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The leaders' debate does little to change the election dynamics with the Coalition maintaining its edge in the polls. A state of emergency - insiders say the Fukushima power plant has been leaking radioactive water since the disaster over two years ago. From PM to taxi driver - the Norwegian Prime Minister goes under cover to find out what voters really think. Another century to Ian Bell puts England in a commanding position in the fourth Ashes Test. He is in the form of his life. Even a less than great debate can generate controversy. The Liberal Party is accusing Kevin Rudd of cheating because he took notes into the contest. The accusation has overshadowed the only real news from the head-to-head, a pledge on gay marriage. Greg Jennett reports. So, who was the winner? That's for the Australian people to decide. They'll sort that out.Look, it was a great opportunity to present some positive plans to the Australian people. I was happy to have that chance and I look forward to further debates.An amicable end to a somewhat unremarkable hour. The debate was unscripted. The rules said no notes. Yet, Kevin Rudd arrived with them.It is important for our democracy we have debates.He read from them.Under my prime ministership, I offer a new way to secure Australia's Tony Abbott
future.And he left with them. Tony Abbott was note-free all night. Just in case you miss uded it.Not for Tony Abbott was the need to have We're taking you live to Darwin, Education Minister Bill Shorten is campaigning there today. He's with Labor's candidate for Solomon. Let's listen in.Quicking dial a number! You guys all good? It's great to be here o-Lachlan college with Luke Gosling college with Luke Gosling or candidatetor Solomon. We see here at the college, the importance of education and better funding for our Catholic education system in the territory. Only Labor has put aside the political effort, made the political momentum to properly fund non-Government schools in the territory. We are providing literally hundreds of millions of dollars of extra resources to non-Government schools across Australia including the territory. I've been very impressed by the calibre of the work that the students here are doing, but it reminds me of how disappointing it's been that we failed to get the CLP Government or nah Tash y Griggs to stand up for better funding for schools in the Territory. I in all my days in public life have never encountered a set of circumstances where it is so difficult to provide extra resources to a Territory Administration. The Federal Labor Government because we believe in education for the last 2.5 years has been promoting more funding in schools, and gee, don't the Territory Government schools need it with their savage cuts unther the CLP Government. We got this crazy situation where Federal Labor's cued up to try and land a deal so that the children at Government schools can get some of the extra resources that children at non-Government schools in the Territory are getting. But you can imagine our disappointment and indeed that of parents in the Territory when we see that the Government up here, the CLP offer and just for the record our proposition was that for every $2 extra that the Commonwealth taxpayers willing to help children in Government schools in the Territory for their individual development at schools, we were seeking $1 from the Territory Administration. This Administration simply said that they don't have the money. What I would say is there's no way in the world that anyone in good faith on behalf of taxpayers in Australia can sign a blank cheque to an Administration where we're bringing extra resources in the front door and the Territory Government taking their resources out the back. Children in the Territory deserve the same quality education that children everywhere get in Australia. Conservative Governments in Victoria and NSW signed up to our bools deal, but unfortunately it would appear that our politics got in the way in the Territory and it with would appear that by their complete silence missing in action, that Natasha Griggs, the Conservative member for Solomon has not spoken up in terms of better funding of schools in the Territory. Only Luke Gosling and only Federal Labor will give the extra resources and support that the Territory desperately needs. I know that belatedly the Coalition after spending 1,000 days of trash talking our education reforms say that individual kids get individual resources to better help them in the Territory in the suburbs of Darwin and beyond, only in very recent days because the polling showed that Tony Abbott is on the nose when it comes to education, the Conservatives said, "We'll see what Labor is doing and we'll try and match it for some of the years" but let's be clear - we want to provide money for the Territory schools on the basis that the Territory Administration also backs us up the CLP Government. That's a become difference between the Conservatives and Labor in this election. With Labor you know what you get. You get fair dinkum 100% full plotle funding for education, no corners cut no, compromise the
on making sure our children get the best start in life. I for one don't want to see the circumstances where Territory children have to leave the Territory to get a good quality education and only Labor will keep fighting to many make sure that every child in the Northern Territory be it the suburb of Darwin or more remote communities gets the same deal as ever other child in Australia. Happy to take questions.REPORTER: We've spoken to people in Catholic education system who say the big money really comes in the outer years, doesn't that mean the bulk of your someone con-I think the ynt on not one but two Federal elections?If the commission thought that what we were doing was a bad deal they wouldn't have signed up to it. The Catholic Education Commission has been in business in Australia pretty much since European settlement. They've been educating children on a needs-based system. I respect the right of the non-Government system to get resources because parents make a choice to send their children to non-Government schools. But let me be really, really clear - does anyone think that the bishops in theth Catholic Church are simply doing a deal with Labor for politics? No way. They've had a good look at they've given it their support. what we have to offer When we hear a they've given it their When we hear a debate from the When we hear a Conservatives or other saying Conservatives or "maybe Labor's offer is not as good as it "maybe Labor's offer is good as it looks" why on earth good as would the Catholic good as it looks" why on commission agree to our proposition if they thought it commission agree to was bad deal for the kids, why would Barry O'Farrell, a Liberal, never voted Labor in his life to the best of my knowledge, the Victorian Liberals have never voted Labor, if they and the Catholic Church can see sense in what we're doing, what is wrong with the CLP Government that they don't want to pick up the same deal that other people who are certainly not Pro Labor are willing to do? REPORTER: You mention that the Cathic education signed but again the same people in Catholic education say they didn'tvale really a choice, the majority of their funding comes from the Feds and you've just written into the legislation?We know and I know because I was in the negotiations for the four weeks since I've been Education Minister, if the Catholic Church doesn't want to come out and endorse an arrangment, if they want, the Catholic Church, they're not for sale for anyone, and I think any implications somehow that they're just going along with this because they have to, misunderstands the independence of the Catholic education system in Australia. The Catholic education in Australia stands up for its parents and its kids and its teachers, it just happened to look at Labor's proposition and you know something? Labor's Government the best product on education and the Catholic Education Commission decided to go with it even before the Conservatives have tried their trekky in and out round about maybe like it, maybe docht like, who knows what they think tomorrow?The CLP Government because of their intransigence, their siege mentality, their unwillingness to remedy the dreadful cuts they've done, couldn't do a deal with Labor and the real shame of it is that the CLP representative Natasha Griggs wouldn't stand up for Territory Natasha Griggs wouldn't up for Territory schools and
Territory school children and the parents of Territory school children in Government schools and just say to the CLP "get your act together. You need just get on board like everyone else has."REPORTER: Isn't it true that the majority of the funning is going to be coming through in the later years so 17, 18, 19 and doesn't that mean it's con-I think theents on the results of two Federal elections?MentYour question highlights the difference. The Liberals can not be trusted if you want to see the good funning flow through and money flows through next year...REPORTER: You're basically...How on earth do we get to a situation where Federal Labor is willing to put in a billion dollars into schools, the CLP not only not willing to match us but they've slashed 250 million in their Budget f you're looking for a villain in this story about better education of school children it can't be the people turning up with the resourceses who have committed to this issue who regard education as their number one priority along with jobs and you have the other mob, the Federal Coalition missing in action, see no evil, hear no evil, talk no evil, Natasha Griggs is in a witness protection program when it comes to standing up for school, you have the CLP Government who don't believe in our reforms, you can't tell them anything, they they they're doing just fine the schools a Territory. It defies belief that they can't find a dollar.REPORTER: If you are actually providing the bulk of your money in the later years surely you're opening yourself to an argument that you're holding school to ransom for another two elections before they see most of the money flow through?No, the conclusion of your question is that unless the all the money is spend in the first year somehow he's not fair dinkum. It's not right at all. There is no traffic jam or airplane jam after people coming to the territory saying they want to provide more money for the kids in the Territory. We haven't been outbid by the Conservatives, we jnts been outargued by the Conservative, they haven't done their home work, they're submitting themselves for the examination of the people in the seat of Solomon by the people and the parents in the seat of Solomon, we know and you must to account, the kr.s LP Government has cut your Budget. They've got the school, the CLP Government wouldn't find extra money for the schools in the Territory. Resident's not blame Labor for having a six year plan, there's plenty of money in the out years.Are there outer years actually funded, locked in with your, forward estimates is only four years?We've funded it for six years. When will people ask the Coalition to fund their costings. These people write policy.
stuff down and submit it as policy. That's important that we give an we give an examination to Coalition promises. These guys have had more positions on costings than I've had hot dinners and when it comes to paying for education don't you think it is unusual that for 1,000 days they rubbish the Labor proposition, 1,000 days, what's our sin? We're going to pay for six years. What's our sin? Extra money in the Territory. If this was world championship wrestling they're not even in the ring, we can't find them, can't find Natasha Grigg, can't future that inpolicy, the very fact that you're aware of what we'll do for six years raises the question, where's the Coalition promises? These guy also sell and do anything to get into Government. We know they're trying to be labour light on the policies and if they say they're labour light on the real point, why have the imtation education product which is a bit shonky, no t really thought out, go for the real deal. Labor is the only people who want to fund education, we've done the hom work.You talk about costings, about trust etc, we've spent the last couple of weeks asking for you guys to provide a briefing for us so we can get an idea from the people who know, the professionals, where the difference in money is because the territory Government and the Federal Government have been fighting for the past couple of months about exactly what will it cost the Territory. Why should territory yaps trust either of you if you're not prepared to have got the information. It's in our Budgets and have got the in our Budgets and I'll send it to you again, I'm sure our people have sent this information out but I'm happy to do it again because information and costings is important. I know some people's eyes glaze over, but where's the Coalition's costings on all their promises? They've just tried to be labour light, fair. This is my evidence while we can be trusted on education. Been working on its for three years and we've got a proposition which is costed. Two, the Catholic Education Commission who represent the school we're in today know that they can live with the Government's policies. They wouldn't have put out press releases endorsing this unless they thought it was fair dinkum. Three, where's Natasha Griggs been? Where has she been sticking up for all the schools in the Territory.Anyhow Luke Gosling, the guy is a fighter. He served Australia in the defence force, he's committed to the best education for his kids in the Territory so there you go, one, two, three, we have representatives who speak up, we've done the costings and been doing this for three years. If it's such a bad deal, don't think we mind control the NSW Liberal Government or the Victorian Liberal Government. Why would they do a deal if it wasn't good for them? How is that the CLP Government have said, "We're on to you guys, you umay be offering us more money, you may have done your costings you may want us to put the money in, instead we'll take $#2r50 million out of the Territory education, we won't engage seriously in your discussions and we want you to pay for our funding cuts and the kids in the Territory over all-won't get the same increases that kids elsewhere are getting." REPORTER: Just on the polls there's a couple of questions we need to ask for is
dra and I'm sure Channel Nine is interested as well. The way ahead for the party, Labor is slipping both in the primary vote I guess in the polls, primary support and as is Kevin's popularity. How do you personally think the campaign is going inMr Rudd is till more popular than Tony Abbott, and as preferred leader. Secondly, the election isn't toot, it's in 3.5 weeks. What I do is that we are the underdogs in the election. That's OK. We've still got the more positive arguments, let's face it, when it comes to education, the CLP and Natasha Griggs and Tony Abbott are more lost than Bourke and Wills, they've bagged our policy, they want provide their costings, they're making promises the same way that kids make - buy property on Monopoly, zwrais fake and when it comes to the issues going forward, we're the party interested in job, we're the party providing support for working families with greater child-care support, we're the people who want the see people's superannuation lift, so you think about it, retirement income, child-care, education, jobs, Labor's the most fair dinkum and we'll keep pushing that case strongly, loudly and proudlile till election date and the people will have their say.The polls are going in the wrong direction for you guys, do you think the campaign is faltering and what can be done to get it back on track?No I don't accept that proposition. election is in 3.5 weeks we
Everyone knows that the will ep gaedge with people as will ep we are doing every day again, we are when you look at to households, cost of living pressure, we have the better policy, job, we have the runs on the board, education, we have the runs on the board. We will keep running this message, keep talking to people, ensure that our view is certainly the one which people hear and I think Australians want to see a positive vision for the future, not just a Coalition who with have wasted the last years without doing any home work and don't have a view on important top likic s like education.Should there be a change in strategy? Where do you think you can make up in the votes?Probable have to make up another 1.5 to 2%.Where do you think you could get that from?By talk to people.No particular sort of -Sorry I've given you a good run. I'm happy to take that last one (INAUDIBLE)

I think that PM Rudd showed that he was more positive. I thought Tony Abbott came across as a bit plastic frankly. Thanks.And that is the Education Minister Bill Shorten speaking live in the Northern Territory. Continuing our election coverage now and PM Kevin Rudd Macquarie University where he announced a new Kevin Rudd has visited
Macquarie announced a new $36 million package to support announced a new $36 package to support the manufacturing industry. Mr Rudd says the Labor Party is focussed on creating building blocks for Australia's future. Now the country could no longer are lie on the China mining boom. The extra money will go towards creating new jobs in high-tech industries.We believe what we need for the future of our manufacturing is to continue to move up the value added chain, into high-tech high skill sectors a fo all our workers to lift their sciels on the way true. Today, I announce that if our Government is returned to office, we'll invest $35.6 million working with business and institutions like this to begin to retrain our manufacturing workforce for the future. T our manufacturing skills plus program will nearly 7,000 new and existing manufacturing workers to develop the skills they need for the new industries of the future. We want to help our companies, move from low skilled, low technology manufacturing to high skilled, high-tech sectors where we will find the jobs of the future. This initial builds on the $35 million steps to skills initiative I announced yesterday. The bottom line is this - you cannot create the jobs of the future unless you're investing in the skills of the future and that's what this Government is about - billing our country's future.Mr Rudd speaking in Sydney there. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has been campaigning in Melbourne and is highlights infrastructure. He's announced a Coalition Government will publish an annual statement on the state of the infrastructure around the nation.Tony Abbott came here to the Vic Roads headquarters in Kew in east Melbourne today and the theme of the day the infrastructure. The Coalition has committed $1.5 billion to the East-West link here in Melbourne and today was a good chance to talk up that promise which is hopes will ease Melbourne's traffic congestion problems around the city. It also provided a handy backdrop for Tony Abbott's big announcement of the day which is that if elected he would introduce an annual infrastructure statement. He claims that this delivers a high irunprecedented level of transparency when it comes to meeting targets for projects he says it makes sure that they're not just promises, they're more than just words.It will be an will
implementation statement, it will be designed to ensure that we don't just talk about infrastructure, we actually get it built. I would like to think that should we win the election, I will be known as an infrastructure PM.Tony Abbott wouldn't really be drawn on whether he thought he'd won or lost are lost last night's debate although he was pretty happy I think with the way it went given that he didn't think that Kevin Rudd landed any killer blow, indied Coalition headquarters put out a statement within ten minutes of the debate ending declaring Tony Abbott the winner. On costings he Tony Abbott the winner. costings he did indicate that costings he did indicate release its still the release still the Coalition intinds to time before the election and he release its costings in good also time before the election and also flagged that the Coalition
will time before the election and he
also will give more also flagged that the will give more details on its
paid will give more paid parental leave within cay days.The council of social service says fighting child poverty must be the top child poverty must be priority of an incoming Government. CEO Cassandra Goldie says there's been an alarming 15% rise in child poverty in the last 12 months. ACOSS is calling for an election commitment from the incoming Government to address poverty and social issues in the first 100 days of power.Launch of our election platform, called Bold Action for a Fairer Future where we set out what we expect to see from a new Australian Government in its particularly in its first 100 days. There are some very specific asks that we've got. Tax reform is always a fraugts exercise. I think if you look to both the major parties, you will see that there have been deep struggles when it comes to landing seriously good tax reform. In our view, the Henry tax panel recommendations are absolutely the blueprint for ongoing tax reform in Australia. Without a strong economy, we will not see the kind of action we need in order to reduce the level of poverty in Australia. We've had two decades of strong economic growth for Australia and growth for Australia and yet growth for Australia extraordinarily we have seen a growth in the rate of poverty across the community, and one in six children are now living below the poverty in six children below the poverty line.New accommodation buildings are already under construction at the Nauru detention centre just three weeks after the riot and fire which caused $60 million damage. Most aslyum seekers are now being accommodated in a second temporary camp.It's been three weeks since the fire and riot here at the regional processing centre at Nauru and the devastation is clear to see. Bemind hind me you can see the kitchen and the mess hall which were completely destroyed. They're still being demolished but elsewhere all the fire damage has been removed. So work is moving at real speed here. All of the accommodation buildings which housed 541 ray see, have been removed, and new accommodation buildings are already being put if in place. The area I'm standing now infrastructure and these buildings weren't damaged so medical services, Internet cafe, the gym the translator centre, that's all still under way, food storage areas staff areas have all been saved. Work is expected to be completed in about three to six months and in the meantime time aslyum seekers who were staying here are now being accommodated at a temporary camp.South Africa's Government says Nelson Mandela's health is slowly but steadily improving. The former President remains in a critical condition in hospital, he's been receiving treatment for more than two months for recurring lung infection. Mr Mandela's youngest daughter has told the media her father's condition is improving and is at
now able to sit up for minutes at a time. With former South African leader Nelson Mandela still in hospital, international focus has turned to the nation that he fought to create. Violence in South Africa remains common place, unemployment is out of control and the ruling ANC Government is accused of rampant corruption. Tonight, 'Four Corners' reporter Matthew Carney goes to South Africa to try and understand the forces that threaten to pull the rainbow nation apart.The world's largest platinum mines operate here. It's waelth that's meant to benefit all South Africans. What the here has betrayed Mandela's famous words he spoke at his trial before he was jailed for life in 18964 for opposing the apartheid And you can see Matthew Carney's full report on 'Four Corners' tonight at 8:30 on ABC 1.Egyptian security officials say police will raid two sit ins by supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi within 24 hours. The Government sayings the protests have frightened Cairo residents and sparked violence. People are still out in force and rights groups fear more bloodshed is inevitable if police storm the camps.... In a middle class distribution of Cairo this is the largest of two pro Morsi kampls that the Government wants cleared. In a built up area against determined protesters, it's a high risk operation. One retired general told Al-Jajeera that the security services are never been trained to deal with this type of urban confrontation. TRANSLATION: You can use water cannon and tear gas but then if escalate
that doesn't work your to escalate things using bird shots or maybe live ammunition but that would be a disaster because on the one hand their not thinking strategically and on the other they're there to die for a cause, that's a recipe for disaster.Egypt's security forces have already shown their willingness to use deadly force. Moor than 250 people have been killed since more Morsi's ousting.Every time they've endepadgeed with protesters and we've documented all of this has resulted in violence and the loss of life. In fact, what ended up happening was the systemic killing of protesters such as what happened in front of the Republican Guard and in Nasr City. Both incidents included illegal and unlawful killing, not simply the breaking up of protests.When making its calculations, Egypt's interim Government knows the world is watching. It also knows that more bloodshed risks creating more determined opposition. The people that live around here want normal life to resume. The problem for them and the security forces is that with every passing day, the fortfications inside the camp are strengthed as is the resolve of the protesters living in there, making it almost impossible to clear the site peacefully.Back home now let's check tomorrow's weather with Vanessa O'Hanlon.Cloud that we're seeing around the south-east is associated with a rapid moving cold front that is heading towards the Tasman Sea and also an associated trough is causing very gusty northerly winds about parts of Queensland and into the NSW. Damaging wind warnings as high as the mid north coast in NSW and also glad watches for parts of Victoria's north-east and also throughout the northern parts of Tasmania. Another cold front will move over the south-west and we'll see that rain heading over towards Tasmania and into the south-western parts of Victoria by tomorrow night. Around the country for tomorrow - One plus bun is up next then stay with us on News 24 for afternoon lives.

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