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This program is captioned live. Good afternoon. The Rudd Government's economic update has revealed massive revenue shortfalls in the Federal Budget. Unemployment is expected to rise and the Opposition says the budget is now in freefall. For the details, let's cross to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Kerrie, talk us through the numbers.The numbers show a much worse budget position than just three months ago. Basically over the next four years, the government will have $33 billion left than it wood and the budget deficit for this year has learnt out from $18 billion, forecast when the budget was handed down in May, to $30 million. The Treasurer has backed away from labour's commitment to balance the budget in 2015-2016 is still promising surplus the year after that. We can expect to see unemployment rise to over 6% next year, before coming back down to 5%. Despite huge revenue falls, the economy is still growing. But growth has slowed to 2.5%. Also today, the Treasurer revealed it will cost $1.1 billion to process and relocate asylum seekers in Papua New Guinea.With this deterioration in the budget, as the government actually found any money to fill this whole?To help get that surplus in 2016-2017, the government has found over 17 billion dollars in savings. It is increasing the tax on cigarettes. It is also cracking down on fringe benefit tax evasions. Today revealed it will make a further half $1 billion to changes in unclaimed superannuation and the public service will be forced to tighten its belt further.All of these savings measures come with no reductions in family payments or pensions. No reductions in school complements or reductions in the age pension. No change to family or pension payments.The Opposition has trashed the budget and says the government is losing control of the economy. Here is Joe Hockey.Labour has lost control of the budget and is losing control of the economy. It's the same old Labor and same Kevin Rudd.Now that the budget update has been handed down, there's plenty of speculation that the PM is planning to call an election this weekend for September seven but it is all just speculation at this stage. Thank you. $$WHITE $$NEWLINE Melbourne detectives say a mother, who was murdered in her Pakenham home, may have been the victim of a bungled robbery. For more, let's go live to Laura Turner in Melbourne. What's the latest on the police investigation?Good afternoon. Police have described this as baffling but also an obviously shocking case. The mother was found deceased in her home yesterday afternoon. She was discovered by her twin daughters. 11-year-old girls. They found their mother yesterday afternoon and called for help. But, unfortunately, the 42-year-old woman was not able to be revived. Lisa is a she suffered violent injuries and also said there were no signs of forced entry. But a garage door was open. We are appealing for anyone who may have seen suspicious activity or think they can help. Somebody actually knows what happened and we would be appealing to that person or persons to contact police.A very sad story, particularly for those kids. The woman was described as a loving mother and wife. How is the local community coping?It's a suburban street here. It is full of young families, many who know each other well and some who became very involved in the aftermath here. Children as well. There's a lot of trauma suffered on the street today and a lot of shock. She has been described and the family has been described as a loving and normal family, will always have the best of intentions. There's aftershock and disbelief here this afternoon. Everybody can't believe it happened. And so close to home. It's just... It's hard to imagine. Until I know the circumstances, I'm not going to feel very peaceful here.Police are looking into whether this was a humble rivalry and whether she actually interrupted an intruder into her home. -- bungled robbery. There are looking at any other robberies in recent times to see if there are links. They are looking for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious yesterday in Pakenham to contact crimestoppers. Thank you. We have obtained the never before police interview with the Queensland mother, accused of murdering her two children. The twins, less than 18 months old, died of malnourishment in 2008 and their bodies were left for one week before police found them. The court heard the mother suffered from depression and the father, although living in the home, had barely any contact with his children. Queensland viewers can see this. We in the news tonight at 6pm. $$WHITE $$NEWLINE Violent rapist and kidnapper Ariel Castro has been sentenced to life in jail, for holding three women captive as sex slaves, for more than a decade. Correspondent Denham Hitchcock has more from Los Angeles. Michelle Knight spoke in court today. Only one of the three girls who was held captive and the only one able to face this man in court. It was the first time she faced him since the ordeal. There were many deep rats and a few cheers. But, as she said, it was liberating to be heard. -- many deep breaths. They were held for 10 years. Michelle Knight beating the man who caused her so much pain. I spent 11 years in hell.

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just beginning. And we got new details of their ordeal. The chains and restraints in the bedrooms and bathroom. Used to hold the girls against their will. Police heard how the first goal was captured. Ariel Castro ruled her into the house with promises of a puppy. She would be imprisoned there for more than one decade.Punching her in the stomach, jumping up and down on her.It was also a chance Ariel Castro to talk. He was full of self-pity and denial. Hard to watch. He blamed the victims and FBI. It wasn't his fault. I am not a monster.I am sick.The judge wasn't having any of it, handing out the maximum sentence for every one of the 931 charges.It's a sentencing amounting to 1000 years in prison will stop life in jail plus 1000 years.I will live on but you will die a little every day. Just a further note to show how delusional the man is, police revealed that in conversations with him he broke down into years when he was told his house would be torn down, because for him it held so many happy memories. Unfortunately he will have a lifetime in prison to work out how wrong he is. The Sydney man who killed truck driver Bob Knight with a stray bullet during a part -- car park gunfight has finally admitted to pulling the trigger. For more, we can go to Simon Bouda. And he has apologised to Bob Knight's children?It has been an extraordinary turn of events in Sydney. Mahmoud Mariam was appealing against his sentence. He said it was too heavy. He was sentenced to five years and nine months for manslaughter. At the same time, the DPP was appealing against the leniency of the sentence. In the back of the court were Bob Knight's children. They listened to the arguments and then an extraordinary twist. Mahmoud Mariam hit the witness box and was given the opportunity to apologise to the family or what he had caused. He admitted the killing and apologised, saying he was shattered and is devastated. Outside court, Bob Knight's family said they did not believe what he had to say.He was asked numerous times, what do you mean remorseful? He asked, what do you mean? How do I be remorseful? As remember, Op night was the truck driver who was shot by the stray bullet four years ago. -- Bob Knight. The court has now reserved their decision, whether or not they will accept either a appeal. E bit the appeal against Li -- leniency. Tackling pirates and searching for terrorists are just too duties that allowed this very prestigious award. The accolade was received in Sydney after more than six months at deep. There is a sense of enthusiasm, the sensed a complete everything they were asked to do. -- months at sea.I am filled with pride and I have two holes onto my emotions. So that I'm not carried away. -- hold onto.The crew are now in charge of a new ship

three South American coatis are providing quite an attraction at Adelaide zoo. They were a little bit shy at first but they are now settling into their new homes.Their neighbours across the road are the lines so they are quiet. They have flourished.The girls also have a nose for fine perfume. A treat from their keepers. Still ahead - the Qantas flight from hell. 13 hours, eight toilets and 26 passengers with gastro. This program is not captioned. Imagine yourself in a kitchen that
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welcome back. 16 Melbourne students, who suffered a violent bout of gastro during a Qantas flight from Chile, have today been released from hospital. Nine's Chloe Bugelly has more. It has been described as the flight from hell. 26 passengers onboard the flight struck down with severe gas/ during the 13 hour work churning. -- gastro. Many of them were attending world youth Day festivities. Throughout the flight they experienced symptoms including vomiting and diarrhoea. There were only 10 toilets onboard, so it was a very uncomfortable journey. In fact, three of the students were so sick, they had to be carried off the plane. There were met by paramedics on the tarmac at Sydney airport yesterday afternoon. Nine students were treated at a hospital in Sydney. Those who were discharged this morning say it was pretty awful, after a fantastic two week trip.It was very uncomfortable. But we are here now, that's all that matters.We just took their blood pressure to see if they were severely -- dehydrated.Qantas says the students were showing symptoms since they boarded the aircraft. That has now been taken to quarantine and disinfected. They also told other passengers on the plane to keep a close eye on their health over the next 40 hours or so. Meanwhile, the students who have been discharged are expected to arrive in Melbourne this afternoon. No doubt they will be received to finally get home.

To Melbourne now where a notorious bridge has claimed another four-wheeled victim, not once but twice. After being freed from his predicament, the driver decided to make another daring moving, becoming stuck under a second bridge. All he could do was inspect the flat tyre and ask for another push.

Just watch the fun begin. Where this kid in question is a baby Asian elephant, weighing 150kg, it gets a bit hard to squeeze all of you in the pool. Belle is just three weeks old and was born at the Fort Worth Zoo in Texas. She is very cute. But a little unsteady on her feet. But that doesn't matter when you can simply lie down in the pool on a hot day. Plenty more ahead on Nine's Afternoon News, including the disturbing twist in a horror Darwin crash. Police swoop on a bikie clubhouse across Sydney. And it's nearly showtime for the cute and cut the animals at the Ekka. Right now though. Here's a

Tonight on Nine News - a bizarre twist in the case of a woman stabbed in the street at Westmead. The winners and losers of Kevin Rudd's mini-Budget - and what it means for your family. Chilling new photos from inside the home where Arial Castro held three women captive for more than a decade. The 6-year-old from Prospect whose 000 call saved his Dad's life. And James Magnussen's moment of redemption - we'll tell you who he credits with his success.And some of my toughest times, when I was doubting myself, they were the ones that sort of kept me going. So, you know, I owe it all to them.Stay up to date through the afternoon on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: You know that little
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This program is not captioned. Four people are dead, including two children, following two separate tragedies in Darwin. Welcome back. Live to our reporter who's in our Darwin newsroom. Let's first talk about the car crash. What can you tell us?It happened earlier this morning in Darwin's rural area. Two children, both aged under five, died at the scene. Their mother was treated but died later in hospital. A man in the car and another child were injured but survived. The small car hit a power pole. There weren't any other vehicles involved and it happened on a straight stretch of road. Police are still trying to work out the cause.It's very early in the investigation. We are still assessing that but we can confirm there is only one vehicle involved. There were not any child restraint in the vehicle. That will be a key area for the investigation.Coincidentally, Darwin police are investigating a fatal stabbing in the city?Yes. This happened on mutual street, the main street. It happened in front of drinkers. It was in front of one of the most popular hotels in town, apparently a domestic dispute. In 19 involved woman is alleged to have pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed 35 you old man in the back up to three times. He was worked on by paramedics but was pronounced dead when he arrived at hospital. It has been a tragic 24 hours in Darwin at a very busy time of the year for the tourist season.Thank you so much. It came without warning. Police raided three bikie clubhouse is in Sydney this week, shutting them down as part of a crackdown on games. Officers swooped on a clubhouse in the cities south and two Hells Angel premises in Annandale and Haymarket. Documents were seized. The first animals have arrived at the Queensland Echo, just in time for showtime. 110 pregnant sheep were packed into the nursery this afternoon and two baby lambs.It looks like we have had twins that have arrived from Texas.The sheep are all expected to give birth over the course of the Brisbane show. For the British Government, it's a matter of both Pride & Prejudice, as it moves to stop American singer Kelly Clarkson from leaving the country with a ring that once belonged to Jane Austen. Clarkson bought the gold and turquoise ring at auction for more than $256,000. Faced with the export ban, Clarkson, with very little persuasion, showed both sense and sensibility by offering to resell the ring to a British citizen.

Still to come: We live in Canberra with the full details of the mini budget and what it means for you. Also, the bizarre twist as police hunt a Sydney killer. And the search for a stall in Victorian cockatoo. You won't believe where he was found. And James Magnussen ballistic Good afternoon, Greens Senate Candidate, Simon Sheikh, says Liber mon Sheikh, says a Liber Candidate, Simon Sheikh, says a Liberal dirt unit is it is responsible
Liberal dirt unit is responsible for "ge
claims he' s still involved with co
"get Up." A Canberra family wins a competition for the coldest the coldest house
competition for the coldest house in the ACT, the prize a makeover to provide some heating. And a sea blvide some heating. And a sea of bl provide some heating. And a sea of blue and gold this morning as Brumbied gold this morning as Brumbies fans head to New Zealand for the Super Rugby final. Jor the Super Rugby final. Kerryn Joh Johnston
for the Super Rugby final. Kerryn Johnston has the details in the N tails in the WIN N Johnston has the details in the WIN News hour, This program is not captioned.

Your with our afternoon news hour. It's been a turbulent 12 months for James Magnussen, who missed out on gold at the Olympic Games and became embroiled in a still knocks scandal that threatened his career. But overnight the man they call the missile was back on track and successfully defended his 100 meter freestyle world title in Barcelona. It was the race we have all been waiting for an James Magnussen arrived ready to deliver. After a horror year that included that unexpected silver at the Olympics, the Stilnox saga, and all of the dramas in the Australian swimming team, there were questions over whether he was physically and mentally up for the challenge. He came here today wanting to prove he was still capable of winning.It's funny, it's a little bit surreal. A little bit of really. I was also really tired from the race. I'm not a very emotional person, but that race definitely brought it out in May.He said after the race the overwhelming emotion was relief, and this medal was as much a reward for those that have supported him as it was for the hard work.I just wanted to have fun with it after the Olympics. It's been a pretty stressful time. That's behind me now and I'm really looking forward to the next few years and Rio.This will surely boost the Australian team, but newcomer Cameron was a big surprise, coming in fourth behind his teammate, he will surely give Magnusson a run for his money going into Rio.I just wanted to soak up the atmosphere. Looking at the splits and on the last lap, I can't believe it, so much of a shock but it's awesome. I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Also successful the girls, Bronte Barrett, Kylie Palmer, Britney Arms Lee and Alicia Coutts took out the silver in the women's four x 200 m relay. So, another great day at the pool for the Aussies, our medal tally is now at eight, more to come with Cate Campbell in the 100 meter freestyle tomorrow hopefully. Here's what's making news right now. The budget black hole. The government forecasts a deficit blowout to $30 billion. Police search for the killer of a Melbourne mother found dead after a suspected bungled robbery. And a Sydney woman knifed in the chest. Police fear it may have been a targeted attack. Let's return to our top story and Treasurer Chris Bowen's budget update paints a bleak economic picture compared with just three months ago. The deficit for this year has blown out by $12 billion since the federal budget was handed down in May. We can go to Kerry Yaxley in Canberra. Not good numbers for the government, so why has it revealed them so close to an election?Good question. Governments don't normally raise taxes just before elections, but perhaps it is a preemptive move before the Treasury releases its numbers during an election campaign, which is called the preelection fiscal outlook. It's a risky strategy, if we look at some

It's a risky strategy, if we look
at some

at some of

at some of the

at some of the main

at some of the main figures,

at some of the main figures, it shows the government will have $33 billion less in revenue for the next four years than it thought it would. And the budget deficit for this year has increased by $12 billion since former Treasurer Wayne Swan handed down the budget in May. Chris Bowen is still promising surplus in 2016/17. He said he can get the budget back in the black by $4 billion then. According to these numbers, more Australians will find themselves out of work in the coming years. Unemployment is expected to rise to over 6% before coming back down.

over 6% before coming back down. It makes the task of balancing the books harder as the government 's PNG solution for asylum seekers is going to cost $1.1 billion over the next four years.Because of that blowout the government has also had to make savings, they are claiming $17.4 billion. Where's that coming from?We already know about an increase in tobacco taxes, a levy on deposits in banking also is a factor. They will make changes to the foreign aid budget as well. It will make $500 million through changes to unclaimed superannuation and the public service will be forced to tighten its belt across the board. Let's listen to Chris Bowen and then Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey's reaction to the update. All of these savings measures come with no reductions of family pavements or pensions. No reduction in the age pension, no change to family or pension payments.Labor has lost control of the budget, and it is losing control of the economy.

has done all that he wanted to do before calling an election. We will have to wait and see whether he pays a visit to the Governor general to ask for an election. Ready for the residents in the Melbourne suburb of Packenham are in shock as homicide police investigate the death of a mother inside her home. We can go to Laura Turner in Melbourne. The police say this could have been a robbery gone horribly wrong.Good afternoon. That's right. They are looking into that at the moment. These are shocking circumstances. Yesterday afternoon, Kylie Blackwood, a 42-year-old mother of three, may have interrupted an intruder in her home, and that is when she died yesterday. Her two children, twin daughters, 11-year-old girls, have come home from school to discover her mother deceased in the couch on -- on the couch in their home. They tried to get help but she could not be revived unfortunately.Appealing for anyone that may have seen suspicious activity or think that they may be able to help to contact us. Somebody knows what happened and we will appeal to them to contact police.Laura, this would be a pretty stressful time for locals and neighbours. How are they coping?Absolutely. This is a well-known and well-respected family in the area in Packenham. She's a very well-known and very liked woman as well. Neighbours here have only said good things about her, they speak very highly of this family. Her husband, Peter Blackwood, is a well-known real estate agent. All of the neighbours know this family. They are young families in this street. Some of those were actually involved in the aftermath here yesterday afternoon. A lot of trauma is being suffered here at the moment. A lot of people trying to get over the shock of exactly what happened here yesterday.Everybody can't believe it's happened so close to home. It's just... It's just hard to imagine it.Until I know the circumstances I'm not going to feel very peaceful here I don't think. ... Other robberies in the area recently and they are asking for anyone who knows anything to contact crimestoppers.If you're in Melbourne, Laura Turner will have the latest developments on that story at 6pm. A woman remains in a serious condition in hospital after being stabbed in the chest in Sydney 's south last night. Matt Snelson is on the scene. There's suggestions this may not have been a random attack?That's right. Police have been fairly tightlipped today but there's no doubt this is a bizarre twist. Mrs Patel is very lucky to survive this attack. She was walking down this footpath last night when she was stabbed in the chest. Locals heard the noise, called police and she was raised to hospital. They had been assisting police with their enquiries into a stabbing murder of a young woman in Sydney 's south on Tuesday morning at an apartment. Our cameras actually captured her at the scene on that day. She arrived here yesterday to stay with her friend, she went up to the shops and came back down and she was stabbed 20m or so from the friends door. There is no information about her attacker. Police have been talking with locals today hoping to get information. And they will no doubt be forensically examining the knife recovered. The homicide squad is continuing their investigations into the stabbing murder of that young woman in Sydney 's south earlier on this week. Absolutely bizarre twist today.Thank you. If you're in Sydney Matt Snelson will have the latest on that story at 6pm. Friends of Gold Coast teenager Jerry Dennis have described him as a lovely young man and a dedicated athlete. The 17-year-old Surf Lifesaving ground yesterday touring a routine training exercise. -- Surf lifesaver drowned. Some moving tributes today from his friends and colleagues?Yes. Plenty of tributes on the Gold Coast today. His friends have called him a great guy, a great athlete, and a rising star of Surf Lifesaving. He disappeared under the water during a routine training exercise at a Mermaid Waters canal yesterday afternoon. Residents saw him slip off into the water, they saw him surface once but then he disappeared again and he wasn't seen again. There was a frantic rescue mission but they could not find him. Today tributes have been flowing on social media, as well as the Surf Lifesaving Queensland website, honouring him as a teenager with a great future.He was always a happy kid. He always raced and trained really hard, he was aspiring to be a very good Ayim Man, just a great person.Such a great kid, no bad words were said about him, a quiet man with a great future ahead of him.It will be investigated by police and also Surf Lifesaving 's. They said they believed he may have suffered a medical condition, but much more work needs to be done. Tributes will continue into the weekend. He was meant to be racing over the weekend, so his friends will hold a minutes silence. We have speaking to his dad, who has urged us to say thank you to all his friends for their tireless efforts searching for him yesterday.If you're in Brisbane, you will be able to catch the latest at 6pm. A 7-year-old boy was handed an award today after saving his father 's life. Mitchell Fenech dialled 000 after seeing his dad collapsed from a blood infection at their Sydney home. -- collapse.

The youngster was today given a teddy bear and a certificate for his heroic actions. But most grateful for Mitchell's quick thinking? His dad, Tony. An iconic century-old gum tree inside an upmarket South Australian Tropic -- an upmarket South Australian shopping centre will be chopped down.We didn't realise how much UV light had actually affected it. We put in a misting system, adding some UV lights. But it has not made a difference.B Wood will be recycled to make furniture for the centre. An 82-year-old cockatoo named Robbo has been reunited with his owners after an interstate police search. He was stolen from his home next to the Phillip Island Grand Prix track in Victoria, but was found in a Sydney backyard two months later.People have been telling us all over social media that their visit is in the same if they can't say hello to Robbo.The RSPCA says it is was that it was his colourful language which was the dead giveaway in identifying him. Dougal Beatty will have more tonight at 6pm for Melbourne viewers. Time to check the snow report now, and we can go live to Perisher. Alice, how is it looking? Good afternoon. The snow has finally started to fall here in Perisher. A big drop in the temperature today and dark clouds across the resort. The bureau has said we can expect up to 30cm by Monday. We have everything crossed that that finally happens. They say pack a few extra layers. We expect to open 35 lifts. The Green trails will have the best riding. You can test out conditions up until 9pm tomorrow with night skiing.Thanks very much. Now sport with Tony Jones at Etihad Stadium. .Not far off snowing here I have to say. Coming up after the break, Cricket Australia lodges an official complaint about the umpiring in the third Ashes test, but at least the skipper gave them something to smile about. Also Benji Marshall This program is not captioned.

Michael Clarke has scored a very handy century on day one of the third Ashes test in Manchester, but unfortunately the umpires again have played too big a part. Let's go to Roz Kelly, at Old Trafford. Cricket Australia as a result of the umpiring have put in an official complaint?Tony, this entire Ashes series has been surrounded by controversy involving the umpires and

surrounded by controversy involving
the umpires and the GRS

the umpires and the and

the umpires and the and after

the umpires and the and after play on day one, Cricket Australia asked for an official please explain from cricket's governing body after Usman Khawaja was given out caught behind. He reviewed it, all of the replays supported him but the third umpire still sent him packing. Everyone was left furious. Players are now losing faith in the system.

are now losing faith in the


system.From what

system.From what we

system.From what we saw

system.From what we saw on

system.From what we saw on the replays, even the England guys had given up hope of it being out. It was disappointing, and, you know, another question about the system, I guess.

The man responsible, interesting to note he is the reigning ICC umpire of the year. This really

note he is the reigning ICC umpire
of the year. This really overshadowed what was a dominant day for Australia with the bat. Michael Clarke scored a century, he's 125 not out. Stephen Smith was in a solid partnership with him, he will resume on 70 later today. Chris Rogers made 86. Australia in a very good position at 3- 303. This has really restored morale

This has really restored morale
within the side.


withinIt's huge.

withinIt's huge. We

withinIt's huge. We have

withinIt's huge. We have been under pressure as a batting side and got a lot of pressure. Today we could go out with more freedom and things worked out much better for us.Now, the weather was very hot on day one and it is expected to be the same here on day two. The Aussies and England will be arriving shortly to begin their warmup. All of the action is live tonight.Thanks very much. To rugby league and some big news in rugby league with NSW full-back Josh Dougan re-signing with St George Illawara until the end of 2017. The dragons clearly putting a lot of faith in the bad boy, who was sacked by Canberra earlier this year -- Dragons. Benji Marshall is likely to sign with the the Blues. Benji Marshall was trying to secure his long-term future following his second meeting with the Auckland Blues, one of the biggest names in rugby league is confident he has found a new home.It's looking possible. I will never rule anything out, there's still the chance of playing for the Waratah 's or maybe Japan. If it all works out according to plan, hopefully I end up playing here.One premiership with the Wests Tigers in 2005, a Rugby league World Cup with New Zealand in 2008, and unforgettable bits of brilliance along the way. Benji hasn't been at his best this season, but he hopes to make it as a jewel International.I started playing rugby when I was four, I never played league until I was 16 when I moved to Australia. I played New Zealand under 15 when I was in New Zealand and always wanted to play for the all Blacks.His manager is confident the Benji Brand will thrive with a code switch. To the AFL, and an intriguing match this weekend with GWS up against Melbourne will stop 17th against 18th. GWS hasn't won a game, but they will go in as favourites. Another match to keep an eye on, Hawthorn against Richmond, a top eight encounter.It's going to be another massive test for the Tigers, last week, Sydney, this week, Hawthorn. Finals football is all but guaranteed now for Damian Hardwick's men, but the coach says there's plenty of improvement to come.There's a gap between the top four sides and asked, so we need to eradicate it as quickly as possible. -- and us. We have been around seven out of 10, so we can improve.The last time they met was almost 12 months ago and on that occasion the Tigers upset the Aux by 10 goals, Jack ree volt kicked six, so Alastair Clarkson said that he will get plenty of attention.It will be horses for courses, it depends on where he plays. Auerbach six will look after that.The Saints have gone on to play the macro Lines. By Josh Waters wasn't saying anything today about problems at the club.It would be very misleading for you to lead this conversation down that path. This is isolated.Some good news for the Magpies, with Dale Thomas returning from ankle surgery sooner than expected. He has pencilled in a return in the VFL within a fortnight. The Brumbies should be down here tomorrow night because they are hoping that it is pouring rain for tomorrow night's Super Rugby final. They say it is probably their best chance of stopping the Chiefs. The Brumbies named an absurd -- an unchanged team after beating the Bowls.We have had four time zones in four weeks. That is what your expected to do in sport. Playing at home, the Chiefs in New Zealand, you have got to believe.George Smith says it will be his last ever game of rugby. In the buildup to the soccer World Cup in Rio, things are hopefully not going like clockwork given the official countdown timer has broken at Copacabana Beach. There are actually 313 days to go. Whatever! You know what it's like, Tony. Thanks for joining us. Still to come, Shei
Tonight: Senate Candidate Simon involved
Sheike on claims he' s still involved with Get Up. Seven people and
busted for hooning in an ACT park and Canberra' s coldest house wha coldest house and wha and Canberra' s coldest house and what the owners are doing to fix

what the owners are doing to fix it. This program is not captioned.


Good afternoon.

Good afternoon. A

Good afternoon. A cold Good afternoon. A cold front


crossing over

crossing over the

crossing over the south-east

crossing over the south-east has brought showers to the region, along with strong coastal winds. The rest of the country was fine. In Queensland many parts have been extremely dry in recent times, with almost half of the state now officially in drought. In Sydney, a beautiful Sunrise this morning. Another fine day. Melbourne was windy with a few showers this evening. Tomorrow, a more intense front will move into the south-east producing rain, isolated hail and storms.

storms. Also gale force winds across coastal areas. In the next 24 hours rain can be expected in these areas, heaviest on the Tasmanian West Coast with up to 50mm. In Sydney tomorrow, mostly sunny. Brisbane will be fine and sunny. 23 degrees. Partly cloudy in Canberra. Some afternoon rain in Hobart. In Adelaide, at isolated showers. --

Hobart. In Adelaide, at isolated
showers. --

showers. -- isolated

showers. -- isolated showers.

showers. -- isolated showers. Have a lovely weekend.The same to you.

showers. -- isolated showers. Have
a lovely weekend.The same to you. Let's look at the finance. The warlords finished up by 51 points. -- All Ordinaries.Our

warlords finished up by 51 points.
-- All Ordinaries.Our

-- All Ordinaries.Our next

-- All Ordinaries.Our next major bulletin I'm Ross Greenwood. Have a great weekend.

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Hello, everybody, and welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get straight into the action. I want to give somebody $1 million
tonight. Yes! (CHEERING) Yes, I do. I want somebody to win
the million bucks. Come on, everybody.
Fire up, you six, alright? This is the big chance. This is coaches' talk, OK? Come on, lift!
I want you to fire up! Are you ready to go?
Ready to go. Right. Come on. Let's go.
Are you ready to go? (CHEERING)
Yes! I don't think it helps, but anyway.
It's worth a try. Let's meet our contestants tonight
and they are: James Stephenson is moving to France to become the world's best
one-legged snowboarder. Good on you, mate. Tracey Holm wants to collect coffee
mugs from every state in America. Pauline Zerafa drove
an industrial crane at age 12, but didn't get her driver's licence
till she was 41. Matty Duggan jumped up on stage
at a rap gig and began singing, but he was booed offstage. Boo. At age four, Damien Storer
was bitten by a sideshow monkey at the Loxton Show. And at school, Brian Harvey convinced his class
they had the day off. Only four of them turned up.


James, you ready to go?
Pretty ready, Eddie. Let's do it, pal.

22 years of age, serial traveller. From whereabouts in Queensland
are you? Oh, Wamuran. It's between Brisbane
and the Sunshine Coast. Good on you, mate.
James Stephenson. Now, mate, tell me what happened.
You lost your leg. Yeah, I had a motorbike accident. When was that?
End of 2009. Which leg? I couldn't tell.
Left one. Left one? How far from...?
Just above the knee. Above the knee.
Yep. So you've been getting around
on your prosthetic leg for two years now, have you or...? Three... Yeah, about three. Yeah?
About three years. It doesn't hold you back at all.
Nope. You want to head over...
you're heading to France. In fact, you're heading tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning. Yeah. You put your holiday off
for five days to come on here. Yep. Was leaving last Thursday
and then I got a call. And you're going to go - as you said, you want to be
the best one-legged snowboarder. Is that right?
That would be ideal. Yeah? Well, there's not many of them,
so... Yeah. (LAUGHS) Alright. I reckon it's great.
Good on you, James. More strength to your arm.
What a ripper, everybody. Give him a big round of applause.

I love this. You became best mates with your
mate, Beau, who's up the back there, when you were six years of age. Beau threw a football too hard
at you and broke your finger. Yeah. Yeah? And then what happened?
He came over and felt sorry for you? Well, it was grade six.
Oh, grade six. Yeah. He was too strong
and I went to catch it and just snapped my finger. Just...just... Hey, Beau,
it's a pretty good effort this, what he's done with his leg,
isn't it? Mate, you're not wrong.
Yeah, you could say that again. Alright, buddy. Let's go. We want you to go 15 questions,
win $1 million tonight. You ready to play?
Yes. Let's play Hot Seat. Go.

Come on, James. For 100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

(LAUGHS) I was looking for
Al Pacino, but it's A, al dente. Al dente is locked in. Correct, for $100.

Italian for 'to the tooth', meaning pasta is cooked,
but not too soft. $200.


Um, I'm going to lock in D,
Bilbo Baggins the hobbit. The hobbit is locked in. Bilbo Baggins, correct, for $200.




Well, it's not north to south. Picture the globe, mate.
Which way does it spin? Yeah, it goes that way. I'm actually going to pass.
Pass, pass. Pass. You have to pass
because you've run out of time.