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This program is captioned live. War of words - James Hird takes direct aim at the AFL over the noty drug scandal. Down to the whir - a heartbreaking loss for our girls at the swimming World Championships. Sea of faith - 3 million pilgrims flock to the beach for a day with the Pope. Tail of survival - two fishermen lucky to be alive after a harrowing ordeal at sea. Twins triumph - Bloc winners Alisa and Lysandra join us live. And caught behind - Warnie and Liz putting on a show at Royal Ascot. Warnie, Warnie, Warnie!That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to amazing images of Shane Warne this morning and Liz at Royal Ascot. There are some real pearlers.Oh! Oh, oh!Is that a public display of affection?Yes. It is OMG! Have a look at it.What is that with the lips around the glass?That is a bullfrog.What does it mean? Georgie is going to bullfrog later, boys.What is that?When you put your mouth around a schooner glass. It is a way of trying to attract and impress the female form. Warnie has done it very well.I am more concerned about the surgery that might have been involved. (LAUGHTER) Do you normally do it at Lord's, though?You do it anywhere.Sorry. If you don't mind.Plenty more to come. Great to have your company this Monday morning. It is 29 July. A quick whip around the country.

Yes, we have also got a big news day as well and Deb will kick that off for us right now. I think we might feature Warnie in this news bulletin. We will see what we can arrange. Good morning to you. James Hird is blaming the AFL for leaking information as an investigation into Essendon's allegedious of banned supplements draws to a close. Today reporter Christine Ahern has been following the developments and joins us now. Chris, it has been a dramatic weekend and few weeks for the club, really. What is the latest?Yeah, well, Deb, this doping scandal is getting fairly ugly. The latest development, Essendon coach, James Hird, lashing out at the AFL according to to a report in 'The Herald Sun'. Reportedly for months Hird's lawyers have been trading letter was the AFL lawyers accusing Andrew Demetriou of making public statements based on confidential information. So, basically, leaking information to the media. The AFL's lawyers have strongly rejected any such suggestion. Reportedly in April this year James Hird had to Hanover his mobile phone to the AFL and ASADA investigators, as it is a United States investigation, as they could look at his text message records. Reportedly Hird's lawyers wrote a letter to the AFL expressing deep concerns as to just where those text mess apes would end up. Once again the AFL angrily rejected such suggestion that that information would end up with anyone other than AFL and ASADA members. It certainly has been a dramatic 48 hours here at Windy Hill with chairman David Evans resigning after AFL - after Andrew Demetriou was accused of tipping him off about this whole doping scandal. Let's have a listen to what Andrew Demetriou had to say about Evans' resignation.Anything that relates to someone's wellbeing is a concern. He's made a decision to take into account his family, his professional career and obviously his personal wellbeing. So we respect that.Now, Andrew Demetriou himself is also under heavy fire on another front. He has actually left to go on an overseas fact-finding mission and that has prompted Jeff Kennett to call to him for resign for leaving amidst all of this crisis. Certainly this is getting uglier by the day, Deb, with the ASADA report still not Dow out for a couple of weeks.Indeed. We will check in with you throughout the morning. Chris, thank you. An elderly couple have been hospitalised after intense fire ripped through their home in Sydney's west. Now to Natalia Cooper. Natalia, do we know what caused this fire to burn so fiercely? It was intense.Police officers say that the Marrickville house was surrounded by huge amounts of rubbish. Some of the miles were up to 2m high. Some of the rubbish accumulated over the years made it extremely difficult to control the blaze and begin access to the house. There are still a number of crews here at the scene in case there are any flare- ups. The fire kicked off at about 9:20 last night and sent fire- fighting trucks were actually on the scene to fight that blaze. Now, the couple that lived a t the home, a 68-year-old and a 70-year-old man, they managed to escape and nearby residents were also evacuated. They are still not allowed to return home. Let's hear from one of the firefighters now.They weren't able to gain access because the place is completely full of storage. Some hoarded material and the front yard is completely evergrown. That made it extremely difficult for access. So, the couple are still in hospital. The 68-year-old woman has suffered minor burns and the 70- year-old man is being treated for smoke inhalation. Here in Marrickville, investigators are still trying to work out exactly what caused that fire to start. Alright, Natalia, thank you. A young woman is in trouble after an apparent road-rage incident north of Sydney overnight. Police are investigating claims that a car was rammed by another vehicle causing one car to flip and land on it roof on the 3 in Mount Colah. The passenger in her 20s was trapped in the car for some time before being taken to hospital with leg injuries. The ther vehicle drove to a nearby police station. Two southbound lanes of the freeway were closed causing large delays for drivers. The man accused of abducting his baby at knife point and assaulting the boy's mother claims he is innocent, but knows he has to turn himself into police. Steven Hume contacted Nine News yesterday, declaring he wanted to set the record trait. He says that he was invited to his ex girlfriend's home on Thursday night but says there was never an abduction and no knife. The 24-year-old admits he got into an argument and hit the 16-year-old, but says it was in self-defence. Mr Hume says that he handed the baby to a family member. He didn't reveal his location as the police continue their search. A woman has come forward claiming to be the mother of a new-born baby abandoned outside a Queensland home on the weekend. Aislin Kriukelis joins us now. Aislin, police say that the family are helping with this case? That's right, Deb. After a public appeal all weekend this woman came forward to Logan police late yesterday weekend and she is claiming to be the metre of this baby boy who left him on the front doorsteps of this Kingston home early Saturday morning. This couple was not chosen at random, the baby who is barely a week old was left in a basket with formula and nappies and a note addressed to them written in Samoan asking them to please take this baby boy and look after him and raise them as one of their own. The people say they don't know who this baby is, but they are well-known in the Samoan community and have raise add family of their own. Ray spoke at church and says that this family accepts this baby as a gift and they would like to raise him thraifplt would like to do it legally. They would like the woman to come forward so they can legally adopt him.We do the right thing. We put it in the report to the police and the social workers to do the right thing, the legal thing. Now, the baby boy remains in hospital. Anna Misa is buy his side. They have named him, Moses, the biblical story about baby Moses left in a basket. We should be able to find out more from the police later in the morning.We will check in with you then. Thank you, Aislin. Former AFL NRL and Attorney-General coach Graham Murray passed away overnight. He suffered a heart attack earlier this month and the family made the difficult decision to turn the lift support off. He was 58. News of his death has devastated the rugby league community with friends and former colleagues paying tribute to one of the friendliest men in the game. Kevin Rudd is under intense pressure from within the Labor Party to set a date for the election. It comes as the party's focus shifts back to the economy with the ALP getting ready to sign off on budget cuts that will return to surplus by 2016. The Opposition is demanding a date be set with Tony Abbott claiming the Prime Minister is playing game was the Australian people. Taxpayers could again be forced to pay a funding boost for struggling car maker Holden. The company has been in negotiations trying to find a way to keep manufacturing viable in Australia. It is hoping to secure a $200 million injection and needs the Government to agree before an election is called. The cash comes on the back of a $270 million pledge made last year that was supposed to secure Holden for the next 10 years. Overseas and the driver of a train which derailed and crashed in Spain has arrived in court for questioning. Francisco Garzon is accused of recklessness and homicide after reports he was travelling at more than double the speed limb. It comes as the death toll from the disaster rose to 79 with one of the critically injured passing away in hospital overnight. Mr Garzon so far has refused to make a statement or answer any questions. A judge will decide whether to press form mall charges. Pope Francis has wrapped up his visit to Brazil farewelled by 3 million pilgrims, as he urged young followers to spread the Catholic message. Nine's US bureau chief Robert Penfold has the message. Even the Pope knows when you go to Rio it is not a complete vit unless you go to Copacabana Beach, a good place for a swim, but as far as he was concerned, an even better place for a sermon. He had to get there. His open-sided Pope mobile slowly making its way through the crowd. Occasionally he asked the vehicle to stop to allow him to speak and bless his followers. He arrived at a joint altar built by the sand. During his trip to Brazil, the home of the world's largest number of Catholics, Pope Francis has attractinged massive crowds and out there among a 5km stretch of Copacabana Beach an estimated 3 million people gathered to hear. He spent the week pointing out the need for Catholics to change, for the church to become less stuffy and more accessible and to reach out to the faithful on the fringes of society or risk losing them to rival churches. Catholic pilgrims from around the world, many o them here to take part in the 28th World Youth Day, travelled to Brazil for a rare chance to see Francis. His first foreign trip since becoming Pope. Today, he returns to Rome. Four people have had a lucky escape in north-west China, narrowly avoiding being wiped out by a landslide. Amazing video has emergeed of the moment the mud mass came crashing towards them inundating their car for almost 4 minutes. All occupants escaped unharmed. Nearly 1 million people have been affected in the region since July. In the markets now:

And, yes, by popular demand Shane Warne has hit the headlines in the UK after his latest performance away from the cricket pitch. The former sportsmen raised eyebrows at the prestigious Royal Ascot Races over the weekend, accused of having maybe one too many beverages. He was caught on camera groping partner Liz Hurley and doing the bulldog, as Ben calls it, trying to wrap his mouth around a glass of beer.Bullfrog.The bulldog is something different all together. Really? Do I need to know about it? No. Look at the mouth.A good set of chops.Doesn't he? They nearly fell out stkpwrfplt I was concerned they may not be attached? More foes from coming up.Those convicts from Down Under, hey?They don't call it tweets for nothing.He's in find form, don't you worry. Good on you, Warnie. Now to the national fly- around.Thanks, Deb.

Alright. It is Monday morning. That means there is plenty of sport to report on.A plethora, a gamut, a stack of it. Coming up after the break, a wash-up after a big weekend of NRL and AFL. Also how a massive day in Barcelona brought Alicia Coutts This program is not captioned. Welcome back to Today. Here are the newspaper front pages for this Monday morning. This is not a solution. 'The Courier-Mail' says a 10-week-old baby is the smallest known victim of the asylum seeker crisis when the boat he was on sank in heavy seas off the coast of Christmas Island. That image is sure to be a talking point right around the country today. An aircraft worker loading a tiny coffin into the cargo hold of an aeroplane at Christmas Island.'The Australian' reports that the first group of asylum seekers subjected to Kevin Rudd's Papau New Guinea Solution will be shipped to Manus Island within a week as they step up efforts to stop the boat arrivals."Weekend Warriors" 'The Daily Telegraph' says that Greg Pearce has spent two months of his two years in office away from home, including many trips with his wife and, yes, it has all been paid for by the taxpayer.In 'The Sydney Morning Herald', despite big job losses, it seems that the economic outlook for some industrys is not that bleak with a report suggesting that manufacturing will bounce back from the mining bomb.James Hird has accused the AFL of undermining footy's drug probe through repeated leaks. Hird's legal team says that the AFL has breached confidentiality rules.'The Hobart Mercury' says plans to make Tasmania National leader in free- range egg labelling has been put on the book burner as debate ranges over what contutes a free-range chicken. "Toxic Tattoo", the 'West Australian' reports a Bali holiday turned into a nightmare for Helen Davey and her 9-year-old son, Blake, after a so-called temporary tattoo left the boy with a shocking chemical burn.Isn't that awful. Poor kid.In the 'Northern Territory News', guess who just leapt back into the spotlight? Liam Jurrah returned to the footy field just a day after the forward was released from jail.Good to know he is back in the action now. To Tim with more sport.'The Sydney Morning Herald' are going very well. They are up into third place on the AFL ladder with a 47-point win over fellow finals contender Richmond with strong performances from their tall forwards. Jesse White got four goals while Kurt Tippett got three as the Swans kicked six straight Heather side of the final exchange. COMMENTATOR: Jack has got another one. What a player.A rough night tor the Tigers. Ty Vickery was stretch Chered off, following a nasty fall during a marking contest. Elsewhere, Port Adelaide is hanging on to it spot in the eighth following a narrow win with the Brisbane Lions. West Coast went against the Bulldogs and they are out of finals contense after going down by 22. Rugby league and Sonny Bill Williams will find out if he will be charged ore an incident involving former Bulldogs' team- mate Willie Mason. It came during the 28-12 win by the Roosters over the Knights.Separated from the side, so it is not a shoulder charge. That is probably the worry. Nathan's rough afternoon didn't end there. He suffered a suspected torn calf muscle. A thrilling end to the Socceroos Cup campaign. The Chinese took a 4-1 lead into the second half before two late goals made for a dramatic end to the match. Japan won the tournament for the first time thanks to a 2-1 win over South Korea. Heartbreak for the women's 4x100 freestyle team at the World Swimming Championships in Barcelonena. They led the way for all of the way - nearly. COMMENTATOR: Here come the Americans. Coming into the final five America with momentum. Australia hanging on. America take the touch.A brilliant finish. The loss overwhelmed Alicia Coutts who had earlier swum two semifinals in less than an hour. Brett Peter Cowan has made his case to return to the -- Ed Cowan has made his case to return to the Australian team. That starts on Gem on Thursday night. The Australian drews their tour match with Sussex. James Taylor proved his worth and smashed 121 not out to give his side a 2- run lead before Australia returned to the crease. The middle order batsman is on standby for the third test. There we go. Nice and comhensive for a Monday.Thursday night, hey. Yep. Back on deck. Let's hope we can be competitive. I think they can be.Yes, please.We will keep our fingers crossed. They have been crossed for a while. Now to the weather with Georgie.

We love our weekends, but we love Mondays because we get to catch up with Richard Reid. What is happening, Richard?Oh, good morning, guys! Johnny Depp - oh, is he set to retire? Oh, my God, the cookie superstar contemplates a slower way of life. All of the stop and scandal coming up. This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Great to have your company this Monday morning. Now for a hit of gossip with Dickie. Good morning, Georgie and good morning to Richard Reid who joins us from Hollywood. He's had a big weekend and he's a lot to share with us. Johnny Depp, Richard, is he contemplating the R-word? Huh? (LAUGHS) . Yes, yes, he is. That R-word stands for retirement. At the ripe old age of 50, Johnny Depp is just like, "You know what, I need a rest." OK. We all know he's had a couple of back-to-back bombs, 'Lone Ranger' 'Dark Shadows'. He says, "Is it all worth it? I can see a quieter stage in why life. Maybe picking up the guitar now and then. He's a couple more movies including the next 'Pirates' movie but he wouldn't be surprised if he quits acting down the line.I don't think so. He's got Mr Gas in the tank. He is just getting the money up there for the next 'Pirates' movie.Oh, OK.What is up about the Scientology school of Will Smith's that is not really a Scientology school?Will and Jada have never confirmed they are Scientologists, but they did open a school about Scientology. We don't have to worry because mysteriously the school shut it doors last week - just closed it - and sent out a letter to all of its pupils, 0 of them saying the school has run out of money and they are not going to do it anymore. So Will won't have to talk about not being a Scientologist again.It gets complicated with them, doesn't it? It does. Speak to you later.Bye.They get a bad wrap, Scientologists?From you, particularly.Is Karl a Scientologist?Now, don't start that rumour.Next up, tension for Kevin Rudd to call an election. Shane Warne and Liz Hurley. Great eyebrows.Georgie, c'mon.That is a PDA like we have never seen before. Bullfrog, I love it. News time now with Deb.Good morning to you. From the newsroom, another twist in the Essendon drug saga but this time the AFL is in the spotlight. James Hird is accusing the code's body of leaking confidential information. Today reporter Christine Ahern joins us again. Chris, this is a Big Algation from Hird. What more can you tell us?Yeah, it certainly is, Deb. This doping scandal here at Windy Hill is certainly getting very personal. Essendon coach James Hird accusing the AFL of leaking sensitive information to a reporter. This is all according to to a 'Herald Sun' report this morning. Letters between Hird's lawyers and the AFL lawyers have been traded for months with Hird accusing Andrew Demetriou of making public statements based on confidential information. This is something that the AFL's legal team has strongly denied. In April of this year, it is reported that James Hird had to hand over his mobile phone so both the AFL and ASADA investigators could have a look at his text message records. Hird's legal team at the time reportedly expressed deep concern about just where those text mess ages were going to end up. The AFL strongly rejected this information, this sensitive information, would end up with anyone but the AFL and ASADA members. This all comes just over 24 hours after Essendon chairman David Evans stood down amidst talks of a huge emotional toll that this whole crisis has had on him. It came after accusations that Andrew Demetriou tipped Evans off about this whole doping scandal. Let's have a listen to what Colquhoun president Eddie McGuire had to say about -- Collingwood president McGuire gyre had to say about Evans resignation? It has been drawn out but hopefully it is coming to its conclusion.Eddie McGuire has headed overseas with Andrew Demetriou on a fagt-finding mission. The AFL boss has come under heavy fire leave Togo oversees in the middle of this whole crisis. It is the second time in just a few months that Andrew Demetriou has decided to go overseas while the crisis bubbles along back at home. Jeff Kennett is calling on him to resign from his post. That seems unlikely as does the Essendon coach going anywhere vowing to stand firm here at Windy Hill.Quite a saga. Christine, thank you.A home occupied by hoarders has burnt to the ground in Sydney's inner-west overfight. Piles of rubbish up to 2m tall in some areas fuelled the blaze that quickly spread through the Marrickville home.They weren't able to gain access because the place is completely full of storage. Some hoarded material. The front yard is completely evergrown.An elderly woman suffered burns in the fire. Her husband had to be treated for smoke inhalation. Now both are recovering in hospital. It is not yet known how the fire started but it took seven crews to bring it under control. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has accused the Prime Minister of not acting quickly enough in sending asylum seekers to Manly. -- Manus Island. It comes as the first group of refugees are set to be transferred to the island. The Federal Government says it is ready to expand the centre to deal with the rate of boat arrives. Queensland Police are peeking with a woman after a baby was found dumped on the front steps of a low goodnight home. Raymond Misa and his wipe are now hoping to keep the baby after a note addressing to them was left in the basket where the boy was discovered on Saturday. There is an attachment already Mum and dad, they will play a vital role in this baby's life. The baby remains under observation in hospital. A thief has made off with almost $60 million worth of jewels in a daylight robbery in Cannes. The armed bandits stormed a jewellery store at the Carlton hotel in the French Riviera resort in what is being called one of Europe's biggest heists. They were hosting a temporary exhibit with jewels and diamonds owned by an Israeli billionaire. The thief escaped with the loot in a brief case. The Duchess of Cambridge looked picture-perfect when she merged from St Mary's Hospital with her little prince and it seemed that son George was welcome mood the world with a text book delivery. The birth was completely natural with Kate getting through her 11- hour labour without any pain- killers. The medical team were moved by Kate's calm nature when she held her son in her arms for the first time. Taking a look at finance now and in the US the Dow Jones closed higher, up 3 points.

A lot going on in sport. Good morning to you, Timmy.Morning, Deb. A big time for the girls winning silver in the 4x100m relay. Anneal ya Bollinger is there for us. It was on the podium, but it was bitter sweet.Oh, that is right, Timmy. Our women's 4x100m relay team got a silver medal, as you said earlier in their finals, but it was disappointing for them because they had been leading pretty much the entire way. It came undone really in the last minute. Cate Campbell got things off to a stella start and set a record in the first leg of the race. She was follow need the pool by her sister, Bronte. Alicia Coutts came in in the last leg but unfortunately she couldn't hold on. Have a look. Comment comment what a finish she's got. Romano won't let this go. Australia with provide on the line. Here come the Americans. They are coming into the final 5, America with momentum. Australia hanging on. America take the touch in front of a broken hearted Australia.You have to feel for her, don't you? Alicia Coutts was inconsolable after the race. She felt like she had let her team down for the first time in her career. The girls were happy with their silver medal.The men's relay team came in fourth. It was reminiscent of London 2012 but it was close. Only 0.4 of a second off the gold medal. Close for our boys there. Jordan Harrison and Kylie Palmer didn't get a medal, but Christian Sprenger qalified first in his semifinals for the 100m broke so a lot to look forward -- breast stroke so a lot to look forward to tomorrow.Thank you. The Sea Eagles sit in fourth place with the Sharks one of three teams just a point behind them. Cronulla have had their final homes boosted with a 28-10 win over Penguin Island. Todd Carney scored one and set up another in a pretty good display from him. The Roosters' team won. Sonny Bill Williams put on report for a shoulder charge with former team-mate Willie Mason. John Podesta could face a week on the side -- Podlianie is in trouble for a high elbow on Jack Steven while the AFL will reap a bit of spare pocket money with fines to be handed out with Freo's brawl with Adelaide before the first round in the match on Saturday night. It got going before it started. Mark Webber has gone from 10th to fourth with a strong performance at the Hungary Grand Prix. Lewis Hamilton took the chequereding in. It is the Brad Pitt's first win for Mercedes Benz.Thank you, Timmy.Thank you, Tim. Now a hit of the weather. A very good morning to you, Stevie. Where are you this morning?Good morning, G. I am waking up this morning at the Slide Lounge in Sydney. This is the home of Sydney's live entertainment burlesque cabbury and we will be seeing a show which is described as the theatre of the unexpected this morning. Since it started six years ago ElCirquo has been sold out just by word of mouth. We will get our own exclusive look. Let's get into the weather. Let's take a look at the weather as we kick off the Today Show on this Monday morning. To the maps -

On the rainfall map, showers on the south coast. Tending to rain in Victoria a Tasmania with isolated thunderstorms about also. Showers in the east with isolated thunderstorms possible in the north

of NSW. Today we are going to check out someone liing on a bed of nails. Maybe see a fire juggler and aerialists and even a feather fan dancer. You always know Georgie when someone is warming up with an axe at this time of the morning you are in for something sper.U think you are absolutely right about that, Stevie. Stay tuned night. A typical morning for Steve Jacobs. Coming up Richo and Amanda with what is making news.Also the woman making a splash in the pool. Stay with us on Todayment This program is not captioned. The innovation from Schwarzkopf - Extra Care Ultimate Oil Elixir. With a blend of nourishing oils
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Great to have your company this Monday morning. It is time for Let's Get Fair Dinkum and the focus is on the election date and what will be the biggest issue of the campaign - asylum seekers. That's right. Joins now is Graham Richardson and former Liberal senator Amanda Vanstone. Good morning to you both. I want to talk about this photo that was taken on Christmas Island and it is an image that puts everything in perspective. This is an airport worker loading a tiny, tiny coffin into the cargo hold of an aeroplane to be taken to the mainland. Obviously, a little boy who was killed in another one of these tragedy dus. Amanda, does that -- tragedies. Amanda, does that not sum the whole thing up? Certainly does. That is why we should not have re-opened the door as people are dying again. Now we will have trouble closeing the door. At least the Government wants to close the door. With their newly announced policies, it remains to be seen. I am not sure I would have put that into the front page. The newspaper gets dumped on the kitchen table and I don't know if I want 6 and 7-year-olds seeing a coffin on the dining room table. That is the reality. Over 1,000 are the estimates of how many have died. We have no idea how many have died. An e norm mouse number have. It is an -- enormous number have. It is an ongoing tragedy. It is easily said but independent easily done. Kevin Rudd appeared on 'The Bolt Report' yesterday. He said that e he wanted the people to give his Government's Papau New Guinea Solution time.We need to see the implementation of this policy over a period of time and its effect over many months. It is the implementation of that policyover time that will get results. REPORTER: I have asked you a simple question.I gave you a direct answer.No, you haven't.A responsible answer.Will we receive fewer boats?. I I have given you a responsible answer. You don't know. Does he have time, Richo?I think the election will be decided on this issue. He's done pretty well with Papau New Guinea to start with. Now we have had two polls in a week remarkably showing that people trust him to deal with stopping the boats than Abbott which is extraordinary following circumstances over the last six years. That is how it has gone down. Obviously Rudd picked a winner on the Papau New Guinea Solution. I think my column on Friday in 'The Australian' I said it is cruel and heartless, it is risky and it is politically brilliant, but the risk is if it doesn't work he's in all sorts of strife. The earlier the election date, the harder it is for it to work. It has got a good chance of working. They are going to start sending the people to Papau New Guinea now. You will fine there will be more announcements during the course of the week about what they are doing and they will show they are fair dinkum, but people smugglers have two things going for them at the moment - they are frighened people want their money back, so what are they doing? Pouring them on the boats and cramming them in. Secondly, they want to overwhelm the policy. They are doing a good job of that as well.Now to polls. The Galaxy was the latest published yesterday. Labor at 50/50 in the two-party preferred. Sources in the paper today saying that Labor's interm polling is showing the same number. The primary vote showed that Labor is up two points from 38 to 40% so this is the highest primary vote Labor has had since 2010.That is a good thing. People like a good contest. It is like going to the football, you don't want to sit there watching a boring crush of a team. It keeps everybody on their toes and that is good.Do you think Tony Abbott likes a close contest? I am not sure that the contestants want it. That is another matter. There are a couple of problems for Rudd which we saw in that earlier clip where he says, "Look, the proof of this policy is in it implementation." The public groan and think you are the ones that can't cover school learning areas, so why it highlighted it imme mentation when the record is bad I don't know. How many times has he turned on this policy? Hello? He can't say one thing and completely do another and expect Australians in the longer term to believe you. What is why it is interesting when it comes to the timing of the election. I know you said earlier on Richo he should have gone straight away. When he reclaimed the leadership he should have gone to the polls. Amanda, you said this will be prove by the imme mentation. Does this mean he will sit and wait?I think there are serious problems in the implementation of this to resettle people. It is not about processing. They are in favour ofoff shore processing and have been for seem time despite earlier views. The problems here for Papau New Guinea are beyond the comprehension of a lot of people who haven't perhaps thought about it. There will be serious issues and I don't think this will be as easy as Mr Rudd would like us to believe it is.Richo, you are of the opinion to give it a bit of times a well? September 21?7 accept is more like it than 21st. Once you get into the 21st you are getting into the serious end of the football season. People don't like that idea. I am inclined to think the 7th. They will have an economic statement this week. It is extraordinary as well. This is a different Kevin Rudd. This time he is going to tell people about cuts and nasties. Normally speaking places won't do that and you can bet your life.Let's wait and see what he says before we get excited. I know a bit about it and I am telling you, that is what they are going to de.You know. (LAUGHS) .You won't have ta on the Surfers Paradisesition between now and the election. He doesn't need this policy to last a long time. He needs it to last six weeks, just remember that.If he is hanging out, hanging around to see a result. What is he hanging around for anyway?The public recognises that. This is a policy designed to last a few weeks to get him over the line. They recognise that.The point is, if you glow longer, then you have to see a reduction in the boats or you are groan.OK. Lots to think about. Thank you very much.Chow. See you next week. Warnie and Liz put on quite a show at Royal Ascot. More in The Buzz after the break. Cause your eyes, Amanda and Richo. This program is not captioned. Free yourself from
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Welcome back to Today. We are all fired up and ready for The Buzz. We have a special edition of The Buzz this morning. It is almost like Warnie created this for us this morning. Let's look at these amazing images that have come in. This is Warnie puckering up with Liz Hurley. If you have ever wondered why Liz fell in love with Shane, this is why.Oh!Err. This is at Royal Ascot and he shows off one of the great skills - not pointing the tong out.With a Siggy in the hand.A degree of difficulty there. 7.5 out of 10. The dart in one hand and he is managing the bullfrog. If anybody out there knows how to bullfrog to prove to Ben and Georgie and Tim this is not just a Warnie thing email us. You have to be able to wrap your lips around the edge of the glass and then the real professionals - I wouldn't encourage this - the real professionals can tip their head back and suck the liquid through and keep the ice in the glass.Oh, right.Nice.I have seen Wallaby legend Chris Handy do that.The TV didn't drop out?I think they are in tact.That was in the Royal Box? Yes.(LAUGHTER) Have you seen - you know the River Dance with Michael flatly. It catches on when you are listening to it, you can't Hep B... Have you effort seen a in Ming go River Dance?Not recently, no.No.Monday is your lucky day. Have a look at it. As soon as you hear the music go - is that impress serve?Almost a groan in Ming go.Is that someone in a in Ming go costume? No, it is not. Last week, we showed you a video of a big sister humiliating her little brother.Oh, it was cute. Here is another example of this stuff going on. Check this one out. So he is secretly dancing working out his moves --With his shirt off. News is nextment wait until you see this humiliation. He doesn't know she is there. You are watchinged to today.Oh, my God, get out!Alicia, get out! News is next. Thanks This program is not captioned. I wish Lyn could walk,
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I wish she could open the door
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Good morning, Brisbane. You have got a shower or two ahead today. Right now you are sitting on 14 degrees.A nice clear morning in Brisvegas. It is 6:30 and time for the news with Deb.Good morning to you. The AFL is coming under fire for it handling of the investigation into alleged drug use at Essendon. News Limited reports James Hird is cueing the code's body of leaking confidential information. The Bombers' coach was forced to hand over his phone records as part of an investigation and expressed concerns about where they would end up. It is the latest drama in the ongoing saga which saw club chairman David Evans resign over the weekend. An elderly couple has been rescued from an intense house fire in Sydney's inner-west. The blaze broke out in the two- storey home just before 9:30 last night and it quickly spread catching the firefighters offguard. They were assisted out as they were coming out. One sustained some burns and the other smoke inhalation and they both have been taken to hospital by ambulance. The fire was fouled by large piles of hoarded rubbish around the property, some up to 2m high. The home was destroyed. Neighbouring properties, though, were saved. A man is in hospital after his car erupted in flames at Doncaster in Melbourne's east. The 24-year-old reportedly went outside shortly before 2 this morning after hearing an explosion and found his car on fire. He suffered burns to his face and was taken to hospital in a table condition. Police are now working to determine the cause of the explosion. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has demanded the Prime Minister top playing games and call an election. Polling will almost certainly take police in September with today being Kevin Rudd's last opportunity to call an election on August 31. Political commentators say that Mr Rudd is dragging the chain because he needs time to get his PNG asylum seeker solution working.It is cruel, it is heartless and risky and it is politically brilliant. The risk is if it doesn't work he is in all sorts of strife.With preferences, Labor and the Coalition are currently even in the opinion polls. Steven Hume has spoken to BBC News almost three days after he allegedly kidnapped his baby boy and assaulted the child's mother. The 24-year-old declared yesterday that he wanted to set the record straight. Mr Hume claimed he was invited to his former partner's home on Thursday night and that there was never an abduction or a knife used. But he wouldn't reveal his whereabouts. Police are still searching for him.Over seas and 3 million pilgrims have flooded Rio's Copacabana Beach to witness the Pope celebrating mass. It was the final event for the Pope's trip since becoming leader of the Catholic Church. He received a rapturous welcome in Brazil with supporters sleeping on the beach to catch a glimpse. Just amazing pictures of those crowds. And this is not good news for women in the workforce with research fining that Australia has one of the most sexist job markets in the world. New figures reveal men in male- dominated jobs are paid a third more than women, according to the Bureau of Statistics. Women miss out on an average of $165 a week due to the gender pay gap. The Australian Council of Trade Unions has accused workplaces being stuck in a time warp and it is time employers caught up. To finance now...

Finally excited families have lined the pathways of San Francisco Zoo to watch the latest round of graduates from fish school start their new journey. The march of the penguins got off to a shaky start. The 2-month-old chicks had to be carried a few metres before breaking into their fast waddle - they are very cute - they made their way to the zoo's Penguin Island where they will spend the rest of their lives with 48 friends in the colony. I love watching penguins.Why do they go to fish school, Deb inThey have got a lot to learn. They have got to waddle and learn the sound. I don't really know the answer to that.The big fish family.The underwater Marine environment. Fish are a part of that. Now to the sport.Couldn't they be teaching them how to fish? The penguins? Ahhh, there you go. I will make some calls.A silver medal for the Australian 4x100m freestyle team for the girls in Barcelona. It was that close. The Swans Joe came a strong start to beat Richmond in the twilight match last night.We kept persisting at it and tidied up a few things. We knew we needed to tidy those things up and we were good after that.A big hit on Willie Mason should have Sonny Bill Williams worried. He could be in some trouble after that one. The Chooks' star was put on report for the shoulder charge on his former team-mate. The Socceroos have finished their East Asian Cup with a 4-3 loss to China T understrength Australian side fought back from 4-1 down in the second half, but couldn't quite close the gap a narrow loss, but quite a game. Finally cricket news - Australia's tour match with Sussex finished with a draw. Starc and Bid put their names forward to play. 77 for Edward. Sad news about Graham Murray, rugby league kofp. Awfully sad. God rest his soul. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. He had the first heart attack and then the second. 58 is way too young.Thoughts are with the family.Thank you. Coming up, the Aussie battlers - the fishermen who had a terrifying time at sea. We will talk to them.Quite story. Now for your best local forecast. G'day, everyone. I am waking up at the Slide Lounge this morning. It is like Sydney's Broadway checking out an amazing show called El'Circo where you can enjoy a 9- Cowes thee yacht industrycal deGus station while watching nine amazing acts like Thin Lead who is the resident fire juggler. We will check out more of his about after we check out the weather at your place. Hopefully it is warming up like it is here.

Well, we are checking out El'Circo this morning. It is a sole-out show and has been for the past six years and Thin Head is the resident circus stuntman. He balances and acts on his chin while doing balancing acts and juggling machetes. He lines to exercise on a bed of nails. He doesn't mine eating a little fire for breakfast either. Just a regular Monday morning here at El'Circo on the Today Show. More to come.Can he do the bullfrog? Just ask him in the next break if he can bullfrog like Warnie, I think he can based on that mouth movement there.No Monday-itis there. Let's keep the entertaining theme going.We have it all covered this morning. Is Lady Gaga chasing waterfalls? We have the new track she's written. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are going to show us about the pain and gain.I believe in the men dream. All of this began because I was trying to push myself harder. Others which, I was looking at another 40 This program is not captioned. The great thing about dogs is
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Good morning again. Today we talk to the stars of the movey that has been described as 'Good Fellas' on steroids. A comedy crime caper. Welcome to Monday. A comedy crime caper that is based on a true story. It is directed of Michael Bay of 'Transformers' fame and stars some of Hollywood's hottest. It is called 'Pain & Gain'.MOVIE REEL: I want to make America a better place. It is set in the cut-throat world of body building. That is where we meet an impossibly pumped Mark Wahlberg who plays ex-conDaniel Lugo, a man with a plan.MOVIE REEL: Man, I have watch aid lot of movies, PaulKnow what I am dying. He decides a little kidnapping and extortion could well help his bank account at the expense of a wealthy client. So how did he and his director walk that fine line between comedy and drama?It was all pretty outrageous and far- fetched. Michael said that he withined to make a bit more comedic. I thought that would be great. It didn't change the way I approached the role and how I played it. I wanted to play this character and push the envelope as much as possible.Getting roped in another perm trainer character played by Anthony Mackie. Paul Doyle played by The Rock who like Marky Mark enjoys being back in Miami in the 90's.With the pant the spaghetti tops.And the onecys.Yes.There are high hopes that the film is set to become a cult classic.Whether it is a 'Scar Face' or 'Boogie Nights' that is very, very special and it doesn't come around very often. So you get something like this, that is original, and you grab on to it.Look who else is on board? 'Hangover' tar Ken Jong who play as motivational speaker. When he is around, you know there will be trouble.MOVIE REEL: He is a nice guy.And adding some gravity to the all-star cast Ed Harris who plays the private investigator who is hired to track down the gang who think they have got away with millions. It certainly looks hilarious and look who else is on board? Yes, that is Rebel Wilson adding some 06 her schtick. It is called 'Pain & Gain'. It hits cinemas next week.MOVIE REEL: I see the him driving up and down looking at me.How about Diane Lane getting the crucial hope of Hillary Clinton in the 4- hour mini-series for American TV avenue Ben chp foster looking like he scored the role of Lance Armstrong in the biopic of the disgraced cyclist. I reckon Gosling could have made a claim for that movie as well. Lady Gaga has been all over Twitter confirming she will perform her new single at the MTV movie video awards in New York this month. Her Army of little monsters will be interested in some leaked audio which features the lady with a song she's written for TLC's comeback. Have a little listen. (Sings) # He turned away # They just want a place to love # A place to pray # In God we trust # And it is OK # He said # I am black, Latin and gay # I went to them # They turned away # You are holding me down # And you are having trouble finding it # You have got to be brave # And wait # Well, I said holding you # In a place you want to be # You got to be # It is all you need #There you go. It will be interesting to hear what it sounds like with TLC performing it. The girls. R&B trio. 'Pop Art' out in November and TLC back with greatest hits albums, along with some new songs along with a biopic 'Crazy Sexy Cool'.I loved the sound of that.It is almost subtle. Thank you, Dickie.Legend. Thank you. Coming up, we meet the ishermen who survived almost two days stranded at sea.Yes and Warnie and Liz put on a royal production.He is so romantic.They are all loved up. In 1963 Elvis Presley released his hit 'Devil in Disguy', just for your Warnie. It tops the charts in Canada. (Sings) # You lied to me # It is not the way you sing # You look like an angel # Walk like an angel # Talk like an angel # But I got eyes # You are the devil in disguise # Oh, yes, you are # Devil in disguise # I thought that I was in heaven # But I was sure surprised # Heaven help me # I didn't see # The devil in your eyes # You look like an angel # Look like an angel # Walk like an angel # Walk like an # Talk like an angel # But I got mine # You are the devil in disguise # Oh, yes, you are # Devil in disguise #

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This program is not captioned. Yes, good morning to you all. The Essendon Football Club saga is not just about drug allegations and sport. It is also a big corporate drama. Since chairman David Evans stood down last week, he is said to be replaced by the Essendon deputy chairman Paul Little. He is one of Australia's best-known businessman. He joined a tiny frocking company called Toll in 196 and through $ens of smart acquisitions built the biggest company in Australia. Evans, the man he replaced, also comes from great business stock. His family were massive holders in the company Spotlessment David himself was on the board of the breaking firm JB Wore Goldman Sacks. Darryl Jackson the ex-player Chris Heffernan who working for earnest and young and Paul Brasher who used to work for Price Waterhouse Cooper. No lack of talent there. Sport these days, like business, is about reputation and business without both you can't raise the dough you need to keep performing. Back to Little. He is tough and puts up with absolutely no-nonsense whatsoever. Expect swift less resolution even if it hurts a lot because that is his style. Paul Little might be black and red when it comes to football but when it comes to business, he is black and white. What do you think, Georgie? Interesting.There are a few TV hosts who have got into running an AFL club.I am black and yellow and they got belted by the Swans. I will it is on the sideline.Good on you. Gossip time right now.

What a great game it was, too. Go your Wayne Swan yes. Richard Reid joining us in the heart of Hollywood where yans has spoken out about those wedding rumours, Richard. What did she say?Oh, Jen has said, "Enough is enough! People calm down. I will get married when I am darn good and read yes." the last couple of months, all of the magazine covers "When is Jen getting Married?" Finally she has spoken out and said this, "There are been no cancelled weddings. There have been no postponed weddings. There have been no arguments about where to get married." She goes on to say she already feels like she and Justin are married. The reason they haven't got married is they are both so busy. She is making movies and he is doing whatever he does. When they are good and ready she says she will let everyone know, thank you very much.Does the lady protest ethtoo much?It rained on my parade a little bitWas offended. Gwyneth Paltrow is taking her familiar back to your neck of the woods?Yes, and it is about time. After nearly a decade Gwyneth and Chris Martin are moving from London back to Hollywood. Gwyneth, her mother and her brother, they both live here out in Brent wood over by the ocean. She says she wants to spend some Commonwealth time with her mother and brother, gir her kids an opportunity to spend time with grandma. She says they have been over there so long that she needs to expose her kids to the Californian lifestyle, how she grew up. It will be wonderful when Gwyneth and Chris Martin are both living here in hoiltd.Looks like they have got the best of both worlds. Who is the Hollywood star selling her swank mansion, huh? Well, Hilary Swank has act $10 million to make this million dollar baby listing very happy.Oh, very good.OK, get this - $9.5 million will get you this beautiful home. Hilary Swank bought it after winning the Oscar for 'Million Dollar Baby'. It has a beautiful pool and own gym and, yes, Richard Wilkins, it has its own screening room. It is gorgeous. $9.5 million. That is perfect. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin - they might be interested. I will get a commission on this.You put it all together. What is the latest Hollywood big hit making the joint leap to Broadway?OK, you don't need a lot of clothing for this one. 'Magic Plik' the Channing Tatum movie about the strippers, they are going to Broadway. A big, splashy musical - a lot of dancing and stripping. Sounds like it would be more suited to Las Vegas, but apparently they want the 'Full Monty' route. I don't think the brrdway musical is remembered but if they can make a quick buck parading around in their G-strings u they hope to make one with 'Magic Mike: The Musical'. That has girls' night written all O'it. Call me crazy. Thank you. We lock forward for seeing what else you have to offer later the show. Thank you.A good tan, too. I threw the challenge out there to see if anyone could send in their bullfroging photos. It doesn't have to be with alcohol. The ability to where one's lips around the circumference of a glass. So far zero, doughnuts, nothing.Warnie is on his own.

A war of words - James Hird takes direct aim at the AFL over the footballer drugs a scandal. Down to the wire - a heartbreaking loss for our girls at the swimming World Championships. Sea of faith - 3 million pilgrims flock to the beach for a day with the Pope. Tale of survival are - it two fishermen lucky to be alive after up -- after a harrowing ordeal at sea.

Twin winners, the winners of the 'The Block' joined us live there. Putting on a show at the Royal Ascot. Warning! Warning! Warning!.

We have it all for you this morning. Good morning. Also making news. A shocking road rage incident causes a car to flip over, leaving a woman in hospital. An elderly couple escape a massive health -- house fire in Sydney. And look at the weather:

Now the top stories. The Essendon Football Club is in crisis again this morning with fresh reports of it a legal start between James Hird and the AFL itself according to the newspaper. Lawyers for James Hird have accused the AFL of preaching confidentiality rules. A massive breakdown in the relationship between the coach and the AFL? It is getting very personal and ugly, this entire doping scandal. According to the newspaper, Essendon coach James Hird has accused the AFL of undermining this whole doping investigation by leaking sensitive and confidential information. They are reporting that legal letters between the James Hird Camp and the AFL can have been exchanged for months with James Hird accusing the air fell boss Andrew Demetriou of making public statements on confidential information. -- AFL boss. The AFL legal team has denied any suggestion. This whole staff between the AFL camp and the James Hird camp exploded late last week with reports that James Hird accused allegedly accused Andrew Demetriou of tipping off as an didn't chairman to the whole Essendon drugs guard up -- saga. It caused the chairman David Evans to resign on Saturday night. It was admits to a huge personal told to him. Let us listen to what Andrew Demetriou had to say about Evans's resigning.Anything which relates to some one's well-being is a concern. He has made a decision which has taken into account his family. His professional career and obviously his personal well-being. We respect that.Andrew Demetriou has flown out overseas on a fact- finding mission - and that is something that has caused a lot of eyebrows to be raised particularly from Jeff Kenna to calls on him to resign for abandoning his post in the middle of this crisis.It is unbelievable. It keeps going. When will ASADA and down the findings? The sooner the better, this whole saga continues to drag on. ASADA is expected to hand down the results of its report within the fortnight. However, that is not likely to be the end of it because this now all seems headed for the courts. They should say that Andrew Demetriou is also threatening his own legal action. He is threatening to sue various media outlets for reports last week. As mentioned, this whole fight gets uglier and more personal by the day. There are calls for Andrew Demetriou to stand down and also the Essendon coach. They are both standing firm limits to this whole saga.Everyone has been called down to stand down in this saga so far. I new development every few hours. Our report will stand by. The PM has been urged to call an early election and take advantage of a bounce in the polls. Insiders say that the asylum seeker solution may not stand the Test of time and that he should set a date sooner rather than later. I still think that 7th September is a more likely than the 21st.Once you were in the 21st, that is the end of football. People don't like that idea. I'm inclined to think the 7th. This week, there will be an economic statement which is extraordinary. This is a different Kevin Rudd. He will tell people about cuts. Normally politicians want do that. We should wait and see what he says. I will be. I'm telling you that is what they will do. You might have that on the Opposition between now and the election. On the score, he does any deposit last long time. He needed to last six weeks.If he's hanging around at to see a result and then what is he hanging around for?(CROSSTALK).This is a policy designed to last a few weeks just to get him over the line.The point is - if you go along there, you have to see a reduction in the boats. In other news, an apparent road rage incident has left a young woman in hospital after her car flipped on sydney's F3 overnight. Police say a vehicle was rammed by another vehicle after objects were reportedly thrown from at least one of the cars. A passenger in her 20s was trapped for some time, before being taken to hospital with leg injuries. Two southbound lanes of the freeway were closed, causing lengthy delays for drivers. -- Sydney.

An elderly couple escaped a house fire in Sydney's in a West. Do firefighters and know what caused the blaze?At this stage, investigations are continuing. There are suggestions that it may have been started by a candle. The big thing with this fire is that the house is actually surrounded by its huge amounts of rubbish. Some of the piles of hoarded material are up to two metres high and firefighters are actually standing on that rubbish at the moment, trying to fight the blaze almost 12 hours after it started. This fire was just so intense and because of all the rubbish, it was hard for firefighters to control the fire. The elderly couple that live there, and man and woman, manage to escape. They had to be pulled over the rubbish to escape to safety. They are in hospital, recovering.There were not able to gain access because the place is completely full of storage. Some ordered material. The front yard and that is completely overgrown. It made it extremely difficult for access.We have spoken to some neighbours this morning and they say that they had been complaining about his rubbish for a number of years but as yet nothing has been done. Firefighters are saying that it is a huge problem, having all these extra rubbish around the house. Thank you. It has been a dramatic start to the World Swimming Championships in Barcelona. The girls are smiling - there is a reason. The 4x100 metre freestyle team picked up so well. While they are celebrating, they are still wondering about what could have been. Tears on the pool deck. Alicia Coutts devastated after missing out on gold by the thinnest of margins. She has nothing to be ashamed about and we are

and we are very proud of her.Kate Campbell got the team off to a perfect start.

She turned in the fastest ever 100 metre freestyle time in a textile suit. Over the next three legs, the Australians lead only for the Americans to fight back.

Australia with pride on the line did he come the Americans! Into the final five!

America take the touch. Broken- hearted Australia.Just 0.12 between the rivals. Australia forced to settle for silver.She had five races today and she was the goal for the job and she stepped up and did her job. We would not have even gotten us a woman without her.The men's team also enjoyed a rock-star reception do with the shadow of the saga -- scandal hanging over them, the team could not claw onto the podium.A gold to France! Stolen from the Americans!We looked out the window and got much will about it and probably ended up with none of the boy is going out as clear as they wanted.Another dominant performance from spring out. He is the fastest qualifier for the 100 metre breaststroke. -- Sprenger.

Water police and maritime safety Queensland are on the scene at the port of Brisbane. The slick was notice to just after midnight but a authorities they get to determine the extent of the spill.

authorities they get to determine
the extent of the spill.

The man accused of abducting his baby

baby at knife point has spoken out, wanting, in his words, to set the record straight. Steven Hume rang Nine News last night claiming there was never an abduction and certainly no knife. The 24-year-old admits to hitting his 16-year old ex-girlfriend, but claims it was in self-defence. Mr Hume's also revealed he'd handed the baby to a family member before he crashed a car at Bargo on Friday. The NRL community is in mourning after the passing of league legend Graham Murray. The 58-year-old suffered a heart attack earlier this month with his family making the heartbreaking decision to turn his life support off yesterday. Friends and colleagues have paid tribute to the former NRL and State of Origin coach, describing him as one of the friendliest men in the game. There were incredible scenes in Brazil overnight with 3 million Catholics gathered on a beach for Mass with the Pope. He was given a rock star reception as he wrapped up the trip, aimed at Rihanna jazzing his flock. Even the Pope knows that when you go to Rio de Janeiro, it is not a complete visit unless you go to the beach. A good place for a swim but as far as he was concerned, and even better place for a sermon. He had to get there. His open-sided Pope Mobile slowly worked through the crowd. He occasionally after the driver to stop to allow him to bless his followers. He arrived at the gite old toff. During his trip to Brazil, the home of the world's largest number of Catholics, Pope Francis has attracted crowds. Along the fight along this stretch, an estimated 3 million people gathered to hear him.(SPEAKS LATIN).He pointed out the need for Catholics to change, for the Church to become a less stuffy and it to reach out to those on the fringes of society or risk losing them to rival churches. Catholic pilgrims from around the world, many easier to take part in the 20 it will be his day, travelled to Brazil for rare chance to see Francis, his first foreign trip since becoming Pope. Today, he returns to Rome. Extraordinary turn out. To SA now way to fishermen, are very light to be alive, after their boat lost power and drifted in heavy seas for two nights. -- lucky to be alive. Hayden Flanigan Cox and Lee Eccles were rescued yesterday morning. Good morning. Good morning.You're a lead to be on dry land? Take us through what happened.We are very glad to be back and not rocking around any more. We went out fishing on Friday night. It was only meant to be for a few hours and be back before the weather blew up. We got out there and we decided to come back in a bit earlier than planned. One thing led to another. We lost our communications gear. And then the motor started to splutter because of the water coming in over the back. We watched the land drift away. We saw some of the biggest waves we have seen.As fishermen, you check conditions. Did the weather turn and was unexpected? The weather was flat and calm when we went out and it was not meant to blow up until 3am. We planned to be back in around midnight. We thought we would beat it. You can't tempt fate and the sea is too unforgiving and can change.(CROSSTALK).Take us through what was going through your mind when you sense to you were drifting further away?I was quite worried for a while and was wondering what my family was thinking because we were not sure if we would make it back ourselves. (CROSSTALK).Surrey, continue.It was survival mode.When did you really feel pretty vulnerable and that things might not turn out so well? What was the turning point? That would have been Saturday afternoon? After we had not seen any helicopters or anything.A Sinn you had no bar phones do you have any sort of communication?They went flat because they were searching for reception constantly. They went flat at just after our last flare went off.Explain them what happened when help arrived? Added the biggest star jumper