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This program is captioned live. Pushing the boundaries - new claims that James Hird believed Collingwood, Hawthorn and West Coast were all biologically advanced. Election heavyweights - Rudd calls in Obama's 'digital attack dog' to help him beat Tony Abbott. Sydney gun wars - pressure on the NSW Premier after 21 deaths on his watch. The queen of Aussie Rules - the 16- year-old leading the charge for a national women's league. And tickled Pink - the sensational singer hits new heights at her Sydney concert. (SINGS) # We will never be, never be # Anything but loud... # # Come on and raise your glass # Just come on and come on and # Raise your glass... # We've got you a front-row seat for the best concert in town. Pink, live last night. And we've got the camera rite there to capture all the good stuff.That is a concert I have not been to, but it's on my list. Meant to be the best of all. We have multicameras there. She kicked off her season in Sydney. I'm wearing pink in her honour today. We have many highlights of the show.Knockout?Unbelievable. She's so fit.Just her opening song, how she kicks the thing off, and it goes from there.We're gonna save some of the best stuff for later on. Gives you a bit of a tease. Pifrpg and also the latest -- Pink and also the latest dramas at Essendon, James Hird.We have plenty to get you through hump day, Wednesday 31 July. A quick look at the weather now:

And, Deborah Knight has all of the news to kick things off. Hey, Deb. I do indeed. Good morning to you. There has been a new twist in the Essendon drugs saga, with text messages between coach James Hird and sports scientist Stephen Dank emerging, accusing other clubs of using banned substances. Today reporter Christine Ahern has been following this ongoing story. She joins us now. Chris, another day, another explosives allegation?Yeah, that's right, Deb. These are coming in the form of yet more text messages between Essendon coach James Hird and sacked sports scientist Stephen Dank, aired on the ABC's '7:30 Report' last night. In the text messages, in these exchanges between the two, they point the finger at other clubs - West Coast, Collingwood and Hawthorn. In one text message exchange, Hird outlines his hatred for the Hawks. He allegedly says, "I hate them more than anyone." And Dank replies, "Remember, everyone is the enemy and everyone has to be bled." In another exchange between the two, Hird says, "Why do you reckon we're getting all the injuries?" And Dank replies:

West Coast, Hawthorn and Collingwood's tissues are biologically advanced. We need to change our biology for a little while. And in another exchange, when Dank is replying reportedly to Hird's suspicions about West Coast, he says:

Now, there is no suggestion that Hawthorn, Collingwood or West Coast had done anything wrong, Deb.

Hawthorn, Collingwood or West Coast
had done anything wrong, Deb.Quite extraordinary. And, Chris, the AFL is also investigating a St Kilda player for drugs?Yeah, that's right, Deb. This report is coming from 'The Age' newspaper this morning, and they are saying that a St Kilda footballer has returned a positive test to a banned substance. Now, it is claimed that the St Kilda footballer is saying that he took this drug inadvertently by mistake. While the league believes that could be the case, the player is still facing a ban. Neither the AFL or St Kilda has commented yet on this report. This all comes as the AFL and ASADA joint investigation into the supplement program here at Windy Hill draws to a close. We could have that as soon as next week. It could not come soon enough for the league, with fresh allegations, fresh leaks and shock developments coming almost daily, Deb.Indeed. We'll leave it there. Christine, thank you. A Sydney father accused of abducting his baby at knifepoint and assaulting his ex-girlfriend has handed himself in to police overnight. The 24-year-old spent five days on the run after allegedly taking the 8-month-old from Chester Hill in the city's west. He arrived at Bankstown Police Station with a lawyer just before 11:00 last night and was charged. He has been refused bail and will appear in court today. September 7 is firming as the most likely date to hold a federal election, with both parties kicking off their campaigns well and truly. For more, let's carrot to Nine political reporter John O'Doherty in Canberra. John, Labor appears to be stacking its campaign team with a pretty impressive list of international veterans?Yeah, that's right, Deb. According to Fairfax this morning, Kevin Rudd has recruited three of Barack Obama's elite campaigners, who are specialists when it comes to social media. Now, the Obama campaign's generally been considered pretty slick when it comes to having an online presence, and it's thought to have given Barack Obama a real edge during the last presidential campaign, particularly when it comes to appealing to young voters. And given there has been a recent spike in electoral enrolments among young voters, you can see why it's a segment worth focusing on. Two of the campaigners have already arrived. The other is due within a few days. That might be just in time for the election to be called. The Government will release its economic and fiscal update in the next week, and some see this as the last box that Kevin Rudd needs to tick before kicking off the official campaign.And, John, the big election issue of asylum seekers - when is the first planeload of asylum seekers due to arrive at Papua New Guinea?Around 40 men were flown out from Christmas Island to PNG last night and they're due to arrive on Manus Island at around 7:30 this morning. There were reports that the flight had been aborted due to bad weather but the Department of Immigration has told us this morning that it has happened. We'll no doubt find out more details about the transfer later today. Video is likely to be released, because the Government really does want to make it very well-known that under the PNG deal, these 40 men, like all future boat arrivals, will end up on Manus Island and will never be resettled in Australia. Deb.John, in Canberra, thank you. Pressure is mounting on NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to do more to bring an end to Sydney's gun violence. The State Opposition says the Liberals have lost control of the crisis, with shootings claiming the lives of 21 people during Barry O'Farrell's time in office. Yesterday, two people, including an 18-year-old, died after separate gun attacks in the city's south. Tell me why! Why you shot my son! You have no right to take his life! A Sydney-based police task force to tackle gang and gun crime won't come into effect until at least January. The man accused of the biggest military leak in US history has been found not guilty of aiding and abetting the enemy. Private Bradley Manning was arrested in 2010 after releasing thousands of classified documents to whistleblower website WikiLeaks. US correspondent Denham Hitchcock joins us now from Los Angeles. Denham, Manning has escaped the most serious charge. He's still looking at a lengthin prison sentence, though?Yeah, he is. It's been three years. That headline charge, as you mentioned, aiding the enemy, that would have come with a possible life sentence. He's been found not guilty. Same for unauthorised possession of information. But most of the remaining charges, he has been found guilty on. And that will still get him a long time in prison - up to 20 years, in fact. So there's a big debate over here whether he's a whistleblower or whether he's a traitor or whether he's a hero. This goes back to three years ago, when he gave all those pages of documents over to WikiLeaks - 750,000 pages. It made him and Julian Assange, the Australian, household names. So, the US has always said it revealed their strategy in Iraq, there was that awful video of the Apache helicopter killing those innocent people, including a TV crew. But we'll find out soon enough, when the sentencing begins on Thursday. Of course. The debate over whether he should be or should not be in jail rages on. But the sentencing will be on Thursday. But this will define his life. And it's a trying time over here in the US. They're trying to work out just how damaging this information in these videos have become.More on this to come. Denham, thank you. Findings from the largest corruption investigation in NSW' history will be revealed today. It follows six months of hearings into allegations a coal tender process was rigged, paving the way for Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid to make tens of millions of dollars. Obeid, former mining minister Ian Macdonald and former treasurer Eric Roozendaal, have all denied any wrongdoing. The corruption watchdog could recommend they face criminal charges. Meantime, Tony Abbott has announced a crackdown on union corruption, including tougher fines and jail terms, if he wins the election. Police are yet to lay charges over a shocking attack on a kangaroo in Melbourne's south-east. The animal was found with two arrows in its leg and spine in Endeavour Hills on Monday. A 21-year-old man turned himself in to police late yesterday. It's certainly a very high act of cruelty. It's certainly fantastic that the pressure from the media has made this person come in to speak to us.It's understood officers took the man to his home in the hope of identifying the weapon that was used in the attack. He's expected to be charged later this morning. The kangaroo, known as Hillary, is said to be recovering well. Investigators say the driver in the Spanish train disaster was on the phone at the time of the crash. Black box data recorders show the conductor was speaking with rail officials just moments before the accident. The train was travelling at 153km/h, almost twice the speed limit, when it derailed in the country's north-west, killing 79 people. The driver has been charged with multiple counts of neglect and homicide. At least seven people remain in hospital this morning after a series of large explosions rocked a gas plant in Florida. Yesterday, flames and smoke were sent high into the sky, forcing the evacuation of nearby residents. A number of people injured in the blasts are in a critical condition. Police believe the explosion were an accident caused by human error. A prison breakout in the US state of Arkansas has been captured on camera. The armed robbery suspect was being monitored by police guards when he leapt from a window, ran through a door and ran to a waiting getaway car. Officers gave chase but weren't able to catch him. The car was found abandoned nearby. The escapee has been described as armed and dangerous. Taking a look at the financial markets now:

And we can't get enough of this - Sydneysiders raising their glass to Pink, who kicked off the Australian leg of her 'The Truth About Love' tour last night. Pink rolled out the first of eight concerts in the city to a packed Sydney Entertainment Centre. And as much as the audience seemed to love the performance, no-one was enjoying themselves as much as the woman of the hour. (SINGS) # Raise your glass # Just come on and come on and # Raise your glass... # She is incredible. And Melbourne gets its turn in two weeks, followed by Brisbane, before Pink returns again to Sydney. Look at her go! She's just incredible. I don't know how she has the stamina for it.Just to tap into a bit of that energy.We need that energy here this morning.Come on, we've got a little bit. We need acrobatics.That would do it. That's what you need.Well, maybe we can enlist someone.Hook something up.Acrobatics?See? See that? See how quickly that happened? We are ready to go, aren't we, Timmy?100%. What do you want me to do?Let's have a look at the national fly-around this morning. See that? Wake up, Australia. Come on!Shall we start in Cairns?Yeah.

What am I doing? My mind is in other places, thinking about the acrobatics!

At this time of year, you want to be in the Top End.

Tim Gilbert is energised and ready to give us the sport right after the break. What have you got for us?Jumping out of my skin. Another worry for the Australian cricketers ahead of the third test at Old Trafford. While the medals, well, they keep coming at the World Championships in Spain. Find out who boosted the trophy cabinet after this.

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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to Today. We have got some newspaper front pages for you before we get to the sports. We'll kick off with 'The Age', which reports that documents seized from Essendon headquarters by ASADA officials show the club was told an anti-obesity drug used as an alternative to human growth hormone was not legal. Makers of the drug allegedly told Essendon that if the drug was legal it would be used more widely.Time to act - 'The Daily Telegraph' says pressure is mounting on NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell to act on Sydney's gun war, with the recent shooting of two men bringing the tally of deaths during his time in office to 21.The 'Sydney Morning Herald' reports Kevin Rudd has called in three American campaign heavyweights, including the man dubbed Barack Obama's 'digital attack dog', to help defeat Tony Abbott.In the 'Australian', the RBA says the Government's poorly conceived regulation and inconsistent policies risk contributing to a post-resources boom slump and is signalling a rate cut.Go direct to jail - 'The Courier-Mail' says criminals walking free from court face being sent straight back to the big house, and otheres locked up for longer, amid State Government concerns that offenders are being let out too early.Howzat - 'The Hobart Mercury' says Tasmania's tourism and cricket authorities are jumping for joy, with news Blundstone Arena will hold three 2015 World Cup matches.Great news. 'The West Australian' reports WA ratepayers are being promised better services with no increase to rates. This under historic reforms to local government that will slash metropolitan councils from 30 to 14. Happy, yappy and born to sled, says 'The Herald Sun'. Falls Creek locals are gearing up for the 6km Sled Dog Classic, where 32 teams of huskies will compete at the resort on Friday.And finally, war of the hoses - the NT In the news today, Friday 12 July - is continuing its topless -- the NT News is continuing its topless car battle. The full battle exposed in today's issue. The lady who is the editor there has her staff right across that story. We'll have updates, if there are any.A big saga in the Northern Territory.It is. Let's move it on to sporting news. Quite a bit going on. Jack Watts says he's waiting until a new coach is appointed to decide whether he will re-sign with the club. Geelong coach Chris Scott says he needs to address the discipline at the club after James Podsiadly became the third Cat to be suspended in the space of three weeks.Players, coaches, administrators within the Geelong Football Club, we need to make sure that we're working hard tore address these things.The star forward was handed a week on the sidelines for a high elbow on St Kilda's Jack Steven. North Queensland's Dallas Johnson won't play in the NRL again after suffering a season-ending knee injury against the Broncos last round. It's just another blow for Neil Henry, who was told earlier in the week hep wouldn't be needed next season.I have been disappointed by, I suppose, the leakage of information from the club about my future.Melbourne assistant coach Kevin Walters is favourite to take over from Henry. Former Sydney FC captain Terry McFlynn will play for the Sky Blues for the first time in almost a year, when he faces Macarthur in a preseason friendly tonight. Coach Frank Farina is confident his side is on track for a strong year. Now's the time to be doing it and making mistakes and learning from them. Still a long way to go. Sydney FC opens its A-League campaign against the Jets on October 11. Another medal for Australia at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. This time Emily Seebohm backed up her silver medal performance at the London Olympics with another strong swim in the 100m backstroke. COMMENTATOR: Behind it. But she's gonna get her first world championship in the women's 100m back. Seebohm settles for silver again.The men didn't fare as well this morning. Ashley Delaney finished sixth in the 100m backstroke, while Cameron McEvoy and Thomas Fraser-Holmes, seventh and eighth respectively in the 200m freestyle final. Despite having a sore back, Steve Smith is expected to play in the third Ashes test at Old Trafford, which starts tomorrow night. Didn't train with the team overnight. He will have a fitness test, as you would imagine, tomorrow. David Warner is back in the squad and the Aussies are aware of how dangerous he can be at the crease.If he plays, then hopefully he does well, he can have one of those game outs and help us win this next test. Do expect him to play, Davey Warner. England have their own injury concerns, with Kevin Pietersen not a guarantee to play. He's struggling with a calf problem. Now, one of the biggest stories of the morning - and I mean it's a huge, huge story. So, sit there, get tight and listen to this one. Australia is on the verge of becoming world champions in Ultimate Frisbee. The Aussie team known as the Crocs are into the final of the World Games. They will take on the top seed, the USA, in the decider a little later this morning. Would have been bet tore see a bit more frisbee throwing than the hand clapping and shaking. It's a ripper of a yarn.We had one of the players in here, Sarah Armstrong J that's right. She gave us a little demonstration in the car park. 9am, I think they're on this morning.Clever stuff. Fantastic. We will keep right across that.She was impressed with your form, I remember.Well, I'm a frisbee thrower from way back. Thank you, Tim. Let's have a check in on the weather for the major centres:

It's gotta be time to go to Hollywood and talk to Richard Reid. What's doing, buddy?Well, Justin Bieber, drug drama! That's right. Insiders are concerned, as the pop tart's tour is in absolute turmoil! All the scoop and plenty of scandal up next.

This program is not captioned. Timmy Gilbert is making a special order for breakfast. Can't blame him. You have got to eat, Timmy. Got to get your order in.Actually thinking about the story of the frisbee.(LAUGHTER) Now to Dickie.Good morning. Richard Reid, Justin Bieber is in trouble with the law. What this time?Oh, my gosh! More drama for Bieber bob. OK. Drug officials stopped Bieber bob's tour bus at the border. Wouldn't you know, drug-sniffing dogs went on and they found a small amount of marijuana. Now, his reps say, Justin was not on the bus at the time, it wasn't even his. But they are keeping a very close eye on the entire crew of Justin Bieber's crew. This is the second time this has happened. So I am tellin' ya, third time and Justin may not be so lucky.It is his name that will make the headlines. Kanye West, speaking of headlines, has found himself in another feud. Who this time? Unbelievably, Sharon Osbourne!Huh? I didn't even know they knew each other. She took the gloves off and boom, she hit him a couple of times.

I got to say, someone is finally speaking the truth.That is a stitch-up. 20-second story, Richard. Rhianna goes to great lengths and huge expense to keep herself in touch and the stars aligned?Oh.: I have found out that Rhianna has a psychic on the payroll. That's right, she is travelling with her on her 'Diamonds' tour. Every day Rhianna has a reading. "Will I get to my concerto it in on time?" I can imagine the psychic is like, "Probably not." At least she is getting paid.That does explain a few things. Richard, thank you very much for that. We will check in with you in an hour.Bye.It is whacky Wednesday.Even cook year than normal.I love it. Bring it on!Coming up, the drug scandal at Essendon. New claims that other AFL clubs were using biologically advanced supplement programs. Who were they? We will have that for you.Also, ahead Pin hits the stage for the first of her Sydney shows. More coming up with Dickie at 7:40. Sing it, sister. We can't wait for that. Now Deb.Good morning. As an investigation at Essendon wrapped up James Hird is pointing the finger at other AFL football clubs. Mr Hird thought that West Coast, Collingwood and Hawthorn were "definitely up to something". The 5 month investigation is due to be completed in the next fortnight. Meantime, the AFL is looking at whether a St Kilda player took a banned substance after returning a positive sample earlier this month. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was met by propertyers at a function last night, rallying against his hardline border protection scheme. Last night the first lot of people were supposed to leave Christmas Island for Papau New Guinea under the new policy. John O'Doherty joins us now from Canberra. John, what can you tell us about the transfer of these asylum seekers? 40 men were due to be flown out from Christmas Island to PNG last night and they were due to arrive on Manus Island at around 7:30 this morning. There were reports that this flight had been abrted due to bad weather, but the Department of Immigration a short time ago told us that it had happened. But just in the last few minutes they came back and said that, indeed, the flight has been delayed, but they say that arrangements are now being made for that transfer to take place as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will have more details later today. Of course, we have known for a long time now that the asylum seeker issue has been divisive and the Greens are very strongly opposed to the deal. Here is what Christine Milne had to say last night.Barbarism seems to win votes in Australia. REPORTER: Why?That is because we have seen a coalition coming out with a cruel policy a Kevin Rudd lurching even further to the right. Finally, as we prepare for the election to be called, three of Barak Obama's elite online campaigners have been recruited to help Kevin Rudd, according to reports from Fairfax this morning. The Obama presidential campaigns are credited with having highly effective online strategies, social media strategies that are generally considered to have given Barak Obama a real edge, particularly when it comes to appealing to real voters and of course we know that Kevin Rudd is no stranger to social media himself. He is a fan of Twitter and uploading selfies. Obviously it is hoped that the Obama team can help Kevin Rudd's team.Interesting to see the input. NSW is under pressure to end Sydney's spate of gun crime. 14 shootings in the city this month along. The total for the year - 72. Let's cross now to Today reporter Natalia Cooper. Natalia, this is really becoming a crisis for the State Government.That's right, Deb. It seems this begun violence is out of control on Sydney streets. We are only seven months into the year and we have already scene 72 shootings and eight people have lost their lives, which is just too many. The most recent people to be executed were 18-year-old Basil and else who were gunned down. Yesterday the police minister and the police commissioner fronted the media to say that gun violence is unacceptable, but the Opposition is saying that the Government is simply not doing enough. So, let's hear from the Opposition Leader now. Natalia, we will get that comment from the Opposition Leader shortly. What is the investigation of the latest shootings unveiled?Well, look, there have been no resolutions to those shootings. Police are still calling for anyone who has any information about either of them to come forward and they do want to solve these crimes, but as is often the case, a lot of these gun crimes are not being solved, Deb.Natalia, we will leave it there. Thank you. The Queensland Government looks set to crackdown ons who are released from Jill early or who receive a suspended sentence. The State Attorney General is considering changing the law to protect the community with fears that some offenders are not being rehabilitated. There are concerns that Queensland's prison population will sky rocket if court-ordered parole a suspended jail sentences are cut. A child has died and several homes have been destroyed after a water main ruptured in Rio de Janeiro. Seven people were injured and city blocks were flooded as water gushed more than 20m into the air. The water is said to have covered several cars with firefighters using inflate ail rafts to reach those affected. Looking at finance now -

He is known as Jet Man - a Swiss adventurer who has taken to the skies in a custom-built jet suit. Look at that. The daredevil flew alongside a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress in Wisconsin in a spectacular demonstration and the suit can travel at speeds of more 300km/h and can fly as high as 12,000ft. Amazing to think that there is a man in there.How does he land?I am not sure of that detail, but I am sure he would come down very gentlyDon't know if parachutes are involved. I don't know. We will find out.I like how you give a nice, happy scenario.It would be very gentle and a thumbs up at the end. Success.Well done, Deb. Now for the sport.No, he is still up there. They haven't worked it out.Ahhh.He is still up there. Anthony Milford has played down talk he is whom sick and wants to return to Brisbane. Meantime, Sandor Earl says that he expects to be interviewed by ASADA in the next few weeks after becoming a player of interest during his time at Penrith. Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley insists that his side is still one of the best in the AFL. The Pies it is seventh in the ladder and face fourth-played Essendon this weekend.Looking at the ladder, that is an accurate reflection. We sit seventh. We have played every side once. That is where we deserve to be.Team-mates have backed David Warner to perform in the Ashes Test against England after the fiery batsman returned to the squad overnight, despite Darren Lehmann refusing to name his team just before play. Warner is expected to be named alongside Steve Smith who has been struggling with a stiff bat. Baseball team Atlanta Braves have useed a rare day off to try their hand at quick shots. Most were pretty ordinary but shortstop Andrelton Simmons showed his team-mates how it is done, even managing to juggle the ball with his feet a few times before sending it into the bleachers. How good is that? A great game of baseball. The Dodgers and the Diamond Backs are playing at the SCG later the year. That will be sensational.Would you believe me if I total you we have a picture of someone hit ago if golf ball with a baseball bat. It is The Buzz. People are being sued by misleading consumers about the healthy benefits of vitamin water. Or is it vitamin water, Georgie? Either or. Look at the fashion- forward Stevie Jacobs. Look at you! Oh, yeah!I am all doodleed up. It is hard to imagine that spring is just around the corner. Our designers have been thinking about it for some time. David Jones is launching their new spring-summer catalogue tonight at 7 in Sydney at David Jones with a VIP event for 400 people. This morning, we are getting a little sneak peak. First exclusive look of what will be hot for spring/summer. First, let's get into the weather see what is happening for your in the pit of winter.

On the rainfall map, not much about. A few showers in western Tasmania. Moderate rain for north-east coast of NSW and dry over the rest of

Moderate rain for north-east coast
of NSW and dry over the rest of the continent. These gates form the entrance to the VIP function this evening on 7 at David Jones in Sydney. They will also feature in the new David Jones campaign, which goes on to telly tonight, featuring new fashion ambassador Jessica Gomes who will be leading the run whey for the first time in evening. Montana Cox will be coming in later this morning to give us tips on hair and make-up. This gives us a little indication of what is hot for spring and summer. A bit of floral for the ladies. Rhys and Blair, a bit of pool side glamour. That is just a hint. Come on in and we will show you more throughout the morning.Stevie, doesn't he look sharp?Particularly sharp. Always. Coming up, your chance to win a $50,000 holiday, Georgie.Yes. Next, fresh claims about Essendon's supplements program and the battle against other clubs. We've got it covered! Stay tuned - you are watching Today.

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This program is not captioned. Wow, look at that! Good morning, Sydney. A possible morning shower on the way with a top of 18, but right now sitting pretty on 12 degrees.Things are hotting up at Essendon, Georgie. There are fresh claims that morning that James Hird believed that Collingwood, Hawthorn and West Coast were all "up to something". He and sports scientist Stephen Dank allegedly worked to give the Bombers a biological advantage. A day doesn't go by without any bombshell coming out this story a every single time Christine Ahern is right across it. Chris, new information coming from leaked text messages. Can you just take us through these messages. Yeah, that's right. These are exchanges between the Essendon coach James Hird and the sacked sports scientist at the centre of all of this Stephen Dank. These were aired on the ABC's '7:30 kp report' last night and between these exchanges it shows Hird and Dank pointing the finger at Hawthorn, West Coast and Collingwood. In one text message Hird outlines his hatred for the Hawke. He says, "I hate them more than anyone." Dank replies, "Everyone is the enemy and everyone has to be bled." In another exchange Hird allegedly says:

In another exchange in response to Hird reportedly raising suspicions about West Coast Dank says:

There is no suggestion that Hawthorn, West Coast or Collingwood, Ben, had done anything wrong.Still not a good look and not a good sound either when you hear some of the text messages. Chris will have more of them later on. Finally St Kilda also dealing with issues this morning. Someone is being investigated for drugs. Do we know who that is?We don't know who it is, but this is a report coming out from 'The Age' newspaper this morning that a St Kilda player has tested positive for a banned substance. Now, it is reported that this Saints' play player has claimed he took this drug inadvertently by mistake and the AFL believes this could be the case. However, this player is facing a lengthy ban. It is a pretty significant time on the sidelines. Noter the AFL nor St Kilda has commented on this report, but it does all come, Ben, as the AFL and ASADA's joint investigation no the supplements program run here at Windy Hill draws to a close. We are expecting that perhaps as soon as next week and with all of these leaks, with all of these shock new developments, it could not come soon enough.And Christine Ahern will be across every single detail of that. Thank you very much, Chris. Over to you, Georgie.Well, many people believe that vitamin water is a healthy alternative to soft drink with the labels boasting health benefits. The maker Coca- Cola is now being sued because it is said there are no health benefits at all.The suggested health benefits appear to be right there in the name.Adebowale the vitamins antioxidents help to support a healthy body.This morning one consumer group is asking if vitamin water is really as healthy as some might think? Yeah, of course. There are vitamins and it is water.That is a lie.A federal judge is clearing the way for the centre of science in the public interest to sue Coca-Cola, the makers of vitamin water. The CSP I accuses the company of misleading marketing practices.We just want people to make an informed purchasing decision.They complain their teasing deceptively premoats the products as healthy by claiming that certain types of the drink can among other things reduce risk for eye disease or promote healthy joins and goes onto point out that a 20 ounce bottle like this one also contains eight teaspoons of sugar.That is like sucking on seven to eight lollipops in one sitting.Coca-Cola says that no consumer could reasonably be misled into thinking that vitamin water was a healthy beverage.What they are getting is water, a little bit of vitamins and a whole boatload of sugar.This C m SP I wants vitamin water's labels to be changed, but in a statement to ABC News, Coca-Cola says that the claims are without merit and will ultimately be rejected. It goes onto say that vitamin water is a great-tasting, hydrating beverage we shall vitamins and water and the labels show ingredients and calorie content.Sounds pretty misleading to me, doesn't it? Vitamin water sounds healthy. Of course it does. They taste good, those things.The judge is pushing for Coca-Cola to in fact change how it labels vitamin water saying that the class action shouldn't be driven by money. (LAUGHS) .I am glad we sorted that out. Thank you. Timmy showed us earlier, this is the trick-shot video put together by baseballers in the States and I did say I could upsize that slightly in The Buzz. Coming up after the break, a hole-in-one with a baseball bat?Noooo!It is coming up. This program is not captioned. Emerson. Emerson. Emerson? Emerson. Emerson 5-pocket
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It is Buzz o'clock. That's right, Dickie. Everyone is fired up. That's right.This might be the ultimate boy toy here. This is a father in France who has transformed his son's bedroom into a United States flight simulator. The 737 cockpit took him five years to build. That is in his son's bedroom T only drama is when dad likes to use the flight simulator bus he likes taking long-haul flights from Brazil the Australia, his poor child has to sleep in the bunk bed in the corner. That is cool.Did he build that for his son or himself?For boot of them. His son will inherit it.That is a does grace. An absolute disgrace.What? How can he do that to his son? C'mon. There are great mysterys in America. You have ghosts, a huge mystery. That is to illustrate ghosts.Aliens.Of course.That is a UFO illustrating aliens and Big Foot is one.Who could forget this. And the giant KFC bucket.What?You know about the joint KFC bucket?We do now.Play it, Deano.I saw this joint Kentucky fried chicken bucket in my yard and I thought for sure I was hallucinateing so I called my teenagers who were at home and had them go outside to check.That bucket right there it don't say KFC, it says Kentucky fried chicken. That is probably 40 years old.It makes a great landmark when you come to our house. You can say, "Come down to the joint KFC bucket."We have been doing that for years.But where did it come from?It just emerged.We don't know. We will investigate that one between now and the next hour, the second edition of The Buzz. A hole- in-one.I have been waiting for this.Timmy has.My brother got this once in Noosa Springs - he can't even play golf --Well, he can.I have never seen anyone do it with a baseball battle in now. VIDEO FOOTAGE: He is up again. Lost it. Oh!

Real or fake? He tossed the bull up. He is sceptical.You can see it, catch it in the air there - I don't know. There is just a little delay between the shot when you see it in the sky and it landing. Doesn't it land a little later than it should. We will investigate that in the next hour as well. I have a lot of investigating to work on this morning.You do.Finally, storing food - I don't know if your kids have ever done this --In the fridge.-- no, the side of the mouth.My son has very big cheeks. Oh, yes. For the winter, storing up. Rats do the same thing, apparently. Check this out with Twisties or the American equivalent. Watch this guy here. That is not a Twist yes, it is a Cheese-O. Watch the amount of space. Just like at the time Russ, finding the exact spolt writ is going to fit to perfection. Surely, there is

there is not Room for another one. There is still room in the sides. Keep eating, little fella.Oh, no, oh no! This program is not captioned. We start from scratch every day. Pane di casa?
It's been made this way for years. What do you reckon?
Good work, mate. They're going to love these. VOICEOVER: At Bakers Delight,
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This program is not captioned. Good morning to you, Melbourne. You're in for a cool but sunny day. A top of 16 degrees. Snuggle up right now - it's just four.That's right. And it's 6:30. That means we've got the news with Deb. Good morning, Deb.Good morning to you. We begin with breaking news from Queensland, where the man accused of setting off a series of explosions at Ipswich last week has now also been charged over another blast that left a teenage boy injured. Let's cross now to Today reporter Aislin Kriukelis in Brisbane. Aislin, what can you tell bus this incident?Well, Deb, last night, 43-year-old glean Charles Dell was charged with grievous bodily harm -- Glen Charles Dell was charged with grievous bodily harm. And this charge was in relation to the very serious injury suffered to the hands of 15-year- old Michael Bulldogin. A teenager from Leichhardt. We saw the homemade bomb explode in his hands just a couple of months ago. This man was charged with a string of offences days ago in relation to a large number of explosives found at a home in spiched. Last Thursday night, an unplanned explosion went off. Since then they have been amazed by what they've depound found out there. They have had to - - found out there. They have had to carry out 18 controlled explosions themselves. It's caused a lot of anxiety in the area. A lot of residents have been forced to stay inside while this has been going on. It has been unsettling. It's also been a traumatic time for Michael's family. His mother, Rebecca, posted on Facebook this morning, "We got the mongrels." She thanks police for tracking down the man accused of doing this to her son. She's revealed that charge has been laid. The man will be appearing in the Ipswich Magistrates Court this morning.It is a relief indeed. Thank you. There are new developments in the Essendon drugs scandal this morning, with Bombers coach James Hird pointing the finger at other AFL football clubs. News Limited reports Mr Hird believed Collingwood, Hawthorn and West Coast were all "up to something", with sports scientist Stephen Dank allegedly writing in a text that players with "biologically advanced". The man who allegedly abducted his baby at knifepoint will appear in a Sydney court today after handing himself in to police. The 24-year- old and his lawyer arrived at Bankstown Police Station at around 11:00 last night, five days after he was accused of taking the 8- month-old and assaulting his ex- girlfriend. He's been formally charged and was refused bail. The first group of people subjected to the Government's new asylum seeker policy were supposed to leave Christmas Island for Papua New Guinea overnight, but heavy mies has delayed the take-off of the plane. It follows yesterday's announcement from the Coalition, deelting a 5-year plan for a -- detailing a 5-year plan for a tent city on Nauru.Today's effort of one-upmanship of, "I will raise up tents in a slum city on Nauru," and then have Scott Morrison fly there as a guest of Toll Holdings, who stand a make a great deal of money out of the misery of other people, it's an appalling spectacle.Last night a group gathered outside a Western Sydney function attended by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, protesting the hardline border protection scheme. A man has been assaulted during a home invasion in Sydney's south overnight. A group of men forced their way into the Riverwood property at around 9:30, threatening a person inside with a gun. The offenders then attacked the man before fleeing. He was taken to hospital suffering head injuries. A 30-year-old woman and a 5-year-old boy were also at home at the time. They weren't injured. Fire crews in Melbourne are investigating a factory blaze in the city's north-west. The fire broke out at 2am in a building in Tullamarine. Authorities say it's lucky no-one was inside, as thick black smoke engulfed the building. Passengers could soon be paying more to board the Flying Kangaroo. Qantas is blaming a combination of higher fuel costs and a weak Aussie dollar for a hike in the price of domestic fares and fuel surcharges on its international network. A one-way international ticket will cost turnaround $20 more. Qantas reduced its fees last month to align itself with partner airline Emirates. Jetstar is also reviewing its fees. Looking at finance now:

And a tightrope walker in China has taken his talent to new heights, completing a high-wire walk between two hot-air balloons in the country's south-west. Things got a little bit shaky at times along the 18m-long steel beam, but he did manage to set a new world record, completing the feat in just over 38 seconds. Celebrations on the ground as he did it. I never know why people take on these feats, but well done. He got a plaque.Exactly. You get a certificate at the end of it.You get on TV.Good for the pool room.Thank you very much, Deb. Timmy.Breathtaking vision. Tomorrow night, it's all about turning around the Queen Mary. Australia goes into the third test at Old Trafford, needing, desperate to win. You can see it on Gem. Eddie Betts has delayed contract talks with the Blues to focus on the club's bid to play finals footy. He has reportedly asks for as much as $600,000 a year and has at least one other club interested in him. South Sydney winger Matt King says he's not thinking about the future just yet after returning from an arm injury that kept him sidelined for almost a year. He does play wing and centre. King revealed he came close to retiring after breaking his forearm last season.I don't know. This might be a bit of a selfish swerks but if we were coming -- answer, but if we were coming dead last, I don't know if I would have had the motivation. Emily Seebohm has picked up Australia's fifth medal of the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona, claiming silver in the 100m backstroke. She was pipped by the same girl that beat her at the London Olympic Games, American teenager Missy Franklin. And back to our big yarn of the day - Australia could be crowning a new world champion in a few hours, with our Ultimate Frisbee team taking on the USA for the World Games title in Colombia. Go, you Frisbees!And they're called the Crocs.Yeah. Don't get any more Australian that that.A fashion statement, a frisbee team and...Pulling a crowd. And a fearsome animal as well. Thank you very much. Coming up - speaking of footy, we've got the footy queen from Melbourne, who's rewriting AFL history by pushing for a national women's league in the AFL.Yeah, looking forward to talking to her. Right now, though, let's get a look at your best local forecast.

Good morning, everyone. We are at David Jones in Sydney. And this is your first look at the set for the spring/summer launch tonight on Seven in Sydney. It's all white, which is a neutral palette, which is the colours of spring and summer. David Jones' new fashion ambassador will be in the studio live, having a chat a little later on. We will be mixing it up with a little bit of music in a moment. Let's see what's happening with the weather around your place. Good morning to you, Queensland.

Well, mixing up the music tonight to get the scene set, DJ Johnny Seymour, fresh back from performing at Glastonbury in front of 180,000 people. He's bringing a bit of summer feel tonight. A little bit of heat to the party. What sort of music are we playing?All Australian today. Fantastic heritage acts and beautiful breaking acts that maybe you haven't heard of before.Looking forward to a little bit of heat tonight and a little bit of boogieing as well. I know you did a bit of a dance with me last time. Of course.Let's do it.Let's frock up. We should vogue together. Should what?Vogue.(LAUGHS) It's getting awkward.Stevie, he's got major swagger, doesn't he, Johnny? How sharp is he? Putting us to shame.So happy and huggy.All good. Plenty more of that.There is, indeed. And there's entertainment coming up as well?All bases covered today. We're taking you to see Pink live in concert, putting you in the best seats in the house. Miley Cyrus defends herself. And we join the stars to celebrate the return of those cute little Smurfs. Here's my plan. We trick Smurfette into being naughty like us, and she will have so much fun, she will never go back.Oh, dear.

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Looks good to me! Good morning again. Well, she is without doubt one of the most loved performers here in Australia ever. Pink's here on her 46-date sell-out 'The Truth About Love' Australian tour, which includes an all-time record run in Melbourne. And last night she hit the stage for the first of her Sydney shows. And she was red-hot. Let's check out Pink. (SINGS) # So raise your glass... # # We will never be, neverer # Anything but loud # Nitty-gritty # Dirty little freaks # Won't you come on and come on # And raise your glass # Just come on and come on # And raise your glass... # # Slam, slam, oh, hot damn # Wish you would just freak out... #

# Don't be fancy, just get dancy # Why so serious? # Come on! # All the right ways... # # We will never be, never be anything but loud # Nitty-gritty # Dirty little freaks # Won't you come on and... # Absolutely amazing. That's the way she kicks off the show. That song won. She doesn't hit the stage yet, she's flying through the air, as you can see. Raise your glass to Pink! Boy, it started there and just took off. I'm not even gonna mention how the show finished. Just incredible. Way too many dates to mention here. We will put them on our website and Facebook pages. Suffice it to say, if you have a ticket to see Pink live, guard it! (LAUGHS)Next up - in something of a clash of colours, in Los Angeles the stars turned out for the premiere of smurfs two. ANNOUNCER: Deep in the woods, there's a village filled with voifl and happy Smurfs...It's the continuing and happy story of the adventures of the cute little blue dudes and the enemies. But it was all cuddles and kisses on the blue carpet, and amongst the many stars, the voice of Smurfette, Katy Perry. It makes you feel good. You go into this film and you go through varied emegss. You're happy, you feel for -- emotions. You're happy, you feel for them. There's a lot of joyous moments. And I think everyone can enjoy it and be fed just kind of emotionally.And giving the kids a bit of a treat, Britney Spears, who recorded the title song, 'Ooh, la, la'. SONG: # Oh, my, my # Baby, don't be shy # I see that spot flashing in your eyes # My heart beats fast 'cause I want it all # So, baby, come with me and be my ooh, la, la... # 'The Smurfs 2' hits cinemas around Australia in six weeks' time.Guys, I'm just Smurfing with ya.That is an excellent impression. SONG: # I can't be saved # I can't be saved... # Next up, a young lady who's attempting that difficult transition from teen star to something a little more adult and edgier. I'm talking Miley Cyrus, who's been copping all sorts of flack for going way too far with the video 'We Can't Stop'. SONG: # And we won't stop... # It has, however, had over 100 million views. And Ms Miley is unapologetic.I worked for five years on something that was a character where I didn't really get to be completely the creative person that I wanted to be. So this one, I did the work that I had to do to kind of make my money and do all that, so now I don't have to worry about necessarily any of that. I can just make music because I love it. And I knew it was gonna be great because I knew it was gonna go viral like that, because it's just interesting.So, how does she deal with all that criticism?I'm selling records and that's all I'm here to do. I don't care if people don't like my haircut or think I dress too this way, or think my videos are too provocative. If you have an iPhone, your kids aren't innocent. They can see a lot worse than my music video on their iPhone. I'm not worried about people thinking that about me. I had built an entire imprison for myself by the time I was 11. Now I'm just a tour queen. Yeah, Miss Miley, growing up fast. She turns...Too fast!Well, there you go. And she is a role model, whether she like it is or not, and that video is going way too far, I think. She's completely unapologetic.I like some of her music. She seems to have a huge ego, the way she was talking. Building an empire by the age of 11 - it was her dad, right?Hannah montiana, -- Montana, no doubt about that. But I think she's going way too far.Role model - we use that term way too loosely.She should be a better one. That's the point.There you go. Coming up after 7:00 - your chance to win a whopping $50,000 holiday. Imagine that!And then we're gonna meet the inspirational blind athlete who completed an entire ironman.And we can't get enough of this girl - here's some more of Pink's show-stopping performance last night. Race your glass to Pink. (MUSIC PLAYS)

# Won't you come on and come on # And raise your glass # Just come on and come on # And raise your glass... #

# If you're too school for cool # And they treat you like a fool # You can choose to let it go # You can always, you can always # Party on our own # So raise your! # So raise your glass if you want # In all the right ways... # # We will never be, never be # Anything

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Welcome back to the Today show. Now, the Reserve Bank Governor, Glenn Stevens, has put a shot across the bow of politicians and policy makers as he contemplates the next phase of our economy. That phase, he says, sees mining investment cooling but revenues coming from from the mines and resources plants already created rising. He says the growth of income coming in the door will slow, but not return to levels before the boom started. In other words, it's a pretty rosy outlook, if you look at it that way. He says one thing that would be good is more business confidence, but he concedes there's no confidence lever you it wul. Instead, he says there needs to be -- you could just pull. Instead, he says there needs to be attention to things that will dampen confidence unnecessarily, and to make sure that all of the regulatory actions don't actually make it harder to cut costs, improve productivity, take a chance on a new product or hiring a new worker. Now, I wonder who he was aiming those comments at? It was the politicians, of course, right between the eyes. Glenn Stevens is a man of great influence. I will show you why. Here's the dollar, minute by minute, yesterday. This is where he started his speech, here, and this is when he finished it. He said the dollar would fall further. He was right, just by the end of his speech. Now, if he could use his power on the pollies, wouldn't we all be happier? Georgie?That's a lot of power.The same thing happens during the Money Minute, depending on what Ross says, what mood he's in, what side of the bed he got out of.And the emails coming in.Thank you, Ross. Time for some gossip now. Here we go. Let's see if we can affect the price of travel to Hollywood, Richard Reid, where things are moving on. And, boy, oh, boy, we're hearing more about that messy kind of love triangle with Katy Perry and those 'Twilight' kids?Yeah, well, Katy Perry is well and truly in a romantic relationship with John Mayer now, but a couple of months, everyone was talking that Katy Perry had scooped in on Robert Pattinson after he and Kristen Stewart broke up. Katy says that is not the case. In fact, she reached out to Kristen Stewart to say, "You know what? We were all friends. I was just reaching out, a shoulder for Robert Pattinson to cry on. I would never disrespect you like that, Kristen Stewart. We are soul sisters. There was nothing but love for both of you." So, now that Katy Perry has cleared the air, she can promote that smurfs two movie all she wants.There she is, doing just that. Jennifer Aniston won't confirm the wedding, but she is certainly hinting at the pregnancy? Oh! Someone's going cluck, cluck, cluck! She's getting very clucky. In fact, she has said Justin Theroux, her fiance, will make a wonderful father. She says he has natural parental instincts. In fact, he helped practically raise his own younger brother. She says, you know what, "Wait for the wedding," but she says they are in a hurry to start a family. So, start placing your bets now.Very good, indeed. Now, Harry Styles from One Direction, Richard, it wouldn't be a gossip segment without Harry featuring one way or another. He makes a true confession of the sort of semiobvious kind, really, I think?Yeah, I don't know where I was, but apparently there's been a rumour in the UK that, well, Harry Styles might swing a little bit both ways, that he allegedly has some kind of romance with a male radio personality. Well, British 'GQ' came right out and asked him, "Harry, are you bisexual?" Well, Harry being Harry, he says, "Bisexual? Me? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure I'm not." There you go. Right from Harry's mouth. I don't know where I was. I never picked up on that vibe.Harry has cleared that up for one and for all. Finally, a Hollywood costume sale. The hills are alive with the sound of cash?Oh! That's right. A little do, re, mi action for Julie Andrews and her 'Sound of Music' costumes. Get this - one of the costumes she wore in 'The Sound of Music' went on the auction block over the weekend here in Hollywood. It sold for $1.3 million! They threw in a couple other Von Trapp family kid outfit ts, but it broke records. Apparently the -- outfits, but it broke record. Apparently 'The Sound of Music' is still very much alive. It was a couple of pieces of cloth, a little thing.Richard, we've gotta go, sadly. We'll see you later. Bye.Bye.There you go.More than just a few pieces of cloth, Dickie.Those Von Trapp children, wonderful kids. Here are the top stories on Today. Pushing the boundaries - new claims that James Hird believed Collingwood, Hawthorn and West Coast were all biologically advanced. Election heavyweights - Rudd calls in Obama's 'digital attack dog' to help him beat Tony Abbott. Sydney's gun wars - pressure on the NSW Premier after 21 deaths on his watch. The queen of Aussie Rules - the 16- year-old leading the charge for a national women's league. And tickled Pink - the sensational singer hits new heights at her Sydney concert. SONG: # We will never be, never be anything but loud # And nitty, gritty... # Good morning to you. It is Wednesday 31 July 2013. Good to have you along this morning. Making news today - a Sydney father accused of abducting his baby at knifepoint last week has overnight handed himself in to police. Plus - a breakthrough for Queensland teenager Michael Boggan, whose hands were blown off in a backyard explosion. This morning a man's been charged. And silver tore Emily Seebohm at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona.

Now with our top story, here's Ben. Thank you, Georgie. Good morning, everyone. There is a new twist in the AFL drugs saga this morning, with text messages revealing that James Hird believed that Collingwood, Hawthorn and West Coast were all using controversial supplements. Also this morning, claims that documents seized by ASADA from Essendon HQ showed that the club was warned an anti-obesity drug was not legal. Today reporter Christine Ahern is outside Windy Hill again this

Hill again this morning. It's becoming a regular fixture for you, Chris. These text messages, let's go to them, first of all. They are between James Hird and Stephen Dank?Yeah, that's right. These text messages show the exchange between Hird and the sacked sports scientist, pointing the finger at Hawthorn, Collingwood and West Coast. These text messages were aired on the ABC's '7:30 Report' last night. In one exchange, Hird shows his hatred for the Hawks. He says:

And in another exchange, where Hird reportedly raised suspicions about West Coast's performance, Dank replied:

There is no suggestion for us that Collingwood, Hawthorn or West Coast have done anything wrong.Chris, on to these seized documents - now, Essendon told us originally they had been advised that the anti- obesity drug was completely legal. However, the documents tell a different story?Yeah, that's right, Ben. This is a report in 'The Age' this morning, that says ASADA has seized documents from here within Windy Hill, from the Melbourne firm to Essendon, which shows that Essendon were, in fact, told that that controversial drug at the centre of this whole controversy, AOD-9604, was, in fact, illegal. As you mentioned, the club has always maintained that they were told that anti-obesity drug was not on the

banned list. But reportedly this Melbourne firm told Essendon if the drug was legal, it would be more readily available. This document also reportedly says that it is a popular drug, this anti-obesity drug is popular for body builders who regularly use steroids. Now, Essendon has denied this and said they actually relied on an email from the Melbourne firm, which told them that the drug was fine to use. Either way, I put it to the Essendon CEO, Ray Gunston, who turned up here to Windy Hill very early this morning. Have you got any coments that ASADA took documents here that the club was told AOD-9604 was illegal?No. I'm not commenting this morning, thanks. What about those text messages between Hird and Dank - have you seen them?No, I haven't. No.In those text messages, they're pointing the finger at other clubs, Hawthorn, Collingwood and West Coast.I have got no comments to make at this stage, thanks. Obviously, though, disappointing, more shock developments?As I said, I'm not commenting on anything just at the moment. Thanks for the interest. Obviously, this puts even more pressure - if that's possible - on the Essendon coach, James Hird. They're turning up earlier and earlier to avoid you, Christine Ahern! (LAUGHS) Finally, a St Kilda player is being investigated as well for drugs. What's St Kilda saying about this?Well, nothing at this stage. Neither is the AFL. This is another story coming out of the 'Age' newspaper that is claiming that a St Kilda footballer is at the centre of a drug probe for taking a banned substance after returning an irregular sample. Now, the league is yet to comment. However, it is believed that this Saints player says that he took this banned substance inadvertently by mistake. While the AFL believes this could be the case, this player is still facing a significant ban. This all comes as the joint AFL and ASADA investigation into the supplement program here at Windy Hill draws to a close. It is expected, Ben, that we might finally get that report next week. And Chris will be on location this morning, Georgie, if and when James Hird turns up, to hear from him. Thank you very much. Over to you, Georgie. She's always across it. Thank you, Ben. To Queensland now - and there's been a breakthrough for Ipswich teenager Michael Boggan, who suffered serious injuries when a golf ball bomb spleeded in his hands earlier this -- exploded in his hands earlier this year. Aislin Kriukelis, we understand police have charged a man. Who more can you tell us?Georgie, last night, 43-year-old Glen Charles Dell was charged with grievous bodily harm, and this charge is in relation to the very serious injuries suffered by 15-year-old Michael Boggan from Leichhardt, when a homemade bomb exploded in his hands a couple of months ago. Now, police say this man, who has been charged, made bombs as a hobby. He's the same man who was charged just a couple of days ago with a string of offences in relation to a huge amount of explosives found at a home on Clay Street in Ipswich. This is the that police have been searching for days. And as a result, they've had to carry out a total of 18 controlled detonations, and we may see more of those detonations take place today. Police were alerted to this house last Thursday night when an unplanned explosion went off. As a result, a 37-year-old man still remains in a serious condition in hospital. Police do want to talk to this man as well, but they are just waiting for his condition to improve a bit. Now, this has been a very unsettling time for everyone who lives in Ipswich, as every time that these controlled detonations take place, they're ordered to stay inside. Of course, they hear them taking place, they're very loud. It's also been a very traumatic time for Michael Boggan's family. He had emergency surgery after the bomb went off, but he's been left with just one little finger on his left hand, just a thumb, and a little finger on his right hand. His family are revealed someone has been charged. His mother, Rebecca, posted on Facebook, "Got the mongrels." The man will face charges in the Ipswich Magistrates Court this morning.Thank you. Pa Sydney father accused of abducting his baby at knifepoint and assaulting his ex-girlfriend has handed himself in to police overnight. The 24-year-old spent five days on the run after allegedly taking the 8-month-old at Chester Hill, in the city's west. He arrived at Bankstown Police Station with a lawyer just before 11:00 last night and was formally charged. He's been refused bail and will appear in court today. Kevin Rudd is noul expected to call the election within the -- now expected to call the election within the next few days, with reports Labor that is brought in experts from Barack Obama's US election team to help them beat Tony Abbott. Live now to political reporter John O'Doherty in Canberra. So, John, what does Labor's new plan of attack for the election involve?Hi, Deb. Well, three of Barack Obama's elite online campaigners have been recruited to help Kevin Rudd, according to those reports we just saw from Fairfax. Now, the Obama presidential campaigns are widely regarded as having had very strong online strategies and social media strategies that were highly effective in appealing to younger voters. And launching scathing attacks on political opponents. And, of course, we know Kevin Rudd is already a big fan of social media himself, regularly tweeting and uploading videos to YouTube. And we see him out, taking selfies, almost on a daily basis. Two of the Obama campaigners have already arrived. Apparently the other one is due to touch down in the next few days. And that might just be in time for the beginning of the election campaign, because this week the Government will release its economic and fiscal update, and some see this as the last bit of housekeeping, the last box that Kevin Rudd needs to tick before he calls the election.And, of course, asylum seekers will be a big election issue. When is the first planeload of people due to arrive in Papua New Guinea?Well, the first group was due to be transferred last night from Christmas Island to Manus Island. But the plane that was coming in to pick them up wasn't able to land due to bad weather and it had to return to the mainland. Now, the asylum seekers, they were ready to go. They had already been transported to the tarmac. But the Department of Immigration says the delay could be up to 24 hours. So, although the plan was for the group to arrive on Manus Island this morning, that now looks unlikely to happen until tomorrow. We don't know a lot about the group that was due to be transferred, though reports are