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This morning - Kevin Rudd's Cabinet meets to finalise spending cuts. Still no word on an election date.

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The PNG solution, the final cargo plane heads to Port Moresby for the expansion of the detention centre on Manus Island.Getting heart smart - a report finds more than half of heart attack fatalities of people who have had a previous attack. Former NRL and State of Origin coach Graham Murray dies in Brisbane. He was 58.

in Brisbane. He was 58. Good morning. You're watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe O'Brien. Taking a quick look at the weather first.

Federal Cabinet is meeting today to put the finish ing touches to another round of spending cuts. Treasurer Chris Bowen is expect ed to hand down an economic statement this week addressing falling revenue and the speculation about election date continues. The PM would have to visit the Governor-General today if an election was to be held on August 31.And while the Government is considering spending cuts, a report has been published express ing optimism about Australia avoiding a recession. Dr Tim Mina Fi is with the Grattan Institute and he join s me now from Melbourne. Welcome, is or just coming off a mining boom well or just coming off little.?Thanks very having me. little.?Thanks me. The mining boom is entering me. The mining boom its next phase. We have seen prices peak in about its next phase. We prices peak in about 2011, the prices peak in investment phase is peaking prices peak in about 2011, about now, it will phase down over time, we don't know exactly how sharply, and production will continue to rise through the decade particularly with LNG coming on stream later in the decade. In that sense, the big up lift in national flks from the terms of trade does seem to be well in the past.Both sides of politics have argued that the other waste, the spoils of the mining boom what do you make of that argument?I think there's a bit of blame to go round: We did some analysis of the structural Budget and you can see the decline begins to set in from about 2005 and it continues at about 0.8 percentage point of GDP, every year until 2009-10.Both spending cuts and tax increases played an important role in the deteriorating Budget and so in that sense I think there's really plenty of fingers to be pointed at both sides. Indeed at the voters because we're the ones that kept voting these guys in.So were the spoils spread through the population - did it reach all sectors of the population?There's no question that incomes an wages grew fastiner the mining State, in particular industries they grew very rapidly indeed. But wages in the mining States grew just as fast in the boom and household incomes grew more rapidly in the boom so that in sense there's been brother-based distribution of benefits.Of course if you're running a firm in a exposed sector like
running a firm in a trade
manufacturing or tourism, or if you're a worker in a firm that is lay ing people off you had an extremely different experience. So there's a variety of out comes.So the mining boom is now coming off. Is there any particular sector that is ripe to fill that void will that will be left coming off the mining boom?That is a terrific question and I tlie there's a number of sectors that can come off. The first thing to recognise is construction costs are going to fall so sectors that used those input s will be able to pick them up. The second thing is that if you do get a big change in the real exchange rate, the profitability of manufacture, tourism, education and service exports is going to increase very markedly. What we saw look at a sample of countries like Australia who went through big reversals after periods of high exchange rate is it doesn't take long for the sect Taskforce roar back.Are they roaring back quickly enough at the moment to fill that void of the mining boom or is it likely that Australia will go into recession before the other sectors kick in?The question of recession is a very difficult call. We would note again we were somewhat reassured by looking at counts ofries like Australia that had a huge terms of trade run-up that the experience after the boom was very much influenced by the performance during the boom. So economies that had really big capital inflows and large run-ups in price levels tndsed to grow more slowly after the boom.Australia hasn't done that.And we think that there's actually again grounds for quiet cautious optimism that the economy will be able to adjust. All bets are off if you get a global slowdown of the type we had in 2009.You also have a look at manufacturing in this report and there's been a lot of disdiscussion over the past couple of years over the extent of subsidy s that go to the manufacturing sect other and it looks like that will be continue ing, particularly in the autoindustry. What do you think about the prospects of that?There is no question that when push comes governments want to kick the can down the road with the subsidy to the industries. Those major firms have significant bargaining pow fer they were to leave they will have flow on effects to the regional economy for a period of time. Once you do this, once you play this game for 10 0,, 30 years you ends up essentially destining the workers in those sectors to make decision about their careers that perhaps they wouldn't have made if they knew the sector was not going to be bailed out time after time.Soz so as far as you're concerned those subsidies should not continue?You need to think presumably about an appropriate phase down, an appropriate management of the regional impacts. Over time, the temperature that governments have to just continually tip in another 100 or 200 or billion and so bort sphort clearly not working to render those industries viable. So in that sense it's just a postponement of the inevitable.Federal Cabinet is meeting rite now to consider further spending cuts. What would your advice to Cabinet be if if were at think it's Cabinet be if if were at that
Cabinet table think it's appropriate for them
to recognise Cabinet table today?I think it
think it's from the terms of trade to from the terms of trade is
largely still from the terms largely still there as it was
during the peak of from the terms of trade is
largely during the peak of the mining
boom. largely still there as it was
during the peak boom. Those prices haven't come off too much. The boom. Those prices off too much. The second point
I boom. Those prices haven't come
off too much. I would note is they need to recognise it is not just a mat over recognise it is not just a over the exchange rate. There Baz per sechings that the high real exchange rate combine ed with terms of trade being comma soft was the driver of government out comes. It's ultimately the Government has got a claim on a chunk of national income and that's driven by the exchange rate, sorry, by the term of trade not the exchange rate. In that sense they should really be targeting significant surpluses within the next year or two.You think that is doable?It it's obviously politically incredibly difficult and whether the people of Australia want to vote for a party that takes that line is a an open question.The only other question mark that you'd have is if growth does significantly begin to slow compared to trend, then you do into a kind of all bets are off scenario. But even then there needs to be an understanding that the median term pathway back to surplus is justified by the extremely strong terms of trade.Great to talk to you.Thank you so much for having me.The fourth and final flight of equipment destined por-Tex panneded Manus Island asool sielium procession centre from arrive today in Port Moresby. Each flight carrying 10 full shipping containers packed with tents and marquee s other equipment.A new study says heart atack survivors are putting their lives at risk but i b by not following doctor's sur $orders. More than 500 were survey and many don't take medication and continue to live unhealthy lifestyles greatly increasing their risk of

Tack. Rob Grenfell says the fiemdzings are your life to have surprising.It's a your life to have a near-death experience which your life experience which is what it is when you've survived a heart attack. So they're not getting the referrals in the hospital in the first instance. About one in four have the chance of going to cardiac rehab and then when you are discharged you are not necessarily linked to back to your GP or community services. So the care that you need for the rest of your life doesn't start. Because real Liu today to have a management plan, you need to see a GP on a regular basis, checking your blood levels, particular blood pressure and chest roll and community services and programs to hell help you make the lifestyle program, it's hard to give up smoking and hard to take up exercise and very haar toe change your Dyett.A report by the Australian policy Institute has called on the next Federal Government to address cyber security as a priority within a year of being elected. Dr Tobias Feakin from the Australian strategic Policy Institute says while individual departments have a great approach to cyber security, better coordination is needed to deal with cyber security threatsWhere we find ours relevance in Australia right now is technically across government we are very capable and have a lot of cape craibility to be able to deemployee. In term of the strad Strategy and the leaders to deploy those effectively that is an area which is somewhat lacking at the moment and needs a little bit more coordination.So in terms of the paper that we have just published we are calling on the government within 12 month s of an election to as a priority create a cyber security white paper so we can begin to up the various strands of policy that do exist. So that in term s times of a cyber attack and times of just in terms of our general awareness and deployments it means we can respond more effectively. In a policy sense to have not had a cyber security white paper since 2009 just is not acceptable because threat landscapes change so quickly. I would say, yes, for the individual there is a risk and there are certain ways in which an individual can make themselves safer and more secure online so they're Notting - going to be hit by cyber criminals and the like but I think now where we are is that governments, businesses really beginning to get a closer grasp on the vulnerabilities that they have and also some of the threats that are out there. As I said, that is ever changing, therefore they need to be increase ingly age jiel in their understanding and their policy response.Industrial action at the Spirit of Tasmania's Melbourne depot the ship continued from the weekend the ship docked at station pier
this continued from the weekend as
the ship this morning. Disgruntled dock this morning. Disgruntled over the sack of a colleague since Saturday. For more let's cross live to reporter James Bennett at Port Melbourne.So what is the situation with the Spirit of Tasmania this morning?This morning, when the ferry arrived at 8 o'clock, the small group of troefrt protesters behinds me did prevent freight from being unload . So there are now approximately some 20 to 30 freight contains which are sitting in the port depot. They have not been able to leave and at least one struck which rived ready to slow on to the ship for its return voyage has not been able to enter dock yard. So the group of protesters behind as you say are concerned about what they say are unsafe work processes which led to the sacking of their worker of one of the workers from stevedoring company Qube earlier this year. The company has called on the MUA to stop this industrial action, the MUA says it is not responsible for this group and the group behind me say they are a community group of protesters and not union affiliated and what they want to see is for the stevedore ing company to come to the table and discuss with them their concerns about the work practices at this site.So has this been continuing for a couple of days and there's freight building up on the docks there in Melbourne that is not being distributed to Victoria or is the straight fill basically - all the freight from the weekend and today still on the ship?Look, the freight behind me has come off the ship. There has been some freight gets through and indeed the protesters here say that they have been directing people to use alternative services.Some of the producers, Tasmanian producers primarily that the ABC has spoken to, have said they've been able to source alternative transport arrangements to get their from pro-deuce through. Unfortunately that is the - understandably that is the chief concern for industry. One seafood producer who the ABC has spoken to fears he stands to lose a quart over a million dollars in revenue and stock if it cannot be moved through.And obviously with no definable certainly a obviously with no definable end to this situation, that certainly a risk. But there has been some freight getting through at various points and it sort of seems to be a somewhat fluid situation between the protesters and the truckies primarily who are trying to get this straight Freight on and off the ship in that some movement has been permit ed at various pointings.And how are the protesters choosing which trucks to let through and which trucks not to let through?There certainly is not any specific procedure or specific guidelines for that. But it seems primarily to be a situation in which they're trying to direct the produce er and truck drivers who use this service on to alternative means if possible while permitting some access and some movement, there have been delays to the ferry a couple of times over the weekend, and certainly in terms of the freight movements today. I haven't seen anything leave this port terminal behind me, all the freight containers have remained within the compound so what happens to them throughout the day remains to be seen.Certainly the best alternative would seem to be for those producers to program perhaps use one of the other freight services running to and from Tasmania and the mainland but interest ingly it will s will be interesting to see how the legal situation develops because of course this group siz SES they're not affiliated with the qulun whereas Qube, the stevedoring company concerned, says it reserves the right to take legal action against the union in order to
try to bring an end to this action.James Bennett look it looks like you have a fluid situation thereWe will keep you across that story throughout the day.Egypt is brace ing for a new phase in the stand-off between the Army and supporters of the ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The military has been granted new powers to arrest civilians. The interim Most Government is pledging to deal decisively
with unrest a day after clashes at a Cairo mosque killed more than 70 people. But the Muslim Brotherhood is refuse ing to abandon its sit-in.They've been chanting his name for nearly a month since their President Morsi was ousted. Their vigil goes on but with no progress in regaining the power over edisbript that their President and the Muslim Brotherhood once had.Just a few streets a way yesterday they battled against the security forces of the new Egypt. More than 70 of them died. Human rights organisations says these deaths were likely targeted killings.Britain and the United States and others have called on Egypt to stop the killings. Today, the country's Foreign Minister responded.We need to have a strong of the security forces, the police in particular on the ground being able to manage the situation without tragedies. To do that you need to defuse the violence. If you have people shooting eex other on both sides you will have casualties.So they lost control yesterday?It's difficult to control a crowd that is using weapons if you're trying not to use like weapons.So just how will the Egyptian government deal with the battle on its streets.It seems that the security forces weren't trying to clear out the protesterses, they were trying to contain them. But now they say they will do that just,
that the say they will that the protesters say they won't budge. So we have stalemate won't stalemate with the world looking on, telling Egypt looking to use looking on, telling to use violence.The millions to use violence.The who gathered in Tahrir Square want their revolution completed. The rights group say it must happen peacefullyWe are worries they will interpret this as a blank cheque. There is rule s as to how these can be applied.A new Egypt is being built, but the question is whether it carries millions of Islamists with it.That will be settled either with force or reason on these streets in the combing days and weeks.Cambodia's ruling party is claiming victory in the country's elections. The poll has been marred by violence and allegations of voting irregularities. The main Opposition party says up to a million people were prevented from boat Vote ing because of widespread problems with registration. The official results are yet to be released but PM Hun Sen's party says it expecting to be returned to power with a reduced majority. Auskar Surbakti reports from Phnom Penh. Police have just fired either live or rubber ammunition into this crowd which has managed to overturn two police vehicles Ansett them alight. It's not yet clear what has spark ed this reaction from the crowd but there are reports that police a arrested a little boy which sparked this violence reaction. I comes off a vote count at a nearby pomming station turned violent nearby pomming station violent after protesters smashed the windows of a violent that was brought in to esicate vote counters out of the area. The riot squad were also no match for the people who have managed to keep the vote counters in place.More than 50 million dollars worth of jewellery has been stolen in a dare ing robbery in France. An armed man robbed Jewle juets from an exhibition at a hotel in the resourt of Cannes.It could almost be a plot out of a movie, 53 million dollars of diamonds an other precious jewels stolen from an exhibition at a 5-star hotel, one of biggest jewellery heists in recent years. In the heart of kanss a temporary exhibition of jewels was being displayed at the Carlton Hotel when a
gunman entered the premises and stuff add suit case full of the gems. The hotel's location made it an easy get positioned on a long stretch of road in the southern coast it's a busy thorough fare, tlank thronged at this time of year by wealthy tourists, a perfect place to disappear in a crowd. It is not the only heist that's taken place on this sort part of the rifeera. In May Cannes was a scene of two other fests in the Film Festival. In several years several brazen jewel heists have taken place in Europe. In 2008 armed Rosher s stole 108 million dollars worth of Jules. In February, masked thieves stole $20 million of jewellery in Milan. Both of those dwarfed by the heist in 2005, where 118 million dollars worth of jewel was stole en from a sur area of the airport. It may be natural for thefts to take place in such opulent voindsings but the police is likely to look at the Pink Panther jewel thief gang..The driver of that Spanish train that derail and killed 79 people have been released on bail facing a trial on charges of reckless 'Homicide'. The train crashed near the city of Santiago de Compostela last week. Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was arrested on driving the train too fast on a tight scurve in the outskirts of the city. In a private hear ing the driver admit ed to driving too fast.Now for sport, Paul, good morning. Sol sad news in rugby league this morning.Yes, good morning. Graham Murray has died, a very, very popular coach of several different clubs over a long time, most notably the Cowboys an the Roosters.Before that, he was coaching in the '9 os at Illawarra and at the Hunter Mariners during the superrugby league aend went to the lead's rhinos. So tributes not just coming in from the rugby league States this morning of Australia but also from the UK where he was fondly remembered for taking the lead, Leeds team to a challenge cup victory in 1999. Such was his reach that there were some very heart felt tributes coming from overseas but certainly a popular coach, a very successful coach and someone much admired by those who him.Very well known in rugby who came into contact with league circles. What's happened in Formula One over noo snieth?It was Lewis Hamilton
winning in snieth?It was winning in Hungary, he's done

snieth?It was Lewis Hamilton winning in it before but never in a it before but never in Mercedes. There were no massive Mercedes. There were drama in this one but just a good drive we will hear from Lewis Hamilton in a moment. He Lewis Hamilton in a moment. piped Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel, who is lead ing overall. Mark Webber finished fourth after a week when his frustrations were tested. He was 10th on the grid after qualifying and gave his team an almighty spray. But he finished fourth.You could tell I was hungry for today. I was just going all out. I needed to get past those people and usual ly I get stuck in traffic in my race an today I wasn't going for it.So there you go. I am not sure if he was working on a pun there saying he was Hungary to win it but he probably was.The Socceroo s are through to the World Cup. What are they go doing at the momentIAt the moment they've just wound up the east Asian Cup. They lost to China overnight. 4 portfolio 3. It was fair ly comprehensive but Australia came back and scored a couple at the death of the match. It was 4-3 in the end. A-Ron Moy as a goal sorer. Holger Osieck wasn't too grim ant this, even though the Socceroos were the worst placed team after the tournament.He basically was playing developing players, looking for a couple to pluck out of where they stand at the moment and maybe promote them into the World Cup looking for a bit of depth. Mitch Duke going to take away from that tournament and use for higher tournament honours.Not a notable tournament but the Socceroos are working on a game plan and trying to build up their death for the World Cup.For viewers in Melbourne, they would have had saturation coverage of this Essendon story over the last five Kays or had saturation coverage of this
Essendon five Essendon story over the last outside of Melbourne they may five Kays or so but for not have. Can you put it in con text for us?In Essendon not have. Can you put it in text for us?In Essendon is heading towards a cliff, the heading ASADA coming back with its review and its findings and maybe sanction force the Essendon players and Essendon club generally over what supplements their players were given last year, it's taken so long to get to this point, it's been a thorough examination of the facts. And one by one the chief people at Essendon have been falling away, the CEO's gone, the chairman resigned on the queekd, his health was faultering in the ends, so Savage is the spot light on Essendon at the moment, there Evans is before that match, es Dodd was beaten on Friday night.He had a dizzy spell in the change room?He was having what can only be described as a stress related symptoms. He was just so heavily stressed out by the whole thing his health was fault toerg he's chucked it in. James Hird remains defiant. The coach who says he takes full responsibility for what's happened he is remaining in the position. He is buoyed be I the support of his members and all the rest of it that have held him on a pedestal for so long. But something is going to give here and it's believed that in seven days time that ASADA findings will come back.We will find out then more about the situation but in the meantime James Hird is very, very resilient person, we know. That he is defiant, some people are saying he is in denial and should go.And others are pack backing him.Just briefly with that ASADA report they're talking about coming down in the Section seven days, is the world that that will be only to do with Essendon or AFL generally?Well, the Melbourne footy club was touched by it as well. So there was a slight part of it will be on Melbourne, I would suggest. So it is more a general findings but Essendon is the centre piece of everything. So it is to do with Essendon.We will be across that when it happens.Late last year Australia won a temporary seat on the UN Security Council and this week we will be look at Australia's place on the global stage but while we play an important role as Jeremy Fernandez explains, our engagement with the rest of the world seems to leave some feeling un easy.For a nation of just 23 million people Australia punches above its weight. It's the world's 12th biggest economy, a leading source of minerals and energy.The country's also highly regarded for its education sect or. One in 14 of the world's foreign students comes here to study. Many are from Asian nations which together account for just over half of Australia's trade portfolio. The Asia Pacific also receives four out of ive every five dollars in country specific aid from Australia that's because two-thirds or 800 million of the world's poor live in this region. Since 1945, 750,000 people have come here under the humanitarian program, meaning that for nearly six decades refugees have accounted for roughly 10 to 11% of the total migration program. And that trend continue s today.The 14,000 refugees who were resettled in Australia in 2012-13 are among the 43 million displaced worldwide, mostly within their own countries despite Australia's considerable economic and humanitarian outreach, though, it seems Aussies have mixed feelings about their place in the worlds. A survey by essential media showed that most people are luke warm on the idea of Australia forging closer ties with its bigger trading part Northern Territory and nearest neighbours like Indonesia, China, the UK, India and New Zealand.Nearly 3 in 5 people believe the Government is allowing in too much Chinese investment and two in five fear China will become a military threat in the next two dead kaid. All this suggests that Australians are active but apprehensive global citizens. Now with the weather here is Paul Higgins. Showers and possible thunder from the central north to the south-east of New South Wales.

The top stories today - Federal Cabinet is meeting to put the finishing touchs to another round of spending cuts . Treasurer Chris Bowen is expected to hand down an economic statement this week addressing falling revenue. There's speculation about the visit the Governor-General today if an election whereas to be held on August 31. be held on August 31. The fourth and final flight of equipment destined for the expanded man news island asylum processing centre will arrive today in Port Moresby. Antonov carried 10 shipping containers. A new study says heart attacks survivors are
putting their lives at risk by not following doctors' orders. More than 500 heart attack survivors were surveyed by independent health researchers Baker IDI. The study found many sufferers don't take medication and continue to live unhealthy lifestyles, greatly increasing their risk of another heart attack. And Pope Francis has