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This Program is Captioned Live. Welcome to Australia Votes, I'm Lyndal Curtis. Tonight - another day, another asylum seeker proposes an expansion to offshore processing proposes an expansion offshore processing on Nauru we
get reaction proposes an expansion to
offshore get reaction from Immigration Minister. And we Immigration Minister. infrastructure and a commission look at Coalition plans of audit with the Nationals leader. Also tonight - News Exchange Votes with Margaret Cargill.Cyber enabled crime costing Australians $1.7 billion a year. And the data that breaks down web search trends on asylum seekers. We look at how the States compare. That leads us to our ke today. We're asking whether media coverage of the asylum seeker policy has given you a thorough understanding of the issue.

It's back to Capital Hill in a moment. First here's Kumi Taguchi with a check of the news headlines.All employees working at a Florida propane facility where multiple explosions occurred are accounted for. Local news reports are suggesting the fire has burnt itself out. 7 people are in hospital, 3 of them critical. There were up to 26 people working in the plant at the time of the explosions. The first blasts happened inside the plant blowing the roof off, forcing officials to impose a 1 kilometre exclusion zone. Authorities don't know how the fire or explosions started. A man who was shot in the neck in Sydney's south a fortnight ago has been murdered just a few streets away. 18-year-old Bassil Hijazi died after being shot in Bexley last night. Hijazi, who had links to the Comanchero bikie gang, narrowly survived a shooting in the suburb a fortnight ago. Police

shooting is linked to another killing last night. The Government says more needs to be done to keep guns out of the be done to keep country.None of these guns that are used in these drive-bys are produced in this country. They're all brought into this country. They all come in through our borders. And it's so important that the Federal Government uphold their end of the bargain to our State police jurisdictions by ensuring that our borders are not porous, are in fact as secure as they possibly can. If drugs are coming in, guns are coming in, God knows potentially what else could be coming in, it's so important that the federal agencies entrusted with the responsibility of looking after this nation's borders are refocused, resourced and are committed to do the job.Police say there's still no indication what was planned for a stockpile of explosive material found at a rented property at Ipswich west of Brisbane. Two men were hurt in a blast in Clay Street last week. One of them has since been charged. For the past 6 days the bomb squad has been scouring the home and have carried out almost 20 controlled detonations. Courtney Wilson reports from Ipswich.Bomb squad officers have literally been on their hands and knees combing the grounds of this West Ipswich home in search of any more sign of explosive materials. It's now the 6th day of this emergency situation since an initial incident last Thursday when a 37-year-old man lost several fingers and was critically injured in a blast. Since that time police say they've found more than a kilogram of explosive materials at the residents and they've been forced to set off more than 16 controlled detonations. Now opposite the house in question a Bunnings warehouse is under construction and police have confirmed an alleged incident there in mid May when a device, allegely with the same type of explosive materials, was found rigged to a gate accessed by work - workers. No-one was injured in that incident but charges have been laid. A 43-year-old man has been appeared in court and is remanded to appear till August. They haven't ruled out the possibility of any further explosions should they find any more dangerous materials.A coroner has recommended landlords in Victoria be required to check gas appliances every 2 years in an effort to minimise the risk of carbon Mo niex yied poisoning. It follows an inquest into the It follows deaths of two boys as a result of a deaths of two boys as a of a gas leak in their rented home 3 years ago.The coroner has confirmed that carbon Mo niex yied emitting from a faulty gas heater was responsible for the deaths of two young boys in Victoria's north-east in 2010. 8-year-old Chase Robinson and his