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(generated from captions) Parliament this issue comes up, then it will be up to the party room at the time to decide what our position will be. But I might as well be open and up-front with people, I support the existing definition and while my sister Chris has argued with me until she is blue in the face, and I expect she will continue to argue with me on this, I support the existing position. I pride myself on being consistent and I intend to be consistent. When do you digging this tunnel? Warren When do you expect to start Truss has said it digging this tunnel? Truss has said it will take
years digging this tunnel? Warren
Truss has said years of planning before big projects like this can be started? A lot of planning has happened and I will started? A lot of happened and I will ask Dennis to answer this as well. As I understand to answer this as well. As understand it, there is a call out already for expressions of interest. It is expected the contracts will be signed early in the new year and the construction will start well before the end of the year. That's my understanding.The expressions of out before the community and there has been uge interest locally across Australia and around the world in this important project. $6 to 8 billion, 3200 jobs and we expect to start work on this project towards the end of 2014.

IDid you IDid you reject expert advice from warren Mundine and other s to establish err forcest taskforce on indigenous affairs as a short-term six-month council?I didn't reject advice and I want on going input on this vital subject.Why aren't you allowing the conscience vote?I am not sure you've heard me right on this.I don't expect that this necessarily will come up in the next Parliament because we did discuss this and a vote on this in the last Parliament was a decisive outom. But should it come up in a future Parliament, what the Coalition's policy on this will be a matter for the Coalition party room at the time to decide. That's what I'm saying.You keep saying that the economy will be stronger undear future Coalition Government. Specifically on what basis do you make statement? Do you have modelling to back it up and can we expect in your economic costings an estimate of growth, unemployment, those ort sort of data?Good question.Look, there's a lot of highly sophicated econometric work which is almost impossible to do from Opposition.We don't have access to the Treasury .We don't have the resources in Opposition to pay for private sector modelling of the kind of vast involve istation that you are talking about.- sophistication that you are talking about. What we do have are various published studies and one of the studies that was done in association with the hebry review sut - Henry review suggests that, for argument's sake, an increase in the company - a decrease in the company tax rate will boost employment, boost pay and boost economic growth. Now, we're not putting specific figures on the extra economic growth that you will get from abolishing the carbon tax, from abolishing the mining tax, from reducing the company tax, from reducing red tape.But we do know that it will be there. Perhaps, if we win the election, we will ask the Treasury to do some of this work for us. But pre-election we want to be very conservative, we don't want to over promise. One of the things that I hope to do should we win the election is to be known as someone like a celebrated previous Coalition PM who under promised but overdelivered.You mentioned last night with your commission of audit you wouldn't implementation any recommendations that were contrary to your mandate. What then is the point of the commission if you're going to avoid doing things that comes back, any recommend
detions avoid doing things that it
comes detions that are politically un
pal atable?I think the public want to see the pal atable?I think the want to see the Government as
efficient pal atable?I think the public
want to see the Government possible. Where the commission efficient and productive as possible. of audit comes up with recommendations that make government more recommendations government more efficient and more productive and where it's not contrary not contrary to our mandate, there would be no reason why those recommendations couldn't be embrace ed?Last night you were talking about not increasing the GST in this term of Government. Why not rule that out of your tax review and why not say you wouldn't do it in a second term of government?I just think it's embarrassing that the PM of our country is reduced to this pathetic scare campaign. This Government has been in place for six years.Mr Rudd has been the PM for about half of that time and the best he could do last night was to run scare companies about this fantasy that the GST has somehow going to go up and this fantasy that there are somehow 70 billion dollars worth of cuts to the bone. Really, Mr Rudd, give us something substantial, not this kind of fiction on the GST. The GST is not going to change, full stop, end of story.Your paid parental leave policy is going to be funded bay 1.5% levy on those companies learning more than $5 million. You said you will provide some sort of upgrade on that. Will that include full costs to cover that shortfall?I don't want our paid parental leave policy as such because I will have more to say in a few days about more to it.But we did refer some 200 policies to the parliamentary budget office and I am very confident that our costings on PPL absolutely stack up.What would you like to see happen to the GST?We as Victoria are quite relaxed about the GST at the moment. We don't propose any changes to the GST. But what we would like 24 Victoria is to get our - in Victoria is to get our fairer share of the GST. At the moment Victoria is subsidiseding some of the other States and we believe we should be getting a fairer share of our GST.... can you promise that the second debate won't be as boring as last night?I didn't think it was dull! I certainly thought every minute was full of excitement in one way or another.Look, I've put a proposal forward for two subsequent debates. I thought we had a good debate last night. I thought it was an excellent opportunity for Mr Rudd and myself to put our cases to the public. It was of course mediated by the press gallery, fair enough, that is the way it's been done.But let's give the public their chance at the two subsequent debatings that I'm propose ing. I think that Mr Rudd and myself should be questioned by members of the public and I am certainly up for that and I look forward toe those debates.... of Treasury and finance, do you believe you will be able to rely on PEFO figures tomorrow?The PEFO figures are the best we've got got. No doubt about that. The PEFO figures are the best we've got. The problem is that none of the figures that have been released under this Government have been reliable. Every forecast, every figure has been subsequent to revision after revision after revision.We can't vouch for the starting point. All we can do is vouch for the difference that we will make. That is what we can vouch for, the difference that we will make and people will know in good time before the election what we're spending, what we're saving, what the difference will be to the bottom line and the overall budget bottom line will always be stronger under the Goff Coalition. - under the Coalition.That That is where we will leave Tony Abbott. He was speaking with the Victorian Premier Giorgio Napolitano there. He was addressing the - Denis Napthine there, he was ae A-dressing the issue that he will speak about today - infrastructure, the infrastructure record, the watch list that would be published un under a Coalition Government every year to keep a note of what was being invetsed in and what was developed. Good morning. This is our special program in and what was being
developed. Good morning. out of Penrith and is our special out of Penrith and also the
host studio. out of host studio. Let's look at the top stories this morning. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are back on the campaign trail today after both claiming victory in their first election debate. Neither leader land add knockout bureau in a debate dominated by the economy. The Opposition claims the PM cheated because he used notes.Two new opinion polls out today though Show there's Bess no in support for the major parties after the first week of the campaign. Newspoll has Labor leading 52-48. Both parties are lock at 50 each in the latest Morgan poll. Both result s are within the margin of error:The clock is ticking for Australians who still haven't registered to vote in this election. Around 1.25 million voters are yet to do so. The deadline for registering with the Electoral Commission is 8pm, 8 o'clock tonight.So you have to sign up by then, you can do it online as we spoke about on ABC News Breakfast last week. So you have until 8 o'clock tonight until you can line up. Michael Rowland joins us now from Penrith. He is outside Penrith station. That is an important message for so many young people seem to be totally un interested in politics and they have not signed the electoral roll.That is right. They've only got until 8 o'clock tonight to do so and a lot of people, young people quite happy to let this battle of the talking points just pass nem by even following Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott on Twitter, it's a very important mensch because it really is young people getting engage ed that is going to be one of the key issues that could determine which way the election does go in September. You talked about infrastructure as well. We have been out here in Western Sydney now for a couple of days tapping the views of voters. Infrastructure concerns are very much front and centre as well, be it road or rail LINCS or be it this debate, this ongoing debate about a Western Sydney airport, one of the questions that came up in last night's debate and bringing in Melissa Clarke our political reporter, Mel, we've got two quiet different responses from Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd when it came to just where this second airport is heading.Both of them quite awkward and probably unsatisfactory answers from the point of view of people who use Sydney Airport which is not just Sydney saiders but a - siders but a lot of people entering and exiting the country. On the one hand we have Tony Abbott saying there will be a decision in the next term of Government but no indication as to what that might be or which way they might lean. We have had promises of decisions from both sides of politics for debates now and not - decades now and got gotten it. On the other hand we had Kevin Rudd who in one half brushed it off saying he is not a Sydney cider and there are other infrastructure issues around as well but then also deferring that question to the Infrastructure Minister, who would be Anthony Albanese. Now, it's bit unusual for a PM in a leader relevance debate to dismiss answering a question and leaving it to another. He doesn't not answer - another portfolio. He doesn't not answer economy questions. It was an unusual response from both of them and no doubt unsatisfactory to most people on that issue.It's been an action packed morning here outside Penrith Station. We've been tapping the views of a lot of people including the signature Labor member for Lindsay, the Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury and his challenger Fiona Scott. Let's hear about what they saifrmtdWe will continue to put jobs number one in the list of priorities of what we are trying to do. But I think people also have to consider what happens if Mr Abbott comes in with his plans to slash and burn and to rip away money, to slash jobs straight away. If you're a public servant your job could go. At least 12,000 public servants are going to lose their job under Mr Abbott.We will be getting things like the cost of live down, it's something that my opponent here hasn't been too concerned. With he's voted for the carbon tax when as a candidate for the last election it was the number one issue that people didn't want to see. They didn't want to see any new taxes. He voted it it in and the cost of living is a big issue for people in Penrith.This is Penrith rail station here in the middle of the seat of Lindsay. Let's switch from the debate, the more recent news and that switch from the debate, Mel, is the latest Newspoll the more recent is the latest Newspoll out this morning is the morning which is not the sort of numbers the Labor morning which is not of numbers the Labor Party
candidates would morning which is not the sort
of numbers the Labor candidates would have liked have woken up to.They would have seen a have woken up have seen a more sustained rise in the polls. Kevin have seen a more sustained in the polls. Kevin Rudd hen he in the became leader again they got the sudden fliez became leader again they the sudden fliez the polls. He managed to get Labor's vote up to 38% but if we look at today's Newspoll figure that off the tirg is at 48 for Labor - that off the figure is at - that 2-party preferred figure for Labor is at 48. And the. We've now got a couple of Newspolls in a row and that coincide with other polling companies work as well that shows a small but steady decrease in Labor's primary vote. And it would suggest that Kevin Rudd's high point was that immediate aftermath of returning to the leadership and there would be some in the Labor Party who had urged Kevin Rudd to go to the polls straight away, as soon as he became PM, who might look at these figures an feel that that validates their point of view.Now just to be absolutely sure, you are enrolled to vote?I am enrolled to vote and it's interesting that the Labor Party and the Greens are making a really big push this time around, as they normally do, but this time to get more young people enrol and to make sure their enrolment status is up to date. So many people are not on the rolls. This time around it's very interesting to compare to 2007 where there were a lot of young people who were very engaged with Kevin Ruddth it's something we saw globally with Barack Obama as well, issues like climate change were getting them interested in politics and what our leaders are doing. We have seen that fall away over the last few years and we're now back at the situation where the parties particularly those on desperately trying to make sure young voters are on the role. I so it's amazing how far we have come from Kevin Rudd first time around in 2007 to where we are now in 2013.It's great to have now in 2013.It's you on boards on the Penrith express.It's great to be out of Canberra and the a lot of people point to the fact that the MPs spend more time with the real people and ice good for us to be with you as you're heading around to work while we're working too.Indeed. Great to see you. We will chat tomorrow back from Canberra.Melissa Clarke there and Virginia, just to be absolutely sure because we are good SIDS zit zence I am assume ing your name is on the electoral roll as well?It certainly. Is here is some news I can share with you, Michael Rowland, this is pretty amazing. Former Australian cricketers Nathan Bracken is entering the Federal election campaign as an Independent for the seat of Dobell.So he's going to go head-to-head with the Independent former Labor MP and scandal plagued MP Nathan Thomas thom. He will - Craig in the seat
Thomson. Labor has a candidate in the seat of Dobell. They have managed to twist the arm of Emma McBride to stand for the seat of Dobell. So you have a couple of Independent, well-known cricket e, one was a Labor MP well known for a whole other reasons and the Labor candidate Emma McBride there too. How do you like that?I can say that Craig Thomson is on an over stickier wicket in Dobell.And he did it just like that.It's a pity we don't have Bryce McGain here who as here this morning talking about the late nest the Ashes. He his analysis of that particular decision. We've got a few sort of what you might call high pro file candidate s popping up here and there, most notably for the Palmer party, a couple of well known types popping up there,So now Bracken.Nathan Bracken I think Bob Katter's party is James blunds el, running for the Senate in Queensland, so there's a bit of celebrity fire power around there.It will be interesting to see how it goes. Now we have been spending a lot of time as I mentioned here on the streets of Lindsay and as it turns out the lawn bowls clubs of Lindsay, Philippa McDonald paid a visit to some club members at Penrith lawns bowls club and let's see what she uncovered.It's a head.It's the men's comp day at the Penrith bowling club in the Federal at the Penrith bowling the Federal electorate of
Lindsay where Labor is holeholding on by a margin holeholding on by a margin of just 1%.We have more cents than others an we back who we believe in at the time. We're not scared or influenced by too much of what is said in the media and we make our own minds #u.- minds up.Bob is a retired boiler maker and champion bowler.I think I'm probably only one of two people here at Penrith bowling club who will admit to voteding for Julia Gillard last time. But I did. I will stick by that.Close to the ground as you can to let it go. And through my legs. That will end up near the centre line.Aged in their 60s and 70ings, these men are long-time residents here.How have you seen the place change?31 years I've been hereThere were seven house s and a lot of farmers out here when I moved near. Now there's new estates and everything going in, schools, it's hell getting down here in traffic now whereas before it was quite ease easy.When we first came out here, a block of land I think was about 5,000 dollars. You could buy a house on that land for 13,000.Phillipa McDob ald there mixes it up with some members of bowls club. Let's bring into the conversation Mark Davy, the mayor of the Penrith City Council and a member of the Liberal Party of Australia. Good morning to you.Good morning.As you see it, what are the main concerns here of voter as thaiz prepare to cast their ballot force Liberal Party or the Labor Party.One of the central concerns is about the area of local jobs. We have about 65% of our workers leave the Penrith city area every day to source work and for employment outside the area.So that balance of lifestyle as well as work is always a bit issue for a lot of people. Out this way we do ensure the - enjoy the lieches tile of the urban and the rural but one of the problem we have is local jobs.How do you go about getting more local jobs here and en couraging more businesses to set up in suburbs like Penrith?It's a multipronged attack. First of all, whoever wins the election after September 7, the Federal Government really do need to take a strong leadership role in terms of population growth, particularly in the suburbs outside of major cities around Australia but in terms of in the Penrith area and western suburbs we really need to see them take a strong role. There's some good work happening in at 2 State level with 6,a00 of employment land but that will take all three levels of Government to see that important infrastructure take place and to see the catalyst jobs or programs to see that come to bebeDo you mean the infrastructure hasn't kept pace with the rapidly growing population in the area or fewer people be living here?It's about increasing the infrastructure and increasing the jobs. We're not talking about jobs, traditionally I think Western Sydney has been manufacturing but the shift is happening, the change is happen, it's about those diversity of jobs whether it is manufacturing, whether it's middle level or management or the high ends jobs as well.What are 2 prospect? It's very easy to say it roll rolls off the tongue magically but Federal, State, local cooperation is not as easy as it sounds, though.The issue surrounding it is becoming more what
and more important.I think what you're going to see here is that in terms of Western Sydney that what I hear on the ground as mayor of Penrith is that people want to work locally. They want to spend more time with their family.I think at the end of the day they're setting a very strong loud message not only to us to both at State and Federal level.Mark Davies, thank you for your insites this morning:Thank you.Mark Davies there. As we have heard over the course of this special 3.5-hour edition of ABC News Breakfast, lots of issues at play, lotses of people having very strong views about where this election is going and also in a wider sense where this region is going. A very important part of Sydney, a very important part of Australia.Michael, we will come back to you for final goodbyes in a moment. But Steve Pearce is joins us now for sport as the Ashes come to a close.ItUnfortunately a century from Ian Bell has put England in a strong position after three days of the fourth Test against Australia up in Durham. The day started poorly for Australia. Brad Haddin and Chris Rogers who were both really 'Need to Know' ed to stick out were both out early. So the tourists lost the last five wickets for 46 runs which restricted the lead to 3 2, a great ball dl from Ryan Harris
getting great ball dl getting rid of Root early. England's top order failed again and they England's top order again and they were effectively
17 for 3 with that lead they had to overcome but as Trott went out 20 a great catch there, it was Ian Bell who steadied the ship. He really played superbly again. He Wass supported by Pietersen and Bairstow again. You can see Shane Watson pulling up mid-way through the innings. That is bad news for Australia. So England's lead is 202 after three days and Bell can see going to his third century of the series. He hasn't been man of the match yet but he could be man of the series:Rite up there. I think I had a period against Sri Lanka and India, 2011 which was felt pretty good. This is whielth up there I think for me and my career now. The important thing for us as a group was winning the Ashes.We've done decently so far. Tomorrow is a massive day for us but I haven't really thought too much about. That there will be time to think about that when I've finished my cricket. For me, tomorrow morning is the most important thing and try to get as many runs on the pitch and give our bowlers the opportunities. I haven't really thought too much about that at the minute.And American Jason Dufner has won his first major title with victory in the US PGA championship this morning at Oak Hill. Dufner fired a final round of 68 to win by two shots at 10 under from compatriot Jim furic.Jason Day was 8th, two shots further back. But the lot of the day was worth hanging around for two shots here, Adam from here, Adam Scott holing out
from the bunker which was from the bunker which was was a cracker kept him in the top cracker kept him in the top 10 poths position and you this poths position and you this is Tim Clarke at the 11th fine Tim Clarke at the strike and it was never Tim Clarke at the 11th strike and it was never in
doubt. A couple of bounces an a plop into the hole.Beautifully done. Vanessa O'Hanlon joins nous with a look at the weather.We have a trough and also a cold front that is rapidly moving oern the eastern States we will see the front move off into the Tasman sea by early afternoon. As a result, there is a fire warning in Queensland for the southern areas from the channel country a to the darling DownesWe expect very hot temperatures ahead of that as well. 29 degrees in Brisbane and 33 in Longreach and Mount Isa.

After the ends of this special edition of ABC News Breakfast, Michael Rowland still with us there in Penrith after the front of the Penrith racing station, he's been reporting from the seat of Lindsay. Some of the response coming in from last night about the debate, Abbott's won from the opening. He trauked down the camera to all Australians while Rudd simply talked to his notes:That figures with a lot of results, a lot of opinion. Andrew Robb, the apz's finance spokesman has been very tart with his response. He says tweet this went out early this
morning that with his response. He says in a
tweet this went morning that the debate shows that Tony Abbott was a leader and Kevin Rudd was a reader.A reference to the PM casually looking down and referring to some notes over the course of some notes over the course the debate.It's been great to be out here in Penrith and we leave you with some fantastic imageages shot by ABC's online John don gan who has been snapping away in the seat of Lindsay.

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Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Week 2 of the 2013 Federal election campaign is now under way with the PM Kevin Rudd in Sydney and the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in Melbourne. Both camps have been claiming victory in the first election debate in Canberra last night. The Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has held a media conference this morning already. He's pledged to start building more roads for the country, saying he wants to be seen as an infrastructure PM if elected. Let's go to our political editor in Canberra now, Lyndal Curtis. Good morning. Tony Abbott trying to turn the focus to infrastructure this morning?Yes, he has. He's put a lot of work into making a lot of work in the major capital promises, particularly on in the major capital cities. I
will just put my ear piece back in and it's something that he raises at every opportunity, he