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(generated from captions) it's a pretty important achievement for swimming itself in Australia?It is. There's been a lot of stuff that's the
happened outside of the pool in the last year and the swimmers have definitely welcomed the opportunity to let their swimming do the talking and it's a rebuilding process and it's going to take a long time but I think the team and n the first two days at the world championships have shown that they're definitely on track.I guess a lot of swimmers will be feeling the pressure to perform championships at the moment and Alicia Coutts is probably a good example. How do you reckon she would be feeling after her results overnight? She had a bit of disappointment in not picking up a gold with her team-mates in the sprint relay, but 3 silvers is still a pretty good outcome?Well I hope Alicia is tucked away feeling extremely proud of what she's achieved. There's no question she's not only one of the most under-rated athletes in the country, her success has been phenomenal and I wouldn't say their relay was disappointing at all. I love the fact that she showed such emotion over the fact that she felt as though she'd let her team-mates down when nothing could be further from the truth and 3 silver medals at the world championships, 7 days, I can't championships, 7 swims in 2 days, I can't even comprehend but she's done it days, I but she's done it with such amazing grace and humility and she's a terrific champion.She is doing a lot of hard work at the moment. Can I ask you about the men's relay, they didn't perform so well. Their outcome might tend to raise the suggestions again that they haven't quite shaken off the performance troubles they suffered at the London Olympics?I think it depends on how you look at it. The 0.4 off winning the gold medal and obviously that was 4th place. So I don't think it's as bad as what people maybe painting the picture of. They were probably the victims of their own build up last year and they're going to have to pay the price for that for a while but I think they've shown great character and to be able to get up there and get so close to that gold medal on pure swimming time, not including the relay change overs we were the fastest team. It's a technical skill we need to work on and the great thing about that is you don't have to train any harder, you don't have to do anything different, you have to work on those little things and that's an encouraging sign for the boys.Just very quickly, wla what can we expect coming up at the championships there? Emily see bomb - Seebohm has her final coming up?In the 100 metre backstroke early tomorrow morning our time with be-Linda Hocking, it should be a fantastic race. Ashly Delaney in the final of the men's 100 metre backstroke. It's very exciting and obviously Cate Campbell who led off the women's 4 x 100m women's freestyle so brilliantly, a training partner of Christian Sprenger in Brisbane and she's been in fantastic form and I just hope as a whole the team can continue to do themselves proud, do the country proud and get the results that they definitely deserve.Thanks very much for speaking to us.

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Middle East peace talks are set to resume for the first time in almost three years. Former US ambassador to Israel Former Martin Indyk has been named as lead negotiator. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are on their way to Washington for the talks and the new US special envoy says it is a big step for both parties to return to the negotiating table but there is a long way to go.PM Network and President Abbas made the tough decisions required to come back to the negotiating table. I am therefore deeply grateful to you and to President Obama for entrusting me with the mission of helping you take this breakthrough and turn it into a full fledged Israeli Palestinian peace agreement. It is a daunting and humbling challenge but one that I cannot dissift from.The Australian-born diplomat Martin Indyk speaking there.Tensions
in Egypt have eased slightly but beneath the surface there are concerns violence could erupt on the streets any minute. More than 70 people were killed in clashes with security forces over the weekend, hardening people's attitudes on both sides. Phillip Williams is in Cairo. This is the main bridge leading to Tahrir Square, the centre of so much of the political activity over the past couple of years. It looks almost normal here. Beneath this surface and to have a look at here at the Nile, beyond this peaceful scene is political trouble still know how it will play out. The pro-Morsi forces a few pro-Morsi kilometres away from here remain determined they are staying put and the Government says they must go. How that plays out, whether it is peaceful or violent, will be crucial to the future of this country. Baroness Ashton, the country. EU foreign affairs representative country. Baroness Ashton, representative was in the country today talk to go the interim PM Adly Mansour trying to convince him to find peaceful ways out of this. The President spokesman later made it clear while they are willing to listen to advice from countries, they have to make their own decisions. This is an internal Egyptian matter. Despite all of this looking normal, the attention is building here. They are on a collision course these two sides. Neither are willing to give ground. It is unclear how this will play out over the next few days. There are fears amongst the pro-Morsi camp that there will be some sort of military intervention and that they will attempt to force them out of the streets. Even if they achieve that aim and push those people out of the streets with whatever bloodshed that may entail, that won't be the end of it. The aspirations of those that support Morsi have still not been met. They regard the current interim the government as illegitimate and they will not give up their struggle until Morsi is back as President and that won't happen. We wait to find out how this will play out but with both sides giving no ground whatsoever, it doesn't look promising.Pope Francis is urging a more tolerant attitude towards homosexuals. He says gay people should be integrated into society and not marginalised. The Pope made the remarks to reporters during his flight back from Brazil, his first overseas trip since becoming the pontiff. He reaffirmed the church's position that homosexual acts are sinful but homosexual orientation is not. He wants a greater role for women in the church although not as priests.Fiji has criticised Australia's new asylum seeker policy, saying that the Papua New Guinea solution is arrogant and inconsiderate. Fiji's Foreign Minister delivered a stinging attack on the strategy at a Fiji/Australia business forum in Brisbane. Relations between Fiji and Australia have remained frosty since the 2006 coup led by Frank Bainimarama. It is the first Australia/Fiji business forum held in Australia since the year of Fiji's military coup 2006. Australia's secretary for Pacific Islands

2006. Australia's parliamentary Australia affairs spoke about what
Australia expects from consultation that takes public views into consultation that takes views into account and importantly views acceptance of the outcome by the people of Fiji.Fiji's Foreign Minister was in no mood to Foreign Minister was in no to be lectured to. He launched a full scale attack on Kevin Rudd's PNG solution for asylum seekers.For an Australian problem, you have proposed a terrible solution that threatens to destabilise the already delicate social and economic balances in our societies. The Australian Government has used its economic muscle to facilitate one of the government to accept thousands of people who are not Pacific Islanders, a great number of them permanently. This was done to solve a political problem and for short-term political gain without proper consideration of the long term consequences.The surge in asylum seeker boats has triggered a lively debate about economic migrants. While these groups are from developing countries - we might just leave that item because we can bring you the Home Affairs Minister Jason Clare speaking to the media in Brisbane.Organised crime worldwide, it now makes more than $870 billion a year. To get a grip on the size of that figure, that is more than the GDP of Indonesia.Another way of putting it, if organised crime was a country, it would be in the G20. These big organised crime syndicates that target Australia are also targeting other countries. Last year, our law enforcement agencies met with the law enforcement agencies of the United States, the UK, Canada and New Zealand as a group of five eyes countries and they shared their top 20 criminal targets list. What that work showed we are all targeting the same criminals. Most of the big time organised criminals that target Australia are based overseas and most of the criminals targeting Australia are also targeting the US, the UK, New Zealand and Canada. There is a simple reason for that. We are a wealthy country. A strong economy, criminals can make big profits by targeting Australia. Whether that is selling drugs or whether it is superannuation fraud or many other different types of fraud. The best example I could find of this was looking at the mark-ups that come with selling cocaine into Australia. Have a look at these figures. The typical wholesale price for a kilogram of cocaine in Colombia is about $2,500 US. That is the wholesale price for cocaine in Colombia US $2,500. In Mexico it is US $12,500. In the United States the average price is more than $30,000 US. In Australia, it is U 220,000 Australian dollars. That is a mark-up of quite a bit. There is enormous profits to be made. Add to this the new challenge of technology. The Internet is a source of enormous good but it also provides enormous opportunity for criminals. The report we are releasing today makes that very clear. More

very clear. More
specifically(Audio problem)Sorry, problems with that feed coming into us from Jason Clare. He is speaking at the 2013 Crime Commission report into organised crime in Australia. We will bring you more on that when we are able to.The Chinese army is continuing a public relations drive to counterclaims of secrecy. Foreign media was given access to an air defence brigade in a military region that includes the province of Xinjiang. Convoy after convoy of trucks rolled into a Chinese military compound in the outskirts of Xi'an City. Behind them antiaircraft artillery, home grown technology proudly on display.

It is the first time the opened its 47th air defence brigade People's Liberation Army has
opened its brigade to foreign opened its 47th air defence brigade to foreign media. It operates in a military region operates in a that includes the restive province of province Xinjiang.TRANSLATION: We can give the foreign media a chance Xinjiang.TRANSLATION: to visit us in an give the foreign media a to visit us in an open and

transparent way so to visit us in an transparent way so that the
world can to visit us in an open and

world can have a better understanding world understanding of the People's Liberation Army. Liberation Army. The young Chinese solid ers have been practising for a year. In practising for a year. In times of war they are responsible for air defence in north-western China.TRANSLATION: This is locally made and we are looking forward to having more modern equipment. But if there is war it is not just about your weapons, it also depends on the integration between soldiers and their weapons.China's military is modernising rapidly but this is a military that hasn't been tested in decades and the PLA has consistently played down any worries about its budget and increasing assertiveness.The men in charge of this brigade stress that China seeks nothing but peace.TRANSLATION: China does have some territorial disputes with neighbouring countries but both the Government and the military are quite restrained in dealing with such disputes.China's keen to show its military is open. This media exercise comes just a few months after it released details of its military structure for the first time in a defence white paper. This week the ABC is looking at Australia's place on the global stage as part of our pre-election policy discussions. Michael Wesley from the Australian National University says Australia needs more than a temporary seat on the UN Security Council to become a respected nation in the international community.It is not seats, it is not positions that get you a reputation as an active and imaginative player on the world stage. It is the way you com port yourself. It is the policies you the problems you try and resolve, problems the problems you try resolve, problems that go beyond your immediate domestic interests, that go to the stability and peace of the region and the world.Back in the 1980s there was an ongoing war in Cambodia, it had Vietnamese troops in Cambodia opposed by guerilla fighters, opposed by China and a range of South-East Asian countries. It was a real impasse and Australia, even though it had no direct interest in the dispute, realised that this was a problem for regional stability. It was a problem for regional prosperity and we got involved and we played a pivotal role in bringing about a solution there.Big parallels to what is going on in the south China saer at the moment. This is - Sea. This is an impasse. Some countries in south-east Asia bitterly opposed to China. There have been military clashes over this. The Americans have got involved very much in support of some of its south-east Asian allies. The association of split over this issue and while Australia doesn't have a direct interest, we have to remember that 54% of our trade sales through the South China shae and this is a problem that could very well blow up into larger scale hostilities. This is a problem that affects the peace and stability of the region and I think Australia should be a lot more image ITV and more active in trying to bring about some sort of progress on the South China Sea dispute. We might check the markets with Alicia Barry now.Investors are digesting those sales results from Woolworths today? They have hit the market. They sound like strong numbers but the market doesn't like them or it didn't initially. Woolworths full year sales grew solidly thanks to the strength of its Australian food and liquor businesses. In the 12 months to June, the Woolworths total sales from continuing operations rose 6.8% to $58.5 billion. Total group sales in the year were up 4.3%. The result was driven by a 12.7% increase in fourth quarter sales. To the market reaction and shares in Woolworths initially fell 3%, they are now down around 2.25, recovering somewhat from that initial drop.

initial drop.

A new report has found mining companies could reduce cost cutting and shedding workers if they focused on lifting productivity. Newport Consulting interviewed 60 mining leaders and found they are focusing on reducing costs and shedding jobs as well as cancelling new projects to offset the fall in commodity prices. The report says almost all coal mines on the east coast of Australia are now losing money. It says miners can improve their outlook by lifting productivity and innovation. Turning overseas and conditions at an Apple supplier are back in the spotlight with claims of underage workers and excessive overtime. Advocacy group China Labour claims the 70,000 employees at three factories, run by Pegatron Corporation, averaged more than 65 hours a week and that many of them were under 1. It also alleges there has been environmental violations. Apple says it is committed environmental violations. says it is committed to
providing safe and says it is committed providing safe and fair working conditions providing safe conditions and has conducted audits at conditions and has audits at 15 Pegatron facilities since 2007. facilities since 2007. Apple relies on 200 suppliers for its products. The relies on 200 suppliers products. The latest issue follows suicides at its supplier Foxconn in 2010.Alarming new figures show hundreds of Australians die every year due to exposure to traffic pollution. While it is a wake-up call for people in capital cities, governments are being accused of being asleep at the wheel. Electric vehicles are part of the solution, but while Europe is leading the charge on zero emissions cars, Australia is not yet in the race. Traffic pollution - it is an invisible toxin that kills more than 1700 Australians every year.The public don't realise just how dangerous traffic pollution fumes are.Adrian Barnett is an expert in air pollution from QUT, he says in cities, 80% of air pollution is caused by traffic. Worldwide, transport accounts for a fifth of all green house gas emissions.Recently it has been compared to second-hand tobacco smoke because it is similar chemicals involved in smoking and exhaust pollution. Very similar root of exposure and identical health effects such as respiratory and cardio disease.Daryl Budgeon spent $30,000 on an electric vehicle after experiencing negative health impacts from pollution.It is win/win really. The car is cheaper to run. It is nicer to drive. It is more relaxing in heavy traffic.It costs him about $2 to charge up the car for a range of 100km.I just charge it at home. Obviously, if you could charge out, the car would have more utility.Tesla, Mitsubishi and Nissan sell electric vehicles in the Australian market but the take-up has been incredibly slow, with only 400 vehicles sold across Australia.The European Union is leading the charge in reducing emissions aiming to have at least nine million electric vehicles by 2020. Tiny Estonia, on the Baltic Sea is a surprise leader. It is the first country to install a system of nationwide recharging stations. It is paid for by a CO2 emissions quota sales agreement between the Government and maker Mitsubishi.We have 160 maker Mitsubishi.We have with chargers around Estonia and they are placed in every 40-60km.The Government offers a discount of 50% of electric cars as well as grants to set up charging systems at home.All our electric cars are supposed to use green electricity.It hasn't been easy, electric cars are still expensive and there is not much choice on the market. But Estonia now has one electric vehicle for every 1,000 petrol-fuelled cars.They hope that electric cars will be at least 20% of our transportation but it will take long time.And for Australia, a lot longer. So far only Victoria and WA have run electric vehicle trials. The experts say until there is a Government backed incentive, not enough drivers will be making the switch. One of the UK's major supermarket chains is threatening to stop selling what is known as lads magazines, featuring topless and big inyd-clad women. The magazines, Cooperative Group says unless the publishers start supplying the magazines in sealed opaque bags, it will take them off the shelves. Europe correspondent Barbara Miller reports. The of lads mags heat is on of lads mags are making the most of of lads mags are making most of it. Adult titles like these are available only on the most of it. Adult top shelf. But the Cooperative Group says they will be removed from their 4,000 Group says they will from their 4,000 stores completely if the publishers don't start covering them up in sealed modesty bags.Our members and customers have raised concerns with us that when they go into our stores, there are concern types of covers that they don't think it is appropriate to be on display where children are.Not all customers agree that the measure is necessary.Something like that, I mean, I don't think there is anything wrong with it.They are inoffensive.We don't have an issue. It makes it look worse by having a black bag put around it.Women's magazines like these aren't being targeted.The problem is that what Co-op are proposing is a half measure that allows them to continue profiting from these sexist lads mags but more discreetly.The Co-op has already placed these black covers in front of some magazines. The company says that is not enough. What is happening is people are picking up the magazine, having a quick flick through and placing it back on the shelf for anyone to see.The trade body, the professional publishers association says publishers support the guidelines on the appropriate display of men's lifestyle magazines which have been drawn up with the national federation of retail news agents and endorsed by the home office. If the Co-op campaign succeeds, lads who want to flick through these magazines will soon have to start actually paying for them. Let's touch base with Paul Higgins for the latest on the weather.

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Sydney overnight. The Coalition reveals plans for a tent city on Nauru to house asylum seekers. The FBI rescues over 100 children in its biggest ever operation against child prostitution. And Christian Sprenger takes Australia's first gold at the swimming world championships. Good morning, you're Good watching ABC News 24. I'm Nick watching ABC News 24. Grimm. Let's take a look at the weather