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This Program is Captioned Live.Today - election countdown, Tony Abbott says he's ready to go amid speculation September 7 will be the day.I think the Australian people are eager to seize the chance to control the Government once more.

The Education Minister accuses the Victorian Government as playing politics for delaying signing up to the Better Schools deal.A man arrested in connection with the snabing murder of a woman in Sydney's east this morning.And the Brumbies are hoping to create history as the first Australian team to win a Sewell - Super Rugby final in New Zealand.Before we go to those stories we're going to take you live now to Melbourne where the Finance Minister Penny Wong is addressing the media.Hello. Sorry I'm running late. Thanks for coming.Hello, nice to see you.

You're not allowed to ask me a question, you do know that. Are we right? OK, thanks very much for coming. Well yesterday the Government released its economic statement and it's a statement which recognises the reality of the economic challenges facing Australia. We've had many years of economic growth, we have debt levels and unemployment levels far lower than most of the developed world but we do face some challenges ahead and so it's critical that we make, as a government, a sensible, economic a government, a economic decision to manage these economic transitions and these that's what the statement showed. that's what statement that's what the economic the Government's responsible statement showed. It set out the Government's decisions in the face of these challenges, made very clear that this Government is not going to cut to the bone, that this Government going to cut to the bone, not going to cut the health and education going to cut the health education services Australians rely on but will make responsible savings and return the Budget to surplus in 16-17. At such a time it's very important that political parties are upfront with Australians about the choices that we make and the Government has been. We have laid out our choices, our costings, our policy decisions for all Australians to see and that's the right thing to do. That's the right thing to do. Well, what do we see from the alternative government? Well we've seen a series of excuses as to why they can't share their plans with Australians. We've seen them say over and over again "We'll do it later, we'll do it later, we'll do it after this or after that or after the Budget or after the economic statement or after the preelection and fiscal outlook." A series of excuses from Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey as to why they won't share with Australians their secret plans. Well, we think it's time they did. So in the absence of Joe Hockey telling Australians what his plans are, in the absense of Tony Abbott showing Australians what his plans are, we've outlined them and outlined the sorts of cuts that would have to be made if Tony Abbott were to return the Budget to as good Abbott were to Budget to as good a position as Budget to the Government and what this Budget to as good a shows is that Joe Hockey the Government and shows is that Joe Hockey was pretty much on the money when pretty he said $70 pretty much on the money he said $70 billion worth of he said cuts. What it shows is that the Coalition, to return the Federal Budget to as good a position as Federal
Coalition, to return the position as the Government's at minimum would have to make $70 billion worth of cuts. And of course they haven't told Australians what their cuts will be. So I'd say this to Australians. I think Australians rightly believe politicians should be upfront about their plans and the Government has laid out our plans and our Budget. We've laid out our approach to the economic challenges Australia faces, we've laid out upfront and honestly our decisions. It's time Tony Abbott did because what this document shows costing - what this document shows against what Tony Abbott has said is that he would have to make $70 billion worth of cuts, cuts to services that you rely on, if he's going to bring the Budget back to surplus. What this document shows yet again is that the Liberal Party are all about savage cuts to the bone, savage cuts to the health and education services Australians need. Happy to take questions.Ja Joe Hockey won't say whether they will back the tax what do you say to that?I say why don't you come clean with Australians, why don't you tell Australians what your plans are? The reality is this, Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey say on the one hand we want a strong Budget, on the other hand they oppose the Government's savings measures. Well the only way you can bring these two things together is to make other cuts. Now if he's opposed to responsible savings what are the cuts he's going to make? We know that Tony Abbott when he was last in Government took $1 billion out of public hospitals. We know what he likes to cut. Well what else is he going to cut? What health services? What education services, what is he going to take off families, what is he going to take off pensioners?He also says you've lost control of the Budget, is it realistic that Labor will deliver a surplus?It's interesting, isn't it, we get this sort of language from Joe huffing and puffing but never actually telling Australians what his plans are. Well I just make the point, there's a lot of commentary and coverage out there, some of it's balanced, some of it's unbalanced, some of it you might say a reasonable observer would say is bordering on biased. There's other coverage too and I refer other people to things like what saying about the Government's
economic what ratings agencies are
saying about which indicates that the economic statement demonstrates which indicates that that the Government remains committed to that the Government committed to sound fiscal management, Standard & Poors which says that the Government - the economic statement shows that we continue to take a conservative approach to public finances, continue to take a conservative approach to finances. This is much more balanced coverage than some of the commentary we've seen and certainly much more sensible discussion than what we hear from Joe Hockey.Do you think it's offensive that Joe Hockey that Vietnamese) Inaudable) Was Chinese.Did he do that? What I would say to Joe is we don't all look the same.Visiting the Governor-General tomorrow or Monday to set an election date on September 7?I think that's entirely a decision for the PM and as you know, as all the previous prime ministers has a right to call an election in due course.Anything further?Thank you.Penny Wong speaking in Melbourne there. The Finance Minister addressing the Government's updated Budget. She's criticise ing the Opposition for failing to outline their costings. Penny Wong says in order to return the Budget to as good a position as the Labor Government is on track to do, the Opposition will have to make $70 billion worth of cuts. We also know the PM Kevin Rudd has called a at 2:40. That will take place
in Brisbane at in Brisbane and we'll bring at 2:40. That in Brisbane and we'll bring you

that on at 2:40. That will take place that on News 24. An election campaign is that on News campaign is expected to begin campaign within days, as speculation grows that Australia will go to grows the polls on 7 September. the Yesterday's mini Budget and recent major government policy changes have cleared the way for the date to be set. The PM is expected to make the historic is historic journey to the Governor-General's is expected to make the coming
Governor-General's house in the coming days.Well the Opposition Leader coming days. Opposition Leader says he's
ready to go to coming days.Well the
Opposition ready to go to the polls and he's confident the Australian people will vote Kevin Rudd out he's confident the of people will vote Kevin Rudd of power.We've been ready for a long time. I think the a long time. Australian people are Australian people are eager to seize the chance to control the Government once more. I think the Australian people are sick of the faceless men deciding who the prime minister of our country should be. The people of Australia are sick of this hung parliament, they're sick of minority government, let's not forget Kevin Rudd's never really had his tenure tested on the floor of the Parliament. The Australian people want their chance to choose. And the sooner they get that the better for us, the better for our country.Tony Abbott there. Well the Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey was speaking this morning. He says yesterday's mini Budget e raise - raised serious concerns about Labor's economic management and the sooner an election is called the better.If we don't get an election soon, you will see the Government lose total control of the economy as they've already lost total control of the Budget. Now I fully expect that this week the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates and they will do so not because the economy is doing really well, but because the economy is struggling. You've got a government without any economic direction, you've got a government that can't manage its own Budget let alone run the economy. It has no plan for the future, it just has a plan for Kevin Rudd.Joe Hockey speaking earlier. Meantime he's tweeted an apology after referring to a Vietnamese Australian Liberal candidate as Chinese.In fact, there are a number of Chinese candidates, including in Victoria who I was just campaigning with a few days ago in Chisholm, John Nguyen. So we have a number of Chinese candidates right across the country and we're very proud of our Chinese candidates.One of his advisers notified him of the mistake.Oh yeah, John Nguyen is Vietnamese, I should say.The Education Minister Bill Shorten has accused the Victorian Government of playing politics for delaying in signing on to the Better Schools deal. Intense negotiations have taken place over the past fortnight. Mr Shorten said the deal was effectively sorted last night but Victoria refused to agree to the plan.There's no doubt in my mind that tens of thousands of Victorian school teachers, hundreds of thousands of parents of Victorian children who go to Victorian government schools want to see the Victorian Government strike an arrangement with the Federal Government. There's clearly complete disbelief amongst Victorian teachers that the fake conversion to prioritising education for a Federal Government, people just don't believe Tony Abbott means what he says in terms of school funding. So the challenge is here for Premier Napthine. Your teachers, your parents in Victoria want to see you strike an arrangement and there's complete rejection about the sincerity and authenticity. People do not believe Liberal Federal policies on education. They've trashed them for 3 years, they don't believe that 1 day changes 3 years of bagging out Labor's great reforms to help every individual child and schools. I've spoken to Premier Napthine today, I rang him last night. We've said that what on earth is the reason to delay till Tuesday striking a deal on Victorian schools other than people playing politics? Now we're told that the Victorian Government doesn't work weekends. This is not good for Victorian schools. It's a shame to miss out on a deal. Anyway, Premier Napthine has said that he wants to do a deal, he told me that on the phone today. We're available for the phone call. Our PM of Australia was ready to provide extra resources unambiguously to Victorian schools, helping Victorian school parents and school kids.Bill Shorten there. Let's go to other news now. And a man has been arrested in connection with a fatal stabbing in Sydney's east. Police found a 23-year-old woman who had been stabbed in the chest at a unit at Maroubra early this morning. The 38-year-old man went to the local police station just after midday. He's been interviewed by officers.More asylum seekers have been intercepted trying to reach Australia. The Federal Government says a group of 44 asylum seekers and 3 crew has been transferred to Christmas Island after arriving by boat yesterday. They are undergoing health and identity checks but under the Government's new deal with Papua New Guinea they won't be settled in Australia.Meantime it's Government's plan to send asylum it's been revealed the Federal asylum seekers to PNG will cost more than asylum seekers to more asylum seekers to PNG will cost a big boost in more than $1 billion as well as a big boost in Australia's
foreign aid contribution a big boost foreign aid country. There are also reports foreign aid contribution to the that the Government is in country. There are that the Government is in talk
s to that the Government is s to build another detention s centre on s to build another centre on Nauru. Earlier Andrew Greene spoke to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus
who said centre on Nauru. Earlier Andrew
Greene spoke to who said he's pleased to see who the PNG arrangement is being implemented.I'm not going to disclose our discussions with Nauru, that wouldn't be appropriate. Just as with the arrangement with Papua New Guinea, you have the discussions first when there's agreement with another country, at that point you make the announcement in good time. What I am pleased about is that the arrangement Guinea has been made and is being implemented. We're now two weeks into it and the first people have been, who have arrived since 19 July, they've now been transferred to Papua New Guinea and those transfers are continuing.So can I just confirm, were you involved in any of those discussions?It's appropriate that the Attorney-General be involved in discussions about our compliance with the refugees convention with either Papua New Guinea or the Government of Nauru.Mark Dreyfus, last night the AFL announced that it had received the interim report from ASADA into doping allegations. Do you believe that agency has had enough power to compel witnesses to talk and should the full report eventually be made public?I'm not going to comment on the ASADA report for the simple reason that I haven't seen it and until I do I'm not going to say whether or not they needed to have more power to compel witnesses. Clearly they've spoken from the reports this morning to some 140 witnesses. That suggests that they've been able to conduct a pretty comprehensive inquiry but until I've seen the report I don't think it would be appropriate for me to comment.As the senior law officer of the country though, you would have a view on whether it should be made public?It's a matter of ASADA. It's an independent statutory authority and it's more properly a matter for the Minister for Sport, I think. But I think you can certainly expect from the degree of public controversy this caused up until now a great caused up deal more and I think deal more and I think you could expect to see at least some part of the report expect to see at part of the report made public.

A dashboard camera has captured a truck driver's narrow escape from dooet in Indiana. He told police he was forced off the road by another vehicle. He struck a guard rail with the force of an impact causing fuel tanks to burst. Somehow the driver and his 7-year-old son escaped with only minor injuries.The party of Zimbabwe's veteran President Robert Mugabe looks sed for a resounding victory. The Electoral Commission described the process as free and peaceful. The African Union monitors said they had some concerns but declared the vote credible. The main rival for the presidency, Morgan Tsvangirai has dismissed the process as a farce. It was business as usual on the streets of Harare today but for the capital and the country as a whole there is uneasiness too. Final results from the election aren't in yet but Robert Mugabe's ZanuPF party looks to have won by a large margin. Africa observer missions have given their cautious approval for the poll.The fact that some people were turned away from the voting booths, whether that's effect the overall election, whether that effects the will of the people expressed through the vote that is something that needs to be seen.It is in the rural heartland of this country that the Movement for Democratic Change alleged the rigging started with village elders being used to intimidate villagers into voting for ZanuPF. And this too is at the very heart of their claims, the voting register, which is MDC claims has been manipulated and have been trying to obtain for months was finally handed over in hard copy, not electron ic, on the day of the elections.I went to vote but I'm looking for my name, my name is not there.The register they couldn't find my name.We put these allegations to ZanuPF.This election has been endorsed by the AU, by the observer mission teams as an election that has been free, that has been peaceful, that has been credible. So I don't understand where these allegations are coming from.Despite the Opposition claim ts, ZanuPF and its veteran leader look set to emerge from another election with more power than they've had in years.With NATO troops due to leave Afghanistan by the end of the year, the country's boosting its own military forces. This includes building a new air force virtually from scratch and in an unexpected break through for women's rightings one of the recruits is the first woman in the country to qualify as a pilot.She's dreamt of this moment since childhood. Today Nila Ramani is set to take to the skies. Afghanistan's first female aeroplane pilot is blazing a trail for the women of her country. But reaching these heady heights hasn't been easy.It was difficult because the females, you know how the female situation or roles for the women here and I want change the kol chur change the kol chur or the old minds that change the kol minds that we can do it. I minds that we can do it. to do it.She's joining military operation to do it.She's military operation which is at
a crucial to do it.She's joining a
military operation a crucial stage. With a combat troops due to the end of next a crucial stage. With NATO
combat troops due to the end of next year, the the end of Afghan armed services are taking the lead role taking the lead role in fighting the insurgents.Women have played a part in Afghanistan security forces for many years but still make up less than 1% of the total.When she became her country's first helicopter pilot 25 years ago, Latifa had to battle overwhelming prejudice but now she's calling on women to join up. TRANSLATION: Afghanistan woman, the future of this country is in their hands. We have to work shoulder to shoulder to build this country.The commanders claim their contribution is valued. TRANSLATION: We are very proud of them. Afghan women are showing they can do what Afghan men can do for their country. Here in Kabul it's estimated that less than 2 dozen females drive a car which makes drive a car ra man i's achievement even more remarkable but she's not taking anything for granted.I'm the only female and if the situation changed the people, everybody that they know me they make my situation or my life tough and it will be really tough for me.The future may be uncertain but for now at least Nilofer Rahmani is living her dream and encouraging others to follow in her slip stream.Police have been ordered to block access to protest camps, according to Egyptian State television. Thousands have been defying warnings from authorities to abandon their sit in Ky oh abandon their sit in protests in Ky oh outside the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque in Nahda Square. It's reported in the next al-Adawiya mosque in next 48 hours security forces will impose a blockade on the two protest camps. Phil Williams is in Cairo.What that would mean is that the police would basically guard and perhaps some troops as well would guard every exit from those two camps which have tens of thousands in them usually and sometimes more, especially on a day like after Friday prayers. They would allow people out but they would not allow people in and presumably also they may do something like cut off the water, cut off the power. We're not sure about that. But basically increase the pressure on those that remain to leave the streets. Now, of course, outside some of those protests, beyond those sandbank s and those brick walls they've hurriedly built, there is some anger and some frustration amongst Egyptians that do want them gone. But those inside say they're absolutely determined to stay put and they are not leaving until Mohamed Morsi is restored as President and we know for absolute certainty that is not going to happen. The military would never alieu Lou that to happen. So we're in a stalemate and the pressure is ramping up.The black box recorder of a train that crashed in Spain killing 79 people has revealed it was travelling around a curve at almost 180 kilometres per hour when it derailed. Spanish authorities say that was nearly 100 kilometres over the speed limit. The recorder has confirmed the driver was on the phone with the on board conductor just 11 seconds before the crash. The 52-year-old driver has been charged with reckless homicide.

In the AFL, Greater Western Sydney and the Melbourne Demons are going head to head in the battle of the cellar dwellers in Sydney. The Giants are putting it all on the line as they haven't won a match this season. In

Brent Harvey starred for the Norths with 37 disposals and 3 goal assists while Daniel Wells kicked 4 goals. In cricket England will start day 3 of the third Ashes Test on 2/52 after Peter Siddle took a couple of wickets shortly before stumps at Old Trafford. The tourists led by 475 runs after declaring on 7/527 with Australian captain Michael Clarke leading the way there. Clarke scored 187 runs. Capturing his 10th century in 27 Tests as captain. It was his highest score against England, surpassing the 136 that he scored at Lords back in 2009. Clarke and Steve Smith shared a partnership. Smith fell on 89 when he top edged a when delivery.In the NRL Newcastle and delivery.In the and Brisbane have fought and Brisbane have 18-18 draw. The Broncos led 18-10 after 18-18 draw. The 18-10 after 72 minutes before late tries 18-10 after 72 minutes late tries forced the game into
extra time. 18-10 after 72 minutes before 2
late tries extra Roosters thumped the Panthers extra time. While the Sydney 42-6 Roosters thumped the 42-6 in Penrith. Penrith scored the opening try 42-6 in Penrith. the opening try before the Roosters the opening Roosters hit back to lead 12-6 at half time. The tricolours went on to score 6 unanswered tries and claimed their 6th win in tries and claimed their 6th in a row.In Super Rugby ACT coach Jake White has named an unchanged Brumbies team for the final against the Chiefs at Hamilton's Waikato State yum. George Smith in his last game for the Brumbies equals George Gregan and Stephen Larkham in playing a 5th Super Rugby final.Olympic organisers say they may have to use $700 million in government money to meet the operating budget for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Lee yorks Gryner, chief operating officer of the organising committee, said Friday that as conditions now stand we need need $7 00 million. The original budget estimate of $2.6 billion was submitted before Rio won the games in 2009.The studio that's created some of the world's most popular animated pictures will visit Melbourne next year to give fan asfwhiend - behind the scenes look at how movies are created.This must be one of those alternate real tis.Dream works is behind tis.Dream works productions such as 'Shrek'. It will pick those movies apart revealing the story telling and will pick those movies production techniques.It will be art work and models and interactive, video be art work and models interactive, video and then there will be designings stain spaces that really will show the audience the inspiration that goes into a film. So the way a production designer works, the way an animator works, the way an works, the way a story artist works.The exhibition opens at Federation Square next April. It's the first time it's been seen anywhere in the world.

Let's take a look at the satellite now. A cold front approaching SA is causing gusty winds and patchy rain in the south ahead of this front damaging winds are affecting Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW. A high is keeping Queensland mostly clear while sending dry south-easterlies in the Northern Territory increasing the fire danger there and we can have a look around the country:

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