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All-new Holden Malibu.

Your mid-size escape.

That wraps up our extended coverage on seven today. It is the biggest story in Australian sport, maybe this decade.Every.

Tomorrow on Sunrise,
we're live in Brisbane.

We are at the cultural centre at Southbank. Come down and see us. We will give you brekkie and everything.That's what we are, cultural.I think it's time to handball over to morning news with Ann Sanders. Good morning.

Thank you.
Welcome to Seven's Morning News. The AFL is expected
to announce its findings on the Essendon supplements scandal

Tom Browne joins me now
from Windy Hill. Is there any word on an outcome
to this long-running saga?


Good morning, Ann, still no word from the AFL from when we will find out these charges up to Essendon, up to five or six officials. We did perhaps expect the announcement around 9 o'clock this morning but we understood that has been delayed as the AFL works with its lawyers to go through the raft of issues associated. It's a really complexion issue. James Hird is not here at the club but he did speak outside his house this morning, Ann. He emphasised that the players have not taken " taken "Performance enhancing substances" the players haven't been harmed in anyway. He is adamant that he is innocent. He is very determined to prove this. This is yonl an interim report. Stephen Dank hasn't given evidence and he is disappointed and shocked that he could get charged at this point. Let's listen to James.

Our players haven't taken
performance-enhancing drugs, we don't believe
we've been harmed in any way and that's primarily
why we're fighting. We don't believe they've done
anything wrong on those lines and, ah, we'll fight and, um, yeah,
it's about our reputation, it's not just about a football club, our football club's
the greatest in Australia and we're going to protect its name.

Yes, fighting words certainly there, Ann, from James Hird. We will bring you the latest as this comes to hand during the day. Obviously it's a case of waiting and seeing. When they give us these official word that these charges have been laid. Thank you, that these charges have been laid. Thank you, very much. Tom.

To Canberra now where Treasury has just released
its final budget update before Australians go to the polls. The pre-election fiscal outlook
shows our deficit will top $30 billion
and unemployment will rise above 6%. Political reporter Patrick Condren
joins me live from Canberra. Patrick, these figures are in
line with the Government's forecast? Ann, the independent assessment
of the current state of the Budget has found

the deficit this financial year
will be $30.1 billion, dropping to $24 billion
for 2014-'15. Unemployment is at 5.75%. By the June quarter next year
it's expected to hit 6.25%. The Australian economy is forecast
to grow by 2.5% in 2013-'14 and 3% in 2014-'15. This morning the Prime Minister was again
attacking Mr Abbott's spending.

Mr Abbott doesn't have the guts
to come clean on his $70 billion worth of cuts
to jobs health and education. Tony Abbott has previously said the $70 billion figure
is 'pure fantasy'. Last night, Shadow Education
Minister Christopher Pyne was asked about another Labor claim
that the GST will be changed. No, we will not be changing the GST. So why are you putting it
in the tax review. Well, why not? (LAUGHTER) Why shouldn't it be included? Why shouldn't it be included? (LAUGHTER) Can we just confirm,
this one thing - in any period of government. There will be no change to the GST
in an Abbott government.

AUDIENCE: Oooooh! Pat, West Australian MP Don Randall has thrown a spanner
in the Coalition's financial works? Ann, he has.

He's quoted effectively saying
that all incoming government reserves the right to change things because they aren't fully
aware of the state of the books. Thanks, Patrick.

Kevin Rudd is campaigning
in Townsville today while Tony Abbott is in Sydney. Political reporter Alex Hart is
travelling with the Prime Minister.

Ann, Kevin Rudd must do well in his
home state to win the election, but not just in Brisbane and
the heavily populated south-east. There are plenty of seats
up for grabs in the north. Last night, the PM got in to the
local spirit, downing a XXXX and working up a sweat in Mackay in the seat of Dawson. Today he's in Townsville,
in the seat of Herbert, where he's just visited
a childcare centre. A little later,
he's off to the army barracks. His main announcement was another
promise too boost skills in the services sector. These are early childhood educators,
not just workers, they're educators. They're dealing
with pre-numeracy skills of the next generation
of Australians and getting in behind them to make
sure they have the right skills for the future. Tony Abbott is in Sydney today

His main announcement is a $ His main announcement is a $4 million plan to fix mobile phone black spots. Holden workers are expected
to accept a wages freeze and tough new conditions to secure the company's future
in Australia. Mike Smithson is outside
the Holden plant in Adelaide. Good morning, Mike. Workers have already held one vote
on the new workplace agreement?

Yes, thanks, Ann, it's all quiet here at the moment but in a couple of hours, the remaining 1650 workers from the day and afternoon shifts will cast their secret ballots. 40 will cast their secret ballots. 40 night-shift workers have already done so in Victoria another 1000 workers are tipped to abstain from voting. The vote is thought to be line ball. They can either accept a wage freeze and reduced workplace conditions, including some sick-leave entitlements or Holden closes in 2016. Very few workers are expressing views early this morning. Here is one of them.Not too happy Here is one of them.Not too about the situation we are in but not too much we can do about it now. The key union involved may have the result by mid afternoon. Of course we will have any developments in later bulletins. Back to you.All right, many thanks, Mike.

A man and a woman have been arrested
after a dramatic car-jacking

One man is in One man is in custody and police are still looking for another after a brutal sword attack at this apartment block just behind me. Police were called to the Pitt Street address, to find a resident suffering critical injuries. It's alleged the two other males had set upon him. The victim was taken to St Vincent's Hospital with life threatening wounds. Detectives independent viewed witnesses. Residents woke to the news.It's pretty scary seeing this happening here. It's usually like quite silent here.It is what it is. It rules in living in the city.Ann, police living in the city.Ann, police want to speak to a man of Asian appearance, wearing grey pants and a hoodie. Police with any information should contact Crime Stoppers.

A World War II veteran's home
has been ransacked in Sydney. The 94-year-old victim was driving
his motorised scooter into his Harris Park home
around 6pm, when a man and a woman
followed him inside. The thieves stole a large collection
of coins and trashed his house. The victim says he didn't fight
for this kind of Australia. I've been through everything,
I went through the war and fought for this country
with my mates and they all got killed.

Police are still searching
for the thieves. Forensic investigators
are at the scene of a fire which destroyed an auto wrecking
business in Brisbane's south. The owners had recently rebuilt
after Queensland's 2011 floods. Erin Edwards has the details.

It's still far too dangerous for fire crews to enter the building. At 11 last night, flames ripped through the body. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of spare parts. Oils, petrol and gases all contributed to the blaze. It's the second disaster for the business.The owners of the business were devastated in the 2010-11 floods. Three years on, they are just starting to rebuild the business and a fire devastates it business and a fire devastates yet again.Even last night the heat was so intense, fire crews couldn't enter the building. Their priority had to had to be saving nearby buildings. Neighbouring business owners have told us this morning that their own buses came within minutes of also being burned. Fire crews have said today they may never know how this fire started. Accelerants they usually look for are standard in any wrecking business.

A family from Queensland has
had an amazing experience after a young humpback whale
surfaced beside their yacht. They were fishing in Moreton Bay
when they spotted it. They moved closer,
and so did the giant mammal. Although it was near enough
to touch, no one reached out, terrified it would overturn
their boat. It's an experience of a lifetime and you'd be very, very lucky to go
through anything like that again. Then, after 10 spellbinding minutes, the humpback flipped its tail
and headed off, on its way.

Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Prince Philip back on royal duty
after his health scare. Also without warning - a giant
sinkhole swallows a Florida resort.

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Police and SES crews have returned
to Melbourne bushland for a second day

as they search for
missing schoolgirl Bung Siriboon. They spent yesterday examining
Old Joe's Creek Reserve after receiving new information
about the young girl. Bung was 13 when she disappeared, after leaving her Boronia home
to go to school in June 2011. The search site
is just a few streets away. Queensland police cadaver dogs
are joining the search. To finance now and joining me is David Halliday
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, David. Has Treasury's Budget deficit
forecast affected the local market?

Good morning, Ann, the short answer to that is no, the forecast that came out from treasury this morning, basically was consistent with numbers the market had seen previously. Of note, just to reiterate. We are expecting a $ reiterate. We are expecting a $30 billion hole budget this financial year, that's a very big number and probably of more importance, we probably of more importance, we are expecting 6. expecting 6.25% unemployment, so some concerns there. But as I said at the top, the basic thing is that the market did expect these numbers and the treasury forecast have just reiterated them and markets only normally react to surprises of which we didn't get one today. Overall we are seeing the market slightly higher. It was up 12 points. So we have seen an earnings season kick off quite strongly this year. Since come back just a little bit, just a moment ago we saw business confidence data come out. It was at an 8 month low. Certainly some poor economic news there.What is the Aussie dollar doing today?Ann, it has come back a little bit. 91. has come back a little bit. 91.1 cents off over 92 yesterday. Some strength there, that would be concerning the Reserve Bank. The interest rates was supposed to cool the dollar. Maybe the dollar. The reverse has happened. The Reserve Bank might be getting to the end of their cutting cycle. We don't think that's the case. We think there is one or two cuts to come, taking rates down as low as 2% low as 2%. If that's the case, we will still see the dollar move slower. We are still seeing some down side from down side from for the dollar from here.Thank you, David.

To the US now after a massive sinkhole opened up
in the middle of the night. Our correspondent Angela Cox
joins me now. Hello, Ange.
Amazingly, no-one was hurt? Good morning, Ann. It is just incredible
when you look at the pictures that everyone got out alive,
no-one was injured.

One guest captured the moment that the building collapsed.

'Hey Dad...!', here is your time share!

The sinkhole is about 30 metres wide
and 5 metres deep. Guests in the resort were startled when the walls buckled and
windows popped at about midnight. They rang emergency services. It took less than an hour
from that first phone call for the building to be partially
swallowed up. In that time, fire and rescue teams
quickly raced around and managed to evacuate all the
guests and moved them to safety.

Our floor is 50 feet underground. The whole side of the noor we stayed on has

Sinkholes are a reality
of living in Florida - particularly
between Orlando and Tampa, which is known as 'Sinkhole Alley'. They are relatively common
because the ground In February, a man was killed when his bedroom was swallowed
by a sinkhole.

Officials have been on site all today. They are concerned that it could grow. Extraordinary pictures, Angela, thank you.

Prince Philip has returned
to royal duties, making his first official public
appearance since having stomach surgery.

His next stop is Balmoral where William and Kate are expected
to visit with baby George.

The Duke of Edinburgh was given a warm welcome back into public life. Crowds of tourists and festival goers, gathering to get a glimpse of the prince and wish him well. His visit was the 92-year-old's official engagement in 2 months. Those who met him thought he was just his same old self. old self..I old self..I thought he was in great form. I wouldn't have - we see him every year and he was perhaps a bit more relaxed this year than he was last year.The Duke of Edinburgh had surgery in June. He spent 11 days in hospital in London and has been recovering at Sandringham ever since. As he handed out awards this afternoon, there were the usual jokes and equips. Even making light of his recent absence.I am pretty - it's a great privilege to be back in circulation again.WhenWhen the President said, maybe one day, congratulations on young prince congratulations on young Prince George, maybe he will come along but Prince Philip said " Prince Philip said "I won't be here."It was a short Lee key visit that the duke appeared to

Next in Seven News - another blow
for besieged AFL club Essendon. The Titans stay on track
for the NRL finals. And another humiliating
batting collapse condems Australia to defeat
in the Ashes.

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England has wrapped up
the Ashes series with a dramatic 74-run victory
in the fourth test in Durham. Australia's hopes
of victory were dashed by another woeful batting collapse. Michael Clarke's side tumbled
from 1/147, to 224 all out. Needing five more wickets, Michael Clarke tossed Ryan Harris
the new ball and he responded
by removing the century-maker. COMMENTATOR: You needed
something special to get past the bat of Ian Bell
in this series. He kept shattering the stumps. Bowled again.
What a beauty, first up. Five for Harris. No hat-trick,
but a career-best 7-wicket haul. England still setting
a 299-run target despite the paceman's heroics. Some luck early in the chase,
Swann grassing a sharp chance, Rogers and Warner dictating
the tempo. Over extra cover for six.
Game on, here. They put on a century stand
before Rogers departed for 49,

The dismissal triggered
an all-too-familiar collapse - Warner gone for 71, the captain copping a pearler
from Broad. Stuart Broad has found his mojo
again. Smith dragging one onto his stumps, Watson's method of dismissal,
sadly predictable. Playing across the line of the ball. England fancy getting him like that. Australia's last nine wickets
falling for 77 runs, England clinching the series
with a 74-run victory. Our batting performance,
and especially our middle order - and certainly me included -
wasn't good enough today.

Gold Coast Suns veteran
Campbell Brown will front the AFL Tribunal tonight to fight a 3-match
misconduct suspension. The rugged defender remains adamant his contact to the face
of Melbourne's Jamie Strauss was accidental. Essendon veteran Dustin Fletcher
has accepted a 2-match suspension for a high bump. And in a double blow
for the besieged Bombers, ruckman Paddy Ryder has accepted
1-match ban for rough conduct.

South Sydney must decide today

South Sydney has accepted the 2 match ban: The Bulldogs top four aspirations are all aspirations are all about over after a loss to the Gold a loss to the Gold Coast last night. Kevin Gordon bagged a hat trick while Grigg bird took offence to a leg twisting tackle from Greg Eastwood.We were happy to play the tough aggressive style of football. The fans were enjoying it.Dave Taylor bore the brunt of the aggression. The big Ford back slammed into the turf.

The Roosters lead the way
at the end of Round 22, followed by the Rabbitohs,
Sea Eagles and Storm. That loss leaves the Bulldogs'
five points behind Melbourne. A boost for the Wallabies ahead of Saturday night's
Bledisloe Cup opener in Sydney with All Blacks linchpin Dan Carter
ruled out with a calf injury. The champion fly half will
be sidelined for a month, meaning he'll also miss
next weekend's return clash in Wellington. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating.

Especially when the body feels good and you have a set back like this.

New Zealand coach Steven Hansen is expected to use Chiefs star Aaron
Cruden as Carter's replacement. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking today's weather. A cold front and associated trough is bringing a band of rain
with gusty winds to South Australia, Victoria,
Tasmania and southern New South Wales. There are a few showers
in the country's south-west, while a ridge keeps the rest
of the country mostly clear. Around the capitals - fine and warm again
in Brisbane. Sydney will
be sunny. Canberra, dry. Wet and windy
in Hobart. Melbourne,
17 degrees. A shower or two
for Adelaide. Perth,
showers clearing.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date
throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30, 6:00 and Seven News at 7:00
over on 7TWO. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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