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Live.Two men dead in separate shootings in Sydney but police say they are not connected. Scores of children rescued in a FBI crackdown on child prostitution.Sex trafficking among children remains one of the most prevalent, violent and unconscionable crimes in this country.Another disastrous crash in Europe, at least 40 people injured when two trains collide in Switzerland.AndAnd Manly takes third spot on the NRL ladder after beating the Wests Tigers.Good morning, welcome back to ABC News Breakfast, I'm Michael Rowland.I'm Beverly O'Connor. Police say they don't believe two fatal shootings in Sydney overnight are linked. A 19-year-old man was shot several times at Becks l - Bexley. He was rushed to hospital but was dead on arrival.Another man was shot in Earlwood and died this morning.Johanna Hatcher joins us from Bexley, what's the latest information we have?I can tell you that 19-year-old Basal Hijazi was shot in a car park here in Bexley. He was shot several times. Paramedics treated him at the scene and was then taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. I spoke to one of the locals here who was here last night and she described the scene when she was here last night. Basal it was same 19-year-old who was shot in the nebling drk dsh neck while he sat in his car two weeks ago in the same area streets away. Police at the time labelled that attack as a targeted attack.Now as well there was a shooting in the nearby suburb of Earlwood last night as well?That's right. A shooting just a suburb away in Earlwood. There were reports around 9:30 of several shots being fired. A 35-year-old man was shot several times. He was also taken to St George Hospital and underwent surgery overnight but he died earlier this morning. Now police say the investigation into these two incidents is early but that they are not linked. The police say at this stage they're not linked.Io - Johanna Hatcher, thank you for the update. The Coalition says it's planning to increase temporary accommodation for asylum seekers on Nauru. Melissa Clarke joins us from Parliament House. It was splashed all over the front pages of the first
newspaper and what we might do first is have a little listen to what Tony Abbott had to say in response to those stories.Well, we don't need to tell them that we're doing anything different because it's not different. It's the same as we've already done.Melissa Clarke is joining us now from Canberra and I think we are having a few problems with that link this morning but it was interesting, Michael, for see that in fact a lot of the interesting, Michael, for us to see discussion around that see that in fact a lot of discussion around that Nauru
centre is to discussion around that centre is to keep asylum centre is seekers up there for up to 5 years and then possibly try and give them an offer of other countries to resettle. So perhaps the Opposition taking some of what the Government has already outlined in their new policy trying to suggest that in fact resettlement in Australia is going to be the last option.Yes, taking some of those options and as Scott Morrison and Tony Abbott would argue, building on what Labor has put into place already. Of course there still remains the issue of which other countries those refugees would be taken to because that is still very much a live issue under the PNG deal announced recently between here.Absolutely.
PNG and the Government here.Absolutely. What we do know about the Coalition's Nauru plan is that they are going to be developing a 5-year plan to increase capacity on Nauru, rebuilding what is a 600-bed facility that was burnt down in the riots as we know last week. 2,000 tented places on siets already in use and up to another 2,000 accommodation places on other sites. As I mentioned too, they will be given a small allowance while they pursue resettlement options. So lots of, I guess, persuasion to potentially settle in another country. Now joining us from Parliament House is Mel Clarke. Mel, we have just talked through some of the key pointers but take us through what Tony Abbott has had to say this morning on the policy?Well it shows that there's a bit of a confused message coming from the Coalition this morning because Tony Abbott was actually talking down this policy when he spoke on commercial television this morning. We have the Coalition saying they have a 5-year plan that they're developing with Nauru that could double capacity to house asylum seekers in initially temporary but possibly more permanent circumstances as well and to pay a small stipend to asylum seekers confirmed to be refugees who would be seeking to resettle not in Australia but in other countries. But then Tony Abbott went - spoke about this this morning when she - when he was asked if he was consulting with regional leaders about it and he said no, they didn't need to because it's not anything different to what they're doing anyway. What we have is the Coalition reacting to the Government's moves on this front. What we're seeing is Kevin Rudd with his announcement of the Papua New Guinea arrangement where all asylum seekers arriving by boat will be processed and if found to be refugees resettled in Papua New Guinea, has really put the Coalition on the back foot and the reaction that we're seeing is a succession of small announcements from the Coalition. We had that operation sovereign borders approach that had been taken a couple of days ago and now this sort of mixed message we're getting from the Coalition about just what sort of extent they're willing to ramp up facilities at Nauru. This is clearly a critical issue for both sides and their reaction at this point in the electoral cycle is very interesting.That's right, and of course the Government steams ahead. We heard from Peter O'Neill, the PM of Papua New Guinea last night, a bit of disagreement potentially, maybe that's too strong a word, about exactly who's going to be asylum seekers
paying for the resettlement of asylum seekers on Manus?Well what we had yesterday was the Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus saying the details were still precisely pays
being worked out as to who precisely pays for what. Peter O'Neill was a little clearer in saying that if the asylum seekers had tried to reach Australia first then the costs of their processing and Australia which is a resettlement would come Australia which is unambiguous statement. But what I think both sides would unambiguous statement. But probably I think both probably agree is that what that quantum probably agree is that that quantum of cost is is that still unknown. The that quantum of cost still unknown. The PNG PM, Peter O'Neill, has been quite frank in these discussions speaking fairly straight forward about the plan forward about the plan with the Government but also his frustration with what he says are misrepresentations by the Opposition of what he has said to them in private conversations. The Coalition to this point now isn't going into details about that saying they won't go into discussion about private conversations, however, Peter O'Neill's been very unambiguous in saying he's been misrepresent ed and he's lamented the politics that have been caught up in this difficult policy issue and he expressed that on '7:30' last night.Well, it is unfortunate thos - those views were not expressed when we got the first lot of refugees to be processed here. Now because Australia is in the middle of an election it has become an election issue and that is understandable but I think that debate does not stand in its credibility because when the first numbers of refugees came here the same commentators were supporting their moves.Peter O'Neill on '7:30' last night. And I guess he had the Opposition in his sites with those comments and Julie Bishop has sort of been rather reluctant to be dragged back into this conversation.That's right because although initially the Coalition were very quick to say that in private discussions Peter O'Neill had said that he would have full control of Australia's aid spending in Papua New Guinea and they were quite quick to tell the media and make public statements that that's what he had said to them in private discussions, now that Peter O'Neill has disputed that and said that's not at all what he said in those conversations, Julie Bishop is now recollections
into the details of recollections from private conversations and makes the point that she says the Coalition has always had good discussions and good relations with neighbours, including PNG. So certainly the Coalition is having a difficult time in trying to criticise arrangements the Government makes with other nations and not get into diplomatic trouble with the other nations themselves because this follows very quickly on the foot steps of numerous high-ranking Indonesian officials expressing some of their concern about Coalition policy moves in this area too. So the Coalition certainly seems to be on the back foot when it comes to asylum policy at the moment.Good to talk, thanks for your time.Overseas and the FBI has conducted its biggest ever operation targeting child prostitution. It's rescued more than 100 children and arrested 150 people. The operation took place in 76 cities right across the US. Investigators say most of the victims are girls aged between 13 and 17.Operation Cross Country 7 included enforcement action in 76 cities across the country and it resulted in the recovery of 105 children and the arrest of 150 pimps.Sex trafficking among children remains one of the most prevalent, violent and unconscionable crimes in the country. Despite our many challenges those who exploit children should know that we, this team will continue to seek them out and bring them to justice.And our North America correspondent Lisa Millar says the FBI operation is the culmination of several investigations.It's not just one case. They're talking about people who were acting alone but they certainly arrested them all over a 3-day period, we're talking about 150 suspects that the FBI has described as pimps and we're talking about more than 100 children that they were able to take to safe - safety. 76 different cities across America. So they found these children in hotels, motels, casinos, places where they were being forced into prostitution. Certainly the FBI describing it as the biggest ever operation to try and crackdown on child prostitution, sex trafficking, but incredible numbers. But they'd been building up to it for some time. It's not just one big operation. Certainly when you think about 76 different cities that's a lot of people involved over short period of time of people involved over a very short period of time to round short period of these - suspects up.Now staying overseas, Israeli and Palestinian delegations are on their way to Washington for fresh Middle East peace talks, the first in 3 years. It the first in 3 years. follows the appoint ment of fellow US ambassador to Martin Indyk. He said it's a big return for the parties to the negotiating table but stresses treas a long way to go.President Benjamin Netanyahu and President Mahmoud Abbas have made the tough decisions required to come back to the negotiating table. I'm therefore deeply grateful to you and to President Obama for entrusting me with the mission of helping you take this break through and turn it into a full-fledged Israeli/Palestinian peace agreement. It is a daunting and hum --up - humbling challenge but one I cannot desist from. Two trains - we apologise, we're having gremlins in the system this morning. Two trains have collided in Switzerland injuring 40 people, 5 of them seriously. The crash happened about 50 kilometres south-west from the capital Bern .It's the third crash in Europe in less than a week. 79 people died after that train derailed in Spain. 38 were killed yesterday when their bus plunged off a flyover in Italy.Pope Francis says gay people should be integrated into society and not marginalised. The Pope made the remarks to reporters during his flight back from Brazil after his first overseas trip since becoming pontiff.He reaffirmed the Church's belief that homosexual acts are sinful but that homosexual orientation is not. He says he wants a greater role for women in the Church although not as priests.Tensions in Egypt have eased slightly but there are concerns violence could erupt again at any 70 people were killed in clashes with security forces over the weekend which has heartened over the heartened attitudes on both sides. Europe correspondent Philip Williams sides. Philip Williams is in Cairo.This is the main bridge leading to Tahrir Square, the centre of so much political activity over the past couple of years but here it looks almost normal. Beneath this surface and to have a look out here at the Nile, beyond this peaceful scene is political form still bubbling away and we don't know how it's going to play out. The pro-Morsi forces a few kilometres away from here remain determined they are going to stay put and the Government says they must go and how that plays out, whether it's peaceful or violent, is going to be crucial to the future of this country. Baroness Ashton was in the interim
country today talking to the interim PM trying to convince him to find peaceful ways out of this. But the President's spokesman made it clear while they're willing to listen to advice from countries they had to make their own decisions, this is an internal Egyptian matter. Despite all of this looking pretty normal, tension really is building here because they're on a collision course, these two sides, neither willing to give ground and it's very unclear how this is going to play out over the next few days. There are fears amongst is
the pro-Morsi camp that there is going to be some sort of military intervention and that they will attempt to force them out of the streets. But even if they do achieve that aim and push those people out of the streets with whatever bloodshed that may entail, that will not be the end of it because the aspirations of those that support Morsi have still not been met. They regard the current interim government as illegitimate and they say they will not give up their struggle until Morsi is back as President and that's not going to happen. So we wait to find out how this is going to play out but with both sides giving no ground whatsoever it doesn't look promising.Phil Williams reporting from Cairo. The top stories this morning - police say they don't believe there's a link between two fatal shootings in Sydney. Two men were shot overnight within 15 minutes of each other in the city's south and inner west.More than 100 children have been rescued after the FBI's biggest ever crackdown on child prostitution. 150 people have been arrested in the operation targeting 76 US cities.And two trains have collided in Switzerland injuring at least 40 people. It follow astrain derailment in Spain that killed 79 passengers an a bus crash in Italy in

People dying of melanoma are being given new hope, a are being given new hope, drug that can prolong their lives has been added to the PBS.This is a significant victory for one Melbourne phat - father Scott de Young who has been campaigning to have it listed.I'm due to have my 4th today which is the last in the cycle. The most important thing for me is to have time with my family. Happy days from here on up, I hope.Let's hope, because you have 3 young children as well?I have a 7-year-old daughter, almost 5-year-old son and a boy who just turned 1, so it's very important to spend crucial time with many them.It is indeed. Before getting access to this drug how long had you been told you had to live, Scott?My prognosis was 12 months or less. So yeah, it wasn't a great prognosis.And best-case scenario, now that you're taking this drug, how much can that be extended?Look, there's some cases of people Og been the drug for up to 4 years. So that's huge.Which is fantastic news for anybody suffering from melanoma. Does it frustrate you, have been a vigorous you, and you as we have have been a vigorous campaigner
to get this drug on the PBS, has it been frustrating that it's taken so long to achieve this?Yeah, it is. Look, I didn't know about it personally, obviously until it affected me and then once I read the facts myself by just getting online and reading the reports, it just was common sense that it had ticked all the box, it just need to be signed off. It was a financial thing, it just needed to happen and when you could get it in other countries around the world and not in Australia it didn't add up.And in Australia melanoma is a particular problem. Should that have been something the Government should have thought of with greater clarity in terms of fast tracking this on to the PBS?Yeah, definitely. I think it should have been a priority, especially because there's so many reported cases, I believe we're in the top few of the world for melanoma here. As I said, it didn't make sense to me. It needed to happen and it should have happened a long time ago.Without the subsidy how expensive is this drug, Scott?It pretty much equif lates to $120,000 just under for the 4 doses. So it's just under $30,000 a dose.That's just staggering, isn't it?Yeah, it's a huge amount and then the subsidy, I believe it's come in now at $36.10, it's a huge difference.No wonder you're smiling. How are you feeling at the moment, Scott?Look, all in all I'm feeling pretty good. Tired and lethargic but if that's as bad as it gets ki deal with it. There's a lot of people doing worse than me.We'll here from Tilley Ryan who is the executive of melanoma patients Australia.Good morning. That must be good listening that to to get that drug subsidy?Scott's story is remarkable but he's not alone in the work that he's done. He's wonderful in the support his community and family have given him but we have many patients who have experienced similar circumstances to Scott who have worked tirelessly in their own ways and the announcement today is really exciting for our members and for patients like Scott and the families and communities who have got behind this issue.How many skin cancer patients will this drug help?There are 12,000 Australians diagnosed with melanoma each year and about 1,500 deaths from melanoma each year. So each case is dealt with individually by the clinician and the patient so the treatment will though help those patients dealing with the aggressive melanoma at an advanced stage and this provides them with greater opportunity for prolonged life expectancy and hopefully in that time then other developments will assist them as they move forward. So Scott is a great example of the type of person this treatment will assist.Most of our viewers watching would see this and see your argument as a no brainer therefore does it frustrate you that the Government took so long to achieve this outcome?Absolutely, it's frustrating for patients. When you're dealing with a you're dealing with a melanoma
terminal you don't want to diagnosis that could terminal you don't want to be
having to fund terminal you don't want to having to fund raise or lobby having to government, you really just want to be able to go to your doctor, be prescribed a treatment that's affordable that will give you the best life compaps - expectancy. The delay in getting this listed, while we appreciate the Government has due process, it's important that the needs of every day Australians into
dealing with melanoma are taken into account. So this is an aggressive type of cancer when it is in the advanced stages and the availability of medications and treatments at an affordable level makes the journey a lot easier for people to deal with.Tilley Ryan and before her Scott de Young, the stliegt - slightly relieved Melbourne father who is at least one beneficiary of this move to the put the drug on the PBS.Let's to the if financials:

Let's go to sport now. It's good morning to Paul..Good morning, straight to the swimming pool. Australia won 3 medals in last night's world championship finals. This was in Barcelona, of course. Christian Sprenger, won the 100 metres breaststroke gold medal. He beat Cameron van der Burgh. Alicia Coutts had a good night. She had 2 silver medals for 100 metres fly and 200 metrage individual medley. Emily see bomb qualified second fastest for tonight's 100 metre backstroke final.If MCG will host the cricket World Cup in 2015. That will be in March 2015 which sounds like a long time away, announcements will
about 18 months now and major announcements will be made about ticketing and also which other venues will host events like the semifinals and so on. But the MCG gets the prize and it's got the But the MCG gets the it's got the most seats so that's no real surprise there. Manly made it 4 wins in a road Manly made it 4 wins in and moved into third position on the NRL ladder after a victory over the Tigers last night. There were some brilliant tries, let's take a look at them.

COMMENTATOR: Look at him fly through the air and put it down. That's crazy stuff.

Let's hear briefly from Jamie Lyon, the man of the match.It's good to get a few together. Got some tough games coming up so we want to be playing some good footy towards the business end of the season. I think you always want to get better and our defence could be a little bit better, I think. So hopefully we can improve a few little things there. There's some good signs though.Let's take a look at what's happening at Essendon at the moment after David Evans quit over the weekend. Paul Little was made his replacement yesterday and he came out and spoke strongly in favour of the coach James Hird so we still have to wait to see what happens with ASADA there. But Mark Thompson, James Hird's trusty assistance spoke probably as expansively as he has in recent times about the ASADA investigation, this is what he had to say.I don't think we've done, it's hard to talk about it, Mark, but from what I know, and I probably know more than a lot of people, I've read a lot of stuff and I know it's not true. I think the club's made mistakes, we'll admit that when the time comes but as far as drug cheating, we certainly didn't deliberately go out to do any of that. Why would I start doing it now? Why would Doc Reid after 40 years start cheating now. It's just crap to think we would be part of that. So I think in the end the truth is going to be told about everything that's happened in this saga, the truth is going to come out because this is too big now to go back.Mark Thompson there, you read into that what you will, those comments and he knows, I think, that his job must be on the line as well.Thanks very much, Paul. Paul joins us with the weather morning, again, now, good morning, now, good morning.Good pressure trough that's over NSW into southern into southern Queensland there is going to trigger some more of those unseasonable thundery showers today. We've got a cold front bringing showers to Victoria and Tasmania plus a cold south-westerly wind in its wake and that will bring snow down to around 800 metres in Tasmania. Onshore winds for Queensland's coast, so that means a few showers today, especially over the Central Coast there and a front and trough are going to brush the south-west coast bringing a few showers to southern

And that's it for our ABC viewers, ABC 1 viewers. We're going to be continuing on ABC News 24 because we're going to be listening to the Immigration Minister Tony Burke who will be very shortly in a couple of minutes or so holding a press conference.There you see he's about to go to the podium there to speak about asylum seeker politics. The focus today is on the Coalition policy about to be unveiled by Tony Abbott. A good farewell to our ABC 1 viewers. Have a great day, we'll see you tomorrow.Now Now just recapping our top stories today. A man with links to Comanchero bikie gang is one of two men fatally shot in Sydney last night. 19-year-old Basal Hijazi was shot in Bexley. He narrowly survived being shot in the neck 2 weeks ago.Another man was shot at Earlwood in the inner west. He died later in hospital. Police say the two attacks are not linked.Overseas and 150 people have been arrested in a major scoop by the FBI against child prostitution. More than 100 children were rescued in its biggest ever operation across 70 US cities.Most of the victims are girls aged between 13 and 17, the youngest rescued was just 9. The goirl - girms had been working as prostitutes at truck stops, casinos and motels as well as through social media and online advertisements.The two trains have collided in Switzerland injuring at least 40 people, five of them seriously. The crash happened about 50 kilometres south-west from the capital Bern.It's the third crash in Europe in less than a week. 79 people died after a train derailed in Spain while 38 were killed when their bus plunged off a fly over in Italy.And a mass has been held in northern Spain for the victims who died in that train crash. The service was held in the city of Santiago de Compostela where the train derailed last week.Members of the Spanish royal family and the government were among the mourners. The train's driver has been charged with reckless homicide.One of the UK's major supermarket chains is threatening to stop selling what are known as lads mags featuring topless and bikini-clad women.The cooperative said group said unless they start sealing them in sealed bags they will take them off the shelves.The heat is on and the publisher of lads' mags are making the most of it. Adult titles like these are available only on the top shelf. But the cooperative group says they will be removed from their 4,000 stores completely if the publishers don't start covering them up in sealed modesty bags.Our members and our customers have raised concerns with us that when they go into our stores there are certain types of covers they don't think it's appropriate to be on display where children are.Not all customers agree the measure is necessary.Well something like there's nothing
that, I mean, no, I don't think there's nothing wrong with
it.I think they're offensive really.Don't have an issue with that. I think if anything it looks worse having a black bag put around it.Women's magazines like these are not being targeted.The problem is what co-op is proposing is a half measure that allows them to continue profiting from sexist lads mags but a bit more discreetly.The co-op has already placed these black covers in front of some magazines but the company says that's not enough because what's happening is that people are picking up the magazine,