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(generated from captions) Sure. Prince was arrested.

Shit. Any idea
how the FBI got onto him?

Not FBI - local police.

Failure to pay child support.


How many days before the feds

start looking into an incarcerated
Department Of Defense employee

with a high-level
security clearance

and a felony charge
hanging over his head?

All we need is three days
until you meet with the colonel.

Even if the meeting wasn't
a set-up before,

it's insane to go into it now
with Prince in custody.

He could be broken
with a feather duster.

I know you and Phillip
radioed the Centre

to confirm
the orders for the meeting.

I also know
they confirmed them for you.

What confuses me
is why you went around me.

Do you really think
I'd make something like this up,

with the security of our nation
at stake?

Is that what you care about -
our nation?

I hadn't figured that out.
I do.

And orders
to meet with the colonel

were confirmed, as you know.

That was before
Prince was arrested.

I don't see Moscow
changing their minds.

Martha, Mr and Mrs Hanson,

I'd like you to meet my mother,
Alexandra, my sister, Jennifer.

Is it OK if I hug you?

Oh, welcome to the family, Martha.
Thank you.

You're exactly as Clark described.

Hi there.

I'm Bill.
Uh, this is my wife, Elaine.

Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, as well.
So nice to meet you both.

I can see
the family resemblance.

That's what people say.
Yeah. Yeah, they do.

Clark Westerfeld and Martha Hanson?


You ready?
Of course.

An oath is both
a statement for the present

and a promise to the future.

It is the means by which
we humans tell each other,

"I'm in this
for the long haul."

Martha Anne Hanson,

do you take this man,
Clark Herbert Westerfeld,

to be your husband and partner,

in good times and bad,
till death do you part?

Yes, I do.

Clark Herbert Westerfeld,

do you take this woman,
Martha Anne Hanson,

to be your wife and partner,

in good times and bad,
till death do you part?

I do.

Please place the ring
on the other's finger.

By the power vested in me
by the State of Virginia,

I pronounce you man and wife.

(GIGGLES) Oh, Mommy!

Oh, Daddy.
My little girl.

That was beautiful.

Welcome to the family.
Oh, thank you.

Thank you.


It was touching.

No. It was.

I didn't expect it to be.

You and I were
never really married.


It's funny. I know they're
just words people say.

Do you think things would've
been different between us

if we would've said them?

I don't know.

GAAD: This is a composite
of the woman

based on
Patterson's description.

And this is one of the woman

based on Viola Johnson's

Different people.

Not necessarily.

Hair, eyebrows and noses
all completely different.

The bone structures
are similar.

Both women have cheekbones,

Noses, lips, ears.

The differences
are superficial, sir.


..this one is based
on Viola Johnson's description

of the man who poisoned
her son.

What do we have
from Patterson on this guy?

Patterson never actually got
a look at him.

But we know that we're looking
for a Caucasian man and woman,

in their 30s, perhaps 40s.

I'm not convinced the people
who abducted Richard Patterson

are the same people who poisoned
Viola Johnson's son.

I am.

You say that based on
these drawings?

And my experience in the field.

This is speculation.
Call it what you may.

These people are the illegals
we've been chasing.

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Who are
these workers of the morning, these walkers
of the early grass, who push shirts to elbows,
clink gates and whistle at dogs with
pricked ears, as we sleep fast?

What compels them through rain
and cold and Christmas Days, and generations of the same, to dedicate to
the bump and brush and snort of day's break
and paddocks grazed?

Who are
these strangers of the morning whose lives around daybreak
are built? It is us, making magic
no factory can produce. The pure,
essential goodness of milk.

Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News, I'm joined by Malcolm Turnbull as we debate the Coalition's plans for the NBN and views on same sex marriage. The shocking footage of a park footy brawl where a father was attacked. Matt Damon talks up his latest blockbuster with Ange Bishop. A round up of all the Ashes action in Durham as Harris leads a late Aussie charge. The Late News is next. These people are the illegals
we've been chasing. (KNOCK AT DOOR)


Yeah. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia

This program is captioned live. From the network Ten News centre I'm Dani Isdale and this is the Late News. Day 8 of the election campaign, a squabble about notes and a gaff from Tony Abbott. But is the issue of same-sex marriage likely to sway voters the most. Malcolm Turnbull is the on the show. And the world waits to hear whether Essendon will be charged over its suspect supplements program. And exland set an imposing total to take out the fourth test.

Also ahead, Matt Damon walks the red carpet for his new movie, telling Angela Bishop what is most important to him when choosing the roles he takes on. Plus the dramatic rescue caught on camera, a Chinese couple saved in the nick of time. Brad has all of the highlights of tonight's NRL clash and all of the rest in sport. But first tonight, if this election is all about who will lead the world's 12th largest economy you would be forgiven for not noticing today. It looked more like a scrap in a boys boarding school, with one leader accused of cheating with his notes and the other making an unintended detour that sparked a social media flurry of bottom jokes. Hugh, Riminton, I trust you're not speaking from notes tonight?I wouldn't tell you if I was.Let's get all of the enter are tainment done first. Tony Abbott has become a hit on Twitter?He has. It's all pretty adolescent but Tony Abbott was laughing at himself after this. He was trying to have a crack at Kevin Rudd's presidential style of leadership. No-one however smart however well educated, however experienced is the suppository of all wisdom. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. The humour and jokes didn't stop there. There was a bit of schoolboy flavour as Kevin Rudd was accused of cheating, as youly -- allude to, Danni, by breaking the rules and looking at notes during the debate.I prer to be as accurate as I can.The rules are explicit. Leaders can take in pen and paper but not use documentation or props. Kevin Rudd used the great homer Simpson defence, no-one told him. Ifrpblgts I was in receipt of no such advice. The problem with the Prime Minister last night was not that he was reading from notes. It was more that the notes weren't worth reading. That was the problem last night.A survey has come out Today showing voters are chiefly worried about the economy and their jobs. So if that's the real debate where is it heading??Certainly it is the big issue. Labor is frustrated by it. Tomorrow we get the final statement of the national accounts from Treasury. That essentialy is the last reasonable excuse for the parties to stop mucking around to get out and lay out where they are going to tax, where they are going to spend, where they are going to cut their spending. Labor says that the coalition has a plan, a secret plan to slash and burn. They say there was a further clue today when Tony Abbott in Melbourne heaped praise upon the former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett.A lot of people look back on the Kennett era and say it was a golden age of development.Trouble is, says Labor, Jeff Kennett closed down 17 hospitals, 300 schools, sacked tens of thousands of teachers and nurses and other public workers. Campbell Newman has done not too dissimilar in Queensland and Labor says that's the secret plan the coalition has for after the election.If you cut that much, the real risk is you will plunge the economy into recession and that will have an effect on all jobs. Mr Abbott's vision is one of cut, cut and more cuts without giving us the details. Tony Abbott says that's all a big scare campaign but he won't be rushed into revealing his economic plans.We will have more to say about savings quite soon and you will have our full fiscal statement in good time before the next election.Hugh, as we enter the second week of the campaign how do you think the parties arefaring? The polls have been curiously consistent. If you take them on aggregate, they are tending to settle on a lead to the coalition of around about 52 to 48, perhaps a little less than that as a whole. Morgan for example is still having it as a fifty-fifty race.Are any themes likely to emerge this week, do you think, that will shift the balance?Here is where I refer to my notes. There are some themes. Kevin Rudd in the past couple of days has said he will pay out $70 million in skills training programs and he will have more announcements on that tomorrow when he continues on his trip through Queensland. He was in Mackay this evening, a system well stop tour. He is off to Townsville and should be landing there about now. Along the way he managed to have a quick slug of Fourex just to prove he is a real Queenslander. Tony Abbott is leaving Melbourne tomorrow and is not saying where he is going to. Expect him to pop up in Western Sydney for a major announcement later in the week. While in wheel he was talking about the east-west road project. He will be going around saying essentialy that the coalition is backing major new road projects in every state. He says if elected more than anything he wants to be remembered as the infrastructure Prime Minister. Pretty much rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?Sure does. Thank you, Hugh Riminton in Canberra. For more on day 8 of the election campaign we're joined by Malcolm Turnbull. Mr Turnbull, thanks for joining us on the program.Yeah, great to be with you.The leaders debate has been described as lacklustre and even dull. How would you describe it?I thought it was very disappointing on the part of the Prime Minister, who was so anxious to have a debate and seemed - he did seem very lacklustre and also remarkabley unprepared to come to grips with any of the details of policy. I was astonished by the way in which he refused to discuss the proposal of the Government, indeed of Anthony Albanese, his deputy, that there should be a second airport in Sydney. He didn't seem to be aware that Albanese had pledged a re-elected Labor Government would build a second airport for Sydney within the next three to six years I think was the pledge. I thought the Prime Minister seemed very off his game. On the other hand, Tony Abbott looked confident. He was on top of the facts. He engaged. He didn't need any notes. It was no wonder he won the debate. Do you think he won it? Many measures have said it was a a draw. Well, you would have to be feeling very sporting and generous to say it was a draw. I think Tony Abbott won it very convincingly and, more importantly perhaps, Kevin Rudd having challenged repeatedly Abbott to have a debate with him really needed to win it convincingly and he certainly didn't do anything like that. The NBN was mentioned fairly briefly in the grand scheme of things T wasn't talked about all that much, only a few minutes. How big of an election issue do you think it is?I think it's a very big election issue for those people who care about spending Australians taxpayer dollars responsibly and also who care about Australians have been very fast broadband as -- at a price they can afford. Our process is a efficient one that will get the job done.What do you say to those Australians who feel that the Labor NBN would be more expensive and take longer but would ultimately be much faster, more reliable and future proof?Firstly, you can't future proof anything. The idea that you can proof yourself against developments of 30 years hence with the technology of today is ridiculous.Wouldn't we be better future proofed with the Labor NBN plan?No, we would not. The truth of the matter is this. If you think you can invest in technology today to cater for the demands of 30 years hence you're kidding yourself. You're better off investing in technology today for today's needs and in the foreseeable future. As for 30 years hence, make the investments in 30 years hence with the technology of 30 years hence, which will be a lot better than the technology of today. The bottom line is that the approach we're taking will ensure that those two million Australian premises, mostly households that don't have broadband at the moment, will get it much, much sooner and at a more affordable price. Surely that's what we should all be on about. The broadband speeds promised under the NBN are much faster than those that you would promise?Yes and no. There is no doubt that the top speed available over a fibre connection is say 1,000 mega bits per second but what value is that to a household? What on earth will you possibly do with that. To have a huge bandwidth - if you had a brewery you would have a very big water pipe because you needed to buy a lot of water to make your beer with. You wouldn't need to make a pipe that big connected to your house. You could have it connected to doubt but it would be of no value to you because you would barely be able to open it without flooding the joint. Stkpwhrp let me take you to another issue in the leaders debate last night that did get a lot of air play, the same-sex marriage debate. Where do you stand on the issue? I support legalising, enabling same- sex couples, if they want to formalise their relationship, I believe they should be able to be recognised and described as a marriage. In that sense I do support it. As you know, it's not the Liberal Party's policy. But as Tony Abbott has said, in the next parliament our party room will decide whether we have a free vote or a conscience vote on it. I certainly think we should. I have said that in the past and it's still my position. If we do - I would hope that we would - then I will vote for legalising same-sex marriage.Given your personal position were you disappointed that Mr Abbott referred to it as not a priority?Well, I think - it is not in his mind - and I think generally in the community's mind, the highest priority. It's - obviously Tony was talking about the context of the first 100 days. So is it a priority in the first 100 days? No, I think the public see there are much more important or more urgent, if you like, and pressing economic issues. Mr Turnbull, thank you very much for joining us this evening.Thank you very much. It's been great to be with you tonight. Stkpwhrp let us know your thoughts on that interview I will be back in a moment with more on the issue of marriage equality. Speaking to supporters thrilled that it's been put on the election agenda now it's time for more of tonight's news.More than a week after the AFL received ASADA's interim report into Essendon Football Club's contro verbal supplement program we're still no closer to knowing if any charges will be laid. Emma, will this saga end tomorrow?What I can tell you is it's strongly believed the AFL is ready to let Essendon know what it's decided and it's expected that will happen at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. Rumours were rife that would happen todayment that didn't come to pass. What is expected is that now Essendon and senior coach James Hird and others will face penalties for overseeing and condoning the supplement program carried out at the club last year. These penalties could be hefty including possible loss of premiership points which would see the club lose its spot in this year's finals. The loss of AFL draft pick this is year and next year and possible multi-million dollar fines. Essendon's assistant coach Mark Thompson spoke earlier this evening. He said he will fight against any adverse findings. Oh, look, it was difficult, yeah. I think anyone that can really understand the pressure - this is a thing that we will have to fight for. I don't want my reputation tarnished by this.The interim ASADA report was handed to the AFL on 2 August T hasn't officially been made public, so that all- important question of whether players took banned substances still hasn't been answered. Thank you for the update. There are calls to ban a local Sydney Football Club after a violent brawl. Violence erupted during a sme final when suspended western city tigers players and supporters charged the field. Scott Weeks tried to defend his son who was being attacked and got caught in the cross fire.Sporting a broken nose. A laceration to the eye. Lip. Rib cartilage damage. Police are investigating the incident and could lay charges. A man has been refused bail after kidnapping his baby daughter and assaulting his grandmother. The 11 month old was reunited with her mother after her ex-parter turned himself into police last night. We bolted to the police station, picked her up, I held her so tight in my arms. I didn't let her go for ages.Benjamin korb is accused of breaking into her mother's house and attacking her before fleeing with the baby. A fast food worker is a hero tonight after rushing to the aid of a stabbing victim. Sam Ibrahim was working in a Sydney pizza store when he was approached by a man seriously wounded in a knife fight. A quick thinking Ibrahim used tea towels to stop the bleeding.He said, "Call the ambulance." The victim is refusing to cooperate with police but it's believed he was stabbed in a Housing Commission flat across the road. After more than two years, there are new developments in the disappearance of a Melbourne teenager. Police and SES volunteers spent the day searching a reserve just one kilometre from where she was last seen. Police won't say what they were looking for but the dog squad and an exelevator were called into the parkland. Stkpwhrp the parents of a murdered Melbourne woman have told her killer of their ongoing grief. Stephen Hunter has pleaded guilty of stabbing 22-year-old Sarah calf key 19 times before dumping her body in a wheelie bin and filling it with concrete. The 47-year-old had just finished his parole period for the 1986 murder of his then girlfriend Jaclyn Matthews. An embarrassing Government backflip in WA with the Premier scrapping the solar power rebate in yesterday's budget and then being forced to back track today after growing public outrage.I'm sorry it happened. It was a mistake. We have reversed the decision and we will move on.While the scheme will stay the Premier insists it's far too generous. The cut would have saved $50 million for the state. Stkpwhrp more than 20,000 homes have been left without power as wild winds lashed New South Wales and Victoria. Gusts up to 105 kilometres an hour up rooted trees in Melbourne, smashing cars and injuring a council worker. The winds were just as devastating in Sydney. The roof of a property in the city's south-west was torn off and thrown across the road. I've lived in the area for a while. But the local property manager said it has never had wind like this before. This is extreme. The SES has responded to more than 1,500 calls for help across both states. More strong winds are expected later in the week. A quick look at the weather across the country tonight.

Ahead, residents evacuated after a sinkhole swal lowest part of a Florida resort.Last night during the leaders first debate Prime Minister Kevin Rudd put same-sex marriage firmly on the agenda announcing a bill would be introduced in the first 100 days if he is introduced into office. Tony Abbott says there are more important issues. Ivan, thanks for talking to us on the Late News.No worries, thanks for having me.When it comes to the issue with same-sex marriage, what do the Australian public get depending on which party they vote for?We've got a strong historic support from the Greens in relation to marriage equality. We also have quite strong support from the Labor Party. But with the Labor Party they have a conscience vote. So some members may vote in favour of marriage equality and some may vote against it. The Liberal Party is restricted by the leader's decision to disallow a conscience vote.What is your understanding of how Mr Abbott and Mr Rudd's answer to the question last night on same- sex marriage will actually influence how people will actually vote?Well, we're starting to experience electric moments. Moments in history where it's happened to people overseas, where they are watching the TV and something happens that they've never seen before. What we saw last night was a Prime Minister in the middle of a campaign actually saying that marriage equality not only was a campaign issue but was a matter of urgency for his Prime Ministership. So that's amazing. What we also saw was an avoidance of a response, an avoidance of a negative from Tony Abbott which is in stark contrast to the leadership debate of 2010. So, it's monumental either way. It just goes to show how much we've moved forward on this issue. So even though Mr Abbott said it's not a priority your movement is still heartened by that?Absolutely. What he said in 2010, quite firmly, was marriage was between a man and a woman. He has come out today and clarified that that's still his position, but we understand that his resistence to say that last night was interesting. What we also know from our surveys is 11% of Liberal Party members or Liberal Party voters are interested in actually voting for Labor if Labor says they can deliver marriage equalityment There is another statistic that three quarters of Australians believe same-sex marriage is inevitable in this country. Do you think there is a realistic time frame you can estimate?What they need to do is engage with the Greens and cross and try and get their communication, a dialogue with Liberal Party members who are supportive of marriage equality. Because we know there are some particularly in inner city seats, where their electorates are incredibly supportive of marriage equality. Ivan, thank you. Thank you. Do stay with us, still to come on Ten's Late News, the dramatic video of the rescue of a Chinese couple five storeys high. And Matt Damon heaps praise on Kate Blanchett. See what else he had to say when he caught up with our Angela Bishop. That's after the break. (LAUGHS LOUDLY)
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Bit of chat on Twitter about our Malcolm Turnbull interviewment keep it coming. Check out any of the stories you might have miss there had alsoment Had a -- in a moment Matt Damon but first what is going on in the rest of the world?A sinkhole has caused chaos in America. Residents of a resort suffered a sinkhole to their building. No-one has been remembered injured. A young couple has been rescued after dangling from a fifth floor balcony in China. A young woman was chatting with her boyfriend when she slipped from a ledge. Her boyfriend caught her just in time but then found himself in danger T took rescuers 20 minutes to help the pair to safety.

Stkpwhrp Juliet, a solid start to the trading week on what was a busy day on the reporting calendar. Which companies did we hear from today?Australia's largest gold producer knew crest mining came through with a near $6 billion loss for the year. Although it's share price rose almost 8%. Mining stocks lifted the Australian share market today. We knew new crest mine would go report a loss due to the big slump in the gold price over the year. But importantly it didn't announce a capital raising which seemed to impress the market. A great day for discount retailer JB highify, the first growth in profit since -- 2010, which saw its share price higher 3% today. Its shares up an impressive 85% so for this calendar year.And Aussies are shying away from credit card debt? Interest rates are at their lowest level in 50 years but the average credit card balance fell by 4% to the year to June - the biggest drop in records going back 19 years. If you want to know if you're above or average, the average credit card balance stands around 3,420. It's not that we're not using plastic, just that we're seeing a big increase in the amount of people using debit cards rather than credit. Perhaps we're being more clever about spending money that we have rather than putting it on credit. He is in Australia to promote a new politically charged sci-fi film. Tonight Matt Damon hit the red carpet in Sydney. It's about a futuristic world where the rich live on a space station orbiting the earth and the rest live in the rubbish bin that the earth has become.Hello again. Great to see you, Matt.Great to see you too. Congratulations on this. What do you think people will love about this sci-fi with, I call it, intelligence?I think it's turning into its own Genre. If people liked District 9 I think they will enjoy this one too.We're coming to you from the entrance of District 9.Is that why you wanted to come on board?Yeah, absolutely. At this point in my career almost 100% of the weight of my decision falls on who is directing it. I have had so many experiences where, you know, in some cases I have had no script at all and a great director and the movie has worked out, or a graipt script and maybe not so great a director and the movie did not so great. So it's pretty much about who is directing it.He has the keys to the kingdom in his hand. Issue a no-fly zone for LA. Until we apprehend him, no-one leaves.

Hey, boss, I think we got him. Australian audiences can go this week into the cinema and see yous a tough guy in this movie or as Liberacce's boyfriend. I'm worried there is not enough versatility. Except there is not a kids movie. I have to put one out there.Is there one on the horizon?No, the next one is one with George Clooney called Monuments Men.Putting together a team to protect bridges, buildings and art before the Nazis destroy everything.Kate Blanchett is in that too.She sure is.Do you like working with her?I did the talented Mr Riply with Cate in 1998. I thought she was a freak of nature then. 15 years later - she is even better than she was. She is awe inspiring. You are talking to an Australian in between takes. In this movie she plays a French woman. Suddenly she morphs. She is like a comeelian, more so than anyone else I have worked with. I have described her before, the energy field around her completely changes. She is special.You've just moved to LA after years of not actually living there. Up the road from Ben after flex, an old buddy.I caved. What made you cave?A lot of things. It will be nice to be down the street from Ben. We have kids the same age. And LA is great for little kids. It's great to have a yard and be able to run around a bit. My kids are already really enjoying it.Good on you. And then come to Australia and make a movie and bring the family.My family love it here. My wife loves it here. I wouldn't mind that at all. Angela Bishop gets all the best jobs.She does.A lovely fella. Very down to earth. Ange gets Matt Damon and Hermione?Brad! Not a great result for you girls. I will play on. Ryan Harris did his bit for the dribgt. -- cricket. Plus a double blow for the Bombers - the squirrel grip in the NRL. Also ahead, a Titanic night for the Gold Coast. Danni is laughing. And a wet evening in Russia, not a problem for Usain Bolt. (SINGS) #

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Alright. In a moment we find out what is so brilliant about being a ginger bloke.A lot. Rain has delayed the start of the second session in Durham. With Australia chasing 299 to win the fourth ashes test. Ian Bell top scored to push England as total to 230. Australia currently none for 11.England resumed holding a 202 run lead. With Ian Bell building on his third century of the series.Evidence of Bell's supreme form at the moment. In his second over with the new ball Ryan Harris struck.Bowled him. You needed something special to get past the bat of Ian Bell.His 20th test hundred came to an end on 113. Enter Matt Prior. Prior elbowed himself out of the middle for a first ball duck. Harris showed off his five wicket haul but couldn't complete a hat trick. First ball around the wicket and Harris bagged Broad as his 6th.That was definitely coming.8 for 275.Tall man Broad. Couldn't get underneath it.Nightwatchman Tim Bresnan provided a lot more than century duty.There we go again.He scored 14 of one Jackson Bird over including three consecutive fours. It's gone fine. Keep finding the gaps.Harris finished with 7 scalps when he did it all himself to remove Bresnan for 45. Nathan Lyon claimed James Anderson, England all out for 330, leaving Australia 299 for victory. Chris Rogers and David Warner saw off five overs to go to lunch with their wicket intact. While Essendon await the outcome of its ongoing supplements saga the bombers have been dealt a double blow by the match review panel with Fletcher facing a two-match suspension and Ryder sitting out one match.Dustin Fletcher will have to wait until the last game of the regular season to break the club's 378 games record. Offered two weeks for a hit on West Coast's Jamie Cripps. Teammate Patrick Ryder handed a one-game penalty for his own rough conduct against Cripps. Gold Coast bad boy Campbell Brown won't play a game this season, three matches for this hit. Brown's former club Hawthorne is confident Lance Franklin will overcome a hamstring complaint in time for this week's blockbuster against the Pies.We expect him to play.West Coast's veteran Dean Cox says he will happily accept elevation into the finals should Essendon be stripped of premiership points.If we play finals because we came ninth and the AFL allow you to do that, so be it.Forgotten Sydney speedster Garry Rowan is closing in on a return to senior ranks 18 months after suffering a horrific leg injury.I'm not sure whether he will play this week.Jetta, goods and Roberts Thompson are also on track for a return before sentiment The Gold Coast Titans are in the NRL's top 8 tonight after a Kevin Gordon hat trick helped them to an upset 26-16 win against Canterbury. The visitors made a super start thanks to their acrobatic winger. Gordon soon had a double. His second try even better than the first. Sam pr receipt got one back for the Bulldogs, when Trent Hodkinson found his way over it appeared the Dogs would be stronger. But then controversy, fans convinced Josh Reynolds crossed only to be denied by the video referee. Sturd putting the result beyond doubt. It's the Titans' first win over the Bulldogs in Sydney. The Dogs now with an up hill battle to finish in the top 4. Still on league - Souths forward Sam Burgess faces a two-week ban after being charged with contrary conduct after an alleged squirrel grip. Burgess appeared to place his hands between the legs of Will chap Chambers last Friday night.I'm not 100% sure what happened there. But I'm sure the powers that be will look after it.Justin Hodges has scoffed at suggestions of retirement after an Achilles heel injury is set to sideline him for almost a year. James O'Connor insists the off field indiscretions that have plagued his career are a thing of the past. O'Connor vowed to abide by the disciplinary standard set by new coach Ewen McKenzie.If I go back I would definitely change situations and things that happened. But I guess reality is I can only take the advice I have been given and knuckles down and work hard. Saturday's first test at ANZ Stadium is live and free right here on Ten from 7.30. American Jason Duffner is celebrating his first major after taking out the PGA championship in New York. It comes two years after he lost the same event in a playoff. He held off fellow American Jim fewer Rick to lift his first major trophy.It was a long day, tough golf course. It probably hasn't hit me yet. I can't believe it's happened to me. I'm privileged to play in these tournaments.Adam Scott was the best of the Aussies at five under. Jason Day stormed up the leader board through the final 8. A fairytale finish, seven shots behind. You cannot keep a champion down. After the heartbreak of disqualification two years ago there was no way Usain Bolt would be denied his shot at world championship glory. Storming home in a very cool 9.77 seconds.What was it tonight? Singing in the rain?I can't sing. I was just running in the rain. Humour there. He might not be able to sing in the rain but the 26- year-old can run and not for the first time he takes out our Play of the Day. That would be an understatement. Can run, Usain Bolt. He makes it look so easy. He can't be good at everything.True.He can dance as well. In his celebrations. Can he?Oh, yeah.Do follow us on Twitter. Still to come, tomorrow's weather and all of our Bedtime Bytes. (TECHNO MUSIC)

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Let's get straight to Hermione with a recap.Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has accused the opposition of hiding spending cuts so big they could plunge the country into recession. After spending the day denying allegations he cheated during last night's debate Kevin Rudd capped off day 8 of the campaign with a claim the coalition would sack tens of thousands of public servants. The Opposition Leader has described it as scare tactics. Taking a look at the weather across the country:

Bedtime bites time. Mine is from the Mail Online. For every would-be groom's worst nightmare this woman got married with 80 bridesmaids in England. Six were family and 74 were students of her dance class. Wow.So they filled up the church. But he didn't have to have that many grooms men or ushers. He got ripped off. He only had two or three. If you have 80 you don't feel special.I have a story of an 11-year-old girl in Britain who is smarter than Einstein. She scored the maximum 162 on a MENSA IQ test last month. Her dad thought she fluffed it because she finished the test so quickly. She loves numbers and she wants to be the Governor of the bank of England. Jue know what they did in Edinburgh on the weekend, they had a Ginger Pride March to demonstrate against Gingerism, to demonstrate against prejudice against people with red hair. All hail the red, orange and pale!That's fair.Don't make me mad or I will Ginger Snap! That's cute.Pretty special, aren't we, yes?Yes, very special, Brad.We're done. Thank you very much for joining us. We leave you with some pictures of Matt Damon.Good night. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -