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This program is captioned live. This morning - Roger Dean
sentenced for murdering 11 people in a nursing home fire. The fallout from Dean Robinson's
explosive interview on Essendon's drug scandal. Another newborn baby
abandoned in Queensland. And smokers to pay more
for a packet of cigarettes.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders. Good morning. We begin with breaking news - a former Sydney nurse has just
been sentenced to life in jail for the murder of 11 elderly
residents in a nursing home fire. Let's go straight
to Seven News reporter Sean Berry. Sean, there were dramatic scenes
as Roger Dean was sentenced? Yes. As the judge handed down

Yes. As the judge handed down the
sentence of life without parole she described the Acts as heinous, atrocious and grossly reprehensible. That was greeted by the packed courtroom with cheering, tears and an awful lot of emotion. One of the family members yelled out, "Rot in hell". We expect them to leave the Supreme Court of NSW short lease. The sentence is very strict, harsh and was expected. He pleaded guilty to the murders of 11 elderly residents at a Quakers Hill nursing home in 2011. He was a registered nurse, supposed to look after them. He started early in what is supposed to be one of the biggest mass killings in NSW. The elderly residents could not move from their beds. Three died on the day and the rest over the following days. It later emerged that he lit the fire to hide the theft of 200 prescription pills. He was trying to hide evidence of that. It was said earlier on that he was entitled to a 15 -- 15% discount for his early plea. One other family members of the victims had packed up the court and said, had to be taken out of the room and had to be treated by ambulance officers. They were able to get back to hear a different story. A life sentence had to be applied in this case and Roger Dean will be taken away short lead to begin a sentence. Melbourne's Essendon Football Club
is seeking legal action after sensational claims

by former high performance manager
Dean Robinson. He accused coach James Hird of driving the team's
controversial supplements program. Tom Browne joins me now. Good morning, Tom.
Some explosive claims?


Yes. A number of explicit claims by Dean Robinson in last night's exclusive interview. He was particularly critical of James Hird. He alleged that James Hird injected himself, he urged Dean Robinson to investigate the cream that is not detectable on a trip to New York. He also suggested that James Hird orchestrated the supplement program. Let's have a listen to what Dean Robinson had to say. His actions,
the way he has handled himself... ..I've got no respect for the guy
anymore. If it was honourable,
he'd stand down. Did he ever directly say
to you or Stephen Dank or anyone to your knowledge that we should look at substances
that are illegal? He raised hexarelin with us, yes.

And there has been a response from James Hird? Yes. He left his Toorak home in Melbourne at about 8:30am this morning and defended the assertions on television last night strongly. He was asked about claims about the AFP going to his house in connection with the Shane Charter drug situation. He was also asked about approaching doctors in New York about the undetectable steroid cream. Let's listen to what James Hird said. Can we trust Dean Robinson? Who knows.

What New York doctor
were you speaking to? Never spoken to a New York doctor. I gotta go. The club has made a statement. I would prefer if, ah...
you look at that statement. Just to clarify,
did you ever ask him to investigate an untraceable cream. No, definitely not. Has the AFP raided your house in relation to your relationship
with Shane Charter. Sorry. Has the AFP raided your home in relation to your relationship
with Shane Charter. Definitely not. Thank you. Actually, they've never raided
my house.

I should emphasise,

I should emphasise, of course, that these I have been Robinson's claims, one side of the story. -- these are Dean Robinson's claims. Essendon have have responded. In part they said:

That is Essendon's position. We will have the latest as it develops today in terms of the fallout at 4:30pm and six o'clock. An incredible interview and interesting revelations and claims by Dean Robinson. The boss of the NRL Dave Smith is advising players
to tell the truth when ASADA begins interviews over the alleged use
of banned substances today. 30 players and officials
will be questioned. Let's get it done - some of the players turn up,
let's respect everybody's rights but let's tell the truth
and move on. The interviews are expected
to be finished by the end of August.

Cricket Australia
and former coach Mickey Arthur have struck an out-of-court deal over his claims he was unfairly
sacked on the eve of the Ashes. Both parties spent almost 13 hours
in conciliation talks at the Fair Work Commission
in Sydney before they came
to a confidential agreement. It was a real pity that we had
to launch a legal proceedings but I'm glad we came
to a settlement. It's believed Arthur will pocket
less than the $4 million he wanted. Former New South Wales Labor
powerbroker Eddie Obeid is threatening a high court
challenge over the ICAC report. It found he and former Mining
Minister Ian Macdonald were corrupt. Lee Jeloscek joins me now. Good morning, Lee. Eddie Obeid still insists
he's innocent? That is correct. He

That is correct. He gave an exclusive interview outside his mansion this morning. In the light of -- in the firing line were the Opposition Leader, Sam de St ARIA and Bob Carr. They have all denied him a presumption of innocence. Perhaps the greatest was reserved for the ICAC which he described as a disgrace and nothing more than a star chamber out to get him and his family. We will pursue this through
every court of the land to prove that we're innocent,
we've done nothing wrong and this has just been
a political witch-hunt to have Labor ex ministers
in the public eye being scandalised and victimised
and scandalised.

And we've heard
from the NSW Premier today? Yes, Barry O'Farrell says he will

Yes, Barry O'Farrell says he will
give the DPP whatever resources are needed to ensure that justice is served. He said in the last state budget he handed the DPP an extra $2 million just for a prosecution department for the i c a sea. He will give whatever resources are needed to ensure that served. I think the public
have an absolute right to expect that people
be held accountable for the sort of shameful episodes that have come to light
during these inquiries. People so want people locked up.

Eddie Obeid has

Eddie Obeid has described this as the first round of a 15-round bout so I worry how much longer this will go on. Thank you, Lee.

Queensland police have found
the mother of a baby boy found abandoned in Rockhampton
last night. The newborn was found
outside an ambulance station in the city centre. Police are speaking
to the 21-year-old mother who is being checked at hospital.

The child is less than a day old, the child was wrapped in a cloth
or blanket. The child was taken
to the Rockhampton Base Hospital in good health. It's the second time a baby has been
abandoned in Queensland in a week. On Saturday
a woman left her newborn boy at the door of a family's home
at Logan, south of Brisbane. A convenience store worker
has managed to escape uninjured after thieves tied him to a chair
and set the store on fire in Adelaide. Police say two men in balaclavas
entered the Jetty Road shop early this morning. They threatened the attendant
and tied him to a chair before setting the store alight
and fleeing. The victim freed himself
and raised the alarm. The blaze caused a quarter
of a million dollars damage.

Smokers will have to pay more
for a packet of cigarettes as the Federal Government
tries to plug a multibillion-dollar budget hole. Health groups have backed
the move saying it will save lives but the Opposition says
it will hit low income earners.

From December, smokers will
have to pay more to light up and the Treasurer isn't sorry. This, I know, won't be universally
popular with all. As revealed on Seven News
last night, the tax on cigarettes will rise by 12.5% each,

will rise by 12.5% each year, raising $5.3 billion
over the next four years. It's a difficult decision
but a decision which is taken in the best interests
of the nation. Anti-smoking groups are celebrating with the cost of a packet
to rise by $5 by 2016.

Increasing tax
is the single most effective way of reducing consumption and
raising revenue at the same time. 15,000 Australians die of
tobacco-related cancer every year with tobacco illnesses costing
the economy $31.5 billion a year. The Opposition says the plan has little to do
with getting smokers to quit. It's not motivated about better
health policies. It is solely about
fixing the budget crisis. Smokers are the first
to be targeted. The Treasurer will this week release
a statement updating May's Budget
ahead of the election. With less money than expected
in the coffers, Chris Bowen will have to reveal how much new policies such as the
Papua New Guinea asylum seeker plan will hit the Government's
bottom line. A group of asylum seekers
has arrived on Manus Island, the first to be sent there under Kevin Rudd's
tough new border security policy. 40 Iranian, Pakistani and Afghan men
left Christmas Island in darkness to board a flight,
which touched down this morning. Every single person who arrives
under these new laws will find that the Government
is true to its word and they will not be settled
in Australia. 14,00 people have arrived
in Australian waters 1,400 people have arrived
in Australian waters since the Government
announced its new policy. Next in Seven News -
business and finance. A new addition
to the National War Memorial. Also, the television channel
that's gone to the dogs - literally.

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An important piece of show and tell
from the war in Afghanistan is about to go on display
at the War Memorial in Canberra. It's an Australian bushmaster which struck
an improvised explosive device and has the battle scars
to prove it.

While there were three Australian
soldiers who were wounded, slightly wounded in this event,
ya know, less protected vehicle
I can only imagine would not have been so fortunate. Visitors to the memorial

Visitors to the memorial will be able see the bushmaster for
themselves from next Wednesday. To finance now and joining me is Martin Lakos
from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, Martin. The Australian dollar
has fallen below 90 US cents. Is it going lower?

Good morning. It looks like there is downside to the Australian dollar since last Tuesday's commentary from the reserves bank governor. The Aussie dollar will continue to go lower. Chinese manufacturing data came in this morning for it was better than expected. The US dollar has now bounced back. Talk of downside going into next year of a 85 cents. How is the market? All of the companies with US dollar earnings are doing quite well. Understandably with the dollar going down. Materials and energy stocks also because they sell commodities in US dollars, they are up. The Bankside down. Telstra is performing well, up strongly about four cents. Many pet owners feel guilty about leaving their beloved
animals home alone all day But bored dogs could soon
have some digital company with a new tv channel launching
in the US - just for canines.

TV really has gone to the dogs. A 24-hour channel
dedicated to man's best friend is about to be unleashed in the US. For $5 a month,
DOGTV will entertain pooches while their owners are out at work. When dogs are home alone
they are not very cool with it. They suffer from stress,
separation anxiety. It features short videos that
cater to canines' attention span. To find out what makes a ratings
winner with the 4-legged demographic producers filmed dogs
watching the channel. Barking, shouting and other loud
noises only irritate them. Turns out Rover likes
a little relaxation music... ..wildlife... rides and dogs playing.

They can't get enough
of watching other dogs. At this California dog shelter,
DOGTV is a real tail wagger. They are much quieter,
they are not barking as much, they are resting more, which in a shelter environment,
is wonderful for us. Canine fitness clubs worry
it'll breed lazy dogs. I think we've become a nation
of couch potatoes owners and their dogs. That means another couch potato
to fight over the remote.

An Australian woman
who has been writing to a penpal in America for 74 years has finally met her lifelong friend,
face to face. Audrey Sims says the key
to their lasting friendship was finding common ground. We both married and divorced,
and then married and had children and it's sort of almost the same,
isn't it? Like I said earlier,
we both love flowers." Oh, yes,
we've got to look at gardens. The two women have exchanged
around 3,000 letters and they have no plans to stop. Next in Seven News -
the latest NRL and AFL news. James Magnussen targets
world Championship glory. And Spin King Shane Warne a welcome
visitor at Aussie training ahead of the third Ashes test.

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1.6-litre turbo engine, the Holden Cruze SRi-V
is built here and made exciting. And to prove it,
we took our engineers and drove them at 100km/h at a million-dollar,
one-of-a-kind concept car.

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Essendon is trying to put
the ASADA investigation to one side as it prepares for Sunday's top
eight clash with Collingwood at the MCG. Nathan Templeton has the latest
from Magpies training.

Good morning. Collingwood has

Good morning. Collingwood has been
dragged into the Essendon drugs saga. They played them this weekend and there are suggestions James Hird suggested Collingwood was pushing the boundaries with its supplements program and that provided motivation for the Essendon program. The Magpies have strongly denied the rumours. They are trying to concentrate on Sunday's crucial match. They sit in his seventh match and to -- they are in 7th and the Bombers are in force.You feel like you are batting against the world, it makes the grip tighter and closer. More often we have performed in that situation.There is another drugs story. St Kilda forward Ahmed Saad faces a possible ban after a positive test. It is possible he had a powder and stimulant that his band in competition. St Kilda says this is an honest mistake and are still waiting for the second sample to be tested. Until then he is free to play but unfortunately, the drugs dramas continued to overshadow the on-field action. NRL boss Dave Smith
has ordered a review of the competition's
often-criticised salary cap. The introduction of a marquee player
allowance is a high priority to ensure fan favourites like Sonny
Bill Williams stay in rugby league.

We are in a competitive market
for players and we want to make sure we do attract the likes
of the Sonny Bills and the Folaus and once we attract them,
we wanna make sure we can keep them. Smith hopes a revamped system will
make it harder for other codes to poach the NRL's elite talent. Australian captain Michael Clarke
has dismissed claims his chronic back condition
may force him to retire. Shane Warne shared some tips
at training ahead of tonight's third Ashes test
at Old Trafford. It's 20 years since the 'Spin King'
captivated the cricket world with his iconic
'ball of the century'. Warne also bowled to Clarke, who says anything short
of a win won't be good enough. Definitely not good enough We've gotta win the next three test
matches to win the series. That's why we are here.

David Warner is expected
to replace Phil Hughes and Clarke's adamant
he won't be ratted by sledging. Not at all. I think David will look forward
to that, if that's the case. Steve Smith has overcome
a back injury. James Magnussen has cruised
into the 100m freestyle final at the World Championships
in Barcelona. Magnussen qualified fourth fastest and says he's primed
to defend his title. Tonight was pretty relaxed. I saw the first heat and I knew
I didn't have to go too fast. So I feel good about going quicker. Christian Sprenger came agonisingly
close to winning another gold medal. He was beaten
by Cameron van der Burgh in the 50m breaststroke final
by one hundredth of a second. Stay with me here
on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather
details after this break.

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This is the Australian
Government's message for anyone associated
with people smuggling - come by boat
and Australia will never be home. Even if someone's
found to be a refugee, they will not be settled
in Australia. The people smugglers' guarantee
is now worthless. It's buying a ticket
to another country. People coming by boat will be sent
to Papua New Guinea and permanently settled there. Paying a people smuggler is not a ticket to Australia. The rules have now changed.

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In breaking news - four people
have just been rescued after their boat overturned
near Melbourne this morning. The men spent
four hours in the water in Carrum, south-east of the city, before being rescued. One man was taken to Frankston
Hospital in a serious condion. Another was taken to Dandenong
Hospital and is currently stable. Checking today's weather. A possible shower
in Brisbane. A top of 15
in Canberra and Hobart. Melbourne will
be partly cloudy. Clearing showers
in Perth. Darwin will reach
32 degrees. And that's Seven News to now. We'll leave you with some
of the new season looks from the David Jones spring-summer
fashion launch. I'm Ann Sanders.
Thanks for your company. Goodbye.

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MAN: It's hell out there.
Storm accident. A van on its way to a wedding. Mom, dad, three kids. Kid was driving got hit in
the throat with the steering wheel. Just got his driver's licence.
Lupe, grab that end. His respirations are shallow,
his pulse is weak. He's not alert.

What is his pulse? About 160. He needs a cricoid
thyroidectomy. Get me a resident. Well, there's nobody. They're with
the others. If you wait a minute... He'll be dead. With his
mom and dad right next door. Is this your first?
Uh-huh. C-spinal mobilisation.
Keep his head still.