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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. Today, pressure on the Opposition to release its pre-election costings after Treasury reveals the final update.

This Program is Captioned Live. Australind automotive outlook - ford and Holden set for major announcements on their future operations. Essendon's coach, the club should not face charges from ASADA's report into supplements. And opportunity lost - the Aussies lose to England's 64-run victory in the fourth Ashes Test. Hello, you are watching ABC News 24. Take a quick look atom's weather first -...

The framework for an austere
election campaign has been set with confirmation of $58 billion worth of deficits billion worth of deficits over the next three years. The Treasury and finance department released official budget when
update, forecasting deficit predicted.
when a $4 billion surplus is predicted. Changed on the last update 12 days ago but has reignited debate over campaign costings. It's Dz13 ay for Mr Abbott, when it comes to announcing his own budget bottom line. Mr Abbott has been preparing for this election for three years. The current Government released its costings document at 5 o'clock on the Friday before the 2010 election. Now, we'll do a lot, lot better than that.Today's update also reveals the Government has made policy changes costing $350 million that they haven't announced yet. A short time ago the finance Minister and the Treasurer addressed the media. From this day forward there is no excuse for the Opposition not to release its costings, how it intends to pay for its policies - costings which should be done in accordance with the charter of budget honesty. They should release a full and proper account of the impact of their decisions and their policies on the budget. And they should release most importantly of all, how they intend to pay for their promises and to fill their budget black hole. Now, of course, the Opposition's been all at sixs' and sevens about how they will release their costings, when, who will cost them, whether they will respect the pre-election forecast or not. But we can take Mr Abbott at his statement in May, where he said he would release all their saves and spending decisions after the release of the pre-election fiscal outlook. From today, with the release of the pre-election fiscal outlook, the alibis end. The excuses end. Nowhere to hide. Simply release your costings and how you intend to pay for your promises. Can I just add one more point on that. No doubt you'll get Joe Hockey, if he hasn't already, or Tony Abbott standing up to talk about that. Well, I think the question to them is if they are concerned about debt, there is really only one way they can say that they would have a different bottom line, and that is to cut more. Well, isn't it time they told you where they'd cut from? I come back to what the treasure said in his opening - according to their own senior frontbencher, the shadow Attorney-General, their policies are costed and ready to go, so there is only one reason why they wouldn't be releasing them and that is they don't want to share them with the Australian people. they don't want to share them the Australian people because people might have second thoughts about voting for Tony Abbott if they knew the truth of his cuts.That was finance Minister Penny Wong and Chris Bowen speaking a short time ago from Sydney. We are expecting the equivalent media conference from the Opposition in the next ten or 15 minutes. That's a live shot you can see from Melbourne. Joe Hockey and Andrew - the shadow finance Minister stepping up there. We are expecting that shortly. So we'll go there shortly with Andrew Rob, the chief economist with AMP capital Andrew Rob, the chief while there were no surprises with AMP in the report while there were no in the a bleak picture of the economy. We were told just less than two We two weeks ago now that We were told just less budget for this two weeks ago now budget for this year would blow out to budget for this out to $30 billion and, budget for this year would blow we'd get back to out to $30 billion we'd get out to $30 billion and, yes,
we'd get back 2016-17, but with a much weaker process in terms of the way to get there. There's within about a $33 billion revenue blow out or shortfall, that combined with spending decisions, which have also blown the budget deficit out, has led to a much weaker out come. No surprises here. The numbers were already presented a week or so ago, but it does confirm the difficult situation our finances are in at the moment. We have had the biggest in our history. We should be debating about the size of budget surpluses. It is very disappointing to see a relatively sizeable budget deficit still continuing off into the future. I think both sides of politics have a role to play here. The previous Government, up until the really good years of the mining boom, didn't put enough money aside, so consequently that played a role and then more recently I think we have taken too long to get back to a budget surplus after the necessary blowout in the budget occurring through the time of the GFC. I think both sides of politics played a role here, but the key issue is after the biggest boom in our history, we should be seeing a much better situation for our surplus and
budget. We should be in surplus and have very little in the way of public debt.Former parliamentary speaker Peter Slipper face to face with LNP rival at a candidate's forum. Mr Slipper did not confirm he would run for the seat of fisher. He has two more days to nominate. It is my current intention, I'm potentially a this morning I don't think
would be fair to the local community.Mr Slipper did not comment on his ongoing court case in which he is accused of misusing taxi vouchers. It was
public appearance
the former speaker's first public appearance on the campaign. And he faced rival mal Bruff, the former Howard Government Minister was involved in bringing Government Minister involved in bringing sexual harassment allegations against Mr Slipper which were later dismissed. Workers at Holden's Elizabeth plant in SA have this morning begun to vote on the company's wages proposal, which could influence the car maker's future in Australia. 1700 workers will cast ballots on measures including a three-year pay freeze designed to cut costs and save their jobs. Alina Eacott reports.

A small group of night shift workers cast their vote early this morning. The rest of the 1700 strong workforce will vote this afternoon. The new deal includes a three-year wage freeze and tougher conditions. It's expected the outcome of the vote here at Elizabeth will be known by about 4 o'clock Adelaide time. Another 1,000 workers across Victoria do have a right to vote on the deal, but the manufacturing workers union says they have indicated they are going to abstain, because the agreement does not actually apply to them. Holden has made it clear a vote against the deal today would likely spell the end of local production by 2016. But as John Camilo from the union told us this morning, a yes vote doesn't necessarily secure the future. The other issue is that if the vote is on the positive, they still have to wait until after the September 7 to see the Government of the day and whether it will support the automotive industry in Australia. It is still going to be a very tough call for these workers and their positive.Several components companies which rely on Holden for business will also be watching today's vote very closely.

A Sydney police officer has been found guilty of three counts of secretly filming himself having sex with women. A court heard 42-year-old Marc David Osborn wanted to prove he was sexually active. Marc David Osborn was a senior constable at Gladesville in Sydney and his sexual exploits with women were said to be common knowledge around the police station. Last year, he purchased a clock from EbAy that contained aly din camera, and he secretly filmed himself having sex with three different women. Those films were then downloaded on to his laptop and recorded on to his iPhone and shown to his colleagues at the station and also some of his colleagues who happened to be his house mates, who were aware of what was going on. Marc David Osborn admitted to making these films and that the women didn't know that they were being filmed, but he said it wasn't for the purposes of sexual gratification. He said that at 41, he was working with a lot of officers who were much, much younger than him, who were boasting about women themselves and he said that, in his words, he wanted to show them that the old man's still got it. The magistrate has found that the fact that he was showing the films to others and that he wanted to prove himself may have been true, but it was for the purpose of gratification, she said that the two concepts were inextricably linked. David Osborn will be sentenced on these three offences at a later date. Police are searching for two people who robbed a 94-year-old man in Sydney's west last night. The World War II veteran was driving a motorised scooter into his home at Harris park when a man and a woman followed him inside. They then ram sacked his home and hundreds sacked his home and left with
hundreds of dollars in cash. The victim was shaken but not injured. I you don't do that, do you? You don't do that. You don't take - come into an old man's house, steel his Second World
possessions, especially a Second World War vet van, who fought for his country and has done everything right.Work to dismantle Sydney's mono rail has begun with parts of the track now being trucked out of the CBD. The majority of the mono rail structure will be taken down at night-time to avoid rush hour. Work started here at Daryling drive last night and will continue through the city and finish up around Darling Park. Once the structure has been taken down it will be loaded on to trucks using cranes and a majority of it will be recycled, except for two of the cars and 10 of the track which will be taken and preserved at Sydney's power house museum. It's a pretty complex removal process because the tracks weave through buildings and across major flexes, so there - intersections, so there will be some disruption in the area. Transport NSW say they have consulted with businesses and residents, as well as city officials, and other transport operators, to minimise middle clashes with major events and other construction going on in the city. So says that there will be some unavoidable disruptions to traffic here in Sydney, and this will be the traffic here this will be the case right up until March next this will until March next year, when the completion of the removal of the mono rail completion of the the mono rail is expected.

Police and fire investigators are examining the cause of a Brisbane's
sus suspicious factory fire on Brisbane's south side overnight. 10 fire trucks and more than 40s fire worker s were called to the Nissan Wreckers. I have just been mentioning in the last five minutes that we are expecting this media conference with the shadow treasure Joe Hockey. That's begun and the shadow finance Minister Andrew Robb is with him.

I'm here with Andrew Robb to provide some comment in relation to Pifo for 2013. There are a number of revelations and there are a number of confirmations in relation to this document. The fishes revelation is that barely a month ago Kevin Rudd said to the Australian people that the carbon tax has been terminated. The fact is that the terminator is alive and well. The carbon tax in just 11 days has increased by nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in revenue. This is a further slug on families and on business. The Government is still forecasting that the carbon tax will rise to $38 a tonne. It illustrates the volatility associated with the carbon tax. The fact that in 11 days, the revenue assumed from the carbon tax is increasing by nearly a quarter of a billion dollars proves that Kevin Rudd did not tell the truth to the Australian people when he said that the carbon tax had been terminated. secondly, it is now clear that the cost of Labor's failed border protection policies will amount to around $15 billion. revelation
this is an extraordinary revelation and the fact that the Treasury and the department of finance have gone to significant lengths to try and quantify the risk scenarios associated with fail border protection policy says everything about the inherent risks in the budget. The third key revelation is that there is significant commentary in the document about the downside risks to the budget. These need to be carefully considered by the Coalition. The downside risks are exceptional and, as the Pifo the the Pifo identifies on page 2,
the crisis remains unresolved, marketing the crisis in the euro area are anxious about the unwinding are anxious of US monetary policy. There is lingering uncertainty about the sustainability of Japan's recovery and markets are concerned about financial developments in China. These are some of the risks but, overwhelmingly the greatest risk is obviously the re-election of a bad Labor Government. There have also been a number of confirmations in this document - growth will be slower under Labor. Unemployment will be higher under Labor, unemployment is expected to go towards 800,000 Australians without a job, unemployment is expected to grow to 6.25% by the middle of next year. Secondly, and in stark terms, the nation's credit card limit has been exposed as being broken by Christmas. The fact of the matter is, page 16 of Pifo, the second last paragraph, identifies that the debt limit will need to be increased before the end of this year, as the Government's debt increases beyond the $300 billion limit that Labor last legislated through the Parliament. This means debt will rise to $370 billion, heading towards $400 billion within three years. The third major confirmation the deterioration in the budget bottom line has been confirmed. But, as I say, there is significant commentary about the downside risks associated with the current budget forecast. The fact of the matter is, it's only the Coalition that is going to repair the the Coalition that is going to get the economy back on track. We will carefully consider a lot of the detail in this carbon tax
document. The fact that the carbon tax has increased by nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in 11 days. The mining tax increased by an estimated $400 million in just 11 days, despite the fact that Rio Tinto actually got refunds on the mining tax as announced recently. There is also tremendous uncertainty and a lack of clarity in Pefo, about $1.2 billion of education funding associated with Gonski. It remains unclear whether Western Australian, Queensland and the Northern Territory are going to be penalised to the tune of $1.2 billion for not signing up with the Government to the Gonski plan by the time the election was called. That is a significant to ten potential hole in the document. I will ask Andrew Robb to say a few words about this Thanks very much, I'd just like to add two points - one about business and consumer confidence, and the second one about costings of Labor policies. Firstly, on the question of business and consumer confidence, clearly the budget emergency that's been confirmed in this Treasury statement today will have
compound the collapse that we have seen in recent weeks of business and consumer confidence. If you look today at the national Australia party monthly business survey. What they have shown is that business conditions remain at a four-year low, while confidence has slumped to an eight-months low in the last four weeks. That is despite the dollar falling off by some 15%, and despite the lower interest rates. We are seeing business confidence collapsing further from what were already low levels. In a similar way, if you look at the Roy Morgan consumer confidence, last week they took a sounding after the Federal - after the 12 months - after the economic statement that was put out some ten days ago, and they found that consumer confidence has to its lowest level in 12 months. So we have got both consumer and business confidence collapsing, and it's little wonder, with other things such as the irresponsible and negative comments of Mr Rudd that the mining boom is over, all these things, with an emergency these things, with budget these things, with an emergency budget confirmed, with in debt to well in debt to well over $300 billion, with the $3 week collapse in billion, with the $3 billion a week collapse bottom line - all of these things are eating away dramatically at business and consumer confidence. It's adding further to adding further to the six years of uncertainty and chaos and poison within the ranks of the Labor Party and the lack of direction and the instability. All of these things are front of mind of people who just want to get on with their lives but at the moment are fearful, that's why they are saving so much money, they are paying off the plastic, the mortgage, they are not spending, that's why retail is on its knees and business confidence, they are not investing. That means that there is no growth, the growth is now going back to quite low levels in the economy, and it means, as Joe said, we are heading towards 800,000 of
Australians without a job. All of these things are a function of the last six years. The second point and final point I'd like to make is that given Labor's track record of being utter failures at predicting and confirming, you know, their future spending and their future budget commitments, their debt levels, all the rest of it that we have seen and become used to, it is all there in this Treasury statement today. Given that record, the community needs to know from Mr Rudd just when will they see his costings. And I'd just say to you, if you go to the Treasury's election costings website and you click on "Labor", what you'll see, what you'll see is a blank page, a blank page. Now, here's a Government, a party, that's been lecturing us for literally months and months and months about the charter of budget honesty, and they are not complying with it. They have a blank page as of today. Right? What is their program for the next three years? What are they going to do? What policies have they got in prospect? Not the history, what we have seen is a history with these statements, history of buildup of debt, of deficits and all the rest, but not one policy - not one policy. So Mr Rudd, your job, your job, is to detail costings and how you're going to fund them. When you've done that, you can stop lecturing us. You can start to lecture us on that issue. Thanks.

REPORTER: Report Mr Hockey, do you trust the PEFO figures and will they be forming the basis for your costingsThese are the final set of official figures presented by the Government prior to the election. We have always said PEFO would be the point from which we would consider the Government's numbers. I make two points - it was the Government that amended the charter of budget honesty, to say that you could either use the Treasury or the parliamentary budget office. Now, we have been using the parliamentary budget office to a
come back to us with numbers as a result of the Government's it was
economic update recently, but it was the Government that changed the rules and said either you use the Treasury or the parliamentary budget office. We have chosen to use the parliamentary office. We are, but as Andrew has said, the Government itself - the government isn't using the parliamentary budget office or the Treasury. They have got no policies and no costings for the next three years. Let me say emphatically, let me say emphatically, Kevin Rudd cannot talk about the past and he can't pay for his future. that's revealed today. REPORTER: Can you say whether you trust these figuresI have to start with these figures, these are presented by the Government. I'm also mindful of the down side risks that are identified in the document itself. REPORTER: Will your costings be based on these figuresOur costings are based on the best available information from parliamentary budget office.
These figures and a range of other sources. REPORTER: When will we see the release of your costings, now that this PEFO statement has been When statement has been released?
When might we see those costing When might we s and will you give us a guarantee here today that you s and will you give us will release them at least a week out from the election itself - itself - that, by the end of this monthIf the Government - I don't run to your timetables, Tony, I'm sorry, but we are going to go through things methodically, carefully, prudently, we will consider all the information available. We have already put numbers out there. Let's be fair dinkum. We have already put out there that we are cutting the $10 billion clean energy finance corporation. We have already said that we are going to reduce the humanitarian intake for refugees from 20,000 to 13,750, a saving of around $1.3 billion. We have said we are not going to spend $180,000 doing an ergonomic study on the chairs for the Department of Human Services. So we have already put numbers out there, but when it comes to this document, we will be careful, and me thod call. REPORTER: Your position is that Labor should immediately release their costings, but when it comes to yours, it is some time in the futureNo, the issue for Labor is it hasn't even submitted costings to the Treasury. REPORTER: They were Government of the day...I'm sorry, the Labor Party has not even submitted policies to the Treasury for costings. We have. We have submitted over 200 initiatives to the parliamentary budget office for costing, they are coming back. A number of them still haven't come back after the last economic Government. So, it is the parliamentary budget office, which was set up by the Parliament and by the Labor which was set up by Party, as the agency to do these sort of costings. They still haven't come back to us, these sort of costings. so we are still going through. still haven't come back I might so we are still I might add, these numbers have changed in 11 days. So if I had to put out - if had to put out - if I had have put out two days ago numbers on the basis of the carbon tax presented 11 days ago, it would be different again, because be different again, because the number on the carbon tax has deteriorated by nearly quarter of a billion dollars. REPORTER: The argument of a billion REPORTER: The argument for not stating the cost of policy at any given time - tax goes up and down. Are you saying you won't be releasing your costings until you have every single thing backWe are saying we are will take a prudent and responsible approach. We are going to present final figures. REPORTER: So you won't present them until you have them allThat may well be the case. That's out
It depends on the timing. That's out of our control. REPORTER: On the question of timing, will it be...You'll get good time. Labor delivered their costings the day before the election in 2007, we'll do better than the day before erection election. Can you define what the phrase good time meansPeople have a terrific opportunity to have a look at our numbers and the details in them. REPORTER: Can Pyne
I ask on another matter - Mr Pyne said last night on Q&A, during the course of an Abbott Government there would be no change to the GST. Now, when he was pressed on that matter, whether it was the first term of the Abbott Government or an future,
Abbott Government into the future, he was a little, if I might say so, evasive. what did you understand him to mean and would you exclude any possibility of an increase in the GST during the first term of an Abbott government or any future term of an Abbott GovernmentWell, it's going to strike you as a little odd, but I didn't see Q&A last night - I had other things on - so I can't pass comment on what someone else said. There will be no change to the GST full stop. anything else?REPORTER: Part of the review, there seems to be confusion in the Coalition ranks.There is none. There will be no change. Will that be part of the reviewThere will be no change to the GST full stop. I'm just saying again, there will be no change. REPORTER: Will it be reviewedFull stop. Anything else?I just wanted to say, to get back to your earlier point about the expectation of the Government complying with the charter of budget honesty. The budget has basically collapsed over the last ten weeks. It coincides with a time when Mr Rudd has taken over. What is he going to do if he does get Government again in a few weeks time? What is he going to do for the next three years to deal with that collapse that we have seen in the budget circumstance? We have heard nothing. If you think back to the debate the other night, not one policy did he talk about other than in the most general sort of skills, education, you threw
know, just a bunch of words he threw out there, but not a policy, not a single policy. They have got a responsibility to demonstrate what is their action plan. We document out there, and we will
- - we will be presenting a whole raft - we will raft of initiatives and the costings, fully funded, is the Government going to do the same? There's been no pressure of them to front up and comply with the charter of budget honesty.Thank you very much. REPORTER: Can I ask another question on PEFO? No.Okay, Joe Hockey
that was live from Melbourne, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb commenting on the economic statement released by Treasury this morning setting out the state of the nation's finances. Andrew Robb described the current situation as a budget emergency with, as he says, business and consumer confidence collapsing, and Joe Hockey raising concerns about the extent of the carbon tax and risks mentioned in the Treasury statement. Now, the is
Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is in Western Sydney today. He's launching the Tony Abbott campaign bus at the Penrith stadium. That bus is going to be doing the rounds in Western Sydney electorate. Let's take a listen. Fiona, thank you so very much for making me so welcome here in beautiful Penrith here in the heart of Western Sydney. This is a great part of a great country and our challenge is to make it even better. Our challenge is to ensure that your best days, your best years, are still ahead and that's what I believe so strongly will happen APPLAUSE My friends, the coming election offers the clearest choice election offers choice in a generation. Positive plans from the Coalition versus more of the same from a divided and dysfunctional Labor Party. We are a great country, and a great people, but one thing we can't afford is another three


If the Australian people, if the people of Western Sydney, elect the Coalition, I want everyone to know absolutely what will happen. We will build a that everyone can get ahead. We will scrap the carbon tax. We will get the budget back under control. We will build the roads of the 21st century