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(generated from captions) because the Federal Labor Party is very much dominated by the NSW Labor Party and by NSW members of the caucus.So it's very appropriate that today I launch the Coalition's policy to ensure that we have clean unions and clean registered organisations in the future that don't betray their members that let down the low-paid members of our country the way we have seen all the recent past with instances in the Health Services Union whose president Michael Williamson was the national president of the Labor Party and whose national secretary Craig Thomson is still the Member for Dobell and is apparently still having his legal fees paid by the NSW Labor Party the subject of the damning findings, the damning corruption findings from the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption today. So I'm pleased to say that in the first week of a new parliament an incoming Coalition Government will introduce legislation to ensure that dodgy union officials face the same penalties, the same sanctions, the same criminal penalties and criminal sanctions as dodgy company officials. And if Mr Rudd is serious about cleaning up the Labor Party, if Mr Rudd is serious about cleaning up union movement, he today should offer bipartisan support for what the Coalition is proposing to do in a new parliament.. U I note when we introduced this in a private member's bill a couple of months ago the Labor Party did oppose it. But I give notice to Mr Rudd and the Labor Party that should we win the election we will, in the first week of a new parliament, introduce this legislation and if Mr Rudd is serious about cleaning up the Labor Party and cleaning up the union movement he will give this legislation bipartisan support. I also bipartisan support. I announced today that Paul Fletcher along with Jane announced today that Prentice and Fletcher along Prentice and Nola Marina will chair a Coalition impolicemenation - implementation of a task force to consider issues so the ABBC can be reestablished as swiftly and as effectively as possible should there be a change of government at the coming election. I'm going to ask Eric the Shadow Minister and Paul to say a few words in a moment. But just before I do I want to say a little more specifically on the corruption report into the Labor Party brought down earlier today. Mr Rudd needs to come clean about all the dealings that senior members of his government have had with Mr Obeid and Mr MacDonald. We know that Bob Carr put Mr Obeid into the NSW ministry. We know that Bob Carr as premier and leader of the Labor Party in NSW defended Mr Obeid at every possible opportunity. We know that Tony Burke stayed at Mr Obeid's ski lodge down on the NSW snowfields. We know that Anthony Albanese defended Mr Macdonald's preselection when this was under threat. We hear Mr Rudd saying that he's disgusted by corruption but Mr Rudd is only PM because the NSW Labor Party put him there. And if he ever seriously tackles the rottenness at the heart of the NSW Labor Party he will be dealt with by the war lords of Sussex Street again as he was back in June of 2010. Mr Rudd is only PM because of the NSW Labor Party and if he ever tries to tackle the corruption in NSW Labor his prime ministership will swiftly be terminated. He says he's against the Sussex Street machine. Well if he is against the Sussex Street machine why is it that Sam Dastyari , the general secretary of the NSW Labor Party, is at the heart of the Federal Labor Party's reelection campaign and why is it that Mr Rudd is said to be supporting the imminent entry of Mr Dastyari into the Senate. If Mr Rudd is serious about tackling the rotonness at the heart of NSW Labor, why is he backing Matt thistle wait for the seat of Kingsford Smith. If Mr Rudd is seriously affronted by the rotonness at the heart of Labor why did he make a former secretary of NSW Labor a former lynch pin of Sussex Street, namely Mark Arbib, as a minister in his government. Mr Rudd simply can't wash his hands of this. He is the leader of the Labor Party and the Labor culture is absolutely defined and determined by NSW Labor and we now know the rottenness at the heart of it. So I'm going to ask Eric just to add to these remarks and then I will ask Paul to say a few words.Thanks, Tony. The only so-called reforms that Kevin Rudd has been able to put through the Labor Party is the reform to protect his own job. He refuses steadfastly refuses to support any notion, any proposal that will protect union members' funds from corrupt union bosses. There is no doubt that there is an epidemic of corruption, be it epidemic with the CFMEU, be it with the AWU, be it with the HSU. seeing now bikies getting AWU, be it with the HSU. We are seeing involved in the CFMEU involved in the CFMEU and in the construction sector. We see that which is the police have found and the Fair Work Commission found and the Fair Commission have found, the tentacles go through State Labor into Federal Labor into the administration and the Federal Parliaments and the State Parliaments. What the Coalition is calling on Mr Rudd to do is to say that he will provide bipartisan support for our registered organisations legislation which will see the same penalties apply for corrupt union bosses as they do for corrupt company directors. It is passing strange that even Paul Howes is now willing to accept that the same penalties ought to apply, Simon Crean, a former ACTU president, sees the wisdom of it and, in effect, adopting Coalition policy yet Kevin Rudd refuses to move on this issue. The reason why? The faceless men, Bill Shorten and others, were the ones that put Kevin Rudd back in charge and it is the NSW Labor Party that has been handsomely rewarded with a change of leadership with Anthony Albanese becoming Deputy PM and Chris Bowen Treasurer. If Mr Rudd is serious about cleaning up corruption within the Labor Party he will support our registered organisations legislation.The Coalition's policy to restore the ABCC, the Australian building construction commission is consistent with the original recommendations of the Cole royal commission in 2003 and the success of the ABCC over a number of years the success of the ABCC number of years in improving compliance with number of compliance with the law in the very important construction sector. Unfortunately Labor have got rid of the sector. have got rid of the ABCC and we need to get it back and have got rid of the ABCC and need to get it back and what we need to do before we do that is consult with the sector as to exactly how it should operate and so I'm very pleased that Tony has asked me to do that, working with colleagues Jane Prentice and Nolan Marino and I look forward to that work.Any questions.Set to increase the tobacco excise what's your view on that?My view is we'll wait and see. But the interesting thing about this Government is that it can't control its own spending therefore it always looks to increase taxes on the Australian people.Would you support another hit on smokers to fund that Budget deficit?If I may just reiterate what I said, this is a Government which can't control its own spending, therefore it's always looking to hit the Australian people with new taxes but could I also say with respect, we've just had this extraordinary report brought down by the NSW anti-corruption body into the NSW Labor Party, the NSW Labor Party sets the tone of the national Labor Party. Kevin Rudd is trying to wash his hands of this by saying "I'm appalled by corruption" and yet he has been the beneficiary. He has been the beneficiary of the NSW Labor Party's activities. He is only there because the NSW Labor Party has put him there. He's only there because the NSW machine is sustaining him and frankly, the only way to clean up the Labor Party in NSW is to give them at least a term of opposition, not just in NSW but in Canberra as well because the NSW disease has well and truly come to Canberra. It's calling the shots in Canberra.How much does Mr Rudd have to (Inaudible) Findings today?Mr Rudd is the beneficiary of the activities of the NSW Labor machine. Many of his senior ministers, Senator Carr, Mr Albanese, Mr Burke, have been close associates of and close associates of Mr Obeid
and Mr Macdonald. Labor has to come clean. Mr Rudd has to come clean on come clean. Mr Rudd has to clean on all the linkages between the corruption in the NSW Labor Party and NSW Labor Party and the culture in Canberra. That's what has to happen. He has to come clean on all of his own and his minister's dealings with Mr Obeid and Mr Macdonald and if he wants to demonstrate at least some seriousness about cleaning up corruption he will offer bipartisan support to the legislative package which the Coalition intends to introduce into a new parliament in the first week.What evidence do you have that Mr Rudd and his ministers haven't been completely clear about their dealings with Mr Obeid and Mr MacDonald.Well we know, we know, that Mr Albanese supported Ian Macdonald's preselection at a time when at least some people in the NSW Labor Party wanted to see him lose preselection. We know that Mr Burke accepted at least one episode of free hospitality for Mr Obeid. We absolutely know that Senator Carr put Mr Obeid into the ministry, resisted all attempts to discipline or to deal with Mr Obeid was a strong supporter of Mr Obeid. In fact Mr Obeid and Bob Carr were a kind of a 2-man self-help society for many years in the NSW Parliament. We all know how the NSW Labor Party works. We all know that this is a giant network of intrigue and influence. We all know that it operates on the basis of special deals and special favours for special mates and Mr Rudd needs to personally grill his minister s, he needs to personally grill Mr Dastyari , the would be senator, and Mr Thistlethwaite and get to their links of the Obeid and Macdonald machine.Mr Morrison's trip to Nauru, even though it was declared is there a conflict of interests in accepting a trip from a company that will stand to benefit from the Coalition's policy?We're in Opposition, we don't make decisions as such and there has been full disclosure. Oppositions don't get the benefit of government aircraft as governments do, we either privately fund these trips or these trips don't get made. That was certainly Mr Rudd's attitude when he was not a minister in the government. He routinely accepted private-sponsored travel, including quite recently private sponsor travel from a German firm connected with the tobacco industry.Will go ahead with the local government referendum?We've said that the Government is setting this one up to fail. The Government has mucked this up at every step of the way. They ignored the recommendation of the Spigelman committee, that there was no constituency for change. They failed to adequately consult, particularly with the State Governments. They scandalously weighted public funding towards one side of the argument, they shamefully tried to ram this thing through the Parliament, gag debate in the Parliament. They've done everything wrong here. They've done everything wrong here. And anyone who wants this thing to succeed should be saying to the Government don't proceed with it in this way at this time.Have - what do you think community expectations are for Mr Obeid and Co now that this has been handed down?Obviously there has been a recommendation for further proceedings and that's something that would appropriately be considered by the relevant authorities. But people want to see the guilty party punished and you don't punish the guilty party by giving them another term of office. You punish the guilty party by sending them into Opposition where they can learn the error of their ways. Mr Rudd is trying to say well, reward us with a term of government. This man is asking for a pardon before he's done any pennants and it's just wrong. It's just wrong. The public want to see the guilty party punished and the only way to punish them is to put them into Opposition.Have you submitted your Nauru policy to the Parliamentary Budgetary Office and if you have or you intend to will you disclose what they come back with in terms of the costing?We have simply been very consistent all along here. We've been absolutely consistent all along here. Nauru has been a part of the policy of the Coalition since 2001. So for more than a decade we have been absolutely consistent here and we've said at all times we will spend what it takes to ensure that we get rigorous offshore processing at places like Nauru. So there's no new policy, no backflips, no flip flops from the Opposition, just an absolute consistency. Same strong message from the Same strong team, same clear week as every message from week message from the Coalition this no need to involve the PBO?I don't believe there is, no.You said last week the Coalition Government could hit the devvet's Better School plans for a year, the Government said that's an admission you don't have a better option, how do you respond?The Government has at least 4 different deals here. There is no single position from the Government. They've got one position in their arrangements with NSW, they've got a different position in their arrangements with SA, a third position in their arrangement with Tasmania and a 4th position in their arrangements with the ACT. Not only that, but they have apparently insisted on confidentiality agreements with all of those jurisdictions. So this is a government which has made secret deals with 4 jurisdictions. The position we've got is that we do not want to add to uncertainty. We don't want to add to uncertainty. We want schools to be able to plan for next year with certainty and the one commitment that we give is that schools won't be worse off under the Coalition. Thank you. And that is the Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott making some very strong remarks about the outcome of this Independent Commission Against Corruption inquiry in NSW today. He's drawing the parallel, he says that Kevin Rudd cannot wash his hands of every rotten influence of the NSW Labor Party. He says that the PM is only in his position because NSW Labor put him there and that the only way to ensure the Labor Party is cleaned up is to make sure that they're in opposition, not just here in NSW where they are, of course, in opposition, but at a federal level as well according to the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott. He says the NSW disease, as he calls it, has gone to Canberra and NSW people are calling the shots in Canberra. We'll have more on this, of course, throughout the afternoon because the Independent Commission Against Corruption has found that former NSW ministers Ian Macdonald and
Eddie ministers Ian Eddie Obeid acted corruptly and Eddie Obeid acted it's recommended they face criminal charges. ABC reporter Jamelle Wells has been following this lengthy investigation and she filed investigation and this report from outside the State's parliament.After months of highly publicised public inquiries and hundreds of witnesses, the Commissioner David Ipp has found that former Labor ministers, Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid and Eddie Obeid's son Moses engaged in corrupt conduct over the Mount Penny mining licence. Now the ICAC heard that Ian Macdonald rigged the tender process to put the Obeids and their families and associates in a position to profit hundreds of millions of dollars. Eddie Obeid, Ian Macdonald and Moses Obeid have been referred to the DPP. Evidence from this inquiry has also been referred to the NSW Crime Commission, to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and to the tax office. Now in 2 separate inquiries, Ian Macdonald has been found to have engaged in corrupt conduct for accepting the services of an escort called Tiffany as a bribe to arrange business meetings. However, another former minister, Eric Roozendaal, has been cleared of any wrong doing over algaitions that he received a $10,000 discount on a car as a bribe. Ian Macdonald and Eddie Obeid continue to deny any wrong doing.To some other news now and the American soldier responsible for the biggest leak of classified material in US history has been acquitted of aiding the enemy. But Private Bradley Manning has been found guilty of espionage, theft and computer fraud in a verdict that could still see him spend decades behind bars. From Fort Mead military base Jane Cowan reports.After a 2-month trial a small but dedicated band of supporters were there for Bradley Manning's judgment day.If anything Bradley Manning has helped people inside and outside the US hence he aided the people, not the enemy.We believe that Bradley Manning isn't guilty of anything and that he's very heroic for demanding government transparency and accountability.The 25-year-old showed no emotion as the military judge convicted him of almost all 22 charges. Including multiple counts of espionage. But Colonel Denise Lind a - acquitted Private Manning of the most serious charge of aiding the enemy which carried a maximum penalty of life behind bars with no prospect of parole.The former intelligence analyst had admitted leaking 700,000 diplomatic cables and war logs including this video of an Apache helicopter crew gunning down civilians in Iraq. But he said he did it only to spark a debate on US foreign policy. Commentators have called the acquittal on the aiding the enemy charge a stunning rebuke to argued causing to military prosecutors who had information to be argued information to argued causing classified
information to be published on the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks was akin to aiding Al-Qaeda because the terrorist group could access the Internet. But the combined maximum sentence on the maximum sentence on the other charges could still keep Private Manning in jail for the rest of his life.Sending a chilling message to potential future whistleblowers.It is a dangerous precedent and an example of national security extremism. It is a short-sighted judgment that cannot be tolerated and it must be reversed.The sentencing phase begins tomorrow.The US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Palestinians and Israels to reach a permanent peace over the next 9 months of negotiations. Few details about the latest round of peace talks have been revealed except that both parties have entrusted Secretary Kerry to speak on their behalf to the rest of the world while they negotiate behind closed doors. North America correspondent Michael Vincent reports.The Americans, Israelis and Palestinians have been here before. This time they're starting with a blank slate.All of the final status issues, all of the core issues and all other issues are all on the table for negotiation.This morning they met with President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden. Formal talks start soon.They will meet within the next 2 soon.They will meet next 2 weeks in either Israel or the Palestinian territories in order to begin the process of formal negotiation.But beyond that no more details will be revealed.I will be the only one by agreement authorised to comment publicly on the talks in consultation obviously with the parties.Both the Israelis and Palestinians have committed to finding a final, lasting peace deal.It's time for the Palestinian people to have an independent, sovereign state of their own.The opportunity has been created for us, for all of us, and we cannot afford to waste it .Few observes are preparing for these peace talks to succeed but both the Israelis and Palestinians acknowledge that it's John Kerry's relentless enthusiasm that's got them back to this point once again.More than 250 prisoners have been freed by terrorists after they stormed a prison in north-west Pakistan. Taliban militants attacked the jail with bombs and rocket-propelled grenades.Around 70 militants arrived
in cars and on motorcycles arrived at the prison late in the evening and launched a surprise attack which lasted for 4.5 hours. They broke into the prison by blowing up the surrounding wall. The security forces engaged the attackers who were using megaphones to call out the names of prisoners they were looking for. TRANSLATION: We started shooting towards the main gate from our armed vehicle. A rocket or mortar shell hit our vehicle. Two police officers were killed on the spot and another 3 were injured.In all 6 police were killed and 15 were injured whilst 6 Shi'ite prisoners were executed by the militants. The Pakistani Taliban has claimed responsibility for the assault saying that 2 of the attackers detonated suicide vests during the raid. Pakistan's Planning Minister has promised the Federal Government will ensure the militants are captured.The attack shows that there is a war which we have to win. It is an attempt to disrupt the law and order situation and KPK province. I hope KPK provincial authorities, the law enforcement agencies will be able to round up all the culprit s and if they ask for assistance from Federal Government, Federal Government will provide them for assistance.The attack hit headlines in Pakistan as MPs were about to elect a new president. The 73-year-old textile businessman is a close ally of the PM Nawar Sharif. He will take over his largely ceremonial role in September. The bosses at Twitter could be asked to appear before British MPs after their social networking site was used for a new wave of online abuse. Twitter users are considering a one Twitter users are one -day boycott of the site if more one -day boycott of more isn't done to identify more isn't done to Internet trolls.Another Internet trolls.Another day, another headache of Twitter. After days of the online chat site coming under attack for not properly not properly policing explicit, violent messages to women, a senior MP says Twitter bosses should be held to account in should be held to account parliament.We will intend to hold an inquiry looking at the issue of harmful content on line. We will want to talk to the social media sites but also the Internet service providers and the search engines as well. So all those involved in the Internet have a part to play in this.Caroline Perez received over 1,000 abusive tweets including rape threats after she successfully campaigned to get a woman on the newly designed £10 shot. - note. She wants Twitter to make it easier to report complaints. She told the BBC

The television classist Mary Beard was on the receiving end of offensive tweets from one Internet abuse er and took her own decision to expose him.What is going to solve the problem of Twitter and Twitter abuse is the community users of Twitter being self-policing. People feeling brave enough to name and shame people who are outrageously abusive.Online abuse Twitter, abuse isn't exclusive to
Twitter, the BBC has learned that last year more than 1,700 cases that last cases involving abusive messages reached the courts, a messages 10% increase messages reached the 10% increase on the previous year.Being on Twitter is a personal decision and the network has many defenders as a forum for free self-expression. But campaigners are out to clean it up and Twitter could face a day's boycott on Sunday if it doesn't do more.And now let's take a look at tomorrow's weather with Paul Higgins.An area of rain and thunderstorms off the NSW north coast will bring a few showers north of Newcastle this afternoon. The tail end of a cold front is brushing past the south-west of WA bringing a few coastal showers there. A few showers for Tasmania as well with this approaching cold front but most of the nation is fine under a large high sitting right over the south-east. Tomorrow that high will still keep most of the east clear. A few coastal showers for Queensland and northern NSW and also for northern and western Tasmania but really not all that much about. Another cold front is going to bring some showers to the south-west of WA.

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