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(generated from captions) Thanks, guys. Up next at 4:30 - an incredible escape for a driver after a train smashes into a car
at railway crossing. The midair emergency that caused
a plane to crash land in a paddock, putting two people in hospital. Reaction outside court after one of Australia's worst
mass killers is sentenced. The man arrested over
the repeated indecent assault of a blind woman
on the rail network. Remarkable pictures as whales come up close to
a tourist boat off Queensland. Many happy returns for Fay
who's turned 100 today but wait till you hear
what she did next. And is America going barking mad - the new TV network
that's really gone to the dogs. That's next in Seven's
Afternoon News - see you soon.

Tomorrow, we have the television quiz.Yes, I will be studying tonight.I want to give more than input this week.You have been having an input, your answers have just been wrong.You can follow last on Twitter. Stand by for the 4:30pm news. We will see you tomorrow. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - VOICEOVER: Now at 4:30, this is Seven's Afternoon News
with Rebecca Maddern. Good afternoon. We begin with a remarkable escape for a driver whose car was hit by
a train in Melbourne this afternoon. It happened at Sunshine North
in the city's west, on a section of track
notorious for crashes. The train struck the car as it was
crossing the line on Furlong Road, which is known

as one of the most dangerous
rail crossings in Victoria. The man, in his 20s, was taken to
hospital with just minor injuries. There have been delays
on the Sunbury line after services were suspended
between Sunshine and St Albans. And two people are lucky
to have survived a plane crash near Port Augusta,
in South Australia. The pilot made an emergency landing
on the aircraft's undercarriage after the engine seized mid-flight. The LightWing LW1 plane
suffered significant damage when it crashed onto a property
at Stirling North. The pilot and his male passenger were taken to hospital
with minor injuries. Westpac is apologising to customers with its online
and mobile banking services still not operating this afternoon. But it says it's trying
to restore services. Phone banking, ATMs
and EFTPOS facilities are still operating as normal. The worst mass murderer in
New South Wales history has been sentenced to life in jail, never to be released. Nurse Roger Dean
killed 11 elderly people when he set fire to a Sydney
nursing home almost two years ago. The judge said the pain and terror
experienced by his victims must have been horrific.

Jodie Speers was in court.

Roger Dean was responsible for the worst mass murder in NSW history. Prosecutors asked for a light sentence and the judge agreed that was the only appropriate punishment for a man who killed 11 people and seriously harm to 8.2 fatal blazes in the early hours of November, while he was the nurse in charge of the Quakers Hill nursing home, supposed to be caring for scores of frail residents. Three victims died during the blaze, while others suffered four days and even weeks, eventually dying in hospital. This has been a nightmare for the families of the victims who were trusting Roger Dean to look after that loved ones. Many were here for the sentence. The atmosphere in court was tense and emotional. One woman actually fainted during proceedings, and there were loud sobs and applause when the sentence was handed down. Every time we picture our nana, we wonder if she was in pain,
or was scared, screaming, needing help. Never to be released. Oh, life! Wonderful! And I hope he suffers
as much in jail as my mother suffered
the last four days of her life. Relieved, it's the best
possible sentence. Never going to hurt
anyone else again.

The Justice described Dean's climb -- crimes as heinous, atrocious and grossly reprehensible. She said he lit the fires in an attempt to cover up his theft of drugs from the home, but rejected his claim that he was heavily affected by drugs at the time, saying that he knew what he was doing. Dean had been a nurse for 15 years. He had almost finished a law degree, but today's sentence means he will never work in those fields again. He showed no emotion whatsoever as the sentence was handed down.

Four men are in hospital after
their boat sank in Port Phillip Bay, in Melbourne's south-east, during a fishing trip this morning. Live to Laurel Irving at Carrum. Laurel,
they're suffering hypothermia? Good afternoon. That

Good afternoon. That is right. They were in the water for more than an hour, and it is very, very cold at this time of year. Police are astonished they all survived. The only reason they did is blind luck. They happened to be a couple fishing in the Bay who spotted what they thought was a market in the water. It turned out to be a man waving for help, so they pulled him on to their boat and then helped rescue one of his mates, who was in the water nearby, and two others swam to shore to safety. It was chubby in debate today. Police say at this stage they have no idea why this boat sank.One of the men on board the boat tried to make a call to emergency services, but the boat sank so fast that he could not get all the information out. The water is only about 11 or 12 degrees this time of year.All four men have been taken to hospital with hypothermia, as you said. Three are in a stable condition, but one is serious, and police hoped that as soon as they are able to talk, they can get more clues as to what went wrong this morning. They are very lucky.

New South Wales Finance Minister
Greg Pearce has been sacked for breaching the state's
ministerial code of conduct. after months of allegations
of wrongdoing and questionable conduct
by Mr Pearce. The ministerial code of conduct
is very clear. I've repeatedly said I expect the highest standards
from my government, and where breaches occur,
and where codes are broken, there will be consequences. He acted today following reports
of Mr Pearce's conflict of interest, when making an appointment
to the board of Sydney Water. A baby boy found abandoned
in central Queensland this morning remains in Government care. The newborn was left outside
the Rockhampton ambulance station and found after an anonymous
phone call around 12:30am. Subsequent inquiries have located
a 21-year-old female person who police believe
is the mother of the child. She is currently
at the Rockhampton Base Hospital where she is being examined
medically and she's assisting police
with their inquiries at this stage. The baby was born in a house. He's doing well. An asylum seeker from Bangladesh
has been refused bail after his arrest
over an indecent assault on a blind woman in Sydney. The 25-year-old was found
at a home in Merrylands after someone recognised him
from security pictures. A court was today told
he's on a temporary protection visa after coming to Australia by boat. The magistrate denied
a bail application, saying he's a flight risk and has a strong chance of jail
if found guilty. He's accused
of groping a blind woman in an elevator
at Ashfield Railway Station and again on a train.

Essendon AFL coach James Hird
is under siege this afternoon after being accused of driving
the team's supplements program that's under investigation
by anti-doping officials. Live to Nathan Templeton. Nathan, what's James Hird
had to say today? Well, the Essendon

Well, the Essendon coach remains defiant. He maintains he has done nothing wrong. Last night, in a Channel seven interview, the sacked fitness guru Dean Robinson made an offer allegations against James Hird, including that the coach was regularly injected himself. Also that he asked Robinson to source a band type of untraceable cream, and also that James Hird's house was raided as type of a drug investigation by Federal Police. James Hird admitted he watched the program last night.

Can we trust Dean Robinson? Who knows? Which New York doctor
were you speaking to? (LAUGHS) Never spoken
to a New York doctor. I gotta go,
but the club's made a statement and I prefer
that you look at that statement. Just to clarify, did you ever ask him
to investigate an untraceable cream? No, definitely not. Has the AFP raided your house
in relation to Shane Charter? Sorry? Has the AFP raided your home in relation to your relationship
with Shane Charter? Definitely not, thank you. Actually,
they've never raided my house. Tom, does James Hird still have
the support of his players? Absolutely. Last night, during the program, almost the

program, almost the entire Essendon list tweeted "stand by James Hird" and we caught up with a few of them at the club today. This is what Dyson Heppell had to save.

He's got our full support,
of course, so he's travelling alright,
all good. The new Essendon

The new Essendon chairman, Paul Little, has come at a very strongly for the second time in three days, saying that Dean Robinson's attack was personal and without foundation, describing him as a disgruntled, disaffected and discredited former staff member. It is like a game of tennis at the moment, back and forth, with the bombers conceding no ground.

Smokers will have to pay more
for a packet of cigarettes as the Federal Government tries to plug a multibillion dollar
budget hole. Health groups have backed the move saying it will save lives, but the Opposition says the plan
targets low-income earners. From December, smokers will have to pay more
to light up and the Treasurer isn't sorry. As Health Minister,
I want to see smoking rates fall and I'll use every tool
in the toolbox to see that happen. As revealed on Seven News, the tax on cigarettes
will rise by 12.5% each year, raising $5.3 billion
over the next four years. It's a difficult decision
but a decision which is taken in the best interests
of the nation. Anti-smoking groups are celebrating, with the cost of a packet
to rise by $5 by 2016. Increasing tax
is the single most effective way of reducing consumption and
raising revenue at the same time. 15,000 Australians die
of tobacco-related cancer every year with tobacco illnesses costing
the economy $31.5 billion a year. The Opposition says the plan has little to do
with getting smokers to quit. It's not motivated about better
health policies. It is solely about
fixing the budget crisis. And fixing that budget crisis
is set to be revealed tomorrow when the Treasurer is expected
to hand down his economic statement. That statement will also include the cost of the so-called
Papua New Guinea solution. The first planeload of
asylum seekers subject to the plan arrived on Manus Island
this morning. In the coming days, there will be more and more
who are flown across. The Auditor-General
has revealed today that the Government's ad campaign
promoting the policy could cost up to $30 million. He's has also raised concerns
about the approval process. It was more about buying votes. This was aimed at the vote people,
not the boat people. Let's check how the weather's
shaping up this evening with Sarah Cumming. Hi, Sarah.

Good afternoon, Bec. We've had fine
and settled conditions in most states for the first day of August, with the possibility of snow
over alpine areas tomorrow. If we got to our weather wall now, it's currently 21 degrees
in Brisbane with a few very isolated showers
around the South-East corner today. It's been a beautiful day in Sydney
sunny blue skies, and warmer than average
temperatures again, currently 16 degrees. Cool and cloudy in Melbourne today. 13 degrees right now,

with windy conditions tomorrow
and rain developing. I'll be back with
tomorrow's forecast in 45 minutes.

after confessing
to killing her husband. Plus, the new TV network
that's gone to the dogs.

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An investigation into the deaths of two Australian soldiers
in Afghanistan has found human error was to blame. Lance Coporal Mervyn McDonald
and Private Nathaniel Galagher were killed when a helicopter crashed
in Helmand province in August last year. The inquiry found
there was no evidence of mechanical failure
or enemy action causing the crash, instead blaming flight errors
due to environmental conditions. A husband who made a tearful plea
to help find his wife's killer has faced court
charged with her murder. Lynette Bradbury was found dead
at her Sydney home on Halloween in 2011. Her husband Brian Bradbury
was charged over her death yesterday and broke down
as he faced Parramatta court today. His family is standing by him
while he fights the charge. They say he's innocent. Mr Bradbury is expected to apply
for bail later this month. A woman who admitted
killing her partner after suffering more than a decade
of abuse has avoided jail. Deborah Charles was given
a 3-year suspended sentence for the manslaughter of Roy Nicol
in 2002. Ms Charles confessed to the crime in a written letter to police
six years later as part of
a 12-step recovery program. The court said her confession
was evidence of remorse and Ms Charles
was unlikely to reoffend. The Australian sharemarket
has recovered after a sharp drop this morning when banking stocks lost ground. But by this afternoon, bargain hunters had moved in, and at the close of trade,
the ASX 200 was up by 9 points. A new TV station will hit
the airwaves in America tomorrow, just for dogs. And before you think the Americans
have really gone barking mad, think about the potential audience. There are 46 million households
in the US with dogs.

Television really has gone to the dogs. A 24-hour channel dedicated to man's best friend is about to be unleashed in the US. For $5 a month, dog TV will it entertain dogs while their owners are at work.When Dr Alzheimer line, they are not happy about it. They suffer from separation anxiety.It features short videos that cater to canine's attention span. To find out what makes a ratings winner, professes film stops watching the Channel, with parking, shouting and other loud noises and the irritating them. It turns out that Rover prefers relaxation music. Wildlife, it car rides, and dogs playing.They love to see other dogs on television. They can't get enough of that.At this California Sholto, Dog television is a real tail wag be. They are much quieter. They are resting more, not biking as much, which is wonderful Initial to environment.Canine fitness clubs worry that it will breed lazy dogs. I think we have become a nation of couch potatoes, are both owners and dogs.That means another couch potato to fight over the remote control.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - fears of another massacre in Egypt as thousands flood the streets
of Cairo.

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There are warnings
of another massacre in Egypt after police orders to clear
Cairo's streets of protesters. Tens of thousands of demonstrators
have vowed to continue their support of desposed president Mohammed Morsi after government officials ruled the protest is a threat
to national security. The Muslim Brotherhood is warning any move to break up the crowds
could lead to more deadly violence just days after 82 people
were killed in a pro-Morsi rally. Voters have turned out
across Zimbabwe to elect a new president despite claims of widespread rigging
to keep Robert Mugabe in power. The 89-year-old,
who seized office 33 years ago, says he'll go if he isn't wanted. If you lose, then you must surrender
to those who have won. The opposition claims
voter registrations have been rigged and there are reports ballot papers
have run out in some areas. Sport with Ryan Phelan is next but first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Controversy over the Federal
Government's decision... to hike Controversy over the Federal
Government's decision... to hike the tax on cigarettes. Under the
plan... the cost of an average pack will rise around 5 dollars
by 20-16. The Coalition's slammed the move... as a stunt. But
ACT Heart Foundation Chief Tony Stubbs says its
great... because fewer people Chief Tony Stubbs says its
great... because fewer people will be able to afford to
take up the harmful habit. Claims this year's kangaroo
cull was a success... despite falling short of the
target. 11 hundred and 49 roo's were killed in the annual
hunt. .. 95 less than the quota. The Australian Hotel's
Association says our local hotels are struggling...
because of the uncertainty surrounding the federal
election. A survey revealed bookings have taken a hit.
ACT Chief Brad Watts wants the Chief Minister... to pressure
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to call an election. call an election. And Brumbies fans turned
out in force at Canberra Airport last night to see the
team off. They flew to New Airport last night to see the
team off. They flew to New Zealand today... ahead of
Saturday's final against the

Essendon is desperately trying to put the ASADA investigation
to one side as it prepares for Sunday's
top eight clash with Collingwood at the MCG.

The Magpies have also been quick
to dismiss allegations they used undetectable supplements. It's set the scene
for an emotion-charged clash. I've been in a position in this club
plenty of times where you feel like
your backs are against the wall, like Essendon are. You feel like
the whole world's against you and what it does,
it brings the group closer together. Darren Jolly won't play at the MCG. He'll return from a knee injury
through the VFL. And St Kilda forward Ahmed Saad
missed training today after testing positive
to a banned substance. Manly coach Geoff Toovey
has confirmed he's been asked to meet
ASADA officials. Toovey and several Manly staff
members have received requests but don't expect any further action. I don't know why they want
to interview me but anyway,
we'll see what happens. Yeah, sure. The quicker it's over, the better for rugby league
in general. The public are sick of it
so let's move on. Toovey has pleaded with officials
to wind up the investigation before the finals. Australian captain Michael Clarke
has dismissed claims his chronic back condition
may force him to retire. Shane Warne shared some tips
at training, ahead of tonight's third Ashes Test
at Old Trafford. It's 20 years since the 'Spin King'
captivated the cricket world, with his iconic
Ball Of The Century. Warne also bowled to Clarke, who says anything short of a win
won't be good enough. We need to

We need to win the next three Test matches to win the series. That is why we are here.

David Warner is expected to replace
Phil Hughes, and Clarke's adamant
he won't be ratted by sledging. Not at all. I think David will look forward
to that, if that's the case. Steve Smith is expected to play,
overcoming a back injury. James Magnussen has cruised
into the 100m freestyle final at the World Championships
in Barcelona. Magnussen qualified fourth fastest, and says he's primed
to defend his title. Tonight was pretty relaxed. I saw the first heat and knew
I didn't have to go too fast. So I feel good about going quicker. Christian Sprenger came agonisingly
close to winning another gold medal. He was beaten
by Cameron Van Der Burgh in the 50m breaststroke final
by 1/100th of a second.

Super Rugby final
against the Chiefs. The Kiwi welcome was low-key We were in Perth, then to Canberra, then to Pretoria, now to Hamilton. It is tough.And now South African speed machine Briot the buyer has outrun and a A380 jumbo jet. The 30-year-old was a clear winner. No word on what he will race next. Maybe Usain Bolt, that should pull him up. It has been an explosive 24 hours with the ASADA investigations in both AFL and the arrow. We will have more in that short the commanded the buttons at 6pm.And it was great to see Shane Warne back in the nets.Yes, he has still got it. In some respects, anyway.

Up next, reaction outside court after one of Australia's worst
mass killers is sentenced. And happy 100th birthday to Fay - but wait till you hear
what she did on her big day.

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We begin this half-hour with the worst mass murderer
in New South Wales history has been sentenced to life in jail,
never to be released. Nurse Roger Dean
killed 11 elderly people when he set fire to
a Sydney nursing home almost two years ago. Jodie Speers was in court.

Roger Dean was responsible for the worst mass murder in NSW history. Prosecutors had asked for a life sentence and today the judge agreed that was the only appropriate punishment for a man who killed 11 people and seriously harm to eight. He lit two fatal blazes in the early hours of November at 2011, while he was the nurse in charge of the Quakers Hill nursing home, supposed to be caring for frail residents. Three victims died during the blaze while others hung on, suffering, four days and even weeks, and eventually died in hospital. Needless to say this has been a nightmare for the families of the victims who were trusting him to look after that loved ones. Many were here for today's sentence. The atmosphere in court was tense and emotional. One woman even fainted during proceedings, and there were loud sobs and claps when the sentence was handed down.We always wonder whether she was in pain or if she was scared or screaming. Needing help.Never to be released. Wonderful! I have peace offers as much in jail as my mother did in the last three days of her life.Relieved. It is the best possible sentence we could get. He is never going to hurt anyone else again.The Justice described his crimes as heinous, atrocious and grossly reprehensible. She said that he lit the fires in an effort to cover up his theft of drugs from the home, but rejected his claims that he was heavily affected by drugs at the time, saying that he did know what he was doing. Dean had been announced for 15 years. He was one subject away from finishing a law degree. Today's life sentence means he will never worked in those fields again. He showed no emotion whatsoever as the sentence was handed down.

Four men are recovering in hospital after their boat sank in Melbourne
this morning. They'd set out on a fishing trip in rough conditions
in Port Phillip Bay when their 4m craft
started taking on water. Two of the men made it back
to shore at Carrum. Two others were rescued by police after more than an hour
in the water. The water's very cold this time
of year. It's only about 11 or 12 degrees and they were all suffering
hypothermia. One of them is critical. Police are still trying
to find the boat. They've been unable
to interview the men. To the ASADA drugs in sport scandal, and Essendon has lashed out
at claims made by its former high performance
manager Dean Robinson that coach James Hird
was the driving force behind its supplements program. Live to Nathan Templeton. Nathan, how damaging is all this
for Essendon? It is damaging for the entire

It is damaging for the entire game, but particularly the Essendon Bombers and James Hird. Dean Robertson absolutely went after James had in his Channel seven interview last night, basically saying that he was the driving force behind the program that has led them in so much trouble, that he was beyond reproach, with nobody questioning his authority at Essendon, and that he has a lot to answer for. Here's some of what he said.His actions, the way that he has handled himself, I have got no respect for the guy anymore. If it was honourable, he would stand down. Did he directly sated your Stephen Dank or anybody that you should look at substances that are illegal?He raised certain substances with us, yes.Why it has been the response from James Hird today?Well, James Hird is not deviating from the cause he has said throughout this entire thing. He says he has done absolutely nothing wrong. Among the accusations from Dean Robinson were that James Hird himself was regularly injected and that he asked Dean Robinson to source a banned substance. He admitted he watched the program last night. He was what he had to say.Can we trust Dean Robinson?Who knows?

Which New York doctor
were you speaking to? Never spoken to a New York doctor. I gotta go,
but the club's made a statement and I prefer it you look at
that statement. Just to clarify, did you ever ask him to investigate
an untraceable cream? No - definitely not. Has the AFP raided your house
in relation to Shane Charter? Sorry? Has the AFP raided your home in relation to your relationship
with Shane Charter? Definitely not. Thank you. Actually,
they've never raided my house.

As you would expect, a Sudanese rallying around James Hird, the golden boy, the favourite son of the club. The new chairman, Paul Little, defended him today, as have the players. Essendon are not conceding any ground after those explosive allegations last night.

A convenience store worker
in Adelaide has escaped unharmed following a terrifying robbery where he was tied up
and the shop set alight. More from Melissa Wildy.

Just after 3:30am, police say two men wearing balaclavas stormed into this convenience storm in Glenelg. They then reportedly threatened the are now, at three him to the crowd and tight into a chair before setting fire to restore. The 46- year-old line-out remarkably managed to break free and escaped before the place to cold. Residents in the apartments above worked to smoke filling their rooms and rushed downstairs to help.Got a knock on the door from my neighbour, basically saying to get out, because the place was on fire. About waist deep in smoke when I woke up. I got my jeans on, work up my neighbour, and came outside and dialled 000. It is one thing to get some cash, but to tie the bloke up and said the place on fire seems insane and unnecessary.35 firefighters took about one hour to extinguish the blaze. They managed to save neighbouring shops and apartments. The convenience store owner was taken to the Royal Adelaide hospital for checks and has since been released. Police are still searching for suspects. The damage bill has been put at $250,000.

Former Labor kingmaker
in New South Wales, Eddie Obeid, is protesting his innocence after being called corrupt by the state's Indepedent Commission
Against Corruption, the ICAC. Live to Lee Jeloscek in Sydney. Lee, he's planning to take
legal action over the findings? Yes, he gave an explosive press conference outside his Hunter's Hill mansion earlier today. Be

Hill mansion earlier today. Be the firing line where opposition leader... Even foreign affairs minister and former Premier Bob Carr. He says all of them have failed to support him. He also says he is innocent until proven guilty, but all these men seem to have forgotten that. Perhaps the greatest ever of all was saved for the ICAC itself. He says it is a disgrace, and a star chamber that is simply out to get him.

It was a sham inquiry. The conclusion was expected from the opening statement
by the assistant counsel. We look forward to
when the DPP picks this up and takes it to the Supreme Court. That's the only way we can bring
on the evidence and the truth of what's behind this.

They have been some concerns about the Director of Public prosecution's ability to take on an investigation of this magnitude, but today the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, said he has given an extra $2 million in the last state budget to give to the ICAC and the DPP an extra $2 million to have some extra investigators within the DPP to ensure that justice is served.

First it was smokers, now banks could be
in the Rudd Government's sights as it tries to plug a multibillion-dollar hole
in the budget. Live to political correspondent
Alex Hart in Canberra. Bec, reports suggest the Government's economic statement,
to be released tomorrow, will include a new levy
on bank deposits. Labor won't confirm the speculation, but it's believed the measure
will be badged as an insurance levy, in case banks require bailouts
in future. It could raise a billion dollars
over the next four years, but the banks have warned the cost
will be passed on to consumers. It follows confirmation the Government will
increase taxes on cigarettes, to raise more than $5 billion. The Treasurer admits much of the money will be used to
help return the budget to surplus. This, I know, won't be
universally popular with all. It's a difficult decision. Whether it's a bank deposit tax, whether it's an increase
in cigarette tax, it's all a hit on you.

Alex, will the government's economic
statement also reveal the cost of
the PNG asylum seeker plan? Yes, Bec.

Two weeks on from announcing
the policy, the costs are still unknown. This morning, the first plane-load
of asylum seekers subject to the plan arrived on Manus Island. Australia is paying for everything,
including the flights, expanding detention facilities and an increase in foreign aid
to Papua New Guinea. Then there's the associated
ad campaign. The Auditor-General's revealed today
that will cost up $30 million and he's raised concerns
about the way it was approved. This was aimed at the vote people,
not the boat people. The point is, taxpayers shouldn't be funding
political ads such as this. It'S widely speculated
that the economic statement will be the government's
last major announcement, before Kevin Rudd calls
the election. He's tipped to do that on Sunday,
for a September 7 polling day, Bec. Thanks.
Alex Hart reporting in Canberra. A very happy birthday
to Sydney woman, Fay Morley, who's turned 100 today. And she celebrated it -
are you ready for this - at work! Damien Smith was there
for the party. Yes, it

Yes, it has been a very special day for five Morley, and why wouldn't it be? She was met at her house this morning by a phalanx of police officers who escorted her to work. That is right, work. At 100, she has a little Haberdashers shop down this arcade in mannerly, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. She says that has been a key ingredient to keeping her going.It is therapy for me, because I get out of my unit every day and I meet nice people.Absolutely amazing, and I hope she doesn't set a precedent. I hope the politicians dyed cotton on to this. I certainly don't want to be working when I am 100, that is for sure.For years, she has been selling ribbons, lace, needles and thread to residents to come to her tiny shop. They helped her celebrate today.Happy birthday, dear at Faye! Happy birthday to You!She is not one to make a fuss, but it can be said that she was overwhelmed by the flowers and gifts from all of her friends and customers, and of course by that letter from the Queen, and the one from the Governor General, Quentin Bryce. A very special day indeed.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - remarkable pictures as a tourist boat in Queensland
gets up close with whales. And Australian fashion's new star,
Perth model Jessica Gomes, becomes the face of David Jones.


We all have a vote. And though we don't use it every day, it's one of the most valuable things
we possess. So make sure you're enrolled to vote, because the federal election
is fast approaching.

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A baby is under Government care
in a Queensland hospital after being abondoned
outside an ambulance station early this morning. Police have found his mother, who, it's believed,
gave birth at home. Stephanie Jeanes reports
from Rockhampton. Rebecca, paramedics
at Rockhampton's ambulance station discovered the newborn baby boy
just before 1 o'clock this morning. He was left on the doorstep,
wrapped in a blanket. It's believed his mother
called the station's emergency phone The child was then taken
to Rockhampton Base Hospital in good health. Subsequent inquiries have located
a 21-year-old female person who police believe
is the mother of the child. The baby is less than a day old. It's believed his mother
delivered the boy at home just a few streets away
from the station. She was also taken to hospital
for examination but police say she hasn't been
reunited with her son at this stage. Very concerning, obviously,
a newborn child, and it is very distressing
for a lot of people concerned, however there are obviously factors
surrounding this as well. Now this all comes less than a week after another baby was abandoned
outside a house in Logan, south of Brisbane. Police won't speculate on whether
this was a copycat scenario and they say it's too early
to talk about laying any charges. In the meantime,

the baby remains in hospital
under the watchful eye of doctors. The Department of Child Safety
is investigating and we understand they're considering putting the baby
in foster care. Rebecca.

TV chef Nigella Lawson
is a step closer to divorcing millionaire art collector
Charles Saatchi following the publication of photos showing the 70-year-old
grabbing her throat. London's High Court
has taken about a minute to issue a decree nisi, meaning that unless
there are objections, the marriage will end
in six weeks and one day. Court documents show that the 53-year-old chef applied
for the divorce, citing Saatchi's
continuing unreasonable behaviour. A man left handcuffed for five days
in a police cell with no food, water or toilet has won more
than 4 million dollars compensation. College student Daniel Chong
lost 7 kilos and suffered kidney damage after being locked up following
a drug bust in California. He says he survived by instinct. You start to realise
what you have to do which is drink any fluid
that's around which was my urine at the time. The 25-year-old had attempted
suicide using his glasses. Perth model Jessica Gomes
has starred for David Jones at the launch of its Spring/Summer
fashions last night in Sydney. The 27-year-old is the new face
of the department store, replacing Miranda Kerr. She's got big shoes to fill after supermodel Miranda Kerr's
departure but it didn't seem
to bother new recruit Jessica Gomes, who brought her own fresh pizzazz
to the catwalk. (FUNKY MUSIC)

It's the first time the 27-year-old
has graced the runway at David Jones'
flagship Sydney store in front of the who's who
of the Australian fashion industry. I'm just happy to watch it all. I love seeing all of our great girls I love seeing all the designers who are part of the David Jones
fashion family. Among the trends
for this spring-summer season - strong black and whites... # I desire more. # the likes of Carla Zampatti... (GENTLE GUITAR MUSIC) ..and Bassike. Bold fluoro prints by
Romance Was Born and Ginger & Smart and florals inspired
by the Italian-Riviera from DJ's ambassador
Megan Gale's own label. Camilla delivered a colourful tribal
spectacle to conclude the parade. (TRIBAL MUSIC)

With tough times falling
on the fashion industry and some well-known designers
going under, David Jones is hoping its fresh
new face will help rake in sales. There was a magic moment off Queensland's Fraser Coast
this morning. A group on a whale-watching boat
off Hervey Bay waved to a whale, which rolled onto its back
and waved back. The moment was captured
by our cameras who were there filming
a weather segment for 'Sunrise' weather presenter
Edwina Bartholemew. Even the seasoned crew
on the 'Whalesong' said it was a rare
and beautiful encounter. After the break,

we'll get the national
weather forecast with Sarah Cumming.

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are just the beginning.

Good afternoon. We had a mostly clear day
around the country with fine and settled conditions. But a burst of cold, wet and windy
weather is on the way for southern states tomorrow. If we take a look at our weathercams
now, in Hobart, it's around 11 degrees
at the moment. No rain in the gauge today -
that will change tomorrow. It's looking clear in Melbourne
after a cool day. 13 degrees right now. It reached 23 degrees in Brisbane
this afternoon. Currently 20 degrees. It'll be a warm day tomorrow. From the satellite, most of
the country is looking clear apart from a cold front
which is approaching South Australia bringing increasingly cloudy
conditions. And there were some
very isolated showers near the southern Queensland coast and north-east corner of NSW today. That front currently approaching
South Australia will push into Victoria and Tasmania
late tomorrow whipping up cold, windy conditions
with rain and showers. Some late snow is even possible
over alpine areas. A large high pressure system
will generate fine weather in WA and across central
to northern Australia. In the capitals tomorrow - partly cloudy for Brisbane
with a possible afternoon shower. 24 degrees.

Sydney is staying fine - mostly sunny and 21 degrees. Early frost
in Canberra and just the small chance
of a late shower - 14. Hobart, rain developing
in the afternoon before clearing
late tomorrow night. A wet and windy day in Melbourne. -
14 degrees. A few showers in Adelaide. 15 degrees the top. Perth can expect dry weather
and 21 degrees. That's the latest weather,
more at 6:00. Rebecca. Thanks, Sarah.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Thursday - our next bulletin
is Seven News at 6:00. I'm Rebecca Maddern.
Hope you have a great evening. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases,
150 contenders, $200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 1. Congratulations, Serge Caldoresi. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host,
Andrew O'Keefe. Hi, Katie. Hi, Chels.
Hello, Miss Candice. Hi! How are you doing?

Hey, Serge.
How are you? How do you do, mate?
Good, mate. How are you? Good to meet you.
Welcome, everyone. Welcome! Serge Caldoresi
doing the deals with us. Account manager by day,
drummer by night. Yes, that's right. How do you like it?
I love it. How long have you been drumming?
Since I was four. Have you really?
Yes. What, did you start off on a
little marching band or something? I started off, my uncle played drums
and my brother played drums and so, yeah, we had a drum kit in the house
and we used to play the Elvis songs. Yeah, right. I actually started as a youngster
with spoons on a stool with all the Beatle records. OK, terrific.
So, are you playing around? I'm in a corporate band
called Moondance. Moondance?
Moondance, yeah. OK. So, does that play a few
Van Morrison hits and things? Oh, we do a whole variety
of genres, you know. From '50s to jazz, right up
to the modern day stuff. Sure. Yeah, got to keep
your audience happy. If you had to choose, I mean,
would it tear your heart in two to have to choose between account
management and drumming in a band? Well, if I could just
survive on music alone, I would definitely do that. Sure, that's the dream.
That's the love. That's the dream, that the love,
yeah. And what's the dream for the
Deal-a-Drome today? Look, um... There's been a bit of a surprise
and a bit of a hiccup but originally we wanted to go
and still want to go to London to visit Abbey Road studios
or whatever. However, my wife said to me,
guess what? Guess what?
"I'm pregnant." No!
Yeah. (LAUGHS)
(APPLAUSE) Right, nice. So we have to speed things up
a little bit. I got you, I got you.
Oh, congratulations. Thank you very much.
Is this the first? The first.
Oh, congratulations, Serge. That's terrific news.
That's terrific. And if it's a boy... If it's a boy... What can we call it? You're going
to call it Ringo, right? Huh? No. I think I was thinking Harrison,
for George as well. Harrison? Yeah, very nice. I wanted to do Lennon but Lennon
sounds too much like 'lemon'. Yes, yes! He'll get called 'lemon'
at school, that's for sure. Exactly, so Harrison if it's a boy.
Harrison Caldoresi. Sounds good. Let's go get the cash, huh? Nice. Chelsea, Candice, Kate.

Where are we going? N... I was born on the 6th so number 6. Number 6 it is. Thank you, Candi.
If you do the honours, thanks.

Ah, very nice. So, you've got to have your trip
before the baby's born? Yeah, I think
we have to speed things up. That's the idea? Fair enough. Good on you, Candi. Thanks for that. Deal time!

ANNOUNCER: Does this case contain the bank's biggest prize
of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin.

Nelly is on 16. How are you, Nelly? Good, how are you, Andrew? Terrific. Congratulations.
Thank you. You feeling good? I'm feeling very good.
Yeah? Now, Serge is planning on having
this holiday to London to go stalking Paul McCartney
before the baby. Do you think that's a good idea? I do because I think it will be maybe a little while
before we can do that. Probably, yeah. So, we're trying to fast track
everything that we want to do, fit it all in before
the 25th December. Yeah, fantastic.
It's due on Christmas Day. Christmas Day!
Christmas Day. Well, happy birthday. Let's get on with the deal. Six cases! Best of luck, Sergio.
Thank you.

Er... (LAUGHS) Number 4, Andrew.
Number 4 to start. Right in the middle, Craig. $200,000.
Whoa! Come on, Craig. $10.

Thank you. OK. Five cases. OK. Let's try number 1. Number 1? Estelle. I think I've got the $5,000. Good on you, Estelle. Thank you.
Can live without five Gs. Parp, parp! There we go. That's alright, the little runabout.
There she goes. Four cases. Number 14.
14 is Simran. Hi. I think I have $150. Thanks, Simran. It's... $200. Pretty close!

Er...let's try number 15. 15. Hey, Harry. Thank you, Andrew,
and good luck, Serge. For your sake,
I will say I've got 50 cents. Thank you, Harry. It's $50! Doing well here, Serge. Very nice indeed. 22, up the top. 22 is Leoni.
Hi, Andrew. Good luck, Serge. I think I've got the $50,000. Thanks, Leoni.
Let's have a look. Is it green, the first of them?

No! $250. Nice round thus far. One to come.

19. Hey, Amy. How are you going, Andrew?
Good luck, Serge. I think I have $150. Thank you. Amy has $150!
(YELPS) Nice work!