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Education RevolutionAustralia Kevin Rudd's focus moves to the economy, but still no sign of an election day.

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The driver of the frain that crashed in Spain charged with reckless homicide.Heart attack survivors put their lives at risk by continuing their unhealthy habits.A significant number of smokers don't stop, they don't start the exercise, the Dyetts don't change and they don't take the medication.And tributes flowing to former NRL coach Graham Murray, who has died at the age of 58.

Good evening, welcome back to ABC News Breakfast. I'm Michael RowlandAnd'm Beverley O'Connor. Kevin Rudd is now focusing on the economy. His razor gang meet s today to put the final touches on another round of spending cuts.Treasurer Chris Bowen is ex expected to hand down another revenue statement later in the week but still no word on when the Federal election will be held. Melissa Clarke joins us now from Parliament House. Mel, let's start with
that continuing House. Mel, let's that continuing election
speculation. I House. Mel, let's start with
that speculation. I now appears very unlikely there will be one in August.For that to happen, Kevin Rudd would have to visit the Governor-General today and have the writs issued today. So we can rule that one out ie. Most likely there will be a September poll. It could be in October or as late as November but highly unlikely. The next date in terms of cabs off the rank is September 7.And there are a couple of factors weighing up against a September 7 poll. One of them being that Kevin Rudd may well want to attend the G20 leaders meeting in Moscow in Moscow on September 5 and 6, which would make a September 7 election not possible, if he were to do that.The other factor is if they have a poll before the September 14 date that had originally been nominated by Julia Gillard they wouldn't be able to hold a referendum concurrently to recognise local government in the constitution for funding purposes. That is certainly something that is important to the Deputy PM, Anthony Albanese cialgz and was a commitment that Labor had given. So that all leans towards it being later. But how much later because that raises then the question of would Parliament have to return because Parliament is due to sit on August 20 and if we're not in campaign mode by then then Parliament would have to return and the Greens have said they would not provide confidence and supply to the Government were Parliament to return. So that leaves a bit of a window of opportunity for Kevin Rudd, but it certainly seems to be a narrow September window now.And regardless of when the election will be held, the Government is moving very quickly this week to tie up some loose economic ends.This is one of the last big items the Government will want to do before going to the election and that is release a new economic statement. They will want to update the Budget figures because we know that revenue has call continued to foul as it has for some time now. That means we can expect a as it has for some time built of a write-down in terms built of a of tax re peats built of a write-down in of tax re peats between what we had in the May Budget and what we have now. Given that independence figures
Treasury releases a frustrate independence figures a couple of days after the election campaign begins, the Federal Government is not going to want a big disparity between that the figures show and what is Budgeted for. The other reason is to outline some saveings measures be that tax increased or spending cuts in order to pay for some of the promises in particular the Papua New Guinea asylum seeker solution because that has an open ended cost but the Government has promised neutral.
that it would be budget neutral. So that means there is a big saves task ahead of the Federal Government, given that the new Tashi Chris Bowen says they will be sticking to their time table to get back to surplus over the forward estimates in the next four years.The other continuing policy challenge is asylum seekers and the Government has been th morn hack keen to demonstrate visually that it is moving quickly to increase capacity on Manus Island?That's right. These pictures have been provided by the Department of Immigration itself showing some of the transportation of goods and items to help set up more holding facilities on Manus Island for detainees when they're to be sent. So it's obviously quite a logistical effort. There's really two purposes with this footage being released. One is directed at the people smugglers and asylum seekers who might be seeking to come to show that this is a policy that sfrnt follow falling over or falling to order as the Opposition might suggest but it's one the Government is serious at implement ing. The other audience for these images that have been released is the Australian public to show the same message Government is proceeding with this policy, that it is causing some kind of change on the ground, that capacity is increasing and that it can be implemented sphesly.So I think you can expect to see more pictures in the coming days and in about a week or so when we expect the first asylum seekers who arrived under this new processing regime to head off to Manus Island.Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you.The driver of the train that derailed in northern Spain has been charged with 79 counts of wreck wreck. He - reckless Hom sie. He's within weed in court by a judge and released on bail. He's been order ed to report to court every week.79 people died when the train crashed in Santiago de Compostela last week. There are reports the train was travelling at more than twice the speed limit when it did crash.A tense stand-off is continuing in Egypt. Supporters of Mohammed Morsi are vowing to continue their protest despite threats to have them removed from the streets.Scores were involved in clashes at the weekend.For hundreds of meters up and down these streets you've got these tented areas here. We're in the pro Morsi camp and literally thousands and thousand of people are not only coming here daily to protest, they're actually staying here. And they are absolutely determined that they will not be moved. The Government wantings all these people and cleared people and all these tents
cleared local residents have been
complained about cleared away. They say the complained about it.And they complained threaten to move in and force threaten to move in them out.But these people say they them out.But these say they will stay here for as say they will stay here for long as it takes to get their President Morsi back in long as it takes to get power.Are you prepared to power.Are you prepared stay here even if it's dangerous, even if they're shooting?Yes, we know already it's shooting but we need to protect our democracy.Are you scared for your own life?No, not really.In every country in the world there is revolutions and life is taken and somebody need to protect our rights.We are here, we won't surrender to them. We are here. If we die or we win or die here. All the Egyptian s are settling won't leave this place.This is the extension of the field hospital that was filled to overflowing on Saturday night with the many hundreds of injured from the attacks around the square. These people have come back for retreatment, the more serious cases have been taken to proper hospitals. But they are preparing here, the doctors are preparing for major attack again and this is what one of them told me.All the doctors here had worked in very severe case, they worked in multiple injuries but here Saturday night was above any medical history have been before.And you're worried it
will happen again?We hope not.But we must be prepared.The depressing fact the settle is no compromise on either side and with the recent killings attitudes have hardened. And that can mean only one thing - more bloodshed to come.In developing news there's been 30 people killed in a bus crash in itly. We understand the - Italy. The coach hit several cars before coming off a flyover near the town of Avalino. The driver is thought to be among the dead.There were about 40 passengers on board, including children. The group had been returning to Naples following a pilgrimage. We will bring you up to date about that fatal bus crash as soon as the details come to hand.Cambodia's PM Hun Sen is claiming victory but there is some doubt over the election result. There's speculation of voting ir regularities, suggest up to amm people were un able to cast their vote.We speak to the ABC's Auskar Surbakti via webcam a short time ago. He says the ruling party's declaration looks somewhat premature.I spoke with the country's Secretary of State and the Government's spokesman who says an official result should be announced in 72 hours which in itself is quite a quick turnaround when in the past the results have taken weeks or months to be declared. But this provisional result announced by the ruling CPP comes as quite a bit of a surprise to most because of - an
because of the fact it's such an eroded majority. In terms of official results we can expect them over the next three days if we're ready to believe the Government.You talk about the eroded majority, of course it's believed to be their worst result in spite of the allegations of widespread irregularities?That is right. I think a lot of people expected the CPP, PM Sen seen's party, to win. And they assumed that the Government would win by more of a majority. So this result is a bit of a surprise in the sense that basically the Government's zex accepted that it's going to lead a pretty slim majority compared to what they're used. To at the last 2008 election, they won a majority of 90 seats out of the 123-seat Parliament. So this is an admission that perhaps the Opposition is making inroads.In terms of what the Opposition thinks of this result, the main Opposition, the Cambodian national rescue party, that remains to be seen. But when I spoke to them earlier they had expected to win outright, which is something many Aboriginal dnl - analysts didn't really expect. We we have to see whether they will accept this result.Tell us about this violence that has taken place. How widespread was it during the course of the election?When I was rating at a polling station as the vote count was under way in downtown Phnom Penh, it seemed that hordes of eager people were surrounding the official vote counters at the school and wanting to see that basically waiting to see or wanting to see that their vote
would be wanting to see would be counted. A lot of would these people had would be counted. A lot these people had beenage traet - agitated that some of them were denied the right to vote. I spoke to a lot of them who complained of this practice not only at this polling station but at others. As soon as the vote count was under way, the mob surrounding the place became untruly and so at this - unruly and in this particular polling station an ambulance was sent in to evacuate the vote count erts. That wasn't met to be because the hordes of people set upon the ambulance and smashed the windows. Riot place came to escort the vote count ers out but they were no match for the people. That boiled on over to the streets. Protesters overturned two police vehicles Ansett them alight.It seemed like they were just venting their frustration over what they saw regularities.US
as massive voting ir regularities.US officials say they are planning to resume peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians in Washington tomorrow. Negotiations have stalled since 2010.Earlier, Israel's Cabinet agreed to release more than 100 Palestinian prisoners over the next few months. It's also approved the draft of a bill with Palestinians to be put to a referendum.In frants, an armed man has made off with jewel s worth more than $50 million.The man evaded security brief case containing the jewels in a case of life imitating the art the hotel p has to be where Alfred has to be Hitchcock shot his 1955 film 'To Catch a Thief'.Pope Francis has wrapped up his first overseas trip since becoming pontiff. An elemented 3 million people attended the service on Copacabana Beach in rnld to mark the biggest ever World Youth Day. The Pope, who hail s from neighbouring Argentina, is due to return to Rome later today.Ignoring doctors orders is putting the lives of heart attack survivors at risk.A third of them tail to reduce their alcohol est roll or than half remain a healthy Dyett or exercise regularly.Whilst we have made great survival with regards to heart attacks themselves in this country, in fact we are now at the lowest rates of heart attack death in hospital that we have ever been at, unfortunately people leaving hospital it's not the same story. The individual has got some blame in this as the study shows that significant number of smoker relevance don't stop. They don't start the exercise, the Dyetts don't change and they don't change the medication. A lot of people medication
have stopped their lifesaving medication within two years after their A-heart attack. The most likely person to have a heart attack in Australia today is someone who has already had one.The Spirit of Tasmania is docking in Melbourne amid some controversy this morning.James Bennett is is at the pier and joins us now. What is happens down thereAt the moment there's a small group of approximatesy 20 people here and what's happening is that they're stopping freight, specifically freight, trucks entering or exiting the port terminal here which is of
course the compound which the Spirit of Tasmania ferry uses.This results to a complaint with stevedore ing company Qube. A lot of workers say there are unsafe work practices which led to an incident in which a worker was sacked. As a result there's been several disruptions to the ferry sailing since last Friday.What - you you are talking about freight. What impact will that have in terms of the delivery or the off-loading of that freight?Certainly a number of progusers have been voicing - producers have been voicing their concern, particularly Tasmanian producers who export freight to mainland Australia. The ABC has spoken to one seed fruit producer who is concerned he could lose up to quarter of a million dollars in lost revenue and stock if it is unable to be delivered. Several other fruit and vegetable export relevancerers have voids similar concerns. Here today certainly as the 8 o'clock ferry which arrived this morning did dock, none of the sort of 20 or so shipping containers on board trucks have been allowed to leave that terminal. The workers here who say they're not union affiliated but instead part of a community protest say they're advising exporters or importers to use alternative freight services and bypass the Qube service which is the company with whom they have these concerns.Do we know if there will be any negotiations between this group and Qube?Some of the protesters here that I've spoken to say there here that I've spoken between there is some communication
between Qube and the Union but between Qube and the there is a fairly situation in which the union is denying any part in this protest, while of course the company is calling on company is calling on the union to ensure that this protest ceases and that work and free movement of the freight behind me can actually go on.So there seems to be some sort of a dispute as to who exactly is responsible which presumably is related to whether or not this action is protected or there could be any legal ramifications from it because it is certainly not protected legal action in terms of anything authorised by Fair Work Australia.Good to talk. Thanks, James, for that update.Now partst last year Australia won a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council and this week the ABC will be looking at Australia's place on the global stage.But while we play an important role, as Jeremy Fernandez explains, our engage ment with the rest of the worlds seems to leave some feeling un easy. For a nation of just 23 million people, Australia punches above its weight. It's the world's 12th biggest economy, a leading source of minerals an energy. The count country's also highly regarded for its education sector. One in 14 of the world's foreign students comes here to study. Many are from Asian nations which together account for just over half of Australia's trade portfolio. The Asia Pacific also received four out of in country specific four out of five five u in country specific aid from
Australia, in country Australia, that's because two-thirds of the world's poor live in this region. Since 1945, 750,000 people have come here under humanitarian program, meaning that for nearly six decades refugees have accounted for roughly 10 to 11% of the total migration program.And that trend continues today.The 14,000 refugees who were resettled in Australia in 2012-13 are among the 43 million displaced worldwide, mostly within their own countries. Despite Australia's considerable economic and humanitarian outreach, though, it seems Aussie s have mixed feelings about their place in the world. A survey by essential media showed that most people are luke warm on the idea of Australia forging closer ties with its biggest trading partners and nearest neighbours like Indonesia, China, the UK, India and New Zealand. Nearly three in five people believe the Government is allow ing in too much Chinese investment and the two in five fear China will become a military threat in the next the two decades. All this active
suggest that Australians are active but aprehencive global citizens.There are concerns at that low interest rates may not be enough to boost the construction industry as the mining boom winds down. Economic forecasters BIS Shrapnel say the next 12 month s will be a critical test of how quickly Australia's builderies can take over as the leading course of economic growth.It's the Building Australia report suggests growth will be in the housing industry over the next year..And interestingly too, a new report says that successive Federal Governments haven't saved enough from the proceeds. Before we go to that, we have more on the property issue and views news over the weekend that the Sydney market has rebound sod strongly that prices there are back to the boom time, an indication that other markets around the country - Melbourne as well - will possibly be back to the peaks by December.We had the clear signal that auction clearance rates in Sydney were 80%, in fact 81% in Melbourne they were 70%, a really good indication of the combined effects of those low interest rates and of course continuing demand for properties.We can also take you to - let's go to the markets first. There was little change in the US at the v end of last week.

Let's bring you up to Tate depait with the breaking news about the fatal bus crash in Italy. At least 30 people were killed when their coach fell more than 25m down a ravine near the down of Avellino. The driver thought to be among the dead. There are about 40
passengers on dead. There are about passengers children. The group had passengers on board, including returning to children. The group returning to Naples following a pilgrimage. A pretty devastating crash there.And one of the photographers said one of the photographers looking down at that scene is some 30 bodies cover ed with white sheets lined up along the roadside. Coming up from & from a pilgrimage, so a horrible, horrible accident.Let's leave those scenes in Italy to go to Paul with the latest in sport.Good morningDevastating news in the rugby league community. Much respected coach Graham Murray has died. His famently was at his side last night before his life support had been switched off. Murray coached many teams include ing going back into the Steall e, the Rhine yoes and he has had tributes paid to him this morning: He also coached the NSW State of Origin team. He was 58.British driver Lewis Hamilton has won his first race for Mercedes.He beat Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel. He ended up finishing fourth after starting 10 Ott on the grid. He gave his team an almighty spray about the way they prepared his car this week and Sebastian Vettel overall leads the drivers standings by 38 points ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Let's hear from Lewis Hamilton.I was hungry for today. I was going all out. I needed to get past those people and usually I get stuck in traffic in my races and today I wasn't having it.The Socceroos have lost to Chan 4-3 in the east Asian Cup. The Aussies have not performed well in this tournament at all but Holger Osieck, the coach, says it's been a valuable experience and we heard him say late last week that he was just looking for some stand-out players. I wonder if Moyes Moyes Moyes' goal there was - Erin Moyes Moyes goal there was enough for him to earn higher honours. The coach is looking to try to find a couple that he can promote to that squad for World Cup. Australia was losing 4-1 but scored a couple of goals late Taggart and
in the match through Adam Taggart and Mitch Duke, who was one of the players that stood out for Holger Osieck in earlier games. The Sydney Swans have beat en Richmond by 47 points yesterday. Jessie White ticked four, Kurt tippet kicked three.They will be desperate to try to keep their best player on the list and not have him go to another team. There is Kieran Jack, who is now really one of a key mid-fielders in the competition and there's Jude Bolton the veteran cashing in on some good times in Sydney as they try to go back-to-back this year. They will have to beat Hawthorn and gee-gee long.James Hird has spoken this morning outside his home about the Essendon situation which continues to hot up, James Hird made some claims that he thought that the AFL was leaking information and he was questioning outside his home about David Evans the chairman who has handed over his Hird had to say.No, we haven't got that there. My apologies. said apologies. Very briefly, he
said that it was that the situation with David said that it was a travesty Evans and he was looking forward that the situation forward to getting back to the football. Now, for forward to getting back relief
football. Now, for some light relief this morning, Shane Warne, you can always count on him, and we will show you some pictures of Shane Warne, he went to the races did he?Royal Ascot.No less than Royal Ascot, a dignified place, a place where civil behaviour is observed until now.Michael is all over this, the play Warnie is all over Liz in the most un edifying fashion and it only gets worse.He is hamming up for the cameras. I am sure that seemed like a good way to taunt the camera. You're feeding the beast.Just like this this seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.Add that to the list.Well, well, well. AllAll that is missing is a stump and a few wickets and you could be back 10 years ago at the Ashes.The old Warnie has re-emerged.Have a good day. See you tomorrow. Paul now with the weather:Good morning: We have had rain and thunderstorms overnight through parts of Australia's south-east. Up to around 35mm has fallen in Victoria and Tasmania.But when you get to 80mm of rain in two hours this happens. Land slides are surveillance camera motorist trying to flee the flooding in China. And amazingly he did get out of the car and walk away from that. The area has been hit with torential rain for most of this month.A belt of high pressure across Australia is going to keep most of our country in the clear. A pressure trough here in the instability and we will kick r off more thundery showers today. Onshore winds means showers for Queensland's south-east coast. We have a weak colds front rush pushing into the bight and that will trigger showers along the coast and into the south-east tonight and another weak front is going to into the south-west late tonight. Scattered showers for Queensland's east coastal districts and morning drizzle for the eastern interior. Afternoon showers in the south-west. Otherwise mostly sunny:

Quickly, don't forget you can catch Virginia on 'Q&A' tonight. Which is the reason why Bev is here and not her.We will be back again tomorrow as she recovers from 'Q&A'. Have a great

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