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This program is captioned live. The search for Bung - police bring in earth moving equipment in the hunt for the missing Melbourne schoolgirl. Catch these low-life grubs - help to find the two thieves who ransacked the home of a 94-year-old man in Sydney. Get on with it - the AFL is set to charge Essendon over the doping scandal this morning. Bowled over - Australian batsmen suffer another humiliating collapse to throw away the fourth test and the series. Sharon to the diary room - first contestant to be kicked out of the Big Brother house joins us live. And mega star, Matt Damon tells us about his sci-fi thriller. A very good morning to you all across this great country of ours. Lovely to have your company bright and early and bushy-tailed.Doesn't it foal great for a Tuesday?It sure does. Do you know why? No.Because Fordo is back. Yes. G'day, everyone.We have been worried about you.A tough fight. It is like man flu times two.Yeah. Do you need your feet up, a little massage, a bit of foot pressure. Which is the guty one?The right one.The big toe.Yeah, runs in the family.Oh, dear. You will be alright.I have got to lay off prawns and beer.You can't do that. That is un-Australian.Or just take one tablet every day.Nice choice. Pass the prawns!(LAUGHTER) And the tablet chaser.Wash it down with a bore.Good morning to you, Georgie.Good morning, G. Snies nice to see you. It is --Nice to see you. It is Tuesday, as Karl mentioned, and let's take a look at the weather. What happened to the music. That means we must go to the news. Here is G Gardiner. Good morning, Georgie.Good morning to you, Karl. Good morning. The election campaign becomes a numbers game. It will show both sides of politics as well as voters just how little there is to spend on election sweeter ins. For the details, Jayne Azzopardi joins us from Canberra. Jayne, good morning. It is likely to increase pressure on the Coalition to detail how it election promises will be funded.That's right, Georgie. The heat has been taken out of this somewhat for the Government because of course they unveiled that mini- budget 10 days ago that showed that black hole. We are not expecting too many surprises when Treasury unveils what they call the fiscal outlook at 10:00 today. It will show how much money there is on the books and it will kind of detail some of the financial risks ahead for whoever does take government. Expect Labor to use this to put pressure on the Coalition to say how it is going to pay for it promises. Tony Abbott of course is already facing heat from business because they are expected to have to pay a levy to fun that expensive paid parental leave scheme, which we should hear some more details about this weekend, perhaps even tomorrow. Don't expect any answers from the Coalition on costings just yet. Tony Abbott says that will happen before the election, but they will get an independent firm to look at the numbers first. Meanwhile, Jayne, it wouldn't be a campaign without a few awkward moments. Run us through the last 24 hours. (LAUGHS) .OK. Well, first of all, Kevin Rudd is going to be waking up to some newspapers this morning. He is the Prime Minister who is going to raise the tax on tobacco but his son, Marcus, who is working in Labor campaign headquarters in Melbourne for this election has been caught on Facebook smoke ago cigar. He is 20 years old h e is not doing anything wrong, expect Kevin Rudd to dismiss it. It goes to show you there is nowhere to hide, even when you are not the candidate, your dad is. Tony Abbott has made his own gaffe. You might have seen this already. It has made international news. He was unveiling a candidate's campaign in Melbourne yesterday when he had this to say.No-one, however smart, however well educated, however experienceed is the such pos industry of all -- spository of all wisdom.Of course he meant to say repository. So many puns there, I won't go there.Probably best. Thank you. A man is in a critical condition after he was stabbed with what is believed to be a samurai sword in a brawl in Sydney's CBD. Police were called to a brawl in Pitt Street at about 1:00 this morning. They found a man who has suffered multiple stab wounds when they arrived. He was rushed to hospital while police are questioning one man over the incident. A 94-year-old Sydney man is recovering after thieves followed him home, ransacking his house and stealing cash. Today reporter Natalia Cooper is at the scene at Harris Park. Natalia, so heartless to target a man so elderly. How is he faring this morning?Well, Georgie, thankfully, the 49-year-old man was unhurt, but obviously this morning he would be very shaken up by this incident. He's 94 years old. He was riding back to his Harris Park home on his motoriseed scooter. He had some trouble getting into his front gate, so he asked two passers-by, a man and a woman, to get him into the front get. They helped him get inside the gate and the front door. Then they ransacked his home. They ran inside and stole money and jewellery. Today police are hunting the heartless thieves. They are described as being? Their 30s and both with large build. Together, a man and a woman. A very heartless crim robbing an elderly man on a moat riceed scooter.Indeed. Anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers, the number is on the screen. Police have deployed ermoving equipment in the search for missing girl Bung Siriboon. It comes after new information led authorities to a reserve in broken na in the city's east, less than 2kms from the 13-year-old's home. Could this be where Bung Siriboon met her demise? What appeared to be cloth, bagged and taken as evidence, along with other items plucked from the boggy ground I long side Old Joe's Creek. Heavy machinery, dogs and police search and rescue all present, the arrest shut off from the public - a clear sign it is being treated as a crime scene. Hopefully it is not the news we have been dreading.The search is a significant development in a case that has baffled police. The 13- year-old was last seen walking to school on down2, 2011. She van urned around 8:30 this morning, leave -- vanished around 8:30 this morning, leaving behind a heartbroken family.Please give me my girl back, please.Anyone with any information or who has got her, just please bring her home.A tale of abduction and likely murder in a quiet suburban street of Boronia. It is not good for the area, but it is the way it goes.The search site only 1km from Bung's school and even closer to her home on Elsie Street. Crews going in with shovels and sieves, a flurry of activity at the end of the street, but no news yet. Crews will continue to search the area and are expected to be here for the next few days, at least, and perhaps after two years, we will finally know what happened to Bung Siriboon. Holden workers in Adelaide are expected to vote in favour of changes to pay and conditions today in a bid to keep the car giant in Australia. Around 1,700 workers at the Elizabeth plant will take part in a secret ballot. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, Holden bosses won't commit to the Adelaide plant beyond 2016 until after next month's federal election.Under Mr Abbott, general moat tors Holden will close down.The Coalition is the best friend of the moat tor vehicle the industry in Australia. The dole includes a 3-year wage freeze and changes to shift times to reduce costs. Well, lit go down as one of the greatest chokes in Ashes' history with Australia losing 8 wickets for just 77 runs in the fourth test in Durham. They lost by 74 runs to hand England a third straight series win.I was always going to be a tough chase, but if we play the way I guess we played in Manchester we have a real shot at winning the test match.We will have all of the high and the low lights of the match with Ben a little later in sport. The anxious wait could soon be ore for Essendon players and officials with reports the AFL will finally lay charges this morning over the doping saga. Today reporter Christine Ahern has been following the scandal since it broke six months ago and, Chris, it seems this announcement can't come soon enough.Well, Georgie, we were expecting this announcement yesterday. Even last night we were still hopeful. But the latest is we are expecting the AFL to finally lay charges against Essendon around:00 this morning, but we will cope you updated as soon as we hear something concrete from the AFL. It does come as Essendon finds a very unlikely ally in sacked sports sign tu Stephen Dank. He says that -- sacked sports scientist Stephen Dank. He says that he will help the club in anything that the authority throws at them. He will help Hird her, who Stephen Dank believes should remain in his position. Let's take a listen to what Dank had to say.If the sanctions were to be placed on the club and not the players, then there would be an offer of assistance to the club in terms of what they would need to go forward with such a challenge. Chris, assistant coach Mark Thompson opened up in an interview last night. What does he have to say?Well, for starters, Georgie, Mark Thompson says he is expecting to be charged by the AFL, that is along with the coach, as well as the club doctor and footy manager. However, Mark Thompson was quite emotional when talking about the possibility of his very long career being tarnished by this supplement saga. Let's listen to what he had to say on Fox last night.Because it is your whole life. It is not just your life, it is your kids, your family - it will be remembered forever. I don't want it on my tombstone. Adding to the intrigue of all of this, James Hird wrote an email to the members yesterday and in the last paragraph of this email he wrote, "One last message to you as the red and black faithful; continue the great support you have shown all year." He goes onto say, "Continue to back this great club of ours." It depends on whether you read into that "one last message "Or not, but one thing that is for sure is James Hird has remained defiant through this and he has maintained he will fight anything that the AFL has to throw at him. Hopefully, today we have some idea about what that will be today, Georgie.Stay tuned, about 9:00 this morning. Thank you very much, Chris. A sink-hole has swallowed a building at a Florida resort triggering frantic evacuations in 2 middle of the night. The villa caved in on itself after a large crack appeared at the base. No-one was injured in the incident.The next thing I know people are yelling, "Get out of the building. "OnePerson had to break out of a window because the doctor frame collapsed and he and his wife and infant - they had to break the window so they could escape.The 900-room resort caters mostly for Disney World holiday-makers. Now updating the markets -

Well, there is an unusual suspect on the loose in Germany who can't run, but sure can hide. A search is under way for a turtle in the country's south, which bit a young boy while he was swimming at a popular lake. The cheeky turtle is quickly becoming Germany's own Loch Ness Monster with signs plastered around the area, warning that he bites. Authorities have drained the lake, while experts from Munich have been called in to try to track him down, even offering a 1,000 euro reward. There you go. It is turtle terror in Germany.It is clearly one of those ninja jobs, Georgie.Well, they are not taking any chances.Those things.They need to get a real bunch of pests, don't they?Keep your head down. That is not bad. (LAUGHS) .That is not bad, Georgie.Thank you, Georgie.Crazy cauts.Alright. Let's take a look at the national fly-around this morning.

I am onto you today, Stefanovic. You are a little bit late onto me. Just a little bit late.Six years? We are looking after South Australia today. Hello, Fordo.Make sure you do. That coming up after the break - AFL and NRL and a major upset tpwierbgs way, in Monday night footy and, of course, what happened in the fourth test.Oh! Australia v England - all of the high lights coming up after the break. This program is not captioned. With an all-new, more powerful
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Welcome back to the program. Let's check out the front pages this morning. In 'The Herald Sun', first of all - the search for missing teen Bung Siriboon has zeroed in on a park less than 1km from where he vanished. Update thoons story throughout the morning.Meantime n 'The Age', the man convicted of killing 22-year-old Sarah Cafferkey told police he wanted to be locked up until he died for her murder.In 'The Australian' Labor has open add new attack on Tony Abbott over government service cuts, ahead of figures out revealing the risk to the nation's finances.Sergeant sleeze - 'The Daily Telegraph' has the story of a police officer under investigation for romancing 33 women at once, seeing four of them on any one day.Bob is your Uncle - front page of 'The Courier-Mail' reports the major parties are scrambling to secure the preference of Bob Katter's party that may prove decisive in the federal election.In 'The Sydney Morning Herald' a prominent advocate for an airport at Badgerys Creek says he has been assured by the two main parties that work will start on the project in the next term of government.People power - the West Australian says the Barnett Government has reversed its decision to slash the rooftop solar panel subsidiary scream after a furious public backlash.In 'The Hobart Mercury' Australia's largest hardware chain will build a new super store to headline the 100 million dollar transformation of the Royal Hobart Showgrounds.And finally in the 'Northern Territory News' the world famous rock stars of the spiritual world the Gyuto Monks of Tibet will grace Darwin with their presence in August fresh from accompanying the Dalai Lama on tour.Is that a croc there they are standing on?I don't know.Speaking of tour, the tour of England not going all that way, as we know. We now have a stunning second-innings collapse, which has seen Australia surrender the Ashes Series to England once for all. We lost our last 8 wickets for just 77 runs in theless test at Durham. The loss all the more disappointing because it followed a strong start to the day.An evenly poised match at the beginning of the day and Ryan Harris got straight to business. COMMENTATOR: Bowled him.The speedster set Ian Bell's leg stump flying and the same to Matt Prior's off-stump just a few balls later. Bowled again!CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That came off his elbow, I think. He finished with career best figures of 7/113, England bowled out for 330. It meant an Ashes' test victory for Australia just 299 runs away and the opening pair of Rogers and Warner gave it a red-hot crack.A bit wide and four more put away. Good start from these two. With the usual afternoon storms threatening overhead, the pair smashed their way to 100 partnership.A very good shot. Broadbent dropping. But then things began going wrong. Rogers fell to Graeme Swann and Usman Khawaja added only 21 and then the other half of the opening pair finally faultered on 71.Oh, gone. Gone. That is the wicket they have been looking for. The quick departures of Stephen Smith and Shane Watson had the visitors reeling. Their shot at victory then had turned into a fight for survival. Broad broad took his fit and England were graven more time to reach the inevitable. His sixth and Australia was cleaned up.That is it. That is the wicket that England needed! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) That is the wicket that will give England the Ashes' series win for 2013.And that is it. There was a big shock in the NRL as the Gold Coast halted the Bulldogs' charge for the top 4 with a 26-16 win at ANZ Stadium. A hat-trick by Kevin Gordon helped them to secure, it is only their second win in six games but they were left cursing with the video ref. Josh Reynolds's try would have been a try. Let's look at the high loilts. COMMENTATOR: Jamie Dowling - no try is the kaufplt (CROWD BOOS) Yeah, so it would have given them the victory. The win moves the Titans up no eighth and a potential final spot as well. In AFL, away from the supplement saga, Essendon will decide today whether they will appeal Dustin Fletcher's two-game ban for rough conduct. He was found guilty of deliberately bumping Jamie Cripps in the head during Sunday's game. It is the 1th time that Fletcher has been banned for the offence and that is an AFL record that no-one really wants.No. Christine Ohuruogu is in line to start for the Wallabies in the Bledisloe Cup against the All Blacks. That is happening on Saturday. Ohuruogu endured a rocky campaign during the defeat of the British and Irish Lions. The coach is impressed with Ohuruogu's attitude.He is doing exactly what we want. He is doing the hard yards on the training field and he is giving us the benefit of his football ability, all of the right things around the edges, as is everyone else, so he has fitted in really well.Saturday's game will be McKenzie's first in charge following Robbie Deans sacking last month. Lastly, in athletics a photo finish was all that was needed to decide the winner of the women's 400m at the World Championships in Moscow. Christine Ohuruogu from Great Britain snatching the gold medal from Amantle Montsho of Botswana.How do you separate that? What about the test.The Fifth Test, we will be right.You think we could still win it from here, Ben? Yeah, we are going to win the Fifth Test.We are setting up for summer. Thank you for that.Alright. All of the gossip coming up after the break with Richard Reid. Hello, Richard.Hello, Karl. Guillermo Diaz say she is giving up on romance as another birthday looms. The scoop and scandal - coming up. This program is not captioned. 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Welcome back to the show. Let's get a hit of gossip now with a very fired up Richard Wilkins. Thank you, Karlos. We have the best in the business, our gossip guru Richard Reid in the heart of Hollywood. Richard, Cameron Diaz - has she got a new bloke yet?No, she doesn't, but, relationship, she's just fine with that. That's right, disease disease doze turning the big 4-1 in about two weeks and she's let it be known she is through looking for romance. She has dated the pop star, Justin Timberlake and the athletes, Alex Rodriguez. She has been single and locking pretty hard for a man the past three or four years. Finally she says, "I am done. I wasted too much time and energy. I am fine being single - thank you very much!"It is always a worry. "I am fine, thank you".Oh, yeah. Fine.That is a good one.Just fine. (LAUGHTER) John Mayer, Richard, let's move onto safer territory. Johnny Mayer is he contemplating dropping to one knee?Well, yes, he is, but to propose. OK, Katy Perry - she is so in love with John Mayer. He knows it. He's been asking the important people in her life what kind of ring she wants. That would be her hairdresser, her stylist, her make- up person - all of the people who know what kind of bobble Katy would like on her finger. So don't be surprised when I tell you they are engaged.Wow! Good luck to them. Yeah.Finally, Jennifer Lawrence - just a quickie - red-hot right now and she is not surprised about that one little bit.No, she is not. This could be misconstrued. Jennifer Lawrence has said, "You know what, I always knew I would be famous. When I was a young girl I would think am I going to be a news broadcaster, a politician, a motivational speaker?" When she was successful and won the Oscar, she was like, "Of course, I always knew!"She is certainly a talented young lady and full of confidence and why wouldn't she be. We better get out of here and let the gang get on with some serious stuff.OK. Thank you, boys. Coming up it is D- day for Essendon with a verdict expected to be handed down this morning.And Richard Wilkins drew the long straw because he sat down with Matt Damon for the premier of his new sci-fi thriller 'Elysium'. We love that guy.Yeah, he is fantastic. Top of the hour and here is the op of the news with Georgie. Thank you, Karl. Good morning to you. The Opposition still hasn't given a firm timeframe on when it will explain how the party will fund its pre-election promises, but insists it will be well before we head to the polls. Today Treasury will unveil the State of the Nation's books. The manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne says that his party needs time to consider those figures before unveiling its own costings. Mr Pyne also reaffirmed the Coalition's commitment to not raising the GST. If the review says the GST should be increased, the commitment from the Tony Abbott Opposition is that we will not change either the GST or to be basket of goods and services upon which it applys. Kevin Rudd is campaigning today in Queensland while Tony Abbott is on the hustings in Victoria. A large fire has engulfed a car- wrecking business in Brisbane's south. Crews were called to the scene at Coopers Plains at about midnight. Despite a number of explosions and fierce flames, authorities were able to keep the fire contained to the one building. It since has been extinguished, but it is expected that the business will need to be demolished.The owners of the business were actually devastated in the 2010- 2011 floods. 7.5ft of water went through this business. Three years ob, they were just starting to rebuild the business and a fire devastates it yet again.It is unclear at this stage whether the fire is being treated as suspicious. A man is being questioned over a brawl in Sydney's CBD where it is believed a man was stabbed with a samurai sword. Police were called to a fight on Pitt Street at about 1:00 this morning. The victim suffered multiple stab wounds and was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. AFL club Essendon is breaking for the worst with the League expected to finally lay charges this morning, following an investigation into the team's supplements program. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us. Chris, what time are we expecting to hear from the AFL?Well, Georgie, the latest is 9am from the AFL. That is what we are hearing when the AFL will finally lay charges against Essendon. Of course, we were expecting this yesterday, even last night we were still hopeful, but there are, of course, a lot of legal complications with this, but hopefully it will be later this morning. We will obviously keep you updated as soon as we hear something concrete from the AFL. It does come as assistant coach Mark Thompson opened up last night about the toll this whole saga is taking on him and the fact that he has been told by club lawyers that it is a possibility that he, too, will be charged by the AFL. This is along with the coach, Hird her, club doctor and footy manager, who are also expected to be charged by the AFL. Mark Thompson says he is worried about just how his career will be tarnished by this whole supplement saga, saying he doesn't want it on his "tombstone". Let's have a listen to what Thompson had to say on Fox last night.I don't think anyone can really understand the pressure. This is a thing you don't want to be labelled with that we are going to have the fight for. Do you think you will be charged?I have no idea.Have you been told by Essendon legal people there is a possibility?There is a possibility, yeah.And the Bombers have got an unlikely ally. Sacked sports scientist Stephen Dank lass come out and said that he will help Essendon fight whatever the AFL has to throw at them and also the individuals that may be charged by the League, including coach James Hird. Stephen Dank believes he should remain as coach of Essendon. Hird has remained defiant throughout. He has maintained he will fight anything that the AFL has to dish out to him. Hopefully we will have an idea about just what that will be later on this morning, Georgie.Alright. I know you will keep across it, Chris. Thank you very much. The wild weather that ravaged parts of NSW and Victoria yesterday eased overnight, but there are fresh warnings for a windy end to the week. Guss reached 95km/h in Sydney, leaving 10,000 homes without power. A similar story in Victoria where about 9,000 homes were blacked out and heavy winds brought down trees. It fell on the windscreen so it smashed all over me.More damaging Guss are expected in parts of New South Wales and Victoria on Friday. Australian Special Forces and other soldiers will stay on in Afghanistan next year after the majority of the nation's troops come whom. Australia has agreed to -- come home. Australia has agreed to provide special training to the Afghan forces until 2014. It will be a modest combat group and it is the second time that they have confirmed that second regiments and SAS troops will no longer provide combat rolls. Now to the finance.

combat rolls. Now to the finance.
-- combat roles. Now to the finance. Let's get all of the sport with Ben. Not the happiest news to wake up to, Georgie. Good morning. Australia has lost the Ashes Series after collapsing in spectacular style and letting England snatch victory in the fourth test. Needing 299 to win Michael Clarke's men from 2/147 at one stage to all-out for 224. They lost the test by 74 runs and with it the series.I don't really know what to say at this stage. I have got to allow this to sink in. I don't want to take any credit away from England. Stuart Broad was exceptional throughout this whole test match. He bowled a couple of very important spells. But, yeah, look, the end result is we lose by 7500s.Back home and West Coast Dean Cox says he would have no problem if The Eagles qualified at the finals at the expense of the troubled club Essendon. West Coast are currently ninth on the premiership ladder but could reach the final if the Bombers were to be deducted points over the controversial supplements from. In golf, Jason Dufner still says it hasn't sunk in that he is a major winner. Dufner took out the PGA championship by 2 shots from Jim Furyk as reported yesterday. And the South Sydney Rabbitohs say they are reviewing footage before entering a plea, following Sam Burgess's charge for what is phone as a "squirrel rip" tackle. He is facing two weeks on the sidelines after tackling Will Chambers last Friday night with the squirrel grip. Oh, no.You know why they call it the squirrel grip. What do they like to get a handful of?OK.Think about it.Thanks for clarifying. That is a terrible thing to do to someone.Notice what I did there, Georgie - a tasteful way of dealing with the subject matter.A double. I got away with it, too. I got away with it.Is that the same as a Christmas grip.Lisa.What?I have heard the term but never known what it is.What? Send us in any images of a Christmas grip to the email address.I am not sure what happens at the Wilkinson family home.Maybe it is when you stand under the Holly.We will move on. That is absolutely disgusting. That's the way I like it. Coming up - Tinder. Do you Christmas grip? We will check out the new way of finding love online. We will give you all of the options.Goodness me. It is happening -- all happening this morning. Now to the weather. Stevie is out on location. Good morning, Stevie.Good morning, Lisa. We saw wind Guss up to 100km/h through NSW down to the south coast. Boats were overturned and hopes were damaged. There were a few injuries. Similar story down in Melbourne. 10 5km/h wins were registered at St Kilda. We are going to see more Gus on Friday, but there is a fresh warning out at the moment for the Illawarra south coast and also for the Snowy Mountains, particularly for elevated areas, for more damaging winds today. We could see Guss up to 125km/h in the Snowy Mountains in the alpine areas, so take it easy if you are skiing today. Meantime, this is what is happening with the rest of 2 country.

-- the country.

On the rainfall map, moderate rain for the south-west of South Australia and southern parts of South Australia and most of Victoria as that front moves eastward. We have got heavy falls for the west of Tasmania. Meantime, I am waking up this morning on the south coast of NSW, about an hour- and-a-half south of Sydney n the beautiful shell harbour, a lovely fishing village, famous for its coastline down here. They say it is a great place to spend a day or a weekend. I loved it so much I liveed here for a year, Karl and

weekend. I loved it so much I
liveed here for a year, Karl and Lisa.

liveed here for a year, Karl and
Lisa. (LAUGHS) . A great spot.Thank you, Stevie. Kevin Rudd's son in a bit of hot water after his own little election gaffe.Don't you just love online. Plus, how Australia handed England an Ashes Series win. You are watching Today. We are back with all of that, right after

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You are watching the Today Show around Australia. Good morning to everyone in Sydney. You can expect a sunny day with a top of 21 degrees. What about the wind yesterday? Fortunately, it looks like it has cleared just a little bit. A nice morning on the harbour, if not a little bit cool. Right now it is 10 degrees.Some good news there for Sydneysiders. Thanks for that, Karl. Brace yourself for a flurry of numbers in the election campaign today with Treasury releasing the state of the country's books. Nine's political reporter Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra for us now. Good morning to you, Jayne. Now, it seems there won't be much for the parties to spend on their election pronss.Yes, some of the heat was taken out of this 10 -- promises.Yes, some of the heat was taken out of this 10 days ago when they revealed the black hole. Today Treasury is revealing the pre-election fiscal outlook. This is prepared entirely independently of the Government. It will show how little money there is in the coughers and give an idea of the financial risks ahead. Expect to hear the Coalition attacking Labor on its economic record and Labor attacking the Coalition on where the money is coming from to pay for the promises they have already announced.Indeed. Meantime, both sides are reportedly wooing Bob Katter. Just how much of an influence is he going to have in the lead-up to the election?Well, he could have quite a bit of insurance, particularly in Queensland where preferences are going to be quite important. If you have a look at his party's performance at the state election, we know he is good friends with Kevin Rudd. So there is talk there might be a preference deal sewn up there. Last night he flew to Melbourne to have a meeting with the Liberal federal director about preferences. Bob Katter says he hasn't made up his mind yet, but there should be a deal. Bob Katter is king maker, I am sure it is a title he is going to hate, Lisa.I don't know that you are right on, that but I get where you are coming from. Meantime, a couple of awkward moments for both sides on the campaign trail over the last 24 hours.Yeah. I think the lesson here is if your dad is Prime Minister be very careful what you and your friends put on Facebook because 20-year-old Marcus, a picture has surfaced today of him smoking a cigar. He is helping out dad out in the Labor campaign headquarters in Melbourne for the election. He is 20 and hasn't done anything wrong, but probably not a good look. Tony Abbott has created his own election gaffe. He was down in Melbourne yesterday, opening a campaign office for their candidate for Deacon. This comment has made headlines around the world. Have a listen.No-one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced is the sue pos industry of all wisdom -- supository of all wisdom.He meant to say repository of wisdom, of course. Tony has had a laugh about it and a lot of people having fun with this online, Lisa.So many puns and I am impressed you have left all of them alone, Jayne.I was careful.Well done. Thanks for. That (LAUGHS) .Was he talking about the Aussie cricket team perhaps?Very possibly. It was all looking so good in the fourth test. Australia were not toreing along chasing a total of 299 and then this happened. COMMENTATOR: Gone. Ohuruogu, what a ball. -- Oh, what a ball! That is surely out. That is out. That is it. That is the wicket that England needed.Mmm. It was a little bit of a disaster. All out for 224. Nine's sports reporter Roz Kelly is in Durham for us this morning. She is doing the tough yards. Raz, what went wrong?Karl, this is the first time I have spoken to the Australian captain Michael Clarke after a test and he's been almost lost for words and that is the case with everybody here in during dour. They are completely gobsmacked as to how quickly this test turned. It was an epic meltdown from Australia. At the beginning of the day, the match was still fairly evenly poised - Australia eventually set 299 for victory and they were on their way. They went from 0/10 9 to all out for 224 in the space of less than two hours. At one stage, they lost 5/13 in under an hour in the face of a lethal Broadband broad spell, so now England have won the series, not just retained the Ashes and Australia are completely humiliated. I feel for our bowlers, especially Ryan Harris how he performed throughout the test match. He certainly didn't deserve the result we got today and the way that we lost today. I don't know the answers right now. I will continue to look for then.Soul searching needs to be done. It was a terrific spell - a number of terrific spells of bowling by broad broad of course. The series is lost. Anything positive we can take out of the gloom and doom behind you?Well, the Aussies and England are both in their dressing-rooms right now having a drink. I think the England room is definitely a much more positive room. Michael said he is incredibly frustrated for Australia's bowlers because they are dough their job and Ryan Harris, in particular, all of their good work is getting overshadowed by the shocking batting collapse from Australia's batsmen who basically are letting the team down. He said what they will do tonight is have a bit of a chat and try to think of a new direction over the next eight days until the Fifth Test. They do have a two-day four match and he said instead of having time off he wants then to knuckle down and get in the nets and fix this problem. Maybe we should try drinking before the game as a novel approach. We will talk to you soon, Roz. Roz Kelly with all of the doom and gloom in England.To brighten things up after the break, the young piano prodigy that will absolutely blow you away. The Buzz is next. This program is not captioned. Every single day that I work, I treat somebody who is struggling to pay for a medical bill.

A treatment for cancer
could run tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands
of dollars in the US.

I was devastated when I heard that privatisation

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Welcome back to Today. This is The Buzz. During the election we see politicians from all walks of life popping their heads up and trying to sell their messages.We do.Do you notice at press conferences the people who stand behind the main politicians feeding their heads and they are generally the local candidates and they are using the opportunity, "OK, the minister is in town so I will use his or her profile."Yes, yes.Yes.It is fine during a press conference where people are standing around with microphones, but not during a live cross. This was on Sky News yesterday. This is Tanya Plibersek who we know well at the Today Show. It looks like she's got a stalker. I mean, David Speers from Sky News is interviewing Tanya Plibersek and for 7 minutes Darren Cheeseman -- Good on him-- stands over the shoulder photobombing her. David Speers had to reference it afterwards.Minister, I am sure a lot of people watching this interview are wondering why there is a bloke standing behind you staring at the camera.He is very handsome, isn't he?I can't answer that. Is Labor doing it so tough in that area that he's got to photobomb interviews?We all know him. Darren Cheeseman.Cheesy! Cheesy!If you notice anyone else doing that, let us know.(LAUGHTER) The Buzz provides, Dickie, as you you know, we provide ourself on The Buzz for uncovering new talent and the kind of talent that Dickie will end up chasing around years later. What do you mean by that? Professionally, chases them around. What?!To get an interview. We discover them first like this little kid who goes by the name of Andy Lee - and not the Hamish & Andy, Andy Lee. Have a listen.Wow.

Six years of age from Hong Kong. What?He's been an online sensation for a while now, but once again his videos are going viral. Isn't that incredible.Is he an a happy child, do you think?U think he is happy. He locks happy enough.Do you think he plays with Lego?I think so. Such small hands.This could be a change of pace for him. There is a new craze sweeping the Net called Emic Pool Jumps. They go down a slide and throw something to someone else and then eventually bag a basket. It goes through about seven sets of hands. We have a new winner. Have a look at this.

Oh, that is cool.Wow.Woah!13 sets of hands.Wow.Bravo.1, 2, 3 --He is on a skateboard.4, 5, 6, news is next, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, more of the Today This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: The Parental Lock
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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company today. Coming up, Matt Damon is in town for the premier of his new flick. We will bring you Dickie's one on one interview with the star coming up. Looking forward to that. Here is Georgie now with the news.Thank you, Lisa. The Opposition is under increasing pressure to tell how they will fund their election promises as the State of the Nation's books are unveiled by Treasurer. They will show both sides of politics, as well as voters, how little there is to spend on election sweeteners. There has also been some light relieve including this slip-up by Tony Abbott during a speech yesterday. No-one, however smart, however well educated, however experienced, is the supository of all wisdom.And Kevin Rudd hasn't escaped controversy with a photo of his 20- year-old son, who is also Labor's digital campaign manager, smoking a cigar posted on a Facebook page. The Government has been just slugged smokers with a $5.3 billion tax hike. Essendon is expected to be sanctioned this morning over the doping scandal which is threatening to derail the club. It hasn't -- it is being reported that the AFL will give several players heavy penalties based on the ASADA report. Assistant coach Mark Thompson addressed the ongoing saga in an interview last night.TV REEL: It is hard because it is your whole life. It is not just your life. It is your kids, family - it will be remembered forever. So, I don't want it on my tombstone.The AFL is expected to make the announcement at 9am. Two people are on the run in Sydney this morning after robbing a 94-year-old man in the city's west. At around 6:00 last night in Harris Park, a man and a woman began following the elderly victim who was driving his moat riceed scooter towards his home. The pair followed him inside before ransacking the house and fleeing with cash. The police say that the man was shaken by the theft, but not physically injured. The thieves were last seen heading towards a local shopping precinct. There is a dramatic day ahead for Holden workers in Adelaide who are set to cast a secret ballot. Around 1,700 workers are set to grow to a change of pay conditions to keep the company in operation. Now to Eddie Godfrey with the details.They are voting for a new dole on wage and workplace conditions today. They are the first of 1700 workers to have a say on their own future and potentially of that of Holden in Australia. The day-time workers will vote later today around about 1:00 Adelaide time. This comes after lengthy negotiations between the union and the management to make savings here at Elizabeth. It is not just the Holden workers here with this process at Elizabeth, it is around about 1,000 in Victoria who will vote on the new deal but it should be noted that the changes will not flow through to them. We spoke to a number of workers as they knocked off here yesterday afternoon who experienceed mixed feelings about that.Regardless of what we want, because Melbourne is voting on it, it doesn't affect them or change their EBA so we don't really have a say in it. It is the way it has been organised, it will get pushed through.Now t workers union who will make a form mall statement around 3:45pm Adelaide time, but it is unknown if they will tell us the outcome of today's vote. It is also unlikely ta we will know the outcome of the Victorian vote until later this week. A nervous vote for many workers here, but we will follow developments very closely and bring the updates to you.Eddie, thank you. Intense and dangerous - that is how crews have described a large fire that tore through a car wrecking business in Coopers Plains. It broke out about midnight. It is expected the business will need to be demolished.The owners of the business were actually devastated in the 2010-2011 floods. 7.5ft of water went through this business. Three years on, they were just starting to rebuild the business, and a fir devastates it yet again. Despite explosions and intense heat, crews were able to keep the flames from spreading. Now updating finance.

We have been given a rare insight into a special first-time bonding session between a mother panda and her one-month-old cub in Taiwan. When z keepers hell the tiny black and white bundle of joy up to her mother, she reached out her paws while the mum affectionately licked her through the cage. Staff care for the panda bub around the clock, feeding her, taking her temperature and changing her bedding while watching her progress. She will be ready for her public debut next month.Oh.Oh.That is lovely, isn't it?Look at the subtitles.It says why momma is locked up and why she can't be with the baby. It is all emotion.That is quite heartbreaking.Well, that is the zoo for you.It is alright, lease. They will be reuniteed, don't worry. Did you have a romantic idea about zoos.Motherhood should be about closing one's child close. The cage doesn't fit with that.But when the mother is likely to eat that child. But is it?No, it is daddy that eats.Either or. Well, the Ashes Series - can you believe it - after throwing away a victory at dour during a devastating spell from Paula Broadwell the English paceman. He saw the Aussies collapse from 2/147 to all out for 224, 75 runs shy of victory.I think this affects Australia. I really do. I think they will struggle to come back from it from the Oval and they have to try to regroup and find a cum more players. Two or three of them I don't see starting in Australia in November.Not encouraging. A shock defeat on the Bulldogs. A Gordon guard Gordon hat-trick helped the Gold Coast to a 26-16 win and that one was at ANZ Stadium. There will be a decision today from Essendon on whether to appeal Dustin Fletcher's two-game ban for rough conduct. The veteran bomb hearse been found guilty for the ounce of 16 different occasions. That is an a AFL record. Sam Stosur's hot form, ahead of the US Open continues, easily accounting for Svetlana Kuznetsova in the opening round of the Western and Southern Open in owe why yes. So there you go. I think we also have our tipping leaderboard right now for the AFL and NRL. First up the NRL. -- Ohio. So there you go. I think we also have our tipping leaderboard right now for the AFL and NRL. First up the NRL.Who is Dobbo?That is a plug for my mate, Dobbo.Is that insinuating he helps you with your tips?When I am absent Dobbo does step in and helps out with the tips. A great plug for Dobbo Dead Set Legends in Adelaide. There could be another plug coming up here in NRL.Oh, oh!Triple M in Brisbane dob bureau is doing very well.Does-he do your tips?When I am absent, when I am aware, he helps out.When you have gout or something?You have dropped off.Am I splitting ends?(LAUGHTER) That will do me.Range Land Quality Meat.A good T-bone.The beef is beautiful from Dobbo.Georgie, Georgie, did you miss the memo on being able to combine forces?No. Well, yes, yes.Did you have an eye fillet there as well?Oh, yes. Beautiful. The back strap.Georgie and I were doing just fine when we did it on our own.Mmmmm. Good on you, Dobbo - we love ya! Coming up surprise tribute, 'Glee' star Lea Michele speaks out for the first time on the loss of her co-star Corey Monteith.Now it is time for your best local forecast. The aforementioned Stevie Jacobs.

G'day, Lisa. Good morning, everyone. I am waking up in my whole hood. We are in Shell Harbour, south of Wollongong on the south coast of NSW. Behind me is Shell Harbour Harbour where you will find the boys from JDBD Surf. They are going out for an early-morning surf this morning. It is a little bit chilly but calm conditions down here at the moment. What a beautiful picture to wake up to. Here is our national fly-around. We are starting off in Queensland today.

It is about 13 degrees in Shell Harbour where we are waking up this morning. It is nice and calm here and you can take a paddle boarding lesson right out off Shell Harbour Harbour. There is a famous surfing spot down here and the farm is down the coast. In fact, the south coast is famous for it surfing. Have a look at these boys out here, lease. Sa -- least.That is the light that we all love. It is pretty flattering.Now for entertainment news.Big Nims around. Jesse Eisenberg from 'The Social Network' and 'Now You See Me' is in town and former sexiest man alive Matt Damon takes us into a pretty bleak future with his blockbuster 'Elysium'. MOVIE REEL: Follow me.Stay close.

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Good morning again. Well, he is vair usely described as Hollywood's most bankable star to the nicest bloke in the business and Matt Damon certainly ticks all of the boxes and was in great form last night at the premier of his new movie 'Elysium', a sci-fi drama from naoefl Blomkamp behind the South African thriller 'District Nine'. I spoke to Matt yesterday. Nice to have you in the country.It is good to be here. It is a quick trip this time. I am a little bummed out about that. We were supposed to have a little bit extra time, but the flight got cancelled. So it is what it is.MOVIE REEL: Shoot them down.Else 'Elysium' is a space station that sits 120k out at orbit and we look out at it. It is the ultimate gated community. Earth is so resourced-starved that you get the sense that we are all scratching out whatever maoeg G existence we can and hoping to somehow -- mega existence and we can -- mess G existence that we can and hopefully get to 'Elysium' one day.Do you worry at all about paining such a bleak picture of the future?Look, I think with good sci-fis you are painting this picture, you are talking about the future, but really it is not so different from the world we are living in now, in terms of the extreme wealth and poverty that exists on Earth.MOVIE REEL: I need someone who can get through to her. It is a long way from 'Good Will', but you must be enormously proud of the catalogue of films that you have made.I feel very lucky. Ben and I grew up dreaming of doing this, but I don't think the dream extended past 'Good Will Hunting'. We never dreamed beyond that. It is 15 years past that now and to be able to have worked with the directors that I have worked with and the act force I have worked with, I feel really lucky.

MOVIE REEL: They will haunt you until the edge of the Earth for this.Yeah, a nice guy. Pretty wild movie. 'Elysium' is out this week. We will talk more about that one on Thursday. Currently doing great business at the box office, a film about a bunch of magicians who kind of take the law into their own hands. It is called 'Now You See Me'. One of the stars Jesse Eisenberg of the 'The Social Network' fame is also in Australia. MOVIE REEL: Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to rob a bank.When I got the script, my agent told me it is a movie about magicians who rob banks and so I just didn't open it for a long time because it sounded totally absurd. Then the director Louis was going to be in New York and he was coming to my block and I was draedzed reading this. I finally opened the script. I know it sounds cheesy, but I thought it was great when I read it.There is talk of a sequel already.It seems like the kind of thing that could make for a great sequel because there is no finite ending. It is about these mythical things, magic organisation. It is the kind of thing you could probably create 100 stories and they perhaps could be all interesting.Now you see me again.Unfortunately, that will probably be the catchphrase.MOVIE REEL: Whatever the grand trick is, is really going to amaze.'Now You See Me' is now screening. In other news, the Teen Choice Awards were held in Los Angeles yesterday and our gal Rebel Wilson picked up the award for Best Comedy actress. Thank you, teens. Thank you, teens. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I am so happeny I won, you guys. Otherwise I would have been really embarrassed wearing this wet suit. She had some good lines, too. One Direction picked up Best Music group and best summer tour and best single and best love song. Check out the boys. (Sings) # We can dance all night # To the best song ever # And we dance all night # Yes, well done, One Direction. I tell you what, this was arguably the moment of the evening, 'Glee' star Lea Michele won the Choice TV Act dress Award and Gai a moving speech remembering her late co-star and boyfriend Corey Monteith.I want to dedicate this award to Corey. For everyone of you out there who loved Corey as much as I did I promise with your love we will get through this together. He was very special to me and also the world and we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile and his beautiful, beautiful heart. So whether you knew him personally or just as Finn Hudson, Corey reached out and he became a part of all of our hearts and that is where he will stay forever so thank you guys so much. Thank you. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Yeah, quite a moment. Not a destroy eye in the house there. The Teen Choice Awards are done for another year. That is what is cooking in showbiz land. That was really quite a moment, wasn't it?Indeed.Yes. Very hard.You can imagine what she's been through.A lovely woman, isn't she, Dickie. Yes. Coming up 'Big Brother' evictio. I tried to French-ify that. Sharon joins us. Plus, check out the piano skills of this young one. More of him in The Buzz.That is young talent. It has been 13 years sing Anastasia fired up with her No. 1 hit 'I'm Outta Love'. It is our song of the day. (Sings) # Set me free # Let me out this misery # Show me the way # To give my-again # You can handle me # My love # Can't you see # Baby, you have got to set me free # I'm out of love # This program is not captioned. Macleans helps encourage good habits

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Good morning to you. Now listen -
for the Government and coalition Budget promises, today is the D-Day. Actually, it's the PEFO day which doesn't sound anywhere near as dramatic as D-Day. PEFO is Pre- Election Economic and Fiscal Outlook - actually it's PEEFO - which is when Treasury will today give us a snap-shot of the economy. On this PEFO, both parties are expected to hinge their election promises. Only one thing - given its recent track record, I'd have preferred if the Weather Bureau made these financial forecasts today rather that the Federal Treasury. At least they'd have had a 50/50 chance of being right. Treasury's forecasts have been woeful in the past four years. And politicians have been woeful using its optimistic forecasts to their fullest in their spending. The result's been a budget surplus forecast last year that turned into an $18 billion loss. Another surplus forecast this year is expected to end up as a $30 billion loss. That means the Federal Government net debt will now peak above $200 billion. I'll cop things being a little bit wrong but this has not been Treasury's finest hour. But also the coalition has to use these numbers to justify its promises - the big things being paid parental leave and the cut in corporate tax. In the corporate world, the mantra for executives is to under-promise and over-deliver. It's a lesson politicians and financial bureaucrats have to learn quickly. Karl, Lisa.All eyes on the PEFO.PEEFO Day!! Let's get some gossip. Richard Reid is across the hot gossip and Miley Cyrus, very friendly with one of the direct direct lads, Richard. Harry? Of course it is Harry. Miley know as photo op when she sees irrelevant and if she can make -- sees it and if can make Liam Hemsworth a little jealous why not. Who should show up with Miley but our own Harry Styles. That is right. If Miley had hair she would have been tossing it, "Oh, Harry", that's right. You know, Liam and Miley have made a couple of public appearances in the last week and people have noticed that they kind of seem distant towards each other. Maybe this was just the ticket to heat things up.There you go. Meantime, just Bieb Bieb it seems gave Justin Bieber it seems gave his grandma a bit of a surprise. Yeah, happy Thanksgiving, I am wearing a guitar and a smile. These photos are the talk of the Internet. Justin Bieber showing up at his grandmothers. He thought he would just pull this prank on his grandmother. He was like, "Oh, grandma I love you very much I'm in my birthday suit". We don't know how these photos leaked but Justin camp says the entire family thought it was hilarious. I am like, ha, ha, ha...That is all shades of wrong I reckon. (LAUGHTER) We will catch you back shortly mate. OK, bye.More like a banjo. In front of grandma.I would give him a good smack on the bottom. That is right, that is what that bottom is for, it is for smacking. Lisa!!She a naughty boy.Said with a little bit of delight and twinkle in the eye, Lisa Wilkinson!! Now, that is wrong. Bad, boy Justin. Turn around and let me smack you. Move along, there is nothing to see here. You one who raised iter. Here are the top stories here on Today. The search for Bung - police bring in earth moving equipment in the hunt the missing Melbourne schoolgirl. Catch these lowlife grubs - appeals for help to find the two thieves who ransacked the home of a 94- year-old man in Sydney. Get on with it - the AFL finally set to charge Essendon this morning over the doping scandal. Bowled over - Australia's batsmen suffer another humiliating collapse to throw away the fourth test, and the series. Sharon to the diary room - the first contestant to be kicked out of the big brother house joins us live. And megastar Matt Damon tells us about his new sci-fi thriller - but is it as good as Jason Bourne?

but is it as good as Jason Bourne?
It is Tuesday, 13 August, great to have your company this morning. Also making news today - a man has been stabbed in a samurai sword attack in Sydney's CBD. And fierce fire has torn through a wrecking yard in Brisbane overnight. Let's take a quick look at the weather around the country for you now.

And in the Buzz, watch this, we think we have a record Australia. The epic pool jump that goes through 13 sets of hands. Will it end in a slam dunk? You will find out shortly. Here is Karl with the top story.That is good stuff. To Melbourne first, and police are bringing in earth moving equipment in the search for Bung Siriboon - the 13-year-old who disappeared on her way to school two years ago. Nine news reporter Laura Turner is at the scene in Boronia Creek. What is the latest this morning?Good morning, Karl. We are waiting at the moment for the second day of the search to get under way. We are expecting zest and police search- and-rescue officers to turn up here. Yesterday afternoon they spent a lot of time searching the area behind me at Old Joes Creek reserve and we saw them take away a few items but there is no word as if they are items in interest in the case of the missing schoolgirl Bung Siraboon. They have thrown a lot of resources at this. We saw police cadaver dogs brought in from Queensland and police are being very tight lipped about this investigation. They have gone to the trouble about have this whole area fenced off and under security. We are expecting some news on what they are doing here today but in the meantime we expect them all to go back in there today. They said they will spend at least the next two days there looking for missing schoolgirl Bung Siraboon who went missing from her own street two years ago as she walked to school. Since then, we have seen and heard nothing of her since.Laura, thanks for the update. We will take tow you later in the show. Georgie. A man is in a critical condition after he was stabbed with what's believed to be a samurai sword during a brawl in Sydney's CBD. Police were called to the scene after reports of a knife fight on Pitt Street, at around 1 o'clock this morning. When officers arrived, they found a man who had suffered multiple stab wounds. Police are questioning one man over the incident. And staying in Sydney, police are hunting for two thieves who ransacked the home of a 94- year-old man in the city's west. Today's Natalia Cooper is at the scene in Harris Park. This was such a cowardly crime praying on an elderly man, wasn't it?It absolutecy S you can see the man's motorised scooter here in the front yard of his Harris park home. Thankfully he is unhurt but he is obviously very shaken up and in shock after this heartless crime. He was on his scooter heading home when he was followed by two people, a man and a woman. He asked them for help to get them through his front gate and into the front door of his home but that is when they have ran inside, they have ransacked the home and stolen his cash and also some jewellery. So this morning police are still hunting those thieves, a man and a woman. They are described as being in their 30s and heavy set.Thank you. Fire crews have had to battle intense heat as they battled a fire in Brisbane's south. It took crews from 10 fire engines to subdue the blaze that broke out in Coopers Plains, at about midnight. The business has been totally destroyed, but no-one was hurt. On the election now, and Treasurer are set to release figures showing just how little the parties will have to spend on campaign promises. Our political reporter, Jayne Azzopardi and Kerrie Yaxley join us now. Jayne in Canberra, these figures will put more pressure on the coalition to reveal their costings. PEFO, sets out an idea of how much money or how little money there is and what the outlook is going to be, expect the government to use this to put pressure on the Coalition to announce how it is going to pay for its policies. They say this is the starting gun. We are also likely to hear today Labor putting pressure on Tony Abbott over an article in 'The West Australian' today in which senior liberal MPDon Randall says the Coalition might come under pressure to break some of its pre- election promises if it forms government. It is all about the money today. We know there is not a lot to throw around, so how you pay for those promises is important.It will be fashion nated to see what may be do with those -- fascinating to see what they do with those numbers. Let's go to Kerri now who is on the road with Kevin Rudd. Both parties are wooing Bob Katter as a potential Kingmaker?Yeah, that is right. The 'Courier Mail' is reporting this morning that both parties want to strike a preference deal with Bob Katter and his Australian Party. We saw during the Queensland State election that the party had some quite significant swings towards it so his preferences could be quite decisive in the federal election, especially in central and northern Queensland and could help Labor pick up some of - some seats that it so desperately needs. Apparently the liberals are also trying to court Mr Katter and say if he sides with Labor they will paint him as a Labor stooge. The focus of the preference deal with Labor is meant to be on the seats of Flynn, Dawson, Leichhardt and Herbert and as it happens Kevin Rudd is in Herbert this morning. It is held by the liberal National Party with a very small margin. We are expecting him to do a couple of local jobs here in Townsville talking about jobs and skills and then he will spend the rest of the day somewhere in Queensland, we are not quite sure where yet. They seem to keep things pretty close to their chest in this campaign, Lisa.Townsville a beautiful place to start by the looks of things this morning. Thanks for that. Stunning day in Townsville, not so down south yesterday. The wild weather that ravaged parts of NSW and Victoria yesterday eased overnight, but there are fresh warnings for a windy end to the week. Gusts reached 95km/hr in Sydney, leaving 10,000 homes without