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This Program is Captioned Live.Candidate crisis. The PM forced to find two replacements just a week into the election campaign. Dozens of police injured in clashes between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland. A burst water main causes serious damage to a Sydney street. And a maiden century to Chris Rogers saves Australia in the Fourth Ashes Test. Good News 24.
morning, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Miriam Corowa. Let's check the weather around the country.

The coalition says Labor is in chaos after losing two candidates in the first week of the election campaign. The PM, Kevin Rudd, dumped the candidate for the Melbourne seat of Hotham, Geoff Lake, after it emerged they abused a disabled woman in 2002. Labor's candidate for the Queensland seat of Kennedy, Ken Robertson, has also resigned Tony Abbott
for calling Opposition leader Tony Abbott a big got and attacking his religious beliefs. It comes on the first day on the day of the first leader's debate. Kevin Rudd is keen to face-off against Tony Abbott who he claims hasn't in Sydney running in the City to Surf while Mr Rudd is in Canberra. Just a reminder the ABC will have comprehensive live coverage of the first election debate tonight. That will be on ABC 1 at ABC News 24 at 6.30pm eastern time. The press club event will be followed by full analysis right here on ABC News 24, so if you are of Waking on ABC 1 make sure you join us for that. 'ABC News Breakfast' will be broadcasting live from Penrith in Sydney's west on Monday morning. We'll be getting all the latest on the election from one of the most crucial areas in this year's campaign. Join Michael Rowland and Virginia Trioli from 6 am here on ABC News 24 and ABC 1. Police have set up a crime scene after a man was killed in a house fire at south-east of Melbourne. Emergency crews were called to the fire at half past 9 last night. Crews found the man's body inside the house. Members of the arson and explosives squad are investigating the cause of the fire. A driver was trapped in his car when he tried to cross a flooded road after a major water main burst in inner city Sydney overnight. A burst water main at Ultimo left about 30 square metres of road flooded. The water pressure caused significant damage to Harris Street and Ultimo road. A number of nearby shops and buildings were evacuated as a precaution. The NSW Government is being asked to explain cuts to frontline adolescent adolescent after the death of a teenager on Friday. The is-year-old was found dead in a suspected used at centre in Sydney's west. It
comes in a suspected used at a refuge
centre in comes one month after the centre in Sydney's west. outreach program that had comes one month after helping her was shut down. Latika Lemke reports. 14-year-old.Messages of farewell for a life cut short. The 14-year-old struggled with drugs and at times had to survive by prostitution. Her case was managed by an outreach program called the Cabramatta Street Team until the government defuned it last month. We have a government that today has blood on its hands as a result of disbanding the Cabramatta Street Team. The irony is on Tuesday we'll be presenting a 3000 signature petition to Parliament. Yet, here we are today mourning the death of this child.For the last four months she lived in a refuge run by Catholic Care, some say her death yesterday could have been avoided.I'm

The Minister for Community Services, Pru Goward, has rejected this. She told ABC Radio there's no link between the Cabramatta street closure and the girl's death. This is an outrageous and ghoulish claim. The truth is that the Cabramatta team was replaced by an adolescent response team that covers South-West Sydney. There are now adolescent response teams across NSW. It is a great reform.The Child Welfare Association says the jury is still out.It is day low bow to say at this point in time had this been in place this would have happened. We don't know the circumstances around that. Caseworkers are concerned about the closure of other units. The Kings Cross Adolescent Unit was de-funded under the same reforms. One caseworker told the ABC he's concerned more junk people may die. The high-level of collective specialist skill? Adolescent work is now lost. And the young people on the streets and become again vulnerable to pimps and paedophiles who prey on them. The Opposition pimps and paedophiles on them. The Opposition is
calling for a full on them. The Opposition calling for a full inquiry into
the closures and how the children were transitioned to the new children the new system.Latika Lemke, South Australia
ABC News, Sydney.Police in South Australia are searching for a 10 month old child believed to have been kidnapped from its grandmother's house in Mount Gambier in the state's south-east. The child'smother returned to the home shortly after three o'clock this morning to find the infant's grandmother had been assaulted and the child was missing.An Australian autism expert says the school system is failing autistic children and putting huge stress on their families. She says students are being bullied and teachers don't know parents
how to cope which forces parents to resort to home schooling.Jasmine McDonald knows the mainstream school system better than most. Her 26-year-old son, Kieran, who is one of the estimated one in 100 to be diagnosed with autism, when to four different schools before it became too much. He ended up being assaulted and we ended up having to go to the police. So my son was not after two high schools, he was not encouraged to go back to school.International
mainstream school.International research shows that up to 80% of autistic children are bullied at school, a figure that comes as no surprise to an Australian autism expert.School systems generally are not providing the best sort of support that they could.Professor Roberts presented her paper to the Asia-Pacific Autism Conference in Adelaide. She says the problem stems from inadequate training for teachers.They don't understand why a student is behaving the way they're behaving so they end up as a problem and unfortunately, quite often that will end being suspended or even excluded from school.For some parents home schooling is becoming the only option, but even that has its issues.Home my
schooling unfortunately blurred my role to how she wanted me to her mum, not her teacher, and she wasn't happy with me adopting that role.Professor Roberts says the majority of autistic children benefit from mainstream education and the opportunity to mix with their peers. She says school communities must understand the specific needs of autistic children and that can only come from more research.If we just give people a chance and focus on equality, maybe high schooling and preprimary school and primary school will be a better place for everyone.

Overseas now, and a Syrian opposition watchdog group says at least 20 people have been killed in airstrikes in the north-western province of Latakia. The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights says at least 10 of those killed were civilians. Analysts say the attack are part of an effort from President Bashar Al-Assad to prevent rebels from advancing into the stronghold of his Alawite sect. Recovery workers in the US State of Connecticut have pulled four bodies from the ruins of two houses hit by a light aircraft on Friday. The schwin he engine plane came down not town of East Haven killing the two people on board. The bodies of the a one-year-old and a 13-year-old have also been recovered from one of the houses. It is believed the pilot was re teared Microsoft executive Bill capital Belfast are fearing Northern Ireland's more violence tore after 56 officers were injured during a night of up rift. The clashes broke out when loyalist Protestants tried to block a parade by Catholic Republicans.Northern Ireland's marching season has become known as a time of tension and trouble. Today loyalists have been taking part in parades but last night they were trying to stop a march by Republicans. peaceful
What started as an evening of peaceful protest ended in several hours of violence right in the heart of Belfast. (Sirens). Images of disdestruction and disorder one again exposing divisions that still run deep in some parts of this city. Loyalists had blocked the road ahead of the Republican parade and when police tried to move them, there were angry clashes. Bot Thames and bricks were queues used as makeshift weapons and rioters attacked the police. There were many injured in the running battles including dozens of police officers. There's no execution for the violence that we saw on the streets of Belfast last night. To have the TV screens filled with street disorder again today, it is a real step backwards.This is where last night's trouble took place. A busy shopping street in the middle of Belfast. While the debris from last night's violence has been cleared away, concerns about parades remain. Tomorrow there is another Tyrone.
Republican parade in County Tyrone. The commemoration has been held to remember two IRA men killed by their own bomb. Unionists say it is offensive and should be banned. I'm confident that everybody that's organising tomorrow, both parade and protests, want the event to pass off quickly and peacefully. I will work as that takes
hard woos we can to make sure hard woos we can to make that takes place.Northern Ireland's past still haunts its present. A history present. A history of violence feeding current present. A feeding current conflicts. The undoubted success of the peace process has changed life here but old problems continue to cause trouble.The bodies of six asylum seekers have been found on a beach in southern Italy. They have thought to have been killed in a shipwreck off the coast of the Sicily. Officials say 100 migrants reportedly Syrians have been migrants
rescued. Around 7,800 illegal migrants and asylum seekers have arrived in Italy in the first-half of this year. Police in France and Spain have broken a human trafficking ring suspecteds of smuggling Chinese United
migrants into Europe and the United States. 51 people have been detained in Spain and another 24 in France, including the bosses of the organisation. Authorities seize Z 81 fake passports. Spanish police launched the investigation two years ago. Authorities believe some of the immigrants were also exposed to sexual exploitation. In China, a doctor and eight other medical staff have been arrested suspected of stealing babies. They're believed to work at a Children's Hospital in Shaanxi Province. They allegedly took the babies away from their patients after telling them their children would not survive.For a couple who have endured so much over two-and-a-half months, this was almost one ordeal too many. Local government officials stage managing their reunion with their lost twin daughters in a hospital room crammed full of journalists and photographers, Al Jazeera included. At last, though they were holding the babies who had been stolen from them when just minutes old. This is the woman accused of that crime who was the head object tricks. She is alleged to have told the parents the twins were born with fatal deformity before selling them to child traffickers. I never want them to know of this in the future. Such memories would lives.
cast a dark shadow on their lives. Din do enough to protect my children.The day had begun at the family's village crowd as waiting the children's return. Many in this vellimb knew the doctor whose alleged crime stretched back 8 years. 55 families from the County have come forward saying their children were stolen in a similar way. After hours of waiting, a change of plan and official announcing the girls would instead be taken to hospital. We're following the government officials who set off at some speed it must be said for a hospital where they now say the parents will be reunited with these children. They have been increasingly concern it seems throughout date how to manage this event. It is a criminal case but it carries with it significant political sensitivities. In recent engaged in
years, Government has been engaged in a very public battle against criminals who traffic children into slavery or illegal adoption. Official Tasmania aren't public but annual cases are estimated to be in the tens of thousands.Many parents complain of police inaction. Vast majority never see their children again. This, then, is a rare reunion. In full public glare complete with a banner of gratitude to the police. how one doctor was Deeper questions remain about how one doctor was allegedly
able to how one doctor was able to abuse parent's trust able over eight long years and able to abuse parent's now get away with it.Honking is

Now a former martial arts instructor is trying to instructor is trying to get the city's drivers to keep their beeps down to a bare minimum.The troops pile out and take up arms ready to wage a war in the name of peace and quiet. Everybody blow horns and notice hurry up. Then, all right, thank you sir. Thank you.Using guerrilla style tack kicks, this man and his army of volunteers hit the streets fan freeways of Delhi with one goal, to try to stop unnecessary honking. It is like cancer. People don't realise how the life is hontion.It is a brave man who puts himself between a Delhi dweller and their cars.Has anyone tried to run you over in their cars. Many teamsThere are 7.5 million vehicles in this city. It is all for a worthy cause. Honking is a huge contributor to noise pollution in India's cities. Studies have found that Delhi experience age related hearing in
loss much younger than people in other countries. ThereThere's a difference of five to seven yearsIt is the people working on living on the streets most affected by Delhi drivers' addiction to the horn.I'm specially concerned for the children because children they are everything a
system develop and they are the system develop and they are worst-affectedUnder Indian law the acceptable level for outside noise during the day time 150 decibels. Studies have shown roads like this one produce levels closer to 80. I will not give up until my last breath. I want my country to like
be peaceful.Certainly seems like a sound idea.(Horns honking).A power plant in Florida in the United States has been demolished after 60 Power and
years in service. Florida Power and Light imploded the structure at Palmetto Bay to make may for a more fuel efficient plant. Controlled explosives brought down two smoke stacks and two power Will Genia rating boilers in less than 30 seconds. 85,000 people are limbering up at Hyde Park in Sydney for the world's biggest fun run, the City to Surf. The 14 kilometre course starts in the CBD before winding through the Eastern Suburbs to Bondi Beach. Our reporter Ellesa Throwden is among the masses down there at the starting line. She joins us now. How is it looking down there this morning with those massive crowds? If ever there was a reason to get out of bed early on a Sunday morning this is it, or at least 85,000 people seem to think so. It is very chilly out here this morning. As you can see, it is a beautiful day, a perfect day for a 14 kilometre run along Sydney's eastern shoreline or over to Bondi Beach. I've been here since 5.30 this morning and there wasn't much happening then apart from the volunteers and the organisers getting ready. The runners started arriving around about half past 6 and the real serious ones were certainly jockeying for a frontline position. As you can see behind me, we've got thousands of people here already. We've got family groups, we've got work colleagues running together, friends who are running together. We've also got a number of people who just want to be healthy and reach a personal health goal. Other than that, we've got a number of people who want to raise money for charity. As you know, the City to Surf is one of those events that attracts a lot of fundraising dollars. There are 700 charity that benefit from this day. It's shaping up for a good day.Plenty of reasons to get down there and have a go. There will be some serious contenders. You can talk us through who might be likely to take out top honours this time.We've got serious contenders. We have Liam Adams, he's returning to defend his 2011 and 2012 titles. He'll certainly be wanting to take out a third time. Then we've got Clare Geraghty in the women's. We've got Paralympians Kurt furnly and Kristy Davies. The runners tend to do this event in about 40 minutes. That's pretty quick. Certainly a lot quicker than I could ever run such an eventWe heard that Tony Abbott has taken his campaign trail down to the starting line there this morning. You have caught a glimpse of him just yet? I haven't seen him yet. I heard he was doing something at around about 7 o'clock. I haven't seen him at all. He's supposed to be running with a man they normally runs with every year who impaired. It is certainly every year who is vision something I think that's quite
close to close to his heart. We'll see
impaired. It is certainly

close whether he'll be keeping

politics out of the campaign politics out of race.Of course, one of trail today. And stick to the race.Of course, one of the
other highlights of the race race.Of course, one of other highlights of the getting to see some of the best dressed runners. You have seen anyone out there this morning who might be in line for that particular honour? I don't know if you've noticed, the one see outfit, which seems to be everywhere, has certainly, it's around here today. I've soon a few people in Tiger outfits and a number of other things. To be honest I think they're going to be very hot around about the heartbreak hill mark. A few other people are in dresses. One man was in a dressing gown. I'm not sure if he came straight out of bed or what happened. Yeah.Sounds like it is a sight for sore ice down there. You pointed out the weather as well. That might be a factor. We're expecting 22 degrees, I think, today? Oh, isn't that fantastic. It is going to be a hot day but for the runners 22 degrees is actually quite warm. If they're running along they're going to be needing a lot of water and perhaps a lot of breaks along the way.All right. Ellesa Throwden, our reporter down there at the starting line for the Sydney to surf, thank you so much. Thank you.Our next story might not be the City to Surf but how this for putting the fun in fun run. More than 10,000 runners have taken part in China's first ever colour run in Beijing. The runners were doused in coloured powder every kilometre along the five kilometre course. The un timed fun run has no winners or prizes and requires participants only to come dressed in a clean white T-shirt. A maiden test century in Chris Rogers has saved Australia on day two of the fourth Ashes test at Durham. Australia was in trouble for 76 when Shane Watson joined Rogers in the middle. The pair put on 129 for the fifth being wicket with Australia reaching stumps at 5 for 222. The tourists are 16 runs shy of a first innings lead after ink lap was bowled out for 238 in two overs into the day. In the AFL Collingwood has outplayed Sydney to win by 29 points at Sydney's Olympic Stadium. Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell celebrated his 100th game. Gary Ablett's 250th AFL game with a win beating Melbourne by 13 points at Carrara. The Bulldogs recorded their sixth victory of the season defeating the Blues by 28 points. The Eleni Roussos are the Sydney Roosters beat Canberra by six points it the Sydney Football Stadium last night. The Roosters ran in 5 tries to four to take the match 28 points to 22. In the other match last night, a double to Newcastle centre Dane Gagai helped the Knights to victory 18-14. Australia's Adam Scott had wonderful start to his third-round at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill in New York state. Scott Birded the first hole to move within one shot of the leader Jason Dufner. Dove Ferrari mains in the lead on eight under par. Australian film critic university lecturer and well-known filmmaker Jonathan Dawson has died. The 71-year-old was born in Melbourne and started his media career at the ABC. He went on to write and direct episodes of popular television popular television programs
including "homicide". He made several films and document trition including the feature film Ginger Meggs in 1982. Jonathan Dawson retired to Tasmania where he's perhaps best known for his work as a movie reviewer.He was a champion for the local He
filmmakers. He gave advice. He was an absolute cornerstone of the State cinema through his involvement on ABC Radio and he was just a tremendous intellect.Mr Dawson is survived by his wife Felicity and two children. Scientists in the Italian city of floor reasons are extracting DNA from a tomb in an effort to identify the model for Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa painting. The family tomb is behind the main altar of and contains the remains of Lisa Gherardini's family who people believed model for the to
painting. Knows remains need to be matched with several skulls found in a nearby convent, one of which scientists think could belong to the artist's muse. And It is one of those smiles that has had historians mystified for centuries. Adding to the mystified for centuries. Adding to the fame of Leonardo Adding to da Vinci's Mona Lisa is the da Vinci's Mona Lisa ongoing speculation behind the subject's identity. ongoing speculation behind subject's identity. But scientists in Florence are using DNA scientists in Florence using DNA testing to undercover using DNA testing to who is behind cryptic smile. who is They've opened the tomb of the family They've opened the tomb of family of Lisa Gherardini, a silk merchants wife family of Lisa Gherardini, silk merchants wife who is
believed sat family of Lisa Gherardini, a
silk merchants believed sat for the artist. The tomb which lies behind the main altar of a The tomb which lies behind thought to contain the remains of Lisa's husband and her sons. Writer and researcher Silvano Vinceti then plans to compare DNA from those bones with the remains of three women discovered buried at a nearby TRANSLATION:
convent last year. TRANSLATION: It should also one
contain the remains of at least one of his sons and thanks to this, we hope to be able to do DNA comparison with three of the eight remains found in the convent of St Orsola who are now being subjected to carbon 14 tests.It is simply a matter of matching family DNA. Once a match is made between the bones found in the old convent and those of the family in the tomb, then scientists can confirm Lisa's existence. TRANSLATION: We have historical evidence that in that tomb there Lisa Gherardini's descendants. Thanks to this, we'll be able to do this DNA test between some of the of the remains that we previously found and those we found here.They'll then generate images of the St Orsola skull to compare with the painting. If that matches, historians will be closer to knowing whether it was Gherardini or someone else who modelled for the Mona Lisa or as some Leonardo da
was simply a construction of Leonardo da Vinci's fantasy. Let's take a look at the satellite. A cold front will bring showers and gusty winds to southern parts of WA ahead of this a trough will cause cloud and showers to develop over South Australia, Victoria and southern NSW. Looking around the country:

That's the bulletin for now. I'll be back with Andrew Breakfast' in
Geoghegan with 'Weekend Breakfast' in half an hour. We'll have all the latest from the election campaign and the City to Surf. Coming up next is Asia-Pacific Focus. We'll leave you with pictures of the demolition of a power plant in Florida. You're watching ABC News 24. Closed Captions by CSI

This program is not captioned. This Program is Captioned Live.The top stories from ABC News. The coalition says Labor is in chaos after losing two candidates in the first week of the election campaign. PM Kevin Rudd dumped the candidate for the Melbourne seat of Hotham Geoff Lake after it emerged he had abused a disabled woman in 2002. Labor's candidate for the Queensland seat of Kennedy, Ken Robertson, has also resigned for calling Opposition Leader Tony Abbott a big got and attacking his religious beliefs. More than 50 police during violent clashes with pro-British Protestants. They've been protesting against the parade by Catholic Republicans. Police were attacked with bricks and bottles. A driver had to abandon their car after it became stuck in flood waters when a water main burst in