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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Kevin Rudd's PNG solution faces a legal challenge. Up to one million voters disenfranchised. Election observers in Zimbabwe say the vote was seriously compromised. Pro-Morsi supporters vow to defy a military crackdown amid international calls for restraint. Reports that Edward Snowden has been granted asylum in Asia. And a mass murderer is sentenced. The nursing home arsonist gets life without parole.Now all this is over with, never to be released. Oh, life. Wonderful.

Good evening Foster welcome to the program. We begin with some breaking news. Edward Snowden has been reportedly left the Moscow airport where he has been holed up for more than one month. His lawyer says he has been granted temporary asylum for one year in Russia. He has been moved to a safe, undisclosed locationsafe, undisclosed location. We will have more on Edward Snowden later in the bulletin. Papua New Guinea's opposition has launched another legal challenge to Australia's detention centre on Manus Island. The move comes as the first group of asylum seekers arrived on the island under the Kevin Rudd's deal, denying them entry to Australia. A late-night spy from the detention centre on Christmas Island has made these men reluctant pioneers. -- bus ride. The youngest is only 18. They are the first group of asylum seekers to arrive on Manus Island under Labor's tough new deal, which will see all boat arrivals processed and resettled in Papua New Guinea. The government says it. People smugglers from using Australia as an incentive. The customers stop buying. That is what makes the difference.40 people on a plane and go into Manus Island does not prove anything.The new arrivals ything.The new arrivals will sleep in marquees and buildings in this processing centre. Workers have already at -- already started work on expanding the capacity.The initial surge is people smugglers thinking they can overwhelm this. ing they can overwhelm this.The Coalition wants answers on how much the plan will cost and how much Australian aid money will ustralian aid money will go into it.Almost $500 million of it.Almost $500 million of Australian taxpayer's money has been handed out for works that are unrelated to support the offshore processing centre.The government says all will be revealed.The economic statement will reflect the cost of the region and, including aid, instruction, operational costs.The statement is expected in the next few days. Labor has t few days. Labor has come under fire for setting $35 er fire for setting $35 million for an ad campaign. The auditor general has admitted that the pricetag is a little steep. pricetag is a little steep.

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has called his country's presidential election a huge farce after observers claimed up to 1 million people were deprived of their right to vote. Prison -- president replied that might Robert Mugabe already declared victory before county officially ended. -- counting. Morgan Tsvangirai withstood an intense power-sharing an intense power-sharing coalition after Zimbabwe's disputed 2008 election ended in blood said. -- bloodshed.This has been a huge vast. The credibility of this election has been marred with illegal violations, which affect the legitimacy of this outcome. More than 6 million people queued for hours considered Morgan Tsvangirai's best chance in ending Robert Mugabe's presidency. But as they were counted, a slew of problems were slighted.

Unofficial results appear to show Robert Mugabe did surprisingly well in urban areas where he normally falls flat. They came allegations that many Morgan Tsvangirai supporters were stricken from the list. And Robert Mugabe's votes would duplicate -- doubled by gibbet headed boats.People are telling us that there will be an attempt to switch some ballot papers.Some officials reportedly slept next to the boxes to make sure they were not tampered with. The legitimacy does not just have national ramifications.We have made clear that the government of Zimbabwe and the region that further reductions in our sanctions will only occur if this round of elections are credible, transparent, and reflect the will of the people.According to reports, antiriot trucks are parked outside Morgan Tsvangirai's offices. What many saw as the potential end the potential end of an era now looks like the era now looks like the start of a new political crisis. Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi are vowing to defy a looming crackdown ordered by the army installed interim government. European envoys including Germany's Foreign Minister have arrived in Cairo to urge both sides to avoid more violence and e violence and find common ground. But Egyptian police have called on pro more that -- pro Morsi supporters to disperse. People are still very erse. People are still very defiant. Everytime they see at Everytime they see at the government may be moving closer to disperse them, the rhetoric coming out of their is more defiant. eir is more defiant. A lot of residents living in both the city and around Cairo University have filed complaints with the prosecution. They say they have been intimidated or stock they have alleged that snipers have taken positions on rooftops. This is something the prosecution is looking into. Wants is reached Wants is reached its conclusions, we will hear from the Interior Ministry. The German Foreign Minister is here. Yesterday, EU had the African union. Suitable have Senator McCain visiting. -- sooner we will have. They are trying to find a compromise, a middle ground. And urging all sides to try to move that I had as soon as possible. The country is also in a very day economic situation. Things beta move as quickly as possible. The former nurse convicted of setting the fires that killed 11 nursing home patients in Sydney's west will spend the rest of his life in prison. But some of the relatives of of the relatives of the victims say even a life sentence ictims say even a life sentence cannot compare to the fate a lot once met. -- their love ones met. -- their love ones met. For some of the people outside the Supreme Court, a life sentence for Roger Dean was reason to celebrate.You might have heard me say it, you beauty.More than 100 relatives packed the courtroom after he was sentenced for life without parole. The garage said he was trying to cover up the fact that he had been stealing hundreds of painkillers. -- the judge. 11 people were killed. Many so frail they were unable to escape.To think he was there to look after my mother. She was an amputee and bed ridden. She relied on a person like that to take care of her. It breaks your heart.In court, he refused to look at the big's relatives. He refused to tell firefighters about a second out a second fire.They wanted to help. He pushed them out and did not help.Moments after skipping the burning facility. He paused for an interview.We got a lot of people out.The details of the fire was too much for this woman who collapsed during the sentencing.I am picturing all of those lovely people with no help.There is understandably a s understandably a lot of anger and sense,
frustration. The overwhelming sense, they tell us, is relief.I can finally breathe again. We have been holding our breath. This is over with. Never to be released. Despite that relief, relatives said his actions took more than just their loved ones.Our memories are not very sweet lady, who passed away you off natural causes. We had to give the name to note that was our grandmother. as our grandmother.Now be said there would also here would also have to live with that loss for the rest of their lives. The opposition has accused Labor of a fight alien dollars cash grab with the government revealing plans to raise the tax on cigarettes. Labor says it will deter smokers and save lives. But the Coalition argues it will raise the cost of living. The cost of lighting up is set to f lighting up is set to go up. Smokers will be hit are billions of dollars in extra taxes in coming years.It would not be universally popular. It is a difficult decision.r. It is a difficult decision. Is taken in the best interest of -- of the nation.When we have increased the price of tobacco products, we f tobacco products, we have seen an 11% decrease of tobacco sold.It is expected to raise another $5.3 billion over four years. Some of the money will be used to prop up the budget and others -- progress will be spent on health services. It comes at a real cost.Tony Abbott will not say if he will reverse it. will reverse it.The government is promoting this as a help measure. It is a revenue measure. It is just another tax. sure. It is just another tax.Dick Shadow Treasurer is worried it will raise inflation. -- be shadow treasurer. The increase will be included in Labor's economic statement, which is expected which is expected to be unveiled as soon as tomorrow. iled as soon as tomorrow. It will outline measures to prod a multibillion-dollar hole in the budget. There is speculation the statement will tion the statement will also include a levy on bank o include a levy on bank deposits. It is not ruling out the scheme of any future bank bailouts. If it goes ahead, Labor will not head, Labor will not call it a tax.We are in discussions with .We are in discussions with banks about various matters.The IMF and the RBA in have put a bid to the government about the need for a fund to cover deposit protection. It is enough to spook the sharemarket. Bank stocks are falling across ks are falling across the board. After the break - former NSW Minister Eddie Obeid vows to prove his innocence.

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A defiant Eddie Obeid has slammed the corruption findings against him as a sham and a witch-hunt. Before my NSW unt. Before my NSW Labor minister and powerbroker has vowed to fight the findings handed down by the State's corruption watchdog yesterday. Eddie Obeid came out of his mansion this morning swinging. He says he is an honest politician who is the big of a vicious smear campaign.I have never done the wrong thing by anyone. This is nothing short of a political witch-hunt at Games myself and Ian Macdonald. It is backed up by the O'Farrell Government. p by the O'Farrell Government. He would say that.The former NSW director of prosecution says the case is very strong. It is very high level corruption on a big scale in new map. The political fallout has given the opposition a freekick. The only ekick. The only way to properly punish the Labor Party for the corruption which has entered its heart and soul, is to put it into opposition. Eddie Obeid is happy to draw a senior Labor to draw a senior Labor Party begins into the mire. He lashed out at John Robertson and the State Secretary. I cannot believe these people, who I supported, manslaughter, I got them into their jobs, they do not give me the benefit that every Australian should have. -- I supported and mental. There is no linkage between the Australian Federal Labor Party.We have not had a corruption at Federal level. Federal labour was to distance itself from stance itself from the scandal. -- Federal Labor. This is going to be high on the national agenda until well after any a until well after any federal election is due. The NSW Premier announced extra resources to ounced extra resources to help speed up the DPP process. But even so...There is no chance of no chance of any prosecution even being commenced before an election. It is n. It is a process that could drag on for years. On the other side of State politics, NSW's finance and a stump has been sacked for breaching the ministerial code of conduct. He was already under pressure after taking a month's stress leave over claims he was drunk during a late-night parliament are sitting. An allegation he has denied. He was ultimately dismissed for failing to tell Cabinet that aim person he appointed appointbinet that aim person he appointed for the Sydney Water board in 2011 worked with his wife. He failed to abide to a simple clause in the code of conduct to avoid the perception actuality of a conflict of interest.His sacking is the first in the O'Farrell Government. He will be replaced by Andrew Constance. replaced by Andrew Constance. The UN will send a team of inspectors to Syria as early as next week to investigate Rio chemical weapons site. -- alleged. A previously rocked investors -- their previously blocked investors. An area near Aleppo is the centre of chemical claims in March. Attacks they left at least in his six people dead. Both sides in the searing conflict accused each other of using chemical weapons. Major powers agreed they have been used in Syria. Spend's Prime Minister is facing renewed calls to resign over a corruption scandal but is refusing to quit. ut is refusing to quit. Addressing Parliament, he denied any wrongdoing and vowed to stay in power. The scandal over illegal slush candal over illegal slush fund payments by his party threatens his party threatens to destabilise his government as it battles to end Spain's double-dip recession. There is concern about the damage to spend's image mould its Eurozone partners. -- on long. Edward Snowden has leaked the details are but a massive surveillance system used by US operatives. Known as X-Keyscore, it tracks almost anything a target does online from emails to Skype calls and Facebook charts. Today brought another block was the revelation. A top-secret program leaked by Edward Snowden to a British newspaper. to a British newspaper. He said that allows US He said that allows US analyst to snoop on nearly everything a user does on the Internet in real-time. The story provides a 32 page training guide. It shows how the program works. Sucking up details from 150 sites around the world back can show phone calls, emails, besides being visited, words being searched. He discussed the surveillance program when his story erupted last month. It was a story that board story that board VM and the nails.He was lying. It would shock me.We spoke to the reporter who broke the story.One of the problems with allowing an agency to engage in these extraordinary activities is that they are able to say what they want are but what they are doing with no accountability.The NSA acknowledged this so-called X-Keyscore program, -- program. The head of the house said the program does not target Americans. An asylum seeker has been charged with indecently assaulting a young blind woman on a Sydney train. A tipoff led to his arrest after police released CCTV pictures showing the woman being followed by a man. A 25 odd man from Bangladesh was refused bail after being charged. -- 25-year-old man. He arrived to Australia by boat earlier this year. His immigration status is n status is being reviewed. And Muslim prayer leader has been charged with the alleged indecent assault of two girls and a woman in Sydney. He is a prayer leader at a mosque in Sydney's Northern Beaches. He was arrested by police just minutes after allegedly approaching two allegedly approaching two of his big homes on a beach. Two teenage girls and a 57-year-old grandmother were allegedly assaulted in two separate incidents. The head of Mercedes-Benz in Australia has travelled to WA's iconic Wave Rock to apologise for a stunt that upset the site's traditional owners, the Noongar people. They filmed a promotional video earlier in the year featuring a BMX rider on the rock. He has dealt with many problems in his 20 years at Mercedes-Benz Buddy says none has been as challenging as the issue of Wave Rock.We take it very seriously. I am not aware of another Citroen -- situation were we have offended people in such a way. Is why it is so important for me, personally, and for the company to make good of that mistake.I am really happy. I think this is the first time, to my knowledge, that an apology nowledge, that an apology like this has been made. This promotional video were shot at the rock with the approval of Wave Rock Management which Mercedes-Benz was appropriate. It was not. Should not have happened in the first place.But what happened has happened. They are here to try to rectify it. And to stop it from happening again. op it from happening again.Aboriginal groups say all companies and local businesses need also to consult more widely in order to prevent a repeat of to prevent a repeat of the fallout that followed this filming. It has been a significant day for the Noongar people. But it is also important in building bridges with an international company, and with the local businesses. And of course, the farming industry that also surrounds Wave Rock. This rock, that stands around 15m high, and 110m long, was the subject of controversy, seemed to be embraced the special nature of the reconciliation ceremony. With the traditional and contemporary performances. It was an inspiring cultural display that just may have taught the true meaning of class and style to a company that prides itself on ides itself on having both. In the wake of shocking transport disasters across Europe, train drivers in Argentina have been caught on video asleep the controls. Surveillance cameras also showed drivers talking on mobile phones and reading books. It comes after investigators in Spain discovered the driver of a speeding train at the rate -- derailed, killing 79 people, was using a mobile phone at the time. Uruguay is said to be the world's first nation to produce, distribute, and sell marijuana. Members of the country's Lower House argued for 14 hours before approving a controversial deal, putting control of the drug in government's Hans. It now needs to be approved by the Senate. He measure is part of a series of efforts to combat rising violence in the country.

-- the measure.

Coming up - the weather and DRS rears its ugly head at the Ashes again.

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Australia's is often a strong start in the third Ashes test mark at Old Trafford after winning the toss and electing to bat first. Australia's openers took full advantage. Chris Rogers is on his way to a half century. Tim to a half century. Tim Bresnan in managed -- managed his snare Shane Watson for 19 months. hane Watson for 19 months. Are the first session was marred by another DRS controversy. Australia reached to - 92 at ed to - 92 at lunch.

-- two.

That is the world this Thursday. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - Red Bee Media -

Teen movies are about sex.

Adult movies can be about anything

but teen movies are about
the teenage experience

and that's basically sex.

And that's where you first learn
about sexuality.

Of course teenagers, ever younger
these days, are having sex

so we can't pretend
like they're not.

I think adolescent sexuality
is a taboo

because parents don't want
their kids to have sex

and parents know that kids
are going to see teen movies

and it's just our puritan background

Teenage movies are a perfect fulcrum
because while you're a teenager,

it's a sort of notion of maybe
what you are supposed to be doing.

When you're older,

it's a way to think
"Remember when that happened to me"

or "I wish that had happened to me"
or "thank goodness it didn't".

we don't live in a culture

that teaches our youth about sex.

I didn't learn anything
from sex education in the schools.

I do think movies can help.

We learn everything about sex,
romance, love, you know...

Those of us who are brought up
on movies the way Americans are

probably can't have
a first love affair

without doing it through some movie.

What do boys want to see?
Lots of naked girls.

That's... you know, that's been true
since the beginning of time.

The female form, naked,
I would guess.

Most girls want to see romance
and, I think, making out.

I can't speak for all boys

you know, because there are
heterosexual boys

and there are homosexual boys.

I was looking for bare-chested men
with six-packs.

I used to go to the 'TV Guide' and
look in the back at sexy teen movies

and see if it said
nudity or partial nudity.

Usually nudity means
you see a pair of tits.

I always wanted to see
the body parts.

Mostly you want to see their...
reaction to being stimulated.

A lot of times when I was growing up
if a sex scene would come on film,

I'd usually leave the room.

I would find some excuse to go.

I'd brush my teeth or I just
would get really uncomfortable.

I still can't watch sex scenes with
my family. It's too weird.

NEWSREEL: The early teens are years
of upheaval and turmoil.

They're years of physical
and glandular change.

All of them feel some stirrings
of interest in sex,

either openly or secretly.

Let's watch some of these youngsters.

We'll see what some
of the common troubles are.

We see a lot of curiosity about
teenagers emerging after WWII.

Teenage population is growing bigger
and bigger in the wake of the war

with the baby boom.

And by the 50s, teenagers are
listening to rock 'n' roll music,

wearing jeans to school,

things that were really considered
quite radical for the time.

But teenage sexuality isn't making
its presence felt very much

on screen just yet.

They were just showing
lots of kissing

and just letting you read between
the lines or imagining

and everyone got married in the end
and you're left to believe

"Oh, now they get to have sex
because they got married!"

We don't see more explicit
teen sexuality until the 60s.

You're nuts about me, aren't you?


'Splendor In The Grass' in 1961,
that was a big deal.

And I would do anything
you'd ask me to.

I would!

I would.

In fact, that movie
got people all, like, whoa,

because it's about
teenagers having sex.

Oh, Bud!

It's right before the sexual
revolution of the 1960s.

The central conflict of the movie is
Warren Beatty wants to get laid

and it drives him
and Natalie Wood insane!