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(generated from captions) to see individual children get the resources. What is weak is not being able to turn up and negotiate on a Saturday and Sunday.In terms of dollars, how much money does the Victorian student stand to lose if the Victorian Government doesn't sign up?If the Victorian Government doesn't sign up, they stand to lose something in the order of, out Victorian of the Victorian component, $500 per year extra child across six years, something like $18, - $1,800 per child. What I hope they are not doing is trying to get a holiday on making a contribution. The big difference between conservative and Labor education policy, we want to put in extra money we want the State Government to
priorities education. Tony Abbott is giving the green light to get out of the business of light to get out of business of funding education. (Inaudible question). Would you like to see the campaign proper begin?My interest is getting a deal on schools. I will be sick in the stomach if the Victorian Government, for whatever reason, say that life moves too fast for them and they can't do a deal. I'm a parent. I know thousands of other parents. I know those teachers in there. Only Labor offers certainty. The best certainty less of the election outcome is to do a deal with us. Tony Abbott said he is
going to honour any deal. I don't believe him. Maybe the Victorian Government does. But if the Victorian Government doesn't do a deal, they are left high and dry by Tony Abbott.(Inaudible question)First of all, maybe we might see what the Opposition policies cost. They have got $70 billion black hole. They have whacked $10 billion on the tab for their back, U-turn upside down education. On Thursday they didn't like it, on Friday they do. On Friday they added an extra $10 billion. The Conservatives are making promises as if taxpayer money is monopoly money. Labor has got a costed plan to return to surplus. Our opponents don't have the costings on anything.With would these be as urgent if the PM didn't want to call the election before Monday?Let's be clear, there is a deal to be done. The deal is done, ladies and gentlemen. The money is right, the amendments to the legislation are right. The Coalition in Victoria have obviously exerted pressure on Premier Napthine to pick Tony Abbott over school kids in Victoria. I hope I'm wrong. I will happily eat my words if Denis Napthine is available to met over the weekend. I'm afraid I might be right.Nothing to do with the election date?I hope that Premier Napthine is not letting the - trying to delay the election. What he needs to do is say all right Bill, we have done all the meetings, we agree on everything, I won't stuff around, I will get on and look after the kids in Victoria. Thanks very much, everyone.That's the Education Minister Bill Shorten speaking live in Melbourne. He was urging the Victorian Government to sign on to the Gonski reforms. For more on this we can go to our reporter Andrew Greene in Canberra. The Victorian Premier Denis Napthine has agreed to a deal on education, according to Bill Shorten. He said Denis Napthine agreed to this deal on the phone this morning. There seems to be a bit of confusion or a lack of agreement on this front?What we just saw was the Education Minister confirming quite a remarkable back down, an 11th-hour back down from Victoria, which from all accounts by what we were hearing in Canberra, was ready to sign the better schools funding plan. Shorten has sounded positive funding plan. For days Bill about getting Shorten has sounded about getting the second-large about evident state on board. This evident state on was a key State the Government wanted on board. It appears was a Denis Napthine has pulled away from putting pen to paper. We did see quite an extraordinary attack from Bill Shorten. He says this will be embarrassing for Victoria if they don't sign and he would feel sick to the stomach. He is suggesting that Federal Coalition people have put pressure on the Liberal Premier Denis Napthine to not sign this deal as he was expected to do last night. He said at nine o'clock last night, Premier Napthine pulled out of signing the deal and today no-one is available to keep discussing the deal. He made the point he can pick up the telephone, use the internet to try to clinch this deal. Bill Shorten was launching the attack we will see over the next few days that only Labor can be trusted to deliver this policy formerly known as Gonski. This comes, of course, after Tony Abbott yesterday did a reversal on this policy and committed to implementing it for the first four years if the Coalition is successful at the election. So in Bill Shorten's word, he believes that politics has reared its ugly head in these negotiations. He's still confident he can get a deal with Victoria but he fears that perhaps there are some other forces at play.Bill Shorten was answering questions there on the likelihood that Premier Napthine might be delaying his decision in a bid to prevent the Government calling an election. feasible?It's a little bit hard to read what is going on here, only because for all intents and purposes Victoria was as good as signed up to the deal late last night. Perhaps having seen what Tony Abbott has offered, that Victoria believes it can perhaps squeeze a bit more funding, a few more conditions out of the Commonwealth before putting pen to paper and certainly Bill Shorten says both Kevin Rudd and himself are available this weekend, they are willing to look at more funding arrangements to get Victoria across the Napthine is smelling a bit of an opportunity here to get a little bit more for his State.We know that Tony Abbott yesterday pledged to match Labor on its education policies completely but Bill Shorten says people don't believe Tony Abbott when he talks about education so obviously not much of an endorsement there?The Government has seized on comments where the shadow Education Minister Christopher Pyne was telling ABC News 24 that Gonski was still a con, he was saying that it was a mirage, the rivers of gold didn't exist and obviously within 24 hours, there was a change of language and a commitment from the Opposition to match what Labor is offering at this election and to not tear up any of the agreements that have been signed.Andrew, thanks for talking us through that. We just had Joe Hockey and Bill Shorten. Thanks for your feedback there. The thanks Opposition Leader says he is ready to go to the polls and he is confident the Australian people will vote Kevin Rudd out of power.We have been ready for a long time. I think the Australian people are eager to seize the chance to control the Government once more. I think the Australian people are sick of the faceless men deciding who PM of our country should be. The people of Australia are sick of this hung Parliament. They are sick of minority Government. Let's not forget sick Kevin Rudd's never really had his tenure tested on the floor of the Parliament. The Australian people want their chance to choose. The sooner they get that, the better for us.Meanwhile we heard the Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey speaking at a press conference. He said yesterday's mini budget raised concerns about Labor's economic management and the sooner an election is called the better.If we don't get an election soon, you will see the Government lose total control of the economy as they have already lost total control of the budget. I fully expect this week the Reserve Bank will cut interest rates and they will do so not because the economy is doing well, but because the economy is struggling. You have got a Government without any economic direction. You have got a Government that can't manage its own budget, let alone run the economy. It has no plan for the future. It just has a plan for Kevin Rudd.Joe Hockey speaking in Sydney a short time ago. The Federal Government's plan to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea will cost more than $1 billion as well as a big boost in Australia's foreign aid contribution to the country. There are also reports that the Government is in talks to build another detention centre on Nauru. Earlier our political reporter Andrew Greene spoke to Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus who says he is pleased who says he is pleased to see who says he is pleased to the Papua New Guinea solution being the Papua New Guinea solution being implemented.I wouldn't discuss our negotiations with Nauru. You have the discussions first when there Nauru. You have the first when there is agreement with another country. At that point you make the annoyance with another country. At meant in good time. What point you make the meant in good time. What I am meant in good time. pleased about is that the arrangement with Papua New Guinea has been made and is being implemented. We are now two weeks into it and the first people have been - who have arrived since the 19th of July, they have now been transferred to Papua New Guinea and those transfers are continuing.Can I confirm, were you involved in any of those discussions?It's appropriate that the Attorney-General be involved in discussions about our compliance with the refugee convention with either Papua convention New Guinea or the Government of Nauru.Mr Dreyfus, last night the AFL said it received the report from ASADA into doping allegations. Do you think that agency has had enough power to compel witnesses to talk?I'm not going to comment on the ASADA report, for the simple reason I haven't seen it. Until I do, I'm not going to say whether or not they needed to have more power to compel witnesses. Clearly they have spoken, from the reports this morning, to someone 140 witnesses. That that suggests have they have been able to conduct I see the report, I don't think it would I see the report, it would be appropriate for me to comment.S a the senior law officer of the country, you have a view on whether it should be made public?It's a matter for ASADA. It's an independent statutory authority and more properly a matter for the Minister for Sport. You can expect from the degree of public controversy this has caused up until now, a great deal more and I think you could expect to see at least some part of the made public.Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus there. This week the NSW biggest corruption inquiry found former State Labor ministers Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald were corrupt in their conduct over a mining Dreyfus Olivia Monaghan is an anti- corruption researcher at the University of Melbourne. She says despite the controversy surrounding Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald, this may not be the last we see of them.We have seen the ICAC come through with a good body of research. 200 pages has shown a lot of evidence they have gathered. Now it's matter of handing that off to the DPP. They will conduct their own investigations. If they find enough evidence that is admissible 234 court, we will see charges placed. It's too early to see if that happens. They can work in the more public sphere. I think the risk for them, indeed we are seeing a lost organisations put systems in place where if you have been charged or allegations made against you about acts of corruption, that you then can't work for them. While they may get picked up some groups to be lobbyists, their chances are reducing significantly.Meantime the significantly. Homicide Squad is investigating the murder of a woman in Sydney's east. Police found the 23-year-old with a stab wound in her chest. This was early this morning in Maroubra. Detectives want to speak to a man who they believe had an altercation with the victim. Police are investigating three fatalities in Victoria. A man died near Geelong. A man died after hitting his head after jumping from a car and a motorcyclist is dead after a crash in Pearcedale in the city's east. A senior member of the come an cheer owe bikie gang has been charged. The 29-year-old was arrested at Coogee and taken to Maroubra Police Station yesterday. The ABC bleevts he is the national president of the gang, Mark Buddle: He was released after serving five months after over a brawl. A study in which the sale of illicit drugs are sold over the internet was released this week. It monitored Silk Road, an online black market and reported a 32% jump in the number of sellers. This coincides with a sharp rise in new substances with synthetic drugs linked to a number of deaths among young aurns. Earlier we spoke to Paul Dillon from the drug and alcohol research centre. He has been working in education for the past 25 years.The internet has provided a whole range past 25 years.The internet provided a whole range of provided a whole challenges for people in this
field. Years provided a whole range of field. Years ago a drug could be tried in a nightclub in be London and we be tried in a nightclub London and we wouldn't see it for at least a year. We are now seeing it used in seeing it used in a nightclub in New York and then literally two days later it's available here. It's fast turnaround. In terms of the selling of these drugs, there are a wide range of legally available, and I use that term loosely, on the net. But the illegal drugs it's more complex. Synthetic drugs are often called in the media, I prefer research chemicals, and it's a much more sensible term. We are seeing a new substance being identified every week in Europe at the moment. It's a huge - there is a huge demand for these products. We have no idea what they will do. It causes great problems for me as an educator. I don't like to lie to young people and I don't want to scare them when it will do this and this. We have no idea. For me it's a question mark. You are the guinea pig for the future. What we saw with the synthetic cannabis caused great problems. Of course, we have had a few deaths related to LSD-related products, often called synthetic LSD which doesn't make particular sense. But there are some of these research chemicals being identified in these LSD products which are particularly dangerous and have caused a number of deaths.Paul Dillon there peaking to us earlier. Overseas, and the Egyptian Government has ordered blockages to present protest camps. Thousands have been defying warnings from authorities to abandon their sit-in protests in Cairo. It's reported within the next 48 hours, security forces will impose a blockade on two protest camps. Our correspondent Philip Williams
is there.This is where the possibility of conflict arises where you get thousands of pro-Morsi people taking to the streets. We believe this is heading to the Rabaa al-Adawiya mosque where the main centre of protest is. Before we've seen marches emanating from there. This time they are coming from various other mosques to gather in that one central place. Still the question is what is going to happen next. These people here, they are as determined as ever. This is one element of protests scattered throughout the country going to join that mine body. We don't know how many supporters there are. The Muslim Brotherhood will tell you millions but we can't quantify that and they can't either. What we can tell you is the passions of those in those areas and involved in these demonstrations hasn't diminished. If anything, given the threats of eviction and forced from streets here, they got stronger. We know European Union negotiators are conducting negotiations behind the scenes. The Americans, the Germans, many other countries are trying to get these two sides talking without further bloodshed and there has been a lot of pressure coming from all countries for them not to end this in a violent way. Will it work? We don't know but these people here remain determined to stick it to their cause which is the restoration of people Mohammed Morsi as the President, which of course the interim Government will resist until the end. How is it going to end? At this point nobody really knows.

Still overseas and the party of Zimbabwe's veteran President, Robert Mugabe looks of set for a resounding victory in the country's elections. Results have yet to be announced but Zanu-PF has won two-thirds of the seats. Zimbabwe's Electoral Commission described the process as free and peaceful. Meanwhile the African Union monitors said they had some concerns but declared the vote was credible. Mr Mugabe's main rival for the presidency, Morgan Tsvangirai has dismissed the whole process as a huge farce.ItIt was business as usual on the streets of Harare today. For the capital and the country as a whole, there is uneasy necessary. Final results from the election aren't in yet but Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF party looks to have won by a large margin. African Union observer missions have given their approval for the poll.The fact that some people were turned away, whether that has affected the overall you election or the will of the people, that is something that needs to seen.It is in the rural
heartland of something that needs to be

heartland of this country the movement heartland of this the movement for democratic change allege heartland of this country that
the change allege the rigging started with village elders being started with being used to intimidate villagers into voting being used to villagers into Zanu-PF. This too is at the very heart of their Zanu-PF. This too is at very heart of their claims, the very heart of their claims, voting register which the MDC claims has been manipulated and have been trying to obtain for months was finally handed over in hard copy, not electronic, in on the day of the elections.I went to vote but they couldn't find my name. My name was not there.I registered in 2000 but they couldn't find my name.We put these allegations to Zanu-PF.This election has been endorsed by the Observer mission teams that has been free, peaceful and credible. I don't understand where these allegations are coming from.Despite the Opposition claims, Zanu-PF and its veteran leader look set to emerge from another election with more power than they have had in years.

years. The black box recorder of a train that crashed in Spain killing 79 people has revealed new information about the incident. It shows the train was travelling around a curve at almost 180km/h when it derailed. Spanish authorities say that was nearly 100km/h over the speed limit. The report confirmed the driver was on the phone with the on board conductor 11 seconds before of kra crash occurred. A 52-year-old driver has been charged with reckless homicide. Relatives of the victims of a Bangladesh garment factory collapse have gathered to mark 100 days since the tragedy. 1,100 people died when a building collapsed. The relatives, factory workers and
labour activists tried to construct a memorial but the police wouldn't let them in. police wouldn't let

The unemployment rate has dropped to its lowest level in five years in the US. There are still concerns not enough has been done.The labourers at new era windows are living the revenge dream of every worker. They got rid of their bosses and took over the factory when Republic windows announced in 2008 it would close the plant immediately without severance payments, they occupied it for six days and came you out with a $1.75 million settlement. Now the workers own the plant, renamed the new era windows co-operative.At Republic we were only workers, you know. The model that comes to mind is like the ants, they just do their job mind Leslie. In a sense, we were just worker ants, we did our job. Since we've been here, we - it's like we have blossomed into sense, this new animal.New era joins the an always of American labour heroes to world war it heroin to rosy, to Bruce Springsteen. (Sings) # For my 19 it birthday I got a union card... # .There are no plush suits, no highly paid executives, a factory filled with see lickable equipment. Over $600,000 has been invested so these employee owners will be working towards profitability before that window of opportunity closes. The funding comes from a non-profit group. It's backed co opposite in Spain and Germany and believes it serves them better than profit making corporations.It's gone through the roof. People want an alternative. What is the future for a country like the United States where banks would rather invest in an internet company like Instagram.The workers of new era know the stakes are more than financial.It's not only us. It's a million of other people that are sitting back, hopefully will be watching us or listening to us that also is looking for the same thing that me and my co-workers were looking for. There is just the opportunity.An opportunity to open the door to other worker co opposite around the world. With NATO combat troops to leave Afghanistan by the end of next year, the country is boosting its own military forces. This includes building a new Air Force virtually from scratch. In an unexpected breakthrough, one of the recruits is the first woman in the country to qualify as a pilot.She has dreamt of this moment since childhood. Today she is ready to take to the skies. Afghanistan's first skies. Afghanistan's female aeroplane pilot is blazing a trail for the women of female aeroplane pilot is of her country. blazing a trail for the of her country. Reaching these heady heights hasn't been of her country. Reaching easy.It was heady heights hasn't easy.It the females, you know how the female the females, female situation or rules for the females, you know how the women here female situation or rules the women here and I just want the women here and I just to change the culture or old minds that we can do it. old minds that we can do it. I want to do it.She is joining a military operation which is at a crucial stage, with NATO combat troops due to leave by the end of next year, the Afghan armed services are now taking the lead role in fighting the insurgents. Women have played a part in Afghanistan security forces for many years. But still make up less than 1% of the total. When she became her country's first helicopter pilot 25 years ago, Latifah had to battle overwhelming prejudice. But now she's calling on women to join up.TRANSLATION: Afghanistan women, their future of this country is in their hands. We have to work shoulder to shoulder to build this country. The commanders claim their contribution is valued. TRANSLATION: We are very proud of them. Afghan women are showing they can do what Afghan men can do for their country. Here in Kabul, it's estimated less than two dozen females drive a car which makes this woman's achievement more remarkable. But she's not taking anything for granted.If the situation changed, the people, everybody that they know me, they make my situation or my life tough and it will be really tough for me. The future may be uncertain but for now at least, she is living her dream and hoping to inspire other young women to follow in her slip stream.

In cricket, England will start day three of the third Ashes Test on 2/52 after Peter Siddle took a couple of wickets. The tourists led by 475 runs after declaring on 7/527 with Australian captain Michael Clarke leading the way. his Clarke scored 187, capturing his 10th century in 27 Tests as captain. It was his highest score against England surpassing the 136 he scored at surpassing the 136 Lord's in 2009. Smith fell on 89 when he top edged a delivery off spinner Graeme Swann. off spinner Graeme Swann.In the NRL, Newcastle and Brisbane have fought fought out an 1-18 draw. The Broncos led 18-10 after 72 minutes before two late tries forced the game into extra time. While the Sydney Roosters thumped the Panthers, Penrith scored the opening try before the Roosters hit back. The tri-colours went on to score six unanswered tries and claimed 6th win. North Melbourne has posted an upset win against Geelong. The Kangaroos won. Brent Harvey starred for the North with 37 disposals and three goal assists while Daniel disposals and kicked four goals. Jake White has named an unchanged Brumbies team for tonight's Super Rugby final against the Chiefs.

Our top stories now. The Federal Education Minister Bill Shorten says he is disappointed Victoria has rejected an opportunity to sign on to the better schools plan. Intensive negotiations between Victoria and the Federal Government have taken place over the last fortnight. He says an offer for Premier Denis Napthine to meet the PM and sign the deal was rejected late last night. Mr Shorten says the ball is now in Victoria's court. Police say the starving murder - stabbing murder of a woman in Sydney's west nos an attack. Police want to speak to a man involved in an altercation with the woman. The United States has issued a worldwide travel alert warning its nationalses that al-Qaeda could be planning a wave of attacks in the Middle East and North Africa. The US State department says there is the possibility that tourist sites or public transportation systems could become targets during August. And in sport, the Brumbies will create history if they defeat the Waikato Chiefs in the Super Rugby final. Coach Jake white has named an unchanged line-up. No Australian team has won a rugby final in New Zealand. In January 1920, one of Australia's most promising World War I military Australia's Douglas Marks attempted to rescue a woman drowning off rescue Palm Beach north of Sydney. The 24-year-old was never seen again, nor tragically was the woman. Yesterday afternoon a memorial service was held for marks who became the youngest Lieutenant Colonel to ser marks who in the Lieutenant Colonel in the imperial army.

in the imperial army. ( 'The Last Post play s). Douglas Gray Marks was a young man of the time. He lived in man of Neutral Bay in Sydney, he went to Fourth Street school. He did military service in the cadets and as a young trainee officer. When World War I came, he was quick to present himself. He joined the second fleet of troops that left Australia and he went to Egypt. From there he went to Gallipoli and he landed on the second day, went right through Gallipoli, was wounded at Gallipoli. After they were evacuated in December 1915 he went back to Egypt. His battalions, the Australian battalions were rebuilt and then they went to the Western Front. He was with the 13th battalion which was a local Sydney battalion. On the Sydney Western Front, of course, he went through the major bat also, the bad ones, Passchendaele and Polly gone wood. And he rose from being a second Lieutenant, the low evident officer rank, right through the ranks until he became a Lieutenant Colonel. Now for a 22-year-old, he is a Colonel. It's extraordinary. He is in charge of nearly a thousand men. He is a boy. I mean he was popularly known as the boy Colonel. So he then - because he had been in the war so long, he was given a privileged return date. He came back in 1918. On 25 January 1920, he is now 24, he makes this epic journey up with trams and buses and ferries to Palm Beach. Late in the afternoon he is sitting on the beach with his family and fiance and sees a woman struggling in the surf. There had been two attempts to save her life. One, the rope there watching this. He is not a strong swimmer, he is a weak a man, he's got a stick, half a lung from his war injuries, he is wounded. He throws off his coat and shoes and rushes, dives into the surf and is lost in the under tow. The woman was a young woman from Leichhardt, her body was recovered but Marks' body was never recovered. When his mother heard of this, she said "I will never come out of the house