Essendon figures expected to be charged shortly over its supplements program.Staggered and shocked that any charges could be possibly laid.Holden workers vote on a series of cost cutting measures including a pay freeze.Lobs straight to midoff, that's it. That's the wicket England needed.And Australia loses another Ashes Test after a humiliating batting collapse.

The framework for an austere election campaign has been set with confirmation of $ 58 billion worth of deficits over the next 3 years. The Treasury and Finance Departments have released their official Budget update and the parties were poised for the document and it instant ly reignited the debate over the costing of election promises. Greg Jenette reports.Problem, Colo Heights is a mobile phone black spot. Solution -We've got a mobile phone black spots program.A $100 million fund to fix holes in mobile networks.An election promise with an unspecified promise to fund it.All of the commitments that we make will be commitments that are carefully costed and the savings to fund them will all be well known.The start pog ing position for campaign promises isn't a rosary one. The update confirms $358 billion worth of deficits over the next 3 years before returning a small surplus in the 4th. The numbers are little changed on the Government's last update, 12 days ago. Nor are the arguments.From today with the release of the preelection fiscal outlook, the alibis end. The excuses end. Nowhere to hide. Simply release your costings.I will do what I say we will do.It's very simple, they don't want to come clean with the Australian people because they know what the reaction of the Australian people would be.The met nomic back and forth of the hypothetical GST increase goes on.If you are not planning the GST
possibility of increasing the GST or extending it to food then just rule it out.One Coalition Frot - front bencher has.There will be no change to the GST in an Abbott government.Tony Abbott's trying to.The GST won't change, it's not going to change, full stop, end of story.But the tax will remain up for discussion in the coalition's broad review of all taxes.Treasury has put the fiscal starting position out but there's not much coming in to the Department. Neither of the major parties has yet submitted any policies for costing by the Treasury.What you will see is a blank page, a blank page.The Coalition's
gone to blank page.The gone to the parliamentary budget office gone to the smaller with 200 policies with 200 policies and maintains its costings with 200 policies and its costings will come some time before the day before the polling days.Well for a polling days.Well for a closer look at the nation's finances here Shane Oliver, the chief economist with AMP Capital. He says the figures confirm the Budget is in bad shape.It certainly is. We were told just less than two weeks ago now that the Budget for this year would blow out to $30 billion and yes, we'd get back to a surplus by 2016-17 but that's with a much weaker process in terms of the way to get there. There's been about a $33 billion revenue blow out or short fall, that combined with spending decisions which have also blown the Budget deficit out has led to a much weaker outcome. So no surprises here, the numbers are already presented a week or so ago but it just does confirm the difficult situation our finances are in at the moment.Should we be in a better position post mining boom and whose fault is it that we're not?I think we certainly should be in a better position. We've had the biggest boom in our history. We should be debating about the size of budget surpluses. So it is very disappointing to see relatively sizeable budget deficits still continuing off into the future. I think both sides of politics have a role to play here. The previous government, up until the really good years of the mining boom, didn't put enough money aside so consequently that played a role and then more recently I think we've taken too long to get back to a Budget surplus after the necessary blow out in the Budget that occurred through the time of the GFC. So I think both sides of politics have played a role here but the key issue is after the biggest boom in our history we should be seeing a much better situation for our Budget. We should be in surplus and we should have very little in the way of public debt.So Shane, whoever wins government, will they have to face the reality of lower revenue and what response do you expect to see?I think whoever wins government here does face difficult choices. On the one hand the new Government won't want to cut spending, raise tooxs - taxes too much for fear of making the economic situation worse. On the need to hand I do think that there is need to provide added confidence that we are heading back towards surplus within a reasonable time frame and I think the reality is that those easy flows of money that think the reality is easy flows of money that we saw over the easy flows over the course of the last decade as a result of the mining boom they've dried up. We do need to find additional sources of revenue if we're going to maintain spending at the current pace, particularly as the population ages further and we start to see more stress in terms of health costs over the decade or so ahead. So I think the new government will face difficult choices and I wouldn't be at all surprised if whoever wins does try and speed up the pace of a return to surplus.Shane, thank you.My election snap
pleasure.Now with the latest election snap shot from Vote Compass, the ABC's online voter survey. So more thar than 670,000 people have logged on to find out where they fit in the Australian political landscape. Antony Green has crunched the numbers on people's attitudes towards party leaders and the issue of trust.Well, we've got 2 ratings we've got today. One was a subsample we did over the weekend of people who watch the leaders' debate and amongst those people they rated Tony Abbott as the winner 41-35. But as you'd expect with these sorts of surveys the sample was heavily biased, Liberal, Coalition partisans thought Tony Abbott won, Labor partisans thought Kevin Rudd won. Interestingly Coalition supporters seemed to be much surer that Tony Abbott won where a significant number of Labor supporters seemed to be a bit more doubtable about whether Kevin Rudd won. There's some interesting issues that Coalition supporters are much more certain of their man, Tony Abbott, while a lot of Labor supporters seem to have their doubts about Kevin Rudd which is something to do with where both of them sit ideologically within their own party.And Labor's campaign is focussing on trust so how do the two leaders measure up on that score?Well, we've got a broader sample over the last week of about 300,000 voters and when you weight the sample it looks like for both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott, are on the same score of 3.5. That's a rating of 1 to 10 which everyone was given the opportunity to fill in and we do have this habit of not giving our leaders great ratings over time but both of them come out overall at 3.5. Once again as you'd expect the Labor supporters think that Kevin Rudd's better and the Coalition supporters think Tony Abbott's better. Kevin Rudd rates slightly higher on competence 4.2 to 3.9. So that's a slight difference but overall there isn't a lot of difference in the gross national figure.Was there a big difference across the country?Well, interesting for those who thought Kevin Rudd was going to give Labor a kick off in Queensland. Tony Abbott rated higher in Queensland significantly and in WA. It's significantly interesting also in some significantly and in WA. interesting also in some of
them we've done interesting also in them demographic details by occupation and Tony Abbott
rates more labourers than does Kevin Rudd which is quite a turn labourers than which is quite a turn around in which is quite a Australian history. Kevin Rudd - there's also - there's also a big gender gap for Tony Abbott but I don't think that's as significant as some other things we're seeing like State differences and occupational differences.Antony, thank you.Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper has come face to face with LNP rival Mal Brough at a candidates forum on the Sunshine Coast. Mr Slipper did not confirm he would run again for the seat of Fisher. He has two more days to nominate.It is my current intention and I'm potentially a candidate so not to turn up this morning I don't think would be fair to the local community.Mr Slipper didn't comment on his ongoing court case in which he's accused of misusing taxi vouchers. It was the former speaker's first public appearance of the campaign and he faced rival Mal Brough, the former Howard Government minister was involved in bringing sexual harassment allegations against Mr Slipper which were later dismiss ed.The coach of Essendon remains defiant as speculation continues that the club and a number of individuals could face charges some time today.The AFL is expected to announce its response to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority's interim report into the club's 2012 supplements program. Reporter James Bennett is Melbourne.Well,
outside AFL headquarters in Melbourne.Well, Ros, the likely charges would be for bringing the game of Australian Rules football into disrepute through the supplements program which is essentially plagued season 2013. The speculation around what it was the players may have been using, whether or not it was illegal has really hung over the entire football season since well before it began when Essendon came forward with questions over its own program and of course that was the precursor to the Australian Crime Commission's report which was released before the start of the season. It's now getting on towards the finals and there is a lot of pleasure - pressure on the AFL to determine whether or not Essendon has done anything Essendon coach seems ready to fight wrong.And James Hird, the
Essendon fight any charges?Absolutely. Certainly his retention of Julian Burnside QY - QC as his lawyer gave a very strong indication as to how Essendon and particularly under new chairman Paul Little, the former Toll Holdings boss, and the coach were going to treat any potential charges from the AFL and that was essentially you need to prove this. And certainly there was an indication of that from James Hird who spoke to reporters outside his house again this morning.I think we all find can be laid on individuals or the club when, you know, none of our players have been shown to take performance-enhancing drugs or harmed by anything that's been given and that we're dealing by an interim report, the report's not finalised. We're probably all sitting back staggered and shocked that any charges could possibly be laid on those points.James, as you've already touched on the end of the AFL season it's approaching, that's adding extra pressure on the club?Absolutely, and what's very interesting has probably been that shift from the pressure fairly and squarely on Essendon at the beginning of the season, before the start of the season to come clean, to now the pressure on the AFL from Essendon to come forward with exactly what it is that it believes the club has done wrong and to substantiate this allegation, likely allegation that James Hird, club officials and the club itself has brought the game into disrepute. So look, that is obviously what the AFL is under pressure to do before the finals approach. There is, of course, a very separate and distinct question and that is the ASADA's final report. Obviously, as James Hird said, it's only the interim report which has been released so far. The final report could well be a very long time into the future and that is what is likely to deal with the question of whether or not individual players may face doping in i-infractions. That sort of case is likely to be built around significant corroboratory evidence from foirvels and what was around that program and certainly will not be complete before the finals.Thanks, James.Police and fire investigators are examining the cause of suspicious factory examining the cause of a Brisbane's south side suspicious factory fire on overnight. 10 fire trucks more than 40 fire overnight. 10 fire more than 40 overnight. 10 fire trucks and called to the Nissan wreckers just after called to just after midnight as a major blaze tore through the shed. just after midnight as a Flammable material exploded as they try to get the flames under control. Police say it's a double blow for the owners.The owners of the business were actually devastated in the 2010-2011 floods. They had 7.5 feet of water go through this business. Three years on they're just starting to rebuild the business and the fire devastates it yet again.Three fire fighters were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Workers at Holden's Elizabeth plant in Adelaide are voting on a new pay offer. The company says they need to agree to a pay freeze for production at the plant to continue. Reporter Alina Eacott has more.It's a difficult one to call at the moment. The company is encouraging workers to vote for the agreement but the union hasn't been directing people in either way. They're leaving it up to each individual to decide what way they want to go. When this deal was first canvassed there was strong opposition. A good 90% of the 1,700 people who work here were against it. But in recent weeks they've hashed out the details, they've learnt more about what Holden wants and why and it has appeared that steady support is growing. But it will remain to be seen what way they end up going in the secret ballot happening today.Will a yes vote guarantee their future?Not necessarily. Holden has been clear that a vote against this agreement would likely spell the end of production here at likely spell the end production here at Elizabeth by 2016. But as 2016. But as John Camillo from the Australian manufacturering workers union told us the Australian workers union told us this morning, a workers union morning, a vote for the agreement wouldn't necessarily secure the future.Another issue is that if the vote is on the positive they have still got to wait until after September 7 to see who is the Government of the day and whether that government of the day will support the automotive industry in Australia. So it's still going to be a very tough call for these workers and their families if the vote is very positive.Business is pushing for a second airport in Sydney's west after the issue was raised during Sunday night's leaders' debate. The NSW Business Chamber has released an economic impact study which it says makes a compelling case for the project to go ahead.Kaaren White has a high tech manufacturing company in greater western Sydney and her export business is growing fast.We currently take about 1.5 hours from this factly to the airport. You can imagine the expense.Western Sydney is one of the fastest growing economies in the nation. 1 in 11 Australians call western Sydney home. And the business lobby says the evidence is overwhelming - western Sydney needs its own airport.What's at stake here is over time the economic potential of Sydney won't be reached. Airports are a very important piece of infrastructure for a modern functioning economy.The cost of building an airport is approximately $3 billion but Deloitte Access Economics says a second Sydney airport would be a winfall for the economy generating between $11.5 billion and $15 billion by 2050. The number of jobs that will be created could be in excess of 46,000.Money flows around, there's a multiplier effect that occurs with these big catalyst stimulus and we think it would be transformative for the region.The report estimates there would be 20,000 new jobs at the airport alone by 2050.You're tacking - talking about an airport that's looking like Melbourne in terms of the passenger numbers that it currently puts through.And 1,500 people would be employed during the phase. The NSW Business Chamber is urging both sides of politics to show their hand when it comes to the future of a second Sydney airport at Badgerys Creek. And the chamber says they should consider that in some parts of western Sydney youth unemployment is as high as 30%.Aircraft noise is definitely not a vote winner.I really think it would cause way too much noise. You know, noise pollution.But the NSW Chamber pollution.But the NSW Business and they say they can't see Chamber and unions are united and they say they can't see a
down side.Let's take a down side.Let's take a check now of the markets, here's Michelle Rafferty. The market continues to make modest gains?Yes, the share market is creeping up in afternoon trade as health care and mining stocks lead the market higher. BHP has fallen slightly halfway through the session while Rio Tinto's up nearly 1%. Shares in the mining services company Brack - Bradken have jumped 9% despite a drop in their full-year profits. Wine makers in WA are reporting a resurgence. Ex ports jumped 30% to nearly $44 million in the last financial year. China is now the State's biggest buyer overtaking the traditional markets of Europe and the US.A national grape glut has made recent years tough for Australian wine makers but it appears the worst might be over.The lower Australian dollar is making exports cheaper and they will be boosted even more by the better quality of the vintage after good seasonal conditions.The previous few for us and the vintages have been fantastic for us and the wine quality is really dramatically lifted. Exporting wane - wine is relatively new for us and I guess it's the last 12 months that have really expanded for us there.Demand from China for premium varieties doubled last year with the average price for West Australian cabernet jumping from $1,200 a tonne to $2,000 within 12 months.Certainly WA is doing pretty well in China with our price per bottle and once again it's a perceived value of the flavour of the wines that the Chinese market likes.Despite the glass half full sentiment, the tough times aren't over and experts say it's unlikely the industry will ever fully recover.With hindsight of the period we've been through is that we know where our strong points are now. So I think we'll get better return for the investment that's been put in and the knowledge that the wine industry's gained over those last 15 years or so.The Department of Agriculture and Food is preparing a new strategic plan for the wine industry. It's expected to be completed in October.

The US says it has serious decision to build new settlements in occupied territories. Palestinian officials have accused Israel of trying to sabotage the first peace talks in 3 years by announcing plans to construct 1,200 new homes.These announcements do come in a particularly sensitive time and we have made our serious concerns about this recent announcement known to the Government of Israel.Some Israelis have protests against the release of Palestinian prisoners who will be freed in the agreement for the resumption of talks.Bradley manOver 100,000 signatures were collected in support of Bradley nanning. He faces 90 years behind bars. Peace activists say his leaks helped end the war in Iraq.People want peace so badly that governments are going to have to get out of the way and let them have it.The peace committee says the coveted prize is not a popularity contest and the petition won't influence their decision. Robert Mugabe has made a searing attack on people unhappy with Zimbabwe's election result. The country's President has told supporters those still complaining should go and hang themselves. In his first public comments since last month's poll Mugabe was defiant about the outcome.We are delivering democracy on a platter.Do you take it? We say take it or leave it.Mugabe's opponents allege widespread opponents rigging and are challenging the results in rigging and are results in court.China targeting dozens of foreign and domestic drug companies in a crackdown on corruption and its crackdown on corruption and vast health care system. It follows a bribery scandal involving the British drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline. Now 5 drugs salesmen working for other foreign pharmaceutical companies in China have told the BBC they routinely pay bribes.China's counting the cost of its health care.Yong, a bus conductor, spends her entire salary on her husband's medication. He's suffering from a brain tumour and government health insurance only covers part of the cost. The family survives with hand outs from relatives. TRANSLATION: When my husband fell sick he was a young man, we didn't have a lot of savings. It's a huge burden for us.As Beijing expands provisions for health care, government spending is soaring. It's made clear that reform is required to rein in costs. It's investigating possible price fixing and up to 60 - pharmaceutical companies. Last month a detained the British firm GlaxoSmithKline confessed on State TV that his company paid State bribes to doctors so they prescribe its bribes to prescribe its drugs. He said the bribes were then absorbed into the cost of the drugs pushing up prices by a third. GlaxoSmithKline has said it appears some of its local staff acted outside appears some of staff acted outside the
companies processes.5 employees working for other foreign drugs firms have confirmed employees working for confirmed to the BBC that they've witnessed corruption including this salesman who didn't want to including didn't want to be identified for fear didn't want for fear of losing his job. TRANSLATION: At one hospital our product was no longer on sale so we paid about $1,000 to a senior doctor to get a drug back on the shelves. My manager approved it.In a system overwhelmed by patients, corruption isn't limited to drug sales.Using hidden cameras we film ed illegally selling appointments outside a Beijing hospital. They're so well established they even have business cards. This one told us if we paid him $50 he could get us an appoint ment that afternoon. Families here spend a huge chunk of their savings when they get sick and by tackling corruption the authorities hope to make health care cheaper. What the Government wants is people to spend their money in different ways in order to drive domestic growth.But for Yong any thoughts about holidays and new furniture remain a distant dream. Until the drugs get cheaper the best they can hope for is to just scrape by.England has won the 4th Ashes Test with the 74-run victory over Australia and more than a day to spare. Australia looked to be in a strong position before Stuart Broad tore through the batting line up and the tourists were bowled out for 224.England had already retained the Ashes but an embarrassing collapse by Australia handed the home side a 3-0 lead in the series with a match to play.It's extremely disappointing. I guess I know what it feels like now to lose an Ashes series as a captain.Ryan Harris's career best effort of 7/117 helped to finish England's second innings off. The tourists were well placed in their pursuit of 299. Game on here.Opener David Warner and Chris Rogers made an ideal start with the partnership of 109. England eventually broke through with Rogers departing one short of a half-century.There it is. There it is, a wicket finally for England.Australia looked to be in control at 2/168. But when Warner fell for 71 the momentum shifted back in England's favour.Gone, gone, that's the wicket they've been looking for.Warner's dismissal sparked a humiliating collapse that Stuart Broad ripped through the tourists' middle order.Stuart Broad has found his mojo again.Australia lost 8/56 with 5 wickets falling in less than an hour's play.Full and straight, Broad has 10 in the match.He made it 11. Australia all out for 224. Lobbed straight to midoff. That's it. That's the wicket that give England the Ashes series win for 2013.At the moment outplayed.We're going to get moment we're being greedy, I think, and outplayed.We're going to going to want to try greedy, I think, going to want to try to repeat that going to want to try that at The Oval. We that at The Oval. We can think out with sore heads tomorrow and enjoy what was a very special day.Keeping English pride in check looks like it will be Australia's biggest test in the final match of the series.It was a brighter day for Australia's women's cricket team. At stumps on day 2 the Southern Stars are in a commanding position in their Ashes Test against the old enemy. Australia declared on 6/331 with Sarah Elliot smashing 104 and vice-captain Alex Blackwell adding a half-century. Eley Ferling took 2 wickets. At stumps England is 6/172.Trailing Australia by 159 runs.We're really happy with where we sit at the Test match at the moment. We came in this morning looking to score quickly and I thought Alex Blackwell and Sarah Elliot did a fantastic job.The 4-day Test is part of a revamp ed women's Ashes series which includes upcoming one-day and Twenty/20 matches. Let's take a look at the weather. Here's Vanessa.Mostly fine for the as we can see here, cloud free. There is some cloud still moving over the south-east but particularly over Tasmania where we have severe warnings at the moment for once again damaging winds. Expecting this afternoon for them to peak around 110km/h as a cold front and an area of low pressure move s through. We will have more rapid systems moving throughout the week. Another cold front expected to come up from the Southern Ocean tomorrow and that will lead to windy conditions across the south-east and rain as well and another cold front to follow on Friday night. So that will take us into the weekend where we can expect snow and also pretty wild conditions. Tomorrow most of the rain will be over Tasmania and Victoria but also extending up into the southern parts of NSW.

That's the news for now. I'm Ros Childs. See you tomorrow.Closed Captions by CSI.

Live.This is ABC News 24. We're interrupting our scheduled program to take you live to Sydney. The Opposition's immigration spokesman Scott Morrison is set to hold a media conference. He's indicated he wants to speak about the costs of Labor's border protection policies. Those costs have been detailed in the preelection economic and fiscal outlook that was released by Treasury today. We'll take you live to Scott Morrison when he does step up. Meanwhile on the campaign trail the PM Kevin Rudd has been visiting barracks in Townsville this afternoon. He the troop there's and we'll play that for you now.Thanks very much. I understand this is a mixed regiment. We've got male and female members of the ADF that are attached to your work here. Brigadier, thank you