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The political face-off on asylum policy continues - the Coalition unveils plans to house thousands in a tent city on Nauru. links to the Comancheros revealed to be one of two links to the revealed to be one of two men shot dead in Sydney overnight. Two Australian monks accused of sexually abusing pupils at one of Scotland's most prestigious Catholic schools. And, Christian Sprenger takes Australia's first gold at the Australian Swimming World Championships. You're watching ABC News 24, I'm Nick Grimm.

The Australian sharemarket down ahead of a key speech by RBA governor Glenn Stevens. We'll check figures later. First of all, Manus, now Nauru. The number of beds planned in Pacific nations for Australia's asylum seekers is rapidly expanding. The Coalition wants to increase capacity on Nauru by more than 2,000 places. Labor's been considering an increase of about that size, but is deeply critical of the way the Opposition's gone about it. Military tents are a temporary solution for offshore processing while centres are built, but the Opposition has more permanent plans. It wants to erect a tent city on Nauru