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the supermarket giants
threatened with legal action over their big
shopper docket discounts. An elderly couple rescued from the burning home
they'd filled with belongings. And a mother praises
her 7-year-old son who fought back against a thief. Checking finance now and the share market has slightly
edged higher boosted by further gains
in banking stocks. The ASX 200 was up 4 points.

There have been extraordinary scenes
in Brazil for the Pope's farewell mass on the final day
of the World Youth Festival. There wasn't a spare patch of sand as 3.5 million pilgrims packed
Rio's famous Copacabana Beach. The pontiff announced the next Youth Day event
will be held in Krakow, Poland - the home of the late
Pope John Paul II. Here's Sarah with Sydney's weather. Mark, It was a stunning winter's day
in Sydney. Unseasonably warm with plenty of sunshine
and light winds. The temperature soared
eight degrees above average.

Across Sydney,
it was quite cold early in the west. The day was mild and sunny.

From the satellite - frontal cloud bands
are crossing the Bight but most are fairly weak. One of those changes
will push through Victoria overnight and eastern New South Wales tomorrow producing a few showers. Onshore southerly winds
behind that system will generate a shower or two along the coast on Wednesday
as well. Tomorrow, just isolated showers over the eastern half
of New South Wales with thunderstorms possible
on the central ranges and a little light snow
in the snowies. A shower or two in Perth. An early shower for Adelaide,
followed by a fine day. Morning showers are forecast
in Melbourne and Hobart. Brisbane, a shower or two. To the coastal forecast:

Tomorrow will become fairly cloudy with the odd shower developing
during the day.

It'll be mainly dry at first but we'll see isolated showers
increasing later in the day as winds swing more southerly. Top temperatures around 20 degrees
in most spots. 14 in the mountains. To the seven day forecast - there is the slight chance of a
morning coastal shower on Wednesday. Then it's looking fine and mostly
sunny for the rest of the week. And over the weekend, Mark. That's Seven News at 6:00
for this Monday. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Welcome to the program.
I'm Helen Kapalos. Tonight -

we dare you not to fall in love
with little Jai. A sneak preview of his show-stopping
performance on 'X Factor' coming up. Plus, you've seen the ads
and heard the promises. How a so-called free trial
is anything but free. But first up this week, we've all heard of neighborhoods where it's not safe for a female
to walk alone at night. Well, what about a neighborhood
where it's unsafe, 24-hours a day, even for posties, who are just
trying to do their jobs. I've been spat on,
I've been abused, threatened. I would like peace and harmony
to come back into this street. I feel let down,
completely and utterly let down.

It's the Australia Post no-go zone - a neighbourhood
that's been blacklisted after more than two years
of attacks on postal workers. They've had a gutful and according to Australia Post, for the first time ever,
they're refusing to deliver. ADVERTISEMENT: Since the early days, we've been getting through
with 100 ways to get to you. For more than 200 years, Australia's posties have
delivered on a promise - to get the mail through
rain, hail or shine.

Getting rocks thrown at them, people accosting them,
threatening them, abusing them, touching property. They've been through 4 posties
in just 12 months. All have abandoned these streets. Patrick Williams from Australia Post
says the latest attack on a female worker
was the final straw. There was also some threats made
to our postie and we just will not tolerate that. They're the streets with no mail, spanning 8 blocks
and more than 200 homes in West Dubbo, New South Wales. The mail ban means
each and every resident has to now collect their mail
from the post office. I think it's a right
to have your mail delivered. I think it's a moral right.

You're saying, also, that the same group of children
were responsible. How come the same group of children
weren't brought to justice? Resident Dave Killsby
was one of dozens who attended a crisis meeting
after the ban was imposed. What is the difference between someone else
getting brutally assaulted and someone else getting rocks
thrown at them? One rock could kill someone. People have been threatened
with knives, elderly ladies, 83-year-old ladies - have been whipped with their
own garden hoses and pushed over, windows are being smashed in houses
all the time, cars coming up and down the street,
get stoned, their windows smashed - it's just an ongoing problem and it's the same kids all the time. Steve Green has called this street
"home" for 43 years. Now a carer for his elderly father, Steve spends most of his day with an eye on the street
and an ear on a scanner.

People are even scared now
to go outside of their places after 4:00 of an afternoon. We lock ourselves in. For those who can't be home, they rely on
round-the-clock surveillance and this is what they capture. Take a look at this -

a group of young children systematically pilfer
a neighbour's backyard. First goes the cricket bat... ..then the stumps... ..then a skateboard... ..a scooter

and that was just the start. Not even a lock will keep them out. Four kids work on the shed door
for 10 minutes until they prise it open

with a pat on the back
for a job well done. From video to photos, these pictures
are of an 83-year-old neighbour who had her fence kicked in
just last week. They've been posted
on a Facebook page dedicated to the ongoing
crime problem with almost 2,000 followers. Describe what it's like living here. Hell.

Delena Devonish was moved into
the troubled neighbourhood by the Department of Housing
in February this year. She says she's being terrorised
by the family next door. I'm 100% sick and tired of it because they're in my yard
all the time, underneath my house, I've had a knife pulled out on me and I just 100% fear for my life. By chance,
as we were interviewing Delena, that family arrived home and here's what happened. Just want to ask you
a couple of questions if I can? Why? Because some of the neighbours
have raised concerns about the level of behaviour
of your children. Stella Reid denies
her children are troublemakers but then creates some for herself.

I'll burn your house down. I'll do something to you.

Right - I've got witnesses. I don't give a (BLEEP!) You keep going on and something will be happening
to you, I'm telling you. Your kids have always
caused trouble, even before I've moved in here. There's no need
to get out of control. I couldn't give a (BLEEP!)
what you think. It's the whole street
that want you out. Well, good on 'em. I'm not moving
for no mother (BLEEP!) Given the nature of threats
and their history of bad blood, we called the police. You keep on going and something
will be happening to her. That's a problem, right? The police agreed and imposed an immediate
apprehended violence order on Stella Reid. Another neighbour, Colleen,
came to her defence. This lady is trying to defend you

incident. -- Hawthorn.If people mind their own business and stay in their own yard and stop causing trouble, it should be OK. This lady is trying to defend you and you're not doing a very good job
of helping her. I'm only repeated what you said. You said you're going to burn
the house down? Yeah, if she wants to keep on going,
yeah, and something will be happening. As a parent, is there a worse
example to set in front of your kids than what you just said? Yeah, I don't care, OK,

Year after year... ..we've travelled to Dubbo and each time,
these problem persists. I think it's time now to have
a full and frank discussion. You said that to me
last time we were here, 12 months ago and 2 years ago. What's happened to the discussion? Oh, in...
that was in relation to a... ..location in our city and much has happened there. Member for Dubbo Troy Grant is pushing for a
dedicated response team and a review of the law

to determine the legal age
of responsibility.

So there's an opportunity
to look at a legal principle of doli incapax, which determines when an individual
hits a benchmark, which is now 10, knows the difference
between right and wrong. These children we showed you earlier are all seemingly
under the age of 10 so they can steal and destroy
property without any accountability. They get bored with the trampoline
so they rip it to bits and then set fire to a shed.

trouble, it should be OK. A truly appals will not return to the eerie and tailored give guarantees its staff will be safe. -- Australia Post.

What's going to be next - rubbish pick-up, taxis, buses? Who knows?

David Ecclestone
reporting there from Dubbo. Now, there are few more
powerful enemies than big pharmaceutical companies and there aren't many bigger
than Bayer, which made just over $3 billion
last year. Well, we certainly
ruffled a few feathers at the drug maker's head office
in Germany with our revelations about
the potentially deadly side-effects relating to a contraceptive pill
made by Bayer. Yet, rather than deal with
the legitimate issues raised by this program, Bayer have responded
with cold-hearted petulance. Here's Adene Cassidy. It was incredibly traumatic,
it was terribly frightening. I didn't know
if I was going to survive. Dr Kerryn Phelps was president of
the Australian Medical Association when she was prescribed a drug
that nearly killed her. The only warning sign I had was
a couple of days before, when obviously
the embolism had begun, when I had a cough and I was feeling breathless
and incredibly tired.

The drug in question
is YAZ, or YASMIN. When it hit the market in 2008, it was proclaimed
the miracle pill. You can see that has
24 active pills.

After our story last month, we were flooded
with more horror stories, one of them
from 53-year-old Annie Cleland. It was life threatening.
It was very serious. It could've, at any moment, that clot could have let go
and killed me. Annie says she was told by doctors
her side-effects were unusual. She didn't believe them. Put it into the search engine
on my computer and the whole thing just exploded
with women who had problems. They'd had pulmonary embolisms,
they'd had clots in their legs, they'd had strokes,
they'd had blindness, ongoing problems ever after, and I was horrified that there could be a drug on the
market that could do that to people and a company
would actually promote it. Before and after our story
went to air, we contacted the Bayer
pharmaceutical company for comment. Bear in mind, they've already paid out
more than $750 million to settle claims in America. Here's what they told us:

No Bo Bayer representative
shall be appearing on Today Tonight in relation to this matter.

One thing the company did do
was to email general practitioners discrediting not just our story, but Dr Kerryn Phelps' as well. This letter went
to every GP in the country saying that the national TV segment contained
irresponsible and inaccurate claims. For me, I find this insulting. I find that this response from Bayer
is inadequate, it is heartless and it is irresponsible for them not to actually acknowledge
and take responsibility for the damage their product
has done to Australian women.

Are you angry
this drug is still on the market? Furious.

Lakota was only 17 -
17 in 19 days. Just 13 days
before our first story went to air, 17-year-old Lakota Connell died
of a massive blood clot, leaving behind mum Toni
and twin sister Jo-Dene. She'd been taking YAZ
for three months. It's absolute devastation because after all Lakota fought for
in her own quiet way, she had no way of fighting this. She almost from the time
they got her into ICU, I was told

she was on the wrong side of dark
and there was very little chance. Lakota was a fighter. In 2010, she survived and recovered
from a liver transplant. Almost three years later,
her life was back to normal - she was at school,
she had a boyfriend, she was happy. There was no sign
of what was to come. It surprised even her doctors.

He said to me that,
"This should never have happened." They were totally taken aback
by the events and the fact that it took her
within 24 hours. How big was the blood clot? 60cm.

Just three months before she died,
Lakota had MRI and ultrasound scans. This letter from Queensland Health
confirms there was no sign of any clot. And it goes on to say the oral contraceptive she was on
was a likely contributing factor in her death.

The Royal Children's Hospital
in Brisbane has now reported Lakota's case to
the Therapeutic Goods Administration and they're also reviewing every single female patient
that's on the drug.

I think it's more likely than not that there will be class action
preceding issues against Bayer in the not too distant future.

Take it off the market,
get it out of here. It's cost me my child's life. It's wrong.

There's absolutely no empathy
or compassion for the women
who have lost their lives, for the women
who have been hospitalised, who have been disabled
for the rest of their lives because of the side-effect
of this drug. And the problem is
that they are still saying it's not worse
than any of the others and it's not as dangerous
as pregnancy, which, really, is not the answer that
Australian women deserve or expect.

Let's lighten the mood
a little now, shall we? Over the weekend, you may have seen snippets
of a talented young man who's set to feature in tonight's
season premiere of 'X Factor'. (SINGS) # He's my favourite side # I'm sure you can understand... # Tonight, Jai's audience will grow
from one pet lizard Flaky to several million viewers. Um, I was a little bit nervous
before the performance. And then, I mean,
I walked out on stage and I was just all... "This is it."
Yeah. Yeah, it just came to me,
and I was like, "Here we go." (SINGS) # So, baby, please # Don't leave me now

# I just can't help myself. #


We haven't seen
the full audition yet but, already, he's a frontrunner. He taught himself to play guitar
watching YouTube but he says his gift
and passion for music comes from his dad who has been living overseas
for the last 11 years. This is your dad? Yes, this is my dad. And he's responsible
for your music genes, is that right? Yeah, pretty much. So, do you remember him
singing to you? I do. We always used to sing. So he must be
pretty proud of you now? Yeah, he is. And so is his mum, Alana, who, with the help of her parents, has encouraged Jai
to follow his dreams. He is very mature for his age. Anything that's thrown at him, he just takes it,
you know, in his stride and does his best to achieve
a good outcome for whatever. So, yeah, um, I don't think
I've got any reservations about him being too young. Jai has honed his talents at Campbelltown
Performing Arts High School. ALL: (SING) # Can count on me
like one, two, three # I'll be there... # There's so many people
who can sing and so many people
who can have that talent but I suppose with my singing
I take it as, um, a gift and something
that's been given to me. # 'Cause that's what friends
are supposed to do, oh, yeah # Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh # Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh. # What did you think
when you found out he was going to try out
for 'X Factor'? Straightaway, I was like, "Yeah,
he's totally going to make it." No pressure, OK? No, none at all.

So what has been the reaction
from people at school? Um, it's been pretty crazy. But they are all cool with it
and they're all amazing people so it's not like they're over the
top with it or anything like that. Not yet, anyway.

The school is used to dealing with
'X Factor' fame. Jai is the third of its students
to perform on the show. Angel and Tyrone from last year and Temy,
who auditions tomorrow night. So what do you hope to do
with your music? What would be your ultimate goal? I would love for people to know
who I am and to hear my music and for people to see me
as not someone who just does music but someone who loves music,
if you know what I mean. Whatever happens tonight, Jai has the determination
and dedication to make it. But, for now, he and Flaky
are just enjoying the ride. (CHEERING)

Don't you just love him? Coming up - the truth behind
those so-called free trials with their no-questions-asked,
money back guarantees. Well, we've got a few questions and a few tips
to help you avoid falling victim. Stay with us.

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All of this and more with the new:

This is Kathleen Campbell. She only drives
a short distance to work. She saved $809
when she switched to Youi. Youi - we get you. Call 13YOUI or go to

You only have to watch
an hour or two of late-night TV to see the ads for fitness
or beauty products promising a supposedly-free trial. You know the ones. "If you're not completely satisfied, return the product
for a full refund," usually within 30 days. But as Georgie Main reports, that's not quite as simple
as it sounds. They said it was a free trial but there was not very much free
about it.

In this world, seldom do you get
something for nothing. Who doesn't love a freebie? Various offers -
free trial, free membership. Free trials
are supposed to give us the chance to use a product or service - no strings attached. The first thing I thought was
someone had hacked into my account. Movie buff Dale Harrison was lured
in by a free three-month trial by movie rental company Quickflix. Deciding he didn't want to join
the service, Dale thought
that would be the end of it. But after that three-month trial... I was charged $26 without notice. The 40-year-old didn't realise
he needed to opt out of the service before the trial period ended. Having looked at the fine print
again, it was in there, very much buried,

In the last 12 months,
we've received about 130 enquiries and about 50 complaints Gyms, beauty
and weight loss products are the most complained about when it comes to free trials according to Phil D'Adamo
from Consumer Affairs. I think you should be wary
of giving your bank account details in any particular case but certainly, in these,
you should ask why that's needed if you're simply trialling
the particular product. Many of us are going online
to vent their frustration. Websites like Product Review
have 200,000 reviews. Some good - some not so good. I can't believe they say
it's a free trial when they debit your card $199.

My understanding was that it was the next delivery
that would cost money, not the free trial.

In a statement, Rapid Loss says, it strives to ensure full disclosure
of all terms and conditions. Hidden costs, a bugbear. I wanted to do
the 14-day free trial, which was being offered at Genesis but it wasn't explained to me
that an administrative fee of $55 would be direct debited
from my account. Shouldn't a free trial be free?

The truth is often hidden. If consumers were actually to read
through the detail of the Ts and Cs they are faced with
every year, it would take them
a staggering 76 days. In a statement, Quickflix said customers are able to cancel
at any time and this is clearly set out
in the registration process and that Dale has since been issued
a refund.

It's illegal for a trader
to collect money unauthorised so traders have got a responsibility
here not to mislead and deceive
or to take money.

Georgia Main there. And full statements from the
companies featured in that report can be found on our website.

After the break, the doctor handing out
mind-altering drugs to patients and the tragic consequences.

Now with the latest news,
here's Mark Ferguson. Thanks, Helen. Making news in Sydney tonight - Australia's supermarket giants are being threatened
with legal action by the consumer watchdog over their petrol discount dockets. If these shopper dockets continue
at these levels, it's going to be very hard
for other players to compete and we may end up with just two companies in the country
selling petrol. Firefighters are encouraging people
to report hoarders after a Marrickville couple was
trapped inside their burning home by massive piles
of their belongings. A 7-year-old boy has been kicked
in the shins while trying to fight off a thief
who snatched his mum's handbag outside their Waterloo home. Cronulla Sharks boss Bruno Cullen has fast-tracked his departure
from the club following a board decision
to apologise to staff members sacked over the ASADA drugs scandal. And a Seven News investigation has revealed Liverpool is
the drugs capital of Sydney's west but the problem is twice as worse
in the CBD and Potts Point. Sydney's weather - a low of 11 in Sydney tonight, 6 in Campbelltown
and 9 in Parramatta. Tomorrow will be cloudy with isolated showers increasing
in the afternoon. Aiming for a top
of 20 degrees in the city the western suburbs. That's the latest
from the newsroom. We'll have further Seven News
updates during the evening, Helen.

Before we go tonight a quick look
ahead to tomorrow night's program. and the doctor giving out
dangerous drugs with deadly results.

And do you stand by your diagnosis? It will never go away.

Just one of the stories
we'll have for you tomorrow. In the meantime,
have a lovely evening. I'm Helen Kapalos.
See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
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MADDY: If you think he's gonna
drop everything and take you back, you're more self-absorbed
than I thought. I really want a second chance. I'm not doing this. You hurt me. I don't want that to happen again.
It won't. Sorry. You'd better learn some manners
for the principals' dinner. For the what? My first principals' dinner's
coming up and I'm taking you. It's one night of your life.
Put on a suit and behave. I don't wanna get paraded around
like some handbag while I get judged by those losers
for using the wrong fork. And you're standing there
bellyaching because the woman you say you love
wants to take you out on a date. ZAC: Don't let Bianca get drunk.
(LAUGHS) Getting tipsy, on the other hand... Thank you.
Little more.

Oh! Oh, thank you. Mwah. Mwah. Mwah. Why is it so dark? Were you sleeping? Why wouldn't I be? Oh, I thought you would have
waited up for me. You're in a good mood, aren't you?
Mmm. Well, it was actually
a really good night. Yeah?
Yeah. Good people. Any familiar faces? I met a few of them when
they came for meetings with Gina. That's great. Did you miss me?
Heaps. Um, I gotta get up early
so I'm gonna go to bed. Meaning you don't wanna
miss the surf. Goodnight, Bianca.

You didn't cook with that. (KNOCK AT DOOR)


What's the matter?
Nothing. I didn't wake you up, did I?
No, no, no. I was...exercising. Come in. Why haven't you been
answering your phone, John? It hasn't rung. Oh. Oh, Jett! How do you get that off silent?
Oh, right. Well, John, guess what.
What? Guess who is the new casual employee
at the Diner. Ahhh, Sweeney Todd.
I don't know, tell me. You!
Me?! Yes. You start tomorrow!
That's fantastic! Oh, Marilyn, I don't know
what strings you pulled at the Diner but I am so very, very grateful. Oh! I just hope they don't throw you
in the deep end, that's all. (LAUGHS) No, no, no. The question is
not whether I'm ready for the Diner, it's whether the Diner
is ready for me. Well, yes. (LAUGHS) Let's celebrate.