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Right now to the Teen Choice Awards. Our own Rebel Wilson has won Choice Comedienne for her role in 'Pitch Perfect' and it was presented by Liam Hemsworth. She wore quite an interesting outfit.And One Direction took home the first award for the night and sent the audience in to histerics. Tomorrow, Matt Damon and... Thank you for joining us Leila.Bye, This program is not captioned.

Good morning. Our political leaders are out of the blocks for the second week of the election campaign. Kevin Rudd is targeting the Sydney seat of Bennelong for the second time in less than a week, while Tony Abbott is making his first trip to Melbourne. What's the focus today? He is touring the Quarry University in the north-west of Sydney. He is expected to give a press conference focusing on jobs and the economy, something that has been in central theme of this campaign. It is the second time he has visited the selected in this campaign. It is a key seat that they want to win. They wanted it in 2007, but in Prime Minister John Howard out of the seat, but they lost it in the last election. Kevin Rudd has spent some time already try to win that setback. He's expect it to spent morning and midafternoon there before heading to Queensland. Tony Abbott has moved his campaign to Melbourne. What was Mr Abbott up to this morning? He confirmed the Coalition would provide funding to the east-west link in Melbourne. He says he wants to be known as the infrastructure Prime Minister if he wins government. He says it is very important that things are built in this country. He says people have confidence when they see cranes above the cities. He says that he is prime minister he will make an annual interest at the statement to parliament to let the Parliament know what has been built.It will be designed to ensure that we don't just talk about infrastructure, we actually get it built. I would like to think that should we win the election, I will be known as an infrastructure Prime Minister.Tony Abbott seems to be gaining momentum in the latest polls. Newspoll out this morning is not good news for Labor. The primary vote has dropped two points to 35%. That is where it was when Kevin Rudd took over as leader. The Coalition has picked

Rudd took over as leader. The
Coalition has picked

Coalition has picked up

Coalition has picked up those points. Once preferences are distributed, if that happens the same way as it did the last election, the Coalition would win 52% to 48%. And probably quite strike -- quite strikingly, Tony Abbott has picked up in the preferred leader.

Abbott has picked up in the
preferred leader.

preferred leader. Some

preferred leader. Some people

preferred leader. Some people have described last night 's debate as boring, saying both leaders were evasive. There certainly was no clear winner out of that. The Channel Nine worm gave it to Kevin Rudd but neither of the leaders pulled out a knockout punch. Kevin Rudd did not have a very good and so when he was asked about Sydney 's second airport. He seemed to not know the Labor party policy. Tony Abbott was quite evasive on the issue of costings that Kevin Rudd hammered him on. Some other election news. There is going to be a star candidate running in a star candidate running NAC to have heard a lot about. Former cricketer Nathan Bracken has announced it will be standing as an independent candidate in the seat of dough bell. It is currently held by Craig Thompson who was kicked out over those allegations. Lauren McKenna is going to stand for a nearby seat. Both of these candidates are dying to be funded by John Singleton. It is certainly going to make it a very interesting contest in the seat of dough bell.

The big question we are asking is to you think that Kevin Rudd run the debate last night -- won the debate last night? You can use the Twitter # #YouDecide9 or go to the website. Victoria Police are currently combing a creek in the east of Melbourne in search of the body of Siriyakorn 'Bung' Siriboon. Police say they are acting on new information and the search is expected to last for a number of days. We'll have updates throughout the bulletin. A south Australian father accused of running away with his baby daughter has handed himself and the child into police, ending a 2-day manhunt. The 38-year-old allegedly took the girl from a home in Mt Gambier after assaulting her grandmother. He has been charged with several offences and will face court today. We will get a latest information from our reporter a little bit later in the bulletin. It is wildly -- is widely tipped the AFL will charge Essendon today. While they are expected to fight the charges, the real battle is expected to be beside -- behind the scenes. Our reporter is at Windy Hill. Talk is to have these charges will work. After the 6-month joint investigation, it looks like the AFL will be charging Essendon with the broader offence of bringing the game into disrepute. It is widely expected the studies could be laid today. James Hird and Danny Corcoran and Bruce Reid are all people who are expected to be charged. While the penalties will be in the hands of the AFL commission, it is reported that James Hird 's legal team has asked that Andrew Demetriou remove himself from further discussions. They will argue that given that he was regularly briefed on the investigation as it was going, that may have led him to already form a view as to what went on at Essendon during 2012. The spectre of charges hangs over the club one day after their 53 point lost to the West Coast Eagles in Melbourne. It was after that game yesterday afternoon that James Hird admitted that the pressure of the situation is starting to affect his players. There is no doubt that the speculation and intensity of the press and the expectation of what is to come cannot help but affect your preparation for a game. I think that is across the board. I think the players were affect did today. I think they were affected during the week. It was a deep week in terms of off field stuff.Paul Little was also at yesterday 's game and he hoped that charges were forthcoming for the club because it would allow the Bombers to be uninhibited in telling their side of the story of what they think happened during that supplement story. There is also speculation that there has been a deal on the table. The league is continuing to put pressure on James Hird and the Herald Sun says that it was put to the club that if her point of his own accord, the league would not take away Essendon 's premiership points. If judges are laid today, it is probably only step one in what is sure to be an ongoing dispute between the Essendon football club and the AFL. The mother of murdered woman Sarah Cafferkey will face her daughter 's killer today as Steven James Hunter appears in court for presentencing. Pushing for changes to Victoria 's parole system, she will argue that her daughter 's murder could have been prevented if his history was properly monitored. You will get some details from our reporter in Melbourne later. You might have tried it on the dancefloor before, but doing the robot may now have a new meaning. These dancing robots stole the show at an intelligent robot forum in China over the weekend. Industry leaders came together to discuss all things robotics and show off their latest toys. Robots did everything they could to drum up support from the eager crowd.

Stay with us. Up next this morning - blue skies, record temperatures, and warmer than usual for winter, but how long will it last? And we'll meet the inspiring Aussie diggers preparing to race Prince Harry across the South Pole. This program is not captioned. $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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Returning to our breaking news and police in Victoria have begun searching a creek for the remains of missing schoolgirl Siriyakorn 'Bung' Siriboon. What can you tell us?The task force that is dedicated to the search for Siriyakorn 'Bung' Siriboon has begun searching an area in Boronia near to where she disappeared. They are searching for her remains. They say they will likely be there for a number of days, given just a big area is. It is dense bushland and there is a short creek running through their that has houses along the side of it and many tall trees and are not of scrub. They say there is a number of searches they have it in their investigation. We have not seen a lot of this happened so far. It has been a baffling mystery, this disappearance. There has been a non-stop -- there has not been a lot of information. She disappeared just over two years ago, last seen by a neighbour walking to school. That is the last we saw heard of her. Hopefully this will give the police significant developments and the family some closure. South-east Queensland is preparing for its hottest day this winter, with the Mercury set to store into the high 20s. Our reporter is in Queensland. You have a cup gig for us -- a tough gig for us today.An absolutely beautiful day. It is 25 degrees already. Expected to hit a top of 26, which is five degrees above average. It is expected to hit 29 degrees in Brisbane, seven degrees above average. The weather bureau says it is the hottest day we have had this winter. It is actually the hottest day we have had since April. They say it is caused by a high in the Coral Sea which has dragged this hot weather from the north down into south-east Queensland. It is great for Brisbane and fabulous for tourism on the Gold Coast. The industry has been struggling to pick up after ongoing erosion problems and terrible weather back in Easter. And also ex- tropical cyclone Oswald. The tourists are loving it. Could not hear any more perfect. Absolutely beautiful.It makes you want to come and sit in the sun. Who can complain.What is in store for the rest of the week?After today, it is set to get a little bit cooler but only by a couple of degrees. It is still set to be around 23 or 24 degrees on the Gold Coast and warmer in Brisbane. It is the hottest day this winter but far from the record that we have had in August. In 2009 we had a top of 35.4 degrees. You definitely cannot complain. The only problem is it is Monday so most people will be working. Two Australian soldiers are among a band of wounded warriors planning to raise Prince Harry across the South Pole. Our Aussie diggers have joined forces to train in the mountains of Colorado. Inspiring does not even begin to describe these walking wounded. There is Ivan, he is blind after a mortar attack on US forces in Iraq. Canadian Chris. He lost the site in one eye and suffered terrible burns from a home-made bomb in Afghanistan. And the Aussies, heat and Seamus, both shot during heavy combat.I was face down in the dirt. My boys switched on and got me out of that.I was shot through the net in Afghanistan in 2011. -- through the.Do you feel lucky?I am happy they mist this bit.They are here training in the Colorado mountains and it is a miracle. Just being here is not enough. They are about to take on Mother Nature and each other in a race to the South Pole.Amazing things can happen to guys post injury. So that was important to me. There is life after being hurt. For sure.Teams from the US, the UK and the Commonwealth in a raffle to Earth 's most dangerous outer limits. The teams will be joined by Prince Harry. He was also on the traditional wounded soldiers track to the North Pole in 2011. The South Pole will be tougher. Over 3000km of unforgiving to rein in -35 degrees. It is the coldest and windiest place on earth. This is a race. How are the Aussies going to go?It is clear that we are clearly superior in intellect, in skill, in look is, in speed and fitness. Before they get there, there is training in Iceland, up mountains, and on the water. The team definitely won't be kayaking to the South Pole but here on this lake in Colorado that is not what it is all about. Today is about overcoming adversity and seeing others in far worse positions do the same. The teams have joined the no barriers summit in Telluride. Here the message is embrace what you can do rather than what you can't. Blindness is no barrier to stand up paddle boarding and it is this spirit which will empower the teams across Antarctica.

Incredible stuff. Still ahead this morning, we'll cross live to Sydney where Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is about to make a major announcement. Also, who's behind that smile? The new bid to unravel the Mona Lisa mystery. And a bizarre sight on the Brisbane River. That's next.

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She is the woman with the cryptic smile who has captivated the world for centuries and now scientists believe they are close to revealing who Leonardo da Vinci 's Mona Lisa really is. She appears larger from the left than from the right.The clue to unlocking one of art's biggest secrets is so groundbreaking you might expect to find Tom Hanks from 'The Da Vinci Code' on the scene. Instead, it's a real life team of researchers on the edge of finally answering just who is that woman with the cryptic smile in Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece the Mona Lisa. For centuries, historians and art lovers have pondered the possibilities. One of Da Vinci's lovers? A muse perhaps, or maybe even Da Vinci himself, dressed as a woman. Italians have long speculated that the Lisa in the Mona Lisa was Lisa Gherardini. She's believed to have posed for Da Vinci, but nobody has ever been able to prove she's the one in the painting. The answer may lie in this ancient underground crypt in Florence.TRANSLATION: We have historical certainty that in that tomb there are Lisa Gherardini's descendents.This week, they opened up that crypt for the first time in over 300 years and climbed inside the dank tomb, where they will take DNA samples from the remains of Gherardini's relatives. TRANSLATION: We were very lucky, I'd say, because there is a good amount of bone remains.If the DNA here is related to another set of bones believed to be Gherradini herself, then her remains are finally confirmed and they can use X-rays and digital reconstruction technology, similar to what they use in a crime scene, to figure out what she looked like.If everything goes as it should, we will reconstruct Lisa Gherardini's face from her skull.And then, the real test - to see if that face is anything like the Mona Lisa we all know. There was a strange sight on the Brisbane River this morning. The largest rubber ducky in the southern hemisphere was towed down the river by water police as the count noun begins to the Great Britain in the -- the great Lisbon duck race. -- great Brisbane duck race.

Still ahead, we have the very latest live from the campaign trail, including who is gaining momentum in a new poll. Yesterday it did day for Essendon. We will find out when charges will be laid over the supplements over. And we are taxed This program is not captioned. (APPLAUSE) VOICEOVER: The Oreo Cookie
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Welcome back. You're watching
Nine's Morning News Hour. These are our top stories. Kevin Rudd is about to make a major jobs announcement in Sydney as we begin week two of the campaign, while Tony Abbott's focus has been on infrastructure promises. The AFL is tipped to charge the Essendon club today over its controversial supplements program in response to ASADA's interim report. And the SA father accused of abducting his baby daughter will face court today after handing himself in to police. The Prime Minister is about to make an announcement at Sydney's Macquarie University. We'll cross there live when it happens. But in the meantime, the Opposition Leader has vowed to be the Infrastructure Prime Minister if he wins on September 7. Nine's John O'Doherty has been with the Opposition Leader this morning. Good morning, what has Tony Abbott been up to?Hi. We are if Melbourne this morning and Tony Abbott has kicked off week two of the campaign with a visit to the Vic Roads traffic management centre. He was there looking at the peak hour congestion this morning which he hopes will be eased by their commitment to build the east-west link. This is a number of infrastructure projects that the Coalition has 30 missed funding for, including fixing up Brisbane roads and SA's north # South corridor. Tony Abbott said his party would show a sign of his commitment to building because he was wants to be an infrastructure 378.It will be designed to sure that we don't just talk about infrastructure we whether actually get it built. I would like to think should we win the election I will be known as an infrastructure Prime Minister.Meantime, Tony Abbott has been continuing his campaigning here in Melbourne this morning. He has just wrapped up a campaign launch for the local candidate here in the seat of Deakin. Labor currently holds the margin with a 0.6% so this is one marginal seat the Coalition certainly hopes will become their's after September 7. We will leave it there, thank you for that. Kevin Rudd has begun his second week of campaigning back in the Sydney seat of Bennelong. Let's go to Jayne Azzopardi in Canberra. We are waiting to hear from Mr Rudd in a major announcement but in the meantime what he has been doing in Bennelong.He has been at Macquarie university in north-west Sydney. He has been touring a hearing research facility there and he is moments away from holding a press coninnocence from which we are expecting a coupful of - conn presence -- a conference from which we are expecting a couple of announcements. This is the second time he has been in Bennelong in a came main is only a week old. Labor wants to snag this back from the Coalition. They won it in 2007, lost it again in 2010 and the candidate this time is a man called Jason Lee. Can you believe it, Kevin Rudd has said this guy is smarter than him. He is putting a lot of focus on this seat. After this announcement we are expecting him to head north and back home to Queensland. Alright. Another opinion poll out today - show the contest looking? Well, it is looking like Tony Abbott is in front after the first week. On the primary vote Labor's has dropped two points to 35. The Coalition has picked up the

has dropped two points to 35. The
Coalition has picked up the different if preferences were skricted the same way as they were -- districted the same way they were at the last election then Labor would win. Tony Abbott has really narrowed that gap. He has gone up four points and the gap is now only 9 points. Last night's debate wouldn't have added too much to either side. There wasn't a clear winner most people seemed to agree, although the Channel Nine worm gave that Kevin Rudd. No killer punches, a few awkward moments for each leader,

moments for each leader, however. The surprise election news of today centres around a seat on the Central Coast on NSW, the seat of Dobell, currently held by Craig Thomson. Former Australian cricketer Nathan Bracken has today announced he is going to be standing as an Independent in that seat. His campaign will be funded by John Singleton. Labor is hoping to retain that seat. Craig Thomson is standing as an Independent. Tony Abbott has already visited that seat trying to boost its candidate changes there, so it makes it a very interesting contest and that marginal seat centres and gas Ford. Sure does. Lart, Jayne -- Gosford. Sure does, alright, thank you, Jayne. And the question we are requesting to day is who do you think won the debate last night. We will tell you the results in the afternoon news today at 4:30 as well as the 7 o'clock news on GEM. The Essendon saga could soon be over, with the AFL expected to lay charges against the club's supplements program as early as today. For the latest we're joined by Nine's Seb Costello from the Bombers headquarters at Windy Hill. Setback, Seb, when is action likely to be taken.As soon as today. That is the wide speculation at this point. It is currently in the hands of AFL legal counsel, Andrew Dylan. He will be making that decision and the names being mentioned are James Hird, club doctor Bruce readve will, Reed. And it was reported in the weekend Australian that the club was told to expect charges last Thursday, so the league certainly denies that was the case. Either way the Bombers went down yesterday to the West Coast and after the match James Hird certainly gave the impression that he felt this whole situation was having an impact on his players.There is no doubt the speculation, the intency of the press and the expectation of what is to come can't help but affect your preparation for a game. I think that is across the board. So the - I think the players were affected today. I think they were affected during the week. It was a big week in terms of off-field stuff.Also, at the game club chairman Paul Little he said the club welcomes the idea of charges, that it would allow the Bombers to tell their side of the story uninhibited. There is a lot of lawyers involved now, and as a matter of fact, as reported today James Hird legalese team has asked Andrew Demetriou to remove himself from my commission divisions on charges of the club and potential penalties. It is also pointed out that the ASADA report was in fact an interim report and Fairfax Media again says as long as the investigation is continuing, so too does the possibility of infraction notices issued to Essendon players. So that was sort of something that some in the football world thought was certainly out of the question at this stage, and just that the charges were likely to relate to league officials. No charges as of yet but we are expecting something probably today from the AFL. Alright, let's hope the end is finally in sight. Thank you for that. A man has been stabbed several times during an alleged fight in Sydney. As Nine's Airlie Walsh reports, the victim staggered into a nearby pizza shop for help. Well, staff at the pizza shop behind me at quite the shock when at 7pm last night a man banged on the window screaming for help. The 27-year-old had two stab wounds to the chest and was bleeding heavily. A pizza boy grabbed paper towels and tea towels to try to stop the bleeds as another staffer called the ambulance. They performed emergency first aid until they waited for paramedics.Someone come and he knocked on the window, he said, call the ambulance. My uncle left everything and he came out and he said nothing, and he took off his shirt and he put it here to stop the blood. This man was taken to St Vincent's hospital where he has been released after refusing surgery. The last night the man told police he had been jumped but he has since refused to cooperate with the investigation. Police will allege the stabbing has occurred just across the road here at rose bury at an apartment block after a fight broke out. Neighbours we spoke to this morning reported hearing an argument around the time of the incident. This morning blood platters are still to be cleaned up inside the lift and police are currently on sight. They are questioning a number of residents inside the building and they are asking anyone with any information to come forward. A 2-day man hunt has come to an end after a SA father - accused of running off with his baby daughter - handed himself in to police. Nine's Jack Berketa has the latest. Police have charged 38-year-old father, Benjamin Koch with aggravated serious criminal trespass, assault to cause harm and illegal use of a motor vehicle. The charges stem from an incident early Sunday morning when around 3am the mother returned home to find her car stolen, the grandmother unconscious and her baby girl gone. After missing for more than 17 hours, the father handed himself and the baby into police. The little girl was taken up to hospital and given a check and late last night a very relieved mother was able to take her daughter home. The family still have grave concerns for the grandmother. Somehow during the incident she was knocked unconscious and suffered serious head juries. He was flown to Adelaide and taken to the Flinders medical centre where she underwent surgery and remains in a critical condition. It is expected that Mr Koch will front the magistrate court some time later today. Two mothers will today join forces in court for the pre-sentence hearing of Steven Hunter, who brutally murdered teenager, Sarah Cafferkey. The two are fighting for changes to the parole system after both of their daughters were killed by men with prior convictions, including murder. Nine's Karen Huf has the details. Two mothers, two daughter, and their murderers. Today it is Noelle Dixon's term to go to court to try to put into words the shocking grief that comes from her only child being stabbed 19 times and left in a wheelie bin. Good girl. Four years ago, Sandra Betts was in her shoes, her daughter having been dismember and washed up on a beach. I know how she feels. We share the same type of loss and the same horror. I know the traumatic stress that she is suffering and what it is like.Both girls were killed when they unwittingly crossed paths with Steven James Hunter and John Coombes who had been jailed for murder before. Both offenders had been involved with amphetamines getting out and despite a number of red flags about their activities, including on parole, the system didn't act. Now both mothers are taking landmark legal action against the State.What outrages me is that a system that has so much information is so inept at manage the information it has and learning from the mistakes of the past.15 other families who have lost relatives to parolee in the past 26 years are part of the legal action. Is it not yet clear if the family of Jill Meagher will participate. During today's pre-sentence hearing the defence is likely to lobby for a minimum term and the prosecution will no doubt argue against it. That would create another similarity in these cases if Hunter, like Coombes was locked away forever. Both mothers are now charged with caring foretheir daughter's dogs and are activists in the memory of their daughters. We need to be able do-to-do something purposeful that supports our daughters, that stands up for them, that creates change, that prevents another mother having a similar loss. Karen Huf with that report. There's no denying Pink is one of the most popular artists on the planet and right now she's in the middle of her all-singing, all-dancing, all- bungy-jumping sell-out Australian tour. Richard Wilkins caught up with her backstage. Are you on top of the world or on top of the world?I am really happy right now. Everything is really great at the moment. I am blessed beyond belief. I am aware, I step back and say my prayers every morning and Australia has been a turn-around point for us thus far.It must be an absolute blast walking out night after night to a standing room only crowd full of people who know every song.It is really fun. And even when I don't think it is going to be fun, it is really fun every time I get shot up into the air for the first time of the night. SONG:# Raise your class if you 24 you are wrong where we will ever be anything but loud # Dirty little freaks...#How do you do that stuff?Make sure your shoulders are strong. Take Advil. So you are a performer, you are a this and and a that and you are a mum. How does that all work?The first six months was an adjustment period. It was - it was Europe was really hard. She was sick a lot. Every time she gets sick I get sick. I am so sensitive when it comes to her moods and what she is being exposed to. It is every day is a balance. I am sure there are days you would like to sleep in until midday and send her off with a nanny to -Were two about two-and-a-half years now I have wanted to sleep in (LAUGHS)! How hard is to it balance that.So far so good. I am doing a really good job. Have you scheduled the next one? The next what - tour or child?The child between tours.Um... We have an idea. You would have book it in.I do, I book it in. I did. And the funniest part is my manager was like, "Alright, so, as soon as this is out, we are go a week in germ..." and I am like I am not going to anywhere, I am pregnant. And he said, will put that in the schedule.. I said can you say congratulations for me.Things are pretty good for you.Yeah, it is pretty awesome.I don't think there is much that you would change if you could?No, I wouldn't change a damn thing. I have an incredible touring family, I have awesome friends, I have awesome family and a hubby. It is all good. She an amazing performer that is for sure. Sport time now, Ken is with us this morning and another blow to our Ashes campaign.I is not looking good, that is for sure. -- it is not looking good, that is for sure. Shane Watson in doubt for the remainder of the fourth test with fresh injury concerns. We'll have more from Durham next. Also rain, thunder and a lighting fast Bolt all on show in Moscow. And why Marcos Ambrose lost his This program is not captioned.

Now to breaking news, the Prime Minister is speaking at Sydney's Macquarie university. Let's go straight there live.Thank you for talking us through this centre this morning which we are very proud of. We have invested in this place and you see such extraordinary research and good work under way here today and for full disclosure I am using notes also today if you just take due attention to that, consistent with my normal practice of using notes. I prefer to be across the detail wherever I can. This is a great centre. A really good centre. I remember with Kim way back when we we decided to invest $40 million into the construction of the Australian Hearing hub and what I have seen this morning is an extraordinary reflection of the high-quality work which is under way here. This is, I am advised, one of the best centres in the world and when it comes to hearing sciences it is helping to make Australia a genuine world leader in this area of critical research. This is research which affects so many hearing-impaired folk right around the world, right around Australia, including little kids. It has been an honour, actually, to mix with some of the professionals that work here this morning and see the terrific things that they are doing. There are five core reasons why we are seeking support from the Australian beam for this upcoming election, in our building Australia's feature. Number one we believe in building the new industrys of the future to adjust for the end of the mining boom and through those new industrys to create the new jobs of the future. Number two - we believe in building the best education system in the world and that means implementing our Better Schools plan right across the country so that we have the one on one attention which young Australians need in the classroom, so they can end up here in placing like the Hearing Hub with the sorts of professional skills which are needed. Number three - we believe in maintaining a first-class health and hospital system that caters for our aging population but on top of that building Australia's first disability care system. Number four - we believe in building for the future through a national broadband network and I lodge at all of the young researchers here today if they are not linked in with high-speed, high-reliability, low as cost possible broadband than frankly they can never be cooking with gas. It is part and parcel of how research is down these days and we are passionate about that as a building block for Australia's economic future. Number five - is building a clean energy future for Australia. I looked at some figures recently that says for example on solar panels on roofs, I think when we were elected to office we had about seven or ten houses with solar plan Els, now there is more than a million. This is helping to build a clean-energy future as well as deal with global warming. To do all of these things and to build our future we need a new way of approaching these challenges as well. What I am here to do today is to announce another investment in how we create the new industries and new jobs of the future now that we see the end of the China mining boom in sight. As I noted before, this is a world-class facility for collaborative research into hearing and related speech and language disorders. An example of the potential for jobs to be created through our high-tech industries. I have always said before I never want to be the Prime Minister of a country that doesn't make things any more. We have just under a million Australians who are working in manufacturing and manufacturing is the end point of innovation and research and technical application and venture capital to make it all work, and we are in this country making extraordinary devices to assist with people's hearing disorders. And so much of the research is done here. Manufacturing is not just about yesterday, manufacturing is also about tomorrow and it is built on the pillars of innovation and research and commercial application. Therefore, we believe what we need for the future of our manufacturing is to continue to move up the value-added chain into high-tech, high-skill sectors and for all of the workers to be able to lift their skill on the way through. Today I announce if our government is returned to office we will invest $35.6 million working with business and institutions like this to begin to retrain our manufacturing work force for the future. Our manufacturing skills plus program will help nearly 7,000 new and existing manufacturing workers to develop the skills they need for the new industries of the future. We want to help our companies move from low-skilled, low-technology manufacturing to high-skilled, high-tech sectors where we will find the jobs of the future. This initiative builds on the $35 million steps to skills initiative that I announced yesterday. The bottom line is this: You can't create the job future unless you are investing in the 1068 the future and that is what the government is about, building this country's future, brick by brick, in order to make sure that we have a strong house for the nation into the future.Alright, that is where we will leave that. The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd addressing the media at Sydney's Macquarie university and back to Ken now for all of the sport.There you go, sport and politics together. The fourth Ashes test hangs in the balance following a fight back from England on the third day at Durham. Ian Bell guided the homeside to an overall lead of 202 runs with an unbeaten century, as Australia struggled to build a solid first innings total. A confident Chris Rogers strolled to the crease for Day 3 after notching his maiden test on the, he could only manage nine more.

notching his maiden test on the, he
could only manage nine more.The rest of the tail followed quickly, blowing a golden chance to build a solid first-innings lead. They lost five wickets for 48 runs - just 32 runs in front.A nod of the head followed by a racing of the finger. A quick pep talk had the Aussies fired up, Ryan Harris not interested in spending a long stint in the field.Bowled him with an absolute...The Aussie quick cleaning up both openers either side of lunch. A flying Brad Haddin sent Jonathan Trott of his way. Harrison's third scalp of the day. But Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell put on more than 100 together. The situation took its toll on Shane Watson, leaving the ground with groin pain.They will assess it tonight and we will go from there in the morning. You never want someone limping off, especially someone like Shane Watson.Nathan line taking on his share of the bowling.Brilliantly, looking leg side.He picked up a late double - Peterson then finding Bairstow's bat when Bell was living on the edge as he became the first man to bring up his third century in an Ashes series.There it is!! 20Th test match 100 for Ian BellFelt pretty good. This is right up there for my career now. This Australian team will just keep on coming and some of the batters are in better form so it will be a scrap over the next couple of days. Some really exciting cricket over

next couple of days. Some really
exciting cricket over the next few days. Back home and Brisbane centre Justin Hodges has ruled out retirement, vowing he'll return from a season-ending Achilles injury in the Broncos 26-24 win over St George Illawarra. Fellow Queensland side, the Cowboys kept their slim finals hopes alive last night hammering the Panthers 36-4. Hooker Ray Thompson crossing for a hat-trick in Penrith.Jonathan Thurston! A field full of superstars just doing their thing. The win puts North Queensland four points shy of Canberra in eighth place on the ladder with just four games of the season remaining. AFL - and Fremantle are looming as a major finals contender, hammering the Giants by 113 points - their biggest-ever winning margin. The Dockers had 15 different goal- scorers and booted the first seven of the game, as they continue to push for a top-two spot.This is Freemantle for you, footy at its best!! It keeps getting worse for Essendon. The Bombers slumped to their third straight loss, going down to West Coast by 53 points. The biggest highlight - a fan who managed to get onto the Etihad field not once, but twice. American Jason Dufner has claimed the final Major of the golfing season, winning the PGA Championship in New York by two shots. Adam Scott and Jason Day flew the flag for Australia but couldn't mount much of a challenge. Dufner's 2-under round of 68 enough to secure victory from Jim Furyk. Two years in the making, Jason Dufner finally got his hands on the Wanamaker Trophy. He threw away the PGA Championship in Atlanta but refused to let it happen again. Race

refused to let it happen again.
Race race screen it is perfect.How good is that?It is perfect!! He carded a 3-under final round 68 - not quite as good as his 63 on Friday but more than enough. Playing partner Jim Furyk was his biggest challenge until a hiccup at 17.What a lie! While Adam Scott started the day four shots off the pace and struggled to close the gap. He did have a few moments of class, going from bunker to bottom of the cup with his second shot on 15. While Jason Day was also on the charge until a run of bogeys on the final three holes saw his round fall apart.This is a little damaging to his mind. Dufner also went bogey bogey to finish. Fortunately it didn't cost him a second time around.

finish. Fortunately it didn't cost
him a second time around. Jamaican sprint-star Usain Bolt has reclaimed his 100m World Championship crown, taking out the title in horrible conditions in Moscow. Here comes Bolt!! He is going through the gears. Bolt takes it, Gatlin takes silver. The rain didn't seem to bother Bolt - stopping the clock in a season's best time of 9.77 seconds. And Aussie NASCAR driver Marcos Ambrose has missed out on a third straight win at Watkins Glen in New York. After starting from pole, Ambrose was hit from behind and crashed out with six laps remaining leaving the Tasmanian fuming.Ambrose in demand for so much of the day and you can sure see the frustration written all over his face.Absolutely.And his actions there American Kyle Busch went on to claim the victory.Wasn't happy, was he 124A little bit of controlled road rage on the race track where it belongs.A little bit of a Tantie. Stay This program is not captioned. $5 doesn't stretch far nowadays,
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