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(generated from captions) I'm hoping that
all this extra information,

that we are in some small way

able to start a civil conversation
in Australia

that will encourage people,
not to drop strongly held views,

but at least to crave more
information on which to base them

and to have respectful conversations
with one another.

You know, all of our policies
should always have at the heart

an understanding that,
as everybody's being saying,

it's all about people in the end,
that's absolutely true.


You've heard and seen a lot.
What do you think now?

It was a life-changing experience.

My personal views have changed

and the things that we saw
affected us all pretty deeply.

Good to see you.
Good to see you.

Hello, how are you?

There he is.

It breaks your heart
to think that's your home

turned to crap by stupid damn war,

and what that does to the people
and their homes and...

I'm glad you see it that way
because I didn't think you would.

Just thank you.

For opening your heart and
your family to us, and your journey.

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This program is captioned live. The EU's top diplomat meets Egypt's ousted president. Kevin Rudd's PNG solution gets under way. NG solution gets under way. And the $15 billion cost of organised crime.

organised crime.
The EU's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, has become the first foreign official to meet Egypt deposed leader, Mohammed Morsi, who is still in military custody almost one month since being ousted. Tensions remain high in the Egyptian capital, where his supporters have bowed to hold more mass protests, more mass protests, despite authorities threatening to remove him. Catherine Ashton reportedly travelled by military helicopter to an undisclosed location to visit Mohammed Morsi. In Cairo on a mediation mission she insisted on meeting the ousted leader face-to-face. He is well.We had a friendly and open and very frank discussion. She says Morsi has access to TV and newspaper coverage of the country 's ongoing political crisis.She wouldn't elaborate on what was 't elaborate on what was said in the meeting as she seeks to find common ground between the opposing sides. She says the Egyptian people must find their own solutions. We are here to help.We are not here to impose the people of Egypt. They will determine their own future. eir own future. Those who are privileged to be in leadership positions have the responsibility to ensure y to ensure that happens. Earlier she held intensive arlier she held intensive talks with Egypt's military leader and vice president. The latter reassured Ashton everything was being done to preserve the ng done to preserve the blood of all Egyptians.Once we contain that violates, there won't be room for -- there will be room for a peaceful way of disbanding demonstrations.Ms Ashton that Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood, whose supporters remain on the streets of Cairo. Tensions remain high following the deaths of dozens of protesters on the weekend. They are planning more demonstrations, defying the latest warnings from army backed authorities.All rallies are peaceful and we will continue doing them to pressure the army out to pressure the army out of the political scene. The army is not the political force that is e that is supposed to direct this country.Tonight, international pressure is also building, with France's Foreign Minister demand Morsi be freed. The US has also condemned the latest wave of violence. Israeli and Palestinian officials will meet for a second day of talks in Washington. Peace negotiations have resumed for the first time in three years. in three years. The US has appointed a Sydney raised as appointed a Sydney raised diplomat as a special Middle East omat as a special Middle East envoy charged with keeping the talks going. He has just been appointed to the toughest job the toughest job in international diplomacy.It is a daunting and humbling challenge, but one that I cannot desist from.A former Sydney boy with a Ph.D. From the PNU, he has twice served as US ambassador to Israel. The only foreign-born appointment. An expert on the Middle East, his task is to keep Israel and k is to keep Israel and the Palestinians talking. He knows what has worked and he knows what hasn't worked.He knows how important it is to get this right.Last night, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators joined John Kerry for the traditional meal that breaks the Ramadan fast. President Obama has urged both parties to make some hard choices. Only the wildly optimistic would expect these talks to end with a peace accord.We live in a tough neighbourhood. To be optimistic is something we cannot afford. There is some hope.Initial talks are focusing on how to move forward. Negotiators will have to find common ground there before even considering talks efore even considering talks on major issues like Israeli settlements and the status of ts and the status of Jerusalem.It has been my conviction for 40 years that peace is possible. peace is possible.And he believes that will be eves that will be achieved by two states living side-by-side. The first asylum seekers to be sent to Papua New Guinea under Australia's new border policy are due to arrive tomorrow. It comes as the Coalition unveiled plans to build a tent city on Nauru to house thousands more people. Labor also supports an expansion of refugee processing on the Pacific island. Tony Abbott says the tiny Pacific nation of acific nation of Nauru can play a much greater role in offshore processing.We would be prepared to rapidly wrap up the capacity of Nauru to 2000 and beyond. It has promised it will set up a tent city to house 2000 asylum seekers. Accommodation could be expanded to 5000 places. Those found to be refugees would live in a refurbished village and be paid an allowance while they wait to be resettled in y wait to be resettled in a third country.What we will do is stop the boats and Nauru is an important element. Labor is also considering expanding processing on Nauru but it says the Opposition shouldn't have revealed how many d how many additional asylum seekers could be housed there.You don't set a limit on capacity. The moment you do that, you give people smugglers a target to fill.We are prepared to expand offshore processing facilities to whatever number we need.There are reports that a reports that a logistics company paid for Scott Morrison to visit Nauru, from where he Nauru, from where he made today's announcement. A company that could profit from an expansion of processing. There are many similarities between this announcement and etween this announcement and the Papua New Guinea plan, but the Government says there is a crucial difference, where refugees could be resettled. Labor says the Coalition hasn't matched its honest that asylum seekers at asylum seekers arrive without a visa will not be settled here.It leaves a window open the settlement which I think is very unwise. Tony Burke argues the plan is an acknowledgement that Tony back boats might work.Tony Abbott says he is s he is not putting all his banks -- eggs in one basket.We not saying Tony boats around on its own will do it. We not saying that one place on its own will do it.The first people sent to PNG under the new deal are expected to arrive in the next few days. Organised crime is ripping $15 billion from Australia's economy every year. A report by the Australian Crime Commission shows international crime n shows international crime networks are embracing the digital age and invading the everyday lives of Australians. In a stark reminder that organised crime is still a live and well in Australia, police investigate two fatal shootings in Sydney 's western suburbs. A 19-year-old with links to a party going -- party gang gunned down in suburban Bexley. In Earlwood, a man was shot several times. He died early this morning. Casualties of organised crime.And lot of these young men are living the lives of wannabe gangsters. When you live the life, unfortunately the life, unfortunately the reality is sometimes you will lose your life. This train crime commission's latest snapshot of organised crime in Australia confirms that that business is thriving.It is more powerful and pervasive than ever before.It is costing the country $15 billion a year. The Internet continues to pride -- provide new avenues for criminals to operate. They create a virtual supermarket for drugs, guns, Child pornography and other illicit materials.You can be -- do that over the net and have the drugs delivered straight to your door. The Minister says there is ister says there is proof Australian law enforcement is making it difficult for the criminals. A kilo of cocaine in Colombia is about $2500 US. In the US, the average price is more than $30,000. In Australia, it is $220,000.That is a markup of over 9000%. The report also warns investors are increasingly being targeted with some families losing my savings to bogus investment scams.Wouldn't it in the -- be better if people were a little bit more careful about their private information?And the report indicates that most Australians, even if they have no contact with illicit products, coming to conduct -- contact with organised crime at some point. Coming up: getting back to showmac - what do the shows participants think now?

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Firefighters have contained a mass -- massive fire at a propane gas plant in Florida after explosives forced mass evacuations. -- explosions. That is the sound of 50,000 gas cylinders exploding. About 26 workers were at the Blue Rhino plant near Orlando when the fire broke out. Seven people were injured, four are in a critical condition. Hope Francis has reached out to the gay community, saying they shouldn't be judged or marginalised. His stance on homosexual acts, as well as the ordination of women, seems unchanged. But Francis was farewelled by more than 2 million people as he ended his week-long visit to Brazil. On the ground he wooed worshippers and in the air he wooed reporters. He fielded more than 20 from Chugh was the inside a range of topics. -- fielded more than 20 questions on a range of topics.

The remarks were much more conciliatory to gays than those by his predecessor, but in doing so Pope Francis refer to the Catholic Church's universal to the Catholic Church's universal cake each, which says homosexual orientation isn't a sin, but sn't a sin, but homosexual acts are. -- catechism. He soon but the point is to welcome he point is to welcome and love one another.-- he is saying that the point is.Mr Kelly says he was also encouraged by the Pope choosing not to condemn questions surrounding gay marriage but on other issues the pontiff was more clear-cut. f was more clear-cut.

But Francis's comments may not have changed the churches long-standing doctrine but -standing doctrine but his changing tone has renewed some optimism. There has been a further transport disaster in Europe in the space of a week. Two passenger trains have collided in s have collided in western Switzerland, killing one of the drivers and injuring at least 35 people. In Spain, members of the Spanish royal family joined mourners at a memorial mass for the 79 people killed in last Wednesday 's train crash. In Italy, thousands have attended a mass funeral for the 38 victims of neral for the 38 victims of this week 's bus crash near Naples. Social media giant Twitter has launched a new reporting button for users who are

users who are victims of cyber abuse. Van Badham says no one can imagine what it magine what it is like to be attacked by online trolls. Threatening to rape you, slit your throat, making speculations about inserting objects into your body.I was quite physically intimidated that somebody could hate me that much. The feminist was bombarded with hateful tweets and says it is a growing problem. s it is a growing problem.Most women who speak up for themselves and then to have a en to have a public opinion to come in at some point for this level of trolling.In Britain, this woman campaigned to get Jane Austen on the newly designed £10 note. She then received 50 abusive tweets are now offer 12 hours.Nobody should be threatened with rape in a way which she has been. I have also been threatened. I have also been threatened.Here, Charlotte Dawson was hospitalised after Twitter abuse. Just last week, the wife of NRL star Greg Inglis Tomaselli, were subject to online racist slurs.Can be from humiliation and from humiliation and embarrassment to complete breakdown.Twitter says its job is to enable communication and to not moderate misogyny or other forms of online abuse, but it has given users the ability to report abusive tweets by pressing this button here. Accounts found to be in breach of the roles will then be suspended. will then be suspended. UK police have arrested a man in relation to threats made to Caroline Criado. Here, the Greg Walsh says Australia needs a better response.You need to have significant penalties, including the risk of imprisonment and heavy fines in order to provide an effective deterrent. Van Badham agrees but says the new reporting button is a positive step.I think it recognises p.I think it recognises abuses is a problem. Big punch and is yet to be installed across all platforms. -- the function. Well, after almost a year, SBS has rebroadcast series two of its ground-breaking 'Go Back to Where You Came From' program. The desperate stories and confronting images triggered fierce debate - both here and abroad. SBS has caught up with some of the participants - refugees and well known Australians - to see what they think about the asylum seeker issue now. A harrowing image of an asylum-seeker's coffin, just 10 weeks old. But this infant isn't alone. I'm so sad, my husband, our friends, they know and it's so sad. Just a baby, just four or three months old. No more. Really a small baby, very cute. The Khans are mourning the death of their friend Misraeli's baby, who also died after boarding a leaky boat from Indonesia. They know it could have been them. When 'Go Back to Where You Came From' found the Khans in Indonesia, they were considering coming by boat. I don't like to go by boat. Ali waited five years and tried to come illegally by boat twice. He knows it's not worth it. I think for five years I'm coming. I know more than 2,000 people have died, more than 2,000. As far as detention centres go, it's probably in the top 10% anywhere. How much do they charge you? About $5,000. Yeah, that's about the going rate. Former Defence Minister Peter Reith says the spirit of Labor's new policy could stop the boats, but the implementation is a fiasco. I think we've had about 1,200 arrivals since Mr Rudd made his changes. Actress Imogen Bailey says, a year on, Australia is still forgetting its moral obligations. Something could happen in Australia tomorrow and we could all be made refugees. Shock jock Michael Smith says people smugglers are still able to trade on what he calls the glittering prize of residency in Australia You've just got to say there's no more visas, no more access to the wonders, the glittering prize of residency Australia. They're not taking it off the table. They are pretending to. They are saying it's going to be in East Timor, maybe not, well it's going to be in Malaysia, maybe not, well it's definitely going to be in New Guinea - trust me, well maybe not. Somali refugee Abdi Aden has devoted his time since the show to a busy schedule of public speaking. After 'Go Back', a lot of people are saying come and talk to people because a lot of them are scared. One thing everyone agrees on, if the people smugglers could be stopped, the boats would stop.

To the Australian sharemarket, which managed to regain our children losses made earlier in the session. -- much of the losses made.

Coming up: the weather, and a long distance phone call to an astronaut.

WOMAN: I typed my name
and date of birth and, step by step, decades were crossed. When I was lost, my ancestry tree
showed me the way that lead to you and I saw you coming home. VOICEOVER: With the world's
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If you could ask an astronaut in space anything, what would it be? Students from an Italian school in Sydney at that chance thanks to NASA and the Italian space agency. It is the opportunity of a lifetime and the Italian bilingual school in Sydney beat hundreds of other schools for the chance to quiz an astronaut. There are so many questions to ask.I am really excited. They looked at me like, what are , what are you talking about?Can they were extremely enthusiastic. The students prepared for weeks, getting ready for the big moment. After a fearful start -- a fearful is starts...

Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano made his special appearance. He answered questions about life in space from the UK to scared to what is the to what is the temperature on the space to nation. -- do you get scared. I think it is a once in a lifetime experience. NASA is hoping these kinds of education sessions will get kids excited about science. It seems to be working.It was fun. Psy it was really amazing.


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bringing showers

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bringing showers and the odd thunderstorm to NSW in southern Queensland. Another southern Queensland. Another front is bringing in a low is bringing showers and the odd thunderstorm to NSW in southern Queensland. Another front is bringing if you like Shell to south-western Australia. The high is keeping the


that is the world

that is the world this Tuesday.

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