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This program is captioned live. Tonight - the impact on loved ones when family members disappear without a trace.I always thought that he would come home. I always believed it. So... I guess you don't really know.Why so many heart attack victims aren't following doctor's order. A new wave of cyber bullies and they are not kid - they are mums.Taken a sickie lately? It seems very few of us do. And how do you behave at Royal Ascot when you are Warnie? This is The Project.Good evening, welcome to The Project. With us tonight we have Gorgi Cogland and Steve Price!! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) How are you going with the election date, you first said it was August 24 and then August 31?I give up. I don't think anyone knows. You can't read Kevin Rudd's mind.You certainly don't.Kevin Rudd can't even read his own mind. September 7 I will go for now.It is not like price is right, higher or lower (LAUGHTER) In the news today, Monday 29 July - Four children have been seriously injured after being run down by a 4-wheel drive outside an Adelaide primary school this afternoon. The woman behind the wheel ploughing into the children, aged between five and 11, after clipping another car. Police are investigating the crash. Queensland police have discovered more explosives at an Ipswich house, where a man was seriously injured in a blast on Thursday night. The bomb squad called in to dispose of the explosives, as another man was remanded in custody, on numerous drugs and explosives charges.I certainly haven't experienced anything like it. Talking to the bomb squad officers they haven't experienced anything like it. The cause for concern is the disregard that the people have had in the handling of this material. Fresh from a trip to Manus Island, Immigration Minister Tony Burke expects asylum seeker boats will keep coming, despite Labor's Papua New Guinea solution. But he says he doesn't believe people smugglers will be able to overwhelm the processing centre's capacity.We always said people would test our resolve. Now they are doing exactly what we said they would and they will discover that we are going to do exactly what we said we would. We were going to speak to Minister Burke tonight on the show. Unfortunately he had to cancel but I did want to bring up a photo that a lot of people have been talking about the day. This was all over the newspapers. This is the coffin of a small child who has died at sea when one of the asylum seeker vessels has gone down. I am just wondering what you feel when you look at that photo.For me that just shows that Labor has lost control of this whole issue and that is a stark example, like the boat that crashed into the cliffs last year that they don't know what to do. They have lost control of it. Since the PNG Solution was announced we have 1300 people that have arrived on 16 boats. For me as a mother I look at that image and think it is not about stopping the boats and stopping people drowning. If I was that desperate to put that child on a boat and lose my life, for me as a voter it reinforces that these people are legitimate asylum seekers.I believe that too. I think the solution will work because people will work out they don't want to come to Australia because Australia is a heartless country, or the government is heartless. I think they will evenen actually decide to go to other countries.I hope you are right, because we want it to stop.I don't Australia to be heartless though. Malaysia didn't work, Timor didn't work and this won't work because the people smugglers don't believe that Kevin Rudd has the actual will to make it happen. He doesn't - they don't believe that Labor believe in this policy. They believe that Labor don't really want to do this and that is why they will keep coming.I look at that photo and I think you can project whatever you want on to that. If you agree with Kevin Rudd that people smugglers need to be put out of business that is the photo that justifies it. If you are like Steve, you think the job is not being done that, that photo justifies it. I look at that and think what more evidence do you need that deterrence is ineffective? If you are a scientist you would say this hasn't past muser. If you were a business -It is too early to say that.We have been focusing on deter reasons for years and years and years and it hasn't worked.I think the photo we can all agree that it shows we do not a have a solution. To more news now - We're being urged to dob in hoarders after an elderly Sydney couple was injured in a fire, fuelled by piles of junk in their Marrickville home. The mounds of rubbish were so high fire crews needed a ladder to access the house last night. It's believed a candle may have sparked the blaze. It could have been a whole lot worse for these people, had the fire taken hold and the stuff that is in the house had collapsed around them we may not have found them for, like, until the end of the day. And Shane Warne's antics in the Members at Ascot race course have raised a few eyebrows in England. He was at the track with fiancee Liz Hurley for the prestigious King George Day, and played up for the cameras. Among the highlights - the spin king trying to swallow his glass.It is very hard - it is very tough to do.Don't try to do it.He is all class!!Old Warnie is back. Do you think that the old Warnie is the new Warnie plus alcohol? Do you think that equals old Warnie?I am not sure but those photos are classic. Come on - (LAUGHTER) Isn't that a typical day at the races for most people.He is 43 and that is good news.Gorgi, you said before that is no behaviour for Royal Ascot?You in the member's section and even all of this stuff, it is a fairly traditional race track. One day she is going to rip his toupee off I reckon! . HTER) . Tony Abbott is old school too, I reckon. He was in Sydney today - There is nothing with old school. And he was talking to the kids about the good old days and the different road laws that used to be around.We used to climb into the back of the station wagon,...

And you could drink drive!! Good old days.What a leader!! To our feature story tonight. When Aussie Owen Rooney vanished in Canada three years ago, the case made worldwide headlines. But approaching the third anniversary of his disappearance, his family has appealed for authorities, and the public, not to give up. Owen Rooney's parents are spent nearly three years wondering what could possibly have happened to their son. We have pretty good instincts with the kids, you can feel when something is wrong, when something is not right, but this shakes you to the core and you lose that.Owen Rooney hasn't been seen since he walked out of a hospital in British Colombia back in 2010. The 24-year- old had checked in with a head injury after partying at a music festival in the days before he vanished.From what we can gather he consumed some drugs there and got out of his depth.He ended up in Christina Lake and he was assaulted and then went to the hospital and he walked away from the hospital leaving his back pack and phone and everything behind. It is a case that has baffled his family and police ever since.What exactly happened to Owen Rooney from the point of his walking away from the hospital remain as mystery today.Owen was not a drug taker as such. Like it was new to his lifestyle. He was at home until he was 22 and there was no drug issue, mental issue, or anything like that. An internal report by the hospital found staff poorly documented Owen's condition.The reports from the hospital are that he was OK. Yet he had bleeding from his ears and bruises on his temples and face and they didn't do any monitoring or a toxicology or any of those things.Desperate and overwhelmed, they say they were let down at every turn.They didn't take quad bikes out for three days to have a look to see whether he was around the street. They didn't put up a helicopter to see if he had gone into the bush for eight months.If the reaction time was quicker it could have found him down the road, down the highway.The initial stages or hours after receiving the first report, there was nothing to indicate that in fact Owen was not going to be returning later to retrieve his property from the hospital.Owen Rooney's parents travelled to Canada as soon as they heard that he was missing. Eight months later, emotional drained and financially broke they returned home.For him not to contact us in the early days and especially now three years later, that is something pretty heavy going on. Every year thousands of Aussie travels are reported missing overseas. Most eventually turn up but there are still many who don't. Like Australia, Canada has no single detailed national database to track missing persons. In the meantime, a media blitz is planned for the third anniversary of Owen's disappearance next month.It will be very interesting to see if social media will not permit us new information as we share it once again with the public.The missing person cases are never closed. They are always high priority and we - he will never be forgotten about. As for families like the Rooney's, all they are left with is hope as they try to get on with their life. I trust that resolution will come to us and a trust in - a trust in Owen's ability to be able to come home if he can. I trust in my ability to find him if I can.You just have to play it as it comes and you don't give up.No, you never give up. Loren O'Keeffe is also searching for her brother Dan who went missing over two years ago. She's since launched the Missing Person's Advocacy Network. Loren, we first shared your story back in 2011. You struggled to find advice when Dan went missing. Will your network change that for others? Absolutely. That is the plan. I mean, we had no direction when Dan went missing so we have a very clear focus on offering practical support for families of missing persons. I really want to establish corporate partnerships to not only raise visibility for the faces of missing persons but also lessen the financial impact of family members actively searching for a loved one. So industries like airlines and car rentals and accommodations and printers would be extraordinarily helpful to families like mine. One of the things you are working hard on is the stigma of people associated who go missing. What do you mean?The majority of missing person cases relate to mental illness. At least half of is in our life time will go through a period of mental illness. This is something that everyone can relate to. Having someone like Deborah Mailman get behind that cause and communicate that message is a huge step in the right direction. Your persver lens and courage is incredible. Do you hold on to the belief that one day you will be reunited with with your brother Dan?Absolutely. We will never stop searching for Dan but launching this I knew I would have to take a step back from the campaign but we still have thousands of Australians every day helping us look for Dan. I am confident that I can step back and focus on the bigger picture here and try to fill this void we have in Australia.As you mention your family was lost when Dan went missing, you didn't know what to do at the beginning. Tell us a bit about the checklist you have designed on your website.The idea is to launch an online guide of what to do when someone does go missing. I hope to launch that in November. It will be a checklist of practical advice, ideas of what to do when someone goes missing with down loadable templates with things like media releases and post ares. When somebody you love goes missing you can't think straight, you can't eat or sleep, so having some direction given to families in that position will be enormously helpful. We appreciate your time. Thanks for speaking with us again.Thank you. This week is National Missing Person's week. For more information on that or Loren's network, just head to our website. Coming up on The Project - could changing the name of the Gold Coast help change tourists' perceptions about it? Is this proof that big foot exists? And mummy trolls

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Welcome back to The Project. Essendon's new chairman Paul Little says coach James Hird has his and the board's full support, in the wake of former chairman David Evans' resignation. As Hird takes on the AFL through his lawyers, Little's made it clear he'll also be taking a tougher stance once ASADA's report into the scandal is released.We look forward to the opportunity of being able to use this report to answer a lot of the allegations and concerns that have been voiced in relation to the Essendon football club. And a name change could be on the cards for the Gold Coast, as the local council looks to improve the tourist strip's party reputation. A local surfing journalist came up with the idea, and locals are being asked for their opinion on the concept.Really?Yeah.It couldn't be more perfect than the Gold Coast or the Surfers Paradise? Why would you want to change that?I would call it sleeve tatoo central. The babies come out of the woman with a tatoo. Isn't it bad to take away the party reputation - isn't it a good thing. Schoolies week is good for the economy up there. Have they noticedThey have asked public, but I love this suggestion on Facebook, she thinks we could call it Sandy crack.That is a good one. I wish I had thought of that one.Moving on. A simple search on Google will have advice for parents whose children may be cyber bullied, but what does a parent do when they themselves are attacked online? Take a look around and you will see that mums are nurturing, supportive and loving. But switch on the computer and it is a whole different story. Why did you get pregnant when you already had a 3-month-old. What an idiot.

Those are just the comments we can read out in a G time slot. Any parent will tell you there is no tougher job in the world than raising a child and for first-time parents it is a period when advice and empathy are invaluable. So why do nom parents online feel the need to attack others for their choices? Parenting is bringing out the judgment in people, everything from breast feeding to child racing so the space around mummy blogs tends to be filled with goodwill as well as vitriol. Celebrities come under fire with even our favourite royals copping flack. They might be used to criticism but when you are just a regular mum wanting to connect with others the attacks can be qev stating. Babyology recently toughened its stance following an attack on one of its staff members. It was this picture that attracted such comments like "horrible" and "awful". If you have a really, really thin skin and you a offended easily, cyberspace is probably not for you. It is time to go hard on the parents or is it time for parents to harden up? P Mandi Goonsberger is the CEO of Babyology and is all in favour of putting parents in the naughty corner. Mandi, it feels this way but have trolling and negative comments gotten worse over time? Yeah, look, we have definitely seen an increase lately and that is why we have gotten to boiling point. We have 115,000 people like our page and as it has grown we have seen a lot more trolling and negativety and nastyness.How has your crackdown been received by the online community?Look, by our community we have had nothing but positive feedback. Since we announced the new policy last Thursday which is basically if you are not going to say anything nice don't say it at all or if you wouldn't say it in public to a person don't say it at all, we have had a huge response from our community saying it is about time people did cact on this type of thing. -- crack down on this type of thing. We are just mums and we don't need these people telling us what to do in a nasty forum. Usually in a debate with Charlie or Dave I get attracted by trolls and the stuff that is said about me - you do have curly hair, but it would make your hair curl. Don't you just need to harden up.I think there is a point where people would say get a tough skin and get on with it, but it is not people saying "it is not my style", if we put up a post about a certain nursery people are saying "that is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen and I wouldn't put a child in there at all." When people get nasty and personal and start calling each other names and saying they aren't good parents that is when I think it is up to us to get involved.I am amazed by this. My wife looking after three very small children and she does haven't the energy or time to be cracking at even me. Where do they find the time!!You are lucky. I think a lot of them come out late at night so, you know, our biggest time are 10 at night until 2 in the morning. We often wake up to a barrage of comments and it is a 24-hour thing so we have to choose what comments we put on at one time of day so there is someone to moderate it. Thank you very much.We ask what you think relevant - what you think: I would never criticise Tony Abbott about his ability to handle children and he had a big kid's day. Would criticise Tony Abbott about anything. Tony Abbott was at a childcare centre. This kid is really focusing on Tony's message there. That is a bit of fun. But Kevin Rudd in Afghanistan with grown men, none of that behaviour would ever happen there, would it? Let's have a look at Kevin.Oh, oh, oh, no!!Mission completed and I think it was. We will see you after the break. Coming up - had a heart attack? There are simple rules to stop it happening again so why are so many people ignoring them? And how did a thief get away with 50 million worth of bugs of jewellery? -- bucks of jewellery. There's super...stitious. Super...natural. And then super...annuation! Ohh. Not exciting enough? How about Because that's what super is.
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You are watching The Project. Welcome back. The sickie - it's as Australian as Vegemite, kangaroos, and budgie smugglers. But data just out shows that the great Australia sick day maybe a thing of the past, and we here at the Project think that's a disaster. Aussies love a sickie - they are so beloved they have received Prime Ministerial approval.Any boss that sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum. We are with you!! That is why when data emerged today showing that Aussies were taking fewer sick days we were horrified. If you have sick days you should take them. That is why I am off reading my this story from my sick bed here in Hawaii. This isn't just the death of a great tradition - more and more people are coming to work seriously ill. More than nine out of ten workers clock on when they are sick which spreads disease. We understand why, telling the bsz you have a bit of a sniffle does sound lame. We thought it would help to tell you some of the real reasons bosses have heard. The next time you are feeling down, don't be afraid to take a sickie, you will feel better for it. If you need an excuse tell tell them you were up late listening to five price's radio show. If that doesn't work tell them you were bitten by a duck.Take a week off - if you sick, because if you come back you are going to infect everyone else and you will decrease work.I never had a sick believe for years and I started having them and I love them. I haven't had one in 41 years. I don't get sick for a start, but I would never take a fake one.The people on the Internet who don't think you are human would believe that.Other on this that or are you a fake human in disguise!!If you have just joined us here are the headlines dfrplt --: Four children in Adelaide have been seriously injured, after being hit by a 4- wheel drive outside their primary school this afternoon. Treasurer Chris Bowen says we can expect tough but responsible spending cuts in this week's budget update, but with the promise of a surplus in three years' time. More than 300 people around the country will lose their jobs after PixiFotos was placed into administration because of falling sales. An investigation is underway into a 5-10 tonne oil spill at the Port of Brisbane overnight, which has affected local birdlife. The clean-up could take a week. And questions are being asked about why Therese Rein accompanied husband Kevin Rudd to Afghanistan. The PM paid Aussie troops a surprise visit at the weekend, and has defended his decision to take Therese along, despite the security risks. I don't understand what all of the fuss is about about him taking her.I think it is weird. Why would you take your wife into a war zone? It is bizarre.Do you take your husband to work?There you go. He is working.What I don't have a problem is the wives and partners of the pollies get sent on huge international junket when there is no ability to do anything productive -You are no not falling for his spin. This is all about the election.I don't see a problem with him taking his wife. Everything every politician does is about the election. I have been there and people saying it is a security risk it is not the case. They wouldn't have - that is what a lot of people are saying.You were working there, you were doing comedy over there, but what is she doing over there?What has come out of this is Kevin Rudd is more scared than his wife when it comes to - have a look at this shot here. You have Therese Rein,, look at Kevin with the Kev lar and the helmet.What ister ripbl is when a siren went off and he used her as a human shield. I am not sure she understands what all of the gear is for. Listen to what she refers to here.

Is it not a hat, it is a helmet!! I seriously think she put him off and he lost his mind a little bit. Listen to this conversation. Listen to him not listening - well listening but forgot he had listened. Check this out. He already said, you just said, "Alex, what's your name", and he said "Alex", and you said, oh, right. Thanks to improvements in the health system, more Australians are surviving heart attacks than ever before. The bad news is many of those who do survive aren't changing the lifestyle factors that put them at risk in the first place. You'd think spending some time on death's doorstep would be enough to make your change an unhealthy lifestyle but not so much. Shockingly, 60% of Australian heart attack survivors fail to eat an healthy diet, two-thirds don't exercise regularly and one in ten continue to smoke.You need to do the right thing to protect yourself into the future and not have perhaps that second fatal event. One in four heart attack victims will have another heart attack or require medical intervention within a year. But a great many survivors either can't or won't make the lifestyle changes that would reduce that risk. Like Margea74-year-old who survived a heart attack four years ago.You had a heart attack. Yes, I had, I had a beauty.And you still smokeI smoke about 20 a day and I have four or five Sherris. And you nearly died.I did die, they had to bring me back with a paddle.And you feel alright?I feel fantastic. A heart attack costs the health care system $280,000 and repeat heart attacks cost the nation more than $8 billion a year.They leave hospital thinking well they have had their treatment they are over there. What the survivors of heart attacks need to understand and their carers is it a life-long condition. A long story short - Australia has a great health system as long as you are in the health system which means we either need better follow- up or much better patients. Dr Andrew Rochford always has good advice which we can we ignore. Rochie, surviving a heart attack is like getting a golden ticket - I mean, why on earth would anyone stick to the same lifestyle that nearly killed them?Well, given it is the most potent and successful killer of humans, I like to describe describe it as the sale who got away with having a run in with a great white shark. You have no idea how good it is if you survive a heart attack because it kills so many people everywhere around the world every day. The problem is it gives you an idea of just how hard it is for them to change those lifestyle factors - the smokes, eating bad not exercising - because if this can't motivate them it is really hard to figure out exactly what will motivate them to make sure they don't have another heart attack. You are saying that smokers are as dumb as sales, is that what you are saying?Well, that is a bit has been sh.What I am saying the risk of smoking is the same as being a seal who just escaped a great white and decided to go for another swim when he is still out there. The chances of surviving the second time round isn't great.It has to come down to personal responsibility. I would have thought, as someone who does haven't a heart attack - thank goodness - when you do go to hospital surely you get such a sprite you would never want to go back there.There is a huge group of people who do. They see what could have happened, the potential for them dying. They see people in the other ward who are very sick who may not get through it and those are the ones who are motivated to make those changes. This study is showing us that 60% of people don't want to eat the right foods. One in ten are still smoking. Although plenty of people give up the bad habits there is plenty of people who need more motivation. As doctors we need to be more frank and more to the point and not sugar coat this.You have to get hard as a doctor, you have to get rid of that smile and clearly put it to them.I do my best. I can't help but smile. The thing is as I said in the first place maybe in their best interest, it is to be a bit of tough love.On the topic of tough love there were some people who would say hang on we have already paid for one of your heart attacks we shouldn't have to front up for your next heart attack and by some people I mean Dave and I off air.It is a big bill - $8 billion goes into those second heart attacks that come around for those people who don't change. You need to remember, however, there is a chance you will have a heart attack. There is a chance that people who have a heart attack and make all the changes will have another heart attack. The system is good. We have to help people who need to be helped.Thank you for being the voice of reason once again.Absolute pleasure.You are not actually suggesting that if someone has a second heart attack to second bout of canser that you are going to go, "No, no, you have already had one crack we are not going to treat you now."If they continue to smoke -Smoking is legal.People that do try to do the right thing, they exercise, eat properly, there needs to be some benefit for them other than not having a heart attack.Holy yeah than,000. You are lecturing the whole population, are you.No, smokers are skinny, too, mate. What??I have no idea where that went then.You can nut it out in the break.Coming up - the driver of this speeding train charged with reckless homicide. And how living in the Top End can

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Welcome to the desk Meshel Laurie and Tom Gleeson! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) empty pockets. This is The Project.
This is The Project. Rugby league has lost one of its favourite sons, with the death of former player and coach Graham Murray. The 58-year- old died in Brisbane last night, after a battle with heart disease. He'll be particularly missed by the North Queensland Cowboys, who he coached for six years.He was a big part of the club's success over the years and no doubt our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. And it might not be news to locals, but a cost of living survey has found Darwin is the 12th most expensive city in the world. Taking into account the cost of petrol, groceries and utilities, Darwin is more expensive than New York, London and Paris. Perth is more expensive than Darwin, coming in at number 10. And is this Bigfoot or just a bored Canadian in an ape suit? Hikers claim to have filmed the legendary creature, traipsing through the British Columbian wilderness, near Mission, south- east of Vancouver. The video, posted on YouTube, has sparked plenty of excitement among Bigfoot fans.

fans.Surely there is a costume party just out of shot there!!I am so disappointed. All of that footage from the 07s was grain any, we all have HD on our iPhones, why was that not better? Was the tele photo lens stolen?It was a hairy man, wasn't itOr a Wwunsey!!I love those stories. Ten's unsolved crimes program 'Wanted' has already cracked a case, and co-host Matt Doran is here to tell us more. Matt, 'Wanted' has helped reunite a young woman with her family.Charlie, this is such a wonderful result. Teenage Bethenny Neville disappeared over four months ago and in that time he was the subject of intense search by police and family. Now we are thrilled to say she is back in the arms of loved ones thanks to a tip-off from one someone who had been watching 'Wanted' and you can only imagine the news to their family that he was safe and well. We will hear from Bethenny about what unfolded during those four months. A great result, Matt. What else is on tonight?Tonight we also look into the case of Les Samba who you might remember was gunned down on a busy Melbourne street. This was just over two years ago. Now, Les was prolific in the horse racing industry first as an owner and trainer. There is a $1 million reward in this case - that is one of the highest rewards you will find on offer anywhere in Australia. His daughter, Victoria, is really, really hopeful that that sum of money will encourage someone to come forward. She says the mystery of what happened that night is with her evidence which waking moment. 'Wanted' is live tonight 8:30 on Ten. Time to see what's making news around the world. At least 36 pilgrims, including children, have been killed, after their coach plunged off a bridge in southern Italy. They'd been returning from a visit to a Catholic shrine when the accident happened. A number of other passengers were seriously injured. He's been charged with 79 counts of reckless homicide, but the driver involved in last week's train derailment in north-western Spain has been released. The 52-year-old has reportedly admitted taking the corner too fast. Investigators are trying to determine whether he didn't apply the brakes, or whether there was a technical failure. Pope Francis has headed home to the Vatican, after closing World Youth Day celebrations with a mass for an estimated 3 million people on Rio's Copacabana Beach. The service had a carnival-like atmosphere, and the pontiff urged young Catholics to spread the gospel. And a brazen armed thief has managed to steal about $57 million worth of jewellery from a diamond exhibition at Cannes' famous Carlton Hotel. The robbery happened in broad daylight, and right in front of security guards. The thief escaped with jewels and watches encrusted with diamonds.Amazing. I love that stuff. I was doing a bit of sleuthing and I went on Ebay this afternoon and saw if anyone was selling $57 million worth of jewels - nothing. (LAUGHTER) You can buy them but they still have the security tags on them. What about George Clooney and Brad Pitt, it might have been them.I think they don't need to any more. 57 million, that is what I tip.We have to move on to another international story. We have the rights to the Formula One.The Hungarian Grand Prix.It is a great race but I think there is some sneaky cross promotion going on with the commentary. Listen very carefully

carefully here.
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In the smartphone age, pornography is more available than ever. But what damage is that doing to our kids?It has always been one of the trickyest questions a parent faces - when and how do you teach your kids about sex? Keeping silent has never been so dangerous as kids fill the void of information for themselves.Why are kids turning to porn? It is there. These days smoons mean you have 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' videos in every back pocket.A study has shown that 90% of 13 to 16-year-old boys and 60% of girls have been exposed to porn.Important graph my today is far more aggressive it it is not our centre fold as 'Playboy' that we saw when I grow up.The an analysis of the top-selling pornography shows it that is violent and 09% of it is depicted at women.Boys are looking at this sort of porn and they think this is what girls want. They think this is how they should behave in their own sexual relationships. In a bid to reeducate teenagers, Debbie has been developing a new curriculum for Victorian schools. Pornography is an important component.We have to acknowledge that young people have access to pornography and we would be not reaching our duty of care if we didn't help kids make sense of what they are seeing in sexuality education.Give us some examples of where we see it every day? Magazines, games and movies.The teacher unit in Melbourne has been trialling the programIt has been really hard to find the appropriate way to be teaching about pornography with teenageers. We really stress to them we will not be showing them pornography but teaching them about the effects and harms of it.The class seems to be getting results.What do you think it is doing to our society?It is giving us the whole idea about what a sexual life should be?OKPeople are getting more sexually active younger.Absolutely.And the students say sex ed has finally ended the 21st century. Evidence willEvery parent says my son is not looking at porn, but most kids are looking at porn.We need to know about it so when we come into the real world and society we know how to treat our partners.It will soon be rolled out in Victorian schools but News Ltd columnist Susie O'Brien says it should go national.They need to unpack the image that is are seeing. Proliferation of porn is a global issue and last week the UK government announced plans to introduce a porn filter across the Internet. Some want the same here but admit education still needs to start at home.If we can help our young people make sense of what they are seeing online and to build more relationship relationships, then I think that is something that all parents would want to see. Intriguing. In that course they are asking the question is there such thing as good porn. Georgie, you were a teach er?I am, and I am very passionate about this because I think there is a huge issue about porn where the male is always dominant. There is a woman makes pornography films where women are inclusive and I ka can include a women's desiers. Young guys watch this porn where the woman is being derogatory -It is awful.They grow up thinking that is what women must like and then the young girls are trying to satisfy men with something that they don't want done to them. So if we can say to boys and girls pornography is OK as long as it is respectful to both parties. You can show men what women want? That is OK, that is a win, win.I am going to go home and take the phones off both of my girls scram! Head to the website where you can catch up on the latest news, and check out or competition page and get involved writing a scene for the Whitsundays crowd source movie campaign and put yourself in the running for a luxury holiday. You are watching The Project. VOICEOVER: Mazda has put a lot of
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As you have probably gathered by now this is The Project. Dave, what do you have?I have a bone to pick with the lead protester in a marriage equality rally in NSW. Today check out what he says here. What do we want?Marriage equality. When do we want it?Now.I need to get more action.Stay single young man!! tay single young
man!! (LAUGHTER) And good news for panda lovers, there's now a TV service that provides 24-hour access to more than 80 of the iconic bears. The appropriately named Giant Panda Channel, starts broadcasting online next month and features nearly 30 high-def cameras capturing the pandas every move.Cute.If we can find one with firm enough opinions Steve could be out of a job. (LAUGHTER) Thanks, Charlie.Can I just go back - I am very happy with how my marriage is going, sweet heart. Sure. This is the top five. As missing persons week starts for 2013, we heard first-hand about the pain and anguish felt by loved ones of missing people. Australians are taking fewer sick days which sounds productive but actually means more and more of us are showing up seriously ill. The driver involved in last week's Spanish train derailment has been released but will have to answer to 79 counts of reckless homicide. A worryingly large number of heart attack survivors aren't changing the lifestyle factors that put them at risk in the first place. And the search for Big Foot is over thanks to this vision captured by hikers in the Canadian willerness. That is all the proof I need. Next stop - LachNess. Let's see what is on the show tomorrow -It is one of the most important roles in our health care system yet remains one of the most under paid. How have things changed for Aussie workers over the decades. And picking out a face from millions. It helps fight crime but at what cost.As soon as the camera gets the lock on you it knows your name almost immediately. The news but not as you know it. A bit of news coming in out sprucing up the Gold Coast image.I don't know the about a new name but given the other news Warnie should be mayor.Warwick Capper is watching this saying, "I was just ahead of my time". That is all we have time for tonight. A big thanks to Steve Price. Finally, when is the election going to be called? September 7.We heard it here!!Do not put money on that. 'Masterchef' is up next.It is. See you tomorrow at 6:30. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - CAPTIONED BY

ANNOUNCER: Previously
on MasterChef Australia... week opened with the
regifting of a surprise mystery box.


This isn't love! These are brains!

And Rishi was left to decide
whether to use his immunity pin

and force Noelene
to step into his place.

Big decision, Rishi -
for both of us.


..there's a lot of love in the room.

But it's what's in Rishi's heart
that has everyone guessing.

Are you gonna use that pin?

I don't know.

We'll have to wait, won't we?

And if he cooks, he'll face

Kirsten Tibballs'
chocolate creation to die for.

ALL: Ohhh!


I think I'll need
three and a half days to do that.

But they'll have to hurry this love.

The texture of my mousse
is quite critical.

Who will be head over heels?

You've done an exceptional job.

It tastes bloody brilliant.

And who will be broken-hearted?

That's undercooked.
That is a big negative.

SONG: # 'Cause you're hot,
then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down

# You're wrong when it's right

# It's black and it's white

# We fight, we break up

# We kiss, we make up

# You don't really want to stay, no

# But you don't really want to go-o

# You're hot, then you're cold

# You're yes, then you're no

# You're in, then you're out

# You're up, then you're down. #

RISHI: Yesterday, we began
the week of love.

It brought me heartbreak,

But today's a new day

and it's elimination.

I've got the pin,
so do I use the pin or not?

I don't know.
We'll have to wait, won't we?

If I do decide to use the pin,

then Noelene will take my place
in elimination

because she had
the fourth-worst dish yesterday.

If I were Rishi,
I would play that pin, absolutely.

This is the top 10.
There's a lot at stake.

It's a bit of a strange old day
for me.

It would have been
my mother's birthday today.

One of the last things
I said to my mother

was "On life's stage,
I'll perform for the both of us."

My mum was the one who gave me

that real love for food.

Four years or so ago,

we got the shocking news that Mum
was diagnosed with cancer.

Whenever she needed something,
she'd give this bell a ring

and I would know that she needed me.

So, I've held on to that.

I have it in the kitchen at home,

just as a little bit of a reminder,
when I'm cooking,

that, uh, yeah, Mum's always around.

I've been a bartender
for half of my adult life.

What's been cookin'?

You're not gonna get far in life

by just sitting around
and waiting for things to happen.

So, I decided it was time to man up

and go chase something.

VERN: Let's do it, guys.


NEHA: Valentine's Day!

Walking into the MasterChef kitchen,

I see these big hearts

and a big love sign behind George,
Gary and Matt.

And I kind of think,

"Jeez, is today Valentine's Day?"

Looks good.

But then I remind myself,
"Hang on. This is love week."

Even though I didn't feel
any love yesterday.

Today, a continuation
in the week of love.

But in love,
there's always heartache.

And today, of course, you're dressed
in black, in elimination.

And there's a couple of things
that are on all of our minds.

First one, Vern...'re a pretty practical,
up-front kind of guy.

Do you think this is
your last day here?

No, I don't feel
it's my last day at all.

Why is that?

Look, today, of all days,
is actually my mother's birthday.

This week is love,

and I love...I loved her

more than any other person
on the face of the planet.

And I get to cook her
something fantastic.


Rishi, all we want to know...

..are you gonna use that pin?

For me, it's do I want to win
this competition? Yes.

And for that, do I have to
make a sacrifice? Yes.

And that's the pin today.

It means, um...

..Noelene steps in.

GARY: How do you feel
about that, Noelene?

That's fine.

If you've gotta come to the kitchen,
you come to cook.

Noelene, down you come.

SAMIRA: Good luck, love.
KELTY: Good luck, Noelene.
DANIEL: Good luck, Noelsey.

I'm not surprised at Rishi
using his immunity pin.

I would hand over the gold pin...
Of course you would!

It's human nature.

Sorry, Noelene.
That's alright.

Here you go. Good luck, Noelene.

No worries. Thank you.

Good luck, Noelene.