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Tonight's Seven News headlines - wild winds batter Sydney, causing chaos on the roads
and on the Harbour.

A Seven News poll declares
Tony Abbott the winner of last night's debate.

A stabbing victim caught
on a pizza shop's security cameras pleading for help.

Checking finance now and the share market
has closed higher, led by strong gains across
the resources sector.

A team from New South Wales
has taken out gold at the Energy Olympics in China. Students from
the University of Wollongong and TAFE Illawarra developed the winning entry which reduced an existing home's
energy consumption to zero. The house was retro-fitted here before being pulled apart
and shipped to China where 30,000 people are expected
to check it out.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather.

Chris, it was a bit of a crazy day
weather wise. Temperatures soared to 27 degrees before the metro area
was smashed by wild winds. The lunchtime westerly change
was stronger than expected with winds gusting up to
96km/h at Camden,

95km/h at Fort Denison, the strongest gust on the harbour
in at least seven years. It was also Sydney's warmest day
since May, reaching 24.4 degrees in the city. When that change arrived,
temperatures dropped significantly. It fell from 24 to 19
in just over an hour. Very warm around the suburbs. 27 degrees in Richmond.
7 degrees above average.

We have areas of cloud
associated with a cold change sweeping across
south-eastern Australia. There is another cloud band
south of Perth which will move rapidly east
and cross NSW late on Wednesday. In between those changes,
it will be mostly dry and sunny with winds easing considerably. Tomorrow - just a few showers
through southern inland areas and on the central ranges. Around
the country - sunny weather
in the east and north. A shower or two in Perth
and Melbourne.

A gale warning is current but will be reduced to a strong wind
warning by tomorrow. The winds will continue to ease
in Sydney tonight. 9 degrees the low. And tomorrow is looking sunny -
21 degrees. It'll be fine and sunny
around the metro area with a moderate breeze.

To the 7-day forecast - fine weather is expected
for the rest of the week. That second change will arrive
Wednesday, so it could become moderately breezy
Wednesday night into Thursday. We could see a little rain
on Saturday, Chris.

And that's Seven News At 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. In Seven News at 7:00 over on 7TWO - deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop
is live with host Mel Doyle. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello and thanks for joining us. Coming up shortly -
TV's biggest stars. They were in our loungerooms
and in our lives for years. Now see how their own lives
take dramatic turns when the spotlight fades. That story in a moment but first up this week, you're about to see a glimpse of some of the most appalling
behaviour behind the wheel we've ever come across. There's little more to say
other than, have a look at this.

MAN: We are driving home. Man, we're... (BEEP) our tits! Wait, there's a... (BEEP)
speed camera. (BEEP) ..the cops!

At high speed on a freeway, the 18-year-old P-plater
and his mate boast at how drunk they are. I am so friggin' pissed!

The driver turns the camera
onto himself while he's supposed to be
watching the road, but it gets a whole lot worse. This guy thinks
he's so clever and bulletproof, he takes his hands off the wheel.

Apart from that,
I'm pretty... (BEEP) ..drunk. We're doing very responsible driving
right now. As you can see,
I'm driving with my knee - (BEEP) ..still there! What makes this reckless behaviour
even more stupid is he posts the video on Facebook
for his 1,800 friends to see. Anyway, thanks for tuning in, and I'm getting on the likes
and inboxes and comments because we're sick... (BEEP)
Australian (BEEP). But one of his so-called "friends"
didn't see the funny side, and either do we. So concerned at the blatant
disregard for other motorists, the clip was sent in to us so we could expose
this appalling behaviour.

We've since tracked down the driver
you saw in that video, and tomorrow night he will attempt
to tell us what, if anything,
was going through his head. Alright, now to some of our most
beloved television stars. They're men and women
we feel we know because we've spent so much time
watching them on screen. But the truth is,
we really don't know them at all. As we're about to see, many have faced challenges
in their real lives that even our best script writers
would have trouble dreaming up. Glenn Connley reports on what
can happen when the spotlight fades.

I have a hurricane in me
that will strip Spain bare if you dare to try me! Australia's entertainment industry
has always punched above its weight.

But for every
Hugh, Nicole, Russell or Cate, there's a Rowena, Val, Burgo
or Chris. You're adored, you're revered, you're winning Logies
and every other award going. You're on magazine covers,
you can do no wrong. Then, all of a sudden, it's like the rug's been
pulled out from underneath you. The work dries up,
the money stops coming in, you're broke, you're destitute. They were the biggest fish
in the smallest of ponds and we embraced them like family.

Stand back and let me and Bee
sort it out. But in this throw-away world where there's a new reality star
every other week, we're pretty quick to forget those who lit up our living rooms
week in, week out in years gone by. I don't quite know
what I'm going to do anymore. In the 1980s, there were none bigger
than Rowena Wallace. Three decades on,
she found herself penniless and, briefly, homeless. I have applied
to every government housing. I may yet have to live
in something rather squalid. She even resorted
to selling her Logies. As an actor, you don't think

that suddenly it's all just going
to, you know, the curtain's just going
to come down and you're going to be
underneath it. Thankfully, Rowena's fighting back. She's certainly not the only
big name to fall on hard times. This is very embarrassing for me,
I don't mind saying, but I've got to fess up. One-time game show king John Burgess gave away - and earned -
millions over the years. He drove a Ferrari
and lived in the lap of luxury. But by 2012, he was skint. I don't know if I've got any left. Well, you know, I guess, ah,

a lot of people will understand that
times are not what they used to be and if you don't plan your life
better than I obviously have, you could find yourself
in a similar situation. So don't let it do that. My life's way up there
and way down there one minute to the next. Val Lehmann is about to star
in the stage production of 'Grease'. The former 'Prisoner' top dog was driving a car that was anything
but "grease lightning". I can't afford the panel beating and I can't afford to have it
repaired properly. When I was first diagnosed,
I thought, wow - the big C, cancer. Ken James made his name
as a sidekick to a kangaroo. He's one of many big stars who faced bigger problems
than a shrinking bank account. Adrianna Xenedes! Sadly, Adrianna Xenedes'
health problems didn't have a happy ending. She died of a mystery illness
at the age of just 54. Anyone home?


When I came out of that show
and during the show, you couldn't go anywhere. We've heard plenty about one former
'Hey Dad..!' star lately. Another, Chris Trusswell,
played Nudge, among the most loved characters
of his day. These days,
Chris himself can't find love. I think girls might have seen me
more as a funny guy. So probably just more cute and silly
than sexy. It really is a sad state of affairs when you've been a big TV star,
like Chris was as Nudge, and you can't even score a date. According to entertainment guru
Craig Bennett, tall poppy syndrome
is alive and well, nowhere more than in Australia's
entertainment business. It could be a case of
tall poppy syndrome. I mean, there does seem to be
an element of delight in seeing how the mighty
have fallen - a great big star one day, all of a sudden down on their uppers
the next. It's the case of one day a rooster,
the next day a feather duster. No money, nowhere to live,
shared rooms. You did all that
when you were young, you know. But they were exciting because you kind of always felt
you were on a stairway to something. It's when
you kind of reach something and you go, "What do I do now?"

One-time 'Cop Shop' heartthrob
John Orcsic was the hottest male property
on TV in his day. For some reason or another, and
maybe that's just purely Australian, nobody wants to know you
in television anymore for some reason or another, which I can't understand. In the States, if you came out
of a show like 'Cop Shop', you'd be in another show before
you could turn around and say hello. But John's answer was simple -
he worked harder. He's still acting and now one of the nation's
most sought-after acting teachers. A lot of my people
have gone on to do big things.

The whole world economy
is falling apart! Likewise, 70-year-old Terry Donovan,
father of not only Jason, but for a while,
Australia's go-to actor to play dad. If I look back on my life and I see where I came from
and what I've done, I'm always surprised
when I look down at my biography and see all the work
that one has done. I'm really pleased
that I have achieved so much. Is there another big role in you? Oh, I think so. He thinks back to a bit of advice
from the daddy of all Aussie actors, Bud Tingwell. Yeah, well, Bud said to me,
"Say yes to everything, Terry." It certainly worked
for Paula Duncan. In the old days, they wanted to pay
me a fortune to take off my clothes. I remember that. Now they pay me a fortune
to keep them on! Once a siren of the small screen, she's known by today's kids
as the Spray n' Wipe lady. Trust me, kids,
she was much more than that.

(SINGS) # Say thank you. # But even a gig like this
was an artistic choice. And I think everybody does and I think that's why
Spray n' Wipe worked was because it wasn't only
a commercial success and a product success but, you know,
it was a fabulous shoot. It was technically brilliant
and it was very sound.

You just have to perhaps
have put a little aside when you were earning it. I've been lucky that
I don't owe anybody a cent.

Hazel Phillips is an old-fashioned,
all-round entertainer. A Gold Logie winner, she still
picks up gigs in dribs and drabs. And I'm also waiting to see...
(LAUGHS) ad that I did on incontinence. So that's what you get
when you're a senior. I did an ad ending up
with "oui-oui" at the end!

Ailsa! Not everyone
ends up selling senior nappies. When Judy Nunn's beloved
'Home and Away' character, Ailsa, popped her clogs, she threw herself
into writing novels - good ones, too.

It's also nice
if they broaden their horizons. You look at Judy Nunn, fantastic actor,
star of stage and screen. She was in 'Home and Away'
as Ailsa for 13 years but she turned her hands
to writing books and now she's got
her 12th coming out and is one of the
biggest selling Australian authors around the world. Some stars choose to go off-grid
to avoid the spotlight altogether. Gold Logie winner Gerard Kennedy
hid himself away on a manmade boat in Melbourne's Docklands. (SINGS) # I am woman
Hear me roar... # Helen Reddy spent a decade
shunning the spotlight, which made her recent comeback
all the more remarkable.

I don't care
if I'm remembered or not. The important thing is that any good
that I've done lives on. According to some of
the great TV veterans, the key to survival is the ability
to swallow your pride and try something different. I'd love your job! It might be going soon, depending on
how well I do with this story! (LAUGHS)

Glenn Connley reporting there,
for now anyway. Well, we see the cases in the news
on an almost weekly basis, people struggling with an obession
to collect anything and everything and an inability
to throw it all away. It's called hoarding

and the woman we're about to meet has been fighting a battle
against herself for years. Adene Cassidy has Sigrid's story. Did you think, when you moved here,
that you'd be living differently? Absolutely, yeah, and I hate it. I hate the fact that I have done
the same thing as I did before... (SOBS). Sorry.
Don't be sorry.

We first met Sigrid Wilson
seven years ago. The self-described hoarder
was drowning in clutter from floor to ceiling.

It's not going to work because
this is all my personal stuff! Sigrid has
obsessive-compulsive disorder. She not only struggles with
daily urges to collect and hoard but she also finds a reason
to keep everything from multiple washing machines
to a box of paper clips. There's collectable tins in there
that you've thrown away. Oh, this is ridiculous! When she first asked Today Tonight
for help, we had no idea
it would be so difficult. If it wasn't for you, Adene,
and the Channel 7 team,

If it wasn't for you, Adene,
and the Channel 7 team, the Today Tonight team, I would not have been able
to break that OCD cycle. I've still got OCD, but I'm not nearly as bad
as what I was. In one week,
we filled four skip bins but it wasn't until she moved
last year that Sigrid really confronted
just what she had been living with. Unbelievably, it took three months
to pack and move. How many trucks?

I can't believe what is seen here. I look at it and I think why, why. You have got so much stuff. Did you have to clear this about?They got rid of all of it and I feel like there is some space now. Sigrid hoped
the move would be a fresh start - a smaller home
would mean less room to hoard. But somehow, she's found herself
surrounded by clutter again. Have you had your grandkids over? No, I don't want them
to come and see this mess. That must break your heart. It does,
because we get on really well, we're a very close family
and we're a good family and we laugh a lot
and have a lot of fun but I don't want them
to see the reality

of what's going on
inside my head and my heart.

(SNIFFS) Sorry, I didn't expect to be
so emotional about this. And it's not just
an emotional cost - Sigrid is spending $190 a month
on storage as well. I look at it
and I say, "Get rid of it" and then I just keep moving it,
instead of getting rid of it. What do you think is going to happen
if you get rid of it? An empty space. I think...

I think that's the biggest problem -
I will feel empty. I found another bag for you.

Mum, it's rubbish. It's rubbish. It's rubbish. That is rubbish, Sigrid. I don't care! You will not throw these away! These have value! I would love someone to just come in
and just do it for me, so that I don't see what's going because if I'm here, I can't do it. I can't still let go.

Adene Cassidy there. We're off to a break now. When we return, let's hope you don't appear
in our next story. The campaign to shame the most inconsiderate drivers
in the country.

Here's what our community says about our local MP, Mike Kelly. WOMAN: Well, I'm
a health professional and I know that Mike's supporting
a lot of healthcare initiatives and, you know,
that's important to me. MAN: He's honest and passionate and anything he's said he'd do,
he's done for us. Well, I'm not necessarily
involved in politics. I judge people on what they do. And for that reason,
I have the highest regard for him.

Now, anyone who's ever parked
at a supermarket or shopping centre will relate to this next story - those who park diagonally,
half in, half out, taking up two, even three, spots. Now there's a way to get revenge
without a hint of road rage. Lynda Kinkade explains.


MAN: They've gone for it.
(YELLS) Oh! Presenting a parallel park - not once, not twice, not even three times. Yeah, have a cup of tea - this could take some time. (MAN CHANTS) Let her park!
Let her park! Meanwhile in Sydney, who needs a drive-through when you can simply drive over
and then drive away?

At least seven parks to choose from but this driver
can't make up their mind. (CRASH!) How about this driver? He gets up at 5:00 each morning
in order to park his car by 8am.


MAN: Without fail!

When there's two parks, why take one
when you can straddle both? No, mate, no, that's a fail.

And a smart car partnered
with some very dumb driving. Yeah! Yee-ow! If your parking prowess
is a little lacking, be warned. Melbourne student Stephen, who won't reveal his last name
for fear of retribution, is on a mission with his mates, out to catch
the worst parking culprits. People are just lazy, and I guess everyone,
when they see a horrible park, they don't mind taking the photo and doing a bit
of a name-and-shame thing. In just a few weeks, their Facebook page has attracted
more than 30,000 followers. I guess
it'll make people think twice before they're lazy or an idiot
and park horribly. Photos are sent in and posted,
and no driver is off-limits. We've had the Mayor park half in a disabled spot
and half in his spot, and we've had people park in lakes
and shops and against things. If you can't be bothered with angle parking
or parking between the white lines, then stick your car
wherever you like, but be prepared
to smile for the camera. (CAMERAL CLICKS) Yeah, we've had people abuse us, we've had people send us
rude messages and things. I think it's great theatre
and great sport to highlight driving inadequacy
in all its forms. Motoring expert John Cadogan says parking a car is one skill
many drivers are lacking.

I don't know what's so hard about knowing where the four corners
of the car actually are. Four-wheel drivers
are some of the most snapped online. There's an incredible sense
of entitlement. It's almost like
the normal rules don't apply.

Back to our parallel parker. Wait for it... ..wait for it... (BELL RINGS) ..and she's done! A parallel park in 29 minutes. MAN: Oh, my God, she's done it.
(YELLS) Yeah!

After the break,
we'll have the news headlines. And he said his brother
was killed by a shark to get the family fortune. Trouble is,
his brother is back from the dead.

Mmm. Yum. That looks good. Hey.
(GASPS) Put that away.
It's all done for you. Deliciously-steamed fish
in under five minutes. So dinner's as good as...
BOTH: Done. (SONG) # Birds Eye. #

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Welcome back. Now with the latest,
here's Chris Bath. Thanks, Helen. Making news in Sydney tonight - damaging gale force winds have caused widespread destruction
and chaos across Sydney. Fallen trees
have brought down power lines and closed major road
and rail lines. Boats were dragged
from their moorings on to beaches by winds gusting at up to 100km/h. Tony Abbott had an extra spring
in his step today after being widely credited with
winning the first leaders debate. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was back campaigning
in the Sydney seat of Bennelong, promising more help
for manufacturing workers. Community Services Minister
Pru Goward has been accused of lying about the number of staff who are employed to check on
the welfare of children. A man has been charged over
an alleged king-hit on a man on George Street early this morning which has left the victim
in an induced coma. Australian researchers have started
a world first trial of a vaccine normally
used to prevent tuberculosis to tackle food allergies
in children. And Hollywood star Matt Damon has starred on the black carpet
in Sydney to promote his latest movie
'Elysium'. Sydney's weather - and it will be mostly sunny tomorrow with a top of 20 along the coast and 21 in Penrith and Parramatta.

That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening, Helen.

Tomorrow night - he said his brother was killed by
a shark to get the family fortune, but his brother
is back from the dead, so who's going to get the millions

Declaring the missing or dead when he new pariah was all the time.Who declared me missing?His own mother. Assaulted by your husband.The shark has eating meat. Maybe I didn't taste too good so he has spat me out again. And don't forget the 7:00 News
is about to begin over on 7TWO. But, for now, from all of us here,
thanks for your company. I'm Helen Kapalos.
Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

I feel weird. It's OK. It's OK. Just...

Is this what she's got
to look forward to? A life full of hospital beds? Sal, you're forgetting the clinic. Mr Stewart, that is a pipe dream. We've got a buyer
for the 'Blaxland'. As soon as that money comes through,
you're off to America. Yeah, but what if it's too late? Regardless of whether I still have
a chance with Casey, if I'm even thinking about him,
I shouldn't be with Kyle. If you think for a second
you're getting her back... Oh, no, I don't want her back. But if you two think
you're gonna last, you're dreaming. Oi! You're not gonna... Shut up, all of youse! You put these two together.
You sort 'em out. Hey, I'm trying...
I don't give a stuff, Case. Pack your bags.
Why? Apparently you're going to Melbourne
for your buck's night. Sick. CASEY: Can I choose the music? HEATH: No, driver gets to choose
and I don't wanna... ZAC: Are you sure
he's the right one for you?

I'm sorry. I should go.

Hi. Hello, Bianca.
Hi. Sorry. What's up? You miss Heath?
Because that's cute, but it's sad. Miss him? No. Wish I was him? Yes. Living it up in Melbourne -
so unfair. What's up, then?

A lot to organise for the wedding. I thought Roo was onto that. Yeah, she's given me
plenty of ideas, but I just need to narrow it down. Well, I'll help. You just tell me
what you want me to do. Well, I do need a bridesmaid.
You want me to be your bridesmaid?

What, you don't want to?

Well, it's just
you hadn't asked me yet, so... Darling sister, will you do me
the honour of being my bridesmaid? This is where you say yes
and hug me. Yes!

KYLE: That wasn't my fault! I wasn't
watching when Brax made the turn. CASEY: Yeah, exactly. You should have been watching the
road, not texting your girlfriend. HEATH: Will you two shut up?
Why don't you shut up, Heath? You've been whingeing
ever since we left. BRAX: Boys, seriously! That'll do. It was just up here on the left. What, this place here with
the little coloured chairs and that? Yes, Heath. With the little chairs. Officially the worst road trip ever.

Yeah, well, we're here now,
so we may as well enjoy it. I'll enjoy myself
when I get something to eat. I booked the restaurant so as soon as we check in,
you can eat all you want. Good. Your shout. This is what we're gonna do.
You boys check in. Case. Come with me. Where are we going?
Just come here. Here.

Oi! Can you quit sending
all those love letters? I'm letting Tamara know we arrived. Will you stop it? You've already got the girl.
Stop rubbing it in Casey's face. Good boy.

Thing is, this trip -
it's a good thing. I know.

We should be showing Heath
a good time, not driving him nuts. I wasn't gonna say that. You have been through hell, Case. Maybe you should use the time away
to get your head together.

No, I mean it. Now Tamara's memory's coming back,
it's anyone's game. No. It's game over. She's with Kyle. You don't believe that.
I do. I told her. I'm done. And I mean it. That's sitting really well with you,
too, isn't it?

Mate, I'm just saying,
I've got your back.

You know, you wanna talk,
punch something, I'm here.

No, you'll just punch me back. Probably.
Yeah. Do you actually think I might still
have a chance with Tamara? I dunno. No-one does. But fighting with an old mate
isn't gonna help you figure it out.

That's alright.

Is that Kyle? He's arrived safe and sound
and he misses me. Well, I think Kyle's understanding
of "give me space" really needs some work. He wants to know where he stands.
I don't blame him.

Life was simpler with amnesia. You don't mean that. I just feel like I'm running
at a million miles an hour and not actually getting anywhere. Gosh, and don't even get me started
on my schoolwork. How bad is it? It's time to panic. Well, talk to Bianca. Surely you can get some special
consideration or some extensions. Yeah, that's a good idea, actually. Yeah, let me know how you go. Ah...I'll see you at school. Are you gonna be late for work? Ah, I'm not going. Right. Big night?