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This program is captioned live. This morning - tributes for a teenage lifesaver,
who died training on the Gold Coast. The Government's plan to make people pay
for their for bank accounts to prop up the Budget.

A kidnapped woman
confronts her captor in court. And another controversial call overshadows day one
of the third Ashes test.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders.

Good morning. Queensland's
surf lifesaving community is mourning the loss
of one of its rising stars who died during a training session
on the Gold Coast. 17-year-old Jerry Dennis drowned
after falling from his paddleboard as distraught club-mates watched on. Michelle Rattray joins me now
from the Gold Coast. Michelle, do investigators know
what caused this tragedy?

Ann, police and the coroner
are investigating but it could be some time
before we know what happened. Lifesavers held a private ceremony
early this morning where they laid flowers
in the ocean to pay tribute to Jerry Dennis. Fellow club-mates were
part of the frantic search to save the 17-year-old
yesterday afternoon. Jerry was training for an ironman
event with Northcliff Surf Club in a canal on the Gold Coast

when he came off his board
and didn't surface. Rescuers were in the water,
on the ground and in the air. It was 45 minutes
before he was spotted at the bottom of the murky canal. Paramedics performed CPR
for around half an hour but he couldn't be revived. The teen's mother
was among distraught witnesses who couldn't understand
what had happened. There have been reports
Jerry suffered chest pain before he disappeared underwater. He was a very experienced
and very able sportsman, very good swimmer so that's what makes... think he must have been
unconscious or close to it when he hit the water
off his board. He's a surf life saving member and really, at the end of the day,
it's a big family so it's certainly going to hit
a few people. Jerry is the fourth teen lifesaver
to drown on the Gold Coast since 1996.

He was part of a Facebook tribute
page to Matthew Barclay, who drowned in a competition
last year. Counselling has been offered
to Jerry's club-mates and friends
at his Gold Coast school where he was finishing
his final year of studies.

Ann. OK, thanks, Michelle. Michelle Rattray reporting
from the Gold Coast.

The Treasurer will hand down The Treasurer has defended
the Government's bank deposit levy, as he prepares to hand down
Labor's updated economic statement this afternoon. Its release paves the way
for Kevin Rudd to call an election as early as this weekend.

Adding the finishes touches.

So today's the day -
economic statement. The new Treasurer Chris Bowen
double checks the numbers as he prepares

to hand down his first mini-Budget
later this afternoon. With all due respect to Chris,
he's on his L-plates as a treasurer.

Winners will be
the Australian economy. But not the big banks. What we're doing
is building a fund over time to make sure
we're protecting investors - mum-and-dad investors. Under the plan a 0.05% levy on bank deposits
up to $250,000 will be collected from January 2016

and it's forecast
to raise $733 million. The money would go
into a special fund but will be counted as revenue
on the Government's books.

And the Labor Party's doing this
because they've run out of money. And the banks say

they won't take the hit either,
saying they'll pass on the cost of
the levy to their customers. We can't just keep adding more
and more measures to make banking safe.

With speculation growing that the election will be
called this weekend now that the mini-Budget
is out of the way, Kevin Rudd
was getting some downtime in watching the cricket from London. But it wasn't a peaceful night
for the Prime Minister. He took to Twitter upset over what he called, Mr Rudd should already know
that sport, like politics, can sometimes be unfair.

In a major backflip, Tony Abbott has committed
the Coalition to matching Labor's funding
over the Gonski Education reforms. Mr Abbott had previously said he would only keep the reforms if every state and territory
had signed on but he's now changed his mind.

We will match the offers
that Labor has made. We will make sure
that no school is worse off. The Government is currently
negotiating with Victoria to be the next state
to sign up to the education deal.

Westpac's online services
have crashed again for the second time
in less than 24 hours. Customers are unable
to access their online profiles and have taken to social media
to criticise the bank. Westpac says

it's working to restore services
as quickly as possible after briefly
fixing the problem overnight. The bank's website crashed
for eight hours yesterday afternoon, but Westpac hasn't revealed
what's causing the issue.

Homicide detectives
are investigating the death of a woman in Melbourne. Her young children
returned from primary school to find their badly injured mother
inside the house yesterday. She couldn't be saved. Laurel Irving reports.

This is a truly horrific story. The woman's 11-year-old twin daughters came home from primary school yesterday afternoon and found to run the couch and what is believed to be a pool of blood. They ran across the road to inform the neighbours and the neighbours are the ones who called police. Homicide detectives are here this morning and forensic police have been here for hours trying to determine what has happened here but this has been very upsetting for the local community. The woman and her husband a quite well known here. It has been truly shocking. Normally a quiet area. Yahoo they are a lovely family. Always polite, friendly, just a lovely couple. Police are waiting for the results of a postmortem examination they hope will give them some more clues about what happened but at this stage they are treating this death as suspicious. The man who kidnapped, imprisoned
and tortured three young women for over a decade has told a US court
he's not a monster. Ariel Castro was confronted
by one of his victims while he was being sentenced
to life in prison, with no parole.

US correspondent Angela Cox
joins me now. Hello, Angela.

Michelle Knight's testimony
was highly emotional? Good morning, Ann. Michelle Knight showed incredible courage facing her captor
for the first time since her escape. Even the judged commended her
for her strength and restraint. Wiping away tears
she described her 11-year ordeal. She spoke about how Ariel Castro
would go to church every Sunday then returned
to the house of horrors and torture three young women.


For the first time
we have seen what it looked like inside
that house of horrors. windows nailed shut, door handles
removed, a crude alarm system
on the doors. The chains that were
used to hold the women in place. Ariel Castro also spoke
at the sentencing delivering a rambling and delusional
16-minute speech making excuses for himself. He said he wasn't a monster and made the shocking and completely
unsubstantiated claim Have a listen.

He has been sentenced
to life in jail plus 1,000 years. as Michele Knight said, his hell is just beginning. Thank you, Ange. Several students
are still in hospital after being struck down
with a gastro bug during a Qantas flight
from Chile to Sydney. 26 teenagers and teachers
became ill, several hours
into the 14-hour flight. Gabrielle Boyle reports.

Bank fully most of the students involved have been discharged from hospital. Just a handful remained been treated by doctors but it is likely they will head home later on today. It is understood the group were attending a World Youth Day celebration in Chile when they picked up some type of gastro barred. It did not rear its head until they boarded a Qantas flight bound for Australia. 26 in total came down with the vomiting virus and removed to the rear of the plane so they could have access to the toilets. It must have been a terribly long 14 hours. When they landed in Sydney, they were greeted by paramedics and were taken to hospital. The few in hospital are stable and as I said they are likely to head home later today. Quarantine boarded that Blatter and they have given it the all clear. The remainder of the passengers on board that flight have been told to closely monitor their health over the next 24 hours just to be on the safe AFL's Essendon coach James Hird
has hired a prominent human rights barrister as the anti-doping authority
prepares to hand down the findings
of its investigation. Julian Burnside QC
will protect Hird's interests when ASADA delivers the results. Mr Burnside
could potentially prevent the contents of the report
being made public.

Our cricketers have enjoyed
their best day of the Ashes

Next in Seven News -
business and finance. Edward Snowden granted asylum
in Russia. Also, a car fire causes
massive delays for Sydney drivers.

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Police are appealing for witnesses
to come forward following yet another shooting
in Sydney. Several shots were fired
into a home at Eagle Vale in the city's west just after midnight. Investigators believe the attack was targeted,
but no-one was hurt. It's the latest
in a string of gun attacks thought to be linked
to a bikie turf war. Anyone with information
should contact Crime Stoppers.

A car fire north of Sydney making their way
into the city this morning. The vehicle caught alight on the F3, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge, forcing the closure
of two southbound lanes. Traffic banked up for 4km as crews worked
to clear the wreckage. All lanes were reopened by 7:30 but 15 minutes later another accident
added to the delays.

Former US spy agency contractor
Edward Snowden has left Moscow Airport after Russia
granted him a year's asylum. The decision's been welcomed
by WikiLeaks but caused new strains
between the US and Russia. Mr Snowden is not a whistleblower. He is accused of
leaking classified information and has been charged
with three felony accounts. Snowden's new residence
will be kept secret and his lawyer says he'll need counselling
to readapt to the outside world.

It may be a while
before Prince George can read, but his book collection
has already begun with a box set
from the British Prime Minister. David Cameron chose Roald Dahl, whose popular tales include Another hit is
'George's Marvellous Medicine'.

An historic speech by the Queen
prepared in case nuclear war broke out has been made public
for the first time. It was written in 1983 for her majesty to broadcast
if World War III began, and could have been her
last ever address to the nation.

Tensions between Moscow and Washington were escalating. Nuclear war presented as a real threat. This was the speech made public today which a Whitehall official gave to the Queen to address the subject. The speech was part of a top secret war exercise imagining a chemical attack while the Soviet Union been met with a nuclear strike by NATO."Not for a single moment did I imagine this duty would fall to me." We know that the Queen definitely did not write it. Nobody in the royal household would have seen it. White beaches imagine talking personally to her son Andrew in action. Dangers greater by far than at any time in not one History.At the time, the Queen would have been unaware of the speech written for her. The then defence secretary said today he was confident it would never get used.

defence secretary said today he was
confident it would never get used. The Soviet Union was won by cold calculating people who knew that the use of nuclear weapons would be the end of them. It is a Queen's Speech we're glad we never had to here. Time to check the financial markets: We saw some strong gains
when trading opened this morning.

Next in Seven News -
breaking NRL news. All the action from the opening day
of the third Ashes test. And redemption for James Magnussen
at the World Swimming Championships.

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VOICEOVER: Perhaps you
or someone you care about have been in a car
or transport accident and you want to find out
what you may be entitled to. And that's when you call:

To sport,
and we begin with breaking news. Departing Wests Tigers superstar
Benji Marshall has met with Auckland Blues coach
John Kirwan in New Zealand this morning. These pictures just in show Marshall
meeting the Super Rugby franchise for the second time

and fuels speculation
he is set to sign with the Blues over the Waratahs.

There are also reports the Bulldogs have made
a big-money offer to Dragons full-back Josh Dugan. the Dogs may target Dugan
as his replacement.

A unbeaten century
by captain Michael Clarke has Australia on top after day one of the third Ashes test
at Old Trafford. But the day was overshadowed
by a dreadful video review decision which has Cricket Australia
demanding answers from the ICC.

Heads is the call! Three changes for the Aussies - Warner, Starc and Lyon in, as Michael Clarke won
his first toss of the series. Batting first
on a flat Old Trafford deck, Rogers and Watson
made the most of the conditions. Rogers was scoring at a run a ball
and brought up his 50 in no time before Watson fell cheaply again. COMMENTATOR:
Edged straight to Cook. That's gone! The farcical use
of the DRS system continued, this time Khawaja the victim. Didn't look to me as if he'd hit it. Long way from the ball.


I can't believe that! The ball goes past, no noise. And it was clear evidence
there as well. That was a ridiculous decision. Rogers then lost concentration
for a split second and it cost him.

That's a big appeal. What's he think? Yes! Smith almost went for a duck
but DRS saved him. The skipper calmly steering
the innings back on track bringing up his 50.

Clarkey silencing rumours
of retirement, leading from the front notching up his 24th test hundred. And there it is. A century for Michael Clarke. Smith joined the party getting to 50 as the pair put an unbeaten stand
of 174 to leave the Aussies
in control at stumps and breathing life
back into our Ashes campaign. It's people's careers on the line so you want these decisions
to be right.

James Magnussen has put
a year of turmoil behind him, winning the 100m freestyle
world title in Barcelona this morning. edging past American rivals
James Feigen and Nathan Adrian to claim the gold medal.

There was a lot of controvesy
back in Australia so it was a really emotional swim
for me tonight and I think it shows
that I've matured a lot over the last year and I think I can put the Olympics
behind me now and look forward. Our women's relay team won silver
in the 4 x 200 freestyle final. The United States won gold.

when Brad Scott's Kangaroos
go head-to-head with Chris Scott's Cats, with coverage on Seven and 7mate. Star midfielder Jimmy Bartel
is one of four key ins for Geelong. Sean Sowerby is in Melbourne.

He good morning. All roads lead to this very windy Etihad Stadium tonight for the big game between Geelong a North Melbourne, a clash of identical twins and the coach's box between Chris and Brad Scott. North Melbourne are rock for revenge. The last time they played the Cats, though up by 41 points, with Geelong coming back to win in the dying seconds by just four match points. Geelong are in fantastic form, second on the ladder, getting back at Premiership trio of Josh Hunt, Jimmy Bartel and Trent West. For North Melbourne, a bit tougher. Andrew Swallow, the stars skipper, is out. Meanwhile, St Kilda flew to Brisbane this morning, playing against Brisbane tomorrow night. They will be missing one of their star players. Cent killed or -- St Kilda have had a tumultuous week. Ahmed Saad is out After testing positive to a banned substance.I will not discuss how one of our players are feeling so we have no comment to make.It is alleged he consumed an energy drink with a banned stimulant. It is about the footy tonight, we will put the drugs behind us. North Melbourne against Geelong here at Etihad Stadium, live on Seven and 7mate. The Brumbies have named
an unchanged line-up They touched down in
New Zealand yesterday and coach Jake White admits their recent travel schedule
could catch up with them. We've been in Perth
three, four weeks ago then back to Canberra,
then to Pretoria, now to Hamilton so, yeah, it's a tough ask. The Brumbies will be out to win
their first title since 2004.

Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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Checking today's weather. A cold front moving
into the southern states is bring thundery rain
and cooler temperatures. A weak trough ahead of the front is causing showers on the Victoria
and New South Wales ranges. It's mostly clear and dry elsewhere
under a belt of high pressure. Around
the capitals - a possible shower
in Brisbane. Sydney,
mostly sunny. Late showers
in Canberra. Rain developing
in Hobart also. Melbourne will be windy
with rain.

Adelaide, clearing. Darwin,

Looking ahead - staying fine in Brisbane. Dry and mild for Sydney. Some cloud in Canberra. Showers all weekend in Melbourne. Hobart and Adelaide
will also be wet. Perth will get showers on Sunday. Warm and fine for Darwin.

forget playing the air guitar - a Thai musician
has become an internet sensation by playing the chalkboard drums.

The 29-year-old music teacher
drew the drum kits on a wall, put on a backing track
and played along. (DRUMBEAT)

The video has racked up
more than 200,000 hits on YouTube.

And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye. Supertext captions by
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