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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. She vanished without a trace more than two years ago. 13-year-old Bung Siriboon was last seen walking to her Melbourne school in 2011. Now, her mysterious disappearance may be one step closer to being solved after a major breakthrough. Victorian detectives have confirmed they've received new information about her whereabouts and today launched a massive search for her remains in a creek bed in the city's east. The development comes just months after Bung's family spoke publicly in a desperate plea for information.The person who she is with needs to come forward and tell us. You know, life is on hold.And we'll cross live to Melbourne for the very latest on this case. That's coming up after 5:00. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott were all about the big picture for the beginning of campaign week two focusing on jobs and infrastructure. Let's go live to our correspondent in Canberra. Lauren, good afternoon. Take us through what the leaders announced today?Hi. Well, Tony Abbott headed to Melbourne's traffic headquarters first where he promised a Coalition Government will give an update on all infrastructure projects. This will basically mean a statement will be made to the Parliament every year and the point is to show where the money is being spent. Looking to the Prime Minister, he was in the Sydney seat of Bennalong which Labor is hoping to win back from the Liberals. Mr Rudd announced a $36 million package for the manufacturing sector while he was at Macquarie University. And as we know, babies are always a great picture opportunity for a pollie. Excuse me, don't spit on the Prime Minister.You keep spitting as much as you like. If you want to dribble and drool, you dribble and drool, mate!So this very gorgeous baby, whose name is Paddy, he received his first hearing aid today. His mum was there to thank Labor for making hearing tests for mandatory for new borpbs. And the PM copped - - but new borns. And the PM copped flak for using notes at the election last night. It would be rather odd if you went to a platform watched by several millions of people thinking that you could do on the sly. You can't. There is a limit to how much you can scrabble down on the palm of your had. There is a limit to Mr Abbott's three-word slogans.To me, the problem with Mr Rudd last night was that that he may or may not have had notes, the problem is that what he said was pretty empty. Meantime, the latest Newspoll has support for Labor going backwards. They won't be happy about that.

support for Labor going backwards.
They won't be happy about that.No, the Newspoll shows Labor's primary vote back to where it was when Kevin Rudd got his job back six weeks ago. It's dropped two points to 35% and the Coalition have gained two points and they're sitting on 46%. The Opposition has also got a clear lead now when we look at the two-party preferred vote. They're steady in front at 52% while Labor is on 48%. And this one is certainly going to have Tony Abbott smiling. He's narrowed the gap as preferred Prime Minister and he's up on 37 points, but Kevin Rudd is still ahead on 46%. Take a list tonight both of them again.

list tonight both of them again.We entered this election for September 7 as the underdog. Nothing has changed. And I'm not phased by any of this. I've been around for a bit, mate, and I've been around for a few things, somewhat more challenging than this as well.I'll leave poll commentary to the Canberra insiders and just focus on my main job.One job that could be harder for the Coalition now is taking the NSW Central Coast see of Dobell off Craig Thomson. Former cricketer Nathan Brackan has thrown his seat in the ring. The campaign is being funded by John Singleton allegedly. So that will throw a spanner in the works. And finally, the deadline ends tonight for anyone who still hasn't enrolled to vote, so for those of you who haven't, make sure that you visit the Electoral Commission website tonight before 8:00.Yes, thank you. And the big question we're asking today is - do you think that Kevin Rudd won the debate last night? You can share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag. Or go to our website: And our live results right now - 52% of people say no. And we'll have the final results for you in Nine News at 7pm on GEM. The mother of murder victim Sarah Cafferkey has come face-to-face with her daughter's killer during a pre-sentence hearing in Victoria's Supreme Court. Flanked by Sarah's friends, her mother clutched a photograph as she heard shocking details of the moment Steven James Hunter took her daughter's life. Our correspondent was in court and joins us now. Karen, a very difficult day. Take us through what happened.It sure was. This was the part of the court process where submissions are made from both sides to effectively lobby the judge for a certain sentence. As part of the prosecution case for a life term without parole, we heard Steven Hunter had served 13 years for murdering another young woman in the '80s and had spent 19 of the past 27 years in jail. Sarah's father in his emotional victim impact statement pointed to Hunter and asked how and why he came to kill again. He said Sarah was a justice student and the very thing that she loved to learn about let her down. She was stabbed by Hunter, who she partied with. He said he was a father-figure to her. Her body was placed in a wheelie bin and her mother said she was not a piece of rubbish, but in fact, her precious only child.Yeah, it is an absolutely horrible case. It's hard to imagine just how tough, how emotional this is for Sarah's loved ones. How are they coping?It's very hard for these families to articulate their grief and how it influences their lives. Sarah's aunt and close friend, for example, spoke about how they were now terrified of being alone and that's aside from the trauma of the way this unfolded. Their part in trying to find Sarah and the gaping hole that this has left in their lives. It occupies their thoughts, their dreams, everyday items like a wheelie bin now is haunting to them. Sarah mother, though, has found the strength to fight what she sees as failures in the parole system. She's launched landmark legal action against the State for missing red flags about Hunter while he is on parole.All right. We do appreciate the update on that case. Thank you for that. The family of slain Melbourne woman Kylie Blackwood has bid an emotional farewell to the mother of three today. Her husband, Peter, was joined by his son and twin daughters who found their mother dead at home earlier this month. It comes amid reports a hooded man previously wantedly police entered the Pakenham residence on the day she was murdered. Detectives say the investigations are ongoing. The man accused of running off with his baby daughter after assaulting her grandmother has been refused bail in a South Australian court. With the little girl now safe, the family's concerns have turn to the grandmother who is in a serious condition in hospital. Our correspondent has the details for us. The Statewide man-hunt has had a happy ending with the 10-month-old returned to her mother safe and well. Paige's mother says she broke down in tears when she found out her baby was safe.I was literally balling. I was so relieved. We bolted to the police station and held her so tight in my arms. I didn't let her go for ages.Despite feeling a huge sense of relief for her baby's safety, she says that she still has concerns for her own mother's welfare after she was allegedly brutally assaulted during the ordeal on Sunday morning. The 55-year-old remains in an induced coma suffering a fractured skull and swelling in the brain.She's a fighter, she really is.Today, Benjamin's father faced court. The grandmother was allegedly kicked in the head. When the lawyer described the violence, Kosh broke down. Despite having no criminal record, the magistrate refused bail saying that the risk of re-offending was too high. He'll next appear in court in November. Nelson Mandela is said to be continuing his road to recovery despite remaining in a critical condition in a Pretoria hospital. According the South African Government, the anti-apartheid icon is making slow and steady progress more than two months after being admitted for a recurring lung infection. Just a few days ago, the 95-year-old's family reiterated that the former president is not going any time any time soon. Saying he can now sit up unaccompanied. Back home, commuters on the Brisbane River this morning may have been forgiven for thinking that they may have forgotten to get out of the bath. After seeing this sight - the largest rubber duck in the Southern Hemisphere was towed down the river by the water police as the countdown begins to the great Brisbane River race. Stay with us. 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The wild weather Australia is famous for is on show along our east coast. While residents of south-east Queensland are enjoying their hottest day this winter, their counterparts in the southern States are battling gale-force winds and thunderstorms. Let's go live to our weather expert who is lucky enough to be basking in the sun for us this afternoon. Tell us how good the weather has been today?Sensational. I mean here at the Brisbane Ekka, the crowds are huge and it's partly due to the weather and temperatures. But also huge crowds around the beaches today. Everyone flocking to the coast being a public holiday for some. We're expecting to smash a record today. The hottest August day ever recorded was 2009 and that's normally at the end of the month and it got to 35 degrees. But for this early in the month, the record was 28.9. We're hoping to beat that today. We got in to 28.2. So we didn't break the all time record for early August but nothing short of sensational. And the good news that the warm weather will last in south-east Queensland for the remainder of the week.Oh, just beautiful. I'll tell you where I'd rather be today! Talk about extremes. The weather couldn't be much more different in NSW and Victoria.No, and it's all due to a cold front. While the front is bringing warmer north- westerlies being felt here in Brisbane, it's bringing severe weather warnings. I know in St Kilda in Victoria today, they had a win gust of 105km/h. There have been power outages and nearly 10,000 homes throughout NSW with still a severe weather warning in place through the Illawarra and the Hunter and the central tablelands. I have some friends down in the snow at the moment and blizzard conditions with winds gusting to 120km/h. So I hate to rub it in - but if you're in the southern States, not too good. Here in the sunshine State, magic for the week ahead.Very, very jealous. Thank you very much for that. Enjoy the show. And Nine News will have an update on the weather conditions in your capital city in our major bulletins at 6:00. Holden workers at Adelaide's cash- strapped plant are facing an anxious night with a vote to are held tomorrow. The decision make or break the plant's future. But the union says it is too close to predict.This is a big decision. The workers are being asked to make a very dig sacrifice in contribution and I don't doubt that that is weighing heavily on their minds.The preliminary results of the vote will be known tomorrow afternoon, but Holden management will still wait until after the election before making a long-term commitment to manufacturing in Australia. Still ahead this afternoon - Sydney workers rush to help a man stabbed in the city's south-east. We'll show you the dramatic security footage, next. Plus, fears for farmers. Our dairy producers being milked of their hard work by the battle for the best priced bottle. And we'll meet the wounded Aussie soldiers putting the past behind them to brave their toughest battle yet. Thanks Amelia. Tonight in Nine News - wild winds spark a bushfire at the base of the Blue Mountains, with thousands of homes left without power across Sydney. Cricketer Nathan Bracken challenges Craig Thomson for his seat. Controversial sport scientist Stephen Dank backs Sharks captain Paul Gallen. From Prospect to Rooty Hill and Green Square - we take a look Sydney's new water parks. And we're live on the red carpet, with Matt Damon. Stay up-to-date through the afternoon, on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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Dairy farmers have taken a public stance issuing a stark warning that the industry will be decimated if the supermarket milk war continues. Let's go live to our correspondent in Brisbane. Phil, it's no coincidence where they've choiceen to voice their concerns -- chosen to voice their concerns.This is at the Ekka because this is the one time of the year when as many dairy farmers as possible are in the one place. They decided to make their stand today. Their concern, essentially, is about the ongoing supermarket war in terms of milk, the dollar a litre price of milk. They say that the majority of producers here in Queensland aren't making money. It's going backwards. In just over a year, 80 producers have left the industry - about one a week. We spoke to one woman who was a dairy familiarer for 42 years and she walked away from it. We spoke to a dairy farmer today and here's what he had to say. His comments were representative of what everybody had to say.The day will come that there will be no milk industry left in Queensland. There will be no fresh milk left and the consumer will be buying UHT milk imported from New Zealand or anywhere overseas.Now, the two supermarkets involved with the dollar a litre deal with Woolies and Coles. We spoke to Woolies and they said the only reason they did it is because Coles moved first. We're still waiting to hear from Coles but at the moment, Woolies are saying that Coles are to blame. We'll wait to hear what Coles have got to say.You've got to feel for the producers, that's for sure! Thank you for that. Chilling CCTV has been released of the moment a man staggered in to a pizza shop after being stabbed during an alleged fight in Sydney's south-east. Workers at the Rosebery store can be seen rushing to the man's aid attempting to stem the bleeding before paramedics arrived. And someone came and then he knocked and said, "Ambulance, quick, call the ambulance." And then my uncle, he left everything and the cooking and he came out and he was bleeding. He took off his shirt and he put it in here to stop the blood. The 27-year-old was taken to hospital in a stable condition. Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward. Still to come on Nine News - a new but familiar face joins the election trail. We'll have the latest developments from both sides as week two of the election campaign kicks off. Plus the fresh twist in the case of a missing Melbourne schoolgirl. What's prompted police to search for Bung Siriboon more than two years after she vanished? And is the bomb about to drop on Essendon? We'll cross live to Melbourne for an update as the AFL prepares to lay charges over the supplements saga. And a Melbourne man on target to hit the record books - how he stole the spotlight from a former P
I' m -------- with a WIN Newsbreak Police are cracking down on h down on drivers h heading
Police are cracking down on drivers stoppi
heading to and from the snow - stopping over nine hundred cars durin s
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spring, Floriade. And in sport, George Smith named Brumbies Best
George Smith named Brumbies Best and Fairest for the tenth time, at c or the tenth time, at the c club'
Fairest for the tenth time, at the club' s presentation night. i presentation night. Details i club' s presentation night. Details count
in the best hour of news in the country from 6.

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They're the bravest of the brave - the Australian soldiers who risk life and limb fighting for a better world. But the road to recovery for those injured at war can sometimes be the toughest challenge. Lizzie Pearl caught up with two Australian diggers who are part of an international team of wounded warriors taking on one of the harshest battlefields on earth. Inspiring doesn't even begin to describe these walking wounded. There's Ivan. He's blind after a mortar attack on US forces in Iraq. Left-hand side, there's an iron bar. Canadian Chris. He lost the sight in one eye and suffered ter tkwribl burns from a homemade bomb -- terrible burns from a homemade bomb in Afghanistan. And the Aussies - Heath and Seamus - both shot during heavy combat.One second I was standing up and a fraction of a second later I was face down in the dirt. My boys switched on and got me out of there.Yeah, I was shot through the neck in Afghanistan in 2011. It went in at the back here and came out down here. Fractured C1 and C2 vertebrae. Did a lot of damage to the spinal chord.I don't know exactly the circumstances but obviously whoever shot you was aiming for your head. Do you feel lucky?How could he miss this thing - it's pretty large.United by the battle scars. The fact this band of wounded brothers and sisters are here training in the Colorado mountains is in some cases a miracle. But just being here isn't enough. They're about to take on Mother Nature and each other in a race to the South Pole.Amazing things can happen with guys, even post-injury. Whether it is physical or mental as well. So that sort of stuff was important to me.And there's life after being there as well?For sure.In the first-ever Allied South Pole Challenge, teams from the US, the UK and the Commonwealth in a battle to earth's most dangerous outer limits. The teams will be joined by Prince Harry.Everybody is helping everybody. It's the only way to do it.He was also on the British wounded soldiers' trek to the North Pole in 2011. The South Pole will be tougher. More than 300km of unforgiving and icy terrain in minus 35 degrees. It's the coldest and winniest place on earth. And this is a race.Yeah.How are Aussies going to go?Look, it's clear already that...We are superior, aren't we?We're clearly superior in intellect, in skill, in looks, in speed and fitness.But, before they get there, there's training in Iceland, up mountains and on the water.Don't say that - pretend its warm.The teams definitely won't be kayaking to the South Pole, but here on this beautiful lake in Colorado, that's not what it is all about. Today is about overcoming adversity and seeing others in far worse positions do the same. Noim the teams have joined the No Barriers Summit in Colorado. Here, the message is - embrace what you can do rather than what you can't. Blindness is no barrier to stand-up paddle boarding and it's this spirit which will power the teams across Antarctica. In it together and on this trip, that means everyone. You are watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now. Victorian Police have taken bags of evidence from a creek bed in Melbourne's east as detectives act on new leads in the case of missing schoolgirl Bung Siriboon who disappeared in 2011. A brand new week in the election campaign has brought new promises on both sides of politics with Kevin Rudd focusing on jobs and Tony Abbott putting the spotlight on infrastructure. And a Melbourne court has heard the man who killed Sarah Cafferkey, Steven Hunter, considered himself a to the 22-year-old. The investigation in to the disappearance of Melbourne schoolgirl Bung Siriboon has taken a sinister turn with police searching a creek in the city's east. We'll go straight to our correspondent for the latest. Good afternoon. The search has been going all day now. Any news?Good afternoon. Well, not as yet. As you say, there have been SES, police search and rescue and dogs and even machinery all crawling across the creek bed and reserve here in Boronia. It is called Old Joe's Creek Reserve and they're asking on information from the Puma Taskforce. That's a group of detectives who have been working on the disappearance for two years. Late this afternoon we saw a flurry of activities with SES workers at the eastern end of the creek, but so far, no news yet as to whether they found anything of significance. It's frightening. It's very, very frightening. It's always been a beautiful place down here. I don't think I'll be down here again for a long time. It would be very sad and yeah, very creepy.In terms of Bung's family, we've got heard from them today. They've actually asked to have some privacy. The last time we heard from them, it was Bung's step frd who -- stepfather who publicly appealed for information in June on the second anniversary of her disappearance. That is when he also revealed that the family were living in hope that she's still alive. O obviously with this search being conducted today, it is a very difficult day for them. All right, we'll leave it there. Thank you for that. Let's head to the campaign trail now and Tony Abbott's buzz word of the day was infrastructure as he made his first campaign visit to Melbourne. And our correspondent has been tailing the Opposition Leader. Good afternoon to you. What did he announce?Hi. Well, as you say, the focus this morning here in Melbourne was very much about infrastructure. Tony Abbott started the day with a visit to the vehicle roads Traffic Management Centre. He was able to keep an eye on the -- the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre. He was able to keep an eye on the traffic there. He's hoping to build the East West Link here in Melbourne. It's one of a number of projects that the Coalition has promised funding for. Tony Abbott has said if he becomes prime minister, he will release an annual infrastructure program of how much money is being spent. Here's what he had to say this morning.It will be designed to ensure that we don't just talk about infrastructure, we actually get it built. I would like to think that should we win the election, I will be known as an infrastructure prime minister.And Tony Abbott has now wrapped up his public campaign commitments here in Melbourne and he'll continue campaigning somewhere else in Australia tomorrow.John, some fresh Newspoll figures out today. How are the leaders travelling? Well, there's good news this morning for the Coalition and not auto so good news for Labor in the

morning for the Coalition and not
auto so good news for Labor in the Newspoll. If we start off with a look at the primary vote, we can see that Labor has dropped two points and the Coalition on 46%. Once preferences are distributed, Labor is on 48% and the Coalition on 52%. As for preferred Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has gone up four points and Kevin Rudd has fallen back 1% but still holds a 9- point lead over the Opposition Leader.

point lead over the Opposition
Leader. Here's what both of the leaders had to say about the polls earlier today.We entered the election on September 7 as the underdog. Nothing has changed. I'm not phased by any of this. I've been around for a bipt, mate, and I've been around for a few things more challenging than this, mate. I'll leave poll commentary to the Canberra insiders and just focus on my main job.And so the polls do, at this stage, point to a Coalition win. But the leaders know all too well that four weeks is a very long time in politics.Yes, it certainly is. John, thank you so much for that. And Kevin Rudd is now back in his home State in Queensland after a big jobs announcement in Sydney. And Kerrie Yaxley is in Mackay with the Prime Minister. Take us through today's big job spend.Well, along with his innovation minister, Kevin Rudd announced $35.6 million in funding which they say will help create jobs after the China resources boom. The Government says that the money will go to retraining workers... Sorry. Just some very over friendly locals there. Sorry about that guys.All right, Kerrie, we'll have to leave it there. We'll have to leave it there for now. Having a few problems there. We do apologise for that. A former Aussie bowler Nathan Brackan has added a bit of pace to the campaign. The 35-year-old will run as an independent against former Labor MP Craig Thomson in the NSW Central Coast seat of Dobell. The one-time bowler is keen to get local issues heard.A lot of people are excited and happy with the fact that I had text messages from people here on the coast saying congratulations and good stuff and good to see people doing it and let's make a change. It's all been positive.Bracken's look at politics is being funded by John Singleton.
The big question we're asking today is - do you think that Kevin Rudd won last night's debate?

Our live results right now are 52% saying no and we'll tell you the final results in Nine News at 7pm on GEM. Controversial sports scientist Stephen Dank has come out in support of Essendon as the AFL prepares to lay charges over the supplements saga. Our correspondent is following developments for us from the Bombers headquarters. Good afternoon, Seb. What has Stephen Dank has to say?Essentially and good afternoon to you, the former sports scientist employed here at the Essendon Football Club doesn't feel like the Bombers should be charged with anything. That comes as the AFL considers whether to charge he is aes certain officials at the club with bringing the game in to disrepute. Mr Dank also says if it came to it, he would support Essendon, although stopped short of saying what the support would be that he has to offer. Although it does say that he has a few different ways in which he could Essendon. Also what's interesting is that Mr Dank was stood down by the Bombers when all of this flared up and yet he says he feels compelled to help because the club has, in his words, "A common enemy."I don't think that Essendon deserve any of that. I done think that Essendon have done anything wrong and I've said that from day one and I certainly think that James Hird should remain coach. I've said that since day one. I would be surprised if Essendon took that lying down anyway.Meanwhile, today at Windy Hill, the club heavyweights have gathered to discuss this pressing issue. We've seen club President Paul Little, the CEO and of course, the Bomber coach James Hird who is right at the centre of all of this. He left a few moments ago saying that he was yet to hear if the AFL had laid any charges on the officials. His name has certainly been mentioned individually as has the football boss and the club doctor as three people who would possibly be charged if the AFL decided to make that decision. But as it stands this afternoon, we're yet to hear any such announcement from the league.All right, thank you. And our Sydney and Melbourne viewers can see more of that interview with Stephen Dank in Nine News at 6:00. It is time to get all the sports news now with Ken and Sam Burgess is looking at time on the sidelines. Good afternoon to you. It doesn't look good. We'll tell you the ugly incident. The Souths star has been charged for. And we cross live to Melbourne for the latest from the AFL's match Republic view findingss. And a lightning bolt strikes This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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And road rage for Marcus Ambrose.
As Essendon brace for the AFL findings in to the controversial supplements program, the Match Review Panel has delivered its oldest player some bad news. Live now to Clint Stanaway in Melbourne. Why is Fletcher in strife?It's a rough conduct charge and he's been slapped with a 3-match ban for a late bump. But with an early guilty plea, that's been reduced. He's a decisive unwanted history too because this is the 16th time that Fletcher has been found guilty, the most of any player in VFL and AFL history. Keeping in mind that big Dusten has played 378 games in Round 23 and is set to break Simon Madden's club record. Also in strife is Campbell Brown. He's a repeat offender. His poor record worked against him in this case. It's been classed as misconduct. You can see the incident here could cost him as much as three weeks. He'll most likely challenge because there are only three rounds left in the AFL season and a chance that Brown won't play on next season. Plenty happening in the AFL world, especially at Bomber land. Good on you. Still on AFL and in a Southern Hemisphere first, spectators at the Adelaide Oval will be able to preview their seats online. The technology gives football fans the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the Oval and the grandstands before they pre- purchase a ticket.From today, both club members will be able to go in and look at not only the seats which have been allocated and their price points and the like, but the general public can get in there and have a look as well.The first AFL game will be played on the Oval between the Crows and Port Adelaide in March next year. But first, the Aussie cricketers will play England on the revamped ground in early December. More bad news for South Sydney. Star prop Sam Burgess is facing two matches on the sidelines charged for an alleged squirrel grip on Melbourne centre Will Chambers. In Parramatta, the Eels say there's still a mathematical chance of avoiding the dreaded wooden spoon. They may be coming last, but it is all smiles at Parramatta. For the first time in ten weeks, Monday morning was a delight.You know, it's a good feeling to bounce in here Monday after a win and get stuck in for the week.With four matches left of a disappointing season, there's still plenty to play for.No-one wants to win the wooden spoon, especially not two years in a row. So we'll do everything that we can to try to avoid it.That starts on Friday night against the Broncos who are also out for victory. Brisbane cooled off today following their 2- point win over the Dragons and must keep the wins coming if they're a finals chance. The Cowboys are doing just that sitting one point below Brisbane. North Queensland smashed the Panthers 36-4. Jonathon Thurston setting up five of the six tries. Three of those who Craig Thompson. Jonathon Thurston, a field full of superstars doing their thing.Just got to keep performing. We got three of our last four at home and we need to win those, no doubt. If we lose one or two, it's going to be our finals hopes to be over.Tonight, fellow Queensland side the Titans could sneak in to the top eight with a win over the Dogs at ANZ Stadium. Australia faces a tough final two days in the fourth Ashes Test in Durham with Shane Watson in serious doubt with a

doubt with a hip and groin injury. Ian Bell kept England in the contest. He finished with an unbeaten Senturkury to give the hosts a lead of more than 200 runs.

unbeaten Senturkury to give the
hosts a lead of more than 200 runs. A confident Chris Rodgers strolled to the crease for day three after notching the major Test tonight. He could only manage nine more. The rest of the tail followed quickly blowing a golden chance to build a solid first innings lead. They lost five wickets for 48 runs. Just 32 runs in front. A quick pep talk had the Aussies fired up. Ryan Harris not interested in spending long stints in the field. The Aussie quick cleaning up both openers either side of lunch. A flying Brad Haddin sent Jonathan Trot on his way. Harris's third scalp of the day. But Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell quickly combined to put on more than 100 together. The situation took its toll on Shane Watson leaving the ground with groin pain.They'll assess it tonight and see how he pulls up tomorrow. You never want anyone limping off, especially someone like Shane Watson, who is a pretty big player in the team.Nathan Lyon taking on his share of the bowling. He picked up a late double. Kevin Pietersen then finding the bat. While Bell was living on the edge only just avoiding Clarke's clutches as he became the first man to bring up his third century in an Ashes series. You know, felt pretty good. But this is right up there. I think for me o my career now. This Australian team will keep on coming and you know, some of the batters are in a bit of form now as well. So it will be a scrap in the next two days. Some exciting cricket in the next two days. American Jason Doughner has broken through for his first major title taking out the PGA championship. He fired a par 68, not as impressive as the 63 on Friday, but enough to win the tournament at 10-under. Two shots clear of Jim Furyk.

Adam Scott had a mixed final day. Five birdies backed by five bogeys saw the Aussie finish in a tie for fifth at 5-under. There was no need for an umbrella for Andrew Bolt in Moscow. The world's fastest man streaked away to reclaim the 100m championship crown in pouring rain. The Jamaican sprint star stopping the clock in a season best time of 9.77 seconds. And Aussie Nascar driver Marcus Ambrose has missed out on a win in New York. After starting from poll, he was hit from behind and crashed out with six laps remaining leaving the Tasmanian fuming.COMMENTATOR: You can see the frustration written all over his face and his actions there.American Carl Bush went on to claim the victory. You can understand how he feels. Just exactly how Kerrie Yaxley must feel right now. If I ever find those guys from Mackay, they're in trouble.Yeah, stupid stuff. See you later. Stay with us, we'll have the poli
Tonight: Dozens nabbed during a police blitz at the snow Fire
police blitz at the snow Fire forces an early morning evacuation rly morning evacuation And Raiders
an early morning evacuation And the enoug
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finance next and the latest weather
with Rebecca Judd. Good afternoon. A band of frontal cloud moved through the south-east corner with areas of high pressure in the west and up to the north of the country. Mild conditions in Sydney with partly cloudy skies. In Melbourne, quite a few reports of storm damage with winds gusting over so 0km/h on the bays. Most of the country should have a fine Tuesday but the south-west and eastern corners will be affected by yet another cold front. Tasmania looks like receiving the highest rainfall totals. At least 25mm in the western half. And Victoria should get more snow down to 900 metres. Not quite as warm tomorrow in Sydney but still, clear blue skies and a top of 21. In Melbourne, a north-westerly should keep it dry up to 17. Fine and sunny in Brisbane. 27 degrees. Over in the west, Perth could get a few more showers with a top of 20. One or two in Adelaide as well and hot and dry in the north. But Wednesday, another front will be reinforcing the south-westerly winds in Victoria as it moves out to the tas minute around noon. See you

minute around noon. See you

minute around noon. See you
tomorrow. Quickly checking the finance:

That is the Afternoon News for today. Our next bulletin is coming up at 6:00. Thank you for your company. This program is not captioned. Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Are we all pumped up
and ready to go? (AUDIENCE CHEERS)
Alright. So am I. We've got six contestants. We want to give away
$1 million tonight. We ready to go, gang?
Yep. Yep, yep, yep, yep.
Yep. Yep.
Yep. Yep, yep, yep. Yep. Let's go! Alright. Let's meet our contestants tonight.
They are... By the age of 24, Chelsea Laws had 22 jobs before
finally settling in real estate. At 14, Will Forde called
a radio station so often, they gave him his own segment. After a 3-year hiatus, Mark Avery's football comeback
lasted less than three quarters. Rebecca Twyerould was dissecting
a cadaver at uni when its heart caught fire. Whoops! Peter Ghalayini may not be
destined for boat ownership. He's already sunk not one
but two boats. There you go. And Mim Sinclair
is hoping to celebrate her 31st wedding anniversary
tonight on the Hot Seat. Well done.

There you go! Chelsea, you right?
Yep. Let's do it. Let's play. Come on.

How are ya, Chelsea?
Good. How are you? I'm well. Chelsea Laws is 24. From Traralgon in Victoria.
An agent representative. That's what you're doing
in real estate, is it? That's what I'm studying
at the moment. Yep.
So what do you want to become? Real estate agent?
Um, real estate agent. Yeah! Now, tell me about this, though.
22 jobs. You're only 24 years of age.
Yeah. Can I run through some of them?
Go for it. You've worked in retail, sales,
administration, hospitality, customer service in a motel, supermarket, nightclubs
and vineyards. Been a butcher, a fuel station
attendant, waitress and a barmaid. Mm-hm. You're not good at much of them,
are you? You got the sack in all of them,
did you? I like a challenge, Eddie!
That's the way. You've broken nine bones so far. What's going on?
I'm very clumsy. Is that what happens?
Yeah. What's the worst break you've had?
I broke my arm twice.

I go to the pub and get
a lot of bones in my foot broken, so they hurt. Yeah.
Oh, that hurts. They do.
Be careful, Chelsea. Tell me about it.
Leanne is your mum. She's with us. Hi, Leanne.
Hi, Eddie. Gee, I'd hate to be
paying your health insurance. Unbelievable. Has she always been
clumsy and breaking things? Oh, pretty much.
Pretty much. It's the dance floor.
Alright. Come on, Chels. I tell you what - sit still,
don't fall off the chair, OK? I won't. 15 questions,
I'll give you $1 million. You ready to play Hot Seat?
I sure am. Let's go! Come on.

Good stuff. For $100. Good luck.


Uh, I hope this
isn't like a trick question. Um, volcanoes. C. Lock it in. No trick questions. They're either right or wrong. And you're right on this occasion,
for $100.



Ooh. No, I do know this. Lock in D, kip. Lock in D, kip. Having a kip.
For $200. Correct. $300.


I do not have a clue. None of them are jumping out. I'm going to take a pass.
Gonna take a pass? Yep. Thank you.
See ya, Chelsea. See ya later. Don't fall down.

Come on, Will. Over you come, mate.
How you going, Ed? Mate, you got into
the squat position over there. Looked like you were gonna stay. How are ya?
Yeah. Keen to get up here. That's it, buddy.
You're in the hot seat. 23 years of age.
From Strathmore in Victoria. You're a student doing...? Osteopathy.
OK. So it's very much like
similar to physiotherapy.
Yeah. So make people feel better,
I suppose. Oh, the osteos are good.
Do you get in... Do you flick the tendons
and all that sort of stuff? Yeah, absolutely. I mean,
at the moment I'm third year, so still a couple of years to go,
but, yeah. Lauren is your girlfriend. Hi, Lauren.
Hi, Eddie. How are you? Does he use you as a guinea pig? Does he give you a massage?
I love it. Yeah?
Yeah. I beg for it. Yeah. I can imagine. Alright, buddy. $300 question. You must get this right, OK? (REPEATS QUESTION)

OK, Ed. Um, I don't know 100% but I am... I know it's not pi. It's either A or D. Six seconds.
But I'm going to go A. Lock it in?
Yeah, lock it in. Lock it in. It's correct, for $300.

Alpha being the first. Omega being the last. "From alpha to omega"
means the beginning to the end. $500.


Yeah. OK, so... It seems pretty obvious but Charles Darwin is obviously
someone who's had a lot of influence in other states or territories,
so... Six seconds.
I'm going to pass this one, Ed.