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Oprah Winfrey NetworkToday the Bombers will learn their fate. The doping scandal unbeatable. Usain Bolt wins back his title in scorching style. We catch up with 'Australia's Got Talent' singing sensation Uncle Jed and a real treat for music fans - Diesel performs live in the studio while the one and only Pink takes us back stage at her sell-out Aussie tour. (Sings) # I really hate you # So much # I think it must be true love # True love # It must be true love nothing else can break my heart # Like true love #A song she penned to Richard Wilkins. What a wonderful thing.(LAUGHTER) I would go with it. I would go wit. She is awesome. How awesome is she? You are riding for the hills early. Ducking for cover right off the book.A busy weekend. We have a cracking show for you this week. Lovely to have you back.Thank you. Bravo, bravo.(APPLAUSE) Why had to come home particularly for today because it is Karl's birthday!Yes!Wow. It is a very, very special birthday. We will tell you with why a little bit later. Right now it is Monday, 12 August. Happy birthday, Karlos.Thank you, everyone. Thank you.Now to the weather around the country.

Great to see Erin Molan here who is in for Fordo who has gout.Not Erin. Let's clear that up.Yes.I thought you had to be king of England to get gout.I know it is an old man's thing.230 do thinks he is sometimes.We will cross to see how his big toe is going later on.Good morning to you both. Good morning to you as well. From the newsroom now, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are back on the hustings this morning after their first showdown of the campaign. It was being touted as a fiery face-off, but the debate is being described as "boring" and the leaders as "evasive". They battled on the key issues of the economy and the asylum seekers with the Prime Minister making a major commitment to same-sex marriage. Kevin Rudd won the toss and kicked off as expected straight into the economy.This economy is strong. This election is about the future stren of our economy and how best to scour it.As expected, Tony Abbott kicked back - tissue of this Cam and the debate was the economy. We will build a stronger economy so that everyone can great ahead. We will scrap the carbon tax, but we will keep if compensation so that the tax cuts and the pension increases are real.The only real fire in an otherwise lacklustre hour came over the GST and When the Coalition planned to widen and raise attacks.The GST is not going to change. If you are not going to change the tax, why is it in the review?After six years, the best he can do is run this Em bar raging scare campaign.As for the worm, it seemed to lake Kevin Rudd from the start. Liked him attacking Tony Abbott over his costings and turned most dramatically on the Coalition leader notably on asylum seekers and climate change where it soared for Kevin Rudd as it did on same- sex marriages.I can believe this is just a mark of decency.And dived for Tony Abbott.It would be a matter for a future party room. Kevin Rudd needed to win last night to kick-start his second week and the worm said that he did by 59-41%. There was a brief moment of friendship, a smile, a handshake and a pat on the back before hostilities resume today.Look, it was a great opportunity to present some positive plans to the Australian people. REPORTER: How do you feel you went tonight?That is for the Australian people to decide. They will sort the that out.For more, we are joined by Jayne Azzopardi in Canberra. Jayne, they are back on the hustings, as we said, but there were some pretty awkward moments during the debate last night as well.That's right, den. No knockout blow, which most commentators think works to Kevin Rudd's disadvantage. He is the one behind and needed the killer punch in last night's a debate. There were awkward moments, uncomfortable moments, as you said. Kevin Rudd kept hammering Tony Abbott on the issue of costings and how the Coalition plans to pay for the costings. Tony Abbott didn't have any concrete answers for. That have a listen.You will see in good time before polling day exactly how much we are going to spend, exactly how much we are going to save and exactly how much better the budget balance will be under the Coalition. Now, after the debate last night t coalition had a go at Kevin Rudd for, they say reading for notes. That was against the debate rules. They were only allowed to have pens a paper in there and no other materials. Kevin Rudd's awkward moment came when he was asked about Sydney's second airport. She didn't seem to know the Labour Party's policy on. That he deferred it to his Transport Minister Anthony albans into Niecy and seemed to suggest because he was from Queensland he didn't really have an opinion one way or the other.I would hate again to say to the good folk of the country. There is one in Brisbane and Melbourne.Yeah, he fudged it on that one as well. Another opinion poll out this morning and, Jayne, more bad news for the Prime Minister.He said last night if an election were hell now Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister and that the what the Newspoll shows this morning. If you look at the primary votes for each party, Labor has slipped to 35%. That is where it was when Kevin Rudd took over from Julia Gillard. He's lost all of his game. The Coalition have picked those points up. If preferences are distributed the same way they were at the last election, two-party preferred have the Coalition ahead 52-48. Worryingly, for the Labour Party because a lot of their campaign is pinned on Tony Abbott's negativities, he's closing the gap as preferred Prime Minister 46-37. It is just the first week of the campaign, there is four weeks of solid campaigning to go and neither side are noter too worry about who won the first woke, but Labor is trying to pick up the momentum because they are the first ones behind and they need more momentum before September 7.They do. Thank you. Nine's political editor Laurie Oakes will join us for more analysis and the worm at 8:00. A South Australian accused of kidnapping his 10-month-old daughter after allegedly assaulting the child's grandmother has handed himself into police. Officers say that the man took his daughterer from Tate's south-east on Saturday morning. The grandmother who was found unconscious was babysitting the girl at the time.We certainly don't know what the motive was. The parents are separated and to our knowledge there hadn't been any issues between the two.She was taken to hospital in a critical condition. The suspect turned up at Mount Gambier last night and was charged. Police say his daughter is this morning safe and well. The AFL could lay charges over the Essendon supplements investigation as early as today, bringing to a head the ongoing saga that is rocking the club. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us now. Chris, any word from the AFL as yet this morning? Deb, no word yet from the AFL, however it is expected these charges will finally be laid either today or tomorrow, but the money is on today. Charges expected not only to be laid against the Bombers, but also the coaching medical and training staff. The man responsible for laying the charges is the AFL's general council Andrew Dillon and the AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says until he lays the charges, he is in the dark as much as anyone. Whether you believe that or not, one thing is for certain and that is that this wholeing is ga is taking it toll on its players. Essendon lost yesterday and that is the third woke they have suffered a heavy loss. With all of this talk of perhaps Essendon being stripped of premiership points and not able to play in the finals, after the match Essendon coach James Hird had to admit it was affecting players on the field. Let's take a listen to what Hird and some angry Bombers' fans had to say post-match.There is no doubt the speculation, the intensity of the press and the expectation of what is to come can't help but affect your preparation for a game and I think that is across the board.It is very sad. If Andrew Demetriou doesn't do something this week, Essendon supporters will throw their memberships away.Now, in another development, James Hird's legal team is expected or reportedly going to ask for Andrew Demetriou to be removed from the AFL Commission over any deliberations over the Essendon charges - this is coming for 'The Age' newspaper this morning - over what a they believe is a conflict of interest. This all stems from that phone call made between Demetriou and former Bombers' chairman David Evans on the eve of this whole saga breaking. Now, whether that happens or not, remains to be seen, one thing is for sure - everyone in the footy world is keen for these charges to finally be laid, so this whole process can start moving.Indeed. Thank you, Chris. The man who admitted to killing Victorian woman Sarah Cafferkey will today face a pre-sentencing hearing to determine just how long he will spend in jail for the crim. 47-year-old Steven James Hunter pleaded guilty in April to stabbing Miss Cafferkey 19 types before dumping her body if a bin at his back become unit last November. Hunter had previously served time for murder and his parole for drug and robbery ounces had ended just days before he killed the 22-year-old. A man has been taken to a Sydney hospital after being repeatedly stabbed in the chest in Sydney's inner-west overnight. The vit stumbled into a pizza shop in Rosebury pleading for help. Employees quickly called paramedics, but police say they have no idea what led to the stabbing and are appealing for anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. The airline at the sent tofr deadly train crash at a San Francisco airport last night are is set to hand out thousands of dollars in compensation to the victims. The plane crashed after clipping a sea wall short of the runway causing the aircraft to skid out of control and burst into flips. The airlines is offering an initial compensation payment of $10,000 to the 288 surviving passengers. Taking a look at the financial markets now -

She's the woman with the cryptic smile who has captivated the art world for centuries. Now, scientists believe they may be on the brink of revealing the identity of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa through new Dle NA the technology. She appears --DNA technology.She appears larger from the right.This is so ground breaking, you might expect to see Tom Hanks from the da Vinci on the scene. Instead, it is a real-life the team of researchers on the edge of finally answering just who is that woman with the cryptic smile in Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, Mona Lisa. For centuries, historians and art lovers have pondered the possibility. One of da Vinci's lovers, a muse perhaps or maybe even da Vinci himself dressed as a woman. Italians have long speculated that the Lisa in Mona Lisa was Lisa Geradini, she is believed to have posed for da Vinci but no-one has ever been able to prove she is the one in the painting. The answer may lie in Florence in this underground crypt. We have historical certainty that in that tomb are Lisa's d sent dents.They opened up that crypt for the first time in over 300 years this week and climbed sign tid Dank tomb where they will take DNA samples from the remains of Lisa's relatives.We were lucky because the there was a good amount of bone remains. If the DNA is related to other bones believed to be Lisa herself, then chances are good. They will use technology similar to what is used in a crime scene to figure out what she looked like.If everything goes as it should we will reconstruct Lisa from her skull. Then the real test - to see if that face is anything like the Mona Lisa that we all know. They are a little bit obsessed by that, aren't they? Does it really matter.We will finally know what the Mona Lisa looks now? We have got no idea.None.He was the kind of Picasso of his time. That is a compeletely skewered version of behalf she locked like.Had no idea what he was doing.Anyway.Why you could you dig up someone's grave to do that.The poor woman. Did you see her lying there in all of her indignity.She didn't even have a blanket on.I know!Harsh.And hungry. (LAUGHS) . Very hungry.Very hungry.You would be after all of those years. A long time.Dark and Dank. Smelling that pizza wafting in. Exactly.Not being able to get out and get some. We digress.We do.We could keep going.We have beaten that one - to death. .As it happens --(LAUGHTER) Good to have you back, Lisa.Thank you, Karl.Now, let's see what the weather is doing where you are lying this morning.

That is very specific for Hamilton Island.

As we mentioned, while Ben nurses his gout.Gout. (LAUGHS) . Erin Molan is in for sport this morning.Thank you for having me. There is so much happening overseas and here. A lot of live sport as well. So stay with us. Coming up, all of the cricket action from durum overnight. We've a fair bit of work to do. AFL and NRL and how the world's fastest man makes up for his mistake as.

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Welcome back to the show. We have got all of the front pages for you right now. Let's begin with 'The Australian' which says Kevin Rudd and Labor are going backwards in the election campaign with the Coalition's primary vote and Tony Abbott's personal approval going up in the latest Newspoll.Top the notes - 'The Daily Telegraph' says the PM has been could of breaking the rules of the debate by using pre-prepared notes in his battle with Tony Abbott.In 'The Sydney Morning Herald' Tony Abbott has branded Kevin Rudd's claim of a $70 billion shortfall in the Coalition's election platform a "fantasy", but refused to say how he would replace billions of dollars in the revenue.Tony Abbott spoke without notes, unlike the Prime Minister, in 'The Age'. To the rest of the day's news and 'Herald Sun' says that elderly drivers are being banned from roads ref I week after being dobbed in by family, doctors, police and the public.'The Hobart Mercury' reports the State Government is considering tougher laws to protect vulnerable road users, including moves to make motorists automatically responsible for crashes.Finally in the 'Northern Territory News', don't text a walk or the Northern Territory police officers could fine you $150. What?! (LAUGHS) .It is a bit annoying when you bump no people and their head is down.$150 for that? They have got other thins to do, don't they, coppers up there?Catch Crocs."Oh, I got this girl for texting today. She is going to court."It seems so. Let's lock up the system with that sort of stuff.Ed for dehas gout, phobes. The beautiful Erin Molan is in.You are in.You are far too kind. We have done some research -- We have.It is not just an old man's disease but it is an alcoholic's doze.(LAUGHTER) I am not saying that Fordo is, but there are other people with gout. Cricket first after Australia has a big task ahead to win at durdufrplt England is more then 200 ahead and 5 wickets in hand after the third di's play. Ian Bell led the way with another 100 while the Aussies struggled into the crease. Here is Roz Kelly.A confident Chris Rogers strolled to the crease for Day 3 after notching his maiden test tonne, he could only manage 9 more. The rest of the tale followed quickly, blowing a golden chance to build a solid first-innings lead. They lost 5 wicket for 48 runs, just 32 runs in front. COMMENTATOR: Followed by the raising of the finger.A quick pep talk had the Aussies fired up. Ryan Harris not interested in spending long stints in the field.He's bowled him with an absolute japper. The Aussie quick cleaned up both openers either side of lunch.That was wide. He went after it.A flying Brad Haddin sent Jonathan Trott on his way. His third scalp of the day. But Kevin Pietersen and Ian Bell quickly combined to put on more than 100 together.Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.The situation took it toll on Shane Watson, leaving the ground with groin pain. Nathan Lyon taking on his share of the bowling.Bowled brilliantly. Done! Looking -- He picked up a late double. Pietersen then fell the bat while Bell was living on the edge, only just avoiding Clarke's clutches as he became the first man to bring up his third century in an Ashes Series.There it is. 20 t test match hundred for Ian Bell. He is in the form of his life.He was clapped off the field by the Australians, England with a lead of 202 heading into Day 4. The excitement of their first win of the season has quickly worn off for the GWS Giants, hammered by top 2 contender Fremantle. The Dockers had 15 different goal scorers - that hurts - winning by a record 113 points, they booted the first seven majors of the game and kept the Giants to just one after half- time to notch their highest-ever winning margin. COMMENTATOR: This is Fremantle for ya. Fremantle footy at it best. Applaud that one.Essendon clumped to a second-straight loss going down to West Coast by 53, the biggest highlight for the Bombers - a fan who managed to get onto the field not once, but twice. The North Queensland Cowboys have kept their NRL finals hopes alive hammering the Penrith Panthers 36-4. Hooker Ray Thompson crossed for a hat-trick to make it back-to-back wins. COMMENTATOR: Thurston stepping his way through. Jonathan Thurston, a field bullet full of superstars just doing their thing.He is so good. The win put North Queensland Cowboys four points shy of them eighth place on the ladder with four gapes to go in the season. The front-runners of the PGA championship including Adam Scott have just teed off their first final round in the last hour. They were upstaged by Tim Clarke. The South African found the cut for the tee for a rare major 8. Always so good to watch. Sprinting superstar Usain Bolt has finally made amends for his false start four years ago storming home the to take the world 100m title in moss committee. COMMENTATOR: Here comes Bolt. He is going through the gears. Gatlin takes silver.A little rain didn't hamper the multiple world champion holder, stopping the clock in the season's best time of.77 seconds. He is just so good to watch and how nice is it watching an athlete who actuallys exciting ed about winning. So many these days act too cool for school. He loves it.He had plenty of work to do.He made it look easy in the end, though.A sluggish time. (LAUGHS) . Yes.Thank you, Erin.Thank you. After the break the gos with Richard Reid. Hello, my man.Hello. Is Adele set to become a movie star? That's right, the songbird paused the to flap her wins on the big screen. I will tell you what I know coming up. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Good to have your company today. It is gossip time now.G'day, Karlos, birth diboy. Richard, did I hear you say Adele movie star?Blimey, I am gonna be an actress - that's right! Adele has been offered a part in the upcoming espionage thriller called 'The Secret Service'. She would actually play a baddie alongside Samuel L Jackson and cameras are set to role in Jan. She already has an Oscar for singing. Will she get an Oscar for acting? Standby.That is a good-news story. Adele on the big screen - we love her.Good! Thank you, Richard. We will check in later to see what is happening. When we have got more time. Yes, exactly. Thank you, Dickie. Laurie Oakes breaks down - it wasn't that emotional. He does break down the winner the losers.Wow.A slight difference there. Plus, who is the Mona Lisa? Scientists say they are close to cracking the police industry.Leave the poor girl alone. That story is coming up. Time for the top of the news with Deb. Good morning.Good morning to you both. The election campaign has fallen flat after the first first debate as both leaders described as evasive and the entire event labelled as boring. The worm gave Kevin Rudd a decisive win but the PM has been accused of cheating during the showdown. Jayne Azzopardi is in Canberra. It is a big claim against the Prime Minister. Is there anything in it? The rules say that all they could bring into the debate was pens and papers and Tony Abbott says that amounts to cheating. The Prime Minister's Office thought not bringing anything extra in meant props. He would be happy to debate Tony Abbott again without notes. Another awkward moments for the Prime Minister came when he was asked about Labor's position on a second airport for Sydney. Kevin Rudd didn't really know what Labor's policy was on. That he deferred the decision to his Transport Minister Anthony Albanese and he seemed to say that since he was from Queensland he didn't have an opinion on it.I would hate to say again that the good folk of Sydney is not the only airport in the country. There is one in Brisbane and there is one in Melbourne.Kevin Rudd, you might say, did land some blows on Tony Abbott on the issue of costings. He was hammering the Opposition Leader about how the Coalition would pay for its policies. Tony Abbott didn't really have any concrete answers on that.You will see in good time before polling day exactly how much we are going to spend, exactly how much we are going to save and exactly how much better the budget balance will be under the Coalition.Now it was Kevin Rudd that really needed a big win out of this debate because of his position in the polls and that didn't really seem to come across. This morning, the Newspoll is more news for Labor. The primary vote dropped to 35 which is what it was before Kevin Rudd took over from Julia Gillard. The Coalition has picked up those points and once preferences are distributed, they are in an election-winning load. Wordingly, for the Labour Party Tony Abbott is closing that gap as preferred Prime Minister. After the debate last night, perhaps there might be more people who see him as prime ministerial material. Four weeks of campaign Togo, Deb, and a lot of ground for the Labour Party to make up. It is a concerning strend for Labor in the opinion polls. Jayne, thank you. Laurie Oakes, Nine's political editor, will join us for his analysis of the debate. That is coming up at 8:00. Essendon could finally learn its fate today with the club facing hefty penalties following the dramatic 6-month investigation into the doping scandal. Live now to Today reporter Christine Ahern in Melbourne. Chris, any idea on when the AFL could make a move? Ufrpblgts Deb, the AFL --Deb, the AFL hasn't given any timeframe on when they will lay the charges against Essendon, however it is widely tipped to be today or tomorrow with the money on it being today. Of course laying the charges is the first step in this whole process and then we will have a two week right of reply before penalties will be determined. There has of course been speculation about what sort of penalties Essendon may face, including being stripped of premiership points and being eligible to play in this year's finals. Charges are expected to be laid against not only Essendon but the training staff with a big penalty tipped for coach Hird murder Hird. One thing is for certain at this stage anyway is and that is that the saga is taking police to its players. It is the third week in a row that Essendon have suffered a heavy defeat and Poh match the coach was forced to admit it is reely starting to affect players on the field.I think the players were affected today. I think they were affected during the week. It was a big week in terms of field stuff.The AFL has made up their mind, I believe, in my own opinion. As soon as we do that and we get a result, we can move on.Footy fans are getting pretty frustrated. The man responsible for laying the charges is the AFL's general council Andrew Dillon. The AFL boss Andrew Demetriou says until he lays those charges, he is in the dark just like everyone else and whether you believe that or not, one thing is for certain and that is pretty much everyone in the footy field is keen for these charges to be laid so the speculation can end and this whole process, Deb, can start moving. Yeah, the us from fraction from fans very understandable, Chris. Thank you. Police are appealing to the public this morning to help find a missing 12-year-old girl in North Queensland. Her name has not been released, but she was last seen at the corner of Rose and McKinley Street in North Ward. She is described as being 165cm tall and was last seen wearing white and pink pyjamas. There has been a breakthrough in the homicide investigation into the death of Melbourne mother of three Kylie Blackwood. The 42-year-old was brutaly murdered as a home in Pakenham in the city's south-east earlier this month. News limited that a witness total police he saw a hooded man outside the home just minutes before Kylie was killed. The witness reportedly saw the man running for the street away from the property. A milk delivery man on Sydney's North Shore is lucky to be alive after losing control of his truck and colliding with a guard rail. The car flip before bouncing off the rail and right way up. Milk crates were strewn across the road. The man suffered just minor injuries. Taking a look at the finance now.

A lot going on in sport. Erin, over to you.There is. Thank you. Usain Bolt has retained the title after coming home in first place just ahead of Justin Gatlan and countryman Nesta Carter. Australia has finished the third day of the Fourth Ashes Test more than 200 runs behind England following Annabelle Bell century in Durham. The Adelaide Crows crease say they are preparing like they will be playing finals footy amid-fears Essendon could be stripped of points. Justin Hodges will find out later today just how bad his latest knee injury is. It looks horrible. He collapsed while taking on the Dragons yesterday and said there was no chance he would play again this season. He is the first batsman to score three centuries. He's in great form.Sensational. Bloody English. (LAUGHS) . I agree, rrin. Bloody English. Tell it like it is.Leave it off. Can they just stop. They had the Olympics. All that other stuff going on, the Wimbledon.The Jubilee thing. The Queen.Go on. Continue.Don't go down that path. It is a slippery slope, Karl.I think they will get great support from Lisa on that one. At least her husband.You will get support there. I am hanging out for Harry.You are much better than Harry, Erin. What about the rock legend Diesel who is back performing live in this studio. Looking forward to that.A great song that one. I can't wait for that to happen. Right now, let's see what your Monday weather looking like. Good morning. Stevie, aby after my own heart.Good morning. Great to have you back, Lisa. Only at uni would you find this going on at 6:00 in the morning. We are at UTS this morning in Sydney. They are turning 25 years old and the student union organises all of the fun activities have put on a rollerskating rink. We are going to get our roll on this morning and check it out. Now to the weather to see what is happening at your place.

On the rainfall map, scattered showers developing over southern and central parts of NSW, becoming widespread and falling as snow above 100,000 m. Rain and possible storms over Tasmania and South Australia and snow in the mountains. A bit of patchy rain for the pastoral districts of South Australia. Well, UTS University of technology Sydney is turning 25 years old so they thought they would turn back the clock. We have got lycra and rollerskating and 80's music. What more could you want, Karl and Lisa?At 6:10 in the morning, nothing. I reckon those guys haven't gone to bed.I think you are right, yes.Definitely a rave.What have they got on? Everything. It is all happening. Various states of undress, Karl. They are at uni.We should send Dickie down there.(LAUGHTER)

They are at uni.We should send
Dickie down there.(LAUGHTER) Coming up in our next hour, we go behind the scenes with superstar Pink.But next, who won the great debate? We get fair dinkum with Amanda Vanstone and Graham Richardson right after this. See you in a sec. This program is not captioned. I'm good about
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This program is not captioned. The GST doesn't change under the Coalition and I think our country, I think the people at home who are watching this, deserve better than a cheap scare campaign from the Prime Minister of this country.If you are not going to chain the tact, why is it in the review? We have made a clear commitment. It will not be increaseed from its existing level and it won't be applied to food. They have not said that. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott in last night's debate there, but who won? Let's get fair dinkum with Sky News commentator Graham Richardson and former Liberal Cabinet minister Amanda Vanstone. Good morning you, two.Good morning. Happy birthday. Thank you.Yes, happy birthday. That is the most important thing. It is exciting.It really is.What about the debate.Next time Australia is going to tune out. Will there be a next time?Yeah. Maybe. I don't know. I don't know. I don't think either of them did themselves as great favour. I think that is pretty much even Steven and hasn't changed anything.Let's look at what sort of things they have been doing. The latest Newspoll shows that Tony Abbott and the Coalition are headed for a landslide victory. The Government's primary vote 22-34. Landslide is probably an everstatement. You are right, Richo.Settle down, Richo. On a two-party preferred basis the Coalition loads 52 to 48.No change. And support for Tony Abbott as Prime Minister is up 4 points, that is definitely a change while Kevin Rudd's popularity has dipped slightly. What do you take from all of that, Richo?It is to be expected. The idea it is a disaster when the two party is the same - it clearly is not a disaster. Kevin Rudd is not picking up and that is the problem. There is no land slide happening here and that is obvious but Rudd needed to win convincingly and he didn't. He needs to do something to turn this around because the drift is there. I haven't seen anything more bashed up bo I the newspapers since Whitlam because they are savaging him on a daily basis. You listen to talkback radio, it doesn't matter which city you are in, turn it on, and he is being savaged ref day there. You would think he has to go down in personal popularity in the next few weeks. He has to. I haven't v thought Labor can win but Kevin Rudd needs to change his style and debate. We need to change the debates anyway. It was so passionless and boring.Everyone is scared to make a mistake. Back to that soon. Kevin Rudd used the debate to pressure Tony Abbott to detail his costings. This was Tony Abbott's response.You will see in good time before polling day exactly how much we are going to spend, exactly how much we are going to save and exactly how much better the budget balance will be under the Coalition than under the Labour Party. The tax cuts without a carbon tax and the pension increases without a carbon tax that I am exited to and the company tax cut that I am completed to, costs $17 billion over the forward estimates period.That worm was flat lining there at types for hill. I am not sure what was going on there. Even when stucking about anything, it was flat lining. In terms of the costings, we spoke about that last night. Does he need to produce 245 and produce it quickly?Not quickly. He needs to satisfy Australia as to his complete package in sufficient time before the election. He doesn't need to do it when Mr Rudd wants it. There was a mistake last night. I think Tony should have got stuck in. His advice would have been to remain calm and be headsman-like- and he did that, but I would have got stuck in and said you haven't got a budget that showed up the way you thought it would in the entire time you have been here.Is it really Kevin Rudd asking these questions?He was asking last night. The electorate has been asking for a long time.I don't know that the electorate has.There has been talk that there is $70 billion that can't be accounted for?Well -- Poly says that $70 billion is a load of --I know what the 'Herald Sun' said. I just have to go by the truth.The holy grill.I would have belted Kevin Rudd - that doesn't mean I would cheat - but I would have got stuck in and said, "Listen, mate, you spent $3 billion last week and what did you do with it? You said you will reveal all later. The reality is you don't know what you are doing if you tell everyone what you are doing you know people won't vote for you. Get passionate about it.It is not a question of cheating. Why did the Prime Minister take notes in? He is meant to be running the country and he doesn't understand the rules not to use notes. Nobody told me. Mate, you are the Prime Minister, you should know the rules. You know what cheaters are? It is like those kids at school this pinch. You never want to be a kid that pinches. I just wanted to say about last night, I don't understand why he was using notes either. When you are teaching debating to kids in first year at school, you tell them to be conversational. Turn up and talk. He locked stilted and awkward when he tried to read from his notes. Hopeless.Overall, the debate it was that quick, Richo. You have been in fights when you have soaked up 5 minutes of great stuff, but in terms of the debate, so how do we make it so that it is actually a debate and it is interesting and we are able to get to the ish try to disect.You need to change the rules. Not so many people asking questions. It is on one subject and then goes to the next journalist and it chains the subject. Not only are they re- entryed in their argument as, but they don't get to the meat of it. If they asked their own questions we would get some fire. One thing that people want out of the debates is how can my man perform under pressure? He woulden have found that out last night. It was much tougher doing this.It is definitely a harder segment. What you two have to put up with. Pinching cheaters.Imagine showing Australia that you are a national cheat on telly. I don't know why he did that.Your shout for lunch today, Richo.Pleasure.Let's go to Erin. What is happening in The Buzz?This one is an absolute cracker. Who will win the battle of the ram v the motor bike? Find out after the break. This program is not captioned. MAN: (ON TV) Check out
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When it is all over. That is what we should have sung last night. (LAUGHTER) You are probably right. Welcome back to the show. Of course Ben is off sick with gout today. I am sure he will be absolutely fine by tomorrow. I am looking after The Buzz or at least this opener. It was really important that I come back for today's Buzz and because it is Karl's birthday today.Happy birthday.Happy birthday. The big 4-0. Who can believe it.A milestone.Thank you.Karl, this is for you.Karl Stefanovic, this is your life. Happy 40th birthday. How exciting is it?40! 40 is nothing to be afraid of, Karl.Karlos, Karlos my friend. Happy 40th birthday, mate.How much books did I sell for you, Dickie?Quite a few. I am sure the next 40 will be just as fabulous.Congratulations, 40! What a milestone, mate. You are getting older with each day. Not long before you start cruising the 80-year-old website. Years of soburyty.You don't look a day over 50. We love you.The worst is when people are turning 40 but they pretend they are turning 39.He wouldn't do this, would he?I hope not. That is embarrassing.Happy birthday. We still have another 10 years to go before we reach that milestone. We are looking forward to it. The big 4-0. Congratulations. Love you.Isn't that nice to realise how much people love you on your birthday.Do we have to have a close shot.Wo! Look at. ThatI need the Barbara Walters filter. No. You've had no work.I am cranky at you all for doing that.Why? Why?Cranky as this ram. There you go. There you go. That is what happened when you get on the wrong side of me, Dickie. You are behind all of this. News is next. Folks, stay with us.

This program is not captioned. HUEY LEWIS: (SINGS)
# I used to be a renegade (KIDS SHOUT LOUDLY)
# I used to fool around (ALL SILENT) # And now I'm playing it
real straight # And yes, I even cut my hair # You might think I'm crazy,
but I don't even care # 'Cause I can tell
what's goin' on # It's hip to be square # Tell 'em, boys (BEEP)
# Here, there... #

This program is not captioned.

(Sings) # I'm up all night to get lucky. An exclusive one on one with pink.That will be trick. (LAUGHS) . It is news time now with Deb Knight.Good morning. Tony Abbott has started the second week of the election campaign on a high boosted by Newspoll figures showing support for the opposition leader and coalition has risen significantly. It follows last week's result in Canberra. Where the leaders were quizzed on election topics and asylum seekers. We are joined by Jayne Azzopardi with more. Jayne, there were some controversy with claims of cheating, but was there a clear winner?The Channel Nine worm gave it to Kevin Rudd but most commentators are a little more divided. There is that cheating controversy. The Coalition says Kevin Rudd broke the rules by bringing notes into the debate. Leaders were only supposed to bring in pens and papers. Kevin Rudd's office said they thought that only meant not to bring in props. There was no killer or knockout punch from either leaders. Kevin Rudd appeared not to know Labor's policy on Sydney's second airport. This is how our panel of former politicians saw it.I don't think either of them did themselves a grit favour. I think that is pretty much even Steven and hasn't changed anything. Rudd needed to win last night really convincingly and he didn't. Now, most of the things that we heard last night we have heard before. There was some one pledge, though. Kevin Rudd said within 100 days of being reelected he will push for a conscience vote on same sex marriage. We know that his position on that has changed in recent months and he pushed Tony Abbott to do the same. Have a listen.My first to -- my commitment to you is within the first 100 days of being elected we would allow a full conscience vote and I would appeal the to Mr Abbott to do the same.You mentioned the polls at the beginning there. Another poll puts Labor behind so with four webs of the election campaign to go, they really do have a lot of ground to make up.They sure do. Jayne, thank you. Our political editor Laurie Oakes will join us for their analysis. That is coming up at 8:00.A man accused of abducting his baby daughter and assaulting her grandmother has handed himself into place. Jack Berketa joins us now and joins us now. Jack, how did this drama unfold?It is believed, Deb, early Sunday morning the baby's father came to the home and it is believed he then stole a car and abducted his own little girl. The baby's mother returned home around 3am to find her car gone and the grandmother unconscious and her little girl missing. Last night there was great news when the father handed both himself and the baby no police. That happened at around 7:00. The baby was taken up to hospital and given a check over and when the mother was able to take the baby home late last night around 10:00. Now, there are till grave concerns for the baby's grandmother. She was somehow knocked unconscious during the ordeal and suffered serious head injuries. She was flown to Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide and has undergone serious surgery and remains in a critical condition. The police are still talking to the baby's father, but say it is too early to tell if he will be charged. We will leave it there. The man who admitted murdering Sarah Cafferkey just days after being released on parole will face his pre-sentencing hearing today. 47-year-old Steven James Hunter pleaded guilty in April to the murder, admitting to dumping her body many a wheelie bin at his Baccus Marsh unit late last year. He had previously served time in prison for murder before killing the 22-year-old. A fire has torn through a home in Melbourne's south overnight causing hundreds of thousands of dollars damage. It is believed that squatters had been staying insoo id the Briton East home but police say that known was at the scene when they arrived. The fire is being treated as suspicious and now the house is likely to be bull domestic violenceed. -- bulldozed. Looking at finance now.

We all have tried this on the dance floor, but now it looks like doing the robot may now have a whole new meaning. These mechanical megastars stole the show at a forum in China over the weekend. Industry leaders came together the to discuss all things robotics and to show off the latest toys. The robots were doing all they could to drum up support from the eager crowd. Thanks, dicky. Let's take a look at the sport now with Erin. Look at them go. Thaifrpbl are cool. They have more rhythm than I do. Adam Scott looks to be out of contention midway through the PGA championship. He slipped 5s off the pace after a mixed morning at Oak Hill while Jason Dufner and Jim Furyk continue to battle forer the load. One of the big esmove years of the day is Jason Day who was three shots of the load before falling back. Ian Bell's century has frustrated the Australians on the third day of the fourth test against England. He's helped the home side to a second innings load more than 200. The North Queensland Cowboys insist they are still a finals chance following a demolition of the Panthers. The win has them 4 points behind the eighth-placed Canberra.. Kevin Sheedy says that Fremantle has won the A F L lottery thanks to a friendly draw over the final few rounds of theer. The Dockers thrashed GWS by 113 points last night and play Melbourne, Port Adelaide and St Kilda on the run home. Even some drizzly Moscow weather couldn't stop Usain Bolt as he dominated the final of the world championships. He crossed in 9.77 seconds and that is just two years after he was disqualifyed from that same event. It is a pretty nice way to come back. 9. 978 is so quick. Ridiculous.That is why I am here to point out the obvious.Thank you, Karl.Coming up, the tree yes who blue us away -- who blew us away last night. -- trio who blue us away last night. They are superstars of the future. Every judge gair them a huge tick and deservedly so. We will get to them soon, but right now it is time for your best local forecast. Here is Stevie.

Oh, it doesn't get much more 80's or much more fun than this. The union union is turning 25 and the student union have put on a rollerskating rink 80's style. 'Danger Zone'. We have got a conga line going on. A couple of mascots, a knowman and a lizard. For no particular reason, Karl, this is my birthday to you, my friend. Total randomness on a Monday morning.I love it.We love it. It takes you back to uni days, doesn't it? It is good fun. Here is today's best national fly-around. Good morning.

OK, we have got a little bit of everything going on here this morning at UTS including artistic rollerskating. These girls are from Team Platinum in Penrith. They are the only rollerskating show team in Australia. There are 10 in the team and they are trying to get to the World Championships in Taiwan in November. If anyone out there would like to sponsor artistic rollerskating, now is your chance. It is totally random. There is a bit of everything going on this morning. We are coming tow you live from UTS in the middle of Sydney who is turning 25 years old. Happy birthday, everyone. (CHEERING) Wow.I wish I was there.That's just because we can.Yeah, I wish I was there.Do you feel like putting on a toga just about now.Oh, yeah, a toga.Right back to uni days.Oh, happy days!That is the 60's doing the twist.That takes you back to uni, flat-out like a lizard drinking.That explains everything. Thank you, Stevie. You reckon that is entertaining, this is.We have some good stuff. She hates it when we say it, but it is the truth - Pink is awesome. She wakes up with Today which is extra good. We spoke up with Miss Alicia before she hit the stage on Friday night and Pink is coming up next.Hi. Hi, everybody! (Sings) # I hate you # I really hate you # So much # It must be true love # This program is not captioned.

# Nothing else can break my heart #
Good morning again. Well, she is without doubt one of the hottest artists on the planet. I am talking about the lady known and loved as Pink who is in the middle of-her all-sinning, all-dancing, all- bungee jumping sell-out Australian tour. She is also a mum to little Willow and a wife to motocross champ carry heart and down to earth superstar you could ever hope to meetCaught up with Pink in Sydney on Friday night. (Sings) # Raise a glass if you are gone # In all of the right ways #Are you on top of the world or on top of the world?I am really happy right now. (Sings) # Dirty little freaks # Won't you c'mon and c'mon and c'mon #Everything is really great at the moment. I am glesed beyond belief. I am aware. -- blessed beyond belief. I am aware. I stand back and say migratefuls every morning. Australia has been the turn around for us.It must be a blast to walking out to a full crowd who knows every word to every song.It is fun. It is always fun if I don't think it will be fun I get shot into the air. (Sings) # So raise your glass # Raise your glass if you are wrong in all of the right ways # You are the underdog # We will never be, never be # Anything but loved # Nitty-gritty # Dirty little freaks #How do you do that stuff?Oh, make sure your shoulders are strong. Take Advil. (LAUGHS) . (Sings) # It must be true love # Nothing else can break my heart like true love # True love #You are a performer, you are a this and you are a that and you are a mum.Right.So how does that all work?The first six months was an adjustment period. . It was - Europe was really hard. She was sick a lot. Every time she gets sick I get sick. I am always sensitive to when it comes to her moods and what she is being exposed to. Every day is a balance.I am sure there are days you would like to sleep in until midday and send her off with a nanny --For about 2.5 years I have wanted to slope in. How hard is that to balance that? So far so good. I am doing a really good job. You get up and go to breakfast or you go swimming or the children's museum or the park and you come back and have a nap and try to find a workout in there and she is up and it is lunch and then we get her hair done and off to the venue. By the time I hit sound check my head is spinning.Is it sometimes a relieve to walk out on stage and go, at least it is just me and 12,000 fans for the next 2.5 hours.Yeah, but then I miss her. I get home at 11:00 and I don't want to wake her up. It is all worth it. It is all compeletely overwhelming and it is a time in our life that we are never going to have again. Have you scheduled the next one? Next what? Tour or child? (LAUGHS) .Child. Child between tours.Oh. We have an idea.You would have to sort of book it in, wouldn't you?I do, I book it in. I did. The funniest part is my manager says, we are going to a week in Germany. "I am not going anywhere." "Why not?" "Good, right on time." "I'm too schedule." Can you say congratulations and then we are on time.Things are great for you everywhere around the planet.It is consistently awesome, which moans I am basically almost over. .I don't think there is much you would change, if you could, is there?No, I wouldn't change a damn thin. I have an incredible touring family. I have awesome friends. I have an Auch family and we are healthy. So, all good.Sin sing I think my ignorance and bliss # I think I have had enough of this #Talk about on top of the world. If you have a ticket to see Pink then guard it. You are in for a spectacular show. Her album 'The Truth About Love' is currently, guess where? No. 1 again.What? This week. Absolutely amazing.And deservedly so.It is a terrific record. The concert, just for her to maintain her health and her fitness and everything, motherhood and all of that - it is huge. Obviously, she's got help, but going out there a performing 46 shows around the country.She is clearly a hands-on mum. She gays life.She hates it when we talk her up all the time. "Can't you say something about me."No, we can't, Pink. Sorry.The husband has a great deal. He can jump on his bike and go for a ride --And come home to Pink.Yeah! Great stuff, Dickie. We love her.Next up the wounded soldiers preparing for the ultimate competition, racing towards Prince Harry in the South Pole.Let's raise a glass to the honorary Australian, Pink! (Sings) # Raise your glass # C'mon and c'mon # Just raise your glass # Won't you c'mon and c'mon # Raise your glass # Just c'mon and c'mon # Raise your glass... # # My glass is empty # That sucks # So if you are too school for cool-$$NEWLINE# And you are tweeted like a fool # You can choose to let it go # We can always This program is not captioned. The federal
election has now been announced. If you're not enrolled, don't wait. Enrol online or pick up
an enrolment form and return it to the AEC
before 8pm today. Do it right now or you'll miss out
on your vote.

This program is not captioned.

Good morning to you all. Listen, say what you like about last night's debate, the truth is neither leader won the economic debate that is supposed to be the cornerstone of this election campaign. That is because perhaps neither has an answer. The problem with Australia is not that we are without means or wealth, it is that we are uncompetitive. It is part high dollar and part high labour cost and part red tape on those who create wealth. Although both leaders might waffle about cutting red tape and improving productivity, both are tinkering at the edges. It boils down to this - how do you cut backsives in Australia without hurting large groups of people. How do you increase revenues without alienating groups that the money doesn't flow to. You need to go back to a blank piece of paper on tax and industry policy and then rebuild a modern Australia based on advanced technology, fewer but stronger rules, and a massive incentive to create business, make profit and pay tax. Once completed the overhall would stop rule changing. We need a political leader confident a strong enough to lay it on the line. Of course what we have are two parties that are frighened to lose votes.You running as an Independent.Someone needs to run and have a crack at this, don't you? Jeeze.Is that the same piece of blank paper that Kevin Rudd had last night?There is mine. What is where it starts, Lisa. Right there.You might be better on your feet, Ross. (LAUGHS) .Now some gossip.

And Richard Reid is on the money in the heart of Hollywood. Richard, Jennifer Aniston throws her birthday boy a big bash.Yeah, well, OK it is not the weekend secret wedding I was hoping for, but Javier my Spanish-speaking bus boy source got it half right. Yes, happeny 42nd birthday Justin thaoer row, Jennifer Aniston's feeian say. The they had a huge bash in the Hollywood Hills. It was attended by Isla Fisher, Ellen Degeneres, Ben Stillar and a cavalcade of stars. I am told when guests left nay were actually given a basket of eggs laid by Jennifer's only personal hens.What?So you got some eggs to take home?Yes.Nothing to do with hensway?A big night in Tinseltown. I hope you enjoyed the night sitting up in that tree to watch it all, too.I still got loaves in my hair.(LAUGHTER) Bruce Willis might be out, but a couple of other big name as are in. Please explain.Yes, we are talking about the 'Expendables 3' and we are excited about - get this - Sylvester Stallone and Mel Gibson along with Antonio Banderas. Mel will play the means bad guy ever and who needs heroes when you have hunks like these.They must have a ripping good times making those movies. Thank you for that stuff, my friend. See you back later.OK, boy. (LAUGHS) .I can imagine him in the tree.We all saw it straight away.Next to the hens. Got him! Here are the top stories this hour on Today. Head to head - Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd pitch for your vote. Who did win? The great debate. Laurie Oakes gives us his verdict. Is today the day that the Bombers will learn their fate? The doping scandal. Usain Bolt wins back his title scorching style. We catch up with 'Australia's Got Talent''s singing stars Uncle Jed and pin b takes us back stage in her sell-out Aussie tour. (Sings) # I really hate you # So much I think it must be # True love # True # It must be

# It must beWe go through the big talking point of the debate. Kevin Rudd 1 of the toss and went straight into the economy.This economy is strong. This election at is about the future strength of that economy.Tony Abbott kicked back.We will build a stronger economy so that everyone can get ahead. We will scrap the carbon tax. We will keep the compensation so that the tax cut and compensation are real.The GST was also raised.The GST is not going to change.If you are not going to change the tax, why is it in a review?After 6 years he is running an embarrassing fear campaign.It turned most dramatically on asylum seeker and climate change. As it did on same-sex marriage.It would be a matter for a future party room.Kevin Rudd needed to win. The worm said it did by 59%. A brief moment of friendship. Before hostilities resume today.It was a great opportunity to present positive plans.The Australian people will sort that out.Jayne Azzorpardi joint is from Canberra. The Newspoll looks more clear-cut today?Not good news for Kevin Rudd. The Newspoll shows that support is slipping.

Rudd. The Newspoll shows that
support is slipping. support is slipping. All support is slipping. All the support is slipping. All the rest of his games have gone. If preferences flowed at the same way as the last election, the Coalition is looking at an election when. Most troubling is that the gap is closing between preferred prime minister. Kevin Rudd said this was about trust. Part of the campaign is about whether Tony Abbott is fit to be Prime Minister and that result is not what the Labor Party is looking for. There is 1 week of campaigning to be done. Labor are hoping to turn it around.Do you have to remind us that there are 4 weeks to go.Happy birthday.What is at the birdlike inside the prime ministerposmac camp?They seem fairly up the. -- what is the mood like. They will be pleased with the fact that audiences seemed to favour the Prime Minister but given that the poll results today and over the weekend, it appears Kevin Rudd is losing momentum and he needs to dig that up. They are planning a big week. They kick off in Bennelong, a marginal seat and in Sydney. They lost at under Julia Gillard in 2010. They are hoping they can win it back. They are hoping that jobs and the economy will be raised. They will then head to Queensland. Happy birthday!Good to see you, my friend. The Coalition must be getting more confident?The Coalition have been quietly confident for some time but they do recognise that Kevin Rudd return to the top job is a game changer. They recognise it will be with a reduced number of seats. If, in deed, it does happen. Kevin Rudd 's popularity seems to be diminishing. Tony Abbott is beginning the 2nd week in Melbourne. It is his 1st visit to Victoria since the election campaign kicked off and they know what a crucial State this is. Just as Kevin Rudd is a list in Queensland, the Coalition hope that they will remember Tony Abbott got rid of Julia Gillard.The father of a 10-month-old girl who was taken from her grandmother 's home in SA has been charged with her a duction. The man is also accused of assaulting a grandmother found unconscious and rushed to hospital. He handed himself to police last night and was remanded in custody. In Melbourne, the AFL is expected to lie charges against Essendon over the doping scandal. This saga has run far too long already. Is today really going to be the day? We hope so. They have not given a timeframe however they have had the report for a week and it is widely tipped that today or tomorrow will be the day. Hopefully, perhaps, it today finally charges will be laid against Essendon including the training, medical and coaching staff. Including James Hird. Charges have to be laid before any penalties can be determined. Of course, it has been reported that Essendon is a face being stripped of pretty she points and also a multimillion dollar fine. The chairman said they were looking for -- forward to the charges it so they could set the record straight. They have lawyers at the ready and they said would be the 1st time they would be able to finally speak uninhibited leap on the matter. 1 thing is for certain, this saga is taking its toll on the players. They lost to West Coast yesterday by 53 points. The reason no doubt that the speculation, the intensity of the press, and the expectations of what is to come cannot help but be perfect thing the preparation for the game. -- but the effect being the preparation. It was a big week in terms of off field staff. The man responsible for laying the charges is the general council and the AFL boss Andrew Demetriou said until the charges are laid, he is in the dark just like everybody else. That might be hard to believe for some but all football fans are keen for all this speculation to and -- end.It needs to get moving. A man has been taken to a Sydney hospital after being repeatedly stabbed in the chest. The 27-year-old victim stumbled into a pizza shop at Rosebery at around 7 o'clock pleading for help. Police say they have no idea as to what led to the stabbing and are appealing for any information. Firefighters are this morning warning of the dangers of abandoned properties after a fire destroyed a weatherboard house in Melbourne 's south. Squatters had been staying inside the right and East residents. It will now be called dollars. The fire is treated as suspicious. An estimated $600,000 of damage. The mother of murdered victim Sarah Cafferkey will face -- will be at court today. She will be joined by the mother of another young woman who was also murdered as the 2 fight for changes to the parole system.2 mothers, 2 daughters and their murderers. Today is Dicksonposmac term to explain the shocking grief. 4 years ago, Sandra Betts was in her shoes. Her daughter having been dismembered and washed up on a beach.I know how she feels. We shared the same type of loss and the same horror.

shared the same type of loss and
the same horror. the same horror. I

the same horror. I know the same horror. I know the dramatic stress she is suffering. Both girls were killed when they are unwittingly crossed paths with Stephen Hunter and another man who had been jailed before. Both offenders had been involved with amphetamines after getting out and despite a number of red flags, including on parole, the system did not act. Now, both mothers are taking landmark legal action against the state.What outrages me is that a system which has so much information is so inept at managing the information it has and learning from the mistakes of the past.15 other families who have lost relatives to parolees in the past 26 years apart of the legal action. During the days presentence hearing, the defence is likely to lobby for a minimum term and the prosecution will no doubt argue against it. That will create another similarity in these cases. If Hunter was locked away for ever. The mothers are activists in memories of Rachel and Sarah.We need to be able to do something purposeful that supports our daughters, that stand up for them, that creates change, that prevent another mother having a similar loss. -- prebends.Australia has a tough task ahead if they are to win the 4th test. The home side, led by Ian Bell, came after the Aussies. Australia made a strong start in the field. But they could not get rid of Ian Bell who brought up his 3rd hundred in the series.A 20th 1st-class test century for Ian Bell. He is in top form.Sprinting superstar Usain Bolt has finally made amends for his fold -- false start 2 years ago. A little rain did not hamper the multiple world record holder, with a season best time of 9.77 seconds.Makes you sick, doesn't it? She is on the subject of the most famous painting in the world but who is Mona Lisa? Scientists are hoping to use DNA to solve the mystery which has kept people guessing for 500 years.The clue to unlocking 1 of the biggest secret is so groundbreaking you might expect to find Tom Hanks on the scene. Instead, it is a real-life team of researchers on the edge of finally answering just who is that in the masterpiece. The Mona Lisa. For centuries, historians have pondered the possibilities. A lover, a muse, or maybe even a da Vinci in self dressed as a woman? She is believed to have posed for da Vinci. The answer may lie in this underground crypt in Florence. TRANSLATION: These are her descendants. They opened up the grip for the 1st time in over 300 years and client inside. They will take DNA samples from the woman's relatives. TRANSLATION: We were very lucky.If it is related to another set of bones believed to be those of the woman, then the remains are confirmed and they can use reconstruction technology to figure out what she looked like. TRANSLATION: If everything goes as it should, we will reconstruct the face from the skull.Then, the real test to see if that face is anything like the Mona Lisa we all know.What are they saying?How much are they relying on the reconstruction, it could be what the paintings look like? Who knows what they will find.If you ran into Leonardo da Vinci in the bar, you would be happy.He does it well. Doesn't he? He may have over plucked the eyebrows. Blokes can do that if they do not know how to dress as a woman. They get too enthusiastic.Coming up, apart from all these other great stuff, on tour in Australia with her family, we talk to pink.

It is a great chat as well. She is a terrific woman. Steve is rollerskating this morning. Let us check the weather. Hello. We are getting our footloose on this morning at the University of technology Sydney. It is 25 years old. The University union thought they would do some gay bit special. A little bit 1980s. They have laid out an orange and lavender rollerskating rink right near Central Station at the front of the university. It is party time. Everyone is getting involved. We have roll Adobe people. It is very good fun. -- roll Adobe.

If you are in the neighbourhood, white danger on down? They are putting on a free breakfast before 8am. You can get free rollerskates or rollerblades. Rollerskating is actually older than the United States. A Belgian man invented back in 1760. He skated across a ballroom floor in London with a violin. We went straight into a mirror. Ever since then it has been going. There is another stack. You have to have a little bit of fun. We have all sorts of things going on here. You go Steve. Look at you go. Beautiful. Look at him go. Speed skater. He was definitely there in the '80s.With that Belgium bloke. Very good. I think he that a couple of years ago.Just recycle. Happy that they, Karl. Did we mention it as Carlsberg they?Up next, this is what happens when you upset a ramp when you're on your motorbike. This program is not captioned. The federal election
has now been announced. If you're already enrolled but need to update your address details, don't wait. Do it online at before