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Tonight on The World - voting is under way in Zimbabwe's presidential election. Will Robert Mugabe finally lose his grip after 33 years in power? Mugabe, it's over. Mr Mugabe declares he'll surrender power if he loses the election, but opponents are not convinced. If you lose, then you must surrender to those who have won. He doesn't believe that he can actually be voted out of office. Also ahead - it's early morning in the US State of Maryland where US soldier Bradley Manning will face a sentencing hearing after being convicted on 20 counts of espionage. Criminal charges are flagged for two former Labor ministers. They say they'll challenge the damning findings made against them by the corruption watchdog. In Cairo, thousands of Egyptians are defying the army's orders by continuing to protest on the streets. Our correspondent interviews a Muslim Brotherhood spokesman wanted for treason. Hello, I'm Andrew Geoghegan, thanks for joining us. thanks for joining just after 1pm in where voting just after 1pm in Zimbabwe,
where voting is under way in a fiercely contested where voting is under way in fiercely contested presidential
election that's where voting is under way in a election that's already been election overshadowed by allegations overshadowed by voting rigging. President Robert voting rigging. Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF Party has Robert Mugabe's has denied accusations it has tampered with the electoral role. Morgan Tsvangirai is making his third attempt to unseat the president. Mr Mugabe says he'll step down after 33 years in power if he and his party lose the election. In a moment we'll go to Zimbabwe, but first this report from the BBC. It's still a very zwieded country, but for once, a peaceful campaign as Zimbabwe hurtles towards the polls. Mugabe, it's over. Zanu-PF, please go. President Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe for 33 years and at the age of 89 seems still determined to cling to power. But would he accept defeat gracefully? REPORTER: Mr President, if you lose, are you prepared to hand over power to the victor and stand down? You either win or you lose. If you lose, then you must surrender to those who have won. If you who have lost must also have won. If you win, surrender to you and this is it. But that wasn't the case in 2008. That election saw a violent campaign against the opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change and widespread allegations of voter intimidation. President Mugabe and his ruling Zanu-PF Party were finally forced into forming a coalition government with his long-time rival Morgan Tsvangirai. But there are growing concerns that however peaceful this election may appear on the outside, there are already rumblings of a heavily manipulated voters role. Opposition parties received their copies of the role this afternoon. Will these elections be any different from those of 2008? Morgan Tsvangirai believes not. Don't believe he doesn't want to get back to power by hook or crook. He doesn't believe in the right of the people to chose. He doesn't believe he can be voted out of office. There's no doubt that a great deal has changed in four years. An often unhappy power-sharing arrangement has arrangement has seen the
creation of a new constitution and has delivered relative economic stability. But have these changes gone far enough and who gains from them? One thing is certain, though, there's expected to be a massive turnout at polling stations as Zimbabweans decide their future. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai joins us on the phone from Harare. Good to speak to you again. Thanks for taking the call. Thank you. You alleged before voting began that this election has been rigged by Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF. Do you have proof that that has, in fact, transpired? I think all indications from voter registration to the special vote to the production of the voters' roll to the printing of ballots indicates there's secrecy around these issues that have to be unearthed and, in fact, indeed the reason why these things are not transparent is because they don't want to be accountable for a truly free and fair election. You maintain that the electoral roll has been
doctored the electoral doctored and, in fact, features names of dead names of dead people? I saw one of the constituent roll. I showed President Mugabe that this is unacceptable, where you have double registration, ID numbers have been changed, people have found themselves in constituencies where they don't live. Even they accept it's a mess. Do you have confidence that the will of the people will be expressed at the ballot the election monitors? I'm hopeful that with the observers around, with the determination of the people and the vigilance the will of the people may ultimately be expressed, but as I have pointed out, it's another matter. How concerned are you that the break-a way candidate will take vital votes from you and force a run-off election? It is not a vote for Tsvangirai. If anyone believes that Welshman is going to be the leader of the country, they'll vote for you. To me, it's neither here nor there. There was a time where his vote and agreement around would be useful. Now after all these days it's not of any consequence. Morgan Robert
Tsvangirai, you've worked with Robert Mugabe the past four years in a power-sharing government. Has this diluted
your effectiveness government. Has this your effectiveness as an effective leader? No, it has not. If at all it not. If at all it has enhanced our position, because we went in not for selfish reasons, but we went in to serve the people. The people know that we went in to serve the people and not just for power, so it has not mired my effectiveness as a leader. Some analysts say you made a heavy sacrifice in that you failed to sell your achievements getting the economy back on track and No,
boosted Mugabe's credentials? No, it has not. People know who brought the stability, who brought food on the table, who resuscitated the health system and the hospital system. 85% by last poll believe their lives are better. Zanu-PF they have lived for it for the last 30 years, the turnaround can't be attributed to Robert Mugabe. Some supporters have lost faith over allegations of corruption within the MDC and a failure to deal with that corruption has cost you support - is that the case? No, it's not the case. We have dealt with corruption. For instance we've fired the candidates, we've stopped anyone in our investigation of our local authorities who was found or implicated in corrupt activities from standing again for the party. What you get in return, you get the minister of Zanu-PF reinstigating the same councillors. We've just had shots of you there voting just a short time ago. If Mr Mugabe is declared the winner in this poll, is this the end for you? Well, let's talk about that after the election. People don't like preemptive - where have you seen in the world leaders going into battle declaring that they're defeated before they're defeated. The proper time to ask that question is when the results are out. You concede you face a difficult time in the polls given the allegation it has been rigged to some extent? Look, yes, there are questions around that in the capacity of the Electoral Commission, but I am that the Commission, but I that Commission, but I am hopeful
that the people's to have that the people's determination
to have change will day. So to have change will have the day. So you are confident that you will win this day. So you are that you will win this poll? I'm very I'm very confident that this poll will reflect the real momentum poll will momentum that has been built for change in the country. No doubt, though, but many of your supporters have still been intimidated, or at least there are reports that they've been intimidated as they try to vote. I think the reflection on the ground is actually on the contrast. There's been a huge turnout. It can only mean one thing that the people are determined to put the finality to this misery and despot. If it transpires that you do, in fact, win a clear majority and win the poll, Mr Mugabe says if he loses he will accept it and surrender. Do you take him at his word? In 2008 when I beat him he didn't surrender, so what gives us confidence that this time around he means it? The proof of the pudding is in the eating. If he means it, that will be a very good gesture of magnanimity on his part and also an end to a legacy of his leadership in this country. You seem to say perhaps, or suggest that he will not surrender meekly? From experience he's someone determined to die in office. Morgan Tsvangirai, just finally, how important is this election for your is very important. election for your country? It is very important. After 10 years of isolation, after 10 years of years of economic years of isolation, after years of economic decline by 50%, after 10 years of misery and unemployment, food shortages, this is the time to express the end to the political stalemate and the beginning of a positive trajectory for the country. Do you feel as though you've had full confidence of the international community and support from the international community? I'm very positive. I'm very bullish about the prospects for this country. That's why my faith has never been dented when we face all these obstacles. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, we thank you for speaking to us on this election day. You're welcome. Stay with us on The World. Still to come - Bradley Manning is convicted of espionage for the biggest leak in his nation's history. We speak with an activist campaigning for his release. Correspondent Philip Williams has an exclusive interview with a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood who's wanted by Egypt's interim government for treason. And later, the ABC's Asia editor looks at Australia's upcoming chairmanship of the UN Refugee Convention Security Council. The American soldier responsible for the biggest leak of classified material in US history could spend decades behind bars after being found guilty of espionage. Bradley Manning will face a sentencing hearing tonight after being convicted for leaking hundreds of thousands of secret documents to the website WikiLeaks. But a military judge said Manning did not knowingly help al-Qaeda and acquitted him of aiding the enemy. From Fort Meade military base, Jane Cowan reports. After reports. trial, a small but dedicated band of supporters were there for Bradley Manning's judgment day. If anything, Bradley Manning has helped people inside and outside the United States. Hence, he aided the people, not the enemy. We believe that Bradley Manning isn't guilty of anything and he's actually very heroic for demanding government transparency and accountability. The 25-year-old showed no emotion as the military judge convicted him of almost all 22 charges, including multiple counts of espionage. But he was acquitted of the charge of aiding the enemy, which carried a pent of life behind bars with no prospect of parole. The former intelligence analyst had admitted leaking 700,000 diplomatic cables and war logs including this video of an Apache helicopter crew gunning down civilians in Iraq. But he said he did it only to spark a debate on US foreign policy. Commentators have called the acquittal on the aiding the enemy charge a stunning rebuke to military prosecutors who'd argued causing classified information to be published on the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks was akin al-Qaeda, because the terrorist WikiLeaks was akin to aiding group could access the al-Qaeda, because the terrorist Internet. But the group could access maximum sentence on Internet. But maximum sentence on the other
charges could Internet. But the combined
maximum sentence on charges could still keep
Private maximum sentence on the other
charges Private Manning in jail for the
rest of charges could still keep rest of his life. It rest of his life. It is a dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism. The sentencing phase begins tomorrow. Nathan Fuller of the Bradley Manning support network joins us now on the phone from Fort Meade where he's been blogging at every stage of this hearing. Nathan Fuller thanks for much for talking to us. Given he was found not guilty of aiding the enemy is this verdict a win enemy is this verdict a win for Bradley Manning?Well, it's certainly the first obstacle's out of the way, the biggest one anyway and that's how we're looking at it. We're very relieved that he's not faces life without parole and we haven't set this very dangerous precedent by convict ing him of aiding the enemy. He still has several espionage charges that are outrageous, they equate him with spying and attempting to malign him as some sort of traitor when he just wanted to inform the people about abuses abroad so we're going to have a long sentencing hearing which can hopefully substantially mitigate that sentence and then I'm sure there'll be an appeals process going forward as well.Nonetheless he does face a lengthy jail term for espionage?That's right. He's still facing a total of 136 years for all the charges, but there are no minimums, that's just a maximum in the military justice system is so we're going to have a couple of weeks of the sentencing phase where the defence will be allowed to evidence, it's going to be able to show what it was blocked from showing in the trial in earnest, nah imly that Bradley Manning was had he had a desire to Manning was had noble motives, he had a desire to expose he had crimes and abuse and it can crimes and also show crimes and abuse and it also show the evidence of a significant lack in damage, State Department says that's been alleged, very little damage and that should go towards reducing a sentence.Do you agree with his defence you agree with his defence team who characterised Bradley Manning was a naive and disillusioned soldier?I think that sounds like a pretty fair charactersation, he was a very young kid, he was idealistic and he thought he would be able to make a significant difference by becoming an intelligence analyst in the army and once he got there he realised that until soldiers didn't quite put the on human life that he did, Bradley Manning considers hymn a humanist, and realises that sometimes soldiers only really celebrated when American soldiers were surviving and then didn't really care that much when Iraqis and other civilians were killed or left to die. And so he really started to feel distanced from the soldiers and realised how complicit they were in a lot of these abuses.Do you feel as though he has paved the way for perhaps other people in position such as his to follow his example and leak this information and perhaps be regarded as traitors to the United States? We've already heard from Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower who say he was inspired by Bradley Manning and people like Thomas Drake so despite the Government's concerted and aggressive effort to instil fear on those who would be inspired by people like Manning, I'm having hope that it's going to work the other way and we more incredibly brave people who are willing to risk their lives for keeping Government accountable essentially.Nathan Fullerings, you are a member of the Bradley Manning support network, how will you continue supporting him now he has been convicted?We're still recognising that this is far from over, this is going to be a long sentencing hearing, it's could take about a month with the defence calling 24 witness, the Government going to call 21 and a lot of those are going to be classified and closed off to the press and public and we're going to continue fighting this in the courtroom in Fort Meade continue to raise and then we're going to try about Manning continue to raise awareness
about Manning in sphere. A about Manning in the public sphere. A major jerp will have
the power to reduce Bradley Manning sentence afterward and then there's the appeals process in higher court.Nathan Fuller thank you very much for speaking to us.Thanks speaking to us.Thanks for having me.The Indonesian Government says it won't be drawn into allegations of spying on its leader, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, until it can check the information itself. The Indonesian Defence Minister says reports that material was collected about the President in 2009 are unconfirmed. The Australian media has run stories saying PM Kevin Rudd benefitted from British intelligence gathered at the G20 summit in London. But the Indonesian Defence Minister says his Government needs to check the facts.He wants to make sure who give the idea of spreading the news to us, because I just told him that I was with the President at the time and the President stay in Black Caps with the first lady and you know that Buckingham Palace was well established but he really wants to deepening, where has this come from, the news?Indonesia say it's checking the reports with British authorities.The Australian Government's aslyum seeker deal with Papua New Guinea has hit an early snag, with the first flight to Manus Island delayed by bad weather. But the Opposition's immigration spokesman is back from Nauru and talking up his tent city plan. And the Greens have launched their immigration election policy with a proposal that all offshore process being shut down.Poor flying weather on Christmas Island as delayed the first movement of people subject to the Papua New Guinea solution. A chartered jet could not land and take off with the aslyum seekers late yesterday and it's now expected to try again later today. The PM Kevin Rudd says the hardline policy will be implemented.There's going to be all sorts of opposition to, not terribly politically popular in various parts of the country, lots of implementation hurdles, I'm sure there'll be legal hurdles as well, we'll cross heech as we come to it.The PM has also criticised the private funding for this week's trip to Nauru by the Opposition's immigration spokesman Scott Morrison. The trip to announce plans for a Nauru aslyum seeker tent industry was founded by the company that supplies tens to Nauru, Toll Holdings, Scott Morrison says that's irrelevant.We're not in the middle of any tender process, we're in Opposition, we're not in Government and Toll Holdings were going up there for the ordinary course of business anyway which was in my disdlozure as in their statement.Meantime the Greens have announced they'd increase the annual humanitarian refugee intake by 10,000 places, the paerpt would also close the processing centres at Nauru and Manus Island. The date for the election is still to be announce bud connections are it will be sooner rather than later.Let's have a look at news at home now, criminal charges could be laid against two former NSW ministers following the biggest corruption inquiry in the State's history. After four months of hearing the former mining Minister Ian Macdonald and Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid, his son Moses were all found to have defrauded the State over a coal mining deal. Damning findings also made against a number of high profile businessmen.It lot go down in history as one of Labor's darkest days. A party powerbroker found to be more powerful nan a Premier, now brand brand kruptd.My view is very simple - anyone who is responsible for corruption or illegal behaviour should face the full force of the law.Why is it that Sam Dastari, the General Secretary of the NSW Labor Party is at the heart of the Federal Labor Party's re-election campaign?The NSW re-election Labor leader wants to see them re-election campaign?The all Labor leader wants to all prosecuted.It's why I again all prosecuted.It's again today call on the Premier to again today call on the to establish a special prosecutor to proceed to have these individuals charged and heard before our courts.The ICAC has recommended criminal charges against Ian Macdonald for depirs to defraud or misconduct in public office, Eddie and Moses Obeid for conspiracy to defraud, corrupt conduct findings were also made against these five businessmen -

The investigation centred around this swathe of coal rich land in the Pylong valley, much of it owned by the Obeid family. The ICAC found Ian Macdonald created and issued a mining exploration licence benefitting the Obeids immediately Toowoomba the tune of $30 million and potentially a further $70 million. But today Ian Macdonald was on the defensive.The finding is completely false and I will be challenging it in the courts.Eddie Obeid released a statement saying -

Others adversely named deny any impropriet eye. Will anybody go to jail? This remains a major challenge to the enforcement and institutions of Australia, the DPP, institutions of DPP, Commonwealth and State, the Tax Office and DPP, Commonwealth and the Tax Office and the securities and investment commission. Significantly the NSW State crime commission which has special powers to confiscate money and assets suspected to be the be the proceeds of crime has now been suleed. The biggest corruption inquiry in the history of NSW will drag on for months even years to come.Back overseas and after weeks of mass protest, Egypt's first democratically elected President President Mohamed Morsi was forced from office last month in what was essentially a military coup. Now his supporters are taking to the streets demanding his return. But the Muslim Brotherhood is up against Egypt's all powerful army. Philip Williams is in Cairo and he tracked down a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood who is wanted by the interim Government for treason.Where's the compromise on the brotherhood size?There's a line that has to be crossed by the military first and that line is restoring constitutional legitimate massy.You're talking about the restoration of President Mohamed Morsi?The restoration of the President, of the council and of the constitution itself.You and I both know the army is not going to back down, they're simply not realistic?We believe that the more public pressure that is inflicted on the military coup, whether in months or years will have to reverse that coup. We can not accept a new political role for the army in Egypt after the last two military coups in Egypt. If we do so we set's precedent at the military has the right to choose a side which it doesn'tWhere could the two sides possibly meet?There needs to be a platform of which both sides can agree on. The t plot form needs to be inviting. The only messages we're receiving from the army are live bullets and gill killing of the protesters. In is hardly the message you want. From are marches planned in the fear future, suspect that the provocative?No it's more public pressure on the army itself. We have a new march leaving in a couple of minute, almost 100,000 to the military intelligence building and the chants are to differentiate between the military leadership which we believe to be treasonous and against the balance of the law and the constitution and the army itself because we make that distinction. Tomorrow we have a million march in both - about ho 40 years in Cairo and about 100 years around Egypt alone. We will increase the number of marches and sittins until the military yields back to democracyFrom the outside if you look from an Australian perspective you see intractable sides and there's just no life, there's no glimmer of hope of a negotiated end?At the moment it does seem like that but I believe that there's a snowball rolling towards democracy. There are more people taking side of the democracy against the military coup. More people are waking up to the realisation of the long-term and short-term danger of allowing a military coup to continue N just four weeks its has turned into a complete police stwat new security apparatus , installed.What are you wanted for?High and conspireing with foreign force, the PM and conspireing with force, the PM is talking to too
many force, the many foreign
journalists.There's force, the PM is talking to too many journalists.There's a march
going out shortly, there could be going out be more bloodshed. Is that responsibility sit with you and the brotherhood?Of course not. You don't ask the not to die. You don't ask the not to We will continue organising march ats they continue organising to strategic locations of State buzz because this is a lawst society..Where can you see this going in the feature future. You have very high emotions on both sides, and a high risk of further violence?When the military chooses a side, when it becomes politicised it becomes a gang, it doesn't become a military and the context on the scene now is that more Egyptians are starting to realise that even General Asissi, his own tanks and ammo have been paid for by the Egyptian taxpayer. He is is subjug aetsed to the population as a whole. We will not bend and bun dge, despite 200 or more dead. The political system in Egypt is only for politicians and not for anybody who failed at the ballot box. The will of the people will always beat the might of the military.Philip Williams with that interview in Cairo. Stay with us on The World, coming up after the weather, with Australia taking the chairmanship of the UN Security Council in September, the ABC's Asia editor looks at the main issues facing the council. With the third Ashes Test getting under way tomorrow we'll talk with Jim Maxwell about the potential return to the batting line-up and later an update on the jet setting later an update on setting Buddhist monk from Thailand at the centre of a money laundering scandal.

Graham Creed with the global forecast and a tropical storm is still bringing some heavy rainfall through part of Asia but the severe thunderstorms through Europe are beginning to clear and we'll have a closer look at both those situations shortly.

It's really only the far north looking at the potential of showers. Across South-East Asia, widespread showers and thunderstorms. The heaviest falls starting to contract to the far northern island and mainland of the Philippines. Tropical low pressure system will continue to move in a westerly direction over the coming days. A band of heavy falls around central parts of Vietnam and in around Cambodia and Laos border. Also along the coastal fringe of Thailand. We're expecting to see the potential of quite heavy got
rainfall. Through China we've got a trough sitting through the south-west through into north and South Korea and into a low pressure system sitting to the east of Japan. Unsettled activity, but high heat is the major feature across these regions. A heat wave continuing particularly through China. Potential flooding through Central India, down the West Coast. Also the potential of heavier falls around the slopes of the Himalayas. After severe thunderstorms across Italy across Switzerland and into Germany, hot conditions redeveloping across the far southern countries. Patchy rain about for the United Kingdom, set to hang around for a day or two. Into Africa, the equatorial belt becoming more active. A high ridge through the south bringing onshore winds along the East Coast bringing cloud and light showers. Across the US, typical summer weather. Hot and dry through the west. Warm and humid and thundery around the gulf Coast, but nothing showing up as overly significant. Similar through South America, showers across the northern countries. Through the north-eastern parts of Argentina, strong winds and the potential of showers.

You are watching The World on ABC News 24, I'm Andrew Geoghegan. A reminder of our top stories. Voting is under way in Zimbabwe's fiercely-contested presidential election, but there's already been allegations of electoral roll tampering. Robert Mugabe's Zanu-PF Party has denied allegations of vote rigging. Morgan Tsvangirai told The World he's confident of victory in the poll. US soldier turned whistleblower Bradley Manning will be sentenced tomorrow. He faces 20 counts of espionage after leaking thousands of secret documents to the WikiLeaks website. Manning was found not guilty of the most serious charge, aiding the enemy. Two former State Labor ministers have been found to have engaged in corrupt conduct. The NSW corruption watchdog has recommended criminal charges be brought against Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald. It's found the pair acted fraudulently over the granting of coal exploration leases in the State's bilong Valley. And coming up later - find out how a Chinese tight rope walker got on in his bid to set a world record. US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Palestinians and Israelis to reach a permanent peace over the next nine months of negotiations. Few details about the latest round of peace talks have been revealed, except that both parties have entrusted secretary Kerry to speak on their behalf to the rest of the world while they negotiate behind closed doors. Michael Vincent reports. The Americans, Israelis and Palestinians have been here before. This time they're starting with a blank slate. All of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are table for negotiation. This
morning they other issues are all on the
table for morning they met with President Barack Obama morning they met Barack Obama and vice-president Joe Biden. Formal talks start soon. They will meet within soon. the next soon. They will meet the next two weeks in either the Israel or the Palestinian territories in order to begin the process of formal negotiation. But beyond that, no more details will be revealed. I will be the only one by agreement authorised to comment publicly on the talks in consultation obviously with the parties. Both the Israelis and Palestinians have committed to finding a final lasting peace deal. It's time for the Palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own. New opportunity has been created for us, for all of us and we can't afford to waste it. Few observers are preparing for these peace talks to succeed, but both the Israelis and Palestinians acknowledge that it's John Kerry's relentless enthusiasm that's got them back to this point once again. Securing a temporary seat on the United Nations' Security Council is a bit like winning the diplomatic version of the chance to host the Olympic Games. Australia won the contest and is heavily involved in the world's most serious security issues including Syria and Afghanistan. On Scotland Syria the Security Council remains split. We report on Australia performance on the Security Council seven months into its term. For the first time in nearly 30 years, Australia is sitting on the UN Refugee Convention Security Council. We are amongst the heavy litters outside the five permanent members alongside with Pakistan and Korea. These are the three countries that are doing most of the serious work. It's early on in our term, but I certainly think it's been worthwhile. Australia is chairing three sanctions committees on Iran, al-Qaeda and the Taliban. On Afghanistan, Australia has what's known as penholder responsibility in the Security Council with the role of coordinating the UN Refugee Convention mandate. Australia's ambassador to the UN Refugee Convention Security Council is Gary quinlian. From 1 September for a month, Australia has its first chance to chair the current UN Refugee Convention Security Council, a role with the power to shape agendas and push Australian issues. And in the final week of September it's leaders' week at the UN Refugee Convention where presidents and prime ministers speak. It is peak season and it's hard to imagine that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wouldn't want to be here. After all, it is his vision that has seen Australia take up this role. But September could see Australia in the midst of an election campaign and before Kevin Rudd took over September 14 had been named by then Prime Minister Julia Gillard as the poll date. Now the election could be called any time and a date in early September is currently tipped. This is a rotating presidency which we have for the month of September. So it's important that we have an opportunity to do the best we can while we hold that presidency and that essentially means being able to draw onto the Security Council agenda issues which are of particular interest to Australia and on which we think there can be some movement in the international community. So if the Federal election is going to interfere with our capacity to do that, then it's deeply regrettable. The Prime Minister's office says a made closer to the event. decision on attendance will be made closer to the event. Over
recent years, made closer to the event. recent years, great effort went recent into the campaign for recent years, great effort and there were into the campaign for the seat and there divisions and there were political run. But divisions over the decision to run. But now Australia is on the Security Council with run. But now Australia the Security Council with the
five permanent members - China, France, Russia, Britain and the United States, along with the ten nonpermanent members. ten nonpermanent members. The permanent members are often divided and currently are over the issue of Syria. Russia and China have used the veto power three times to block resolutions on Syria and the five are divided even over the parameters of a proposed Syrian peace conference. And divisions were clear in media statements after a meeting in the last week between the Syrian opposition and the Security Council. I think members of the Security Council will have been encouraged by the commitment shown by the Opposition. It remains to be seen whether the regime is equally committed. One should not be carried away too much. Clearly there are obstacles to be overcome . Big arguments on big issues, but one expert believes Australia can and is having an impact. This professor was a former assistant Secretary-General at the UN Refugee Convention and has advised the Australian and New Zealand Governments on arms control, disarmament and international security issues. Australia called a special meeting on Syria giving interested countries and NGOs the chance to talk informally with members of the Security Council. It's known as an aria formula meeting. The ambassador did this with respect to the topic of this year on security issues and that's Syria where he asked a couple of members of the investigation team fact that Australia investigation team to present fact that Australia convened
this fact that this and it was attended and they got a briefing from these people speaks very well again to the authentic voice that Australia brings to the most pressing issues. While Australia is stepping up its international diplomatic engagement through its role on the UN Refugee Convention Security Council, Australia's image as a global nation and as part of the UN Refugee Convention is also coloured by the asylum seeker issue. We are not in the good books of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, so one of the key humanitarian organisations. They've been very critical of the various itrations of the Pacific solution and very critical of this latest move, the regional resettlement arrangement with Papua New Guinea. So it's clear that our reputation has taken something of a hit on that score. It's a criticism Australian politicians have been prepared to live with. Australia's Foreign Minister Bob Carr is in China to open Australia's fourth diplomatic mission in the south-western city of Chengdu. It's a region identified as a new source of growth for the region's second largest economy if it can avoid mistakes made elsewhere. Growth is pushing on in this part of western China. Some businesses are moving away from the East Coast where land and labour have become much more expensive. Inland cities like Chengdu still retain this advantage, even though wages are catching up. Benny Yan, who works at BlueScope, Australia's largest steel manufacturer, says not everything is rosy. Another problem is transportation, freight cost compared with another plant is high, maybe double, triple. A massive investment in roads and highways has also contributed to Sichuan's double digit growth, a rate of expansion that many other provinces in western China have experienced. The central government is using the opportunity to correct both its business model and regional imbalances. Australia wants to be a part of this new chapter of the China story. was in Chengdu to of the China story. Its
Foreign Minister Bob was in country's fourth diplomatic mission was in Chengdu to open the mission said the number of commercial disputes is rising. More trade means you've got More trade means you've the opportunity for more misunderstandings and disputes and arguments. We want to minimise that by seeing that Australians doing business with China get the best possible advice. Chengdu prides itself in being the poster child of western China. Its official literature boasts of its success in attracting Fortune 500 companies as well as its ambition of nurturing a solid and powerful middle class. It's hired an international public relations country to sell Chengdu to the world. Sichuan is thriving on a business model that's been tried and tested. The challenge now is to attract the best and brightest to work in higher end jobs away from the glittering lights of Beijing and Shanghai. Provinces in western China earn for the success and recognition that comes with it, but can they learn from the mistakes of the eastern region as they take their turn in the spotlight?

their turn in the spotlight?

A cheese tight rope walker has performed a record breaking high wire walk between two hot air balloons. The two balloons connected by an 18 meertd long steel beam rose up to the sky in south-west China's Yunnan ProvinceAfter the balloons stabilised Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu emerged from a balloon and started his walk. At one point hi had to squat to maintain balance but soon after he completed the walk in 38.35 seconds. Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu is very impressive.Lets's preview the Ashes, they start, the third Test starts tomorrow, the ABC's Jim Maxwell is on the phone, let's join him now. Jim, good to speak to you again.Andrew, yes it's a bit overcast here today, sitting at Old Trafford on this revamped, repressed renovated ground that looks like stunning, they'll get 25,000 in every day, full house and the pitch looks like a bit of grey plast Crean at the moment but I'm sure when the sunkms out at the moment and for the next five days we'll get a good surface to bat on.Talk more about the pitch in a first but first the likely line-up for Australia a lot of speculation that Dave Warner will come back into the side if that is the case, who's likely to make way for him?It's a good question. This is the game of Russian roulette that Australia are playing in this series. They wernt too sure at the start what their best six would be and they still don't know and they're still playing with it. I would think he's a big chance of coming in for Usman Khawaja or Hughes but it could be Rogers. That's where we are. You just put them in a hot and put out the six names but got to find a few blokes who can get in there and bat a bit of time and not bat like lunatics and this is the problem with the Australian side, got this attitude about going gang busters at all ball, they've only really got a couple of fellas who can drop the anchor and that's one reason they're falling over apart from the high quality of jans's bowling and be hood winked by Graeme Swann's spin.You could spin the wheel to see who is playing for Australia. They'd need a settled line-up don't they?They do. They're not going to have one for a while. The lack, Brian Lara, he said he can't believe the lack of planning in the Australian batting. England really have got four fellas who pretty much drop the anchor and two who really go in the top six in Kevin Pietersen and bear stow to an extent. The rest of them sorts of knock it around and play with a degree of application and the batsman's mantra, the best place to be is done the other end, take some singles. The Australians don't seem to have that that and the person who continues to compromise the battle is to deceive. battle is Watts op, he to battle is Watts op, he flatters doing the business in to deceive. He's just in the doing the business in Test
cricket, doing the business cricket, against red cricket, against red ball of particularly jans he gets particularly pads in front particularly jans he pads particularly jans he gets his
pads in he's not producing the long pads in front of the stump, innings that Australia needs and they seem he's not producing the and they seem to have it in their mind that they have to get out there and dominate rather than wear the bowling down a bit. If they could do that f they win the toss and bat when the pitch is at their best here they're a chance of doing something strong in this fame. Y it would be interesting to see what bowling they create around thatThe pitch is expected to turn, it's dry, and England may well play a twin spin attack with pan esar and Swan.I think that's a bluff. I think they'll go with the three quick, they've got Joe Root to bowl spin ched updz. I'd be surprised if Pansea play, they don't really need him.We look forward to your commentating over the next five days.Cheers.More sport and Amanda Shalala join us. Can Australia get over the Australia get over the line
this Test do you think?I don't know. I think it's going to a very tough task. England looking completely formidable but more Australia drama back home. Mickey Arthur and Cricket Australia have finally reached a settlement. The two parties spent 14 hours across two days locked in talks at the Fair Work commission. Arthur was suing Cricket Australia after he was Dutched. The settlement is confidential but is believed to be considerably less than $4 million Arthur was asking for. The Australian women's cricket team is happy to favourite tag for its upcoming Ashes defence. The Southern Stars will leave for England tomorrow ahead of their multiformat tomorrow ahead of multiformat series with one Test, three one-dayers and three Twenty20s deciding the eventual ashes champion.The Southern Stars have had a really successful 12 months with the two World Cup wins and being number one in all formats of the game we're looking forward to improving and playing good cricketThe series begins with the Test on August 11. St Kilda has confirmed Ahmed Saad has tested positive to a banned substance. The 23-year-old is under review by the AFL and now faces a lentsy suspension.Ahmed Saad made an impressive start to his AFL career last year but he's now facing a ban from football of up to two years.Ahmed Saad is surprised and disappointed to find himself in this position after returning a positive sample to a substance alleged to be on the prohibited list.Further tests will be done on what Saad's alleged to have taken.The product subpoenaed is permitted for use out of commission but is not allowed to be used in competition.The Australian sports anti-doping authority is still handling the case and it's not clear if Saad's B sample has been tested yet. He hasn't played for the Saints for the last three weeks, it's yet another blow for the AFL as the drugs in football issue continues to grow. Today Collingwood, West Coast and Hawthorn rubbished in uclaim that the they bilogically advanced. The ABC's 7.30 program aired claims alleges James Hird believed the Magpies pore a secret programs and the Eagles were up to something.Let's get this straight. That's just two people talking to each other who have as far as I know no employment here at West Coast. They don't have any role within our football club, so they're welcome to talk about whatever they want.Collingwood says the claims it used illegal substances are totally false while Hawthorn called them ridiculous.Saturday's Super Rugby grand final between the Brumbies and dhaufs at way Kato stadium is officially a sell dwrout. The Brumbies are enroute to New Zealand. Across the ditch fans have been cueing for dickets with the match already sell-out. The Chiefs are in search of their second straight Super Rugby title. It's familiar territory for a club which is loaded with All Blacks. If Canberra the Brumbies have enjoyed a brief home stopover after returning from their semifinal win over the bulls in South Africa. The Brumbies are rank outsiders despite becoming the first side this year to beat the Bulls at home. It's a challenge relish.Teams that travel struggle but that's what is exciting about struggle but that's exciting about Saturday, it's
an opportunity struggle but that's what is
exciting about an opportunity to create
history and exciting about Saturday, it's
an opportunity history and an opportunity to
really an opportunity to create
history and really challenge ourselves and test yourselves and there's no really challenge ourselves greater challenge than going test yourselves and there's New Zealand and trying to beat one of the top teams in the worldTwo years ago this group as asemed by Jake White with several players plucked from as asemed by Jake White obscurity the obscurity the club nearly made the final last season. This year's white's master stroke came in the form of George Smith and Clyde Rathbone. The two were part of the Brumbies last title success in 2004 and were brought back to help guide the youngsters.It's been really good working with Clyde this year and he's helped me a lot in terms of not getting caught up in moments and concentrating on the next job and stuff like that and is George is a class act.The players and the coaching staff are under no illusions that it's the direction and professionalism that experience brings that's helped focus the group. They weren't given much of a chance against the Bulls in Pretoria.But it's on to the next stop, Hamilton.The Australian men's water polo team has gone down fightinging in the world championships quarterfinals with a 1-goal loss to Olympic champion Croatia in extra time. In swimming Australia's Emily Seebohm won silver in the 100m backstroke and quarterfinals Olympics she was beaten by American teenager Missy Franklin. Matt Grevers completed an American double with gold in the men's event. Frenchman Yannick Agnel picked up his second gold of the meet winning the 200 freestyle. 16-year-old Lithuanian Ruta Meilutyte won the women's 100m breaststroke and another 116-year-old, Katie Ledecky capped off a messageable night for the US when she slashed six seconds off the world record in the 1,500m three Indian cricketers involved in the 1,500m freestyle.And the involved in the IPL spot fixing scandal have now been formally charged by police.Cricket still can't shake off that corruption can they?Very ugly.A jet steting Buddhist monk from thanld who is at centre of money laundering scandal is now believed to be hiding somewhere in the United States. His case is putting Thailand's religious leaders under more scrutiny.It's part Thailand's of daily life in Thailand but some also have another job, while on pa troll they act as official monk police man. But lately the scandals and accusations of cheat having been taken to a new level. None more so than in the case of Sukpohl who was caught on video in a private jet sporting designer labels, despite taking a monk's vow of simplity. He's also been accused of money laundering and accumulating tens of millions in assets but some people believe he's only one example of where Thai societies's gone wrong. TRANSLATION: Everyone is seeking a comfortable life from politicians to normal people. Everyone is greedy.There have been other cases since, each prompting investigations from within the monkhood. Corruption is a big problem in Thailand so it's only natural that it would also creep into religion, but those at the top of Buddhism say the recent scandals are isolated cases. TRANSLATION: When there are cases like this it looks like there are a lot of bad monklingst in Thailand. After investigating we find that only 1% are upheld.Some like this man have had enough and have sided to speak out. The large grounds of his temple and monastery include a farm. He provides jobs and using the income from the farm to run an orphange and put money back into Buddhism. He says that's how it's supposed to be.They'll go to hell. You're a monk in a monk's role. You have no need for luxury.The national office of Buddhism argues the answer lies in educating monks about avoiding temptation. Lay people who follow the religion simply want to know that their faith suspect being abused.You've been watch The World on a when Robert Mugabe main challenger in Zimbabwe's Presidential election PM Morgan Tsvangirai told The World he's confident of victory in the poll. For more details log on to our website. And keep up to date on Twitter as well. I'll be back shortly with the

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The top stories from ABC News - one of two former State Labor MPs in NSW found to have engaged in corrupt conduct has vowed to clear his name. The NSW corruption watchdog has recommended criminal charges be brought against Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald. It's found the pair acted fraudulently over the granting of coal exploration leases in the State's Bylong valley. But Mr Macdonald says he believes he can clear his name and will fight the finding. It's also prompted a Federal political debate, the Opposition's trying to link the PM and Federal Labor Party to the corruption. While Kevin Rudd revealed he's disgusted by the revelations at the hearings.Why is it that Sam Dastari, the General Secretary of the NSW Labor