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(generated from captions) Hello. I'm Ros Childs. Welcome to this national edition of ABC News. This Program is Captioned Live. The leaders' debate does little to change the election dynamics with the Coalition maintaining its edge in the polls. A state of emergency. Insiders say the Fukushima power plant has been leaking radioactive water since the disaster over two years ago. From PM to taxi driver - the Norwegian Prime Minister goes undercover to find out what voters really think. And another century to Ian Bell puts England in a commanding position in the fourth Ashes Test.He is in the form of his life. Even a less than great debate can generate controversy. The Liberal Party is accusing Kevin Rudd of cheating, because he took notes into the contest. The accusation has overshadowed the only real news from the head to head - a pledge on gay marriage. Greg Jennett reports. So, who was the winner? It was for the Australian people to decide. They'll sort that out.Look, it was a great opportunity to present some positive plans to the Australian people. I was happy to have that chance and I look forward to further debate.An amicable end to a somewhat unremarkable hour.Surely four weeks before an election he can stop being evasive about where the $70 billion worth of cuts to jobs, health and education ...The people at home who are watching this deserve better than a cheap scare campaign from the PM of this country.The debate was unscripted. The rules said no notes. Yet, Kevin Rudd arrived with them.Important to have debates.He read from them.Under my prime ministership, I offer a new way to secure Australia's future.And he left with them. Tony Abbott was note-free all night.Tony Abbott didn't need to have cheat sheets to get threw the debate. No cheat sheets in sight.The problem with the Prime Minister last night was not that he was reading from notes, it was more that the notes weren't worth reading. That was the problem last night.APPLAUSE.The debate threw up only one new policy idea.Within the first 100 days of a re-elected government, a Bill would come forth to legalise marriage equality.A future Coalition party room could allow a conscience vote but whatever position Mr Abbott might hold after a re-elected Rudd Government, his conscience is clear.I support the existing position. I pride myself on being consistent and I intend to be consistent.As week two whirs into action, Tony Abbott will not be unhappy with his position. Newspoll has the Coalition four points ahead after preferences. Labor's primary vote appears to have softened. Not an encouraging sign for Kevin Rudd when campaigns are all about building momentum. Both leaders are out and about today at the start of week two of the campaign. Political reporter Narda Gilmore is with the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who is in Melbourne this morning. What has been happening there? Tony Abbott has been off on a theme of infrastructure today. It was straight back to business for him. He visited VicRoads headquarters in Kew in Melbourne this morning for what he says was a first hand look at Melbourne's traffic congestion problems and to talk up the Coalition's commitment of $1.5 billion to the East-West link in Melbourne. It was the backdrop to announce the plan for an annual infrastructure statement to Parliament which is a plan to keep Government accountable on big infrastructure project, seeing whether each year it is meeting targets and so on. He says that's to make sure promises are not just words and he wants to be known as the Minister.Is Tony
infrastructure Prime Minister.Is Tony Abbott focusing on marginal seats in Victoria? He is. His second event and his last campaign event of the day was in the electorate of Deakin where I am now. That's currently held by Mike Symon from the ALP by a razor thin margin of 0.6%. Tony Abbott was here today to launch the election campaign of Michael Sukkar and certainly it is one that the Coalition will be concentrating on. It is focusing somewhat - this is Tony Abbott's first visit to Victoria this campaign, but some of these seats will be vital for the Coalition to win back certainly where they didn't quite gain enough support to give them government last time round.Thank you. From Melbourne, let's go to Bennelong in Sydney's north-west where Kevin Rudd has been campaigning today. Reporter Andrew Greene is there for us. This is the seat that former Prime Minister John Howard famously lost to Labor in 2007. What's been going on there today? This is in fact Kevin Rudd's second visit to the marginal electorate of Bennelong since calling the election. He has been here today at Macquarie University touring the Australian hearing hub where he has announced a $35 million program to help manufacturing workers go into high-tech jobs to deal with Australia's changing economy after the resources boom. Kevin Rudd and Labor would hope they could try to wrestle back this seat that was lost to the Liberal Party at the last election. Kevin Rudd has made a couple of announcements here today and he has taken the opportunity also to help promote Labor's star candidate here Jayson Li.Did the Prime Minister make any comments about his use of notes in last night's debate? He did begin his press conference a short time ago by making light of it and pointing out, in his words, full disclosure he had used notes for the press conference today. This has drawn a lot of controversy as we have heard throughout the morning with people suggesting he cheated in that debate. We know Kevin Rudd is very keen to have more debates and he will be challenging Tony Abbott to have further showdowns in the election campaign.Andrew, thank you.Thank you.

The former boxer Lucky Gattellari is in the witness box today in the committal hearing of businessman Ron Medich who is accused of organising the murder of his former business partner Michael McGurk. Lucky Gattellari has pleaded guilty to being an accessory to the murder and is now giving evidence against his former friend and associate Ron Medich. Karl Hoerr joins us now. What's been said so far? Ros, I think it is fair to say sparks have been flying here at central local court. Even the sten grapher has been struggling to keep pace with the heated exchanges. Lucky Gattellari is without date the most important witness in this case. He says it was Ron Medich who ordered the murder of Michael McGurk to end a bitter legal dispute between the two men. Barrister for Ron Medich has this morning repeatedly insisted that Lucky Gattellari answer his questions. At one point he said "You'll do as you're told", to which Gattellari replied "No, I won't". Lucky Gattellari was also asked about the evidence of someone who was described in court as his enforcer. That particular witness had suggested that he had asked - that Gattellari had asked him to have someone's legs broken. Gattellari responded to that today by saying that he thought that witness had been watching too many 'Godfather' movies.Circumstances changed when Lucky Gattellari pleaded guilty to his role in the murder? Indeed, Ros. It did seem though that he started providing information to police fairly soon after his arrest but, of course, that was only made official when he provided a signed undertaking to give evidence against Ron Medich and others.Will Lucky Gattellari's involvement with this case end once this committal hearing finishes? No, it won't. In fact, that undertaking that Lucky Gattellari has given extends to a future trial, if indeed this case does proceed to trial, he will need to give evidence there. His heavily discounted sentence does depend on him doing that.Thank you. An adventure company has been fined $180,000 over its role in the death of a Melbourne school teacher who was swept out to sea on a surf camp at Bells Beach in 2011. 40-year-old Paul Simpson was snorkeling with a group of year 10 students from Shellford Girls Grammar School when he became caught in rough seas. He suffered a heart attack and couldn't be revived. West Coast Adventure pleaded guilty to failing to assess the conditions and failing to have proper safety equipment. The county court sitting in Geelong found the company had no prior convictions and its directors were genuinely remorseful.

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant have told the ABC the contaminated water has most likely been seeping into the sea since the disaster two and a half years ago. Japan's nuclear watchdog has described the situation as a state of emergency and the Government has finally stepped in. Workers say another accident is inevitable if company remains in charge. Mark Willacy reports from Fukushima. We have to meet in secret because if this Fukushima nuclear worker was caught speaking to me, he'd pay a high price.TRANSLATION: If TEPCO knew I was speaking with you, I'd be fired for sure. Spiking out is an act of suicide.Mr Fujimoto works in the de contamination program in the plant. He works 12-hour shifts for which he is paid $10 an hour. He is paid to watch the leak of radioactive ground water.TRANSLATION: We work at the most dangerous place in Japan and the other day steam came out of the reactor three building but TEPCO didn't even tell us. I heard about it on the news after my shift.It is not just radioactive water leaks and mystery steam pouring from the plant. Earlier this year, a single rat managed to short out power to pools koorling thousands - cooling thousands of used fuel rods. Even those supervising the Fukushima clean-up can no longer hide their frustrations with TEPCO.These actions indicate that you do not know what you're doing and that you do not have a plan and that you're not doing all you can to protect the environment and the people.The Fukushima plant is just a few kilometres up the coast through the sea mist. That's where radioactive tritium, strontium and cesium is leeching into the sea every day. It has many Japanese calling for TEPCO to be to
sidelined and for outside help to be brought in to tackle this crisis once and for all. Susuki-san is a 12-year TEPCO veteran and former Fukushima site foreman who says leaks of contaminated water into the ocean are nothing new.TRANSLATION: I belief it has been leaking into the ocean from the start of the crisis. TEPCO probably knew this but did nothing because they didn't want to cause an out cry.As contaminated water leaks out, Japan's government is pumping more money in to stop it but TEPCO, despite its failings and its cover-ups, is still in charge of what Japan's nuclear watchdog describes as a serious emergency.

Funerals have been held for the victims of a volcano that erupted in Indonesia. Rescue workers have been battling to evacuate thousands of people from the small island of Palue. Six people died when the volcano erupted at the weekend. Many roads have been blocked by ash and rocks which have been hampering the rescue efforts. Israel has announced plans to build another 1200 homes for Jewish settlers in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The decision comes days before peace talks are set to re resume. Palestinian negotiators say the move is a deliberate attempt to scuttle any deal being reached.Why? Who does these things? They are determined to undermine the peace negotiations, are determined to force people like us to leave the negotiating table.Analysts say the decision was made to appease Right Wing Israelis angered by their government's decision to release Palestinian prisoners. He hadn't driven a car for eight years and had no qualification for the job so driving a taxi was a surprising Prime
second job for the Norwegian Prime Minister. But for Jens Stoltenberg it was the best way to find out what people thought about him, his Government and the issues that were important to them. Phillip Williams reports. He certainly looked the part, a driver's uniform, pair of sunglasses to hide his identity. But the Prime Minister has been struggling in the polls and has also got an election in September. That's how he agreed to take the wheel of a car rather than the nation to hear from real people. (Speaking in foreign language) It didn't take long before some of his customers realised there was something different about their cabbie. Understandably, the conversations quickly shifted to politics. No-one, it seems, was going to miss this opportunity to tell the Prime Minister a thing or two.

But high office doesn't guarantee superior driving skills.

Jens Stoltenberg is hoping, after eight years, voters give him another turn at the national wheel. Of course there are other elections in far away places to be sorted so if your next cabbie is called Kevin or Tony, you've been warned.

Back to the election campaign here at home now and the key battleground of Western Sydney. The issue of asylum seekers resonates deeply here and, with a string of marginal seats both parties have been working hard to woo voters by taking hardline positions on refugee policy. Philippa McDonald reports. Western and south-western Sydney is the heart of multicultural Australia. Almost 60% of the people who live here are immigrants or are the children of immigrants and when it comes to the election, it is the issue of asylum seekers which has everyone talking.They are not coming here legitimate, send them back.Everybody deserve s a chance.We had to wait for two or three years to come to Australia. Those people are coming by paying money in a boat.There are people waiting in camps to acquire asylum in Australia. Those people are bypassing that policy so boat people should not be allowed to come to this country since they are queue jumpers.Ali Mohammadi is from Afghanistan. He came to Australia by boat when he was just 16.

A member of the minority ethnic Hazara, Ali Mohammadi's father was killed by the Taliban. His mother warned him he wasn't safe either. Ali Mohammadi was an unaccompanied minor and, while he spent time in detention centres, home for almost the past two years has been with his Australian foster carer, Michelle Tish.He is doing very well at school. He's got a little job at McDonald's, in the school holidays he worked at Luna Park. So he is getting all that, you know, normal stuff that kids, getting that work experience and stuff like that to be able to springboard off into life.Michelle Tish has cared for 11 asylum seekers who have come here by boat. Her perspective is a unique one. Department of
She used to work for the Department of Immigration in detention centres including Christmas Island.There are 42 million people that are displaced around the world. We are spending something like almost close to $3 billion a year to lock up something around 25,000 people. Now, I really am disappointed in our government they want to give us propaganda and feed us with fear and lies because that's what they're doing.

Time to check the markets, here is Michelle Rafferty. Not a bad start to the week? Not a bad start at all. The resources stocks are starting to buoy the market which has opened higher. A short time ago, the All Ordinaries was up a quarter of a per cent as was the ASX 200. To the market movers - Newcrest shares haven't been affected by the mining company posting a $5.78 billion full-year loss. It is trading up nearly 5%. James Hardie is up after it reported rises to $US$142 million. JB Hi-Fi is up nearly 3% after it recorded an 11% rise on its previous annual profits. Across the region -

Thank you.A third century of the series to Ian Bell has put England in a strong pog position in the fourth Ashes Test in Durham. Bell is unbeaten on 105 and the home team has a lead of 202 runs with two days to play. While the Australians have limited the impact of Cook and Trott, Bell's taking a heavy Ian
toll.20th Test match 100 for Ian Bell. He is in the form of his life.He knows the game very well, he is very patient and he is tough to bowl to because you have to create something as a bowler.In 2005, Bell averaged 17.It has been enjoyable this time to score some hundreds and put to bed some of the past.Earlier in the day, Rogers departed for 110. Harris gave Australia a lead of 32 before the innings ended on a farcical note with Harris walking in the middle of a review with the umpire left alone.Pitching, straightening, hitting the top of the stump.He was on a role, collecting Cook and tempting Trott. The con trastsing styles of Bell and Pietersen produced a 106-run stand. Bell's inside edge on 37 was painful for the tourists, as was the sight of Watson limping off with hip and groin trouble. But Lyon lifted spirits. Harris hurried up Bell.Well bowled. He has put Bell down.Bairstow became Lyon's second victim but, with Bell unbeaten and England 202 runs ahead, Australia will need early scalps on day four. The Australian women's team has made an impressive start to its one-off Ashes test in England. The Southern Stars are 3/243.

It has been a busy weekend of sport, here with the footy action is Grandstand's Craig Norenbergs. AFL first of all. The Bombers are slipping down the ladder, does it look as if the off-field problems have worn them down.They have played their effect. Looking at the ladder, they are a shell of the competitive outfit from earlier in the season.

There is only so many speeches before the sheer mental exhaustion has warned them down. It took three-quarters of the season for the dip to happen, but with the President and CEO departing, Hird is the last man standing with allegations of performance-enhancing drug use.

Collingwood have extended their unbeaten streak to three games, giving the Magpies hope of earning a top four spot for the finals and they looked really good, particularly the second, third and fourth quarters. The Pies' 9th win in 12 matches at the Olympic Stadium against the Swans. I have to pay tribute to the Collingwood fans. I was at the game. They travelled in big numbers to Sydney, added to the atmosphere of the game. You can see them there, black and white army, congratulations to them.In the NRL, Melbourne Storm are equal favourites for the premiership? Yes, let's look at the ladder as it stands in the NRL. A few weeks ago, we were saying Queensland might not have any teams in the final but the Titans, Broncos and Cowboys having found some form, Gold Coast on the edge of the eight, Brisbane and North Queensland been reach. Brisbane beating the Dragons yesterday by two points in an exciting clash 26-24. Justin Hodges's exit here due to a suspected ruptured Achilles tendon putting a dampener on celebrations. Four tries a piece. A Scott Prince penalty goal the difference. Cronulla and the Raiders had losses on the weekend, opening the door slightly for the chasing pack below. The Broncos, if they can make it, might be able to shake it up a bit. I will throw it out there - the Hawks will win the AFL title and the Storm back to back in the NRL.Write that down somebody.Thank you.Mern golfer Jason Dufner has taken out the final major of the year, the US PGA championship. Dufner finished two shots clear of Jim Furyk.

Jason Dufner had one eye on the prize coming down the last, holding a two-shot lead. It wasn't long before the 36-year-old tapped in for the win.Stoic and spectacular. A triumphant embrace with wife Amanda, the ultimate end to a tournament which slipped through his fingers in 2011.Come back in this championship when I lost in the playoff, to win feels good.Perfect conditions greeted the field for the final round of the year's final Major and it was an Australian who led the early charge.Here is Jason Day. Made a long birdie putt at nine. He's got another one at 10.The fashion police may have thought twice about Jonas Blixt's outfit but he got out of jail with this approach on 12, one of the shots of the day. There was hope for Adam Scott, chasing his second Major. But the reigning Masters champ was hot and cold around the green. That birdie followed by this trap. Scott needed the leaders to falter and they did not. Dufner's confidence was boosted on the 16th.It is perfect. It is perfect.His Jim
only rival became the seasoned Jim Furyk but critically the 43-year-old put his approach on 18 wide. Two years after a spectacular collapse, Jason Dufner broke through for his maiden Major win. The threatened long-nosed Potoroo may be making a comeback in south-east Queensland with one of the shy mars marss photographed on property near Beaudesert. The species is in series decline but the owners of a Kerry Valley cattle property say you can mix business with native treasures. The long-nosed Potoroo is a shy creature which survived on a diet of fungi, roots and bulbs. It is found along the east coast of Australia but their numbers are dwindling along with the habitat.We are destroying the soil where they get the food from and the ground cover they need to protect them from predators.Kerry Valley property owners Mark and Tracy Finnigen were using motion-detecting cameras to audit their native animal population when they snapped a rare Potoroo.The Potoroo happened to wander randomly past one of the cameras set up on the top of the hill.The couple's property is located near the Lamington National Park which is a strong
hold for the struggling marsupial. Habitat destruction isn't the only change the Potoroo face. There is eagles and dingos, then there is foxes, feral cats and wild dogs.We caught a fox on the same camera we caught the Potoroo on the same night which was ironic.To make the property more Potoroo-friendly, the couple accessed funding from the 'Caring For Our Country' program. The money has been spent on fencing and reintroducing native vegetation.We have seen habitat loss happen in south-east Queensland and it is reassuring here on a private property we have Potoroos in the landscape.The Finnigens say propagating Potoroos has become a passionate pursuit. Looking at the national weather now with Vanessa O'Hanlon.Wild and damaging weather moving over the south-east at the moment. We have damaging winds for the alpine areas in both NSW and for
Victoria. Also flood watches for the eastern parts of Victoria and across the northern parts of Tasmania and also the Huon River. Around the country at the moment, a trough is moving threw Queensland and NSW - through Queensland and NSW. Very warm and gusty winds a lady ahead of the system with fire warnings in Queensland. A rapid front in the Tasman Sea.

There is another band of rain heading towards Tasmania and by the end of the day, we will see it reaching the south-western parts of Victoria as another cold front moves across the southern parts of the country. Tomorrow -

That's the news for now. Our next full bulletin on ABC1 is at 5:30p.m.. There is news whenever you want it on ABC News 24 or online at We Lee leave you with a human portrait of Western Sydney, a key battleground in the election. I'm Ros Childs. Enjoy your day. Closed Captions by CSI.

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