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(generated from captions) They use an army of scientists. I'm using my bare hands. Zizyphus and hops are
traditionally used for insomnia. Nature's Own exclusively add lactium scientifically extracted
from cow's milk to alleviate stress. -Ugh!

All I've got is a twig
and dirt milkshake. (SPITS)

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We have pictures just in of the medical emergency
at Sydney airport. Ambulance service paramedics
have boarded Qantas flight QF-28 from Santiago. 26 passengers have suffered
vomiting and diarrhoea. They're suspected of contracting
a gastro virus. They'll be assessed and those allowed to leave will be kept away
from other passengers.

Checking finance now and the share market
closed slightly higher despite talk of a new levy
on deposits causing the big banks to fall. The ASX 200 was up 9 points.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Mark, We had lovely weather today. Sydney was fine and sunny
for the first day of August with warmer than average
temperatures. The city reached 20 -
2 degrees above average. Overnight was fine and cool -
a low of eight degrees. Overnight minimums were generally
1 or 2 degrees below average because of the clear skies.

Today we had light winds
and sunny skies. The city was the warmest with 20. Most other suburbs hit 19. From the satellite,
it's looking clear over NSW with some very isolated showers in
the state's north-east corner today. Tomorrow, a cold front will push through Victoria, Tasmania
and southern New South Wales bringing a burst of cold, wet
and windy weather. Snow is possible in alpine areas. Interstate, a warm 24 degrees in Brisbane. Early frost in Canberra
with a possible late shower. Rain developing in Hobart. A wet and windy day
for Melbourne, 14. Perth will be fine, 21. A dangerous surf warning
has been issued particularly for rock fishing. North-westerly winds 10-20 knots. Tonight will remain fine
but it'll be rather chilly. 9 degrees the low. And tomorrow is looking
really nice - sunny and 21 degrees thanks to the north-westerly winds. Around the suburbs - Gosford a low of 6, before 20 degrees
the high. Parramatta, also 6 to 20. Penrith will dip to 4 degrees
before a top of 20. Campbelltown,
a chilly 2 degrees overnight. 20 tomorrow.

The 7-day forecast
is looking picture perfect for the first week of August. Fine and sunny weather
is expected most days. The weekend will be a little cooler. 18 in the city on Saturday. 17 in the west. Sunday 19 for Sydney. 18 through western suburbs. That's Seven News at 6:00
for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. On 'Sunrise' tomorrow,
your chance to win $30,000. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello, I'm Helen Kapalos.
Welcome to the program. Later, if you suffer
from headaches or migraines, stand by - this new treatment
could ease your pain. Why even doctors
are singing its praises. First up tonight, they're the sorts of devices
you'd expect to see in a war zone but around the country, homemade explosives
or backyard bombs

are growing in popularity.

Designed to destroy and create chaos
by those seeking a thrill, we're about to see how it has
less to do with terrorism and more to do with stupidity. Here's Damien Hansen. From homemade hand grenades
to letterbox bombs, to the backyard ordinance
that can do this...

..and leave people with injuries
like this. You could kill me
and it would have eased my pain. Tonight, the confessions
of a backyard bomb maker and there are plenty just like him
across the country. We put a couple of chemicals in. We put them in a gas bottle
that we could open up. We put those together,
we took the bottle over to the mound What happened next
changed Matt Lewis' life forever and serves as a warning of the dangers of experimenting
with homemade explosives.

Then I shook it and pretty much
because it was all compacted, I tried to get up
but at the time but I couldn't see and it was at night and my hands were a mess
and my legs were just dangling on.

In Ipswich, north of Brisbane, life is finally returning to normal
for the residents of Clay Street. More than a dozen controlled
detonations put the neighbourhood in lockdown. It's highly volatile,
highly dangerous material. The two men renting the property allegedly had an unhealthy
fascination with explosives, accused of building bombs with
instructions found on the internet. You can watch any number
of amateur bomb makers show off their exploits on online, even how to make them
with households chemicals.

Experts are warning backyard bombs
are appearing in headlines at an unnerving rate.

And also, I think there's something
about the technical aspect of making a bomb that might be quite appealing
for some young men, in particular. Forensic and clinical psychologist
Dr Katarina Fritzon specialises in arson. Often it's
the same profile of people who often set rubbish bin fires and the same group of people
can also make bombs. The Bond University academic
believes copy cats are also at work. These people are often motivated
by attention seeking and so
when they see the media reports and all the attention around that, then that might make that
someone want to do something similar to get that attention
for themselves.

Just shocked they did this. Thought they were my mates
at the time.

This teenager,
who cannot be identified, lost all fingers
but the pinkie on his left hand and only has four fingers
on his right. He was handed an explosive that was
crudely disguised as a golf ball. And the spate of private bomb makers
have authorities on high alert. It's high tech and dangerous. At Docklands in Melbourne, a robot is used
to detonate a suspicious device.

Further east in Bairnsdale, police are hunting a person responsible for detonating
a number of explosive devices in the Bairnsdale area
in recent days. For others it's about
social skills problems, they don't have any friends, they're feeling isolated
and lonely and I think that group,
in particular, might be relevant
when it comes to making bombs, because that's something they can
brag about with their friends and get some peer recognition. Matt Lewis is one man
who know just how long lasting the impact of a fleeting explosion
can have. He wants others to think twice
before taking the same risks. I've got scars and stuff all over and then there is a massive scar
on my neck. Matt should be dead. How he survived the explosion is
a question he still asks himself. I just said goodbyes to my mum, just because, you know,
things are bad.

And Matt Lewis is now helping
teach teenagers about the dangers of meddling
with homemade explosives. Damien Hansen with that story. Now to an Aussie icon

which looked like it was facing
extinction this time last year. I'm talking about
the chocolate maker Darrell Lea. It was feared the company
was facing a similar fate to brands like Fletcher Jones,
Borders and Mothercare but, as it turns out,
their future is sweeter than ever.

We're very fortunate custodians
of such a fantastic brand.

of Darrell Lea workers have a tense wait ahead of them after news the chocolate maker
has gone into administration. People were just dumbstruck. I'm angry with them,
let's put it this way. It seemed Darrell Lea was going down
the same rocky road as you-know-who. I have eaten
a lot of their rocky roads so this is sad news. That was 12 months ago,
when Darrell Lea shut its shops - poor sales and much cheaper
international competition brought the Aussie confectionary
favourite to its knees. Honey, did you get the chocolate? Yep, I got some Rocklea Road.

From Darrell Lea. Reality was, the company was bleeding $150,000
every week. Tony, people watching this think
Darrell Lea is dead. No, Darrell Lea's not dead. Far from dead - it's alive and kicking,
kicking goals. On a piece of dirt
in Western Sydney, Tony Quinn stands to rebuild
the fallen giant of Australian confectionery. "Darrell Lea's gone
into administration, you need to buy it." So that was the business advice
I got from my mother. Do you always do what Mum says?

Good advice. The Quinn family
are used to setting the pace - founders of V.I.P. Petfoods - and, around here,
they just don't own the race cars but the championship
they compete in as well.

A family fortune
estimated at $350 million. Not bad for a guy
that grew up in a caravan. Like any business, if you don't wake up in the morning
and want to go to work and want to be involved
in the business, it's a slow death
to the ultimate end of an era.

Tony bought Darrell Lea
for $25 million. His son, Klark, was put in charge of reversing the fortunes
of the 85-year-old company. We'll just take it to another level
where they left it and it's really exciting times
for us. That next level is America.

Just one taste and you'll be saying, "I want my Darrell Lea, mate" (IMITATES AUSTRALIAN ACCENT)
..and you'll be saying... (IMITATES AUSTRALIAN ACCENT)
.."I want my Darrell Lea." The American ad campaign
had a distinctive Australian accent and it's working. (BOTH, IMITATING AUSTRALIAN ACCENT)
I want my Darrell Lea! It's the number one
soft eating licorice in America - they love it. This is the chocolate room. We can produce
up to 20 tonne of chocolate a day here in this room. It's still the same way
that you produce chocolate as Darrell Lea did 30 years ago. (SINGS) # Come with me,
and you'll be # in a world of pure imagination. # Any comparisons with Willy Wonka
are well wide of the mark. There are
no everlasting gobstoppers... You can suck 'em and suck 'em
and suck 'em and they'll never get any smaller. ..or chocolate waterfalls... That's chocolate?! ..and this machine looks curiously
like a cement mixer. It's where they create
their chocolate-coated almonds. This will keep going
for another half-hour or so until we get a really nice sheen
on the chocolate almonds.

There's no plans
to reopen retails stores. Woolworths, Coles and IGA, however, have all got Darrell Lea
on their shelves but that's only the start
of the Quinn family dream. They even have plans
for a fashion parade with all the frocks
made of chocolate. And if you find all of this
a bit hard to swallow, so do they. And do you eat Darrell Lea yourself? It's a horrible place
to come and visit 'cause you just... ...and you go home and you go,
"Brr, Never again." That's not a very good sales pitch. It's the truth.
It's a horrible place to work.

A tough day at the office.
David Eccleston reporting there. Now, any parent will tell you there are days when children
will do just about anything to avoid going to school. For some, the fear and anxiety
caused by the very idea of school can be crippling. But is it a real condition
which should be taken seriously or should parents just toughen up and force their kids
to face the music?

Can I please get two checks
on two young children here? I've got them here
in relation to truancy. It's an age-old problem. Kids playing hooky from school,
running amok - some getting into serious trouble. Sometimes they might be inclined
to go shoplifting and knock off a few things. Some of them might get involved
with graffiti. But not all children
deliberately thumb their noses at attending school. For some,
the prospect of going to school triggers a very real
and incapacitating disorder.

Suddenly, it happened
just one morning.

Had a total panic attack,
total meltdown. Crying, stomach pains

and he couldn't get to school. Said he just couldn't get there. Linda Hibbs and Phenella Savage
are two mums with a common bond. Both have sons
who have suffered a phobia known as school refusal - a crippling anxiety disorder
often mistaken for truancy. He started school in Year 7 and that's really
when the problems began. I think just from changing schools - new environment,
new friendship groups - he just found it so difficult. Phenella and husband Tony say
their son, who we'll call Joseph, changed from
a happy primary school child to a highly anxious Year 7 student.

He was just really, really down and then got to the stage
where he collapsed virtually in front of me and I'm just yelling, ranting
and raving and I'm quite embarrassed
about that now, saying, "What's wrong with you? "The bus is out there.
Get out there". I felt really guilty
'cause Mum was hurting and I was hurting my family
and stuff like that and I just, you know,

kept trying to tell myself
it's not that bad, but then there was this
overwhelming feeling of fear and it was just paralysing. I couldn't move
when I thought about. Now aged 17, Joseph vividly recalls
his high school jitters descending into a 3-year nightmare
of chronic anxiety and social paranoia. I'd stay by my locker
and eat by myself in my locker, pretend to look busy. I was just scared
of people coming up to talk to me and it just kind of got worse. Spending days alone by myself
at school. I couldn't get up to go to school and it was just so easy to just,
you know, get on the computer or something
and just escape. Often, both parents are working,
they're home all day on their own and that's when they sleep
and they stay up online at night and that's their only
social contact, which is very isolating, and not good for them
or their mental health. Psychologist Pat Boyhan manages
the School Refusal Program cool2b@school for Catholic Care, the welfare agency
of the Catholic Church. Pat says school refusal is a very
real and under recognised condition.

Very different to truancy. The truants are a worry. They hang around in shopping centres
in groups, they're often involved
in shoplifting, they might get in trouble
with the law, but, from a social perspective,
they usually belong to a group. Whereas the school-refusing children
are inclined to withdraw from all of that and all the social supports
that go with it. Do you think this is a problem
that will increase? It's a huge problem. And when you think
it could be up to 5% of our children and there are very few services
across Australia that are actually dealing with this. Without specialised counselling and, in some cases,
antidepressant medication, children like Joseph
are at high risk of developing
mental health disorders later in life.

The condition for some kids
can be very serious. They miss out on a lot of school,
it limits their academic progress, but, as well as that, they miss out on the fun times
at school. Monash University's Dr Glen Melvin
is a senior lecturer in psychiatry and says
there are some common risk factors. Research at Monash has shown that bullying
is a very common trigger for school refusal
or transition time, so, when children are moving
into primary, changing into secondary
or starting in a new school. As well as that, we might see kids
who have social difficulties,

We've had children out of school
for two years so it's very difficult
to try and reengage them after that period of time. Very difficult. As a parent, everybody wants their
child to just be normal as such and go to school. Every other parents' child
is going to school and there you are at home trying desperately
to get your child out the door and you can't and it's so draining, it's so tiring
and very, very emotional. It's very stressful and I don't think
a lot of people realise that. I'd say it does get better, it does. It is a hard road,
but it will get better. There is help for you out there.

Jackie Quist reporting there. Before we take our first break, an update on our story
from earlier this week on those controversial
contraceptives, Yasmin and Yaz. An Adelaide law firm is now
considering a class action suit after dozens of women complained
of serious side effects from taking the pills. We've been bombarded with complaints
from women who've experienced difficulties
such as blockages in the lungs and blood clots
in other parts of the body. The law firm has been advertising
on its website, looking for people interested in
being involved in the class action. They've already received 40 replies. The manufacturer,
German giant Bayer, has only admitted to a small risk of
blood clots from using their drug. Naturally, we'll keep you up to date
with that class action. And there's more detailed
information on that issue on our website. OK, coming up, some good news for those who
experience the agony of migraines. This new device is easing the pain. It's so effective, even the medical profession
is impressed.

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Anyone who suffers migraines knows just how debilitating
they can be. In many cases, they leave patients
stuck in a dark room for 48 hours or, worse, in hospital. Painkilling medication
works for most but now there's
a preventative treatment which is reducing the number
of migranes in some paients by half.

It's like a band's being put
around your head and just then tightened.

Shooting pains
at the back of my head. Katrina Rowe and Taryn Silver
are two of the unlucky ones. Their migraines
became so debilitating the pain would leave them bedridden
for days. Painkillers will not take it away, it will only suppress it
till it's gone. The migraine has
to run it's course. That was before discovering
a new medical device that's raising eyebrows, both for its Star Trek appearance
and promising results. It's called the 'Cefaly', and it works
by sending electrical impulses to the part of the brain
which stimulates the nervous system and that is responsible
for pain relief. Patients can set it
to three levels - one for pain, prevention
and even stress. It's really a funny sensation,
you get a sort of light tingling, and what happens is
you use it for about three minutes and then you'll stabilise it, so then keep it at that level. The latest study
that was published in neurology suggests that it works very well. It reduces the frequency
of the headaches and the incidence of the headaches by up to 25%, 26%.

So it's as effective, in many ways, as the medications
that have also been studied. Dr Leonard Rose from
the Melbourne Pain Management Clinic says electrical nerve stimulation
is nothing new, but the Cefaly makes it
more accessible and easier to use. He, along with headache specialist
Dr Peter Selvaratnam, have been trialling it
on their patients. There's very good evidence that it has an effect
on the nervous system and the treatment itself,
transcutaneous nerve stimulation, has been around
for many, many years I found with patients
with certain types of migraines, like episodic migraines
and said neck-related headaches, jaw-related headaches, have found it beneficial. It helped to break the cycle

I often felt medication but held at the beginning and then I had side- effects. Because it was not a drug, I could use it as often as alight. The real advantage of the device is that there are almost no side- effects.This neurologist's initiated a worldwide study. and while it was a small study,
monitoring 67 patients, the results were extremely positive. At least 50% reduction
in migraine frequency. Another finding of the study was that it reduces drastically
the use of analgesic in migraine patients. For Katrina, who has suffered
with migraines for 20 years, it's meant getting a migraine
a fortnight to... I won't get them half as much
any more. You know, maybe once every
two months instead. It costs around $400 and it's helped Taryn
get back on song. (OPERATIC SINGING)

It's not going to work
for every person who tries it but for those people
in whom it works it's going to be convenient,
it's going to be safe and it's going to be effective.

Stay with us on Today Tonight. Up next, we ask just how fit
are Australia's senior citizens? Few could match
AFL legend Tommy Hafey who's almost 82 and puts most of those half his age
to shame.

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Now with all the latest from
the Seven newsroom, Mark Ferguson. Thanks, Helen.
Making news in Sydney tonight - relatives of the 11 people killed in
the Quakers Hill Nursing home fire have celebrated as Roger Dean was sentenced to life
in jail for setting the blaze. Yeah! You beauty! Son of a bitch got
what he deserves! Premier Barry O'Farrell has
sacked finance minister Greg Pearce after months of scandal over a conflict of interest. A man charged with indecently
assaulting a blind woman at Ashfield train station is being investigated over attacks
on three other women. The Rudd Government will reveal
the true cost of its PNG solution
for asylum seekers when it releases its budget update
tomorrow. We'll soon be paying more
for petrol and imported goods after the Aussie Dollar sunk
to a 3-year low under 90 US cents. drink driving and assaulting police after crashing into several cars
outside a Menai school. And Sydney's newest centenarian says work is what's keeping her
fighting fit. Sydney's weather -
a low of 9 in the city, 2 in Campbelltown
and 4 in Penrith and Liverpool. Mostly sunny tomorrow, 21 in
the city 20 in the western suburbs. That's the latest from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening, Helen.

Before we go tonight,
a quick look ahead to tomorrow night and it's a story
which will have senior citizens either jealous with rage
or bursting with admiration for Australia's fittest
golden oldie. Believe it or not, he's nearly 82.

It actions, that's what it's all about.You feel so good about yourself.

about.You feel so good about
yourself. I was one of the first players to go into the weights. I have not eaten a biscuit or a cake for years. Don't just be a talker, nothing should sway you. Get it in there for the rest of your life.

Right, before we go, last week we brought you a story
on the confusion facing shoppers when it comes to labels like Australian-made
and Australian-grown grown. In that report, we included a shot of a container
of Cobram Estate olive oil. Well, I'm happy to tell you that Cobram Estate is not only
proudly Australian owned but all their olive oils are made
from olives grown in Victoria. And they're good too. I'm Helen Kapalos.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions by
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