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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Live across Australia, you are watching ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Richard Davies. The Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he's looking forward to tonight's debate against the PM. The two leaders will hold their face-to-face debate of the election campaign in just over four hours' time. The economy is set to dominate proceedings and set the tone for week two. The Treasury's pre-election economic and miss call out look is due on - fiscal out look is due on Tuesday. A coin is due to bes toed to determine which of the leaders will speak first. Campaign directors for each party are at the toss. We are going to bring that to you live as soon as we get it. First, we are going to talk to political reporter Joe Biden in Canberra. How - Kerrin Binnie in Canberra. The PM flew into the
Canberra last night and spend the night in Canberra. This morning he headed to Eden Monaro back in NSW, ever so slightly across the border from the ACT, to Queanbeyan, where he announced a $35 million skills package. He says coming into the debate, he's expecting the economy to feature, and he also has some questions that he wants Mr Abbott to answer. Let's have a listen to some of what the PM had to say today.

Based on today' polls, if Mr Abbott was PM, then he can no longer be evasive about where his $70 billion of cuts to jobs, health and education would fall, or what his real plans are for the future of the goods and services tax. You can be evasive up to a certain point, I suppose, in politics, which is what we've seen through a refusal to participate in debates up until now.We are going to go to that coin toss that I mentioned a little bit earlier. We are going to see who goes first in tonight's debate. we have got the campaign directors for the Labor Party and the Liberal Party. Gentlemen, this coin has been given to us, on loan, for this very special purposes from the Canberra services club who lost or so ago. It is a or so ago. It is a 1939 or so ago. It is representing the beginning of the Second World War and the representing the the Second World War and end of the depression. end of the course, what - course, what - hopefully this coin will decide leadership good leadership going forward. So I wish you So I wish you both the very best. For tonight. Who would like to call? I'll call, thanks. George can call. We'll do it over here. (Coin tossed). Heads. Heads it is. TheWe'll bat first.

Sh pThe PM will...So Richard, in Sydney, the coin toss has happened. I actually missed who won that. We had the coin toss. I don't who called heads. It was Labor, was it?George Wright called it.There you go, heads it was. So that was George Wright and the ALP and Liberal campaign directors. They are just checking the ven few for tonight - venue. That's down the road here from Parliament House at the National Press Club. Quite a large room there. That will be filled tonight with about 30 people Parliament House.
from the media gallery here at Parliament House. The debate will get under way at about 6:30 tonight. There is also a panel - it will be moderated by the parliamentary media gallery President, David Speers and there will also be a panel, an on that, our own Lyndal Curtis, and Simon Ben son and Peter Harcher from Fairfax. Brian is checking out the podiums, where we will have the two leaders tonight. The two leaders will be, I understand, giving a three-minute statement firstThat's right. So the format has been worked out after furious agreement between the two - between the two camps, Labor and the Liberals. There has been a flurry letters between them trying to sort There has been a flurry of
letters sort out what format, moderating, who would be on the panel, where it would be and what format it would be. panel, where it would be what format it would be. This
is just the first fight what format it would is just the first fight of the campaign for is just campaign for this sort of thing. Just in the picture left-hand
we have the ABC on the we have left-hand side, ABC's Eric Napper talking about the debate, and he's the executive producer of that tonight. Of course the ABC is broadcasting it live course the ABC it live on ABC 1 and ABC News 24 from 6:30 tonight, plus the special bulletin leading into it, and analysis post, when the debate wraps up tonight. Before we saw the coin toss we were hearing what Kevin Rudd's been up to today. What about Tony Abbott? He's had a busy day on his feetThat's right. Certainly he spent a lot of the morning arrived back in Canberra now, I understand, and we'll get back into some preparations for tonight's debate. But this morning he woke up in Sydney, along with the media bus that's following him and guided a blind man up the City to Surf race. So ran the 14 morning, guiding a blind man, and beyond that he headed to Bondi Beach and made an announcement about drownings, preventing drownings. He's since come back to Canberra. Of course, he was asked the question how is he preparing for tonight's debate? We heard from Kevin Rudd saying before that coin toss that he wants Mr Abbott to answer some questions about the economy, and come clean about what sort of cuts he will make to the budget to try and get it back into surplus. Let's have a listen to Mr Abbott's response.

Well before polling day every Australian will know exactly what we are spending and exactly what we are saving. They'll know exactly how the fiscal position will be different under the Coalition, but overall the budget bottom under the
line will always be stronger under the Coalition. And I have to say to Mr Rudd - I am not going to take lectures from a Government which has got all of its figures wrong, it's never got a figure right, it hasn't released any of its own costings, and so far this Government has given us the five biggest budget deficits in Australia.So a busy day for both leaders and a busier night ahead. That was our political reporter Kerrin Binnie in Canberra a little earlier. Just a reminder, the ABC will have comprehensive live covering of the debate tonight on ABC 1 and ABC News 24 at #:30pm eastern time - 6:30, followed by a full analysis right here on ABC News 24.

To others news, police in SA say a man seriously assaulted the grand mother of his child before snatching the 10-month-old and fleeing in the early hours of this morning. The baby was discovered missing from a house in Mt gam in the State's south east just after 3 o'clock this morning. The injured woman was flown to Adelaide with serious head wounds. The man is said to have left the property in a 2004 silver Mitsubishi sedan with the licence place number XFC-571. Police say they are concerned for the child's welfare. Police say the remains of a teenage girl have been found among the debris of a house fire at an aboriginal mission in NSW 's north-west. Fire crews were called to the house at an aboriginal mission, known as Toomelah Mission at Boggabilla early on Friday morning. All the occupants were located the teenage girl who, it was believed, wasn't at home at the time. Police say her remains have been found among the debris, although she is yet to be circumstances surrounding the blaze. be formally identified. Officers are investigating the Nine bushwalkers have been rescued from Heathcote national park in Sydney's south. Police were called after concerns were raised about the group which didn't return at the expected time yesterday afternoon. A large-scale search followed. The group, aged in their 60s, were found about 10 o'clock last night. They were treated at the scene by paramedics. One person suffered a new injury and - knee injury and another had mild hypothermia. The group was winched from the bushland and taken to a nearby oval. overseas now and the death toll in a series of bombings and shootings in Iraq has risen to more than 60. The apparently coordinated wave of attacks mainly around Baghdad has come during celebrations to mark the end of Ramadan. Streets of Cairo were packed with Iraqis marking the Eid festival but the celebrations would end in blood shed, a string of car bombs killing dozens of people across the country.

one took place here in a town some 200kms North of the capital when a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a residential area. The capital Baghdad saw the worst of them, 12 separate bombings in total. Most went off within an hour of each other, suggesting some degree of coordination. Although many neighbourhoods were targeted, it was mainly Shia areas that bore the brunt. Explosions also went off in the cities of TRANSLATION: I
Kirkuk, Nassiriya and Kerbala. TRANSLATION: I was walking to the market to meet my friend. Before I could get there, I was knocked down. TRANSLATION: I was driving and suddenly the car was hit. We were stigt in a pool of blood - sitting in a pool of blood. The blasts went off nearby.The summer has brought death tolls not nearly five years, according to
UN data. This time around there UN there appears to be a change in tactic. Crowded mosques, markets and cafe s are coming under attack, which means higher casualty numbers. The security situation in Iraq took a turn following a Government crackdown on a Sunni protest in April. Then last month, hundreds of inmates escaped after gunmen stormed two gaols outside Baghdad. Day to day attacks are on the rise again, and much of them have involved Sunni groups targeting Shia districts, adding to fears that Iraq may be slipping into the pattern of sectarian fighting that has already killed thousands of people. A Syrian Opposition watchdog group says at least 20 people have been killed in air strikes in the North western province. The British-based Syrian observatory for human rights says at least ten of those killed were civilians. Analysts say the attacks are part of an effort by President Bashir al-Assad to prevent rebels from advancing into the stronghold of his Alawite sect. Recovery workers in the ution state of Connecticut have pulled four bodies from the ruins of two houses hit by a light aircraft on Friday. The twin engine plane came down in the town of east haven killing the two people on board. The bodies of a 1-year-old and a 13-year-old have also been recovered from one of the houses. It's believed the pilot was retired Microsoft executive Bill Henningsgaard. Police in Spain have broken a human trafficking ring. 51 people have been Spain and another 24 in France, and includes the main bosses of the organisation. Authorities Spanish
seized 81 fake passports. Spanish police launched the investigation two years ago, and found the smuggling operation was based in Barcelona. The group charged up to $54,000 for each person and would give the immigrants instructions on how to avoid being noticed at borders. Authorities believe some of the group's activities had also exposed immigrants to sexual exploitation.

Police in Northern Ireland's capital Belfast are fearing more violence after 56 officers were injured during a night unrest. The clashes broke out when loyalist Protestants tried to block a parade by Roman Catholic republicans. Northern Ireland's marching season has become known as a time of tension and trouble. in parades, but loyalists have been taking part in parades, but last night they in parades, were trying to stop republicans. what started as an evening of peaceful protest ended in several hours of violence, right in the heart of Belfast. images of destruction and disorder once again exposing divisions that still run deep in some parts of this city. Loyalists had blocked the road ahead of the republican parade, and when police tried to move them, they were angry clashes.

Bottles and bricks were used as makeshift weapons as rioters attacked the police. There were many injured in the battles, including dozens of police officers. There is no excuse for the violence that we saw on the streets of Belfast last night. To have the TV screens filled with street step
disorder again today, is a real step backwards.This is where last night's trouble took place - a busy shopping street in the middle of Belfast. And while the debris from last night's violence is being cleared away, concerns about parades remain. Tomorrow there is another republican parade. The commemoration is being held to remember two IRA men killed by it
their own bomb. Unionists say it is offensive and should be banned. I'm confident that everybody that is organising tomorrow, both parade and protest, want the event to pass off quickly and peacefully. We'll work as hard as we can to make sure that takes place.Northern Ireland's past still haubts its -. Haunts its present. A history of violence feeding current conflicts. The undoubted success of the process has changed life here, but old problems continue to cause trouble.Honking is Delhi and a huge contributor to the hearing problems. But now former Marshall arts instructor is trying to get the city's drives to keep their beeps down to a bare minimum. The ready to wage a war in the pile out and take up ready to wage a war in the name
of peace and quiet.

everybody were blow horns for no reason.Using guerilla style tactic s, they hit the streets and freeways of Delhis with one goal. - to try to stop unnecessary honking. It's like cancer. People don't realise how the life is without honks.It's a brave man who puts himself between a Delhiite and their horn.Do you ever get in arguments with drivers?YesDoes anyone ever try and run you over in their car?Many times.The team has their work cut out for them. There are 7.5 million vehicles in the city. But it's all for a worthy cause. Honking is a huge contributor to noise pollution in ipdia's cities. Studies found thatdlites experience age related problems much younger than in other countries. There is a seven
difference of about five to seven years.It's the people working and living on the streets most affected by Delhi drivers' addiction to the horn. I am especially concerned for the children, because the children, they are everything - they are
their system is developing and they are the most affected.Under Indian law the acceptable level for outside noise during the daytime is 50 decibels. But studies have shown roads like this one produce levels

I doubt - I will not give up, until my last breath. I want my country to be in peace.It certainly seems like a sound idea.

Australian film critic, university lecturer and well known film-maker Jonathan Dawson has died. The 71-year-old was born in Melbourne and started his career at the ABC. He went on to write and direct episodes of popular television programs, including 'Homicide'. He made several films and documentaries, including the feature film ginger megs in 1982. Jonathan Dawson retired to Tasmania, when he is perhaps best known for his work as a movie reviewer. He was a champion for the local film-makers, he gave advice. He was an absolute corner stone of the State cinema through his he was
involvement on ABC radio, and he was just a tremendous intellect.Mr Dawson is survived by his wife, Felicity, and two children.

A maiden Test century from Chris Rogers has saved Australia on day two of the fourth Test at Durham. Australia was in trouble at 4 for 76 when Shane Watson joined Rogers in the middle. The pair put on 129 for the fifth wicket, with Australia reaching stumps at 5 for 222. the tourists are 16 runs shy of the first innings lead after England was bowled for 238, two overs into the day. in the AFL, Essendon will be looking to bounce back from their huge loss to Collingwood last night, with a win over the West Coast Eagles. The Bombers need the win to make sure they finish as high up as possible in the top eight while the eagles are playing for pride. Both teams led throughout the first half, West Coast had the better start and strung together two mainlies to take a lead into half time. Last night, Collingwood outplayed Sydney to win by 29 points. Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell celebrated his 100th game as skipper with a big win. Gold Coast celebrated Gary Ablett's 250th AFL game with a win, beating Melbourne by 13 points. The Bulldogs recorded their sixth victory of the season, defeating the Blues by 28 points.

The Sydney radios roosters are top of the ladder after beating Canberra are top of the ladder last night. beating Canberra by 6 points
last night. The radios sisters ran - roosters took the match ran 28 points to 22. In ran - roosters took the 28 points to 22. In the other 28 points to 22. match last night, double to match last night, double news castle centre, Dane Gagai, helped news castle centre, Dane helped the Knights to victory 18 points to 14. The Australian golfer Adam Scott has had a disappointing end to day three of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill. After being within one shot of the lead, a double bogey on the 16th hole saw him finish the round four shots off leader Jim Furyk at 5 under par.

English runner Ben Moreau has won Sydney's City to Surf. Billed as the world's biggest fun run the event has had over 1 and a half million entrants in its 42-year history. 85,000 people, including Opposition this
leader Tony Abbott turned out this morning for the 14km run to Bondi Beach. Linda Spencer from WA was the first woman to finish, while paralympian Kurt Fearnley crossed the line first in the wheelchair category. Overall winner Ben Moreau made the winning move on heartbreak hill. Got a gap up heartbreak hill. Once I got the gap, I was thinking let's make this count and try and really get away. I felt good until about the last mile. Then I heard a few - it's hard to know how big the gap is and what's going on, but I heard that somebody was saying Liam was coming back at me. He's won it twice before and not someone you want on your shoulder with 400 to go, so I was just really trying to pile it on along the beach there, but once I turned the corner I knew it was won. It come down that finishing straight knowing you have the win is great.Our reporter Katherine Gregory spoke to Linda Spencer shortly after the finish line. I concentrate on my finish line. I was concentrate on my legs staying upright, yeah, turning over as quickly as they can. The heels in the last 3 K downhill, you have to really concentrate on running fast, because they are sprit steep downhills - pretty steep. That's what I was concentrating on.So they say heartbreak hill is notoriously the hardest bit. Is that the bit you found the hardest?The last time I did it I remembered that there was quite a number of hills, and I wasn't really sure which one was heart hill. This year, of course, having run it before, I knew exactly which one was heartbreak hill. I was fully prepared for it this year. It's the hardest part. It goes on and on and on, but you know it's all going to come down afterwards.You are a physiotherapist yourself. Do you think that kind of helped you prepare for a race like this?It helps you in the bad times of running when you are injured or there is something going on that you can try and fix. It's a very useful profession to be in as a runner, yeah.Great achievement by all who participated. as any aspiring politician will know, entering public life in the lead-up to an election can expose you to greater media scrutiny. Even polished performers can stumble and sometimes the inexperienced wither and disappear. That happened this past week when one nation candidate Stephanie ban sister withdrew after being ridiculed for referring to Islam as a country - Bannan. Bannister. Six points, could you run through them for usI can run through all the details of the points, but the main thing is...The particulars points- the six points? Turn back the boats? And the six points are?Well, one of the points would be the key point would be stopping the boats where safe to do so. I think we moved it to $24.You think?The exact figure just escapes me at the moment, but I think it was around $24.You don't know what the exact carbon tax rate is at the moment per tonne?No, we've sort of moved on from that discussion, and we are talking about the emissions trading scheme, so the figure just escapes me right now.

I don't oppose Islam as a country, but I do feel that their laws should not be welcomed here in Australia. They have their own religion, which follows Jesus Christ. How are you Mark?Good, very well.Good to see you.Why are you standing?A number of reasons. I guess throughout my sporting career, I have had the urge to do community work and I think I have really worked hard on that aspect in my 16 years in Canberra, and the thing about that is that I was I guess a public figure and I was put up as - op the podium where I was just a person out there making sure that I was - I'm buggered. I'm sorry.That's

With the Opposition Leader, domestic violence had become a joking matter as he played word games with the title of miss manifesto. When we released our domestic violence policy, the things that batter...If it's just a cake, from the cake shop that is not presently subject to sales tax, it will not attract a GST. If it is a cake shop, a cake from a shop that has sales tax and deck rated with candles, it attracts sales tax...But just as rated with candles, it example, if the sales tax...But just example, if the answer to a birthday cake is so complex, you do have a problem with the overall GST, don't you? This is a question for Dr Houston - is it taxable? The answer is that it is.Mr Keating was ambushed by the baker, who had a point or two of his own to make about payroll tax, which the Coalition would abolish. All of a sudden, I'm faced with payroll tax... to me that's immoral.The moment all politicians dread. John Howard is about to be handed a note telling him he has his own family tax policy wrong. this fall hardly made the Opposition Leader's day - result, torn living ameants.Are you xenophobic? Please explain?It means a fear of all things foreign. No, I don't think I am. I started talking about myself then, and started to say - tried to convince myself that politics was the way for me to go, but in the end, you know, it isn't. You must support families that are doing it - struggling with the cost of living.By keeping up company tax? Starting with the satellite, a front is causing showers in southern WA, while strengthening winds in the south. A trough ahead of the front is producing light rain in SA, unseasonally warm northerly winds affecting Central Australia. Monday in Queensland...

Do stay it with us, Offsiders is coming up next. I'm Richard Davies, have a great afternoon.

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Hello and welcome to Offsiders. Even in the week if which England retained the Ashes in cricket's equivalent of straight sets, Australia finds silver linings to offset the grim reality. The latest - a maiden Test century from Chris Rogers as the tourists took the advantage at That could be it. It is it. A fantastic moment for Chris Rogers. A moment he thought might never come. 35 years of age. The second oldest Australian to make a Test match 100. This Program is Captioned Live. It all goes under the heading