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Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.Hello, I'm James McHale and thanks for joinling me for this national aye disof ABC News. Today - corruption confirmed. Damning findings handed down by the NSW independent commission against corruption. Guilty of espionage, the verdict for whistleblower Bradley Manning in the Wikileaks trial. Protesters in Egypt march on military bailses in defiance of army warnings. And fresh reports of banned substance use in the AFL.Criminal charges have been recommended against former NSW Labor ministers Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid and Mr Obeid's son over a coal mining deal. Jamelle Wells has been at the independent commission against corruption where the findings were delivered.After months of highly publicised public inquiries and hundreds of witnesses, the commissioner David Ipp has found that former Labor ministers Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid and Eddie Obeid's son Moses engaged in corrupt conduct over the Mount Penny mining licence. The ICAC heard that Ian Macdonald rigged the tender process to put the Obeids and their families and associate in a position to profit hundreds of millions of dollars. Ed Cowan, Ian Macdonald and Moses have been referred to the d.s PP. Evidence from this inquiry has also been referred to the NSW Crime Commission to the Australian securities and vementss commission and to the Tax Office. In two separate inquiries, Ian Macdonald has been found to have engaged in corrupt conduct for accepting the services of an escort called Tiffany as a bribe to arrange business meetings. However, another former Minister, has been cleared of any wrong doing over allegations that he received a $10,000 discount on a car as a bribe. Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid continue to deny any wrong doing.And Eddie Obeid has issued a statement saying the result of the inquiry is as he anticipated given what he calls the animosity of both counsel assisting and the commissioner he says -

The report was particularly scathing in its criticism of Mr Obeid. I found that he was an global financial crisis and seemed to be more concerned with imposing his will on proceedings than with simply telling the truth. The report had a similar view of Mr Don't saying - the ICAC findings set a backdrop to the imment Federal election campaign. The Labor Party needs to at least hold NSW seats if it's to have a chance of forming Government and since becoming leader Kevin Rudd has gone to great lengths to limit the damage from the State scandal. I'm joined by Nick Dole in Canberra. Kevin Rudd's been preparing for this moment for some time?He has indeed and of course as you say a couple of weeks ago to a large extent pre-empted some of these findings announcing a Federal take overof the NSW branch. To some extent Kevin Rudd really did pre-empt the findings even this morning before they were handed down. He said that he found some of the allegations to be abhorrent, he said they were despickable, he thought anyone woes alleged to have done the wrong thing should face the law but he did remind Australians of some of these changes he introduced a couple of weeks ago .It was to for no idle reason they took a varietily unprecedented step of directing Federal intervention in the NSW branch of the Labor Party. This set of reforms are anchored in Louisiana in one core principle, scoro tolerance for corruption.Fo its part the Opposition is doing its fwoes link the Federal party with the problems at Macquarie Street?Indeed and with an election looming, potentially being called within a few days there's a whole swag of seats in Sydney that are really in the balance and Tony Abbott's doing his best to try to link Kevin Rudd with some of those claims of corruption. He says that some of the senior members of the Rudd Government, people like Anthony Albanese, Tony Burke and the former Premier Bob Carr have hat historical links with Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald as well and he says Kevin Rudd really can't walk away from this, he can't suggest in Tony Abbott's words that the Federal party is inthou untarnished by some of the culture exposed at ICAC.Mur rudd can't wash his hands of this. He is the leader of the Labor Party and the Labor culture is absolutely defined and determined by NSW Labor and we now know the rottenish at the heart of it.And James if there are any positives out of this at all for Kevin Rudd it is that these claims have been around for some time so that in nah sense they're not a major surprise but rest assured Tony Abbott will be using every day of his campaigning in Sydney reminding voters of those claimses of corruption and what he says are links to the Federal parliament.The American soldier responsible for the biggest leak of classified material in US history has been acquitted of aiding the enemy. But Bradley Manning has been found guilty of es sponage, thefts and computer fraud in a verdict that could still see them spend deck aesd behind bars. RequestAfter a two month trial a small but dedicated band of supporters were there for Bradley Manning's judgment day.If anything Bradley Manning has helped people inside and outside the United States, hence he aided the people, not the enemy.We believe that Bradley Manning isn't guilty of anything and that he's very heroic for demanding Government transparency and accountability.The 25-year-old showed no emotion as the military judge convicted him of almost all 22 charges. Including multiple counts of espionage but the colonel acquitted Private manning of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy which carried a maximum penalty of life behind bars with no prospect of parole. The former intelligence analyst had admitted leaking 700,000 diplomatic cables and war logs, including this video of an apache helicopter crew gunning down civil ians in Iraq but he said he did it only to spark a debate on US foreign policy. Dementators have called the acquit only the aiding the enemy charge a stunning rebuke to military protesters who had argued causing classified information to be published on the anti-secrecy website Wikileaks was a Kin Kin to aiding al-Qa'ida because the terrorist Gould could access to website. There was a chilling message to potential future bhiers.It is a dangerous precedents and an example of national security extremism, it is a short sighted judgment that cannot be tolerated and it must be revested.The sentencing phase begins tomorrow.The case of an accused bombmaker has been heard in a Queensland court. Glen Charles Dell has been charged over an explosion at Ipswich in May where a teenage by owes hands were blown apart.43-year-old Glen Charles Dell is accused of being involved in making a bomb which maimed an Ipswich teenager back in May. The 15-year-old's handser were lom completely destroyed when the golf ball bomb exploded. Dell has been charged with one count each of garm and up lawful deposition of explosives. The case was heard in court today but Dell did not appear. His lawyer requested an adjournment for three weeks time so the matter can be dealt with at the same time as a number of other charges Dell is also facing relating to explosives. Those charges include attempts to destroy property with explosionives and they been made around an incident that happened here that left another man critically injured. Police have been on the scene for everyone days now and have hat to set off 18 controls explosion as they make sure the Sprott the safe from dangerous materials.There's no reason for people to fear any further devices out there in the public.The owner of the house was 'here earlier today to take in what state it's been left with. This is whae h said.The police cleared up this, they did find some material, any material they found that was suspect they detonated to be on the safe side. The major hole where the fence behind is the one they used to put everything they found the last couple of days in and detonate it in that whole but they've been through thefrg this property. It's been searched centimetre by centimetre.The man accused will have to face multiple charges around this incident. He's due to face Ipswich court on August 16.Turning overseas, thousands of supporters of President Mohamed Morsi have marched on military installation defying army warnings. The Government wants
them off the street and this is their answer. Instead of going home they're taking the protest directly to the army in a series of marches they're doing precisely what the authorities told them not to do. Thousand of people are streaming out of the protest area to confront a military intelligence building considered a very provoke tifr act by the military but these people here say they'll continue this sort of protoast until their President is reinstated.We are here for our dignity, for our freedom, for our democracy, nothing more.We die for democracy, if we die for freedom, we are welcome to die for that.We just have only one idea - we are looking for democracy, we need democracy. They don't accept democracy. The Muslim Brotherhood says it only
is willing to negotiate but only after Morsi is restored as President, something the interim Government will never accept.Any initiative that means to sanction or approve the military coup is refused from start.The pro-Morsi clieks says it will continue to confront the army until till it stops supporting the interim Government but it's feared the military's patience will run out. Many here believe this is a brief respite and are certain there is more violence to US Secretary of State John
Kerry has urged Palestinians and Israelis to reach a permanent peace deal over the next nine months of negotiations. Both parties have been trusted Secretary Kerry speak on their behalf while they negotiate behind closed doors. The Americans, Israelis and Palestinians have been here before. This time, they're starting with a blank slate.All of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation.This morning, they mets with President Obama and vice pts Joe Biden. Formal talks start soon.They will meet within the next two weeks, in either Israel or the Palestinian territories in order to begin the proches of formal negotiation.But beyond that, no more details will be revealed.I will be the only one by agreement authorised to comment publicly on the talks in consultation with the the parties.Both the Israelis and Palestinians have committed to finding a final lasting peace deal.It's time for the Palestinian people to have an independent state of their own.The community has been created for all of us and we cannot afford to waste it.Few observers are preparing for these peace talks to succeed but both acknowledge that it's John Kerry's relentless enthusiastic a. A that's got them back to this points.Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has declared he will surrender power if he loses today's election. Mr Mugabe has dismissed allegation voting will be rigged.It's still a very divide ed bun but for once a peaceful campaign as Zimbabwe hurtsles towards the polls tomorrow.President Mugabe manage has ruled Zimbabwe for 33 years and at the age of 89 seems still determined to cling to power. But would he accept a defeat gracefully? Mr President, if you lose, are you prepared to hand over power to the victor and stand down?Youer this win or you lose. If you lose, then you must surrender to those who have won f you win, those who have lost must all surrender to you and this is it.But that wasn't the case in 2008. That election saw a violent campaign against the Opposition party, the movement for democratic change and widespread allegations of voter intimidation. President Mugabe and his ruling zan you FF party will finally forced into forming a Coalition Government with Morgan Tsvangirai. But there are growing concerns that however peaceful this election may appear on the outside, there are already rumblings of a heavy manipulated voters role. Opposition parties receive their cop pis of this role just this afternoon so will these elections be any different from 2008? PM Morgan Tsvangirai beliefs No.. Don't even doubt to think that dhopt want to get back to power. He doesn't believe that he can actually be voted out of office.But there's no doubt that a great deal has changed in four year s, an often unhappy power sharing arrangement has seen the creation of a new constitution and has delivered relative economic stability. But have these changes gone far enough and who gains from them?It seems gorillas too can enjoy a retirement tree change. The patriarch of that tar's go Rory McIlroya family Kibabu is set to retire. The 36-year-old's position will be filled by a French silverback 24 years his junior. The old man will live out his retirement at the mogo zoo on the NSW south coast. We keep these guys like a wild group of gorillas and we manage them like a wild group of gorillas so part of this process is where a silverback will retire, another one will take over and it's hugely important that we do this well now, we do it right now, because in 20 year, in 50 year, 100 years we want to a make sure that the populations in zoos are genetically diverse so they can continue to the maintain within zoo population. Psh

Big business has unveiled its preelection wish list aimed at encouraging long-term reform. The Business Council of Australia which represents the council's top 100 CEOs says the reforms are needed to avoid diving deeper into debt. Joining us to discuss the finishes the finance quonts Philip also a Kerr?Like so many groups and people these days, everyone's saying we have to live within our mean, they're saying and State Budget deficits if you add them together will amount to about $75 billion by 2015 if we don't do anything and we've got a slower economy with the mining investment boom cooling, we're seeing rising unemployment, I think business is taking its opportunity to try and force some changes which are more business-friendly, particularly since it's had a bad relationship with the Government and one thing that's not responding to what the Government is doing is business confidence so they may have a bit of bargaining power here.Takes flu some of the specific details of the plan?They want to see some reform of State and Federal relations, a reduction in the taxes, that some of the State taxes like stamp duty, land tax, to some extent, a reduction in red tape, they want to see, they want to broaden the GST or at least increase the GST and on that issue issue of land tax it's not so much land tax in the state but they want to broaden the land tax to include all homes to pay for a cut in the company tax rate to 25%. F f more investment in infrastructure.This at least particularly from the Business Council of Australia, can we assume it has support from other business groups in the in the country?Mostly yes but not all business groups agree with a cut in the corporate tax rate because a lot of the members say in small business aren't incorporated so they would rather see a cut in the personal tax rate rather than the corporate tax rate. They're not necessarily on board with that one.The AFL has confirmed an investigation is under way following reports a St Kilda player has tested positive to a banned drug. In new just to hand the club has named that player as AhmedSaad. He claims he inadvertently took the substance. Essendon has denied claims by Dean Robinson that Stephen Dank was recruited to run a supplements program described as black xwrop crops. Robinson quit the club on the weekend, since he's alleged that he was present when James Hird and the club's head of football interviewed Dank for the sports scientists job.They put a scenario to Stephen, Stephen said to Danny and jails, what you're yog me to do is block crops."Last further details aired on the ABC. 7.30 reported the bombers code had krps in two clubs.Ment the one women's cricket team plies to England as favourites to bring home the Ash, the champions baby are will be decided over a new multiwhich format series this year including one Test, three one-dayers and three Twenty20 match persist.The Southern Stars have had a really successful 12 months with the two World Cup ones and being number one format we're lag to gofts are - to gets over there.Australia has dismissed talk of a 5-nil victory for the ahead
hosts in theman's Ashes series ahead of the third Test at Old Trafford Chris Rogers says could still win and he thinks the returning batsmen Dave Warner could make all the difference.Could this man be Australia's savour? Fresh from notching up an impressive 139 for Australia A Dave Warner is back with the squad. The batsman apparently unencumbered by the barb and brawl that saw him sent to South Africa in the first place.He brings a lot of energy to the group always. He goes at 100 miles an hour so it's fantastic to see him get run, he's such a detruktsive player a that if he bats for a while he could some real pressure on England.He's still courts controversy. On minds will be report of heating risks
slemging in South Africa but risks may to be taken rls.. It's not something we're really focussing on. We don't want to look too far ahead. We played really well in the first two game and our job is to try and improve.England's Kevin Pietersen is keen to be fit by the opening toss on Thursday. But the calf injury looks to still be troubling him. James Taylor could step up to the crease in his place if he can't shake it. This the first Ashes Test to be played at troftd since the pitch was rotated 90 degrees to try and avoid problems with the late afternoon sun but if the forecasters are correct it's not the sun but the rain which could be a factor in this Test. The ground is an unknown quantity for many of the Australian players.Of all the grounds this is probably the most foreign.Tourist can only hopet drink bring them to their kneesAnd Brumbies assistant coach Stephen Larkham says the side will be boosted in Saturday night's Super Rugby final by the woelt experience brought by George Smith and Clyde Rathbone. The Brumbies will meet the Chiefs this weekend in Hamilton in the decider.Real master stroke from Jake White to bring them in. George obviously came in and filled a void when David Pocock got injury bud he's been tremendous for thus year and Clyde Rathbone hasn't played many games this year but Jake was insistents he play the finals and it's been a master stroke. Those two guys handled the pressure well, great composure on the field but also lead by example on the field out there, they're making the right decisions, taking the the right

Thanks, James, and good evening, I'm Craig Allen. Coming up in the Canberra news - we'll have more on the fallout from the ICAC report. the fallout from the ICAC report. Two former Labor ministers could face criminal charges after being criminal charges after being involved in a corrupt mining deal. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he's disgusted by what he's heard and insists corruption won't be tolerated. The ACT Government's allowed unprecedented media access allowed unprecedented media access to witness Canberra's controversial kangaroo cull. It's allowed journalists to escort the shooters journalists to escort the shooters to see just how the roos are killed. It comes after claims by animal liberationists that hunters were using inhumane methods to reduce kangaroo numbers. They say the footage released publicly is a sanitised version of events. The ANU has unveiled the country's biggest and most powerful computer. The and most powerful computer. The super computer has a staggering processing capacity, equivalent to about 15,000 home computers. Even though it cost $50 million, it's still only the $50 million, it's still only the 27th most powerful in the world. It'll be used for climate and weather modelling, water management and modelling, water management and earth sciences. And we say goodbye and sciences. And we say goodbye and good luck to the ACT Brumbies. The team heads across the ditch tonight, to vie for this weekend's Super Rugby final. They'll be trying to stop the Chiefs winning two titles back to back, and snap a nine-year hoodoo. We'll have the details on those stories and the rest of the days stories and the rest of the days news in the Canberra bulletin at 7:00.

It's been a warm July across much of the country, in fact it now recorded the warmest July on record, the average maximum temperature around 15.9Looking at preaimary figures for Canberra and also Sydney it loodges as though both those dapts have alsoer this broken the record or gone very close to the warmest July on record. We're expecting to see the mild conditions continue as we head into tomorrow. We got northerly winds ahead of a frontal system that will move up towards the south-west of Western Australia. And with that high pressure system sitting over much of the continue incident we have very little in the way of rain. There's been a very showers about the south-west but also this band of cloud sitting off the NSW coast, some isolated showers and thunderstorms through that room. At this stage no heavy falls through the coastal fringe but indications of some heavier falls offshore but the trough will continue to dissipate and move away so returning back to very isolated showers about the north-east coast of NSW and south-eastern Queensland. The ridge of high pressure will still extend through the south-east so another dry day on the way but with those clear skies overnight and light winds we're expecting some fairly widespread frost across the region. Next frontal system will move into the south-west of Western Australia and then into Bight, relatively quickly. I will then start to move into Australia but the south-eastern States really won't experience the impact of that till around about Friday at this stage, but it will start to see some dealer conditions developing in behind it but ahead still very mild, dry and mostly sunny but relatively widespread frost, across the south-eastern centres. Then as we head 50 on into Friday that frontal system moves into the south-east, not much in the way of rainfall with it. The better of the false about the west of Tasmania, but we will start to see cloudy conditions, temperatures dropping back once that change moves through and quite a bit of wind aboutwisel.Thank you. That is all for this bulletin. The next edition will be up in an hour, or visit ours website. Bye for now.

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