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We are still waiting for the Shadow Treasurer, the Federal Opposition's Joe Hockey to speak to the media shortly. Let's take a look at stories we're following this afternoon. A mining company in the Northern Territory has been fined $150,000 for desecrating an Aboriginal sacred site. Traditional owners were in the Darwin Magistrates Court this morning to see mining company OM Manganese sentenced. The company pleaded guilty to one charge and was found guilty of a second offence. The site was 100 kilometres north of Tennant Creek. The magistrate said the damage to the site was significant. The decision does not relieve the anguish of the custodians who've the custodians who've been left an enduring legacy of a desecrated sacred site. The magistrate said it was important to send a message magistrate that sacred sites must be important to send protected. Northern Territory police say there were no child restraints in a cut killing a woman and two young children. Police say it's not clear whether anyone in the car was wearing a seatbelt. There weren't approved child restraints in the vehicle and that will be a key area for the investigation. A man and a child were in the car. They're being treated in Royal Darwin Hospital for serious injuries. Police say a woman whose body was found in her Melbourne home may have been murdered by burglars. The Homicide Squad is continuing its investigation of the 42-year-old in Pakenham. The woman's body was found by her 11-year-old twin daughters when they arrived home from school. Police are pleading with anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the street or surrounding area to please contact them. A Victorian coroner will consider new evidence about the death of a Volkswagen driver on the Monash freeway. Melissa Ryan was killed in January 2011 when her car appeared to suddenly stop and a truck hit her from behind. Since the inquest, hundreds of VW owners have come forward. We're taking you to Melbourne now where the Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey is speaking after the Government's economic statement. The Treasurer has brought down a new economic statement. It is patently obvious, Labor has lost control of the Budget and it is losing control of the economy. It is the same old Labor and the same old Kevin Rudd. Today the Government announced four new tax hikes and revenue measures. The Budget is in freefall. The Budget has fallen $3 billion a week over the last 10 weeks. Debt is now heading towards 400 billion. Net interest has blown out to $11.5 billion a year. That is the equivalent of 10 new teaching hospitals in Australia every year. But of most concern is the massive deterioration in the jobs market, nearly 800,000 Australians are going to be unemployed. Labor said that their Budget delivered just 10 weeks ago was about jobs and growth. Now we see unemployment rising to nearly 800,000 Australians being unemployed and we see a significant deterioration in economic growth. If this is the state of the Budget before the election, imagine what it's going to look like if going to look like re-elected. We are going to re-elected. find the truth of the find the truth of the Budget numbers only after the election and only after there and only after there is a change of government. Whenever Labor gets in trouble, they tax Australian families. The economic statement focuses on taxes, on bank accounts, taxes on motor vehicles and the fact is Labor can't control expenditure. The simple facts are that at no time in the nine budgeted years of Labor did spending drop below 24.3% of GDP. Now the last year of the Coalition was 23.1% of GDP. This year they are spending $29 billion more than last year and more than the last year of the Howard Government. When it comes to taxes, revenue is now approaching the same level as a percentage of GDP as the last year of the Howard Government. But this year, Labor is collecting still $19 billion more in taxes than last year. And the fact is that we're ending up with more debt. $400 billion and Labor now acknowledges that they will have to break the $300 billion debt cap in the next few months. If Kevin Rudd does not call an election this weekend, he now needs to bring back the Parliament to lift the debt limit of $300 billion, which the Government will break through some time over the next few months. So ladies and gentlemen, what we have under Labor is more deficits, eight in a row. Kevin Rudd said the first one was temporary. We have more debt approaching $400 billion. Labor first said it would never go above $75 billion and they said it would never go above $200 billion. They'd never go above $250 billion, then they said it'd never go above $300 billion, but it's going to break that limit. And we are seeing more taxes. 43 new or increased taxes under Labor. We're seeing more unemployment going to record levels over the last decade. We're seeing the carbon tax continuing to rise until $38 a tonne. What a con job that was from Kevin Rudd a couple of weeks ago when he said he will alleviate the pain for families. He even kept repeating $380 a year. But in this Budget the revenue keeps going up and up and up to $38 a tonne by 2019. The mining tax is still meant to collect $4 billion over the forward estimates, despite the fact they're revising down company tax and capital gains tax. There is a better way and the better way comes with a change of government. Labor has no strategy, the Coalition has a strategy. We are focussed on strong economic growth, we are focussed on job creation. We are focussed on less government spending. Certainly we are focussed on fewer taxes and ultimately what we are focussed on is interpret, 'cause if you lift the tide, all boats will rise and the problem is under Labor, you can see the structural weaknesses which reflect the fact that the Labor Party has lost control of the Budget and it is losing control of the going to ask Andrew to of the Australian economy. I'm going few words going to ask Andrew to few going to ask Andrew to say a
few words and then we can come back for few words and then we can back for some questions. Thanks, Joe. I would like to reflect on this issue of what Labor has sought to do to deal in a structural sense with what is now clearly a Budget emergency. This has been confirmed. We said it ten weeks ago when they brought down the Budget. They poo-pooed what we had to say. It's been confirmed writ large in this statement today. When you look at what they've sought to do, they're faced with an emergency, they've got a Budget in chaos. Their response in a structural sense is just more of the same. It is the same old Labor. It is so flat-footed. They've got no imagination, they've got no understanding of what leavers to pull to get this mess back in control. - lefers. Let me go through some of the repeat hits that they've done. What have they done in a structural sense? They've gone back to the public service efs dividend. They've gone back to visa charges. They've gone back to ripping more of the foreign aid money away and deafering it. They've gone back to unclaimed superannuation. If you've got less than $6,000 in a fund, they'll take it away, thanks very much. They've gone back to cigarette taxes. They've gone and confirmed that Kevin Rudd's carbon tax will go up to $38 a tonne. They've confirmed that in this Budget. They've also added to all of this a tax on savings and wildly optimistic terms of trade. They will not be delivered and so none of these things, all of the things they've done in a structural sense, none of them are going to do anything about confidence. None of them are going to do anything about growth or jobs. These are things that really work against growth and jobs. You add to all of that - so you've done all this structural stuff and now we're also seeing in this Budget statement a return to the Budget statement a the notorious money shuffles. I give you one example. You look at the defence budget in this statement. Ten weeks ago they had scheduled $1 billion spending in 16-17, the surplus year. That's $1 billion that has now been some of it brought forward, $600 million of it and $400 million of it pushed out beyond the forward estimates and surprise, surprise you get a $1 billion saving in 16-17 the surplus year. This is a return to all of the nonsense money shuffles that we've seen over the last couple of years. And if you look at this Budget, 10 weeks ago, the Budget in all of its structural measure s. Come forward 10 weeks till today, 80% of their structural changes, their savings are, in fact, taxes. These are just further hits on families. So we've got a government that has got no idea. There is no strategy, there's no coherent strategy how to deal with the problems that are identified today, the mess that's been identified today. They are leading this economy into the eye of an economic storm. What we're seeing is more debt, more taxes, more unemployment, more broken promises, more deficits and more uncertainty and there's no plan. As they've pointed out, they've flat-footed when it comes to dealing with this issue. There is no plan to get out of this problem. The only party at this election who's got a plan to grow this economy to get us back into the black, to grow jobs and to reduce uncertainty and anxiety is the Coalition. Just before we go to questions, I might just add two more points. Number one, Kevin Rudd sent out a Treasurer on his L-plates today and that became clear when he was blaming China for the massive deterioration in the Budget. The fact is the terms of trade are today and over the forward estimates still higher than at any time under the Coalition. Iron ore prices are higher, coal prices are higher. So the terms of trade are higher and secondly, the Treasurer said " we're in pretty good shape compared to the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to jobs". Australia's unemployment rate is now higher than Austria, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico and Norway. And whilst our unemployment rate is rising, unemployment is actually falling in Canada, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Mexico, the United States and the United Kingdom. So our economy is deteriorating whilst the rest of the world is getting better and we have an L-plate Treasurer and an inconsistent and unpredictable and un reliable Prime Minister in charge of the Australian way. Questions.
economy. There is a better way. Questions.

Well, we are not in a position to start identifying timetables like that. I will not make the same sort of rash promises that the Labor does. I do not believe these numbers. And if this is the best that the Labor Party has, we should all fear the worst. Because it's only going to detierate. If this is what the Labor Party presents on the eve of an election, imagine how bad it is going to be if they're re-elected?

For example, we have said that the public service For example, we have that the public service in gra that the is just too large and we have been is just too large been upfront with the Australian people and been upfront with through natural attrition over the first two years 12,000 will go. The public service is now 20,000 larger than what it was in the last year of the Coalition Government. Are Australians getting better service for that? No. There are a whole lot of new bureaucracies that Kevin Rudd has opened up and built and for example even today in our education statement, we said we're not going to micro manage State schools the way Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard want to under the Gonski proposals. Therefore we will remove some of the bureaucratsy, a large chunk of the bureaucracy of Canberra duplicating the job of the States and secondly Mr Bowen said, "Well, hang on, they're going to get rid of the school kids bonus." The great irony is Labor wants everyone driving a company car to keep 12 weeks of log books to get an FBT entitlement but if you have a child you're going to get money and you don't have to prove anything about it, if money comes in, it doesn't have to be used for education, it can be used for anything you want, no questions asked." That just shows the inconsistent in Labor's approach taxpayers' money. (INAUDIBLE) We will consult with industry sectors, industry in relation to tobacco
but we also want to identify what but we also what some of the underlying assumptions are and we'll be responding in the next few days we'll be responding in the few days in relation to specific measures. Same, we will consult with the industry sector. As I've said previously in relation - this bank tax, it's another classic, the Labor parties's idea of consultation is to tell people what is going to happen a few days or hours before they implement it. That's not our view about consultation, we will go and sit down with all of the affected parties and we'll work it through. We will not have the same knee-jerk reaction to Labor Party announcements in the fashion that they prepare policy. (INAUDIBLE) Ouror our bottom line Dec I've been saying it now for years - the Labor will never deliver a surplus. It's not in their DNA. They don't know how to live within their means and sooner or later Labor is going to run out of taxpayers' money. That's why the debt is now approaching $400 billion. They inherited no net debt. And Labor has delivered over quarter a trill dollars of deficits since Kevin Rudd said the first one would be temporary.

(INAUDIBLE) Our Budget position will always be stronger than Labor's. Look at our record. Ten out of 11 Budgets were surpluses, we paid off $96 billion of Labor debt. We left them with $70 billion in net assets. Today, they've announced that we're approaching $400 million of debt, a massive blow-out in the interest bill associated with that and deficits now as far as the eye could see. Labor will never deliver a surplus. The underlying assumptions in this document are misleading. Because they are going to the mechanical projections in the two out-Lears of the Budget and they are mechanical projections in order deliver a forecast Budget surplus. Now that's ridiculous. The projections look absolutely ridiculous such as, they're expecting a 1.25 fall in employment unemployment in just one year despite no significant increase in employment growthings, or in economic growth or in nominal growth. It's just not real, the numbers aren't real and of course they're not obvious and upfront about the fact that t the carbon tax is going keep going up and up and up and that going up and up even on the forecasts even on associated with Europe today, that is not going to be the that is not going to case, because their Budget is based on case, because based on that assumption. (INAUDIBLE) Every time - look, Labor can barely hold a Budget from year to year let alone from week to week, their numbers keep changing. What we've seen is a $3 billion a week deterioration in the Budget under Labor. They have lost control. Lord knows, if there is a change of Government, lord knows what we're going to inherit but we stand prepared to climb that mountain, we will do it because we have to. Someone has to do the heavy lifting to gets the economy back on the rails and we stand prepared to do it. (INAUDIBLE) You'll see all of our promises and all of our costings prior to the election and after the publication of FFA. Sorry...Any responsibilities, this
Government Sorry...Any deregulation
responsibilities, Government despite promising for any new regulation they brought Government despite brought in they would remove one, have now had a net increase of just over 20,000 new regulations. Australia for the first time in our history now has sovereign risk as identified with Australia. This is killing so much business confidence, it's killing consumer confidence. People are anxious about it. That's why they're saving 10% of their disposable income when historically we save 1 or 2%. They are eating away not just with their loss of control of spending but the way in which they've sought to regulate and regulate

regulate and regulate... (PROBLEM WITH SOUND)

...We saw the Treasurer embarrassed when he was asked a question how do we go from 2.5% growth, 3, how do we go from 6.25% unemployment to the predicted 5% in one year, he had no answer, he do not have a feel for the economy, they know that they have killed confidence, killed investment, killed interest by foreign investors and there's absolutely no plan in this Budget that this Government's got to address any of those issues. There's so much that we can do to fire up this place. can We see this clearly as a breakdown $3 billion a week I don't know rating agencies will make their own assessment but we've got - they'll make their own assessment, what we have to do - we are putting ourselves up as the alternative Government. Our assessment is that if a Budget in 10 weeks is detary yat at the welcome of $3 billion a week in our view it is out of control. We have to live the consequence of whatever we might inherit if we get the privilege of Government. We know that if business sees a Budget committee tierating at the that rate they will not put up with that, confidence will not be restored if we don't deal with that. That's why we call it a Budget emergency and it most certainly is, thank you.

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Welcome to 'Australia Votes'. I'm Lyndal Curtis. Tonight - slower growth, higher unemployment and bigger deficits - the Government releases its economic statement, raising taxes and cutting the public service. We'll talk to the Opposition and to the Public Sector Union about the statement. Also tonight News exchange Votes with Matt Cargill.Ahead on NX Votes, we'll have web reaction to the Federal Government's economic statement, and from changes,
asylum policy to leadership changes, the challenge of reporting Australian politics for a global audience. That leads us to our question today:

Let us know your It's back to 'Capital Hill' in a moment. First here is Kumi Taguchi with a cheb of the news headlines.Thanks, Matt. Homicide Squad detectives in Victoria have described the murder of a mother at Pakenham south-east of Melbourne as a particularly horrific crime. The body of the 42-year-old woman was found by her 11-year-old twin daughters when they returned home from school yesterday. Police believe their mother may have been murdered by burglars. Police want to speak to anyone noticed any speak to anyone who may behaviour in the area in the last speak to anyone who may have
noticed any last few days. behaviour in the area in the last few days. A Victorian coroner will consider new evidence about the death evidence about the death of a Volkswagen driver on the Monash Volkswagen Freeway. Melissa Ryan was
killed in January 2011 when her car appeared to car appeared to suddenly stop and a truck hit her from behind. Since the inquest, hundreds of Volkswagen drivers have come forward describing instances where their cars have suddenly lost power. The coroner was meant to hand down her findings two days ago, but has decided to accept new evidence.Volkswagen for its part says it can't comment while the coroner is looking at this extra submission, and while the inquest continues. So they're not saying anything. It has been difficult to get anything out of the Department of Infrastructure and transport as well. They put out a call that if people had concerns or issues to get in touch with the department and let them know. We don't know how many people have got in touch with the department, they won't tell us, but it is hoped that there will be a finding into Melissa Ryan's death by the end of the year and I'm told by the family's lawyer it has been a very traumatic and lengthy process, gathering some 300 pieces of evidence together from other Volkswagen drivers who have experienced power loss.Shrivers are receiving counselling after the drowning death of a teenaged competitor on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon. 17-year-old Jerry Dennis was training in Mermaid Waters canal when he came off his paddle board and disappeared under water. Northcliffe club says the death is being felt very deeply they have a number of
counselors counselors on board .The chief executive of omt. OM Holdings has apologised to traditional owners for the damage caused to a sacred site. Om Manganese was sentenced and the company pleaded guilty to one charge of desecrating a sacred site and was found guilty of a second offence. Om Manganese was charged over the desecration of a site 100km north of Tennant Creek. The magistrate said the damage to the site was significant and was fined $150,000.However, the decision does not relieve the anguish of a devastated sacred site.The magistrate said it was important to send a message to mining companies that sacred sites must be protected. The Chamber of Commerce says a proposed casino and resort to be built in Far North Queensland will have significant economic benefits for the region. Of the State Government has approved the project. The proposal at Yorkeys Knob includes nine luxury hotels, an 18-hole golf course and a 25,000-seat sports stadium.I spoke to a resident at Yorkeys Knob recently. They are very concerned that this is on a flood plain, that it is a mangrove habitat, that it's a breeding ground, a hatchery for fish, and they're concerned that the resort is intended to bring people to see the natural wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and that this will have a direct impact on the reef. The developer has said that he would like to see the approvals done by mid-2014 and have the construction completed by 2018, but it does have to go through a long process T has been declared a coordinated project by the Queensland Government which means the process is streamlined because of the economic benefits proposed in this project, some 25,000 jobs indirectly at the end, but the next stage is the terms of reference will the reference will be released in
the next few weeks for an environmental the next few weeks environmental impact study that James Cook University will environmental impact study James Cook University will do.
The James Cook University will The local council here say it is doesn't expect The local council here is doesn't expect the project
to is doesn't expect to come to it for development approval for the next 18 months.James Blundell is standing in the federal election. The performer is one of the hopefuls introduced by Bob Katter. Mr Blundell says the party has a very simple slogan: Build and own, not sell and sack. The singer has also criticised the Federal