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(generated from captions) Pthe This Program is Captioned Live.Hello, I'm Nicole Chettle, welcome to this national edition of ABC News. Who's the toughest on asylum seekers? The Coalition unveils plans to house thousands in a tent city on Nauru.Counting the cost of organised crime, the $15 billion industry now infecting every day life. Organised crime is now more powerful, more pervasive, more complex than ever before.The Pope strikes a conciliatory tone with gay Catholics.And out of sight, out of mind, the British push to cover up lads mags in store.

First Manus, now Nauru. The number of beds planned in Pacific nations for Australia's asylum seekers can rapidly expanding. The Coalition wants to increase capacity on Nauru by more than 2,000 places. Labor's been considering an increase of about that size but is deeply critical of the way the Opposition has gone about it. Here's political reporter James Glenday.Military tents are a temporary solution for offshore processing while centres are built.But the Opposition has more permanent plans. It wants to erect a tent city on Nauru to house more than 2,000 people.We would be prepared to rapidly ramp up the capacity of Nauru to 2,000 and beyond.Under a 5-year Coalition plan the island could beyond.Under a become home to a village for become home Morrison made the announcement after refugees. Front bencher Scott after touring the current centre which was severely damaged during riots earlier this month.I mean I've been around talking to locals over the last couple of days and they remain very supportive of having the facility here.The boats keep coming and both sides of politics are looking at ways of expanding the offshore detention network. The Immigration Minister says he's already discussed expansion plans with Nauru and claims the Opposition's comments centre's size will help people smugglers.It's childish. You don't set a limit on capacity. The moment you do that you give people smugglers a target to fill.With an election looming both sides of politics have made a series of border protection announcements in recent weeks. The Greens and human rights groups are again calling on the major parties to stop trying to outdo one another. The military is currently helping expand the Manus Island detention centre and the first asylum seekers to be processed under Labor's Papua New Guinea deal are due to be sent there in the coming days. Labor insists the deal is a deterrent but more than 1,300 people have arrived by boat since it was first announced. An 18-year-old man wa with links to the Comanchero bikie gang is one of two men fatally shot in Sydney last night. The shootings happened within 30 minute ts of each other but police don't believe they're linked. Reporter Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop is in Earlwood in Sydney's inner west. The teenage victim actually survived another shooting 2 weeks ago?That's right. Bassil Hijazi survived an attempt on his life. Several gun shots were fired at him just 2 weeks ago in Bexley and police said he was very lucky to survive. Not nuck I will at all last night though. He was in a car park in Bexley when a number of shots were fired into his upper body. He survived only for a few minutes. A number of locals heard the gun shots. They say they came to his aid. They've told us they saw him lying face down in a pool of blood in that car park at Bexley and they were on the phone to ambulance officers as they tried to resus - resuscitate him but sadly they failed. He died within minutes. Now the homicide commander, Mick Willing has told us he's - that the homicide squad has created a strike force to investigate this death, that he's worried people might be too afraid to pass on information to police. Here's what he told us an hour or so earlier.The persons responsible for these crimes do not care about the public. They are reckless. We do care and that's why I'm standing here today, this morning again, asking for assistance from the
public asking for public in solving these crimes.So Sean, what can public in solving crimes.So Sean, what can you
tell us about public in solving these
crimes.So Sean, tell us about that second
shooting crimes.So Sean, what can you
tell us shooting at erm - Earlwood?The second shooting took place just behind ne at a home behind me. You might be able to see a white 4 WD parked in a driveway. That's where this shooting took place 15 minutes before Bassil Hijazi was shot dead. A 35-year-old man was shot a number of times at his home. Now he was rushed to hospital but within hours he died and police have set up another strike force to investigate that murder.So Sean, what's behind these shootings?Look, police don't think that these two murders are linked even though they took place within 15 minutes of each other in neighbouring suburbs. The man who was shot in the house behind me I'm told had no known links to bikie gangs but 18-year-old Bassil Hijazi had links to the Comanchero bikie gang which is involved in a deadly turf war with the Hells Angels. Interestingly though, it's believed that this murder might have nothing to do with that turf war, instead an internal feud within the Comancheros. The expansion of the Comanchero into this part of Sydney, Sydney's south, they set up a new chapter earlier this year and we're told that didn'tside sit well with the rest of the Comanchero bikie gang. In fact that clubhouse was stormed by fellow bikies just last month and police are investigating whether that internal feud is behind the murder of Bassil hi zwraz Police have discovered more bombs at a home in Ipswich west of Brisbane. Two men were injured in an explosion last Thursday and one remains in Thursday and one remains in a serious condition. Courtney Wilson is in Ipswich. Courtney, how much explosives have the police found and are they how much explosives have confident they have police found and are all?Well, the police are saying confident they have it
all?Well, saying they've already found more than a kilogram of explosive material here at this West Ipswich house but the search isn't over. It's now the 6th day of this emergency situation here in Clay Street in West Ipswich. The bomb squad resumed searching this morning and just after 10:00 more suspicious material was found and since that time there's been 3 more controlled

detonations today. There was 5 yesterday and that brings the total to 17 controlled explosions here's in West Ipswich since just last week where of course it all started with the initial blast on Thursday where a man lost several fingers and was critically injured and he remains in hospital in Brisbane.And there's been a new development today, the injured men are now facing charges related to an incident at a hardware chain?That's right. They're actually constructing a new Bunnings opposite the property in question here in West Ipswich and police have confirmed that in mid may there was an incident where a device was found rigged to the gate that was accessed by workers and in it was similar type of explosive materials. Police say no-one was injured in that incident but charges have been laid. A 43-year-old man appeared in Ipswich court yesterday. He was remanded in custody and he will have to reappear in court in August.Courtney Wilson, thank you.The latest report into organised crime shows it costs Australia $15 billion a year. Violence between rival gangs and the illicit drugs trade is taking a toll but it seems that criminals aren't diversifying their consumers through investment scams, credit card fraud and money laundering schemes. The nation's top crime fighters launched the report in Brisbane today and reporter Maria Hatzakis is there. Organised crime is becoming more and more complex?It is, it is. It's no longer restricted to borders and it's becoming harder and harder for authorities to actually control and track. Now the Internet has played a large role in this. We've seen organisations based all over the world and are targeting Australias like Australia, the US, the wealthier countries like the UK, Canada, places like that because we simply have the wealth here to attract criminals to our country, to our shores because they simply gain a lot by coming here. Now, authorities are doing what they can to tackle the problem but the main obstacle that they're facing is the fact that the problem is just increasing and there's only so much that authorities can do at this stage. They're trying to boost the community's awareness to make people more aware of the dangers so that they're more alert and less at risk at things like card skimming scams, credit card fraud and things like that.What more can you tell us about how technology is actually
compounding the

compounding the problem?The Internet is playing a large role. The role. The Internet's making our lives easier but it's also making the lives of criminals easier as well. Because just as we can communicate much better so can crime syndicates around the world. So criminals can be based in different countries around the world and liaise with each other and organise themselves better just as we can. So just as we use technology to help ourselves and just as business uses technology to its advantage, so do criminals. So there are a number of ways that the Internet is helping to facilitate crime around the world and we've heard a little bit about how much the problem is costing the wealth. We heard from Jason Clare earlier today.This is a sobering report. It tells us that organised crime is now more powerful, more pervasive, more complex than ever before and there's one statistic in the report that stood out to me as I read it. Organised crime worldwide, and now makes more than $870 billion a year.Maria Hatzakis speaking there from Brisbane.Now 2 Australian monks have been accused of sexually abusing pupils at a Scottish Catholic boarding school over a period spanning 30 years. One of the men has since died and the other is living in Sydney. A BBC investigation uncovered evidence of decades of sexual and physical abuse at the now closed Fort Augustus Abbey School and its feeder school.This Benedictline Abbey run asschool.It looks for all the world like an idyllic childhood. For decades devout Catholics entrusted their children to the men of God at Fort Augustus Abbey. Only now 20 years after the school closed is it clear that 20 years closed is it clear that some of those children closed is it those children were betrayed. Donald MacLeod was 13 when he was sent to the Abbey in 1961 and his childhood was far from idyllic and he blames this monk, an Australian.Pulled my trousers down. It was horrible. Painful.Father Duggan died before the crimes here came to light. The BBC has spoken to more than 50 former pupils. More than a third described physical violence, 6 alleged sexual abuse.He abused me, closed the curtains so no-one would see. I used to cry at night. Saying our prayers at night and then I used to just cry, cry.I'm very sorry, very sorry about any abuse that may have been committed at Fort Augustus, any abuse that may have been committed at any Bendictine school or anywhere for that matter.What happened here at Fort Augustus leaves many questions for the Catholic Church. How much was known? What was done to stop it? And what's being done now to investigate? The police have now begun an inquiry Wu for the boys who were abused here it comes decades too late.A second monk named in that BBC investigation is Father Dennis Alexander Chrysostom who lives in Sydney. He refused to answer when allegations were put to him. The Catholic Church says he no longer performs priestly duties. It's now been confirmed he is being investigated by police.The FBI has carried out its largest ever operation against child sex trafficking arresting 150 people in the US over the past 3 days. More than 105 children were rescued from truck stops, hotels and casinos where they were forced to work as prostitutes. The FBI says the youngest was 9 years old. Sex trafficking among children remains one of the most prevalent, violent and unconscionable crimes in this country.The sting was carried out in 76 cities, the FBI described the suspect as pimps and charged them with holding children against their will for prostitution.The Iraqi Government has blamed Al-Qaeda for a wave of car bombings around the country. At least 50 people were killed and 200 injured in coordinated attacks that targeted mainly Shia areas during rush hour. It's some of the worst violence since 2008 when Iraq was emerging from a bloody sectarian conflict. TRANSLATION: We were standing here when a pick up truck drove up and parked there. Where two other cars were parking. Minutes later the car with the bomb went off.The UN estimates that nearly 3,000 people have been killed since April.The Egyptian army has warned president Mohamed supporters of the clear
president Mohamed Morsi to stay clear of supporters of the ousts
president Mohamed clear president Mohamed Morsi to stay protests planned for later clear of military areas during today. protests planned for today. Morsi supporters say they want a million people to they turn out against what they say is a military-backed turn out against what they is a military-backed coup. The
ABC's is a military-backed ABC's Philip Williams reports ABC's Philip Williams from Cairo.In the summer from Cairo.In the oppressive
summer heat, supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi stand their ground.The police are hooligans, they chant, everyone here is preparing for an expected assault. TRANSLATION: We will stay here until the legitimate president returns. We will not leave unless our president is free and all of his rights are restored. They will have to bomb us to make us leave. Troops stationed in the capital and beyond are awaiting their orders. Everyone watching for the next move. The tension building on both sides.EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton met the interim President and the Foreign Minister in Cairo trying to calm a volatile situation but a spokesman for the President made it clear this is an Egyptian problem to be solved internally. Away from the protests, the city looks normal but the tran quillity of the Nile belies a nation in turmoil. The Muslim Brotherhood has showed for a massive show of force later today. They want a million people in the streets and time is running out for a country short on tolerance and democracy.Everyone's hoping with this brief respite that some lasting peace can be negotiated but given the gulf between the two sides that's probably wishful thinking. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians are under way in Washington for the first time in 3 years. The US President has welcomed the new there's hard work and hard choices ahead. there's hard work choices ahead. North America correspondent Lisa Millar reports.Three years after the last attempt ground to a halt, another bid for peace.I know the negotiations are going to be tough but I also know that the consequences of not trying could be worse.This time Australian educated Martin Indyk, a veteran of Middle East diplomacy will take the lead.Eunderstands that Israeli Palestinian peace will not come easily and it will not happen overnight. But he also understands that there is now a path forward and we must follow that path with urgency.It is a daunting and humbling challenge but one that I cannot desist from.He's been given a time line of 9 months with most of the meetings expected to take place in the region. Israel's agreement to release more than 100 Palestinian prisoners helped get the talks this far but on the ground there's little hope they will go much further. TRANSLATION: Since 1967 till now we had too many talks that reached to no point. We reached a point that we begged the Jews to go to pray.It's about time we had these talks. Unfortunately I don't believe anything good will come out of it.President Obama welcomed the fact the talks are under way but he cautioned hard work and hard choices lie ahead. No-one's under any illusions, they've all witnessed the disappointments of the past.The US team though is convipsed - convinced it is possible with two States side by side existing in peace.Pope Francis says it's not his place to judge homosexuals and that devai gay people should be integrated into society. He's reaching out to women as well saying they should be given a bigger role in the Church. The BBC reports.When the Pope left Rio 2 million turned out to see him off, with an extraordinary combination of charisma and humility, Pope Francis won the hearts of this sea of humanity. At 30,000 feet a more intimate conversation. The 76-year-old Pope stood for almost 1.5 hours answering every question put to him by journalists. Asked about a homosexual lobby in the Vatican Pope Francis said that although lobbying was bad, a person should not be judged on their sexual orientation. If a person is gay and seeks God, he said, and has good will, who am I to judge him?The Pope did say active homosexuality was sinful but this was a markedly more conciliatory tone than his predecessors and one that's delighted gay Catholics.I think it's a step in the right direction. I don't think it's quite enough. Because the Catholic Church is seen quite negatively externally and internally Catholics - well gay Catholics choose either to leave the Catholic entirely or to move to another
denomination which entirely or to move denomination which may be much
more accepting entirely or to move to another
denomination more liberal.Pope Francis is simple and direct liberal.Pope Francis is and direct manner has touched a and chord among Roman Catholics. He's refused to live in the grand papal apartment, shuns robes and is ferried around in a Ford Focus. He washed the feet of two women, including a young Muslim, at a young offenders centre last Easter. A an

It's not the role of the pope to construct Church law on the spur of the moment and everything Pope Francis has said falls well short of changing official Catholic doctrine. But in the way he interprets the teaching of the Church the Pope has enormous power. And clearly the radical change of style under Pope Francis has captured the imagination of Catholics in Britain just as it has in Brazil.The Pope's position is very powerful because he's so prominent, he can be easily seen and because he leads the Church and the way he's been leading the Church since he became Pope is by very personal example.Back home this evening Pope Francis placed a memento of his trip reverently on the alter of a church in Rome. He understands the power of gesture and is clearly ready to use it.

Time now for a markets and here's Alicia Barry and Woolworths sales numbers are out?That's right and they've seen a solid rise in its full-year sales but says fuel discounting has hurt its earnings. Revenue from fuel sales dropped 2.3% for the year. Yesterday the competition watchdog announced an investigation into fuel promotions by Coles and Woolworths across all businesses sales at Woolworths rose h.8% to almost $59 billion for the full year. To the market reaction and shares in Woolworths initially fell 3% on around 2%. Wesfarmers, the Kohner of Coles, isn't down as much.

The Aussie dollar is weaker against the greenback after the release of weaker than expected building numbers.The social networking site Twitter has responded to calls demanding action against online abuse. It started when the campaigning to get Jane Austen featured on bank notes received dozens of threatening tweets. Twitter is now considering adding a butter to report abuse. How far should a social network police its users when they post offensive and perhaps criminal content. That's the question facing twister - Twitter.Caroline seen here in the red dress, campaigned to get the author Jane Austen on the newly designed £10 note. She was then subject to 50 abusive tweets an hour for 12 hours. A man was yesterday arrested in connection with threats.Now the abuse has
found a new focus, MP Stella Creasy who supported Caroline and has been on the receiving end of threats threatening to rape her outside her home this evening.Nobody should be threatened with rape in the way she has been. Unfortunately now I have also been threatened in this same way in the last 24 hours, again by a number of similar characters. They set up different accounts so we've been reporting that to the police as well.Sthe wants Twitter to review its systems for reporting abuse and today the company responded.Twitter says individual tweets can be reported for abuse on its latest iPhone app using a button here but the feature doesn't yet exist on other platforms. It also says it will suspend accounts that once reported are found to be in breach of its rules. But material is notoriously hard.It's extremely difficult to regulate or police the Internet in general really because many of the social network platforms we're dealing with now are based outside the UK, based in the US so it's hard to say which law is going to apply to them.A campaign that started with Jane Austen has resulted in a storm about the limits of free expression. Twitter faces a day's boycott next month if it fails to take further action.Former Sharks player Isaac Gordon is suing
his player Isaac Gordon is his former club laming severe side effects from the supplements his former club laming supplements program. The case
could have side effects from the could have ramifications for
other supplements program. The case could other NRL and AFL players who may have unwittingly been caught up in experimental or illegal drug programs. For more I'm joined by James Charara from Shine Lawyers who is representing Isaac Gordon. How serious were the health problems he experienced?At the time sigh Zach was involved with the supplement program the health problems were serious warranting medical investigation and hospitalisation. He's had tests for cancer as well as a result of some of the side effects he experienced.And there were reports suggesting if he'd suffered a knonge to the head , for instance, he could have died?That's correct. He did have blood thinning of a certain nature whereby subsequent to tests that he undertook the doctor said if he had a knock to the head as a result of playing in a game he could have passed away.You're suggesting the club has been negligent. What implications could this have for other codes for instance, the AFL and Essendon?On the instructions we've received my view is they have been negligent. If any club or code has conducted themselves in a way which has exposed their playerors to illegal substances, considered banned by ASADA or not suitable for human consumption, then our view would be there is a course of action for the players to explore and they would be entitled to seek damage whether it's in way of negligence, breach of contact or negligent tort.You're saying potentially if a player in the future is banned because of their views to illegal substances they could sue their club?Absolutely, provide they'd weren't aware of the substances they were taking at the time, similar to Isaac's situation where he had no knowledge, then they are more than entitled to explore those options.Thank you.One of the UK's major supermarket chains is threatening to stop selling
lads magazines featuring topless and bikini clad women unless topless and unless the publishers start supplying the mag zeeps sealed in opaque bags.The heat is on and the publishers of lads mags are making the most of it. are making the most available
Adult titles like these are available only on the top shelf. But the Cooperative Group says they will be removed from their 4,000 stores completely if the publishers don't start covering them up in sealed modesty bags.Our members, and our customers have raised concerns with us when they go into our stores there are certain types of covers they don't think it's appropriate to be on display where children are.Not all customers agree the measure is necessary.Well, something like that, I mean no, I don't suppose - I don't think there's anything wrong with it.I think they're inoffensive really.I don't have an issue with that. It makes it look worse by having a black bag put around it.Women's magazines like these are not being targeted.The problem is Co-op is proposing is a half measure that allows them to continue profiting from sexist lads mags but more discreetly.The Co-op has placed these black covers in front of some magazines but the company says that's not enough because what's happening is people are picking up the magazine, having a quick flick through and then placing it back on the shelf for anyone to see.The trade body the Professional Publishers Association says publishers support the guidelines on the appropriate display of men's lifestyle magazines which have been drawn up with the National Federation of Retail News Agents and endorsed by the Home Office. If the Co-op campaign succeeds lads who want to flick through these magazines will soon have to start actually paying for them.'Legally Blonde' the Musical was the big winner at the anu-Helpmann Awards held in Sydney last of the
night. The musical took out 5 of the most coveted awards including best musical, best direction and choreography. Entertainment reporter Ann-Maria Nicholson has more. For the 13th year the Helpmann Awards honoured the best Australian performers of the year. Sydney Theatre Company's production of the secret River rr won 4 major awards including best new Australian work and best play. Colin Friels won best actor for his role in Death of a Salesman and Geoffry Rush picked up best actor in a musical. 'Legally Blonde' cleared up in the musical stakes with best musical prize, best direction.Opera Australia's Sal Mei won best opera. And the Blues Fest at buy Ron Bay was voted best contemporary music festival.Before we go, let's take a quick look at the national weather.

And that's the news for now, our next full bulletin on ABC 1 is at 5:30 and don't forget there's news whenever you want it on ABC News 24 or online at'm Nicole Chettle, have a good afternoon. Chettle, have a good Closed Captions by CSI.

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