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No-one at home, sir?


Hobbs! Donaldson's friends
and relatives, The Telegraph.

Scotland Yard must have their
names and addresses.Reid!

Show and tell, Susan.

Counterfeit, two of my girls
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Black coach, one horse.
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Smeaton! Come with me.


What's he doing?

This snide. One of yours, I believe.

Arthur Donaldson, where is he?

What makes you think I know, eh?

Sincerely? Not a great deal.

Well, you can take your instinct

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Curse us.

Shall we make another?



I need light.

Imagine, a little thing like that
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Light you shall have.



I only went there once!

Under our noses, sir.

This will calm you.



Donaldson! Arthur Donaldson!

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Good evening. Coming up next in Ten's Late News - inside the mind of the Cleveland 'house of horrors' captor. Ariel Castro tries to explain why he kidnapped three women and held them hostage for more than a decade. An emotional beach tribute for Jerry Dennis, the fourth teen lifesaver to drown on the Gold Coast in seven years. The Federal Government's grim new forecast of our economy. And the Ashes are under way at Old Trafford. The Late News is next. (SCREAMS) This way.

I last...

I thought it was safe again.

Ssh, now. It is, it is safe now.

Thank you, Drake.
I'll tend to her now.

(Hey, Rosie, hey...)

Clear the way, lads.

The facts.

Have you lost your mind?


Because it is the truth.

And I would have the world know it.

She was never Ripper, that girl.
But you two...

You, for profit.

You, for guilt, I suspect,
wanted it so.

Now I ask us to undertake this,

that we find a little joy
in his continued absence.

That we cease to look for him

in every act of evil that
crosses our path.

Am I understood?

Then get out.

Edmund, this last year, that...

lunatic will ever bind me to you.

But you ask too much.

He lives still,
he breathes this air still.

These streets demand your vigilance.


We did everything in our power.

Used every instrument allowed to us,
some that were not.

All that we can hope for now
is that he is gone and stays gone.

He will own my life no more.

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This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. From the Network Ten News Centre, I'm Danielle Isdale, this is the Late News. Training in flatwater, a super fit 17-year-old athlete fell off his board and drowned. Why did Jerry Dennis become the fourth young lifesaver to die on the Gold Coast since 1996?I cannot conceive a situation where a good athlete hit the water from his board and not been able to save himself. Responsible for an unthinkable act of deproveity the Cleveland house of horrors captor explains why - for Kidd NAPing three women and holding them for more than a decade Ariel Castro has been jailed for the rest of his life. Is Australia about to suffer a late batting order collapse in the third test at Old Trafford.

Also ahead - the AFL confirms it's received ASADA's interim report into the Essendon Football Club's controversial supplements program. We'll cross to Melbourne for the latest. Plus, Labor's budget blows out by billions. Our economy is slowing, unemployment rising, but the new Treasurer Chris Bowen insists there's no crisis. It's another big night in sport - Adam Hawse has the action in NRL and AFL. You can give us your opinion using #TenLate. First, our top story tonight - the lifesaving movement is again coming to terms with the lose of a bright young athlete. Jerry Dennis was a fit, popular Iron Man. Yesterday evening he fell from his rescue board and couldn't be revived. His is the first death of a live saver on the Gold Coast since 1996. While others fell victim to wild surf, this death occurred in a calm canal. Any weekend lifesavers face any peril the ocean can conjure. It was not the waves, rips or currents that claimed Jerry Dennis. The 26-year- old was training in the flat waters of the Mermaid Waters cannals when he fell from his board Uism he was a vibrant young man, a strong swimmer, great athlete, quiet. He was a good BHP.It's not only going to hit us and the members here, it will hit the movement in general as well.The frantic scenes as Northcliffe Club mates searched for his body and trying to revive him stirring painful memories for the lifesaving movement. It's the fourth young lifesaver lost in training competition since 1996. The death of Robert gaiden by, Saxon Bird and Matthew Barclay were in rough surf, the teenagers were struck by boats or boards.You can't draw comparisons.The young superfit taken was believed to have suffered a medical conditionThere was a suggestion he felt unwell. He didn't share that with the senior coach. Likelihood he wouldn't have been allowed to start if he said that. A risk assessment was done. It appears to be a sort of a catastrophic medical event, but we'll have to wait and see whether that's right or not. I cannot conceive a situation where a good athlete has hit the water from his board and not been able to save himself. The police will get to the bottom of that hopefully.For the organisation it's another period of mourning and soul searching. There'll be a review of protocols and questions asked about the use of safety devices, like inflatable vests.It's a tricky thing for us to formulate a vest suitable for all purposes, and won't create other risks to our athletes. Irtion In reality prior to yesterday would a -- In reality, prior to yesterday would a vest be required in flat water.You'd have to say no. Maroochydore President, who are still suffering the death of one of their own :It's such a beloved sport, and an Australian icon that we are dealing with.As the police and coroner try to establish why a young Iron Man collapsed. The life saving movement is pondering the dangers they face.That's a balancing act, how are we rescue ready unless we are training and competing in difficult conditions. They are the issues that have confronted surf-lifesaving since 1907.Max Futcher reporting there. For the first time today we a saw inside the Cleveland house of horrors where Ariel Castro's depravity knew no bounds. He's been sentenced to life in prison, plus 1,000 years. Despite being told by one of his victims he faces an eternity in hell, Castro defends his action, saying he wasn't the monster he was made out to be. Lachlan Kennedy has the final chapter of one of America's most horrific crime stories. Ariel Castro scans the crowd at his final court appearance. He sees a familiar face and cranes his neck. Michelle Knight would not look back. She was 21 when he abducted her, the first of his three victims.

A presentencing medical report found Michelle Knight most likely suffered the longest and most severely, including five miscarriages, a result of beatings and starvations.The years turned into eternity.This was the hell that Michelle Knight shared with ber r, and Gina De Jesus. Chain, shackles, holes in the wall for air, a padded basement and a pole they were tied to. That day came three months ago.Amanda Berry has been on the last three years.Amanda Berry did not appear. Her sister spoke instead. While the cousin of Gina DeJesus delivered this:

Her final words in Spanish delivered directly to Ariel Castro. May god have compassion on your soul. It's clear in the mind of Ariel Castro, he believes he's a good family man, describing their Cleveland home has idyllic. He went as far to say if the FBI were to question Amanda Berry's young daughter, she would describe him as a good dad. His 16 minutes self- justification kaigs swung from aggravation to absurd -- self- justification swung from Agra vasion to absurdity - claims rubbished by the judge.Treated them like sex objects.Ariel Castro is now, until death, less than an object. He's a number in the prison system.After 11 years, I'm finally being heard, and it's Lib rating. Thank you all, I love you, god bless you.Lachlan Kennedy with that story from the US. I'll be back in a moment with Tony Abbott's backflip on education reform. Now it's time for news with Hermione Kitson. The AFL announced it's received ASADA's interim report on the supplement program of Essendon. It was a swift announcement. Melanie Davies joins us.Yes, although we've been waiting some time for this announcement. It came at a bizarre time. We received less than an hour's notice for the press conference. At 7:40pm, just before the game between Geelong and North Melbourne. Council. Andrew Dillon delivered a brief statement. Let's have a listen.I can confirm this evening I received from ASADA an interim report into the supplements program from the Essendon Club Brugge in 2011 and 2012. The report consists of 400 pages, referencing over 13,000 documents, including transcript of bruise with over 130 witnesses. I want to commend the AFL's integrity unit for their assistance to ASADA. The AFL will continue to review the evidence collected to determine what action, if any, might be taken pursuant to the AFL's rules and/or the anti- doping code.He did note that this investigation will be ongoing. Amongst the AFL - once the AFL reviews the document it will be made available to the Essendon Football Club. Earlier today coach James Hird appointed Julian Burnside, QC to act on his behalf. Following the announcement of the report the

This statement: Given this is an interim report and the investigation is ongoing, it seems this saga is far from over. Thank you for the update, Melanie Davies in Melbourne. Police are baffled by the murder of a mother of three in Melbourne the the woman's twin daughters made the gruesome discovery. Their father arrived a short time later and had to break the news to his 13-year- old son.This is a baffling crime, a quiet suburban street. This is is normal suburban family living in a home, and they've been the subject of this vicious attack.Police are investigating if it was a burglary gone wrong. Westpac customers are having trouble with online banking. The system crashed again today - the second time this week. Customers had to use telephone banking or go into a branch.It's frustrating, I want my money.The bank has apologised and is investigating what went wrong. The technical issue has been fixed. Sydney police say the closure of several bikie clubhouses sends a strong message. Three known bikie Hank outs were closed down, police focused on Comancheros, 'Hell's Kitchen', coming after the death of an 18-year-old linked to the Comancheros. The Queensland Government is reviewing plans for a $400 billion superresort in Japan, Casey Fung wants to build the Aquis Great Barrier Reef on cane fields in the city's north. It will boast nine hotels, shops, restaurants, a stadium and a large casino. The result could employ up to 10,000 locals. A quick look at the weather across the country. I'll have tomorrow's forecast later. Also ahead - Silvio Berlusconi's angry video after his prison sentence was upheld. Thank you. It's been an odd day in Federal politics. The government revealed a massive budget blow-out and announced it would delay the surplus, days ahead of a suspected election. Tony Abbott used the distraction to announce a policy backflip, declaring he's on a unity ticket with Kevin Rudd on school funding reform. It gives the impression that Labor and the Coalition are clearing the decks ahead of the election. Weak growth, rising unemployment, mining boom over. It's hardly an ideal position for a government on the eve of an election campaign.Australia is under going an economic transition. Not a crisis.With commodity prices down, there's plenty of red iping on the books. The new Treasurer announcing the budget deficit has blown out from $18 billion to $30 billion. Revenues have collapsed by $33 billion.The soft thing in the economy underlines the need for careful economic management.Labor has lost control of the budget. It is losing control of the economy. Sending refugees to Papua New Guinea cost $1.7 billion. Some of that is offset by ending onshore processing in Australia. To plug the black holes and boost the bottom line, a bevy of tax grabs. Higher tobacco prices, a levy on bank deposits, and closing loopholes on car leasing, as well as deep cuts. The public service will feel the -- feel the pinch and overseas aid will be cut. Amidst the talk of doom and gloom, Kevin Rudd got some good news from the most unlikely place.As far as school funding is concerned, Kevin Rudd and I are on a unity ticket. It's a stunning backflip from Tony Abbott. Last month he wrote to every school principal in the nation, expressing his deep reservations about Julia Gillard's school funding plan.The Coalition said in black and wife to every school principal that they don't support the government's education proposals.And just last night Mr Abbott's education spokesman denounced Labor's school funding program as a fraud.The truth is it's a fraud. There isn't new money, it's a cut.Today he sang a different tup.You can vote Liberal or Labor and you'll get the same funding envelope regardless.It's a time the Coalition is clearing the decks ahead of the election, it doesn't want to fight on education, an issue that is Labor adds strong suit. Four states and territories have signed up, including Liberal NSW, and others could be on the verge. Leah Craven there. Stay with us - still to come on Ten's late news, Edward Snowden, a refugee in Russia. How the United States reacted to its old foe's decision to grant the fugitive asylum. A nuclear power debate that blew up in Taiwan, with members trading blows. MAN: For me, it's the new
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Tell us your views on the issues we are koovering using @TenLateNews. And you can find stories -- covering using @TenLateNews. Prince William has registered the birth of our future king. The Duke of Cambridge signed the birth certificate for his son, Prince George. The job title is the Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. Our newest royal was born more than a week ago and is third in line to the throne. His birth attracted incredible interest across the globe. Now today you may have noticed at work or school more people than usual dressed down in denim. It was for a good cause. Not only was today Jeans for Genes Day, it was also the 20th anniversary of the fundraising event. The money goes towards the Children's Medical Research Institute - scientists searching for a cure for some of the most debilitating diseases. So far Australians have nearly donated $60 million.They have supported research in all of our four main areas of research, including epilepsy, cancer, my own area, and also gene therapy.Joining me now is Barry Kenyan national campaign manage of Jeans for Genes. Thanks for being here. You've had a busy day.We've had a long one. But successful.What were your goals? We were looking for $3 million. We are confident we'll give it a good shake.Lots of support - was it more school children at work wearing jeans.Wearing jeans, but behind that is people digging into their pockets. It went on from the start of the day and is going on now.$60 million over the course of 20 years is incredible. Where does the money go. Jeans for Queens is a fundraiser for Children's Medical Research Institute, at Westmead. The main goal is to look after and research childhood genetic disorders. An interesting statistic that with one in 20 children affected by a childhood disorder. Genetically based. We do research in trying to find the cures, and also the causes of those. Are there any stories in particular that touched you, people you know who have been saved because of the work you do?There is. There's one individual that works at CMRI, whose young daughter was born under traumatic circumstances and premature. It was very touch and go for the mother and the daughter. Six years later they are both fine and well, but the little girl was saved by a lot of the research that was done at CMRI. As it turns out it motivated the father so much he went after a role and is now working for us. It's a lovely circle story.Why do you think it's been so successful over the course of 20 years. The only ordinary one around that long was Red Nose Day. 20 years ago it was the two days. There's a lot more nowadays. I think it was because we started off in schools. Pretty much everyone from the age of 20 onwards has known nothing but Jeans for Genes, and remember doing it at school. There are more charities on the landscape. How do you keep relevant and make sure people remember.It's a matter of articulating what we do. We try to tie our cause for the day itself. There's a bit of fun element in supporting serious science. What we have done in the last 20 years is to stay relevant, stay on top of trends as far as how we communicate with people, and it's digital and allows us to talk to our supporters - there's 12- 15,000 to help us out. Very directly, and, you know, they are so diligent in the way they support us, that it's the key to our success.It is almost now the end of Jeans for Genes day. Is that it? Can people still donate.People can certainly still donate. At the website people can donate for the next few weeks. There's plenty of time to rattle the can at a moment the week that was with Sophie McNeil. First, the rest of the world. The father of intelligence leaker, Edward Snowden thanked Russia for giving him asylum. Edward Snowden has been given asylum after a month in limbo in thst Moscow transit area.I'm thankful for President Vladimir Putin for the courage, strength, humanity that they have demonstrated.The US says it's extremely disappointed by the move. The White House is threatening to boycott a meeting with the Russian President next month. Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi broadcast an angry video message after his prison sentence for tax fraud was withheld. After a 3-day hearing a Supreme Court rejected his final appeal. Lashing out he said the accusations were unfounded and he pushed for reforms of the justice system. If you thought Col picks in Canberra was bad. Take a look at the politicians in Taiwan. MPs exchanged punches and threw water at each other ahead of a vote to authorise a national referendum on a fourth nuclear power plant. We'll be back soon to update the top stories. Here to give us insight on the news of the week is Sophie Mcfeel from Triple J's Hack program. It feels like an election date is around the corner. It does. One thing that happened is we found out a bit more behind the campaigns. We found Kevin Rudd's son, who is 19, Marcus, will volunteer and help his dat at the ALP headquarters. -- dad at the ALP headquarters. This is after we heard Nicholas, he's paid as an advisor to the ALP. The Rudd boys are helping out their dad. It's interesting, we are seeing so much more policitians kids in Australia. Tony Abbott often brings out his beautiful daughters. You see them on his arm at events. We'll see a bit more of this over the next few weeks.The Prime Minister will have a bit of overseas help as well.Yes. Kevin Rudd is also in this not just for family but people from overseas. He has three big guns from Obama's election campaign, including the head of the democratic national committee. They'll come and help him out. They are social media experts. President Barack Obama was innovative, dominating the online space. Kevin Rudd wants to do the same thing. Who knows what magic they can work. I don't know if they can take Kevin Rudd, who famously posted this photo on his Twitter account, cutting himself shaving, can they take him from this to President Barack Obama da - to where he got to. This was one of the most retweeted photos. The most retweeted photo in the history of social media. I don't know what magic they can work.A bit of work ahead of them. Tell me about the American politican that won't give up.This guy, Anthony Weiner, is amazing. His name is a feat itself. He resigned in 2011, he was found to have been sexting, sending suggestiveive photos of himself to women. He's married with children. He resigned in disgrace in 2011. He's now back, running to be the Mayor of New York, and has been campaigning. It emerged this week that these been sexting. He hasn't stopped, he's doing it again and is asking the people of New York to trust and not give up on him. Not pulling out of this race.It's extraordinary. 'Rolling Stones' magazine bestoud an honour on an Australian Act.They named some of the best live acts. A Perth Act was named at 141. Tame&Partner. They were named alongside The Boss and others. The band from Perth, taking the world by storm. They'll be part of the big day out. They are one the top live acts now.I've seen them live. They are good.I saw him at home.Crazy psychedelic rocks - solve what you're into.I'm in to Pearl Jam, and they'll be there as well.Thank you for joining us again. Turning to the markets:

Steven Dagleyan from CommSec joins me. Investors were hesitant ahead of the Federal Government's budget update. How did the banks react.Do you know what, it wasn't too bad at all. Major banks rose strong by on average by 1.5%. Yesterday the major banks fell between 1-2%. A reason for this - investors were preparing themselves for the worst case scenario when it comes to a bank levy or a tax on major banks, and what it could mean for the future of these major financial institutions. I see this in a similar lying for preparing yourself for a bungee jump 24 hours out, and when it happens and you take the leap it's not as bad as you expect. Basically what happened, and that was the main reason the bank stocks came back strongly - making up for yesterday's losses. How did the broader market for the week?A happy day indeed for the broader share mark. Up 1%, 1.5% improvement. Today was the happiest Friday for the Aussie market since middle of June. It was proof of six consecutive weeks up by 8%. Helping the situation is the fact that the Aussie dollar fell by 3.5 cent in a week. A 4% drop against the Green back. Good for the export facing industries of Australia. Part of the reason for this is everywhere is expecting a 90% chance according to the market that the Reserve Bank will cut rates next Tuesday.Thank you. I have company up on the desk now. Hermione Kitson, and Adam Hawse with all the sport. Dave Warner's comeback did not go well. No, he had a shocker. Dave Warner came up with one of the worst decision referrals in test cricket. Other than that it's been a great day for the Aussies. Plus, why is Brad Scott so stung. Did his Roos beat the Cats. Was it an umpiring error or both. Find out next. And a rare result in the rugby league as the Broncos and Knights searched for a golden point. All your NRL is next. What are you doing right now?

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You can join the conversation using #TenLate. We'll look at the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a moment, his Instagram account labelled repulsive. Richard Clarke is closing in on a double century as Australia builds a challenging score on day two of the third test at Old Trafford. Stephen Smith fell short, but Clarke carried on where he left

he left off yesterday. A short time ago: Morning rain cleared for Richard Clarke and Steve Smith to build on Australia's record fourth- wicket partnership at this venue. Kevin Pieterson needed treatment during the second over. Secret taping business he didn't want aired. As Smith closed in on a century. The tear away of the '70s, Jeff Thomson organised the outfielders as Clarke's successive boundaries pushed past a fourth- wicket record at Old Trafford. That's class. He is pure class. James Anderson knocked the bail off at the wrong end. Kevin Pieterson's tape palm ensured not a single drop before pitch repairs as Richard Clarke tried to smash through Graeme Swann. Swan felt redemption was his in his first over. Smith scaled one, out for 89. Australia 4/343. The sciler saluted after passing 150 -- skipper saluted after passing 150, darper couldn't bring his triple fig -- Dave Warner couldn't bring his triple figure form from hans Ray Manzarek - out for 5. Brad Haddin with a life on 10. England needed all hands on decks to stop Richard Clarke and Bradin leading Australia to 500. They suffered agonising defeats, but the Kangaroos hung on to score a win over Geelong. A 6-goal second term and a blue-collar best-on- ground performance from Brent Harvey. Trent Dann has the highlights. The Scott twins put family bragging rights on the line as their sides weekend head to head. For the Roos, high stakes, it was a high hit allowing the Cats to draw first blood. Lachie Hanson pegged one back for North Melbourne. It was met with something special from Stephen Motlop. With the captain in plaster, a young gun stepped up, putting the Roos in business and eight clear at quarter-time.That will go through.Geelong took back the lead thanks to consecutive free kicks and a questionable goal. Brad Scott's face said it all. The ball seemed to bounce for the Cats. Until Daniel Wells won the ball and a review to give the Roos back the lead. When the former Skipper put the afterburners on and kicked to the stand-in skipper the tables had turned. Brent Harvey set up Daniel Wells in the third. Then tangled as Geelong brought about a wrestle - clawing back within eight at the last change. In the final quarter North Melbourne rolled up its sleeves.It will roll through. Brent Harvey lost his jumper, desperate to pull his side's season off the canvas. Aaron Bastinac came to his aid with a knock out blow - Roos hanging on by 10 points. To the NRL, the Sydney Roosters scored a record win over Penrith to jump into top spot on the ladder. Two tries to Boyd Cordner helping the Roosters to a win leaving the Panthers finals hopes in tatters. It was more than a football game on the mined of these players. Before kick-off there was a minute's silence for former Roosters coach Graham Muir who passed away last weekend. In the opening stages the Panthers made the most of an early penalty. Roosters captain Anthony Minichiello took a knock trying to stop a David Simmons try. In his first game at Penrith, Jennings was desperate to score.Has he got it over the line.A bullet past from Mohl openy to Tupou helped the Roosters level up. They hit the lead for the first time. The Panthers were competitive in the first 40, and fell away in the second. At times it looked too easy for the visitors. There were tries aplenty. Maloney made the most of a tiring defence, and then a winger danced like Fred as tare. Full time approaching - the Roosters weren't finished yet. The premiership favourites were a little slow to get going, but what a sign off. In tonight's other game, Newcastle produced a stunning comeback to snatch a rare draw with the Broncos. With less than 10 to go the the Knight were trailling by eight. And this setting up a thrilling finish.

They had a chance to win it, but a conversion never looked a chaps. In 10 minutes of extra time there were no less -- looked a chance. In 10 minutes of extra time there are no less than 12 Field gold attempts, everyone missed. Benji Marshall is set to reject Waratahs and rebels and join super16 franchise the rugby blues. Benji Marshall said the opportunity to be coached by Sir Black's legend John Kirwin is a major drawcard.He's a legend of sport, not only in New Zealand but in the world. I looked up to him growing up. I had a chance to meet him and play upped him, it's exciting.The departing rugby league star's goal is to make the all pwhak squad in time for the 2015 World Cup. And now a guy that jumped a fence. Funny headgear and weak kick getting a giggle.Look at this.He gave Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard the easiest of stage. But for entertaining the crowd and players, after a lacklustre 1-1 draw, we are happy to give the fap a Play of the Day. I'm not sure why he's -- fan the Play of the Day. I'm not sure why he's celebrating. No. And still to come the weather and Bedtime Bytes. MAN: Big night, eh?
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Straight to Hermione Kitson with a recap of the top stories. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge formerly registered the birth of Prince George. He listed their official jobs as the Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom. The registrar made a special trip to Kensington Palace. Prince George was born last week at St Mary's Hospital in London. Looking at the weather for tomorrow:

Alright. Before we go tonight Bedtime Bytes - what we are reading online. Mine is from 'Sydney Morning Herald', and points to the Instagram account of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, which doesn't reflect the reality of the Civil War. There's a photos of him and his wife being nice to people. There was 100,000 deaths since the war began. That's worth having a look at.I have a diet that helps you lose wait by breathing. Seems hard to understand. A Japanese diet guru said he lost 13 kilos by deep breathing exercises. All you have to do is clench your bum muscles. Excellent.Mine - we heard about your driving.Hey.We found a Korean woman with a driving lesson that went for seven seconds. It was terrible. Seven seconds, she rolled the car.Wow.That's it,The instructor was saying "Hit the brakes".Better luck next time.If there is a next time.Alright. That's it for us from the team at Late News. Thank you for joining us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

I thought Brad would be keen. (MUSIC PLAYS) You didn't just break records for - you break the Australian Open record for downhill skiing.

After weeks holed up in the transit lounge of Moscow airport Edward Snowden walked out. At the moment Russia is considering his bid or asylum.How does a young woman who grew up in suburban Melbourne develop a love for country music.I was listening to Dolly Parton.Did you have a favourite song

This program is captioned live. Tonight - the Government comes clean on how much the country owes. So, how much lit cost you? Ariel Castro sentenced to over 1,000 years behind bars yet still claims he's not a monster. She made headlines in the 1967 Boston marathon. We chat with her. Just what did this 4-legged Aussie hero achieve by the age of eight? And 10 years of MMS. So how has it changed the way we view the world and who has it brought down? This is The Project. Good evening and welcome to The Project. In tonight we have Chrissie Swan and Lehmo. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Oh! A very special anniversary, it's a pretty much a year to the day when you two last worked together on the circle. A year! You can't take us down. To celebrate, I think - let's what