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Good afternoon. It is the political corruption scandal that had it all, a secret multi-million-dollar mining deal, a prostitute, and lavish lunches. And now the former NSW Labor heavyweights Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald could face criminal charges after the criminal watchdog handed down its findings. A political reporter joins me. How have the two former politicians responded?They have both come out swinging. Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald will both fight to clear their names. They both expected today's findings. In regard to the prostitute, that this Emma Donald facing M -- having them as such. Eddie Obeid could also have judges laid over organising a coal mining lease. Earlier this afternoon I caught up with Ian MacDonald and this is what he had to say.I have done nothing wrong. I am not guilty of any of these findings that had been made by the commissioner. They have taken a hardline approach throughout this. I do not believe that, in the end, I will be found guilty of any wrong doing.It is a bad day for NSW Labor. Is there likely to be any fall-out on a federal level?The trick for both Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott is to improve the advantage for each of them. Tony Abbott has made the point clearly today there NSW Labor is at the core of the Federal Labor Party. It is all the one party. You have to look at the list of senior ministers. Bob Carr had Eddie Obeid as a minister. Tony Abbott has not been able to get the link, if he look at the latest polling. Labor is doing appallingly in NSW at a state level Badat a federal level it is neck and neck. The only good thing for Kevin Rudd is to hope that people forget about this and concentrate on what he is about.We will leave it there. The drug scandal gripping the AFL has deepened with reports that Ahmed Saad is facing a 2-year ban from the sport after returning and the regular sample. For the very latest we will go to Seb Costello at St Kilda's training gap -- training ground. What is the latest you we understand that he is being investigated for a results that was irregular within the last month. Neither the club nor the AFL will confirm the investigation. The Lee he says there is a process under way and it is inappropriate to comment further. He has not suited up for the Saints since July 7th. He has spent the past 15 -- three- way Spain for the reserve side. We had been told they will be making public comments in the next hour. Greg Westaway arrived at headquarters just a few moments ago and faced questioning.Absolutely no comment at all.Is it fair that his name is are the?A cannot say anything. I am coming in here to catch up. I will know better then. The maximum penalty and AFL player can face were testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance is a 2-year ban. It has never happened before. Only one has ever been found guilty. He got a 16 weeks' suspension back in 1997. Three people have been killed after a horrific crash north-east of Perth. Police say a truck and a four-wheel drive collided in the small town of Gidgegannup shortly before 9:00am this morning. It's believed all three victims were travelling in the four-wheel drive. The truck driver wasn't injured. NSW police are currently searching for a man searching for -- with a knife on the Mid North Coast. He has reportedly killed a dog during a domestic dispute. The incident occurred a few hours ago, north of Newcastle. Members of the public a pledge not to approach the man. -- urged not to approach. Police are concerned for a 6-year-old boy, who watched 10 men bash his father during an armed robbery in Sydney's south. The men entered the home just before 9:30 last night, armed with guns and knives, before allegedly pistol-whipping and punching the boy's father. The men then fled in two cars. Police are still unclear on a motive for the attack.We do not know why why they were targeted.The boy's father was taken to hospital last night, but has now been released with minor head injuries. Smokers could be among those hit hard by Rudd government spending cuts as it desperately looks to save billions of dollars and get the Budget back on track. This week's economic crackdown is seen as the last major announcement before Kevin Rudd announces the election date. Let's cross to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. Kerrie, what savings can we expect to see? Nothing has been announced yet. We believe the Government is looking at revenue shortfalls of up to $30 billion over the next four years, meaning that it needs to find some big savings. Chris Bowen will make a statement later this week. It is to reveal more about the state of the nation's finances and how the Government intends to make up the shortfall. Today, Kevin Rudd announced that the Government will give 90 but million dollars that make $90 million to RBA in Sydney. During the conference he discussed the impact of smoking on health and the budget. It is being taken as a big hint that the economic statement will include a tax hike on tobacco products. Chris Bowen says they need to look at all options.Around 30% of cancer is caused by tobacco consumption. It is estimated that this will kill 15,000 Australians each year. We need to get serious on that this major driver of Cats are in Australia.The interesting thing about this government is that it cannot control his own spending, therefore it always looks to increase taxes.Kevin Rudd has got Obama power on his side as he prepares for the Federal election. Three campaign experts who specialise on online campaigns. They have proved effective at utilising social media in campaigns. They are supposed to be very good at attacking their opponents. That is what they did for Barack Obama. The prime minister was asked about his new weapon. He did not give much away.I have always been a strong supporter of President Obama. We will draw upon the best brains in the world. They are very welcome. We are a welcoming Bunch in the national campaign team.Two of these experts are already in Australia and one is on the way. Their arrival is being seen that the election date announcement could be as close as of this weekend, with speculation that we will be going to the polls on 7th September. It is all speculation at the moment. The Sydney father charged with abducting his former girlfriend and their son at knife point last week has pleaded not guilty to the allegations. The 24- year-old, who can't be identified, was also charged with having sex with a minor and breaching an AVO. The man's lawyer says his client plans to fight the charges of abduction and assault - using a series of text messages as his defence. He's set to apply for bail when the matter is heard in court again next month. Three teenage boys, as young as 13, have been charged over an attempted armed robbery in Melbourne. Police say the teens entered the milk bar at the Basin in the city's east last night. The owner alleges they produced a knife and demanded cash, but he chased them away with a broom.I am concerned about my family. And people asking me if I am concerned about my safety. Your first reaction is not to think you yourself.A 14-year-old boy and two 13-year-olds will appear in court at a later date. The future of Holden is one step closer to being decided, with workers at the struggling car maker's Adelaide plant set to vote on savings worth $15 million. Reporter Eddie Godfrey has been following developments today and joins us now. Eddie, what does this mean for workers? The manufacturing Workers Union has now identified $50 million in savings at Elizabeth. That is in line with Holden's demands will stop it comes up the weeds are working through every aspect of workers' conditions and entitlements there. From all reports, workers have been extremely flexible throughout this process, willing to do just about everything other than take a pay cut to get this through. It is understood that it is the recommendations from a costings review that has helped achieve this outcome. We spoke with the man in charge of that today.What we have is hopefully the start of an agreement that will generate a period up until about 2022 which will give us time to lay the groundwork for what will happen after that.This is come as a particularly crucial time. Workplace changes are due to be handed to workers tomorrow. They will have a week to consider those changes before voting. It is successful it will be presented to General Motors in September. Ultimately they will decide the future of Holden in Adelaide. There is a long way to go. This outcome appears to be a step in the right direction. That is good news. An American solider has been cleared of aiding the enemy after leaking top secret documents to WikiLeaks. But Bradley Manning is still facing up to 137 years behind bars after he was found guilty of a number of spy charges. Nine's US correspondent Denham Hitchcock has the details. It has taken a three years but Bradley Manning has finally had his day in court. There were 21 charges in all. He has been found guilty on 19 judges including espionage. The charge of aiding the enemy, which would have carried up to life in prison, he has been found not guilty of. That is a blow to the government. It is the largest ever leak of classified documents in US history. There is a lot of debate over what damage was done. Also whether he should ever does make even be in prison. The government has called him a traitor saying he has endangered peoples lives. Others are calling him a whistle-blower or a hero. WikiLeaks, run by Australian at Julian Assange, they had both become household names because of this. Manning is in jail and Julian Assange is in that embassy in London. He spoke out today.It can never be that conveying true information to the public is espionage.The tours and a standing release of information. More than 700,000 pages of documents and videos. There was one in particular that his supporters point to and that was this 2007 video of an Apache helicopter crew gunning down 12 people on a Baghdad street. It was a Reuters television camera crew and children were inside the car. Let us will get the video.

That is video that is hard to watch. His supporters say if it was not for him releasing it would never have come to light. The sentencing will take place tomorrow. He is facing up to 136 years in prison. It is likely to be just up to a couple of decades. The sentencing is tomorrow.

is tomorrow. Still ahead, the hidden killer enough food. Pass a wall or the tears away suburban street. And a real-life prison break, how This program is not captioned. (HUMMING) (LAUGHS) Oh! (CRUNCH!)

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Australians are eating themselves to death - according to the Heart Foundation. It says we're eating 3.2 kilos of salt a year - three times more than our bodies need. Nine reporter Vicky Jardim joins us now from Melbourne. Vicky, the foundation is calling for the Government to take action - tell us more. The Heart Foundation is seeking a mandatory limit on how much salt is actually allowed in processed and takeaway foods. It believes that there is too much salt in everyday products. We're not talking about table salt, popular foods such as bread, cereals, and sources, have had some stats release on them. Bostonians are eating 3.2 kilograms of sold every year. That is more than we need. Children are consuming more than two kilograms of sold every year. More than triple the recommended amount. This mother tries to make healthy choices, but it is not always an easy task.A trip to the supermarket is a lot longer because I am looking at the labels and making sure there is no higher Shugart, fat, and salt content.Too much solves leads to high blood pressure. In Australia, one in 10 are young adults has high blood pressure. One in it two adults over the age of 50 has high blood pressure. It causes hardening and blockages of the arteries, particularly in the heart.Heart disease is a number one Kellogg Australian men and women. The Heart Foundation is calling on the Federal Government for a national action plan on sold. A water main explosion has killed a child, and left up to 17 people injured after sending a huge stream of water through a town near Rio de Janeiro. The spout - which reached heights of 20 metres - destroyed homes and flooded three city blocks. The fountain of water is said to have swept away several cars, with firefighters forced to use inflatable rafts to reach those stranded. A prisoner in the United States is on the run after a daring jail break in the state of Arkansas. Captured on camera, the armed robbery suspect waited until guards turned their backs before simply jumping over a counter and running off to a waiting getaway car. An officer took off after him, but wasn't able to catch the brazen prisoner. The car was found abandoned nearby. Stay with us, still ahead - when should babies be introduced to solid foods. The new findings questioning world guidelines. Plus, a sneak peek of what's set to sizzle this summer season - we're live to our reporter behind-the-scenes at tonight's David Jones fashion launch. And flying high - the daredevil soaring the aviation industry to spectacular new heights. Right now though, here's a look at what's happening in tonight's news at 6:00pm.

Thanks Amelia. Tonight, a disturbing attack - the man wanted over an indecent assault on a blind woman at Ashfield station, and again on a train to Gymea. Two former Labor ministers guilty of corruption over a mining deal, a prostitute, and extravagant dinners - tonight, Ian Macdonald fights back. Hit with a new charge - the man accused of abducting his baby son from a Chester Hill home. We're behind the scenes at the launch of the David Jones Spring Summer collection. Good news for Eels fans on Jarryd Hayne. And why Taronga Zoo's oldest gorilla is destined for a new life. Stay up-to-date through the afternoon on our Nine News Twitter and Facebook pages. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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This program is not captioned. As we shiver through winter - some of our top models are braving the cold to showcase what's in store for our summer wardrobe at the David Jones season launch tonight. Tom Steinfort has the lucky gig of reporting back to us from the Sydney event. Tom, what's in store for summer? A lot of colour. We have just seen the final preview from David Jones before they had the launch tonight. Colour, kaftans, there is a trademark for the fashion is to us. The models are parading up and down the can work -- catwalk. They are a vision. Particularly Jessica Gomes. It is the first time in a long time that David Jones will not have Miranda Kerr. Instead they have some good replacements. But the crowd was brought to a standstill when Jessica Gomes walked out today. She was supported by Montana Cox and a number of other high-profile models. We spoke to them about the pressure of filling the shoes of Miranda Kerr.I am feeling pretty good. A lot of adrenalin. It is crazy.I am so excited. I cannot wait.Final preparations going on a backstage. There will be a very keen set of tyres out there when this gets laws at around 7pm. It will be judged on smart phones as it happens. Interestingly, the keenest eyes will probably be at Myer. They had their launch next week. A Swiss man is taking the term adventure to new heights. Dubbed Jet Man, the brave daredevil has flown alongside a B-17 bomber in a custom-built four-engine suit. The former fighter pilot and airline captain can reach heights up to 12,000 feet and records a speed of 300km/h. This spectacle was just a training run for his first ever public event in the United States.

Still to come on Nine News - All the fallout from the New South Wales Parliament corruption scandal - we're live to our reporter next. Plus, the player caught up in the new AFL drugs saga - why the St Kilda star is facing a two-year ban. Charges laid over an alleged bomb attack which left a teenage boy disfigured - all the details from our Brisbane reporter. And one of the country's biggest womanisers calls it a day Kibarboo the Casanova set to put his playboy ways in the past.

Good afternoon, . The ACT kangaroo c oon, . The ACT kangaroo cull set to end fall short of its b
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It's something workplaces around the

It's something workplaces around
the globe struggle with from time to time - how to boost employee morale. Now it seems a growing number of businesses think they've found the answer and it's as simple as bringing a four-legged friend to the office. This is what lunch breaks look like at this Office. A clothing company in Philadelphia. This is what most to the grindstone time looks like inside at the desk of Emily who works in bridle. He is the tutor's thing I have ever seen? He is cute. He just relaxes.They have a policy of allowing employees to bring dogs to work. It changes the tone of the workplace?De can have beat -- you can be having a serious meeting and then a mock it appears.Having a dog at the offers can release stress and Brewster employee satisfaction. More employees are adopting dog friendly policies, Google, even Congress. There are rules. Keep them on the leash. No barking. The outside the areas are for playing. Have you ever stick in dog faeces? I have no ever seen it inside. Sheran brings spread to every meeting and says he is not a distraction.Do you have this for five minutes a day. Your day is hugely improved?It makes the day better. An enormous employee morale programme and it is totally free. You're watching Nine's Afternoon News. Here's what's making news right now. Former NSW Labor heavyweights Edie Obeid and Ian Macdonald could face criminal charges after being declared corrupt by the ICAC over a multi- million dollar mining deal, a prostitute and lavish meals. St Kilda AFL player Ahmed Saad is facing a 2-year ban after allegedly returning an irregular drug test sample. And police are searching for a man who cruelly assaulted a blind woman at a train station in Sydney's inner west.

Let's get details now. Former NSW Minister Ian MacDonald has promised a legal fight after the State's Corruption Watchdog found he and one time Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid had acted corruptly. Mr Obeid has dismissed the findings as biased. State Politics reporter Kevin Wilde has followed developments for months now. Despite the seriousness of the findings, the two men appear defiant?They will take the matter to the highest court possible to clear their name. To go back a step, the main case involves Eddie Obeid's family getting a benefit, $75 million from a decision made by Ian MacDonald's department when he was a mining minister. You also have the prostitute. Ian McDonald received a $400 neck massage from someone accused of murder. Both actions could involve possible criminal actions. Let us hear from Eddie Obeid and Iain Mac Donald.He is very devastating to myself and my family. I do not believe that in yen I will be found guilty of any wrongdoing.We have been sentenced before being judged. In this country, I have never seen it done before. It is wrong. Especially to a good Christian family.Tony Abbott is trying to make sure that federal labour a tarnished by this? His job is made easier by the factors foreign minister of Bock half head Eddie Obeid is one of his ministers many years ago. Anthony Albanese he was a factional made of the McDonald going back many years. Although not any more. The thing for Kevin Rudd is to say I'm a Queenslander and I'm against corruption. The matter is being dealt with. So far, voters are making a distinction between state late and federal labour. We just have to wait and see.And if you're in Sydney, Kevin will have all the latest developments on that story in Nine News at 6pm. The AFL is dealing with yet another drugs scandal tonight - this time, it's St Kilda in the spotlight. Forward Ahmed Saad is facing a 2- year ban after giving an irregular sample. Clint Stanaway is at St Kilda's training ground. What have the Saints had to say about this? In the past few minutes, the Saint Kilda or manager has confirmed that Ahmed Saad is being investigated by the AFL for breaching the anti- doping code. He also said the star is disappointed to be in this position and that he returned a sample that tested positive for a substance that is banned under the code.Ahmed Saad is surprised and disappointed to find himself in this position after returning a positive sample to a substance alleged to be on the prohibited list. The product suspected is permitted for use out of competition. It is not allowed to be used in competition. The club is bound by confidentiality, under the A F L anti-doping code. As a consequence, cannot make any further comment.Extraordinary revelations. The maximum ban a player can face for breaching the anti-doping code is a two-year ban from the sport. That has never happened before. Only one player has ever been banned from the AFL for testing positive to end performance-enhancing substance. Ahmed Saad he is being investigated by the A F L. Police are hunting a man this afternoon after he allegedly sexually assaulted a blind woman at a Sydney train station. Dimity, what more can you tell us about the incident?This happened two weeks ago but police have not yet been able to find the man they are looking for. They released CCTV that shows the person of interest. At first he appears to be quite the gentleman, helping to guide to the woman who is legally blind into the love that Ashfield train station. Once inside, police have been told he touched the woman on the breast. You can see the woman continues on, navigating her weight with the cane. The man follows her on to the train that she captures from Sutton-in- Ashfield to Central Station and follows her on a different train from Central Station to another station. He is said to have indecently assaulted the woman once again. The allegations of art raged detectives, who hope that by releasing their foot -- the footage they can do to predators that tied up the most vulnerable.It is quite a disturbing incident. She is a vulnerable person. She is visually appeared. The footage supplied by state rail is very clear. Anyone who watches that Portage will be able to identify this person. They cannot possibly -- they can hope pass with the investigation.He is described of being of Indian appearance. He was wearing a brown and white striped jacket. Anyone who recognises him should come forward to police. A Sydney court has granted former bikie boss Sam Ibrahim bail this afternoon after he faced charges of intimidation. Ibrahim reportedly intimidated a 38-year-old man outside a court on Monday. He was arrested last night and was also charged with possessing a prohibited weapon when police found nunchuckas during a search of a house in Sydney's west. Ibrahim was granted conditional bail and will reappear in a Sydney court in September. The mother of an Ipswich teenager who lost his hands in a home-made bomb blast says the tragedy has taken a toll on the whole family. Nine's Chris O'Keefe joins us now from Brisbane. A 43-year-old man's been charged - what can you tell us?He was a resident of the infamous Ipswich on house. He was already facing charges after police found lots of crude explosives throughout the house. Yesterday during a sweet, they found a golf ball bomb. Along with witness statements that was enough to charge him with grievous bodily harm over an incident back in May. That involved a 50 year-old boy who thought picking up a golf ball it was a golf ball but it was a home- made bomb. He lost both of his fingers. He and his mother told us he still has a very long way to go. I happened and needles. Stinging pains. The nerves are growing back. I have heaps of pain.It took a big toll on the family. We were very stressed. It was starting to impact on the family a great deal.Today police handed the property back to the owner. They are satisfied there are no more bombs around the house. It took six days and they had to close down a lot of surrounding streets around the property. They detonated 18 explosive devices. The accused faced court and was not applying for bail. He will face court next month. An Adelaide researcher has re- ignited the debate about when to start feeding babies solid food. Doctor Brian Simon, who's known as the 'Sleep Doctor', is urging parents to introduce solid food after just four months.They become calmer almost always. Their velocity of growth goes up. The quality of sleep and length of sleep improves.Dr Simon, who's conducted a 2-year self-funded study, wants authorities to change guidelines that urge women to breastfeed exclusively for the first six months. After almost two decades of being one of Sydney's biggest bachelors, it's time for Taronga Zoo's resident womaniser Kibabu, the silverback gorilla, to head into retirement. The 210 kilogram lady lover is responsible for helping safeguard the population from extinction - spawning an impressive 14 offspring.

14 offspring.When there is period times of -- when there are periods of time when he needs to step up, he does that well. He then plays with some of the offspring which as a silver back is a good straight to her.The 36-year-old is swapping city life for a sea change, heading to a zoo on the NSW South Coast with four of his family members. A first in the AFL this weekend? The GWS stance will start as favourites this weekend. We will find out what their opponents things. Plus - David Warner back in favour but will he play in the third Test? And another medal This program is not captioned.

Melbourne coach Neil Craig says the winless GWS deserve to go in as favourites when the two bottom sides clash on Saturday. The money is with the Giants to break their drought, but Craig isn't phased one bit.If you looked at their form last week, and you look at our form, Aynho who I would favour. Certainly the Melbourne football club is in no position to say they will win any game.He is the first time that the Jains have started as favourites in the SES de -- in the history. Eels captain Renbi Maitua says he will make an announcement with the next 48 hours on which NRL Club he will play with next year. They take on Manly tomorrow afternoon. They are out of contention for finals. But they say they are not struggling for motivation.I have motivation to be here for next year. I still turn up with the favourite attitude that we are going to win. I'm trying to enjoy myself as much as possible.He was told by coach Ricky Stewart he was not wanted by the club next year, another club not wanted by Ricky Stewart is half back Chris Sandow. He has been left out again despite an injury to Chris Kelly who has been filling in. He will play at the NSW Cup in Auckland at the weekend. His club- mate say they are supporting them. We are supporting him. We are like a family here. We go to everyone's back. He is a good player.The Roosters will play the Panthers on Friday night. Former Panthers damage Jennings has already played his old team once. He cut them up. They are hoping the recruit will do the same again.They knocked off some good sides this year. We will be wary of them. We will be playing a game.More good news for the top of the table Rabbitohs, they have resigned the Bridges Brothers, until 2016. Brad Haddin says controversial batsman David Warner has won back the trust of the Australian team after being banished to South Africa. Warner trained with the squad in Manchester. A week's split up in different hands on the front programmes, you have now reunited. What is the mood like?We are looking forward to this test. What we produced at Lord's, we are not proud of. We have to be at the top of our game to get a win for the series. What we did at Lord's was unacceptable. We are looking forward to the third Test.How did you put lords behind you. They were a couple of trivia night's? Different things to take our minds off it. We had a good break to get away from it and think about where we need to go once we get back together. We were all disappointed with what we produced at Lord's. It is about being accountable for that and moving forward.I you refreshed mentally?Definitely. It was good to give away a bit.Steve and so unable to train with the side. He has a back problem. -- Stevens mac. His back goes on in occasionally. He is in no doubt for the game. David Warner back in action. Plenty to prove?David warned of winter back and -- went away and scored runs. He sulked about leaving the tour but went away and got hundred and 90. He put himself back into contention to get selected. I was very pleased with how he went about things and the school he put on the board. The missile returns to the water at the world swimming championships tonight James Magnussen swimming in the heats of the 100 metres freestyle. Australia picked one medal on day three, a silver to Emily Seebohm in the 100 metres backstroke. With a silver medal around her neck and fans on either side, Emily Seebohm is taking success in her side.Very excited. A great night. Great getting to race with incredible sawmills.The first international race against the American a c Franklin since the London Olympics. It was always going to be tough. Finally, it was a replica result of 2012. Crackling with the gold, Emily Seebohm the this season best time.I want to get a gold at some point. I just have to keep getting stronger and fitter. I unfortunately, there were no other Australian medals on days three of the championship.Victoria initially Delaney finished 6th in there hundred metre backstroke, Thomas McEnvoy finished 7th and the 200 metre freestyle final. Can mac when Thomas radomes may not have won a medal here today but given the young ages 19 and 21, there is nothing to be concerned about. By the time result comes they will be stronger, fitter and faster and serious contenders for gold. In Barcelona, nine News. That's our sport, have a good night. Still to come on Nine's Afternoon News, finance and the latest weather with Rebecca Judd. Bec, it's been a record breaking month. The warmest July ever recorded in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. And warmer than average for all the capital cities. I'll have weather details next.
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Taking a look at how July ended up. All capital cities had above average temperatures.

All capital cities had above
average temperatures. Warmest on record for Melbourne. A weak cold front is bringing showers to Western Australia. Who have had 11 mm last night. More expected this evening. A clear day for most of eastern Australia. Last night, storms over coastal NSW. Sydney had 30 metres. Before the falls, there have only been paid for the entire month. Sydney showers clear the city by 630 this morning. Another beautiful day for Melbourne. Tomorrow, a high will keep it fine for most of the East. A front bringing a few shells to her late. Some rain and strong wind for Melbourne on Friday afternoon. Shells for the south-west. Not much is expected. 10 mm for isolated your arrears but less than five. Sydney, partly cloudy. Enjoy your evening. In finance - the sharemarket has closed higher with investors ahead of the latest US Federal Reserve meeting. The All Ordinaries was up 9 points.

That is it for today. Goodbye. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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Hello, everybody. Welcome to
the Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. We're ready to go. 15 questions,
six contestants, $1 million. And tonight could well be the night.
What do you reckon, everyone? AUDIENCE: Yeah!
Come on. It's gotta go off at some stage. Let's meet our contestants tonight. And over in seat 1,
we have Scott Pollard. He won eight grand
on a Melbourne Cup trifecta then lost the winnings somewhere. Whoops! Janette Baxter
won a dance-off by default because she had everyone
laughing so much. Footy injuries were so common
for Mat Denning, he even got injured
during the coach's address. Lowana Ellis was born 11 weeks early and lived on a prawn trawler
for her first two years of life. While living in Papua New Guinea, Roly Lambeth tried to jump over
a sewerage ditch. Yep, you guessed it - landed in it. And for her 75th, Jan Atcheson celebrated by jumping
out of a plane at 14,000 feet! Wow!

Good effort.

Now...whole group
of six thrillseekers tonight. Well, the thrill is all theirs
when they sit in the hot seat, 'cause they could win $1 million. Scott Pollard, you ready to go?
Ready. Let's go. Come on, Scotty, let's play.
Come on.

How are you, Scott?
Very well. Good to see you, pal. 31 years of age from Seaford Rise
in South Australia. That's right.
Where's Seaford Rise? Oh, it's about 45 minutes south
of Adelaide, just on the coast. Good on you, mate.
Beautiful part of the world. Yeah, nice. A radiographer with the Women's
and Children's Hospital
in South Australia in Adelaide. That's right. Hey, Scott, tell me about this
$8,000 you won at the racetrack on Melbourne Cup on a trifecta. Well, it was with a bunch of lads. There was four or five of us
that had put
a bit of a box 10 trifecta on and had a bit of money on...
I think the 2005 Melbourne Cup, and decided once we won it
that celebrations were in order. And a few drinks later, thought it'd be a good idea
to cash the ticket in. I was the most responsible one.

About an hour later, mate comes up,
"Mate, where's the money? "You know,
I wanna have a look at it." You know, eight grand, and it was obviously two grand each, and I've looked in my pockets
and I've thought it was gone. Looked for about half an hour. Obviously my memory wasn't with me.
Yeah? And went to get a tissue out after
I started to get a bit emotional - I've lost two grand
of my mates' money - and it was in
the top left jacket pocket. Fantastic. Under the tissue. My mates have never
let me live it down, either. Alright, let's go, Scotty.
You know the routine here, mate. Remember this - you answer the next
15 questions, I give you $1 million. You can pass
if you like at any stage, buddy. You ready to go?
Yep. Let's play Hot Seat.

Scott Pollard, for $100.


I like the early questions, Eddie.
I'll go with C, rolling, please. Rolling stone gathers no moss - correct, for $100.



Um...I can probably
knock a couple out here, but I'm only going to
be guessing between a few, so...I might pass
on this one, Eddie. I'm not much of knitter
or crocheter.
Catch you later, buddy. Thank you.
See ya, mate.

Hey, Janette.
Hi, Eddie. How are you? I'm very well. Janette Baxter's from Ballarat
in the goldfields of Victoria.
Yes. 48 years of age, customer service
officer with Medicare. Yeah.
That's the way. What, do you get all the complaints
and things, do you?
No, no. Our customers are lovely. Yeah?
Yeah. So what do you do for 'em?
They ring up and say, "I'm happy"? No, no. I'm actually on the counter,
so, you know, hopefully I help them. Well, you give 'em back money,
so they like that. That's right, yeah.
That's the way. Alright, Janette, let's go for $200. (REPEATS QUESTION)

Well, having a cuppa would be
a good thing to do after it, but I think it's B, casting on,
so lock in B, please, Eddie. Casting on is in and correct, for $200.

And you finish by casting off. $300.


I think it's C. Lock in C, please, Eddie. Christian. Christian's locked in. YMCA - Young Men's Christian
Association - correct, for $300.

Branches in 125 countries worldwide.