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This program is captioned live. If it was honourableable, he would stand down F a man is honourable he would. "The Weapon" takes aim at James Hird, claiming the coach drove the Bombers' supplements program. We will have special coverage throughout the morning. Day of justice - Sydney's nursing home killer set to learn his fate over the deaths of 11 people. All in the family - why Kevin Rudd's brother isn't doing the PM any favours. Spin king - Warnie's plan to give the Aussies the edge for the third test. Plus Disney's hottest new star Bridgit Mendler performs live. And we're on the red carpet for fashion's big night out. SONG:# In the crowd the music is loud...#A very good morning to you from the Today Show.Correct.That is the way we do it, I think?That is the way we do it.We are good at the Today Show, thank you. Hope you are well too.Wow, you don't mind a stitch up you people, do you. One little mistake and bam!! Timmy is a little more forgiving.Waking up. I am that kind of guy. Pinch and punch for the 1 August.Yes, it is. Horse's birthday, 1 August.You are full of useful information!A very good morning to you and happy birthday if it is your birthday too.

Plenty happening so let's get right into it and Deb has the news.I do indeed, there is a fair bit of news around this morning. Good morning. AFL club Essendon is seeking legal advice after a number of explosive allegations levelled by the team's former fitness coach, Dean Robinson. In a paid interview, Robinson takes aim at James Hird - claiming the coach was a driving force behind the club's controversial supplements program. For more we're joined by Today reporter Christine Ahern in Melbourne. Chris, what more can you tell us about these allegations?Well, Deb, Dean Robinson took aim at James Hird and he certainly did not miss. In a string of startling allegations, the dumped high-performance manager claimed that hirdz asked him to investigate a banned testosterone cream and Hexarelin and claim that Hird got injected with that himself. He claims that Hird's own home was raided by the Australian Federal Police several years ago over his relationship with convicted drug trafficer Shane Charter who used to be his fitness trainer. In another allegation, Robinson claims when asked of Collingwood believing that they were on substances giving them an advantage. This is something that Collingwood has denied. He says that the stress left him on the brink of suicide. Let's have a listen to some of the allegations that Robinson had to say last night in this paid interview.I had a phone call when he was overseas telling me about a doctor he met from New York that had a undetectable substance that you could use as a cream for players and he came back and told me about it again and he said, "We should investigate it, go and look at it.". Certainly very daming claims. What has Essendon had to say about this? Essendon released a statement last night not long after the interview strenuously denying all allegation, saying they are without foundation and they are coming from a disgruntled, disaffected and discredited ex-employee. They are now seeking legal advice. Robinson was dumped a as the high- performance manager early their year and he is seeking to sue the club for breach of contract but these explosive allegations have piled even more pressure on the Essendon coach.Certainly have. We will leave it there. Chris, thank you. The man responsible for the worst mass murder in NSW history will this morning learn his fate. 11 elderly people were killed after Roger Dean lit two fires at a Sydney nursing home in 2011. Today reporter Natalia Cooper joins us now. Prosecutors have pushed for a life sentence,That is right, Deb. The crown has pushed for life in jail saying Roger Dean continues to pose a risk to the community N May he pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder. A nursing home fire in 2011 claimed the lives of 11 elderly residents. That was a fire that Roger Dean lit. He lit two fires at the nursing home after he discovered police were investigating his theft of hundreds of prescription pills from the home. Roger Dean says that Satan made him light the fire. Today the State's worst mass murderer will learn his fate.Thank you. Cricket Australia and former coach Mickey Arthur have reached a confidential out-of-court settlement following marathon conciliation talks. Arthur launched legal action after claims he was unfairly sacked last month.I am glad we came to a settlement without the need to proceed with potentially expensive and protracted litigation. For me this was never solely about the money, I just wanted to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. Arthur had been seeking $4 million compensation or his job back, but says he was happy to accept a significantly reduced financial settlement, in order for both parties to move on. Cricket Australia says it's pleased the matter is over as Australia heads into the third test against England today, hoping to avoid a series whitewash. Meantime, spin king Shane Warne has paid a visit to the side to help boost morale ahead of the test. Let's cross live to Nine News reporter Roz Kelly for the latest. What did Warnie have to say?Well, Deb, Australia is right up against history in this Ashes searrys now so today the coach brought Shane Warne into the camp to help inspire them. He spent most of his time with the spinners, Ashton Agar and Nathan line and he said he didn't talk about the technical side of things, mostly just the mental side of the game and how to deal with pressure and back themselves during what can be an intense period during an Ashes game. He also bowled a few deliveries to captain Michael Clarke and then he hung out until the end of training and spent time in the dressing room with the rest of the team. He has made them all aware that he is just a phone call away if they need any advice. Michael Clarke is my best friends so you have the coach and captain, so I am sure there will be other times when I can come down when they think I can come and help or just come down and have a chat and be around the group.Deb n other team news. Steven Smith, he returned to training today and spent a fair bit of time, looked like he was batting quite freerly in the nets after being struck down with a painful back over the past few days. They will wait to see u how he pulls up tomorrow here in UK before announcing the team just before the toss. Australia must win this to keep the series alive and avoid their worst losing streak in 126 years. No pressure!! They are up against it. We will have more on the Ashes preparation with Tim in sport. Smokes are being warned it will cost them more to light up as the Federal Government searches for ways to get the budget back in the black. Treasurer Chris Bowen is today expected to announce a 12.5% tax hike, each year, for four years. The increase is forecast to raise $5.3 billion over the forward estimates.$35 billion a year up in smoke. These are funds which we have to continue to raise from the taxpayer. In the meantime, Kevin Rudd's keen to keep it all in the family, with the appointment of his youngest son, Marcus, to a position on Labor's digital campaign team. The Prime Minister's other son, 24-year-old Nicholas, was named a key advisor to his father several weeks ago. The first group of asylum seekers to be sent to Manus Island under the Prime Minister's tough new border security policies, has left Christmas Island. Federal Police officers escorted each asylum seeker onto the plane bound for Papua New Guinea. The group of 40 single men will be assessed in PNG and resettled if their claims for asylum are found to be genuine. The plane was supposed to leave 24 hours earlier, but was delayed by bad weather. Police in Melbourne will this morning continue their search for a violent sex attacker, who is believed to have assaulted two women in the city's CBD. A 26- year-old woman was approached at around 6:30 on Friday morning, as she walked to work. The man grabbed her from behind, before forcing the woman up against a wall and indecently assaulting her.She was walking along Queen Street, turned around and gestured to the female and blue her a kiss. It appears that the male may be drug or alcohol affected at the time. Yesterday, another woman came forward, reporting a similar assault in the same area. Police are urging anyone who may have witnessed the attacks to come forward. A fast food restaurant has been the target of an armed robbery in Sydney's south-west. A man with a gun stormed the Bexley store just before 10 o'clock last night, and threatened staff. He forced them to hand over cash, before fleeing. Four people were eating inside the shop at the time, but weren't injured. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her millionaire husband Charles Saatchi are legally one step closer to ending their 10-year marriage. In a hearing at London's High Court, a judge approved the first step in the process. The couple wasn't present. It's thought the divorce will be rubber-stamped in September. It follows the release of images showing Saatchi holding his wife by the throat during an argument at a restaurant. Taking a look at the financial markets now.

markets now.
Now to a very big journey, for a very small passenger. A cat has accidentally crossed the Pacific Ocean, after stowing away on a container ship. Pennai is a little survivor. Still a little bit shy after an incredible journey here. We believe she was living at the port in Manila and wandered into a shipping container, probably it was warm and dry and seemed like a safe place to spend some time. Three weeks and more than 6,000 nautical miles later she arrived in the port of LA. She wasn't discovered until they opened up the shipping container.To their surprise they find this very weak, very frail little orange cat. Surviving the journey without any food or water, Pennai has made amazing strides in her recover reat this animal care centre.She was dehydrated, she is receiving fluid and she has been eating very well and she had gained over a pound. After the journey she has been on, the only place left for her to go is to a living home.Good to have a great result. It is usely a dog doing those long journeys.It doesn't look very well.It is recovering. It has had a bit of an or geel.I have a mate whose mum's dog caught a bus. Jumped on the bus and the driver got to the end of the run and said, "Hang on, there is a dog on here". But it all ended well.Isn't it nice to have happy stories to start the day. It certainly is, Ben.Let's have a look at the national fly around to see what is going to happen at your place today.

We have the boss of our favourite newspapers, in NT news joining us today. So in the NT:

Tim, you have the sport coming up. Benny, good morning, what a day of sport the cricket tonight 7:30 on GEM. All of the latest from Old Trafford. We have some trouble for the one of the AFL rising stars and all of This program is not captioned.

bring home more gold?
Welcome back, you are watching Today. Let's have a quick look at the front pages

the front pages around the country. "Corrupt". The 'Daily Telegraph' says Labor's darkest hour arrived yesterday, with ICAC recommending criminal charges for NSW ALP powerbroker Eddie Obeid and the state's former resources minister Ian Macdonald. "Labor's shame". The 'Sydney Morning Herald' says it is the biggest graft inquiry in NSW history, involving almost three years of secret investigations and almost six months of public hearings. "Hird drove everything". The 'West Australian' says Essendon's former high-performance manager Dean Robinson has savaged Bombers' coach James Hird, calling him a liar, demanding he stand down and claiming he drove a drugs program that has rocked the Bombers and the AFL. 'The Age' says Dean Robinson has claimed James Hird wanted him to investigate a testosterone cream that was undetectable. The 'Australian' reports Kevin Rudd's harsh message to asylum seekers is settling in and spreading and the result in Indonesia is confusion and disarray. "Oh brother, where art thou?" The 'Courier Mail' reports Kevin Rudd's brother Greg, who will stand as an Independent candidate for the senate at the next election, says Tony Abbott is good company and that he doesn't care who wins the upcoming Federal election. "Rudd's last gasp". The 'Herald Sun' says smokers will cough up an extra $5.3 billion in tax to help the Government plug a huge new hole in its budget.Good morning to the smokers who are waking up to that news. In the 'Hobart Mercury', angry farmers are accusing protestors blockading the 'Spirit of Tasmania' of holding the state to ransom as they face losing millions of dollars in produce. And finally, the 'NT News' reports a US army general has said American fighter planes and bombers would be based in Darwin and Tindal under a planned military expansion in the region.

planned military expansion in the
region. OK, start time now and the third cricket test about to get under way.It is I will tell you all about it in a tick but let's start in the pool. Barcelona golden boy Christian Sprenger has missed out on claiming a second world championship title by the smallest of margins. He finished second in the 50m breaststroke 0.01 seconds behind the winner Cameron van der Burgh.With one gold medal already in the bag, Christian Sprenger had his eye on a rare double in the non-Olympic event.Now he comes through, the man with the green hat. It is Christian Sprenger and van de Burgh but on the touch it goes to the South African.Cameron van de Burgh delighted with a time of 26.77 seconds, Sprenger just 100th second slower.Look at Sprenger, watch this finish - oh!!Like Sprenger, James mag ma was all smiles ahead of his -- James Magnussen was all smiles ahead of his biggest day in the pool, flying home over the last 15m. His swim of 48.20 wasn't his fastest, but more than enough to see him through to the final.I blew out the cobwebs this morning, did what I had to do tonight and game on tomorrow night. Cameron McEvoy is also through, he is seventh fastest after placing third in his semi. Back in tonight for the cricket. It will be a ripper. The Australian cricket team will name Dave Warner in its side for the third Ashes test starting in Manchester tonight. Australia needs to win against England to keep the series alive.There is yeah, and I know there is a lot of people who will laugh at me saying that.We are not, just win the toss, Clarkey! Coverage is live and in HD on GEM from 7:30 Eastern tonight. Rising St Kilda star Ahmeed Saad is facing a suspension for up to 2 years, if he's found guilty of using a banned substance. The 23- year-old returned an irregular sample earlier this month.The product suspected is permitted for use out of competition, but is not allowed to be used in competition. Saad hasn't played for the Saints since Round 15. The Parramatta Eels will welcome back star fullback Jarryd Hayne in the coming weeks in a major boost for the struggling club. He'll still sit out this weekend's clash with Manly though as the Eels looking to snap a 10- game losing streak.He wants to get back on the field and help out the boy, we are going through this pain together and he is definitely a bit part of that. Meantime, Reni Maitua will reveal in the coming days which NRL Club he'll play next season. The word is he is going to go back to the Bulldogs. The ACT Brumbies are expecting a bruising encounter when they take on the Chiefs in the Super Rugby final on Saturday. It's not just the players that will be intimidating - the Brumbies face a sell-out crowd at Waikato Stadium in Hamilton. Let's hope that Warnie's visit to the Australian cricket team rubs off because who could ever forget that ball of the century.That is true.His dominance of Ashes cricket over there.Yes, and he has given his mobile number to all the boys, they can ring him. Just worried about young Ashton Agar. He is a perfect little kid, fresh faced and he now has Warnie's phone number.He is one dog, one bone. He has calmed right now. He only has one number in the phone.Apparently. You have to love Clarkey's determination and determination.You think about it if you go into 15 days of test cricket not thinking you are going to win -That is true.If they win the toss and get some runs and put some pressure on they are not that far ahead. They were only 14 runs ahead in the first test. Good man. Tim Gilbert there. Let's have a check on the weather for the major centres now.

I am predicting there is a storm brewing in Hollywood with Richard Reid - is it?Is it diaper duty for Simon Cowell? That is right. Rumours Simon is set to be a daddy, but the momma is married another man!! All the scoop and scandal coming up. This program is not captioned. If you're thinking you can't do
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Welcome back to Today. We have Richard Reid in the heart of Hollywood with a whole bunch of stuff for us. Is Simon Cowell about to become a daddy?I would say yes he is and I would offer congratulations to Simon but there are complications. Now, the rumour mill says that he is expecting his first child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman. Well, Lauren Silverman is still married to her husband, Andrew. They have been separated for a while but it turns out that Andrew Silverman is one of Simon Cowell's closest friends. They have holidayed together, they have always had a wonderful time but apparently Simon and Lauren have grown close in the last 2.5 months because that is how far along she is pregnant. I don't know if they are going to get married but congratulations Simon?It is a little awkward. Kelly Osbourne knocks back a big pay day - that is not like her?No, that is so not like her!! She has already been a reality star but when it comes to her wedding she says, "No way will I let it be on TV". The E Network offered her $2 million for her wedding and hope through that would spin off into a Kardashian-like reality show. Kelly is like, been there, done that, no thanks.Very good indeed. Thank you very much for that and the other stuff that I know you have up your sleeve for one hour's time. We will look forward to seeing you then.OK, bye!!Richard Reid from Hollywood. More in the tank.Coming up on Today - world champion Christian Sprenger joins us live to celebrate his success in Barcelona. That will be fantastic.And your first look - - Justin Timberlake's new video. It has already gone viral. We whether hear more about that at 7:30.There we go, Deb, it is time for the nous. Good morning to you all. Essendon coach James Hird is at the centre of explosive allegations this morning, that he was the driving force behind the Bombers controversial supplements scandal. In a paid TV interview, the team's former fitness coach Dean Robinson claims Hird wanted him to investigate a testosterone cream that was undetectable. He also says Hird is untouchable at the club and that the Bombers heirarchy was prepared to push players to the edge.They knew what was going on. This wasn't closed door, secret meetings, policies, the rest of it. This was - it was open. No-one was hiding anything. Because we didn't think we were doing anything wrong. So they knew from the top of the club all the way through. Essendon is seeking legal advice following the interview, while Robinson is planning to sue the club after he was stood down in February. Convicted mass murderer Roger Dean will today be sentenced over the deaths of 11 nursing home residents. The elderly people died after the former nurse set the Sydney facility on fire to hide evidence of theft. Today reporter Natalia Cooper joins us from the Supreme Court. This was such a shocking crime. What is the prosecution asking for in the way of sentencing?Well, Deb, the prosecution has pushed for life in jail saying the former nurse continues to pose a risk to the community. In May he pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder. 11 elderly people died at a nursing home blaze in Quakers Hill in 2011. A fire that Roger deepbl started. The man who was a nurse at -- Dean started. The man who was a nurse at the home lit two fires after he discovered that police were investigating his death of his theft of hundreds of prescription pills from the home. The 37-year-old said that Satan made him light the fires. Today the man responsible for what is believed to be the State's worst mass murder will learn his fate. We will leave it there, thank you.

He's yet to announce an election date, but Kevin Rudd is already beefing up Labor's campaign team, with a key role for his youngest son. Kerrie Yaxley is in Canberra and joins us now. Kevin Rudd is certainly keeping it all in the family?Yes, it has been reported that Marcus has joined the Labor Party's digital campaign team as a volunteer. 20-year-old Marcus has actually helped his dad out before when Kevin Rudd was still a backbencher. He helped make a couple of sort of local campaign videos for him and also Kevin Rudd's older son Nicholas is working for his dad. He is a lawyer and was appointed to an adviser position a couple of weeks ago and he is employed by the Labor Party. On another issue, the government is moving to make it more expensivetor smokers to light up. This is a fall back with taxes, isn't it?It is believed the government is looking at a 20 to 30 billion dollar shortfall and yesterday Kevin Rudd hinted that smokers would be slugged with a tax hike and they are looking to bring in higher taxes over the next four years which could mean that a packet of 20 cigarettes could cost $5 more and the move could bring in over $5 billion for the government. We will know more when the treasurer gives an economic at the same time probably tomorrow, Deb.Thank you. Corruption findings in the NSW Labor party are set to impact Kevin Rudd at the upcoming Federal election. Former NSW Premier Nathan Rees has told the ABC, the ICAC report and resulting fallout, could be enough to topple Labor.Well, I think that it is probably dragged our primary vote down in the order of 2% to 3% in NSW. 3 we consider that the election may be won or lost in NSW that is a very significant factor in the political landscape. The ICAC report recommends a raft of criminal charges against former Labor heavyweights Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald. To finance now:

Ian Macdonald. To finance now:
Prince Charles is renowned for his love of nature but it seems not everything in nature returns the compliment. While touring the Sandringham Flower Show, the Prince had the opportunity to hold a 2- year-old bald eagle called Zephyr. But unimpressed with the attention, Zephyr extended her wings and gave Charles a smack. The new grandfather spent the rest of the tour with silver screen royalty - Maggie Smith and Judy Dench. Just a little bit of a tap, might have been a welcome tap. I love that flower show, it is wonderful.Yes, it is gorgeous.Time for the sport. West Coast Tigerers fan haven't had much to cheer about and there is a story saying that Tim Sheens, their former coach is still being paid $37,500 a year and he is not coaching. That is not wonderful news. Meantime, the Dragons have headed south. They escaped to Kiama as they prepare to face the Bulldogs on Monday night. AFL and Brad Scott admits his side won't be the same without Andrew Swallow. The skipper ruptured his ackillly's tendon and will be forced to sit out his first game since 2008 when the roos play Geelong. Christ speng speng has missed out on a second gold medal by the smallest of the margin. He finished 0.01 seconds behind Cameron van de Burgh in the 50m breaststroke. And the Ashes Australia has pulled out the big guns for the third test that starting tonight, bringing Shane Warne into camp. Catch all of the first day action live in HD on GEM from 7:30. There is Clarkey and Warnie, best of mates and hopefully a bit of that success might rub off. Thank you very much. And Christian Sprenger joining us not too far from now so stay tuned. Weather, do we have you Stevie, where are you this morning sunshine?Good morning to you, we are in NSW this morning with Pak kor. A very cool sport, it is also a physical olfy about body movement and even James Bond uses it nowadays. We have a whole heap of really cool stuff to show you this morning but let's have a look at the water this morning.

at the water this morning.
Meantime, if you want to warm up on a chilly morning, Parkour is the sport for you and that is what the team is doing right now. These guys rollly are the kings of spin and flips and tricks and all other great things. You will be seeing it right throughout the morning.Good on you, Stevie. You love a bit ol Parkour, don't you?Feeling fit just watching it.What, just that? Yeah.It gets better than that, Georgie. Stay tuned, Christian Sprenger we have him live.And more of those damming allegations against James Hird. This program is not captioned. We've got the lowest prices
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He wanted me to bring bigger and stronger players to him. He felt they were being outmuscled and he specifically noted a side that he really wanted to beat. He wanted to go after Collingwood and he wanted to beat Collingwood and whatever it took. If it was honourable he would stand down. If a man's honourable he would. That was part of the explosive interview with Essendon's former high-performance manager Dean Robinson, who last night placed responsibility for the club's controversial supplements program squarely on the shoulders of coach James Hird. Christine Ahern joins us now from Windy Hill. Chris, Robinson made a string of allegations against Hird including that he wanted Robinson to investigate a testosterone scream cream that is undetectable. Just explain that to us.That is right, this is one of the more startling allegations that Dean Robinson known as the "The Weapon" here at Windy Hill made against the Essendon coach. He said that Hird wanted to investigate a testosterone cream that he has been speaking to a New York doctor about that was undetectable. Robinson also claims that Hird wanted him to investigate a drug, Hexarelin, for players and that also the Bombers coach injected this drug on himself. Robinson says he told Hird that it was a banned substance and "shut it down". Robinson says that the only player who refused to take part of this injecting program was David Zah arakis but let's have a listen to what he had to say about this testosterone cream.I had a phone call when he was overseas telling me about a doctor he med in New York that had an undetectable substance that you could use as a cream for players and he came back and told me about it again and he said, "We should investigate it, we should go and look at it".He also claims that Hird's house was once raided by Australian Federal Police over a drugs investigation?Yes, Robinson said that he was over at Hird's house when he told him and Steven Dank that his own homed that been raided by the Australian Federal Police several years ago over his relationship with convicted drug trafficer Shane Charter. Shane Charter had been Hird's fitness coach and Robinson claims that Hird wanted to source supplements from Charter. Hird, I should say, has always maintained he has never done anything wrong but let's have a listen to what Robinson had to say about these allegations.James basically said, "Listen, you two are in the inner sanctum now." James explain where he had been as a player and his thoughts and philosophies and that night it got raised about his house being raided in regards to the Shane Charters drug conviction. And the next I heard about it was when we were on a team camp at the Gold Coast and James comes up to me and says, "I have just run into Shane Charter. We are getting supplements from him." I said, "No, we are not. I will talk to Steve but I am afraid I don't want anything to do with someone who has been convicted or known for using drugs".How has Essendon responded to the claims, Chris? He hasn't held back, has he? Not long after last night's paid interview Essendon issued a statement strongly denying the allegations saying they are totally without foundation and that they are from a disgruntled, disaffected ex-employee. They say they are outragous, without foundation and Essendon is now seeking legal advice over the allegations made by Dean Robinson. As for Robinson he is also seeking to sue the Bombers over breach of contract after he was stood down in February this year. In the whole interview, Robinson never accused Hird of doing anything illegal. The furtherest he went was was that Hird certainly wanted to investigate using illegal substances on players but never did after he was told that they were banned substances. But certainly it does raise questions about the conduct of a coach and also whether Hird has brought the game into disrepute. As for what has happened here at Windy Hill this morning, we have had the chief executive turn up very early this morning. He didn't have too much to say but of course we all want to hear from the Essendon coach and what he has to say after these explosive allegations.Yep, and so the saga continues. Christine Ahern at Windy Hill.Thank you, terrific coverage from Christine Ahern. Christian Sprenger has been the hero of the pool at the World Championships in Barcelona. Overnight he won silver in the 50m breaststroke, and just days ago won gold in a thrilling 100m breaststroke final. Christian joins us now from Spain. A round of applause for our world champion!! Good morning to you. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Good morning to you, champ, how does it feel, world champion? Morning, guys. Yeah, it is a dream come true. You think about these sort of things before you come to these sorts of meets but for it to actually happen to me, to be crowned a world champion is just insane.We have watched this footage a number of times now, the replay of the 100 breaststroke victory. It was close. It was half a body length or so with Cameron van de Burgh your rival from South Africa. When did you know you had it because it was a real come from behind win?Yeah, it was a tight race and it was always going to be that way. My plan was to go out and swim the way I normally swim it and, you know to, come back over him on the end, I think there was just enough metres in the pool for me to take him in the last stroke. I knew a strong had a back end and that is what I needed that night.He got the better of you in London, so what was it like when you finished and looked across at him? The two of you get along alright?Yeah, he's a great guy a great competitor. Obviously in London taking the silver it was still an amazing achievement, coming from pretty much nowhere 12 months earlier I really stepped up on to the international stage. But this year to stage that revenge - and it was actually a year to the day - it is crazy. It is a dream come true.And then he fights back this morning and gets you in the 50.(LAUGHS) Yeah, that was his response. To be honest, I didn't think I was quite in the contention for the gold medal in the 50, but I executed a great race tonight and you know it just feels good to be back on the podium and really pushing it with those guys on the international stage.Christian, we are all intrigued to know how things are in the team camp. As we know there have been criticisms about what went on in London and whether team moral is on track. How is everyone doing, what is the mood lime in camp?You know, I can -- like in camp? You know, I can report that the team has been amazing. The support has lifted unbelievably since last year. We are closer as a team and stronger as well. I think this is just the beginning. What I have done in the last two days,al Alicia, and Emmy, we have all meddled and I think it is the start of an amazing week. I look forward to the races in the next few days. Congratulations. Pass on our best wishes to those in Barcelona. And have a great afternoon - good evening. Whatever the time is there. Thank you very much. The support back in Australia has been just unbelievable and, yeah, we are loving it over year. Good on you, mate. A round of applause for our our world champ. We will talk to you soon. After the break, don't blink or you will miss it. One of the coolest skateboard stricts you will ever see. Did you see that? This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: At Subway, we could say
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You can feel it in the air, it is time for a Buzz.Really? I have two of the coolest dads sitting here with me on the couch but I reckon this guy is going to take it to another new level. Are you ready to meet the coolest dad in the world? We are ready.Here he is.You know when they say dad can you wrap, can you throw down, can you freestyle, I was like, man, this white boy can rap - no-one ever knew me when I was a beginning # You have me cashing cheques that are illegal # There

# There are... # Because I'm a cool dad...You certainly are, cool dad. We will come back to him later on and he can continue that track. The boys are filming him in the car. Now Grumpy Cat, do you know who he is? That is us too.There he is.You know Grumpy Cat? She the world famous Grumpy Cat and he has come a long way ever since that video was filmed. First there were the memes that were popping up all over the net and there are hundreds and thousands of them. Then there was a book deal. There is the book.Of course there was!Talk of a movie. Anyway, for those waking up on the wrong side of the bed, there is now a Grumpaccino - he now has his own line of coffee drinks!!Taking it a bit too far?No, never. Now, time to flip out. Watch this.Wow!!Is that the coolest skateboard trick not to be tried at home.

that the coolest skateboard trick
not to be tried at home. Off one board and on to another.. This kid is from Iceland, he does it twice. He does haven't any sponsors, I am sure that is about to change. Some relief from his mates when he actually lands on the board. I will take you to the break with more of the rapping dad. He is the coolest dad I have found this morning.

the rapping dad. He is the coolest
dad I have found this morning.Kick it up, reggay styling #... You make it possible, thinking of kicking it with the... Popping like the balloons. Because I'm a cool dad # Cause I'm a cool dad, yeah!! # Because I'm a cool dad! You know what I'm saying? Am I cool? Yeah. What's up, am I cool? Let me throw it down. Throw a little freestyle now.You've got This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Despite a nasty cold, Audrey here
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be a rapper but I think that...
Fill up with BP, it is Free Fuel Friday.Thanks, skipper, every tri we are giving away $10,000 BP voucher and the jackpot is up to $40,000. All you have to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say the magic words.Wake wake wake. Good luck in the third test, champ. --I wake up with Today.Good luck in the third test, champ. To register:Go the Aussie. All the action starting tonight. It is 6:30, let's get the news.Good morning to you at home. Essendon has slammed a paid TV interview with former fitness coach Dean Robinson, after he unleashed on the club's controversial supplements program, further implicating coach James Hird in the doping scandal. Dubbed "The Weapon", Robinson says Hird was the driving force behind the program and that the Bomber's coach wanted him to investigate a testosterone cream that was undetectable.I had phone call while he was overseas telling me about a doctor he met from New York that had this undetectable substance that you could use as a cream for players. And he came back and he told me about it again. He said, "We should investigate it, we should go and look at it." Essendon has hit back, describing Robinson as a disgruntled, disaffected and discredited ex- employee. They're now seeking legal advice. Mass murderer Roger Dean will this morning learn whether he'll spend the rest of his life behind bars. 11 elderly people were killed, when the 37-year-old lit two fires at a Sydney nursing home in 2011. The former nurse had been under investigation for stealing hundreds of prescription pills from the Quakers Hill facility. Earlier this year, Dean pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder, but told police Satan made him light the fires. The first group of asylum seekers to be denied any chance of settling in Australia have left Christmas Island for Papua New Guinea. The group of 40 single men left for Manus Island 24 hours later than expected, because of bad weather. The plane is due to land at about 7:30 this morning and refugees who are found to be genuine will be resettled in PNG. Family groups will follow when suitable accommodation is ready. Cricket Australia and sacked Australia coach Mickey Arthur have reached a confidential out-of-court settlement. The South African coach, who made a claim of racial discrimination, had been seeking $4 million in compensation, or his job back, following his shock dismissal. Both parties settled late last night, after marathon talks at the Fair Work Commission, in Sydney.It was never solely about the money, I just wanted to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect. I have significantly reduced by claim as it is being settled tonight and not dragging on at any significant cost. It's believed Arthur has received a 7-figure payout. A suspicious fire has torn through a unit in Melbourne's north-east. Crews were called out to the property in Collingwood just after 2 o'clock this morning. No-one was inside at the time, but an adult and three children in an adjacent unit were forced to evacuate. It's not known what sparked the blaze. Car giant Holden is expected to demand another $130 million a year in taxpayer-funded subsidies from the Government. News Limited reports the company will make the ultimatum to both Labor and the Coalition next week. The extra cash would be on top of the assistance Holden already receives, but the company says it needs the extra subsidies to keep making cars. If the demands are met, taxpayers will be paying around $2,000 for every car Holden makes. The drink and drive message is well known but British authorities are warning of a new, potentially deadly danger. A safety campaign is warning all rail passengers of the perils of travelling drunk. The shocking tactics are a drastic attempt to prevent the 1600 injuries reported each year.You have people running in different directions, you have stairs, escalators, electricity, moving trains, so asking people just to watch their step and stay safe. None of the victims featured in the videos suffered permanent injuries. Taking a look at the finance figures now.

One of the most popular place during a heat-wave is of course the public pool, but things got a little awkward - and cramped - in China when 14,000 people had the same idea to try escape the blistering temperatures. Despite being packed in like, well, sardines, swimmers with just inches between them still managed to find a bit of space to splash around. Temperatures have soared above 40 degrees in parts of the country's east, for the past week. Look at that, the human wave!! The steamy sight was even likened by one of the swimmers to a cauldron of boiling dumplings.Oh, what??A quote from one of the simmers. It is certainly jammed back. Personal space is certainly different.I am glad it wasn't your quote. We would be in all sorts of trouble if it was.It is very hot over there as well.What was your comment about spacial awareness?Imagine how warm the water would be?I know.Don't go there. I was think of the band aids but...Oh, Georgie, don't mention the band aids.And the hair. You are only being pragmatic. Try to get to the toilet from the middle of that pack if you were desperate.Exactly!! Exactly. Thanks for pointing that out.It is very hypnotic, isn't it?I think I would go and have a shower to cool down. Can we just keep playing it all morning.We will revisit that a little bit later this morning, shall we.Jimmy.Let's get to the cricket. Australia's Ashes hopes go on the line tonight when the third test against England gets underway at Old Trafford. Dave Warner will come into the side to give the top order some much needed firepower. He has learnt from what has happened in the past and he is trying to put that behind him and move forward and I think he is doing a really good job at this stage. James Magnussen will swim for gold tomorrow morning in the 100 freestyle final. He confident of finishing on the podium, despite a sluggish swim in the semi. Christian Sprenger has continued his hot streak, he picked up silver in the 50m breaststroke. That was after his gold in the 100m. Melbourne Demons Coach Neil Craig says his side has been so bad in recent weeks, that the winless GWS Giants deserve to be favourites for their clash in Melbourne this weekend. Cellular dweller battle that one. And the Roosters are spinning Sonny Bill Williams 2-week ban as a good thing. P They say it gives them a chance to prove their not just a one-man team, as they prepare to face the Panthers on Friday night. You can see that all on Channel Nine. Fantastic, Timmy, thank you very much. Mickey Arthur, that is all sorted out now with the Australian cricket team?I am just thinking, a 7-figure pay out wouldn't that be... Handy.Pay for some nappies.Thank you, mate.Coming up we meet the Aussie teen starring in the biggest Disney film since 'High School Musical'. The kids are going nuts to this girl.Looking forward to talking to her a little bit later on. Alright, now, though, let's get your best local forecast. A very good morning to you. We are in peer month Point Park this morning which is the perfect place for Parkour and a little ill it willration. Parkour started around 30 years ago by a Frenchman he was in the military and also a firefighters. His son adopted all of the techniques he had used on military courses and started doing them in his home town. Parkour was born and it has taken off around the world. You will see it on the TV, movies and video clips and it is a really good way of getting fit. Let's have a look at the weather this morning.

this morning.
Checking out a little bit of Parkour and Piermont Point Park is the perfect place to test it out because you have different levels of concrete and grass so it is safe and the whole physical osfy behind Parkour is strong -- philosophy behind Parkour is strong to be useful. So it makes you strong so you can adapt it and use it in everyday life. We have Parkour NSW and they will be showing us a few of their moves right throughout the morning.I love that. My kids have been doing that and I didn't know it had a name.Back when we were kids we called it running around. (LAUGHTER) Are you going to have a crack Stevie, or are you just commentating?My business is television, Georgie. I think I will stick to that. (LAUGHTER) Wise man.You don't want to break an eyelash.There you go.Look at that, that is an extreme move!! Wow. Be careful of those shoes. Good on you Stevie.I think that is the French word for playing in the park. Parkour!We are going to check out the awesome new video from Justin Timberlake shortly, it is a cracker, and we are all to the movies. A couple of pretty bent ones out this week including Toni Collette and Steve Carell taking us on a holiday to remember. It is This program is not captioned. If you're thinking you can't do
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Transfer your non-ANZ credit
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Way Back.
Good morning again. Movie day today and three pretty wacky ones out this week. First up, the latest from the team who brought us 'Hot Fuzz' and 'Shaun of the Dead' and, yes, the English funny dudes are taking us on another hair-raising adventure to 'The World's End'. Ever had one of those nights that starts out like any other but ends up being the best night of your life?Here is the plot - a bunch of's stranged friends are conned into revisiting the scene of one of their most legendary's cap paid - an epic pub crawl known as the Golden Mile.We are going to go back to Newton Haven. Simon Pegg is the central character, Garry king the sort of friend no bloke needs and no woman deserves. But he does have a roguish charm that usually end up with trouble. What do you recommend?Beer.One tap water.What!!This is hilarious and completely insane. The plot taking a bizarre twist when the lads discover that their old home town has been taken over by aliens. It is not us that has changed - it is the town!!Yikes! Once again Pegg is joined by Nick Frost, Martin Freeman also in there as one of the happenless participants. If you like them edgey and out there and have the required broad mind to deal with all sorts of colourful language and any farous activities, then it could be the blast you have been looking for it is called 'The World's End'. Cheers, lads. 3.5 stars. On a scale of one to ten what do you think you are?A six. Next up Toni Collette stars as Pam on the summer holiday with their boyfriend Trent played by Steve Carell and her son Duncan.This is my son Duncan.I was going to name my youngest Duncan bus I named his Peter.It is a coming of age yarn as the 14-year-old finds sanctuary at the local water park.You are having way too much fun, you are going to have to leave.The kid is really cute and it is weird seeing Steve Carell play a straight role in quite a funny film.Duncan, if I are going to make this work there has to be trust.It is written by a team behind George Clooney descendants and it has an unsettling vibe of doom. It is an A-list supporting cast, all terrific. It is called 'The Way, Way Back'. It is a bit of an acquired taste this one but again 3.5 stars. You have a hell of a kid here!!I'm Sophie.Also out today, here we go, a pretty bent Australian comedy horror movie set in SA revolving around the operation of a Blood & Bone fertiliser deal.It is not about what we did do but what we do do. Sometimes what you have to do - I don't know why I keep saying "do". The plot follows the exploits of the Morgan brothers who try to add some oomph to their concoction by adding a human element.We are not psychos, alright, we are small business operators!! If you're up for an Aussie black comedy then knock yourself out. It does have some funny, cringy moments. It's called '100 Bloody Acres'. It's OK - 2.5 stars. Ok, as you know, Justin Timberlake has a new album 'The 20/20 Experience' and this is his new video. I tell you what he is at the top of his game. This is new video. JT dancing through NYC, ending up on stage - pretty cool. It's called 'Take Back the Night'. Let's have a little look. (Sings) # Take back the night # Don't know when the sun is rising next # Take back the night # If the feeling is right then raise your glass and let's take back the night # Take back the # Oh, take a chance they will shut us down...#Justin Timberlake - the video, I will put the link on Twitter. Justin Timberlake really is seen as the new Michael Jackson in many ways.He can move. No doubt about that.Thank you very much, at Richard Wilkins you can find him on Twitter.That is true. Special coverage of Essendon drug crisis. Claims that James Hird was the driving force behind the cosm supplements program.Yes, the saga continues. Plus, why Kevin Rudd's brother, Greg, is giving Tony Abbott the thumbs up.Mm.And it has been 25 years since John Farnham took the number one spot with this timeless classic, Age of Reason. SONG:# How can we fail to see # What about the world... # And now that our fathers have gone # And we've been left to carry on # What about the age of reason? # What about the # What about the world around us? # How can we fail to see? # Ahhh # And now that our fathers # And we've been This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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Wealth begets wealth - the rich get
richer. Though the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption report saves its most serious condemnations for former Labor Party politicians Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald - it paints a picture that some of Australia's wealthiest identities profited from a corrupt mining deal. And though they immediately put out statements denying wrong doing, ICAC Commissioner David Ipp found a group of five men acted corruptly by hiding Eddie Obeid and his family's involvement in a coal mining licence in the Byalong Valley. Obeid, his son Moses and Macdonald are said to have been corrupt by organising to have Obeid-owned landed approved for coal mining. Cascade Coal bought that tenement and gave the Obeid family 25% of the future coal mine. Cascade was owned by among others the founder of RAMs Home Loans John Kinghorn, one of the wealthiest men in Australia Travers Duncan, the former head of law-firm Baker & McKenzie John McGuigan and another partner John Atkinson... Along with investment banker Richard Poole. They cold Cascade to weapon white Energy - the result profits for each of those men worths tens of millions of blahs. Their alleged corruption - that they hid the Obeid name from the White Energy shareholders. Reputation is a more important aspect. Each of these men must fight for theirsA lot of news on that yesterday and plenty of people shaking their heads within the Labor Party and outside it. Thank you for. That it is now time for gossip.

for gossip.
Our gossip guru Richard Reid is in the heart of Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan finally out of rehab and so far so good?So far so good. It has been less than 24 hours but hopefully the 5th time will be the charm. After 90 days in rehab, Lindsey is free at last! Yes, she can't drive. She can't be on her own right now but she has finally completed 90 days in rehab. She was tt Cliffside rehab element. She will now transition back into everyday life. From there she will go to the Venice film festival and after that it is time for her sit- down tell-off confessional with Oprah.Good luck to her, Richard. There you go. I hope that things work out well for her. Listen, what is the latest on Rhianna and that. The-shirt copyright wrangle?Well, I am here to tell you - it is victory for Rhianna! I told you a couple of weeks ago Rhianna was suing Top Shop for $5 million for copyright infringement using their likeness on a T-shirt. Well, a judge has ruled that Top Shop acted inappropriately. They misled people to think it was a Rhianna- sanctioned T-shirt. No word on how much of that $5 million she will get but Top Shop can no longer sell those T-shirts.It sets quite a precedent I would have thought. Sharon Stone says we are going to have to love her just the way she is.Oh, you know, bless Sharon Stone. 55 and she says so far she has resisted the temptation of plastic surgery. So far she says! She has come out and said it is not like 50 is the new 30, it is like 50 is the new chapter! There is nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery but I don't think it is already to distort yourself. We all know when we see bad plastic surgery, Char ran does not want to go there. It - - Sharon does not want to go there. Sounds like she is having a bit of an each-way bet. Every one's favourite Joe mass brother, nick, he is looking good. Yes, it is nick Jonas. All of 20 and he is certainly grown up. He posted a selfie on Twitter the other day and he says, "Good living, good work out, I am looking good". Remember when he was 18 he was being squared around by Delta Goodrem. He was 18 then, 20 now. I got to say he is looking pretty grown up.He is all grown up that one, no doubt about that. Thank you for that stuff. We will check in with you a little later.OK, bye.Here are the top stories on Today.

stories on Today. Thingy Just two days later, Australia's sporting codes lined up for an extraordinary press conference where the ACCC claimed widespread drug use in sport. The investigation saw Essendon's senior staff fall one by one. Fitness guru Dean Robinson was the first to go, then in May, CEO Ian Robson resigned. And just this week, the chairman, David Evans, dramatically quit after collapsing from stress. It's left a question mark over captain and reigning Brownlow medallist Jobe Watson, who admitted he was injected with AOD-9604, a banned anti-obesity drug. However, he says at the time he was advised that it was legal. And even more questions over coach James Hird and assistant coach Mark Thompson, who continue to claim they've done nothing wrong. The man who introduced the supplements to the club and NRL clubs Cronulla and Manly, sports scientist Stephen Dank, was let go by Essendon late last year. Last night, one of that fallen management team came clean in a tell-all interview. Here's some of what he had to say.He wanted me to bring bigger and stronger players to him. He felt they needed muscle. He specifically noted that he wanted to beat Collingwood. He said, whatever it took. He said to me that he knew that they were taking supplements that were allowing them to get an advantage, because he knew who was supplying.What were the supplements?Growth hormone.Did anyone specific we say they should look at substances that were illegal?There was a conversation that I walked in on between James Hird and Steve dank, and I saw James get injected by Steve. I said listen, when not going down that path. That's a banned substance. Or not touching it.So you saw James Hird injected?I did not see that routinely happen but eight can confirm that my lawyers have asked and Steve said he did inject him on 30 occasions. If it was honourable, he would stand down. If a man is honourable, he would.Damian Barrett, the man who originally broke the story of Essendon's supplement use, joins us now. Damian, what did you make of Robinson's tell-all?There were a few things that I took out of it. One of it was the statements that was made by Dean Robinson that James Hird was himself injected with an illegal substance. That is not an issue with the Essendon players, but what is an issue with James that he needs to come out and explain to a saga and the public is why he did that. He is on public record as saying he had only had two injections and they were for amino acids. It is certainly questioning some of the events that he has delivered to this point. The other issue was the request of a messaging from James Hird that he had bumped into a person, a doctor in New York, and had asked to have someone at the club look at an undetectable cream form of substance. All of these questions are yet to be addressed. Those were my to take out last night. As we know, the Essendon footy club slapped out a statement very quickly. Gene Robinson was discredited. No matter what happens, they will be taking the streets of the courts.Just on the interview last night, the sketch that was being drawn their pants James Hird as the guy right in the middle of this, driving the supplements program. You couldn't take any other feeling away from that interview.What would you say were Robinson's most damaging claims to Essendon?

100%. If you go back to the self reporting, James Hird did say on that day that he took full responsibility. People are dropped around him. If he is taking responsibility, his chairman and his CEO gone. Dean Robinson and Stephen Banker gone. The leaking was very calculated and it is obviously his version of what he believed to be the truth. James Hird obviously has a different version and he is pinning his hopes on. I get nothing illegal was done. We know there are six or seven substances investigated heavily. The only one mentioned is the one that has a lot of fanfare around the coverage this case, but there are still other substances that fall under the specifically listed drugs or substances under the wider code. Those are still yet to have a determination made public.

You've seen these things happened before. You get the feeling that James Hird will have to give a lot more information to the general public about his take, what happened. He is going to have to front the cameras or sit down to do his own interview to answer all the questions. Is that fair?It is. When he got wind of the Dean Robinson interview over the weekend, he gave consideration, his PR team gave considerable thought to coming out and firing the first shot. In the end they decided not to do that. It is possible he might at some point in the next 48 hours. If the report now potentially being given to the AFL teams are as early as next week, he might do what he was doing and just let it all play out. He's got a very high-powered legal team and the firm. As we have observed in the last six weeks, the messaging coming out of those two camps that are directly related to him personally or in contrast with the message that the club itself has been positioning itself within. It is a big reason with David Evans. It was very late in the peace when he's decided to stand down.We will wait for the next chapter. NSW's worst mass murderer, Roger Dean, will be sentenced today for the killing of 11 people in a nursing home fire in 2011. Natalia Cooper joins us from the NSW Supreme Court. Natalia, what penalty does Roger Dean face? The prosecution is pushing for life in prison, saying the former nurse still poses a risk to the community. In May, Dean pleaded guilty to 11 counts of murder. 11 elderly people were killed in a nursing home blaze at Quakers Hill in 2011. Fire that Roger Dean started. These were elderly people who were supposed to be looking after. He let two fires after he discovered that police were investigating his theft of hundreds of prescription pills. The 37-year-old says he was addicted to prescription pills and that Satan made him like the fire is. Today, the worst mass murderer in NSW will learn his fate. Some news just in. A man has been charged over the allegedly -- alleged assault of a blind woman in Sydney. She claims to have been attacked sometime later on a train. The 25-year-old will face court today. The search continues in Melbourne of a violent that it suspected of assaulting two women in the CBD. Yesterday, a second woman came forward reporting a similar assault on the same area. In about half an hour, the first group of asylum seekers to be sent to Manus Island are expected to reach their destination. The group left Christmas Island under the Prime Minister's tough new border security policies. Federal Police officers escorted each asylum seeker onto the plane. The group of 40 single men will be assessed in PNG and resettled there, if their claims for asylum are found to be genuine. Smokers are being warned it will cost them or to light up as the Federal Government searches for ways to get the budget back in Black. Treasurer Chris Bowen is today expected to announce a 12.5% tax hike each year for four years. The increase is forecast to raise $5.4 billion over the estimates. We are all familiar with our politicians calling on their families to help them boost their popularity, but when it comes to Kevin Rudd's brother, the PM may just say "thanks, but no thanks" Greg Rudd is standing in Queensland as an independent Senate candidate at the next election, and he joins me now from Brisbane. Good morning, Mr Rudd, what do you think your brother will make of the Courier Mail front page today?It's not a message. But what the headline it is really up to the Courier mail. As you know, I've spoken to you before, I don't care which side of politics wins or who was prime minister, I just want the Federal Parliament to work better, and consequently I need to work with both sides of politics. Base but my preference 50-50. The Courier made a bit of a front page out of that, but Kevin knows exactly what I'm doing and why, and so is Tony Abbott.You've said that Tony Abbott is "good company" and that you don't mind who wins the next election.As you would know, one of the things I get as they travel around Queensland in this campaign is that people just feel is the politicians are not being truthful enough to them. I know the economy 100% truthful as a politician because you as in the media ripped apart, but I do believe you can be more blunt and straightforward in terms of what you think. The punters know when you are conning them.Dear get the sense that people are falling in behind your brother?They certainly prefer Kevin back rather than Julia. To be blunt, if you wanted me to sum up the situation, I would say in a majority sense that the people of Queensland and Australia, because they have travelled elsewhere, would probably still prefer a coalition government. But the majority of people also would prefer Kevin over tone. It's going to be a tight contest. Kevin has certainly made it contest by coming back.Your honest enough to say that Kevin has had some management issues in the past. Do you reckon those things have changed? Is it possible to change them?I am already on the record saying that leopards don't change their spots. Only a dumb leper at, and Kevin is not a dominant route, does not learn from their mistakes. -- leopard. He has learned a lot, and his political colleagues would give them the free rein they did last time.He hasn't given you a hint of the election date?No, I'm happy to punt around Queensland for as long as they want.Thank you for talking to us. To swimming now, and Barcelona golden boy Christian Sprenger joined us a little earlier to celebrate winning his first World Championship gold medal earlier this week Last night he missed out on claiming a second World Championship title by the smalles