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This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Amelia Adams.Good morning. It is Sydney's gun war has claimed another two lives in separate shootings in the city's South Australia west. One of the victims, an 18-year-old man, has narrowly survived a similar attack just a fortnight ago. We will go straight to Nine's Natalia Cooper. Natalia, good morning. Firstly, take us through the details of the Bexley shooting?Amelia, the 18-year-old killed here in Bexley last night was BasilHajazi who has the links with the comchair rows bikie gang. He was targeted a few streets away from where we are now and he was shot in the neck a few weeks ago. He told us from his hospital bed he was incredibly lucky to have survived ta time. Last night around 9:45 he was gunned down in a car park here in Bexley. We believe he was shot up to five times in the neck and chest. He was raced to St George Hospital, but he was pronounced dead on arrival. We spoke to a local resident here in Bexley earlier today. Let's hear from her now.It is quite sad. He is young and all of this just needs to stop. Yep. We have got children and we don't want this to continue. Natalia, what can you tell us about the second shooting?Well, the second shooting happened within minutes of the Bexley shooting and just a suburb away in Earlwood, a 35-year-old father Vaco Madkovski was killed inside his home. We believe he was shot a number of times. He was also taken to St George Hospital with those gunshot wounds. He underwent surgery overnight, but sadly he was pronounced dead early this morning. Last night, after the shooting happened, his distraught relatives gathered around that home. This morning police have appealed for anyone who has any information about either of these shootings to please contact Crime Stoppers. Let's hear from police now.People out there know who are responsible for the deaths of those persons overnight. The persons responsible for these crimes do not care about the public. They are reckless. We do care. That is why I am standing here today, this morning again, asking for assistance from the public in solving these crimes.So after a spate of shootings right across Sydney, there have been two more overnight and this morning two men are dead.Natalia, thank you. We will talk to you later the bulletin for another update. There has been another bomb explosion at a west Ipswich home this morning after bomb experts uncovered more highly dangerous chemicals at the property. 15 controlled detonations have now taken place at the house which was allegedly used as a bomb- making factory. Three men are injured, one critically, after the first explosion last Thursday night. The blast had the entire community on edge, including the homeowner. He was concerned about what had happened here and obviously he is quite concerned about the property in germ now after five days of the controlled explosions.Police have charged one of the injured men with a series of explosives and drugs charges. The 43-year-old man will appear in court on Monday. An 18- year-old man has been killed and three others injured after a car flipped in Sydney's west overnight. Police found the body of a teenager on the sedan's roof, following reports the car was doing burnouts at Marsden Park. Three other passengers ran from the saerpbgs but were tracked down by the police dog squad a short time later. They were taken to hospital and now are helping police with their inquiries. Thousands of asylum seekers will live in a tent city on Nauru if the Coalition wins Government. It is an extension to the Opposition's hardline policy and comes as the Government prepares to send the first plane load of people to Manus Island as part of its PNG solution. John O'Doherty joins us now from Canberra. Morning, John. Take us through the details.Hi, Amelia. The Coalition wants to establish this tent city for at least five years and it would accommodate a minimum of 2,000 people, possibly as many as 5,000. Now, this is the latest edition to the Coalition's suite of policies to try to stop asylum seekers and the Opposition says it is a cheaper and faster option, compared to Manus Island. Now, Tony Abbott spoke about this just a short time ago. Let's hear from him now.We would be using tents initially because that is what you have to do if you are going to ramp up a combination very quickly -- accommodation very quickly and we may need a very significant accommodation capacity on Nauru.Immigration Minister Tony Burke has responded and he says that expanding capacity on Nauru is a good thin, but he warns publicly disclosing the capacity as the Coalition has, won't put people smugglers out of business. Have a listen.To put the figure of 2,000 on it at a time where people smugglers in the current surge have been getting more than 1,000 people in a week, means that effectively the Coalition are putting up in lights "if you want to overwell m the policy, here is how".Mean why, the Government is preparing for the first transfer of asylum seekers to Manus Island. Reports are that is likely to be a transfer of 40 metropolitan, so know women or children, and that transfer could happen as early as tonight.Alright, John. We will leave it there for now. Thank you for that. Four children who were hit by an outof control car at their Adelaide primary school have been releaseed from hospital. Nine's Will McDonald joins us now from the school. Will, good morning. What more can you tell us about the children?Yes, good morning, Amelia. It is certainly a very scary incident that happened here at Prescott Primary in Adelaide's north-eastern suburbs. The victims, the four children, were all aged between 5 and 11 and I can tell you they were all from the one family. This incident happened in front of their very own mum. Yesterday afternoon as the kids were leaving school, a black four-wheel drive suddenly lurched forward. It is believed the driver hit the accelerator instead of the brick. The car pinned the children against the wall. Another person had to step in and reverse the car so the children could be freed and paramedics were called to treat them. They were taken to hospital last night, but thankfully - although there were fears they had injuries to their lower bodies - delay were allowed to go home toll their very relieved parents and that is where they are recovering now. I spoke to the school's principal a little earlier. We have counsellors in at the school today just helping us to work through this with the kids because it happened at a time when everyone was heading home and so a lot of people in the car park when this happened.Yeah, incredibly frightening for everybody there. What is the mood like this morning? Yeah, well, everyone is just a little bit shaken, very much so, Amelia, as you can imagine. A lot of people, as we heard, witnessed this incident and parents and other students came in to help these four kids before paramedics arrived. I guess everyone is trying to rally around each other and support each other. Here is what one parent had to say.She was a little bit upset so we spoke about it on the way home and consoled her it was going to be alright and luckily it was and the kids are OK.Now, police are still investigating this incident,. The driver of the car was taken to hospital in shock. They are yet to speak to her directly. As we have just heard, it turned out as - a very good result for everyone a very lucky escape for these young kids.Indeed. Will, thank you for that. Will McDonald there in Adelaide. Two men have been released without charge after Melbourne police seized guns and drugs during a raid on a bikie clubhouse in the city's east. The Bayswater base was searched as part of an ongoing investigation into the attempted assassination of Bandidos' enforcer Toby Mitchell. A 35-year-old is expected to be charged with drug-related offences while a 46-year-old man was released as police await forensic results from firearms tests more than 100 child vibgts of sex trafficking have been rescued in the US as part of an FBI crackdown on underage prosecution. Agents arrested 150 people in a series of raids across 76 cities. All of the rescued children were aged between 13 and 17 years old.Despite our many challenges, those who exploit children should know that we, this team, will continue to seek them out and bring them to justice.It is the largest child sex trafficking sting in US history. The fixture of the 2015 world cricket Cup has been announced at a launch in Melbourne this morning. After much speculation, the MCG was chosen tow host the final in front of a packed room that included the Prime Minister and of course many cricket legends. Let's go to Seb Costello with the details. Morning, Seb. Sounds like some big names in attend dense there this morning. There were, Amelia. You mentioned the Prime Minister. He rubbed shoulder was the likes of Ian Chappell in announcing the team pools and also the host cities for the upcoming 2015 world cricket Cup and although this tournament is a partnership between Australia and New Zealand, there was much jostling between the mayor cities as to who exactly will hole the final and just like it was 23 years ago, the last time Australia hosted the World Cup, the MCG in Melbourne will stage the final in 2015. Australia is in pool A and will take on the likes of England, Sri Lanka and New Zealand, avoiding powerhouses like South Africa and India who will make up group B. Talking about big names in attend the session was opened by the great Mr Denis little lee who talked up the event.This will attract people if all over the world and it is likely to be watched on television by a billion viewers - a billion viewers. We look forward to welcoming them to our shores.He was followed by the Prime Minister, who announced $150 million in stadium upgrade funding a also shared some of his own memories of the great Australian fast bowler. As kids growing up, going to watch Denis and Thomo at the Gabba in Brisbane and just wondering how missiles like that would ever be launched from a human hand. Australia's campaign will also start at the MCG against England and though it is just around 18 months away, Amelia, we will look forward to watching all of the action on the Nine Network.Great stuff. Exciting news, Seb. Thank you. It has been a Daz lip day in the pool at the World Championships. Christian Sprenger was in absolute shock when he touched the wall first in the 100m breast stroke final, becoming the first Aussie to claim gold at the Barcelona meet. COMMENTATOR: Christian Sprenger of Australia with a great last 15m is going to outtouch VanderBeurgh for the gold.Alicia Coutts took her medal tally to three silvers and we will have a full wrap-up of all of the action in the pool as well as the celebrations with local boy Christian Sprenger coming up later in sport. We often hear that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge commonly referred to as Kate and Wills and it seems their baby son has already scored a nick name, provided by none other than Grandfather Charles. The Prince of Wales joked with well-wishers at a festival in south east England that the little prince will be known as Georgie in no time alt all. The littliest royal is now a week old, tucked away at mum Katherine's family home in Bucklebury. Now to the weather.

Stay with us. Still to come this morning, a world-first cancer drug to be made more affordable for Australian melanoma patients. Also, breaking ranks - the Pope talks candidly about homosexuality and accepting gay previouss. The Melbourne teenager declared the Rubik's Cube champion - we will tell you how This program is not captioned. WOMAN: I typed my name
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A breakthrough treatment for melanoma patients will be subsidised in Australia within days. Yervoy, the world's first drug to prolong the lives of people suffering from advanced melanoma, is set to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme on Thursday. The drug costs $120,000 and can be used by patients if the deadly skin cancer has spread or can't be removed by surgery. Those patients will be reimbursed the cost of the drug under the PBS. Melanoma kills approximately 300,000 Australians every year. Some people have been injured, some seriously, after a train slammed no another in Switzerland. It happened near the city of Lucerne. Meantime, a memorial service has been held in Spain for the 78 people who did when a train derailed and slammed into a concrete wall last week. The driver has been charged. Pope Francis has reached out to the homosexual community, saying he won't judge priests on their sexual orientation. Speaking to journalists on his flight home from Brazil the Catholic leader was remarkably frank in his first news conference, even commenting on the role of women in the church. (APPLAUSE) Plane speaking from the Pontiff. Returning from Brazil Pope Francis came back to meet the media for more than an hour. There were jokes. (LAUGHTER) And there was policy. In 2005, his predecessor Pope Benedict had ruled that gay men should not be priests. Francis said gay clergymen should be forgiven and their sins forgotten. TRANSLATION: If a person is gay and seeks God and has good yoin will, who am I to judge him?The remark came after a successful trip to Brazil. This he scorned bulletproof glass getting close to the faithful and from the airborne press conference there were lips to his liberalism - he reaffirmed the view that although being homosexual is not sinful, homosexual acts are. Pope Francis was trying to separate the person from his or her sins. In many ways he was reiterating longstanding Catholic teaching that you can't identify a person with the worst of their character, which are their sins.On the role of women in the church he said they cannot be lipped to being altar girls, but women priests? TRANSLATION: With regards to the ordination of women, the church has spoken and says no. That door is closed.His Brazil trip had ended with him celebrating mass along with an estimated 3 million people on Rio's Copacabana Beach. Then a helicopter trip over the city... Followed by this memorable meeting with the media at 20,000ft. A Melbourne teenageer has beaten more than 500 competitors from 37 countries to take out the World Rubik's Cube Championships. Nick Xenophon kept the fans waiting after three days of competition in Las Vegas. He solved the puzzle in an average of 8.18 seconds, just shy of his best result. The speed- cuber won $3,000 for the impressive feat. Stay with us. Still ahead this morning, massage therapy. The radical new plan to combat bullying in schools. Also, how a man survives a terrifying encounter with a polar bear. And an Aussie boy band's embarrassing tumble during a shopping centre performance.

This program is not captioned. A radical massage program has been introduced as a number of Australian schools in a controversial way to wipe out bullyingment the initiative teaches primary school-aged kids to do neck and shoulder massages. It is being used in 60 classrooms across the country. Students involved in the program have shown reduced levels of aggression, stress and anxiety. A man in Canada has had a terrifying encounter with a polar bear at a national park in the country's north-east. The 48-year- old hiker had to be airlifted to hospital after he was dragged from his tent by the animal. This morning Matthew Die year is reportedly recovering from bite wounds and other injuries after being brutaly mauled by a polar bear. Dyer was camping inside this national park near when a polar bear broke through a portable electric fence. The bear dragged the 48-year-old lawyer out of his tent, viciously attacking him, as other campers watched in horror, firing signal flares. Die year was airlifted to the hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. In the wild or in captivity, polar bears have attacked people. In 2009 this incredible video was captured at the Berlin Z when this woman recklessly entered a polar bear enclosure. This video, shot by a wildlife photographer, shows how dangerous polar bears in the wild can be. Watch as Gordon Bow canon is charged by a 1,000lb, 8ft-tall polar bear. He was inside an enclosure.They are one of the most powerful animals on the planet, one of the most intimidating on the planet and one of the few animals that see us as food.Matthew Die year now knows first-hand. Boy band What About Tonight has been left red-faced after a performance at a Sydney shopping centre. They were performing their latest single in North Rocks when a table they were sitting on collapsed.(LAUGHTER) The boys brushed off the unfortunate tumble, high-fiving each other and then finishing their performance. Still to come on Nine's Morning News Hour - Sydney's gun crime turns fatal. Two men gunned down in separate shootings. We are live to our reporter at the scene with the latest details. Also a tent city on Nauru - the latest future of the Coalition's asylum seeker policy. And golden boy - Brisbane celebrates - after Christian Sprenger claims victory This program is not captioned. The great thing about dogs is
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This program is not captioned. Welcome back to Nine's Morning News Hour. These are our top stories today. Sydney has been rocked by another night of gun violence with two men killed in separate shootings. The body of a teenage hearse been found near an overturned car, following reports it was doing burnouts and a Coroner has handed down to findings into the deaths of two boys from carbon monoxide poisoning from a gos heater. Let's get an update on our top story for you now. Police believe the shooting murders of two men overnight are not linked. The crimes happened a few kilometres apart and within mopes of each other in the city's south-west. We will cross to nine's Natalia Cooper for more. Natalia, good morning. We understand the younger victim had actually been targeted before?Yes, that's right, Amelia. The 18-year- old who was shot dead here in this Bexley treat last night was BasilHisjari, who has linked to the comchair row bikie gang. He was targeted just two weeks ago streets away from where we are now. That time he was shot in the neck and he told us from his hospital bed that he was very lucky to have survived that shooting, but last night at around 9:45 he was shot up to five times, we believe in the neck and in the chest. He was treated by a paramedic. They raced him to St George Hospital, but he was officially pronounced dead on arrival. This morning, police have been combing the treat up and down for any clues as to who may have done this, Amelia.Alright. What are the details of if second shooting, Natalia?Well, the second shooting happened within minutes of the shooting here in Bexley and it was just kilometres away in the suburb of Earlwood, which is one suburb from this location here in Bexley. A 35-year-old father Vasco Mykofski was gunned down inside his home. We believe he was shot a number of types. Neighbourhoods heard a few shots ring out. Distraught members were outside his home following the shooting. He was taken to St George Hospital as well. He did undergo surgery there, but sadly he was also pronounced dead early this morning. Police have appealed for anyone who have any information about any of these crimes to please call Crime Stoppers. Let's hear from police now.It was a violent night for Sydney, there is no doubt about. That we are out there and we are committed to solving these crimes, but we can't do it alone. We need to help of the public to solve these matter h matters.So after a spate of shootings, another horrific night of gun crime on Sydney streets, Amelia.A very busy morning for police. Natalia, thank you very much. Police are questioning three people suspected of leaving a young man for dead after they were reportedly doing burnouts in Sydney's west. Let's go live to Erin Willing for more. Morning, Erin. More can you tell us?Look, ameal where, what we know is that police were called to the scene in Marsden Park at around 11pm last night after reports of those burnouts. What they found when they arrived at that scene was the body of 18-year-old Jesse Smith. Now, it is believed three other teenagers were at the scene at the time of the crash, however they fled shortly after. I had a chat to Jesse's mum this morning, Kathy, and his mate, Zach. They are both obviously very distraught, however they have described Jesse as a loving man and good mate. They said they found out their son had died via Facebook. Here is a little more on what they had to say.The car was his, but he wasn't driving it. That is as far as we know. I had to find out off Facebook, not through the police. So, I am still looking for answers myself.He used to be a brick labourer. He was a hard- working man. He wouldn't give up. A strong heart. He didn't deserve it, not at all. You can't lose something like that.Look, at this stage, police are still investigating exactly what happened to cause this crash, but what we do mow is that one of those teenagers, a 16-year-old boy, is still being treated here at Westmead Hospital where he remains in a stable condition, Amelia.Lrlt. Erin, thank you very much for that. Appreciate it. A woman has been found dead in a unit in Sydney's south-west this morning in what is believed to be a fatal stabbing. Detectives were call out at around 7:00 after the woman, believed to be in her 20s, was found by a male resident. She was pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem is being carried out to determine the exact cause of death. The landlords of a property where two young brothers died after being poisoned by a faulty gas heater have been cleared by the Coroner today of any responsibility. Nine's Karen Huf was in court in Melbourne for to findings and joins me now. Morning, Karen. What did the Coroner have to say?Good morning, Amelia. Well, the Coroner has cleared the landlord of any wrong do and this has angered the father of the Robinson brothers who died from carbon monoxide poisoning, emitted from an unserviced gas heater. The Coroner said it was regrettable but understandable that the landlord had not heeded letters prompting him to service the system, which as it turned out had a build-up of lint which prevented proper ventilation. The Coroner said there was nothing to indicate there was a problem, so that is why it was understandable nothing was done. Here is what the solicitor for the parents had to say today.We believe that had the landlord serviced the heaters, then it is more than likely na the boys' lives would have been saved. The recommendations of the Coroner are fully supported, the Coroner has made specific recommendations regarding public awareness and making sure that owners of gos halters -- heaters know what the responsibility is in relation to servicing them. Karen, a tough day for the boys' parents, as you mentioned. What has been their reaction?Well, the parents of Tyler and Chase listened to findings via video link in Shepparton and their father, Scott, is unhappy they cleared the landlord and they have engaged the services of Slater & Gordon who you just heard, so you would expect they are considering civil action over the tragic loss of their sons. The Coroner congratulated the pair ore their awareness work over this and pointed out with dismay that there is still a small percentage of landlords not prepared to get this servicing done. She recommended the Real Estate Institute of Victoria prompt people and tell people to be concerned if a pilot light was yellow but stopped short where a landlord is required by law in the UK to service appliances and a gos check must be carried out there annually. An important warning. Karen, thank you very much. There has been another bomb explosion at a west Ipswich home this morning, following 14 controlled destinations since last Thursday night. Bomb experts have uncovered more highly dangerous chemicals at the property, which was allegedly used as a bomb-making factory. Nine's Alyshia Gates has the latest for us.Specialist bomb squad officers have returned to the scene for the fifth day. Their plan is to give the house and yard a final sweep and if no further bomb making materials are found, give it the all clear. Yesterday saw five controlled explosions after more of the potentially bomb-making tears were found, bringing the total explosions to 14. One of the men who lives in the house, Glenn Deal, has been charged with a string of explosive offences and has been remanded in custody. His 37-year- old housemate remains in a critical condition in hospital after suffering horrific injuries to his hands and groin last Thursday night. Certainly, we've had a number of incidents here in Ipswich now and if people haven't learnt that lesson now, they are not going to ever learn.The alergeed bomb makers may face further charges relating to a string of explosions across Ipswich over the last six months.A tent city for 2,000 people on Nauru is the latest tough measure the Coalition has added to its asylum seeker policy. And the Government agrees expanding capacity on the island nation is a good idea. Let's head to Canberra where John O'Doherty is standing by for us. John, what are the details of the Coalition's plan?Hi, Amelia. The Coalition wants to establish this tentative for at least five years and it would accommodate a minimum of 2,000 people, possibly as many as 5,000. Now, this is the latest edition to the Coalition suite of policies to try to stop asylum seekers and the Opposition says it is a cheaper and faster option when compared to Manus Island. Immigration Minister Tony Bourke grows that expanding capacity is a good thin, but he says the Opposition made a big mistake by publicly disclosing what that capacity would be. He says that helps the people smugglers continue to sell the possibility of resettlement in Australia. Let's hear now from Tony Abbott, discussing the new plan and then we will hear from the Immigration Minister.For well over a decade, the Coalition's clear policy to stop the boats has involved rigorous offshore processing of places like Nauru because of the crisis on our borders that Kevin Rudd created, because he wasn't man enough to leave well enough alone back in 2008, we would be prepared to rapidly ramp up the capacity of Nauru to 2,000 and beyond.The Coalition are putting up in lights, "If you want to overwhelm the policy, here is how."John, any word at this stage of when the first plane load of asylum seekers will be sent to Manus Island?Yeah, the Government is preparing for the first transfer at the moment. Reports are that is likely to be a transfer of around 40 men - so no women or children - and that transfer could happen as early as tonight. Here is what the PNG Prime Minister had to say about this.I m a told that -- I am told they are fairly well advanced, they are in the process of the medical checks on Christmas Island and we look folkward to the first load of asylum seekers being transferred to Manus Island.So, Amelia, although we are no closer to knowing when the election will be, there is no doubt the asylum seeker issue will remain a major issue leading up to the polls.Absolutely., thank you. John O'Doherty reporting there for us. Brisbane's super fish Christian Sprenger has given Australian swimming something to cheer about after he was crowned our latest world champion in Barcelona this morning. Let's go live to Chris O'Keefe for the details. Chris, good morning. Had this been a long time coming for Sprenger?It certainly has, Amelia. Christian Sprenger has been part of the Australian swim team for seven years and today he can finally call himself a world champion. He beat South African rival Lisa Vanderpump in the 100m breast stroke at the World Championships overnight. This turned the table of what happened at the London Olympics where Van der Burgh boat Sprenger in exactly the same race. But Sprenger didn't do it easy. He was a full half a second behind Van der Burgh at the turn, but managed to reel him in to touch 0.18 of a second in front and claim gold. As I said, Sprenger has been part of the Australian team for a very, very long time and he said that the gold and the emotion he showed after winning the goal was as much relieve as it was elation. Take a listen.Getting this first gold medal at these World Championships is an absolute honour and I feel I have helped the team to lift for these World Championships. The first one is the hardest to get for the country and I feel absolutely privileged to be that person.Now, Sprenger trains here at the Commercial Swimming Club in Fortitude Valley. His parents and swimming coach are in Barcelona helping him to celebrate the win. I am sure many of his club mates here will be doing the same tonight.Fantastic news for him. Chris, thanks for that. Hundreds of US sailorings are unwinding in Brisbane today after more than a month at sea. The USS 'George Washington' moored yesterday. The ship can be viewed from luggage point. The ship carries more aircraft than Australia's entire fighting jet squadrons. Skwhrofr seas now and nine people have been injured in a house explosion in the US state of... Withins say they could smell gas before hearing the blast.It was a big, giant boom. I just didn't know what to xapt.An Evacuation Centre has been set up at a local school. It was all glitz and glamour at the Helpmann Awards held at the Sydney Oprah House last night. The prestigious awards celebrate live performance in Australia and plenty of stars turned out to honour the class of 2013. Nine's entertainment editor Richard Wilkins takes us through the night's big winners. It was the Melbourne World Premiere production of 'King Kong' that scooped the theatrical awards, includingout standing theatrical achievement. Congratulations. The stage show based on the Broadway production 'Legally Blonde' named Best Musical. The cast also honoured on the night. Jeffrey Rush was named Best Bloke in a musical, best Comedy Performer, that would be our Julia Morris. Kylie Minogue received the JC Williamson Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award. Best Australian Contemporary Concert, Neil Finn and Paul Kelly take a bow and the Best International Contemporary concert of the year - well, that would be Bruce Springsteen and the E Treat Band. Well, nearly every parent will grow witnessing the birth of your child is a moment money can't bow. A golfer in the US has proven just that. Giving up the chance to win a million dollars to be by his wife's side. After two tremendous rounds of golf Hunter Mayhan was 2-strokes clear of the lead and halfway to a win in the RBC Canadian Open. The only birdie he was worried about was the stork. At the Practice Range before the third round, his agent handed him a phone. It was his wife, Candy on the line. She told Hunter that she was going into labour with their first child. Just like that, Mayhan was gone, leaving behind potential victory and a potential million dollar first-place cheque to fly home to Dallas to be by Candy's side.In the day and age in sports where we are kind of sick and tired of all of the steroid athletes and all of the misbehavior to hear about a man who does that, that is pretty cool.He's not the first expectant father athlete to face such a decision. Last decision Boston Red Sox second basement Justin Pretoria in the second innings of a ball game and off the field he ran. He made it back to Dallas in time to witness the birth of his daughter, Zoe Olivia Mayhan. Both baby and mom are doing great, he wrote on Twitter, thanks to all of my sponsors who appreciate what is important in life and all of my fans for being awesome.This is a great moment for anyone who is cheering for the family man.It is time to get all of the day's sports now with Evonne Samson in Brisbane. Good morning. As we heard, a golden moment in Barcelona for the Australians.There was, Amelia. We have a new world champion. Christian Sprenger has taken out the 100m breast stroke at the World Championships. We will hear from our newest world champion next. Plus, that spectacular try of This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: You know that little
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This program is not captioned. We've struck gold at the World Swimming Championships at Barcelona. Christian Sprenger has claimed his first major it tole, winning the 100m breast stroke. Amelia Ballinger has the details.Well, it was a good day to be an Aussie here in Barcelona as team veteran Christian Sprenger took green and gold in the 100m breast stroke. It was his first individual gold at -- gold medal at a meet. It has been an exciting evening here. Waits a thrilling race that went down to the wire, but Christian Sprenger handled it with absolute style. A silver medallist in London, Christian Sprenger traded up in the best possible way. The Queenslander with his first individual gold at a mayor meet and he did it in a career-best time. COMMENTATOR: Looks like he is going to touch first.Sprenger in absolute shock, climbing up on the ropes and raising his hands as our newest world champion. A member of the Australian swim team since 2006, the veteran finally found the breakthrough.I executed an amazing race. I got things right from start to finish and that is what you want to try and do in a final. The pressure is always on, but I was very confident going no it and, yeah, amazing.The medals kept coming for Australia. Alicia Coutts took her tally to three silvers. The 25-year-old also improving from her performance of London, upgrading from a bronze in the 100m butterfly. Defending world champion back in 2009, Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom was again too strong. COMMENTATOR: She's taken the scalp of Dana Vollmer.Less than 90 minutes later, Coutts was again on the pool deck, backing up for the 200m individual medley and again it was silver. Unable to reel in Hungarian Katinka Hosszu. COMMENTATOR: She gets the decision this time in another close finish. I wasn't sure how I would go with the two events tonight. I am glad I swam well and I was happy with the time and my coach is happy with me and I get two days off now so I am excited.Christian Sprenger will be back in the pool in the breast stroke final. Fingers crossed for him and the rest of our Aussie swimmers over the next few days. To breaking AFL news now and AFL star James Podsiadly will accept a one match ban on a high shot on Jack Stevens. Meantime, a fired-up Mark Thompson has come to the defence of Essendon and James Hird questioning the timing of doping allegations. We certainly did not deliberately go out to drug cheat and why would we? Why would I start doing it now? Thompson who is an assistant at the Bombers says the club will admit its mistakes when the time is right. Manly has moved up to third on the NRL ladder, following a 6-try demolition of the Wests Tigers. The final score was 36-18, although the home side did provide the best highlight in front of the small Cambeltown contingent. A cheeky chip from a man out the door at the end of the year and a flying Tiger planting the ball from mid-air. COMMENTATOR: He fell from the sky and came down to plant it down!19- year-old winger David Nofoaluma providing a try of the year contender, even if his coach wasn't overly impressed.As far as the kick and put down, yeah. It was pretty good, pretty clever from the young kid.Mick Potter couldn't muster much of a smile after the game, maybe because of defending like this saw Manly skipper Jamie Lyon go 80m. COMMENTATOR: Jamie Lyon cutting back on the inside. He is still going Jamie Lyon.That was one of six Sea Eagles' try the Brock veil boys are up in third. Geoff Toovey thankful for a bit of stability in his side.Any football team can get a consistent line-up from week-to- week that makes things easier.A late charge from the Tigers brought the margin back to 18 but still left the home side with just one win in the last month.Winning is a habit and probably losing is, to. The story of our season. Pretty frustrating.As we heard earlier, Melbourne has won the right to host the World Cup final of cricket in 2015, but Australia's cricketers have more pressing matter was the Third Ashes Test only a matter of days away tafplt I have set up in Manchester with coach Darren Lehmann coping joyity about the possible make-up for the must-win match.From my point of view, look, we have got to look at the wicket and decide whether we play two spinners or we don't. They have drafted in Monty but we need to look at the track.There could be changes to the fast bowling stock after Saxon Bird and Mitchell Starc played well in a recent tour match. You can catch every ball live and HG on GE M. The third test begins on Thursday night. Australian ice hockey star Nathan Walker has been invited to train with NHL outfit the Washington Capitals. He will take part in the team's rookie camp in accept and if he performs well, he could become the first Aussie to be handed a professional ice hockey contract in North America. Not bad for a former Cronulla Sharks junior who was inspired by the movie 'The Mighty Ducks'.Good own him. Thank you, Vonny. Talk This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: For something
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Let's have a look at the national weather details for you now. First to the satellite where a front is bringing a brief burst of showery winds to south-eastern South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW. Having a around the country, some scattered showers in Brisbane today. Light showers in Sydney. Patchy rain in Canberra. And Melbourne. Mostly fine in Hobart and Adelaide. Rain clearing in Perth and clear skies for Darwin. Tomorrow -

Looking ahead to Thursday -

To finance now. Having a look at the numbers before we go -

That is our Morning News Hour. Wendy Kingston will be here at 3pm with Nine News Now and I will be back with the Afternoon News at 4:30. I am Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Supertext captions


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