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(generated from captions) are not completely satisfied just send everything back within the 30 days for a complete refund of the purchase price, no questions asked, but you must Call now 1800 997 997. That's 1800 997 997. James, thanks as always. We were like to invite you to be part of the studio audience this Friday. It is good fun. Registrations are now open through the Facebook page. Hurry because not many people can come. Spoiler alert, we have some big names that day. The man behind 'Silver Linings Playbook' is on the show tomorrow. Mia Freedman will be here to tell you how to tell your friend that her husband is cheating. Stay tuned for the 11:00am news. Goodbye. Thank This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams.Good morning. The AFL is expected to announce a series of charges against Essendon today over its supplements program. For the latest we will go straight to Tony Jones at AFL head quarters. TJ, good morning. What can you tell us? I would love to tell you a lot, Amelia, but unfortunately we are still in this waiting game with the AFL at the moment. We thought the announcement may have been made yesterday. It wasn't. We thought it may have been made at 9:00 this morning. It wasn't. Now we continue to wait for the legal eagles at football headquarters to wade through this legal minefield and come up with these supposed charges that will be laid against Essendon as a club, apparently, as also there is the prospect of individuals being charged - those being James Hird and the head of football at Windy Hill. There maze be some others. It is a guessing game at the moment. This has been going on for seven months now and until the AFL in there any time from now, actually, decide what charges will be laid, it is, as I say, a guessing game. When they make that announcement, it will be made by the AFL general council in Andrew Dillon. There won't be any opportunities to ask questions or a media conference. They make a statement and that will be it. In terms of the timetable after that Essendon will presumably have a fortnight to respond as to why they shouldn't be charged, if in fact charges are laid against them. Amid-all of this, Essendon, as we speak, are going about their business planning for this weekend's match. It could all be for nothing, of course, if they are rubbed out and aren't allowed to actually make the finals. James Hird, as he left home this morning, was as defiant as ever.I think we all find it hard to believe that charges can be laid on individuals or the club, when none of our players have been shown to take performance-enhancing drugs or to be harmed by anything taken. We are dealing with an interim report but the report is not finalised. We are all sitting back staggered and shocked that any charges could be possibly laid on those points.As I said, James Hird still being pretty defiant there. He, along with the Essendon Football Club, along with the Essendon supporters, in fact everyone, keeping an eye on this, just waiting, watching and hoping that the AFL put a resolution to it pretty quickly, Amelia.TJ, thank you very much. We will come back to you as soon as that happens. A man is in a critical condition after being stabbed with what is believed to be a samurai sword during a brawl in Sydney's CBD. Police were called to the scene after reports of a knife fight on Pitt Street at around 1:00 this morning. When officers arrive they'd found a man suffering multiple stab wounds. He was rushed to hospital and police are Commonwealth Games another man over the incident. A second day of searching is under way in Melbourne's east, as Victoria Police hunt for clues over the disappearance of 13-year-old Bung Siriboon. Yesterday detectives launched a massive operation combing a creek bed in Boronia, less than 2km from where the schoolgirl vanished in 2011. Bung's family is yet to comment on the new developments and we will cross live to the scene a little later this morning for the very latest on that search. To the election campaign now, and today it is all about the numbers. Also how they add up. The Department of Treasury opened its books an hour ago, releasing the pre-election fiscal outlook and Jayne Azzopardi has been poring over the figures in Canberra for us. Morning, Jayne. Take us through the details.Morning, Amelia. Lucky me. What great reading that was. Basically, there is no big surprise out of these numbers today because the Government took the sting out of any sting there was going to branch when they released their pre-budget, mini-budget, sorry pre- election mini-budget 10 days ago. What this outlook that Treasury has released today shows is that the budget deficit, the big blow-out in the budget deficit that the Government announced 10 days ago is still the same as they announced it around $30 billion and the projections going forward are also very similar. Four years out, there is a slight increase in the budget surplus to around $4.2 billion. We are also looking at the same sort of forecasts when it comes to unemployment. That is set to rise to around 6.5% next year. The economy is projected to agree by around 2.5% next year and 3% the year after that. Although this report talks about challenging economic conditions in the global economy and how that could affect some of these projections. Now, we haven't heard from anyone in the Opposition today. We haven't heard from Tony Abbott. There is good reason for. That he has taken himself somewhere where there is in mobile phone coverage. He is making an announcement about fixing some mobile phone black spots in bushfire and flood-prone areas, but this announcement today, as I said, the Government took the sting out of it for themselves, so this will allow them to put increased pressure on the Opposition to announce how they are going to pay for their policies. One member of the Coalition craved some trouble for themselves - there is an article in the West Australian newspaper today saying that Liberal MP Don Randall has said that the Coalition might come under pressure to reverse some of their election policies if they win government, if the financial circumstances mean there is something they might have to do. Plenty of questions for Tony Abbott when he gets back into mobile phone coverage later.For sure. Jayne, thank you very much for the update. As Jayne mentioned, even before the release of today's figures, Kevin Rudd was demanding the Coalition release its own election promise costings today. Kerrie Yaxley is with the Prime Minister in Townsville. Kerrie, good morning. Kevin Rudd is seizing the chance to attack the Coalition. Yeah, absolutely, Amelia. He was touring a childcare centre here in Townsville this morning, announcing $30 million in funding to help improve the skills of workers and he held a press conference there and that took place about 30 minutes before Treasury released its numbers, but the that didn't stop the Prime Minister. He launch a pre-emptive strike on the Coalition saying they need to come out and reveal just how much their policies are going to cost and he also seized on those comments from Don Randall that Jayne mentioned, saying that Mr Randall has billed the cat on the Opposition's intentions here. Have a listen to Mr Rudd launching his so-called pre-election strike.It is not that they can't add up. It is not that they haven't had the resources of the parliamentary budget office to draw upon. It is not that they haven't had enough time. They have been at this for three years. It is very simple - they don't want to come clear with the Australian people because they know what the reaction of the Australian people would be.Kerrie, meantime, the big debate debate drags on.Yeah, they are debating over the whens and the wheres and the hows and basically at the moment the Coalition would like a debate on the paid TV can knell Sky News whereas the Government wants several debates on free-to-air channels, including Channel 9. Like last time, there are letters going between the two National Party secretaries trying to work out how they will compromise and how they will do this, but no breakthrough as yet. Meanwhile, Kevin Rudd's tour of Queensland continues. Last night, he was in Mackay rallying the troops and today he is going to meet some troops of a different kind. He is going to the barracks here in Townsville to meet some of our soldiers and then he will spend the rest of the day in Townsville before heading off perhaps further north. We are not sure yet, Amelia. Enjoying the beautiful Queensland weather, no doubt. Kerrie, thank you very much. Talk to you later in the day. The big question we are asking today is: Can the Coalition afford its policies? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter using the hashtaag "YouDecide 9" or go to the website and make your vote count. We will bring you the results in nine's Archbishop of Canterbury at 4:30. A Brisbane car wrecking yard has gone up in flames. The intense fire has left the factory gutted. As Today reporter Aislin Kriukelis explains, the family business was just getting back on track after more than 7ft of water swept through the premises during the 2011 floods. As you can see, the building behind me has been bleatly destroyed by a fire, which started at about 11:30 last night. It was an incredibly intense job for first crews to arrive on the ground. When they got here, there were explosions inside the building. The flames were huge. As they do, the firefighters simply got on with the job of fighting them and as a result two of them had to be taken to hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. A third firefighter also injured-his knee. In the end, it took around 60 of them almost two hours to completely extinguish the blaze. They say this was an extremely difficult job and they really did well to stop it from spreading to nearby buildings. This is a family- owned car wrecking business and, sadly, it is not the first time it has been dealt a cruel blow by Mother Nature.This has got a sad side to this story. The owners of the business were actually devastated in the 2011- 10 10 floods. 7.5ft of water went through this business. Three years on, they are just starting to rebuild the business and a fire devastates it yet again.Unfortunately this is no hope for this building. The roof has collapsed so what is left will need to be demolished. We don't know yet what caused the blaze. Fire investigators are here this morning trying to figure that out. There have been spectacular scenes off Sydney's northern beachs that morning with seals and dolphins involved in a fascinating feeding frenzy. We are joined by the phone by Geoff Ross from National Parks and Wildlife. Geoff, thank you very much for your time this morning. This was an amazing site. Can you explain what was happening and I suppose how common it is at this time of year.PHONE: Well, yes, at this time of year we are seeing the development of schools of fish forming off Sydney. It is relatively common, particularly when you have got predatory fish around such as kingfish and with the number of dolphins around Sydney at the moment, they are acting as the big predators, pushing the fish up to the surface. The seals and sea birds are getting involved. They are all hunting together as one large group. It is fascinating to see it and very exciting to be able to stand on our headlands and national parks and to look out over the sea and see these kind of fish and animal behave juniors off Sydney.Yeah. Aren't they amazing pictures. Geoff, we will leave it there. Thank you very much for your time this morning. Pleasure, Amelia.Well, it will go down as one of the greatest shocks in Ashes history. Australia losing 8 wickets for just 77 runs in the fourth test, handing England a third straight series win. Nine's Roz Kelly is in Durham for us.Well, this is the first time we are speaking to Australian captain Michael Clarke after a test. He's been almost lost for words. That is the case for everybody here in dur dour. They were completely gobsmacked as to how quickly this test turned. It was an epic choke from Australia. At the beginning of the day's play the match was fairly evenly poised and Australia eventually set a target of 299 for victory and they were well on their way. At one stage they were 10 9 and then an absolute collapse. They were all out for 224 in less than two hours. At one stage they lost 5/13, 9-wickets fell in just the one session after tea. England won by 74 runs. They now take a 3-nil lead in this series.I don't really know what to say at this stage. I have got to allow this to sink in. I don't want to take any credit away from England. Stuart Broad was exceptional throughout the test match. He bowled a couple of very important spells. Yeah, look, the end result is we lose by 75 runs. Stuart Broad was named Man of the Match and he took a total of 11wiks, but Michael Clarke feels like the exceptional performance from the Australian bowlers was compeletely overshadowed by their dismal batting performance. Ryan Harris post add career best 7/117. It couldn't help them, though.I feel for our bowlers, especially Ryan Harris, he didn't deserve the result we got today and how we lost today. I don't know the answers right now. I will continue to look for them.Australia now planning what to do over the next eight days until the fifth and final test where they want to save some provide. They have a two-day tour match against Northampton but are looking at also changing their training and die off regime to get back in the nets and do some hard work and fix the problem.Checking the weather for you around the country today.

Next in Nine's Morning News Hour - D-day for Holden workers. We are live to our reporter in Adelaide, as the car maker's future hangs in the balance. Plus, cowardly attack - heartless thieves target an elderly man in a vicious home invasion. And road to recovery - Palestinians prince opens up about his health -- Prince Philip opens up This program is not captioned. If you're thinking you can't do
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Employees at Holden's Adelaide plant have begun voting on a drastic proposal to save the company $15 million and preserve its immediate operating future in Australia. Let's go live to our reporter Eddie Godfrey who is there. Eddie, good morning to you. Any word on how that vote is going? Well, it is a waiting game at the moment, Amelia, but in just a couple of hours the bulk of Holden's El Pais workforce will vote on whether to accept a new workplace agreement. They form a few night shift workers who voted this morning as they knocked off. Included in the new agreement are a raft of changes to workers' entitlement, including a 3-year car freeze as the car maker scrounges to save money. Holden warned that a no vote from workers would probably see production seize here in 2016. Others scattered throughout Victoria who are included in this vote although the chains do not flow through to them. John Camillo told us it becomes increasingly likely they will no longer vote.My understanding from Victoria is the unions have indicated to myself that Holden workers will abstain from voting and allow the El Pais people to make a decision on where they want to go with their future and so on. That is probably a good call. 1,700 workers today will make that decision.If those Victorian workers don't vote that means that today's outcome will determine whether or not the new agreement goes through. We don't capital that to be official until later the week. The union says it will address the media around 3:45 Adelaide time this morning and give some indication on how that vote is going. It is a nervous time for the 1,700 workers in Elizabeth and others employ flood the moat tor car industry. We will give you updates as they come to hand.Good stuff, Eddie. Appreciate that. Eddie Godfrey in Adelaide. Prince Philip, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has stepped out since taking two months of for undergoing surgery in June. He presented awards to three of the facility's top scientists in Edinburgh..There is quite a long list. It is a great pleasure to be back in circulation again.(LAUGHTER) It is believed the Duke will now spend the rest of summer in Balmoral with the Queen. Stay with us - still ahead this morning, chaos after a sink-hole swallowed a tourist area in the US. We will cross live to our correspondent for the details. Plus, a dramatic morning for residents in Sydney's south-west. Armed officers storm a residential street. And Matt Damon Down Under - we will catch up with one of how long's biggest heart- throbs on his whirlwind tour of Sydney. This program is not captioned. This is the Australian
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Tourists at a Florida resort have been forced to flow just moments before the villas they were staying in crumbled into a sink-hole. Let's go to our US correspondent Denham Hitchcock for more. Denham, good morning. Is everyone OK? Surprisingly, they are. This place is a luxury resort, not very far from Disneyland itself, but we are assured that Disneyland will be OK. Just incredible pictures from this. You can see this resort. It is about five storeys high and it has been reduced down to two storeys because it literally disappeared into a sink-hole. It happened at around 3am in the morning. About 20 people inside heard the noises, saw cracks in the wall, thought it an earthquake. The building started to sink. Some of them tried to get out of the doors, but the doctors were sinking. They had to grab wallets and babies, what they could. This is video of it actually happening taken from a mobile phone. Police are saying that the hole is getting deeper. They don't know when it is going to stop, how much of the building it will take. Thankfully, it is not getting any wider, but pretty frightening for those inside. Have a listen.You could hear like the pops of the metal and inn the condition cot and what not and the glass breaking.Next thing people are yelling, "Get out of the building, get out of the building." One person had to break out of the building because the doctor frame collapsed. It was him and his wife and infapt.Wow. Must have been absolutely terrifying. I suppose these sorts of things are not that uncommon iner in da?No, they are not. I guessor here in the States, they guess tornadoes and the hurricanes and mudslides, earthquakes and now sink-holes as well. It is a particular thing that is very common in Florida. They get around 17 a month of these sink- holes over there. This is how it happens. That is the limestone underneath. It is very porous. Every now and then it collapses. The clay is on top and the clay follows it and the house follows after. That it has claimed a couple of lives over the years as well. It is a genuine problem they have here. It costs them millions. The police and engineers come scrambling. Here is one of the engineers trying to explain it.We have a dry season and the rain comes on in the middle of the June and then the sink picks up.March was the last time someone died. His bed and bedroom disappeared out of the centre of the home. Thankfully no-one hurt, no-one injured or died in this one. Some good news at least. Denham, we will leave it there, thank you. Britain will direct a warship headed for a naval exercise in the Med terrainean to dock in Gibraltar as tensions in Spain rise over the British helter industry. Britain is threatening to take the dispute over tight border control to the Europe Europe which is holding up tourists and locals in 5- hour-long yous. The stoush could result in a legal battle with authorities in Madrid said to be considering a new border crossing fee and a ban on planes using its air space to reach the territory. Still 20 come on Nine's Morning News Hour - we are live to Bombers' headquarters for the latest on the supplement saga as the club await findings from the AFL. Plus, new developments in the search for Melbourne schoolgirl Bung Siriboon. We will get an update from our reporter, as police scour a bush creek for a second day. And a shocking samurai sword attack leaves a This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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Welcome back. You are watching Nine's Morning News Hour. These are our top stories. The AFL is finally expected to about today over Essendon's controversial supplements program. Coach James Hird says the Bombers will fight any charges. Kevin Rudd is demanding Tony Abbott release the Coalition's election promise costings today after a pre-election fiscal outlook showed little change to the state of the economy since the Government's August 2nd statement. A Brisbane car wrecking yard which was inundated in the 2011 floods has been destroyed by fire.

The AFL is about to hand down a series of charges against Essendon over its controversial supplements pral. For the latest, we will go -- program. For the latest, we will go straight to jons Jones at AFL headquarters there. Any update there?A media conference has just wrapped up at AFL headquarters, albeit to mark a milestone match for one of its umpires. That is not what we are here for, though. What we are here is to see if the AFL will slap any charges on the Essendon Football Club. It is widely agreed that will happen, but it remains to be seen When, in fact, the AFL will impose sanctions or charges on individuals, such as the coach James Hird, the club doctor Bruce Reid and the head of qabl Danny Corcoran. There may be others there, too, like the assistant coach Mark Thompson. It is all supposition and guessing. This has been going on for much of the year now. While it has been going on the Essendon players have been under an enormous amount of scrutiny, arriving at the club day after day only to be greeted by a thrng of media and cameras. Today they are undergoing a training session there. It is a closed training session. The coach James Hird is there. He did again speak as he left home this morning. Again, it was James Hird being defiant, although this time he ramped it up a little.I think we all find it hard to see how charges could be laid on players or officials. None of the players have been shown to have taken drugs or been harmed. We are all probably sitting back staggered and shocked that any charges could possibly be laid on those points. Well, James Hird just echoing the view of quite a few people around the AFL community and how can charges be laid on the basis of an interim report. I mean, Stephen Dank, the sports scientist, hasn't even been interviewed yet, yet this report has been handed down and as a result of that there could be charges laid. This is why this could very well end up in court and could be dragged on for weeks, months, maybe even years. Anyway, we wait for when the report or charges are handed down. When it is done, it will be done by the general council in Andrew Dillon and not Andrew Demetriou. The last time we checked his car park, Andrew Demetriou was not here, Amelia. So the intrigue continues. Yeah, absolutely. TJ, thank you. We will talk to you throughout the day on that one. Armed police have made a dramatic arrest in Sydney's south-west following a series of crashes during a carjacking. We will go live to Simon Bouda who is at the scene for us. Simon, good morning. What can you tell us?Well, Amelia, family of five in this house behind me, five young children and their mother were asleep when police surrounded in house, guns drawn with a police dog, looking for two fugitives. This all began some 5 kpbl ace way from here at Revesby when there was a carjacking. A woman was dragged out of the car in the River Road. Two people stole her car, a man and a woman, we believe. That car then has left the scene and crashed into another car in the River Road before it ended up new the driveway here. When police got here, they surrounded the house, they arrested a woman. They were still looking for a man who was still involved with this and a number of witnesses saw the car pull pup here and here is what they had to say.I saw a car with a street sign skwund beneath it shooting sparks out the -- underneath it shooting sparks out the back of the car. It drove past at probably 100S an hour.A girl came and asked me for help. I let her in. I asked her what happened and she said they were in an accident.Now, ameala, I can tell you that woman is now in custody at Bankstown police station and just a short time ago the police arrest add man at a nearby address. He has been taken to Bankstown police station. No doubt both will be charged with some sort of offences later on this afternoon. Simon, thank you very much for that update. Simon Bouda with that report. There is fresh pressure on the Coalition this morning to come up with a election promise costings following the release of pressurery's pre-election fiscal outlook this morning. Let's go straight to Jayne Azzopardi in Canberra. Morning, Jayne. Let's go through the committee findings. Good morning, Amelia. There is not much of a surprise in these numbers this morning because the Government got the jump with their mini butt that was released 10 -- mini-budget that was released 10 days ago. The mini-budget has been confirmed, a lot larger than the deficit announced in the budget back in May. Many of the other projections are the same - unemployment is going to rise, the economy is going to grow by around 275% a year and there is going to be some pressure in the global economy that could affect some of these forecasts. Tony Abbott is in a mobile phone black spot area. He is making an announcement that the Coalition is going to put funding into those - no black spots in bushfire and flood-prone areas. He has - we don't have the vision out there because of that reason - he's in a black spot - but he said that the Coalition will say how much their policy also cost before the election. The Government, though, has been going very hard on this since the election was called. They want to know how the Coalition is going to fund their policies, particularly the expensive ones, like the cut to the company tax rate and also their paid parental leave program. Kevin Rudd was add it again today after this Treasury - these Treasury figures were released.It is not that they can add up. It is not that they haven't had the resources of the parliamentary budget office to draw upon. It is not that they haven't had enough time. They have been at this for three years. It is very simple - they don't want to come clean with the Australian people because they know what the reaction of the Australian people would be. It is not just costings they are arguing over, today, though. It is also about is there going to be another debate. The last one was so exciting. None of us can wait for another one. (LAUGHS) .Tony Abbott has accepted an invitation from sky news to hold a debate this Sunday night. Kevin Rudd is holding out on that. He says he believes that every free- to-air network should get the chance to hold a debate. So the directors of both the Labour Party and the Liberal Party have been writing backwards and forwards to each other, in this tit for at that time scenario for more than a week trying to sort this out. Tony Abbott will be at the event on Sunday night. We don't know about Kevin Rudd yet. So I think there is a lot more of that to and fro to take police, Amelia.For sure. We will wait and see. Jayne, thank you very much. The big question today is: Can the Coalition afford its policies? Share your thoughts on Twitteriousing the hashtaag "YouDecide 9" or go to the website.

We will tell you the results in Nine's Archbishop of Canterbury at 4:30. A 94-year-old war veteran has spoken about being robbed inside his home in Sydney's west. He says that he invite add man and woman inside his house to help with the groceriesful once inside, the pensioner says they ransacked his home, stealing $1240.I am just an old man, an old digger. You don't do that.The police are still searching for the robbers. A Sydney police officer who had numerous liaisons with women whilst on duty has been found guilty of tkpil ming his partners without their knowledge Acting Sergeant Marc Osborn set up an alarm clock with a hidden camera in his bedroom to secretly capture his sexual exploits. The 42-year-old has admitted to later showing the footage to his younger male colleagues to impress them. Police dogs have been brought in to help in the search for a missing Melbourne schoolgirl Bung Siriboon. Our reporter Laura Turner is at the scene. Laura, good morning. What are police saying about the search today?Good morning, Amelia. Well, it seems that there have been some developments here. A short time ago, the SES doing their line search, actually stopped what they were doing and police were called in and removed a number of items, small and large, in bags. Of course, we don't know what those items are or if they are of any significance, but since that point, the police and the dogs and their earth-moving equipment have been focusing on a small area, about 100m behind me from where I am now. The Nine News chopper has told me a few minutes ago they have been seen from the air they have been scraping off the top soil and police have been waking around that area. It seems they are focusing on a very small area here alongside Old Joe's Creek and this of course is all in the search for Bung Siriboon, who went missing from her walk to school just a little over two years ago, Amelia.Fingers crossed for a breakthrough. Laura Turner, thank you. Three firefighters have been injured after a massive blaze tore through a car wrecking business in Brisbane's south. The intense fire broke out with multiple explosions at the Coopers Plains factory around midnight. It is expected the business will have to be demolished. The owners of the business were actually devastated in the 2010- 2011 floods. They had.5ft of water go through this business. Three years on, they are just starting to rebuild the business and a fire devastates it yet again.Despite the blaze, the crew were able to stop the blaze from spreading. A female driver has died in a hof riric accident south-west of Brisbane. It is believed the woman lost control and hit a tree before the car burst into flames in Inglewood west of Warwick earlier this morning. The male passenger managed to escape, but the driver was escaped and died at the scene. Witnesses have told police they saw the car speeding just moments before the accident. A man is fighting for life after being stabbed with what is believed to be a samurai sword during a brawl in Sydney's CBD. Nine's Tom Steinfort has the latest for us.A man is fighting for his life in a critical condition in hospital, following this gruesome attack in the centre of Sydney's CBD overnight. A samurai sword was used. You can see a very large weapon there and this man was hacked at just after midnight in the lobby of an apartment complex on Pitt Street in Sydney. Now, this has shocked a number of residents this morning who have woken up and seen blood being cleaned up from the floor of the lobby here and, as I say, they are quit taken aback by the crim. What do you think when you walked through the lobby this morning? Shocked. Shocked. Yes.It is usually quit silent here. Nothing really happens, but after this it is a little bit scary.Shortly after this attack occurred, police were on the scene and they did arrest one man here who is currently being questioned. They are, however, looking for another attacker and asking for the public's assistance to track him down.He is considered one of Hollywood's most bankable stars in the business and yesterday he hit our shores to promote his latest movie. No-one's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins caught up with Matt Damon, ahead of the last night's premiere of the sci-fi drama 'Elysium'.MOVIE REEL: I have been trying to live a normal life. How is your time in the country?It is good to be here. We were supposed to have a little extra time, but our flight got cancelled so it is what it is - a short one. MOVIE REEL: Dumbed ships are approaching Elysium air space. Shoot them down.The Elysium is an air stadium that sits 120k out at junior bit and we lock up at it. It is like the ultimate gated community. Earth is so resourced- starved that you get the sense that we are all scratching out whatever meagre existence we can and hoping somehow we can finesse our way into Elysium some day. MOVIE REEL: Whoever has this, has the power toover ride their whole system.Do you worry at all about painting such a bleak picture of the future?Look, I think with good sci-fi you are painting this picture, you are talking about the future, but really it is not so different from the world we are living in now in terms of the extremewell and poverty that exists on Earth.MOVIE REEL: I need someone who can get through to them. It is a long way from 'Good Will', but you must be enormously proud of the catalogue of films that you have made?Wrai, I feel enormously lucky. Ben and I grew up of dreaming of doing this, but I don't think the dream extended past 'Good Will Hunting', you know. We never dare dreamed beyond that. It is 15 years past this now, and to have been able to work with the directors I have worked with and the actors I have worked with, I foe really lucky. -- I feel really lucky.After being a familiar sight in Sydney's CBD for 25 years, the iconic mono royal is finally being torn down. Crews started cutting through the track and cables overnight using special plasma technology that is quieter than traditional tools. The New South Wales Government estimates it will take a couple of months to dismantle the entire system. And when it is done, two carriages and a section of the track will be display flood the city's powerhouse museum. We have been given a rare incite into the special first-time bonding session between a mother panda and her one-month-old cub in Taiwan. When zookeepers held the tiny black and white bundle up to her mother, she reached out her paws, while mum affectionately licked her through the cage. Staff care for the panda bub around the clock, feeding her and taking her temperature and changing her bedding while watching her progress and she will be ready for her mick debut next month. What a cutie. That is so cute. Ken, sport time. It doesn't apply to me.Well -- Keep going.You are welcome. The Ashes, that is not cute at all. They are gone. England got them.It is a nightmare. I can't wait for them to get out here this summer and maybe we will turn the tables. It has been disastrous batting by the Australians and England win the third, rather the fourth test, and they have won the series straight. All of the highlights in a dramatic fourth day in Durham next. Also, a frustrating night for Des Hasler as the Titans This program is not captioned.

Close to three hours later, we are still waiting for the AFL to release their findings into the Essendon supplement saga. A media conference was expected at 9am this morning, but still no word. The AFL is expected to lay Khans after receiving ASADA's interim report more than a week ago. Coach James Hird remains defiant, saying he will be staggered and shocked if any charges are laid against the club or individuals and maintains his players have not taken performance-enhancing drugs. Still on AFL, and the tribunal will sit tonight with the Gold Coast go siding to contest the 3- week ban offered to the Suns hardman Campbell Brown for his hit on James Strauss. The contact left Strauss- Khan requiring several stitchs to his head and the Dome dome will challenge Mitch Clisby's 4- match ban for rough conduct following his incident with Alex Sexton. Essendon veteran Dustin Fletcher accepted his 2- match suspension, meaning he now carries the unwanted record for the most suspended player in the League's history. A spectacular second-innings collapse has seen Australia surrender the Ashes Series to England. The Aussies fell 71 runs short at Durham losing their last 8 wickets for just 77 runs. The loss all the more stunning, following an impressive bowling display from Ryan Harris. An evenly poised match at the beginning of the day and Ryan Harris got straight to business. COMMENTATOR: Bowled him.This sent Ian Bell's leg stump flying and did the same to Matt Prior's stump just a few bowls later.Bowled again.He finished the innings with career- best figures of 7/117. England bowled out for 330. It meant an Ashes Test victory for Australia just 299 runs away. And the opening pair of Rogers and Warner gave it a red-hot crack.That is a bit wide and there is four more put away. A good start from these two.With the usual afternoon storms threatening overhead, the pair snatched their way to 100 partnership.That is a very good shot. Broad dropping. Then things began going wrong. Rogers fell to Graeme Swann and Usman Khawaja added only 21 and then the other half of the opening pair finally folded on 71.Gone. Gone. That is the wicket they have been looking for. The quick departures of Steve Smith and Shane Watson had the Aussies reeling and in a two-hour window the visitors' shot at victory has turned into a fight for survival. When broad broad took his fifth, England were given more time to reach the inevitable, his sixth and Australia was cleaned up.That is it. That is the wicket that England needed! That is the wicket that gives England the Ashes Series win for 2013. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I feel for our bowlers, especially Ryan Harris how he performed throughout the test match. He certainly didn't deserve the result we got today and certainly the way that we lost today. Yeah, I don't know the answers right now. I'll continue to look for them and I'm a big part of it as well. I have got the make more runs. I have said that a number of times. Yeah, I have got a decent ball, but I have got to find a way to keep that out. I have work to do before the next test.Sam Burgess has taken the early guilty plea accepting a 2- match ban for his squirrel grip on Brian Chambers. Last night the Titans upset Canterbury Bulldogs to sneak into the top eight. Gold Coast with a 26-16 win at ANZ Stadium. Winger Kevin Gordon crossed for a hat-trick as the Titans recorded just their second from the past six matches, but the Dogs were left fuming. A harsh video referee ruling denied Josh Reynolds a try midway through the second half, which would have seen Canterbury Bulldogs take the lead. COMMENTATOR: That confirms that he didn't touch the ball. It goes to Josh Reynolds and the onfield call from what we just saw will be overturned. No try is the call!Oh, dear. The Titans running away with it for their first-ever win against the Bulldogs in Sydney. Well done. The Gold Coast leapfrog Canberra into eighth spot. The top four is all but locked in with five points separating the Storm and the Bulldogs. The were war, Broncos and Cowboys and Panthers are all still a mathematical chance of making the finals if they win their remaining four matches while the Eels are doing their best to avoid the wooden spoon. A dramatic finish has seen British runner Christine Ohuruogu match Cathy Freeman's efforts twice, taking out the 400m at World Championship level. Ohuruogu timed her run to perfection in Moscow. Coming for behind to finish in a dead heat for the gold. Judges later awarded her the win by the narrowest of margins, a mere 4, 1,000th of a second. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce blitzed the field for a second world title stopping the clock at 10.71 seconds. And Sam Stosur's hot form ahead of this month's US Open continues. The Queenslander easily disposed of Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova in straight sets to progress through to the second round of the Cincinnati Open. Amelia, some time this year, the ASADA inquiries will conclude and hopefully we will begin next year with a clean slate. It goes on and on and on.Wouldn't that be noise. Obviously so much at stake, but Tony Jones is there for us and he- cope us updated throughout the day. He will.Kenny, This program is not captioned. I couldn't live without my lycra. It's not pretty. It's not pretty
for anyone else to look at. It does make it... It makes it a lot more comfortable
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