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This Program is Captioned Live.Labor wins the coin toss for tonight's leader debate electing to have the PM speak first. Also a coordinated a wave of attacks kills more than 60 people in Iraq during celebrations to mark the end of Ramadam. An Englishman takes line honours in Sydney's city to surf beating 85,000 other runners to Bondi and Adam Scott a chance to claim his second major of the year despite a bumpingy third round. Live across Australia, you're watching News 24, hello, I'm Richard Davies. Checking tomorrow's weather first -

Labor has won the coin toss for tonight's leader's debate and has elected for the PM to speak first. Kevin Rudd will face off against the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott at the National Press Club in Canberra in an hour and a half, both promising to outline their positive plans for the future. For more we're joined from our Canberra studio by Kerrin Binnie. Kevin Rudd spend the day in Canberra at a ahead of tonight's debate?He did and just in the last couple of minutes as well Kevin Rudd has obviously been in his office looking for - looking through his briefing notes preparing for tonight's debate and he's tweeted a picture of himself sitting at the said desk and he says "I have a lot of official briefs for says "I have a lot of briefs for the debate, anyone have some good jokes." anyone have don't know whether inject a anyone have some good jokes." I
don't know whether inject don't know whether he'll try to tonight's debate but inject a bits of humour into been in Canberra today. been in Canberra to
started the day here, went off to church this morning and from there he went to Queanbeyan just over just over the boarder from the ACT, back into NSW into into the electorate of'd'd and he there made a $35 million announcement over three years for a step into skills program through the
which will help 18-24-year-olds through the TAFE system. Kevin Rudd was asked of course about his preparations for tonight's debate and here's some of what he had so say?Based on today's polls if Mr Abbott was PM, then he can no longer be evasive about where his $70 billion of cuts to jobs, health and education would fall or what his real plans or to the future of the GST. You can be evasive up to a certain point I suppose in politics which is what we've seen through a refusal to participate in debates until now...And Tony Abbott had a very different day running around looking for his debate preparation?And quite
literally. Running preparation?And did the
literally. Running around. He did the city to surf today in Sydney, woke up there and headed down to the start line and he guided a blind man across the course and I don't actually know what placing Tony Abbott got but he was guiding that blind man across the course and from there he was at Bondi Beach where he made an announcement about drowning, saying that the Coalition Government will invest $15 million into water safety agencies to try to reduce drownings across the country. And he was also at his media conference asked about his preparations for tonight's debate and as we've already said they've been quite different a bit more energetic, he says that the running in the morning exercise in the morning is part of his meantal health regime.Running for office has rarely been so tough but I was buoyed by looking at those splendid portraits of the local member matching up the hill in front of me. It's been a great day, as you know, I like to start my days with a bit of exercise, it's part of my mental health regime and I'm hoping that that will put me in a good frame of mind for the debates rate later thon evening.Of course that's what everyone is talking about, tonight's debate. Labor's won the to inkosz and the PM will speak first?That's right. We'll find out who people think won the debate later but as you said the coin toss happened a couple of hours ago now at the National Press Club between George Wright from Labor and the campaign director for the Liberal, Brian Loughnane and Labor called it heads, let's have a look.I'll call. George can call. We're going the to do it over here?Heads.Heads it is. We'll bat first.OK, good. Thank you. JThere you go the, the PM will bat first.So the PM as you heard will bat first Richard and of course the debate will take place at 6:30 tonight and it will be broadcast here live on News 24 and on ABC 1 and we'll have comprehensive anal sils post debate on the ABC News 24 and also the debate format Ant is hosted by the parliamentary media President David Spears and Lyndal Curtis is one of three journalists on the panel, the other journalist is Simon Benson from News Limited and Peter har cher from Fairfax, kicking off at f:30 so in about an hour and a half.And ahead of tonight's debate, Nick Sydney's Institute of Democracy and Human Rights joins me now in the studio to talk about how the debate will unfold. Thank you for coming and talking to us. What's tonight's debate likely to look like, how will it be structured?It's a really rather static debate. It's only one rather static debate. one hour, you have two lektserns, your two prospecty prime ministers of the lektserns, your two prime ministers of the country,
if you prime ministers of the if you look at the way this has been arrived at, sadly, we actually haven't become any better at doing this through time in Australia and there were commitments going into the 2007 election and there were commitments made by the Gillard Government to establish an electoral debates commission which I think would have done a much better job.You've worked with debate campaigns in several different countries, just how important are those debates in a campaign?Well, they're part of a campaign. They are an important part, they give people the opportunity to really see their prospective leaders laid bare, to compare and contrast their performance and their policy platform, very difficult to do in a campaign when you only have one hour, if you look at the situation in other democracies, you have a far greater chance to look at those alternatives and to quiz our political leaders about the detail of their policy platform so if you look at the United States it's a democracy which of course is very different to ours, they have a Presidential system, not a Westminster system but they've got a good deal better at doing this through the year, if we go back to the President Obama-Romney debates that took place late last year you had three debates, they were each 1.5 hour long and they were different formats. After the first debate people would say, "Right what will the performance be in the second and the third?" They've become far more creative about the way they've undertaken these dedebate s. This debate could have taken place in 1980 or 1980, technology and other things have changed through that period but these have period but these debates haven't.Do you think it will be different with social media because people will be able to comment along as the debate is going on and to give their opinion and get those views out there?I do. Isn't social media gloriously random but why not take the opportunity to use social media or emails as they do in or as they did in the 2010 debates in the UK, to actually ask the Blick what are the questions that you want to ask, our potential blil leaders and maybe if you're going to have a debate structured tonight could have been structured on the domestic economy, the next one could be structured solely on international policy, and if we knew that that was going to happen, then you could be really creative about how you could decide what are those five key economic questions that we want to ask of our potential leaders, sadly when things are just organised so late, as a result of political horse trading between the political periods, political officeses and broadcasters, this is the outcome you get.Do you think these debates actually have much of an impact on the campaign and on the way people vote after watching the debate?Well f you look at the research in Australia, the answer is they do. They do in terms of the campaign because if you were going to have, say, three debates as you do in the US, as you did in the UK and there are a number of debates you have in jurisdictions like Canada, that creates a structure to the campaign, a beginning, a middle and an end. What will happen after tonight's debate is are there'll be a bit of to and fro, will you debate me again, want you, a lot of bra veria around all that, they do lend some structure to the campaign but do they have any electoral impacts, will people put numbers in a different box in a different way, the research done at the dwrufrt of Sydney by Mr Seeney, he did some excellent work, and he looked at the period before 1990 and 2004 and what Philip found was that the impact was around about 1 to 3%, you ask Kevin Rudd or you ask Tony Abbott would you like to take 1 or 3% from your opponent and they'd both say "willingly, yes."These debates can often put a leader on the spot as well. What are some of the game changing things that can happen in a debate that make it an interesting exercise?I've batched probably too many hours of these debates where there are deby as in other countries or here but they can bring up moments, there was a particular moment in the debate between John Hewson and Paul Keating back in the early 90s in 199 t #r9 3 election when had a very, 199 t #r9 3 had a very, very vigorous period 199 t #r9 3 election when they
had a very, period of real had a very, very vigorous period of real debate,
face-to-face, about period of real face-to-face, about their
alternative period of real debate,
face-to-face, alternative views in relation to health provision and health policy in Australia. One thought that was best done through the private sector with a limited state role, the other said it was absolutely our public responsibility through the taxation system to fund decent health care for everybody. A very different perspective and that came out and it had a level of authenticity about it which more than likely is going to be lacking tonight but it is those moments, those moments where the mast will fall where you can really get a sense of the authenticity and the integrity and indeed the character of our potential PM.Certainly will be interesting to watch, and it will be all kicking off in just over an hour, Nick Rowley from the University of Sydney's Institute of Democracy and Human Rights, thank you for talking to us?Thank you.F the death toll in a series of bombings and shootling in Iraq has risen to more than 60. The apparently coordinated wave of attacks mainly around Baghdad has come during celebrations to mark the end of Ramadam.The streets were packed with people marking the festival but the celebrations would end in bloodshed, a string of car bombs killing dozens of people across the country. One took place here, a town some 200 kilometre north of the capital when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a residential area. The capital Baghdad saw the worst of them, 12 separate bombings in total. Most went off within an hour of each other, suggesting some degree of coordination. Although many neighbourhoods were targetsed it was mainly Shia areas that fwor brunt. Explosion also went off in the cities of Kirkuk, and Karbala.I was walking to the market to meet by friend but before I could get there I was knocked out. TRANSLATION: I was driving, and suddenly the car was hit, we were sitting in a pool of blood, the blast went off nearby.And up to this summer, the violence has brought death tolls not seen in nearly five years according to UN data. This time around there appears to be a change in tactic, crowded mosque, markets and cafes are coming under attack which means higher casualty numbers. The security situation in Iraq took a turn following a Government crackdown on a Sunni protest in April. Then, last month, hundred of inmates escaped after gunmen stormed two jails outside Baghdad. Day to day attacks are on the rise again and much of them have involved Sunni groups targetsing Shia districts. Adding to fears that Iraq may be slipping to the pattern of secondtary year fights that has already killed thousands of people.A Syrian Opposition watchdog group says at least 20 people have been killed in air strikes in the province of Latakia. The British based Syrian observatory for human rights says at least 2010 of those killed were civilians. Analysts say the attacks are part of an effort by President Assad to prevent rebels from advancing into the strong hold of his Alawite sect N recent days rebels have captured a number of villages in a province's
mountainous district in the province's north. In China, a doctor and eight other medical staff are been arrested accused of stealing babies. Authorities staged a very public reunion for one couple whoed that their twin daughters returned. It's claimed they'd been taken when just minutes old by a doctors who told the patients the twins had fatal deformities. The doctor who is the hospital's head obstetrician allegedly sold them.I never want them to know of this in the future. I'm afraid that such memories would cast a dark shadow on their lives.The doctor's crimes are said to go back eight years. The blare of car horns is parts and
of driving in India's capital and it's causing hearing problems. Now some of the city's residents are trying to get drivers to stop adding to the noise pollution.The troops pile out and take up arms. Ready to wage a war in the name of peace and blow horn for no reason. Thank you sir.Using guerilla style tactics Ravi Kalra and his army of volunteers hit at the streets and freeways of Delhi with one goal - to try to stop unnecessary honking.It's like cancer. So people don't realise how the life is without horns.It's a brave man who puts himself between a Dell unite and their horn. The team has their work cut out for them, there are 7.5 million vehicles in this city. But it's all for a is a huge krintsor to noise pollution in India's cities. Studies have found that Delhiites experience age-relled hearing loss much younger than people in other countries. It's the people working and living on the streets who are most affected by Delhi drivers' addiction to the horn.I am specially concerned for the children because the children, they are everything a system developing and they - the most affected.Under Indian law the affected.Under acceptable level for noise during the acceptable level for outside noise 50 decibels but studies have shown roads like this one produce levels closer to 80. Certainly seems like a sound idea. Back home and an English runner Ben Moreau has won Sydney's City to surf in a time of 41.47. 8 5,000 people turned out for this morning's race for the 14 kilometre run to Bondi beach. Linda Spencer from Western Australia was the first woman to finish while publican Kurt Fearnley crossed the line first in the wheelchair category. Over all winner Ben Moreau made his winning move on Heartbreak Hill.Got a gap up Heartbreak Hill, once I got the gap I was just thinking to make this gap counts and try and really get away but I felt good until about the last mile and then I heard a few, to know how ig big the gap is but some people were saying that Liam was coming back at me and he's won it twice before and you don't want him on your shoulder with 400 to go. I was really trying to pile it on down along the Beach there but once I turned the corner I knew it was one feeling to come down that finishing striegts, one and it was an amazing finishing striegts, now I've got the win is great.Now with more sport here is Amy and plenty of action in the AFL this afternoonYes, we'll start at Football Park where the Adelaide Crows have edge over North Melbourne head bog the final term. While the Perth, Fremantle holds a lead over Greater Western Sydney in the second quarter and SES don's hopes of a two four finish are all but over a shock 53-point loss to West Coast. The result spells the Bombers third straight loss. West Coast held a trender lead at half-time, but after the break the Eagles began where they left off with Mark LeCras kicking an incredible five majors in the second half. Let's cross codes has handed
to rugby league now and Manly has handed the Warriors a Ing 27-12 defeat at Gosford this afternoon. After leading only 10-8 at half-time Malcolm ran riot in the second. Fullback Brett Stuart sceerd double for the Eagles but it was a hat-trick from David wolfman Williams that really stole the show. Manly currently sitting fourth on the NRL ladder.We're happy but we also know that we've got a fair bit of to work on, we style getting points scored against us every week.While in Brisbane, the Broncos have held off a determined Dragons side to claim a 26-24 win in front of a pretty vocal home crowd. The victory keeps their slim finals chances afloat.The Southern Stars launch their campaign to retain the women's Ashes at Buckinghamshire tonight. The onfield contest is set to be fierce with a wounded England side determined to make amends for a disappointing World Cup earlier this year.I suppose over the last 12 months we've had a lot of success in World Cups and we also returned the Ashes soing's obviously hungry for some wins and they're out to play well in the seriesThe Ashes were last decided in Blacktown in 2011 where Australia ended a 6-year drought sparking a golden two year period for the Southern Stars. The series will be decided over one Test, three one dayers and three T 20 matches. To men's cricket now and a maiden Test century from Chris Rogers has saved Australia on day two of the fourth Ashes Test at Australia is 16 runs shy of a Australia is first innings lead after England was bowled out for 238. ThisJackson Bird only needed to bowl a few balls on day two to claim his second wicket of the winnings. Perhaps the Aussies wrrnts expecting to snare that final wick society quickly as Stuart broad took pleasure in ripping through Australia's top order.Gone. He wasn't going to play that.Usman Khawaja who is desperate for some form found himself on the wrong end of Broad's top notch bowling.Second batsmen trying to leave the ball. And has been found wanting.The English pace men, his team and the umpire thought Rogers was caught behind. But the DRS proved otherwise.And there it is, back pad, hotspot. Looks like there's clear evidence there to overrule.Controversy struck yet again when the review system showed the umpire could have given Rogers out leg before wicket, the English celebrated but the umpire spoiled the party. The DRS antics were soon forgotten as the English got their main man, Clarke gone for six. Stephen Smith assisted Rogers in bringing some stability until lunch but after the leak, it didn't take long before Smith was back in the pavilion. Rogers was not holding the innings together for the baggy greens and luck was still on his side as he was once but twice. Before bringing up his side as he was dropped not
once up his half-century. Watson turned out to be a huge support to Rogers, playing some fine shots to notch up a pacy 50. He departed but Rogers remained to claim his maiden Test century.That could be it. It is it A fantastic moment for Chris Rogers. A moment that he thought might never come.Another solid batting display on day three from Rogers could see the visitors well on top in the fourth Test.The 2011 champion Australian Danny Samuels is lu to the discus final at the world athletes championships in Moscow. On the opening day of competition Mo Farah backed up his Olympic victory with a win in the 10,000m. Kenyan Edna Kiplagat became the first woman to defend her title in the marathon with Jess Trengove finishing 11th in the best ever results by an Australian. world's fastest man, Usain Bolt comfortably qualified for the semifinals of the 100m. Australian gofrler Adam Scott is well placed to secure his second major of the year on day three of the PGA championship in New York State. The US Masters winner is on 7 under par one shot behind joint leaders Jim Furyk and Jason Dufner. Rory McIlroy has improved his chances of defending his title after carding a third round 67 to be three under over all. World number one Tiger Woods shot a three over for the day to be plus four after three rounds. And that's sport for this hour.Beloved of children ever where, Lego only seems to get more popular. Canberra's annual brick expo sells out every year and 2013 is no exception. Greg Nelson has been finding out why the tiny bricks have such a wide appeal.I'm at the 2013 brick expo in Canberra and I'm joined by visiting New York City artist Sean Kenny. Sean, what's unique about your work?I build everything with little plastic recognise tangles, Lego toys are something we all know from our childhood but I've decided to make it my adult passion and job and I use all those little recognise tangles and I make all kinds of amazing things.What are some of the creates you've made?I make anything and everything. I have a touring show that's visiting nature parkingst always around the United States filled with huge butser flies and flowers and live sized polar bears. You name, it account with the built with the illicit druggo.What's it like working with small fun. I don't have to worry
about stepping plastic bricks?It's a lot of
fun. I don't about stepping on them in about night anymore because I have
any my about stepping on them in the
night anymore because I any my own studio write build any all kinds of things. It's lot all kinds of things. of fun because when you make something it's a little less austere than a painting, kids can really come up and feel like they can do that themselves rather than being put after by high art or something like that, you can make something with a statement and kids come up and get inspired and excited. the best thing about it.What is it that makes it so popular?You can take these things and make anything with them, everyone has a fond memory of it. Adults now can remember playing with it as a child and it's one of those toys that you can take with you from when your 4 up to 12, it really sticks with you.Do you ever fine that you get to tend of a project and you're missing that one piece?I'm always misses that one piece which is why I have a few million. That's OK. The fun of it all is figuring out as you go along. Sometimes you're in the middle of building something and you'll figure it out and make it some other wayHow exciting is it to be here around fellow constructors?This is great. Brick expo is really wonderful. It's great to meet with all these folks here on the other side of the planet from where I live and share in their experiences and learn from them and also give them tips and tricks from the things I've learned and the things I've
done. This show is really really great.Starting with is the satellite and a cold front will bring showers and gusty winds to southern parts of WA, ahead of this a trough will cause cloud and showers to develop over South Australia, Victoria and southern NSW. Around the country -

I'll be
That's the news for now but I'll be back in a moment with an update of the headlines and after that it will be time for At the movies. I'm Richard Davies, you're watching News 24.

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The top stories from ABC News - Labor has won the coin toss for tonight's leaders' debate and have elected the PM to speak first. Kevin Rudd will face off against Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in about an hour. Both leaders have spent the day attacking each other's economic credibility with Mr Rudd calling on the Coalition to reveal what cuts it would make to the Budget. Iraq has been rocked by at least 15 car bomb explosions across the country which have left more than 60 people dead. The attacks came as Iraqis celebrated the end of Ramadam. In Baghdad crowded afterases and market places in Shia areas were targeted. British runner Ben Moreau has won the city to surf road race in Sydney. He finished in a time of 41.47.