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(generated from captions) Let's check in
with our newsroom one last time. What's the latest? Up next at 4:30 - The baby who became swept up
in a major technology announcement by the Prime Minister in Sydney. Tony Abbott
gets a spring in his step as he campaigns in Melbourne
following the leaders' debate. Hundreds of calls
to emergency services, as severe wind storms blow through
New South Wales and Victoria. Police search scrub land after information about a schoolgirl
who went missing two years ago. A mother reunited with her baby. What happened when the little girl's
father appeared in court. Is it D-day for Essendon. We're live to Bombers' headquarters as the club awaits word
on a supplements penalty. Plus the Aussie students
who've become world beaters. That's next
in Seven's Afternoon News. See you soon.

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Good afternoon. We begin with the fallout
from the election debate. Channel 7 viewers
voted Tony Abbott the winner in last night's
first election debate and there's more good news
for the Coalition. Political reporter Mia Greves
is following the Liberal Leader on the campaign trail. Mia, a spike in the latest
opinion poll would've helped too. Good afternoon, Sally. The latest Newspoll
has the Coalition with an election-winning lead
into week two of the campaign. The Newspoll shows the Labor Party's lost ground
in the primary vote while the Coalition's gained 2%. But the two-party preferred
remains unchanged with four points
between the major parties. Kevin Rudd's still leading
as preferred Prime Minister but support's growing for Mr Abbott. I'll leave poll commentary
to the Canberra insiders and just focus on my main job. And, Mia,
the Opposition got a warm welcome on very cold Melbourne day? Yes. Mr Abbott's here for the first time
since the election was called, hoping to shore up votes
in marginal seats. This morning he set his sights
on the seat of Deakin, stopping by the electorate to endorse his party's candidate,
Michael Sukkar. The seat's currently held by the ALP
by less than 1%, so it's considered
well within reach. Earlier, Mr Abbott
tried to win over all Victorians with a huge infrastructure
announcement. He pledged $1.5 billion to fix the bottleneck
on victoria's East West Link if elected. I think it's very important
for confidence that we see cranes over our cities, that we see bulldozers
on the ground. But it's hasn't been
all smooth sailing for Mr Abbott? No, Sally. Labor's been waiting for him
to slip up and today he did while trying to take a dig
at the Prime Minister. No-one, however smart,
however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.

I think the word he was looking for
was 'repository'. But whether it's enough ammo
for Mr Abbott to take a hit

is up to voters. Mia Greves in Melbourne, thanks.

And Kevin Rudd's returned to the
key battle ground of Western Sydney to fire up his second week
of the campaign. He's copped flak for breaking
the rules in last night's debate. Here's Seven's Andrea Nicolas
in Canberra.

Sally, Kevin Rudd's
brushed off criticism for using notes
in last night's debate. He was back in Sydney, his second visit to the city
so far this campaign but he didn't ignore
the elephant in the room. For full disclosure -
I'm using notes also today. If you just take due attention
to that, consistent with my normal practice
of using notes. The problem with the Prime Minister
last night was not that he was
reading from notes,

Jokes aside, the Prime Minister
got serious on the job's front, announcing his second skills package
in two days. Mr Rudd said, if elected, his government would
invest $35.6 million to train almost 7,000 workers
in the manufacturing industry. He said the skills program was aimed
at meeting the demands of businesses shifting from low to high tech. You cannot create the jobs
of the future unless you're investing
in the skills of the future and that's what this government
is about - But shadow Treasury spokesman
Joe Hockey says Labor can't help
a stalling car industry. You can produce as many cars
as you want in Australia but if people aren't buying them
because they haven't got the money, there is no future
for the car industry. Today Mr Rudd rolled out his new
policy from Macquarie University in the crucial seat of Bennelong. He was also there last week throwing his support behind new
ALP candidate Jason Yat-sen Li. The seat helped bring Kevin Rudd
to power in 2007 when star candidate Maxine McKew
ousted John Howard. The Liberals hold the seat by 3% but the fact Mr Rudd has returned
there so soon after the last visit is a sign of Labor's growing
confidence it can reclaim the seat. Sally.

Voters took to social media to have
their say on the debate last night. And our exclusive partnership
with Facebook enables us to bring you the results of what people
have been talking about. The Goods and Services Tax
was the most common topic with mentions up 83% following the debate. Marriage equality ranked second. It had an incredible 7,500% rise
in mentions, putting the issue
back on the election radar. Voters were also talking about
the National Broadband Network - up 928%.

And they shared their thoughts
on the carbon tax with mentions up almost 2,000%. Aged care rounded out
the top five issues with a 1,500% increase after it was raised
during the debate. Overall, Kevin Rudd was talked about
the most on Facebook last week. But Tony Abbott had a bigger rise in the number of people
talking about him. If you've moved house
since the last election or are about to vote
for the first time, you have until 8:00 tonight
to get your enrolment done. Around 1.3 million people
are missing from the electoral roll. A third are aged between 18 and 24. More than half of all 18-year-olds
have not registered to vote. 8pm tonight in the absolute cut-off, if they don't get their
enrolment correctly by then, if they don't enrol by then,
they'll miss out. They'll also be fined. For the first time, you can change your address
and enrol to vote online. A young man has undergone
emergency surgery after blowing off three fingers. He was mixing chemicals
while making a homemade rocket at a farm at Murga near Parkes in the central west
of New South Wales. Sarah Coates is there. Good afternoon. Behind me is the property where a 20-year-old man
blew three of his fingers off, trying to make
a homemade explosive device

Police were called here
to Yells Road, in central west New South Wales,
at about 4pm after reports of an explosion. When officers arrived,
they found the 20-year-old with three fingers severed
from his left hand as a result of the blast. It's understood he'd been mixing chemicals together
to make a device, similar to fireworks, when the substance detonated. Neighbours heard the explosion
kilometres away. At first I thought,
"Oh, gosh, that's a gunshot", but then realised it wasn't. It was just a huge bang,
like, out of the blue. The man was treated by paramedics
here at the scene before being airlifted
to Liverpool Hospital in Sydney where he's undergone
emergency surgery to save the rest of his hand. Emergency services say
it's lucky the man is alive and it serves as a timely warning
to other people on just how dangerous it can be
mixing backyard chemicals. A massive search is under way
in Melbourne's outer east. Police and the SES are searching
a creek and stormwater drain in Boronia.

It's part of a long-running
investigation into the disappearance of schoolgirl
Siriyakorn Siriboon. Nicknamed 'Bung'
by her friends and family, the 13-year-old vanished
two years ago while walking to school. New information has lead detectives to the
Old Joes Creek Retarding Basin, which is less than 1km
from where Bung was last seen.

The Essendon Football Club has spent
the day locked in crisis talks with the AFL expected to charge
the club and coach James Hird over the Bombers'
supplements scandal. Live to Tom Browne at Windy Hill.
Tom, any word so far?

Good afternoon. Unfortunately, no words so far on whether a Essendon have been officially charged. What I can report is that Essendon and AFL this afternoon are locked in crisis talks in what can only be described a stalemate. The AFL a meeting with lawyers. Essendon, the new German, James Hird, Bruce Reid, they have been locked in crisis talks all afternoon. -- new chairman. The media are waiting for James Hird to emerge from the talks. This has implications for the finals and also James Hird's future is hanging in the balance. It is expected Essendon will be charged today or in the next 48 hours. They could speak this evening or possibly to. This is a fluid situation and I will have more throughout the evening as more details come to hand.

Sydney and Melbourne are being
buffeted by gale-force winds with severe weather warnings
issued in both cities. Wind gusts of almost 100km/h
have caused chaos across Sydney. The strong winds have uprooted trees
and brought down powerlines, cutting power
to around 8,000 homes. The SES has received more than
500 calls for help. It's a similar story in Melbourne with the SES there responding
to more than 350 call-outs after strong winds and heavy rain
brought down trees across the city. With more on the wild weather, here's Seven Network meteorologist
David Brown.

Thanks, Sally, and good afternoon. An early taste
of turbulent spring weather ripped across
south-east Australia today with wild winds pushing as far north
as Newcastle in New South Wales. On the radar,
as we fly along the coast, we can track a mixture of showers
and thunderstorms being swept along by a cold
and vigorous westerly airstream. Hogan Island in central Bass Strait recorded the strongest wind
of 111km/h while St Kilda marina in Melbourne
managed 105km/h late this morning. In Hobart, it's been cold and
showery day with plenty of hail. Clear sky at the moment.

Melbourne, very spring-like - a mixture of long sunny breaks,
thunderstorms with hail and squally winds. Sydney has had a windy day.

Brisbane, warm and rather pleasant.

I'll be back with tomorrow's
national forecast and warnings in 45 minutes. Sally.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - a mother reunited with her baby
after she was snatched and her grandmother bashed. And doves released at the funeral
of a murdered Melbourne mother.

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A man has been charged after
allegedly king-hitting another man in central Sydney. Police were called
to George Street just after 1am after reports of a fight. Paramedics assessed the victim
at the scene before taking the 29-year-old
to hospital. He's in an induced coma
with a broken jaw. All you've got to do is fall
after you've gone unconscious, hit your head and it could be
a totally different story. A 21-year-old will face court
next month.

A South Australian man who allegedly snatched his baby
from a home in Mount Gambier has been refused bail. 10-month-old Paige
has been reunited with her mother after Benjamin Koch handed
himself in to police last night. The 38-year-old is accused
of bashing the baby's grandmother early yesterday morning while she was
looking after the child. Koch has been charged with assault
and serious criminal trespass. And we'll have a live report
on this story, live after 5:00. A woman found murdered
in her Melbourne home has been remembered
as a beautiful wife and mother. Friends and family gathered
in Pakenham this morning to farewell 42-year-old
Kylie Blackwood. A cage of doves was released
after the service. Police want to speak with a man
seen near the Blackwoods home on August 1,

in the early afternoon.

with much of the state's south experiencing
hot and gusty conditions. Crews have been busy carrying out
hazard reduction burns and are monitoring
15 vegetation fires burning across the state. Brisbane warmed up to 28 degrees
today, while the Gold Coast looked
more like summer than winter.

It's been nice weather
all week in Brisbane so we were hoping
it would still be nice but definitely didn't expect it
to be this amazing. Temperatures are expected to stay
above average over the next week.

The Australian share market
has closed up. At the close of trade, the ASX 200
was up 54 points.

Live to Seven News finance expert
Scott Pape. Scott, some big Australian retailers don't seem to be losing out
to online sales. Sally, traditional
shop front retailers are seen by some as dinosaurs but today they had
their day in the sun. Investors believed
that online clicks would eat the shopkeeper's bricks. And JB Hi-Fi was hit hardest of all because they were going against
the grain, rolling out more stores and getting into
the low-margin whitegoods. Well, today JB Hi-Fi showed that not only are the majority of us
are still buying in shops but we're also buying whitegoods. Since February, the share price
is up a spectacular 93%. The group reported an 11% rise
in its full-year profit, its first annual profit growth
since 2010. It was a similar story
for retailer Dick Smith. Last year, Woolworths sold the
business in an absolute fire-sale. Well, today high-end retailer
David Jones reported it has struck an exclusive deal
with Dick Smith to operate
their electronics business. It's a strange retailing marriage until you dig a little deeper and see that DJs is really just
selling a little patch of its retail real estate both in store and online. So, good news for stores,
but online sales are growing. In April, traditional retail sales
have climbed 2.4%. While online sales climbed 24%. And that's a key point. While many of us equate online sales
with buying overseas, in fact the data
tells a different story with 72% of all online spending
staying within Australia. Scott, lots of good news
for the electrical stores

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - a teenager rescued
from remote bushland after she's kidnapped by a killer. And the 'Boltman' regains
his world crown in Moscow.

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and murdered her mother and brother has been shot dead by police. Hannah Anderson was rescued at
a campsite in the Idaho wilderness a week after she went missing. She and her kidnapper
were spotted by some horse riders who called police.

We're just so happy,
just so happy and relieved and Hannah will be fine. After undergoing a medical check
in hospital, Hannah's been reunited
with her father.

New video has emerged
of a deadly mudslide which swept through a town
in Colorado. Floodwaters gushed down streets
in Manitou Springs, damaging dozens of buildings
in their path. Cars were swept downstream as
the water surged at nearly 50km/h. One person was killed
and two others are missing. It could take weeks to clean up the mounds
of thick mud and debris left behind. Sport with Jim Wilson is next. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Hello. Political experts say Prime
Minister Kevin Rudd and Political experts say Prime
Minister Kevin Rudd and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott
played it safe... during last night's big TV debate. Mr
Rudd has been touted as the winner... after taking out 3 of
the 4 network polls. But the ANU's Professor John Uhr
says both leaders were overly cautious... in
a bid to win vote. overly cautious... in
a bid to win vote. While... a new ANU poll
shows Aussies are more concerned about job
security and the economy... than they were 3 years ago.
Asylum seekers was the second most important issue.
Surprisingly... concern for the environment and global
warming halved. SES crews are on alert this
afternoon... as strong, gusty winds hit the region.
Weatherzone's Rob Sharpe says gusts of up to 90 k's
an hour were expected to lash the Capital... but
that'll ease overnight. We're warned to brace for a late
flu season... after a spike in the number of cases.
A third of the 144 the number of cases.
A third of the 144 cases so far this year... have
been reported after July 1. And an injury cloud looms over
Raiders skipper Terry Campese. He was poked in the
eye during Saturday's 28- 22 loss to the Roosters. 22 loss to the Roosters. More 7.30

Good afternoon, everyone. The latest NRL news shortly. But first AFL. And Essendon continues to await
the AFL's findings into the club's controversial
supplements program. In a further blow
for the embattled Bombers, Dustin Fletcher and Paddy Ryder
were both charged by the Match Review Panel. Fletcher can accept a 2-game ban
for a high bump, while Ryder is facing a
1-game suspension for rough conduct. Suns enforcer Campbell Brown
has been offered a 3-game ban for his stray kick which left Melbourne's James Strauss
with a broken nose.

South Sydney forward Sam Burgess could miss this Friday night's
blockbuster against Manly, charged by
the NRL match review committee for contrary conduct. It follows this incident
on Melbourne centre Will Chambers which resulted in the Storm player
clutching at his groin and writhing in pain. The grade 1 contrary conduct charge on top of Burgess'
four prior offences means he will miss two matches
even with an early guilty plea.

Another injury to Shane Watson capped a frustrating third day
for Australia in the fourth Ashes test. England has built a 202-run lead
in the second innings. Chris Rogers' maiden test century
ended on 110. He was given out caught after the review showed a mark
on Hot Spot. Australia's 32-run
first-innings lead was followed by three key wickets
from Ryan Harris who's showing no signs
of wear and tear.

I have come good of it nice and strong. I feel comfortable with my body. I have had a good build-up. Watson broke down
with a groin and hip problem as Ian Bell steadied
England's innings

American Jason Dufner has won
the final golf Major of 2013, the PGA Championship in New York. Masters winner Adam Scott
couldn't mount a final round charge, finishing tied for fifth. Dufner reeled in
overnight leader Jim Furyk with some spectacular iron play and held his nerve
to triumph by two shots. (CROWD CHEERS) COMMENTATOR:
Jason Dufner takes the PGA! Dufner hoisted the trophy and South African Tim Clark
also enjoyed a career highlight at Oak Hill, an ace on the 11th.

New Manchester United manager
David Moyes has his first piece of silverware just six weeks into the job. The Red Devils downed FA Cup winners
Wigan 2-0 in the preseason Community Shield
at Wembley. Robin Van Persie scored both goals, while disgruntled striker Wayne
Rooney was sidelined with injury. Moyes dedicated his first trophy to
his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson. Australian driver Marcos Ambrose has suffered one of his
most heartbreaking days in NASCAR, crashing out with six laps to go
in the Sprint Cup at Watkins Glen. Ambrose had broken the track record
to secure pole and was attempting to win the event
for a third successive year.

Usain Bolt has restored
sprinting's world order with an electrifying victory
in the 100m at the World Championships
in Moscow. The Jamaican clocked 9.77 seconds
in wet conditions, dominating runner-up Justin Gatlin
on and off the track.

You need to speed up.I am trying, man. The victory erases the memory
of his disqualification in the event two years ago.

man.I was at the track two years ago and I knew he would come and prove a point in London. Now he has reclaimed the world crown. A great win. He is a showman. Stay with us. Up next, live at 5:00 - the baby who got swept up
in a major announcement by the Prime Minister. And Tony Abbott
with a spring in his step following last night's debate
and a new opinion poll.

VOICEOVER: Now at 5:00,
this is Seven's Afternoon News with Rebecca Maddern. We begin this half hour
with wild weather and powerful winds have hit Sydney, caused by a cold front
that swept in from the west. The State Emergency service has received
more than 500 calls for help across the city after trees fell on roofs
and across roads. I heard a big bang. The house was shaking.
I was very scared. Just off the Cronulla Mall, part of a wall collapsed,
hitting a man in the leg. And in Sydney Harbour, water police tried to help
as boats dragged their moorings. Wild weather has hit Melbourne too, leaving thousands of properties
without power. A man was hurt at Flagstaff Gardens
when he was hit by a large branch. A huge tree was also uprooted at the
Botanic Gardens in South Yarra. And workers have been busy
trying to fix panels ripped off a building in the city. Let's go to David Brown for the
latest on the wild weather. David. Thanks, Sally. The squally winds associated
with an active cold front has cleared out to sea
just a short time ago. The westerlies will continue
to moderate overnight. This is the front responsible
for the squally winds pushing across the south-east corner
of the nation, mainly about coastal Victoria
as well. The strongest reported wind gusts
were Hogan Island with 111km/h followed by 105km/h
at St Kilda Marina. Sally, I'll have all the nation
details in about 20 minutes.

Essendon coach James Hird has just
emerged from a day of crisis talks with club officials. Live to Tom Browne in Melbourne. Tom, did Hird have anything to say?

Good afternoon, Sally. As I reported earlier, crisis talks all afternoon at windy hill. The stalemate continues with the AFL. James had left detox a short time

James had left detox a short time
ago and asked him if he knew whether he or the club had been charged yet. That the talks. He said no at this stage. The talks are continuing. The German is still there as well as the Co. -- chairman. We are waiting for confirmation.

And Tom, has the AFL
given any indication about when charges could be laid?

It is a bit of a moving target but I understand they are locked in talks. High-level talks. I am told they will not leave them until a decision is made. When we are told the decision, and that could be this evening, there is precedent for short-notice press conferences, we will certainly have it for you when we get it. It is a developing situation and their spot in the finals is at risk. It is a huge story. As yet, no official word from the AFL.

Tony Abbott has started week two
of the election campaign solidly after another boost
in the latest polls. Political reporter Mia Greves, who is travelling
with the Opposition Leader, joins us again from Melbourne. And, Mia, today Mr Abbott
rolled out a big announcement to get Victorians on side? since the election was called and his pitch to the voters
in Melbourne is for better roads. This morning, he visited
the control room at VicRoads, pledging to invest $1.5 billion
to fix the bottleneck on Victoria's East West Link. And, if elected, he'll revisit
infrastructure issues every year with an annual statement
to Parliament. It will be designed to ensure that we don't just talk about
infrastructure, we actually get it built. I would like to think that,
should we win the election, I would be known as
an infrastructure prime minister. And Tony Abbott's
been targeting the marginal seats? There are a couple in Victoria, but he visited the electorate
of Deakin this morning. It was a very warm welcome,
as you can imagine. A lot of chanting and cheering for him and Liberal candidate
Michael Sukkar. Labor holds the seat in Melbourne's
south-east by less than 1%, so it's considered winnable. But after a solid performance
in last night's debate, Tony Abbott has had
a bit of a linguistic slip up today? Mr Abbott was criticising Kevin Rudd for running his government
as a "one-man band". Instead, he likened the PM to a medical device
for relieving constipation. No-one, however smart,
however well educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.

I think the word he was looking for
was 'repository' - another word for storage. You could here some giggling
in the crowd when he said it, but it's unlikely to be
the ammunition that Labor is looking for. Sally.

And after losing some ground
in last night's debate, Kevin Rudd's headed back to the key battle ground
of western Sydney to make a big announcement.

Live to Andrea Nicolas in Canberra. And Andrea, it's his second visit
there since calling the election? Sally, Kevin Rudd's wasted no time returning to the marginal seat
of Bennelong, using it to kick-start
week two of his campaign. It was, of course, the electorate that helped make the Kevin '07 dream
a reality when star candidate Maxine McKew ousted then prime minister
John Howard. And it appears Mr Rudd's
growing confident Labor can claw it back
from the Liberals again. Today Mr Rudd used Bennelong
as a launch pad for his manufacturing skills
package. If elected, he says his government will pump
more than $35 million into further training for almost
7,000 workers in the industry. You cannot create
the jobs of the future unless you're investing in
the skills of the future and that's what this government
is about, building our country's future. And Andrea,
Mr Rudd's big announcement was almost overshadowed by claims
he cheated in last night's debate? Yes, Sally,

The Prime Minister's come under fire for referring to notes
during his live TV debate against Tony Abbott last night. Mr Rudd claims he wasn't told
he wasn't allowed to take in papers and says he only had them with him
to get the figures right. For full disclosure I'm using notes
also today, if you just take due attention
to that, consistent with my normal practice
of using notes. The problem with the Prime Minister
last night was not that
he was reading from notes. It's more that the notes
weren't worth reading. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Seven News viewers seemed to agree
with Mr Abbott, overwhelmingly voting
that he won the debate. But on social media,
the format itself was criticised for not giving the leaders any time
to get stuck into each other. Sally.

Police investigating
the disappearance of Melbourne schoolgirl
Siriyakorn Siriboon have new leads
in the 2-year-old cold case. They've begun a new search at
Boronia in the city's outer-east where the teenager vanished
while walking to school. Cameron Baud has more.

Sally, police are prepared to continue searching this location
for days to find some trace, some clue over the disappearance
of 'Bung' Siriboon. This has not been done on a whim. Resources have been mustered
over the weekend, locally and also from interstate. Now, dozens of police
and SES volunteers are concentrating on
some heavily treed areas near the
Old Joe's Creek Reserve here, which is less than a kilometre
from Bung's home and also from where
she was last seen. Involved in the search effort are
cadaver dogs from Queensland Police, also the Victoria Police
Search and Rescue Squad and detectives from Taskforce Puma, which was formed
specifically to find Bung. They are using some
heavy-duty equipment Bung's family are anxiously awaiting
the results of this search. They have always maintained that
she is still alive but there has been no trace
of the 13-year-old since she vanished
while walking to school more than two years ago, Sally.

A young man has blown off
three of his fingers while attempting to make
homemade fireworks at Murga near Parkes
in the New South Wales Central West. He was airlifted
to Sydney's Liverpool Hospital where he's undergone
emergency surgery. Chris Maher has more.

The 20-year-old Parkes man, Jacob Wallace, is in a serious condition but stable, watched by concerned family members. His efforts to make a Omid sky rocket went terribly wrong yesterday. He was on the family farm at Murga, making the devised by mixing chemicals. It seems these substances accidentally ignited. In the blast, three of the fingers on his left hand was severed. He was found by his mother and father and was treated by paramedics before being airlifted to Liverpool Hospital. Neighbours on you buy property said it was quiet until they heard a loud explosion. -- nearby.At first I thought it was a gunshot. Then I realised it was not, it was just a huge bang.The forensic police have examined the site. The rockets were being made out of chemicals commonly found on farms. Police have indicated that there is nothing sinister, just a young man making rockets for us on interest who is paid an awful price.

A mother has been reunited
with her baby daughter after the child was taken
by her father at the weekend. He sobbed
in a South Australian court today, accused of bashing
the baby's grandmother who was caring for her. Live to Amelia Mulcahy. Amelia. Sally, 38-year-old Benjamin Koch faced the Mount Gambier
Magistrates' Court today after handing himself in
to police last night.

He was at the centre of a massive manhunt after allegedly taking his doctor -- Dr as seriously injuring her grandmother. Prosecutors were told he broke into his former partner's home and was confronted by the grandmother who stopped him from going for the. After the struggle, he punched in the face multiple times and kicked her in the head. He sat with his head in his hands and the court and cried and the dog. He then fled with his daughter, taking nappies, baby formula and bottles. Earlier that night, it is understood he had a heated argument with his ex-partner, cooking home later to find her baby gone. Absolutely frightened. I came home to my mum
injured on the floor and then realised
my baby wasn't there.

The mother is fighting for life in hospital after being airlifted to Adelaide. She used in an induced coma. The suspect is expected in court again in November. A Melbourne court has heard murdered
Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey took ice and GHB with her killer before he stabbed her
in a drug-fuelled rage. Steven James Hunter's past criminal
convictions were revealed today at a pre-sentencing hearing. Kate Osborn was in court.

It was an incredibly painful experience for Sarah Cafferkey's friends and family to sit near Stephen James under, the man who murdered her. They had to hear the excruciating details of how she died. Hunter considered himself a family figure to the girl, of than shading drugs with her. They had smoked methamphetamine on the day she was killed. He insists that the argument broke out when Sarah Cafferkey mistakenly believed he had called her a junkie. He said he did not remember stabbing her 19 times but did recall reaching for a hammer. Sarah Cafferkey's mother clutched a teddy-bear and a photograph as she read out a victim impact statement. She glared at Cap Mark Hunter and said she would never be a grandmother. The details were read to the Court of his previous convictions, including another one for murder. He stabbed an 18-year-old woman to death in 1986. The rule breaches and other violent crimes. The parole period for his most recent conviction ended just nine days before Sarah Cafferkey was killed. The court was told he would pose a significant risk to the committee if he was released. He accepted he may spend the rest of his life behind bars. Next in Seven's afternoon news - A flood disaster turns deadly with fears the toll
could climb higher. The Aussies who have won
an international award. See their world-beating house design
after the break.

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An American girl has been rescued
a week after being abducted by a man who also murdered
her mother and little brother. The huge man-hunt
ended in a wilderness area where the 16-year-old's captor
was shot dead. A grandmother's relief after
Hannah Anderson was found alive. Baby girl. A group of horse riders
in Idaho back country spotted Hannah with James DiMaggio - the man accused
of kidnapping the 16-year-old after killing her mother
and 8-year-old brother. Their bodies were found
in the rubble of his burned-out San Diego home
last week. But then, when I turned
and talked to him a little bit, I just had a gut feeling about him. He might've been an outdoors man
in California, but he was not an outdoors man
in Idaho. He didn't fit. They rang police. Federal agents in helicopters
spotted the pair setting up camp. They waited till
the two were separate, ensuring Hannah's safety, and that is when they moved in
to make the rescue. DiMaggio was shot and killed. Hannah was taken to hospital but doesn't appear
to have been physically harmed during her week-long ordeal. We have our granddaughter and we couldn't ask
for anything more at this point. It's not known why DiMaggio
killed Tina and Ethan Anderson. He's said to have had a crush
on Hannah. New video has revealed
the terror of raging floodwaters surging through a town
in the US state of Colorado. One person is dead
and two others are missing after a torrent of mud and water swept through the streets
of Manitou Springs.

The tourist town is reeling from flash floods.Getting very bad now. The most horrifying thing I've ever seen. I can't stop shaking.Rushing water at 30 miles an hour. It pours down highways and residential streets. The flood is one of the worst disasters in decades in this town. It left one dead person in its wake and another missing.You do not have been of time. When the sirens go off, you need to go.At least 20 businesses were shut down and buildings were damaged. Crews have been clearing debris and damage from the flood water. It could be weeks until things are back to normal. The same story across the Mid-West. The storm system installed across the plains. In Johnson City, heavy rain on already saturated ground. Thunderstorms expected in several states. Nebraska and Georgia will be hit with high wind and hailstones. Residents are hoping for a little relief.There you go. The Prime Minister of Norway has
pulled the ultimate election stunt - he's gone undercover
as a taxidriver. Jens Stoltenberg said he wanted
to hear what people really think. Wearing an Oslo taxi uniform, the PM picked up passengers
and drove them around the capital. A hidden camera fitted inside
the cab recorded their reactions. Norway goes to the polls
two days after us. An Australian team
has been declared the winner of the international
Energy Olympics in China. The team, made up of uni and TAFE
students from New South Wales, won top prize for their
Illawarra Flame House. The net-zero
energy solar-powered home beat 18 other entries. Giving it the winning edge, it was the first ever entry to do
a retro-fit of an existing home.

After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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Hello again. Turbulent spring-like conditions across the the south-east corner
of the nation today. A severe weather warning is current.

A shower or two
developing this evening. In Melbourne,

blue sky
and high wind chill.

Another windy day
is on the way.

Winds easing
overnight. Mild and sunny
tomorrow. From the satellite, a vigorous westerly air stream
with embeded fronts is ripping across the southern half
of the nation. In the north it's been a clear
and sunny day throughout. There'll be little change
in the north tomorrow. The tail end of this active front
will slip across WA with extensive areas of rain
ahead of it, affecting Tassie.

It will continue dry and sunny. This is what we are expecting to Morrow. Some showers in Melbourne. A few showers gradually clear dig in at lead. 18 degrees tomorrow. A few showers expected. Another cold front pushing across the south-east corner. More sunshine in Sydney. Brisbane is sunny and 27 degrees. More details at 6pm and 7pm.

And a reminder
about our new bulletin - Seven News at Seven over on 7TWO. Melissa Doyle takes up
her new hosting duties tonight.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Monday. Our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases,
150 contenders, $200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 2. Congratulations, Leigh Culwell.

Your battle with the bank begins now
on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host,
Andrew O'Keefe. Hi, Moni, Saash, Kate McGinnity. Hello, Australia. Hey, Leigh.
Hi! Ah! How do you do?
Welcome, welcome. Welcome, everyone. Welcome! Leigh Culwell
doing the deals with us with mum Marlene on the podium
who we'll meet in just a moment. How are you doing?
I am ecstatic. I can't even talk right now.
Really? You look emotional. I am! I'm sorry, were you hoping
I'd be Larry Emdur? I was hoping you'd be
a little bit less good-looking because you're making me nervous. Oh, stop it! Stop! No, go on. Um, how much... (LAUGHS) What do you do with yourself, Leigh? I'm a mummy.
Oh, very good. Yes, like a full-time mummy?
Full-time mummy. Good on you. How old? They're almost two and a half.
Oh, lovely. So, you've really got
your hands full? Thanks to my mum, though. She helps out tons.
Does she? So, what are you here
to play for, Leigh? I would love to either
write a book about online dating... Oh, right?
You're on the dating scene, are you? I've done three.
Right, right. So, you're a single mum?
Yes, I'm a single mum. Oh, OK and you're out and about.
Yeah. Single and ready to mingle. I am really ready.
OK, right! Have you had any success
so far with the three dates? Um, no. The first one,
he was a schoolteacher and he wrote a report
on my behaviour. And you failed?
I failed. You failed, really? Oh, well it could be fun
in detention. You never know.
Yeah, there you go! So, we're going to spend
some money on what? Publishing a book
or just meeting some more fellas? A bit of both.
A bit of both. Alright, let's go get it, Leigh.
Good on you. Well done. Nice to have you here. Miss Moni, Miss Katie Mac
and Miss Saasha all ready to go. Case number 6, please. Number 6, Miss Katie Mac!

Very nice.

She's had a few run-ins
with a few schoolteachers herself. Yes, indeed. Few different schools! Thank you, Kate. Thanks, Leigh. Alright, let's turn
the frown upside down. Deal time!

ANNOUNCER: Could this case contain
the top prize of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin! Yeah! Leigh Culwell
and she does cull well. I do! At least when it comes to men
that she meets on the internet. Yes, indeed! (LAUGHS) So, have you started writing
your book about your experiences? No, I want a bit more experience.
OK, OK. And you're here with your
lovely mum, Marlene, on 12. How are you, Marlene?
Oh! Happy birthday.
Oh, thank you! Happy birthday, Marlene.
Great to have you here. What's your plans
with a bit of cash, Marlene? What I'd really like is to go
and see Willie Nelson in Texas. Willie Nelson in concert?
And take the whole family. Beautiful! How many in the family that we need
to take to Texas for a start? It would be really like... Because everyone's
kind of banded together with looking after
my kids and myself. So, my mum, my uncle, my auntie,
my other uncle... brother, my sister-in-law
and their two kids. And you?
And me and my cousin. And your two boys? Yeah, OK. So, we're talking about 11 or 12
people going to see Willie here. And I would love... Mum's got a tiny bit
left on her mortgage, so that would be
the first thing I'd pay off. OK, terrific. Alright, great. So look, Willie. Air tickets
and tickets to the concert. I guess that is going to
set us back, you know, $30-33,000, something like that. Pay off the mortgage,
only a tiny bit left on it. Maybe get up and running... If we get out of here
with maybe $50,000, would that sort of do the trick? Um, yeah!
(AUDIENCE CHEERS) Yeah? That sound alright?
Yeah, that sounds awesome! Alright, let's see it,
shall we, Leigh? Six cases. Best of luck.
Alright. Case number 17, please. 17, Emma? Um, I think I've got $500.
Good on you, Em. It's... ..$10,000. That's a place to start.

2, please.
Good luck, Leigh. I think I've got $10. Good on you, Peter.
Sounds good. Nice and blue. It's... ..$1,000. Heading in the right direction,
Leigh. That's good.
I'm happy with that.

21, please.
21. Laura? Hello, Andrew. Good luck, Leigh. I think I've got...$5,000. Thank you, Laura. It's $750. This is good.
Hey! Tracking nicely, Leigh. 5, please.
Jane? Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Leigh. I think I have $250. Good on you, Jane. Thank you. 15 grand. Ooh! 10, please.
Number 10. Hey, Sophie? Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Leigh.
I think I've got the car. Good on you, Sophie. Thank you. It's...$1. That's what we want to see.
More blues. Come on, Leigh! Bring it home strongly
with another one. OK. 9, please. Good luck, Leigh.
I think I've got $50,000. Sorry. Oh, Chris going green. Three grand it is! You know what?
Not such a bad round. I was pretty happy with that.
That's pretty good, yeah. Um, given how much is on the board. You know, over half a mill,
that's peanuts. Offer is?

Whoa, that's OK! AUDIENCE: No deal! For a very first offer.

I'd be happy to walk with that. No deal!
No deal, that's the way. Alright, good work, good work. You know, you're halfway
towards Willie. You still have
the mortgage to take care of but we'll leave that
to after the break. See you then.

Hello. Coming up in Seven News - strong winds strike Sydney