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Tonight - the Government comes clean on how much the country owes. So, how much lit cost you? Ariel Castro sentenced to over 1,000 years behind bars yet still claims he's not a monster. She made headlines in the 1967 Boston marathon. We chat with her. Just what did this 4-legged Aussie hero achieve by the age of eight? And 10 years of MMS. So how has it changed the way we view the world and who has it brought down? This is The Project. Good evening and welcome to The Project. In tonight we have Chrissie Swan and Lehmo. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Oh! A very special anniversary, it's a pretty much a year to the day when you two last worked together on the circle. A year! You can't take us down. To celebrate, I think - let's what what Maryanne has with the bra. (LAUGHING) . Do you have the feeling that, like, they had to have crisis meetings at the bra when you stopped doing the show? Yeah, what are they going to do? Where is it now? It's not on here, let me tell ya! What's making headlines. In the news today, Friday July 5 - the Rudd Government's released it mini-budget, showing a huge blowout of more than $30 billion over the next four years. And despite expecting unemployment to rise and economic growth to slow, Treasurer Chris Bowen is still promising a surplus by the 2016/17 financial year. We've showed we're prepared to take difficult decisions to get there. And we're showing that if necessary we'll take more difficult decisions to get there. The Coalition has backflipped on Labor's education overhaul in a bid to neutralise the issue ahead of the Federal election. Only last month Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, had expressed his deep reservations about the Better Schools Plan. But today he's agreed to honour the deal done with the states. As far as school funding is concerned, Kevin Rudd and I are on a unity ticket. There is no difference between Kevin Rudd and myself when it comes to school funding. Police have spent the day searching for clues after a Melbourne mother of three was murdered in her own home. 42-Year-old Kylie Blackwood was found yesterday afternoon by her 11-year-old twin daughters when they came home from school. Detectives are investigating whether it's a burglary gone wrong. This is a baffling crime. This is a quiet suburban street. This is a normal suburban family living in a home. And they've been the subject of this vicious attack. Three more former Labor ministers may be under investigation by the NSW corruption watchdog as it works on unravelling Eddie Obeid's business deals. But ICAC won't confirm reports that it's taking a closer look at Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa and Tony Kelly. And the BBC has apologised for accidentally broadcasting a picture of Prince William with a penis drawn on his forehead. The picture slipped passed editors in an advert for a singing comedy quartet and went to air during a breakfast show yesterday morning. I have no idea how he'd fit a crown over that thing. (LAUGHING) I don't know if it was that offensive. Like, they've apologised. Some people were offended. I find it a nice break from seeing Prince Harry's actual penis. (LAUGHING) Exactly right. That is a nice change. Now, as we heard in the news there, there's been a lot of talk about education today, and I tell you who knows how to pump up a school and that's Bill Shorten. nd that's Bill
Shorten. Good afternoon, everyone. It's great to be at one of Australia's very good schools. It's a very good school. Great to be here. I have a bit of advice for him if you don't mind, guys. Bill, back off the coffees and the Red bulls. I don't like what it's doing to your crazy eyes. Talking about education... Or backing in the policies and their parents. 100% commitment to... So every school child in Australia can get a great education, our better schools plan. He hasn't slept for four days! Trying really hard and you couldn't quite do it. Can't get my eyes open. Anyway. Back to the day's top story, and Kevin Rudd's new-look Labor team kicked off its last big issue before the election and here how it's went down. Before Chris bower had uttered a sentence of his pre- election update, there was word of a levy in case financial institutions get in trouble. You might be thinking of a new tax for the profitable sector, the banks were quick to assure us all they'll pass on any new costs on to customers, that's you and me. So what's the deal, Chris Bowen? Just how big is the budget black hole we need to fill? Australia is undergoing an economic transition. Not a crisis. But a transition. Hey, black hole. How big? $33 billion. Over the next four years.And here's how we plan to use tough love to fix it. Increasing tobacco tax, he's tweaked down the amount we'll spend on foreign aid, announced a crackdown on unpaid tax and superannuation and increase something called the efficiency dividend which does what? All of these savings measures come with no reductions in family payments or pensions. Oh, and if you're wondering about the price tag for the Papua New Guinea asylum seeker deal it's a cool $1le 1 billion. As for the levy on banks. Labor built the four pillars of the current financial system and now we're building a roof in case of a rain ny stkaeu day.He thinks his cuts and tax hikes add up to $17.4 billion in savings. Since Wayne Swan did the budget, the Government has been bleeded -- bleeding red ink. Does this plan move the nation into the black? If you have to talk to someone about this, who better than Barrie Cassidy. Welcome. Thank you.(APPLAUSE) Just a bit over two months ago, Wayne Swan and I understand -- announced a $60 billion black hole and today we hear from Chris Bowen another $33 billion more. How did Wayne Swan get it so wrong? It's not entirely Wayne Swan's fault. Treasurer don't strong arm officials. Treasury firms have to come up with guess stills and the global economy is volatile. It's not easy. But even allowing for that, they were asked to come up with the revenue for the next four years and they were out by $33 billion. In 10 weeks. If you kept going at that sort of rate you'd get to about $600 billion in NewsHour years time. So it's a very big gap to fill. But, look, in the end, this is why they did it today. They had to confess or they'd be doing it at the - under the law, within 10 days of an election campaign they have to come clean with the books and they decided to do it now.What's hard for the voters is knowing what to believe about the numbers. Treasury is out by this much but the Coalition aren't going to submit their costings to treasury. They're going to use their own accountants. No- one can agree on what the state of affairs is. What can we trust as we, the voter, tries to make up our minds? In the end you can't leave it to politicians. to (LAUGHIians. politicians.
(LAUGHING) . Kwrofrpblgts sru to rely on the public servants is, --. You have to rely on public servants. Joe Hockey said they have it so out of whack you can't rely on them but what's the fall back? You have -- you have to have independent advice. If not treasury officials, who? Figures like $33 billion, $60 billion, seem ridiculous to normal people like me. What does this mean for ordinary Australians? How is it going to affect our hip pocket? What it really means, and what was more important today was where the economy is headed, and it's not a pretty picture. Unemployment will be going up. The growth rate is in decline, the surplus will be larger. It's not as if wear going down the gurgler but the economy is deteriorating. Still against the rest of the world we're doing OK but it's a very uncomfortable position for the Government right at the moment to be going into an election campaign with these sorts of figures. We're not heading into hugely prosperous times but we got a figure for the Papua New Guinea solution which is $1.1 billion which is more expensive if the boats don't stop. Yes.So this is a pretty expensive option to add on to what we're already doing. Yes, but they're saving $600 billion because they're saving on processing people in Australia. If the boats keep coming and the Papua New Guinea thing falls over, it will be more expensive. They'll save a lot of money if it works but it's a game of bluff. At the end of the day, it is the right step to get the country back on track economically? Absolutely. See, the Government in the end had no choice today. They had to confess and say, "This is the true state of affairs." And then they had to say where the extra revenue is coming from and that is what the dearer cigarettes and bank levy. Joe Hockey had a lot of fun. He had so many talking points he didn't know where to start but at some point it will be his turn and he'll have to go through the same exercise as well. You referenceed Joe Hockey, experienced shadow treasurer. He had a crack at the new treasurer Chris Bowen this morning. With all due respect to his - trb to Chris he's on his L-plates as treasurer. But this is the Labor Party. They always do this. If they're doing this just before an e hrbgs imagine what they'll do after the election if he wins.Let's fast forward about 30 seconds and see how Joe went. How do you know we're going to increase company tax? Because it's your policy unless you changed it. Well... Are you going to increase company tax or not. That's your policy. Are you walking away from it? Well, you watch. Yeah, interesting. That's right. Who should be wearing the L-plates there? Chris Bowen is a new treasure sore he wears them F the Coalition wins in six weeks time, Joe Hockey will be wearing the L-plates. I think Chris is doing alright because he's a fresh voice. When Kevin Rudd first took over, and about six minutes said they wouldn't serve with him, I thought it would be disastrous. How it seems because so many ministers left, the more that left the more this felt like a new Government. In the end that may have been to their benefit because they're hearing fresh voices. It will be fascinating to see writ goes from here. Barrie, thank you so much. Thank you.We have other things coming up in a tick. Coming up - wanna join a bikie gang? These days you don't even need a bike. Whistleblower Snowden finds asylum in Russia and the new Aussie horror flick that may have you questioning how you ten

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Welcome back to The Project. Lehmo, anything from the Bob Katter desk? Funny you should ask. Sure is. Bob Katter was in Brisbane today to present his party's senate candidates and was asked to provide an audio check. And I got to say, I like his style. People will normally say, "Testing, one, two, three." Or something like that. I like Bob's style. Please get an audio check. An audio check. This is the level at which I'm going to speak. Is that acceptable to everybody? Acheiest audio check ever. -- angryest audio check. The press conference went well until someone decide d to ruin the party and bring up an overly sensitive topic? Fully last questions? On gay -- Any last questions? On gay marriage... No, we don't answer question os than and that's the end of it. Any other questions? ... I just said we don't answer any questions on it. Any other questions on intelligent issues? What is your stance then? I just told you I'm not answering the question on it. Guess what every journalist in the country will do now - only ask about it. To more news now. Plenty of frustrated Westpac customers after the bank's mobile and internet services crashed twice in two days. The bank has blamed technical issues for the problems and says services are working again. It's also promised customers won't be slugged with extra fees because of the disruptions. Turns out the - - and turns out the self-proclaimed leader of the Comancheros bikie gang doesn't even own a motorcycle, let along have a licence to ride one. to ride The one.
The move away from motorbikes is much the same as rival gang Hells Angels, with only a handful of mourners on two wheels at a funeral last week for a gang associate. You know what's funny about this? Nothing uncomfortable... (LAUGHING) .LAUGHING) . You're a wise man. You thought I was going there, didn't you? Stphaoeu was. I was nervous. I had something about a hardly Davidson. See, it wasn't worth it. We'll see what you think.

Time to see what's making news around the globe. Russia's decision to grant temporary asylum to NSA whistleblower Snowden has left the White House extremely disappointed. The Obama administration is upset Russia has ignored its request for Snowden to be returned to the US, indicating the move will likely damage diplomat relations. Italy's former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has let rip after his tax fraud conviction and jail sentence was upheld in the country's highest court. He's unlikely to go to jail because of his age but in a 9-minute broadcast, the 76-year-old claims he's an innocent victim robbed of his freedom and political rights. As President Bashar al-Assad marked army day, with his first trip outside Damascus in more than a year, dozens of people have been killed and injured in the city of Homs after a rocket attack on a munitions dump. Amateur footage posted online captured the fireball and the smoke soaring hundreds of metres into the air. And Ariel Castro, convicted of repeatedly beating and raping three women he held in his house for more than a decade, has been sentenced to life without parole plus 1,000 years. Despite his admission of guilt, he remains in denial.

US correspondent Hyla watched the sentencing live. Ariel Castro's comments were confronting. What was the reaction? Court? I think in credit use -- incredulous would be the word I'd use. He went on a 16-minute rant blaming everybody but himself, even at times blaming the girls, saying they lived in a very safe environment, the judge wasn't buying that and sentenced is him to 1,000 years in jail. Which rounds like a ridiculous number but here in the states people can get out earlier than their original sentence. So the judge made sure to add all those years so there was no chance of parole.That's good to know. Court also heard from Knight, one of the victims. How did that -- Michelle Knight, one of the victims. How did that go? She was in the house long r evidenceest and she was the glue that held the girls together. She was the only one who turned up in court today and read a statement. She said, "You took 11 years of my life abay and way. Now your hell is just beginning. The death penalty would be so much easier. You don't deserve that. You deserve to spend life in prison. I can forgive you but I will never forget." It's a harrowing story. If only this sentence could take away the hurt that was done. To another story, there's some anger in the US Edward Snowden has received some sort of asylum in Russia. That's right. He can live in Russia for one year. The Russian government - really Putin is calling the shots. He said, "Yeah, he can live in Russia for a year." Despite the fact this President of the US said, "We want this guy. We want to put him on trial." We know Putin wants to flex his muscles, whether it's judo or with his shirt off. Here he's doing it with Snowden. It's interesting. No-one knows what Russia is trying to get out of it. Is anyone he might tell the Russians exactly how they have been spying on everyone? I mean, the reality is that's what's happening. There's reports that he gave a bunch of documents to reporters when he was in Hong Kong. Now he's doing the same thing in Russia. This guy definitely has information and stuff is being leaked out. I think the 'Guardian' released some more documents about another surveillance program today. Good to talk to you. Thanks for your time.Thanks. (APPLAUSE) We have to take a little break and we'll be back soon. ANNOUNCER: Coming up - we know jeans ra hardwareing but 300 days without a wash? Celebrating selfies and we talk to Kathryn. Plus - they were a team to be reckoned with. The investigator said without the dog's involvement we would never have caught this guy for the murder or this person for a rape. Then this man had to make a heart- breaking decision. This is The Project.

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This is The Project. No, that was - Sorry. Let's not talk about it. OK. Time to meet our next guest. Marathon running is known to unite people, no matter their background. So it's hard to ever think of a time when the epic endurance event used to divide. But, until 1967, at the world's most famous marathon, in Boston, no woman had ever competed. Determined to end the inequality, Katherine Switzer defied convention and lined up beside the men. The controversy made worldwide headlines as a race official violently tried to wrestle her off the course. These pictures would later be voted among the top images to change the world. Inspired by worldwide backing, Katherine launched a campaign to end barriers to women in sport. She went on to raise -- race 39 marathons, win an Em phreu for her work as an Olympic TV commentator and in 2011 was inducted into the national women's Hall of Fame. Now at 66, she continues to run marathons and, because of her, millions of women are now empowered by the simple act of running. Please welcome to the desk Katherine Switzer! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thanks. The only way to begin is at the start, the 1967 marathon, how did that even happen? How did that come about? t come about?
It was amazing. First of all, I was training with the men's cross country at university. The little coach there, who was 50 years old, had been an exmarathon runner felt sorry for me because I was so slow and began running with me and began telling me about running in the Boston marathon. I fell in love with the thought of it and when I said I wanted to00 it -- reason it, he said, "Don't be -- don't be silly." He said it wasn't physically possible. "You'll turn into a man if you do." We argued and he said, "If you show in practice you can do it I'll take you there. I'll be convinced." And I ran 50km with with him one day and he passed out. He said, "Women have hidden potential in endurance and stapl phra." We did. Did you turn into a

I signed up for the Boston Marathon, I signed with the initials, which is a story we wrote before. Dad misspelt my name on a birth certificate. I signed JVSwitzer. The entry form went into the guys at Boston, and they thought it was from a man and they issue used numbers to me. I was not trying to prove anything, I was a kid that wanted to run. A series of coincidences let me to the confrontation in the Boston Marathon.We have images from that incredible day. This is you grabbed by an official in the race. Tell us the story behind that. The images are amazing, becoming part of Time Life's 100 photos that changed the world.I'm wearing 261. I heard a man behind me screaming "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers". You can see the first face, coming after me. My coach is 490, screaming "Leave her alone", the official grabbed me. And my boyfriend in the middle picture, ex-all-American football player - he decked him.Good boyfriend. Good boyfriend. (APPLAUSE) riend.
(APPLAUSE) .And there he is, my boyfriend on the right.368.Yes.There's something that happened - the pivotal moment in your mind - as soon as that happened, take us through the thought process.An amazing thing is we are laughing about it now, but it was a terrible incident at the time. I was humiliated and scre, very frightened. After my -- very, very frightened. After my boyfriend decked the official the press took these pictures. Everyone moved on, all the runners were quiet, and the snow quietly came down. I think everyone sort of fell into a revelry and wondering what does this mean, is it something abhorrent or is it changing the face of the sport a little bit. For me it was a very, very important moment, because I quietly turned to my coach and said "I don't know how you stand in as coach, but I'll finish this race on my hands and knees if I have to. If I don't, no- one will believe women can do it." He said "Alright.", and we did it. The race stopped being about a woman wanting to run and became about feminism and gender equality. And you can't run and stay mad. I felt that at 30 kilometres. It was not the official's fault, he was a man of his time. I knew at the end of the race I'd gone from a girl to a woman. It was changing the opportunities for women in sport. I have organised races around the world. I have. I led the charge to get the women's Marth marathon in my Olympic game, and another project I'm working on 261 - creating the sense of empowerment of women everywhere.It's wonderful to have you on the show. We could talk all night. Unfortunately we don't have the time. Your book 'Marathon Woman' is amazing. The Medibank Marathon is on 13 October. Registrations are open and you are promoting that. Thank you for being with us, and thank you for being a part of history.Thank you all.If you just joiped us, here is a recap of the -- joined us, here is a recap of the headlines - Labor reveals a Mini budget - revealing a $30 million blow-out, growth will slow. Unemployment will rise. There were no child restraints in a car that crashed killing a that killed a 23-year-old woman and two children south-east of Darwin. Police are investigating whether a mother of three murdered in her Pakenham home my have disturbed a robber. The NSW watchdog won't confirm whether it's investigating Joe Tripodi, Michael Costa, Tony Kelly, following findings against Eddie Obeid, and Ian Macdonald. Cricket under fire after a call seeing Usman Khawaja dismissed for one run on day one of the third Ashes Test at Old Trafford. The DRS told a different story, but the call was not overturned. The decision was trashed by everywhere, from Shane Warne to former English captain Michael Vaughan.That was a joke. He was nowhere near the ball, no hot spot, Snicko or nothing. The point of the decision review system is to get it right - but they continue to get it wrong.I knew from under 12s - when in doubt, not out. That was a world of doubt.I say they should dub the whole series again. One man on to it quickly - he's in campaign mode, it's Kevin Rudd. He tweeted:I'm sure high said "Will this win me the votes of some cricket fans". It's been 10 years since Australians were first able to send and receive photos via their mobile phones. A lot has changed - not all for the better.It's Friday - whatever you do to celebrate that fact, your statistically more likely to take a photo and send it to a mate than on any other day. It's a nice way to feel closer to people, without the need for social networking.Multinetworking service or SMS launched in 2003 Australia wide. In the first year alone we sent 13.7 million pictures messages to each other. Since then we've become obsessed with sharing and oversharing every aspect of our lives.Everyone had been in a change room, not sure about an outfit. They casually sent a sneaky text to a friend or loved one "Does this make my bum look big?",The vast majority of phones sold since 2003 have had cameras, meaning SMS helped with Facebook uploads, tweet picks and Instagram.There's a few people getting on the piss and decided to send a nude photo to their significant other but accidentally posting it on Facebook. If it weren't for phone cam rers, we wouldn't be privy to Paris -- cameras, we wouldn't be privy to Parit Hilton's photos, Shane Warne, whose photos are on the Internet. It wouldn't be so glad. It was good that picture messaging didn't exist when President Clinton was President.Something about this birthday party screams danger.I'm mad for it. In fact, I'll take a photo now and tweet of of you crazy people.We are on TV. I must admit if anyone - if people tweet food or too many babies, I unhollow.I do tweet babies. Have you unfollowed me.He's getting rid of you.I'm nearly there. Let's take a break before this ends in tears.Are you a big fan of The Project, want to get in on the conversation. What if I told you that you can from the very best seat in the house. For one week we are reserving a chair behind the desk for people like you to become a co-host of The Project. We are teaming up with Sydney's 101.7, WAFM, meb's Gold 91.3. Adelaide's Mix 102.3FM. And Perth's 96. FM to find the best of the best to join me, Carrie and Dave. Enter on the website. Who knows - this spot could soon be filled What are you doing right now?

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You're back with The Project. A 6- year-old Sydney boy has been hailed a hero for helping to save his father's life after his dad Tony collapsed. Mitchell's mum was out at the time but remembered to call Triple

And Scott r the man with possibly the dirtiest pair of jeans in Australia. In a bid to raise money for Jeans for Genes Day, math Matthew Scott has been wearing the same pair of denim for 300 days straight without watching them.I'm glad it wasn't Jocks for Genes Day. How often do you wash your jeans.I wash them after every wear.I wash mine after four to five wears.I don't think it has to be that regular. I think once a month. I have a lot of jeans on rotation at any one time.Do you know you can put them in the freezer - I never have.I'm so glad you said that. It makes me look less disgusting. Remember the Qantas flight with all the gastro kids that we spoke about on the show. You were probably wondering who was on board the flight to aid and assist the gastro kids. There were lots of nurse, doctors and priests on board. Because of World Youth Day, there was heeches of people on board able to help.Thank god -- heaps of people on board able to help. Thank god the priests were there for the kids with the spiny heads.You need an old and young priest.The gastro victims were back. And how was it? Were there enough facilities for everyone?Towards the end, no.You want to remember it, do you?A little bit, yes.Sending the last - spending the last few hours with friends. It was a puke-fest.What did you think when you were wheeled away from the bed.It was gastrotastic.He's a sick-half-bag- full kind of a guy. To a beautiful story. Living, working side by side bonds between police dogs and their handlers are close. Tonight we'll meet a partnership whose exploits are stuff of Legend fltdMax saved my bacon on more than one aigs. There's been times I physically grabbed and kissed -- occasion. There's been times I grabbed and kissed him on the nose. As far as crime fighters go, they were great. Jerry and Max.I remember a family - the impacts that you have.Matt met his canine colleague when he was a colleague. He kept his dog at home. A 50 kilo animal may not be the perfect family pet with two young kids around. They saw his softer side.A critical incident dog taking on the toughest people in Australia, and flops on to his bag for the kids to scratch his tummy.Matt underwent a lot of training learning how to track. The pair helped out in countless merm sis - among the biggest a -- emergencies, among the biggest a crowd laying siege to a store, smashing windows.Sometimes it's a bit like Lotto - no-one wants to play up, no-one wants to be the first to see if the police dog bites them.The pair were the go-to team, getting flown to citkal incidents involving some of Victoria's worst -- critical incidents, involving some. Vic's worst criminals - murderers, rapists and violent offenders were tracked and cornered. After six years old, after confronting physical challenges most jobs would never dream of, Matt's age started to show. Matt made the decision to retire him - a well-earned rest after a lifetime of public service. Matt then teamed up with Actil.I brought a dog home. He would not leave Matai lone. You could see Matt rolling his eyes saying "How long would this go on for. In the end Matt rolled over and let the dog crawl over him.Six years on the beat had taken his toll. With Matt's health failing him, the difficult decision was made that Matt had to be put down. As the news filtered out thousands of people he helped contacted Matt to pay respects to this canine partner. The messics I got from people I - people I don't know, people that apparently had contact with, that I had contact with, and we caught a burglar or found a relative. An outpouring of messages. That made me realise there's a lot of good out there.He'll never be forgotten. Now that Axel is trained up and raring to go, Matt is looking forward to hitting the streets with a new partner, and with a decade of memories of the one he had to let go.They all have their own personalalities and their own thing that can annoy the hell out of you. But the good far outweighs bad dogs. That relationship between working dogs and handlers is remarkable stuff. We'll take a break. Back in a

This is the Australian
Government's message for anyone associated
with people smuggling. People who have recently arrived
by boat have now been sent to
Papua New Guinea. They will not be settled
in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee
is now worthless. It's buying a ticket
to another country. Tell your family and friends - the rules have changed. For more information, visit:

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back everyone.It's time to meet our next, next guest. Australia has always had a vibrant and healthy horror movie market. Watch out for the giant Eagle old timer. And along the way amassed a huge fan base.It's a true undiscovered gem that is begging to be rediscovered.From the Ereie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' through to 'Wolf Creek' there's something terrifying about the Australian film-makers, used to film-makers advantage. Now comes horror comedy '100 Bloody Acres' about a couple of brothers living on the land working in the fertiliser business. They supply blood and bonts to locals, using not -- bones to locals, using not so traditional ingredients. Please welcome Damon Herriman. I won't beat around the bush - this is gruesome, it's a slasher film, but you are adorable. It's nice that you play nice/crazy. That was the appeal of the script. It's the way the guy, the Cannes brothers twisted the horror convention, making it funny, rather than scary, the characters are fleshed out. There's a charming romance story and the killers' motivations are they are not doing it for the fun of it, but economic necessity.It makes sense. You do it beautifully. You are a busy man in the States. You tend to play in the States, crazy kind of characters. There's a reason for that, isn't there?Well, I don't know, what is the reason? Are you suggesting I'm insane?I see what you're saying. I spent the first part of my career here playing nice gays with glasses from 'The Big Steel' to 'Love My Way' I was the same guy in different glasses. Then I got to play a role in Queensland, a creepy, disgusting guy - there he is. That made it a lot easier to play psychos, and killers, and rednecks, which are admittedly a lot more fun. Now, you made a film filmed on a property in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. It was own by an old lady. Did she know what she was in for?I don't think she really knew. She didn't turn up to the set too often. She stayed in the house. She seemed to only turn up on the days we shot something gruesome. There'd be a lovely funny romantic scene that Anna and I would have - she was never there. The next day someone would hang by their angles over a meat grinder, and you'd turn around and, of course, she'd be sitting by the video monitors with a Cup of tea.Did she say "You don't do it like that?"You were in J Edgar, it was a favourite movie of mine. Working with Eastwood, was that terrifying.Just by virtue of the fact na Clint Eastwood is standing in the room in front of you is intimidating. But he's a lovely guy, calm, quiet. For me I was scared because going into the role - I played a German character - the kidnapper of the Lindberg baby. I spoke to someone in production before shooting and they said "You are German, aren't you?" I said "No, I'm Australian", they said "You come from a German background." I said "No". "You speak German in" I was lake "Yar". They said "Really, Clint thinks your German, if it comes up on step, please don't deny that you're German. For the first couple of days of shooting I spoke with a half kind of Australian bad German accent to I didn't get caught out.'100 Bloody Acres' is in sin mos now. Please thank Damon Herriman. Whelm -- cinemas. Please, thank Damon Herriman. Now we'll take a break, don't go anywhere. 'Toddlers and Tyaras' coming down under. Kirsty's battle. And we are joined by Matt Lucas. The star of 'The Social Network' and What are you doing right now?

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Metro. Coxy in Brisbane.This weekend in Brisbane we are going back to the 1950s, the Greazefest - it has everything you can ask for - hot rods, awesome music, and the dancers. Check it out. Very good. And let's not forget the 1950s cars. Over here ladies. Check it out on the web site.Adelaide, now and Jodie Oddy. G'day.Hi, I'm at the mall for the opening night of the Sala Festival. That's South Australian Living Artists. It's the artists that are still living. 500 events over three weeks. It's a culture thing, if it's not your thing, the final showdown between the Power and the Crows. Go along and be a bogan, if you like.And Angus Houghson, what do you have for us.Tally-ho. I'm in the Avon Descent -- I'm in the Avon River for the Avon Descent. How many times have you done this? 41 times. I'm told that as the boats cross the finish line, Kevin Rudd will be here to usher them off to PNG. Melbourne is next with Mel Buttle waiting. Hi.Hello. I'm at the Melbourne International film festival, here for the world premier of 'These Final Hours' and I've been joined by Nathan Phillips, the star of the film. Are you after a slightly dumpy nerd girl to sit next to you at the screening tonight? Yes, really excited to see the film.Who are you going to sit next to.Love the weather. It's been good.Someone is missing out on a chock top and a pash. Sorry, Nathan. Finally to Sydney and Ant Simpson.Hello. This Sunday it's the fun run. A great fun run. It's a 7km run or walk. And the best thing is you can run with your dog. I don't have one, last year I ran my goldfish - it didn't go well. It's a great event. All the proseds go to Canteen. Are you excited about the fun run. I can't wait. Kids and animals, what could you want. Thanks, guys. Thank you to all the whipers. Have a great weekend everyone. A bit of feedback. We asked you what should be call bikies about bikes.Here is one answer s sir".What do you have on this weekend.I have a birthday party for my 2-year-old, happy birthday, kiss, mummy loves you. What do you do.There's two themes. The theme for him is Toy Story. The theme for us is pastry. There'll be a lot of baked goods - none of which I have made myself.Does alcohol come into it?Are you joking. I haven't had a drink in five years, you have to be match kid, three kids under four.Gorgi. I have got a lot of gardening planned for this weekend which is really uninteresting.Are you 65? It's not an age-determined sport. Tell them about your bulbs.Mind out of the gutter.What about your bulbs.I'm so excited by my bulbs,

SONG: # Don't need no invitation
'Cause you know where I am... #

AMANDA: Tonight on The Living Room

Chris finds the fun in the
world's fastest-growing fun run.

It gets to the point where actually,
you can't see.

A recipe for
a quick and easy variation

of a classic Italian pasta dish.

All of your questions
about cooking pasta

answered with the pasta master.

And world-famous clutter expert
Peter Walsh

brings order back
into a young couple's life.

Let's choose one pair.
I can't do it.

It's too overwhelming.


Good evening.

Hello and welcome
to The Living Room.

Gentlemen, a pleasure as always.

Your pleasure, that is, obviously.

Chris, that story - it looks messy.

I know I sound like someone's mother
but it looks messy.

Can you please relax?
Can I relax?

There was soaking,
there were detergents,

there was hot water, cold water,
everything. It's all come out.

Is it going to be OK?
It'll be fine.

Alright. Well,
we'll get to that story shortly.

But first, Barry, this week
you were called in to help a couple

who were, I guess, desperate.

They were.

I mean, these guys, John and Cindee,

their life has
been taken over by clutter.

But luckily, I'm friends with
Peter Walsh, you know that,

and he is the universe's expert
in de-clutter.

BARRY: DJ Cindee and IT manager
John have been together for 13 years

and in this two-bedroom flat for 10.

But lately their relationship
has been pushed to breaking point

because of a mounting problem.

I think the apartment
has gone out of control.

There's too many things
and not enough storage.

I actually have no idea
what's in this pile.

We've just lost organisation.

But a mess like this
doesn't happen overnight.

There's usually
an underlying issue.

Now that was the case for Cindee.

She once had
a glittering career as a DJ

until a nasty incident
changed her life and her home.

Eight years ago Cindee
was attacked and assaulted.

Now she is fearful of being outside
and has retreated to the apartment

and uses her clutter for comfort.

I feel very frustrated in myself

for allowing me
to get to this point.

Cindee and John need help.

But they have no idea
where to begin.

Where would you start?

And I know just the man for the job.

He's the organising guru
that has taken the US by storm.

He's helped hundreds of families
get their lives back by letting go.

But is he ready for this?

When you first walk in
I can see a young couple.

But the further in you go to
the apartment, the more clutter,

the more I feel like
I'm being strangled.

OK. So what are we gonna do?

Well, my team is ready
with a whole stack of great ideas

and keen to work.

But you've got a mountain of things
to do before we can get started,

You know, small space, young couple,
a challenge I love.

I'm into it.
OK. Take it easy.


Cindee. Peter.

Great to meet you.
John, great to meet you.

You look a little nervous.
Are you OK?

Yeah. I'm all good.
I think I'm all good.

Take a deep breath.

This is all good.

Before I find out what John
and Cindee want from their space

I need to know
how it's affecting them now.

So I want you to tell me,
don't speak for a second...

..I just want you to open your eyes
and look around...

..and tell me not what you see
but what you feel.

OK? So are you ready?

Just look around now.

I feel really distressed.

Tell me why you feel distress.

Tell me what's happening.

I just basically can't grasp
how I could get...

..allow myself to get to this place.

Stop, stop, stop.

Come back to you right now.

I feel distressed.

Tell me why.

I feel I can't change things.


I don't have much time here
with you guys.

And already I've been here less than
five minutes and both of you...

the emotion is like heat.

Your turn.

OK. What else?

I guess unhappiness as to why it
has gotten to this stage.


Seriously, it is amazing
how the stuff,

the power of the stuff
just wells up in you.

I feel embarrassed.

And let down within myself that
I allow myself to get to this stage.