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(generated from captions) that's the program. We'll leave you now with this. What to give a new prince who can pretty much have whatever he wants. Well the Northern Territory Government has the answer. Thanks for watching.We've decided to give a unique gift from the Northern Territory, a
little crocodile from the Northern Territory, royal little crocodile George, the
royal crocodile.Each year we will be sending a card to Prince will be sending a Prince George letting him know on George the Prince George letting him on George the crocodile's
progress. on George the progress.And we'd encourage Prince George, when a crocodile George Prince George, when George turns 18, to see whether or not he might be able George turns 18, to to take him back home whether or not he might be to take him back home to his country.Thanks a lot, thank you.To George the royal crocodile , happy

A breakthrough in the case of a baby left abandoned on a Queensland doorstep as a community rallies around the little boy.In very good condition in hospital, yes. Thank you.

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The PM and his wife make a surprise visit to Afghanistan. Violence breaks out in Cambodia with accusations of irregularities in the country's general election.And Australia has a new champion as Caroline Buchanan wins the elite race at the World BMX Championships. Hello. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. I'm Simon Palan. Let's take a look at the weather around the country for

There a has been a breakthrough in the search for the mother of a newborn baby found abandoned on the steps of a house south of Brisbane. Late today police located Sayed is a ing today police located a whom Sayed is a ing them with investigations. They've taken her to hospital tonight for health checks. Earlier tonight I spoks to reporter James Kelly who is outside the hospital.Police say the woman is aged in her 20s and she was brought here in the Logan Hospital late this afternoon. She didn't come of her own accord apparently. Police found her somewhere here in Logan City. She is undergoing a check of her welfare. Of course, police are saying that she probably had a home birth, so that was like five or six days ago, so her welfare does need to be checked. They're also checking on her mental state. Obviously someone who abandons their baby does need a medical check-up and as to where they go from there, well t remains to be seen.And what are the prospects of police reuniting the mother with the baby?Well, I asked that question to police, whether they would get together again. Police say at this stage they didn't know. Of course, that depends on her mental state and whether it's possible for her to look after the baby. If she has given it up in the first place a ban donned her baby here at Kingston, well that may not be the case. There may not be any hope of that. We did speak to some people today. The family where the baby was abandoned, had a church service, or they went to the church service, they said prayers for the baby. They said prayers for the mother as well.They would like to adopt the wild or certainly look after the child if the mother can't or if she is not allowed to. There is a chance she won't be allowed to by authorities, of course, and who knows whether she will face some charges as well.Overseas now and violence has broken out in Cambodia tonight as counting continues in the country's general election. The anger has boiled over after what had been a peaceful day of voting. ABC correspondent Auskar Surbakti joins us via web cam. Thanks for joining us. Can you tell us what has been happening where are you?Well, I was waiting at a polling station as the vote count was under way and all of a sudden violence seemed to break out outside this polling station. Protesters, including monks are surrounded the vote-counting officials so the police had sent in a vehicle, an ambulance to evacuate the vote-counters because they were feeling intimidated. The protesters smashed the windows of the ambulance and the ambulance had to leave. A police escort did come in to evacuate the vehicle, but there was no much, really, for the numbers of protesters who managed to scare the protester as way.What was it that set the crowd off in the first place?Well, it appear it is had something to do with the vote count. I'm not sure exactly what, but I think the people actually wanted to go into the room where the vote was being counted, as many of them were afraid that their vote wouldn't be recorded accurately, but I guess in addition to, that boiled addition to, that the violence
boiled over on the streets after boiled over on after the ambulance left and after the ambulance left the vote-counters were left doing the vote-counters were doing their job, but parently there doing their job, there were reports that police had beaten up a monk had beaten up a monk and ah rsed a little boy, and that in turn set off another crowd which turned over to police - which turned over two police vehicles and set them alight. That prompted police to set off live or rubber ammunition into the crowd to disperse it, but again the police were deterred and the protesters continued to damage the two vehicles.To what extent are are protesters voicing their concern about irregularities?Well, this had been a running theme in the lead-up to the election. Cambodia's Committee for Free and Fair Elections had warned there were massive voting irregularities in the lead-up to the vote. They say hundreds of thousands of so-called phantom voters were put on the leg electoral roll, while the Opposition said thousands of its supporters were denied access to it. As I was covering these polling stations a lot of people came up to me and complained that they were turned away once they had reached the polling booth, saying that their name had been struck off the record or someone when voted in their place, and this seemed to be a running theme throughout the day, but when I spoke to one of the official government monitors, they said from what they say, there were no such problems but that seemed to be, I guess, counter to what I was hearing from the people at the polling booths.Do you think authorities have managed to regain control, or will the unrest continue, do you think?Well, I was - I stuck
around for as think?Well, I around for as long as I could at the around at the scene of this one at particular riot, but I was told to basically particular riot, but I to basically leave the scene as it was getting a bit to basically leave the scene it was getting a bit unruly,
but but driving back I saw that police that been bussed in, riot police with shields and weapons had been bussed in, and it seems that they are expecting more violence throughout the night, and this was always anticipated by analysts and by ordinary people. While the election itself was relatively peaceful, people had expected violent protests or some sort of a backlash as the vote count was under way and we can expect this vote count to last weeks or even months and that will make for a very tense environment in Phnom Penh, but also across Cambodia.Auskar Surbakti in Phnom Penh, thank youThank you.Still overseas threatening
and the Egyptian Army is threatening to remove protesters supporting the country's deposed President. More than 100 people have been killed in clashes with security forces and there are fears of more bloodshed to come as ABC correspondent Philip Williams reports from Cairo.At the rab Birch mosque, tens of thousands of pro-Morsi supporters are still gathered there. They are digging in. They expect some sort of attack from the police, from security forces because the Interior Minister has made it very clear they must move, and they will be moved legally, he says, about you what does that mean in the context of what's happened in the last 24 or so hours? The pro-Morsi supporters say they are digging in because they will not resist the temptation to simply go home and end their protest. They say their aim is to get Morsi back as a President, he
is the lawfully elected President, he was deposed in a coup, and therefore they will not give up their struggle. The government equally determined that they should give up that struggle, that they should move on, so sadly it seems highly likely that the terrible violence we've seen over recent times will continue and all that have passion, all that have attention will be focused on that mosque in the next day or two perhaps as the government perhaps follows through with that threat to clear that area.How they do it without violence is almost inconceivable. It seems extremely unlikely that we are going to get through these next few days without more Egyptians dying in the streets.PM Kevin Rudd has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan where the planned withdrawal of Australian troops is under way. He has thanked them for their service and it's time to bring them home. Travelling with Mr Rudd was his wife Therese Rein. Michael Brissenden was invited to cover their visit.Just a month fight to take month after winning the long fight to take the leadership, Kevin Rudd came to a familiar battleground. He visited in 2007. A lot has changed in war and politics since then.A little bit star-struck, didn't know what to say to him, but good to see him.Before too much longer, voters will determine the course of Australia's political history, but as the first spouse to a kch a leader to a war zone, Therese Rein has already written a new chapter of her ownI am really, really proud to be able to shake the hands of some of these amazing people.Tarin Kowt has been Australia's main Afghanistan base for years. Thousands of Australian troops have served here. Many have completed multiple rotations.I say to you, the men and women of the Australian Defence Force, thank you, and it's about time we brought you home.The Afghans have also paid their thanks. The governor of this province says Australia's troops have left Oruzgan more secure and will leave behind important infrastructure like schools and roads, but he says there is still more work to do and the fight is far from over. TRANSLATION: The war on terror will go on for at least another 10 years or so.As planned, the drawdown of Australian troops is now well under way. Three-quarters of the Tarin Kowt base is being dismantled and flown back to Australia. What's left will be gifted to the Afghan National Army. By Christmas, only 300 of Australia's 1300 troops will remain. They will stay as trainers and advisers based in Kabul and Kandahar.Know this: When the flag of Australia is brought down for the last time a each and every one of you, will have been part each and every one of you, have been part of history. As PM of Australia, I thank you.

(APPLAUSE) For a PM rg a vice Toyota the troops is an important show of support for the soldiers and for the mission, but for this PM at this time, this is also about domestic politics. This is a whistlestop tour of Afghanistan, designed for maximum impact at home.The Coalition has confirmed it's prepared to adopt the Government's entire Papua New Guinea asylum seeker policy if it wins government. The first asylum seekers to be transferred under the deal will arrive the at Manus Island this week. The Opposition has questioned Labor's ability to properly implement the plan, but says an Abbott Government would keep it in placeIf that can be achieved, then of course we will do that, but the PM cannot say that that can be achieved at the moment. It is the implementation of that policy over time resolutely which will yield results.Kevin Rudd say it is will take many months to implement and achieve the full effect of the policy.The Northern Territory Government has been left red-faced after a man escaped from the mandatory alcohol rehabilitation program for a second time. The medihotel is part of the controversial rehabilitation laws for problem drunks.The rehab centre is in the spotlight again. Of the same man who fled from the facility early last week was recaptured and returned, only to again give guards the slip. He has since been recaptured, but the recurring events have left the Opposition mystified.For the CLP to claim success when the guy that they have keeps running away from their rehab centre clearly shows that s--- this is a very expensive fail.The Federal Government built the medihotel for rural patients needing accommodation during medical treatment. Instead, the Territory Government took control of the building for rehabilitation. Under new laws, patients can be forced to stay for up to three months. The Health Minister has defended her government's handling of problem drinkers.We knew that people like this would try to abscond and get back on the grog and that's exactly what is happening, so we have some issues around security and we're looking into correcting those as soon as as soon as possible.Under the new laws, should the man run away for a third time, he will automatically be sent to jail. Legal representatives say that's not the answer.What they're doing is criminalising public drunkenness and that's something we don't want. It is a health problem. These people are alcoholics, they need to be dealt with through a health program and what they're doing is locking people up.The Opposition and NAJA want the program to be scrapped.An industrial dispute affecting Tasmania's fresh food exports is set to go from bad to worse. Protesters in Melbourne say they will keep packet line goesing for a week targeting TT-Line's freight business. Exporters say millions of dollars are at risk. Stephen Smiley reports.As these protesters block access to Melbourne's port, dozens of producers on the bass Strait are preparing producers on the other side of tally their lossesI bass Strait are tally their lossesI wouldn't
be tally their be using TT-Line because of their workplace practices.70 workers delayed the Spirit from sailing to Devonport.AlUnfortunately we are caught in the middle of an issue between a contracting stevedore and their employers.Making matters worse, only one of TT-Line's ferries is operating. The other is in dry dock. Others have been caught outProbably quarter of a million dollars worth of fish on our trailer. If that has to be disposed of tomorrow morning, who knows what the repercussions will be of that.Matt Berry's company moves 40 tonnes of fish across bass Strait every week. One of his truck drivers spent the night in a truck cabin inside the Port of Melbourne to ensure Thursday's freight made it on board todayWe've had additional labour costs for the three days, truck utilisation down and who know whas will happen with the product.The protesters say the bulk handler has unfairly sacked workers, I claim the company denies. Cube is threatening court action if neededAll through next week, there is constant presence of the community here protesting these unfair dismissals.Huon Valley apple growers are also caught up in the dispute with shipments to Melbourne delayed.I would hope that whatever is going on there is over fairly quickly so we can get back to northerlial service.The minister was offering little hope exporters.It is not appropriate for politicians to engage and involve themselves at this level. We are in discussions at this level. discussions through TT-Line with Cube. discussions through with Cube. This is a test for David O'Byrne. He was put into this Parliament on the back of union support. He should stand up for Tasmanian union support. He up for Tasmanian businesses and not worry about upsetting his union mates.The dispute's effects are set to widen.The fishermen are hesitant to go fishing, which then inhibits loads moving forward which is another impact on my business.An eye land's economy vulnerability exposed.A man has been arrested outside a function centre in Melbourne's western suburbs. About 80 people were involved in the brawl. By the time police had arrived most had leftThe unit as taended en masse, about 15 units of the fighting had stopped at this stage. People at the party informed us that people had been injured but they had been left.Two men were taken to hospital.Well, Canberra is known as the bush capital and for good reason, but sometimes the bush quo do with a little extra TLC. National Tree Day seemed the perfect opportunity to get city dwellers out into the bush to help protect the plants and species that make Canberra unique.On the slopes of Mount Majura, a small army a massed ready to go into battle to defend Canberra's green spaces from degradationCritically endangered grassy woodland. It needs some care, extra care.National Tree Day is the rallying point, but regenerating the bushland around Mount Majura is a long-term labour of love.We've got sugar gliders, shift parrots, Canberra spider or kid is here as well.A well-armed battalion took to the tool s planting a miniature forest in the hope of saving speciesSo koalas can have homes.From green-thumbed experts to complete beginners, a little guidance and anyone can make their mark and make a differenceOne is doing something that's useful.Local Landcare and conservation groups are determined to restore the reserve to its former glory, but with new suburbs sprouting right on the verge of the bush, there are new challenges to deal withThe other challenge coming from the suburbs is weeds. People plant things in their front gardens that don't belong in the reserve.Getting people involved and in touch with the great outdoors is part of the solution, encouraging young and old to take possession of the land they live next door to.My job is to help the local area and the local population learn about what they can do in their own backyard to support the environment.For volunteers it gives them a new% tech tiffYou don't really appreciate it until you hands dirty.As until you start getting your hands dirty.As these
youngsters grow, so, too, will

youngsters the landscape they've youngsters grow, so, too, the landscape they've helped the landscape createBig like these.The more createBig like getting their hands dirty, the more likely it is that the
critters from the bush and the critters from the burbs can get along just fine.To sport now with hets hts hets. It has been a difficult week for the Essendon Football Club?It has, Simon, but Bombers heavyweights are backing the football club's embattled coach, James Hird, saying he will keep his job. He is the last public figure standing at the club after its chairman David Evans resigned last night.A hope visit from the boss. Ray Gunston emerged from coach James Hird's house after almost two hours of talks.REPORTER: Are you confident that James Hird is the man to continue coaching this club Yeah, no problemDo you think he will?? Yes.And is he not aloneIf you're an Essendon supporter at home, James Hird is not going anywhere. He has said they are not drug cheats. James has been stoic, strong and stood his ground and he will maintain that.James Hird and David Evans have been friends for 20 years and Evans seemed committed to the Bombers' cause after Thursday night's board meeting.I'm not standing down as chairman and the board did not ask me to explain my version of events.But he is understood to have broken down in Essendon's rooms after Friday night's match. In announcing his resignation, Evans said what's happening at the club is a tragedy, but he believe it is will survive. The AFL chief executive says Evans has paid a heavy personal toll as a result of the drugs scandal.There is no doubt it has taken its toll T hasn't been a pleasant situation. David takes his responsibility as chairman very seriously. He has always put his players and the club first.But some at Essendon has served the club's best interests.The has served the club's interests.The course he has chosen with close alignments to the AFL has left him vulnerable within Essendon to those who have wondered whether his priorities have been with the AFL and that relegated Essendon to secondary.The saga is already heading for the courts. Essendon's form he high performance manager Dean Robinson plans to sue the club for breaching its duties towards him.To on-field action now and the Sydney Swans have claimed third spot on the AFL ladder, while Romney's hopes for a top 4 finish are all but gone. In other games:

Sydney and Richmond are guaranteed to gone. finals and it wasn't hard to see why in a quality opening term at the SCG. This match represented the Tigers' major shot at a top 4 finish and they accordingly threw everything at the Swans early.But Sydney weathered Richmond's storm and booted four straight majors. The sides went in all square at the first change.A cracker!The match remained fairly even in the second temp, but whatever Richmond did, Sydney often bettered, kicking 3 goals to 1 for the term.With four straight behinds to finish the half meant the Premier's lead was only 4 points lead despite their dominance.Richmond was struggling to contain the Swans' big forwards. Two quick goals to Jack Riewoldt kept the Tigers in the contest. Once again it appeared to bring out the absolute best in Sydney.Jack - he has got another one! What a player.5 goals to 2 for the term saw the Swans open up a handy 33-point buffer with a quarter to play. With the first two majors of the final term, the result was put beyond doubt as Richmond's frustrations boiled over. The evening got worse for the Tigers with Tyrone Vickery stretchered off the ground. A low-scoring finish to the match saw Sydney poting a 47-point win.The Roosters have maintained the pressure on NRL leader South Sydney but the win over Newcastle may come at a price with Sonny Bill Williams on report for a shoulder charge. Earlier, the Warriors stayed on target for the finals by beating the stoom. The Sharks won convincingly and the Roosters opened up a 5-point game over the third-placed Storm. John Hayes Bell has more.An intense start in Newcastle brought together two NRL heavyweights. Sonny Bill Williams lined up Willie Mason and went on report. The frenetic start favoured the Roosters. Shaun Kenny-Dowall was too much for James McManus.There were two long-distance tries. Darius Boyd to level the scores, and a Michael Jennings produced Michael Jennings intercept
produced a 12-6 half-time lead. produced a 12-6 The Roosters skipped The Roosters McManus dragged Newcastle into the con tft, McManus dragged into the con tft, but Boyd into the Cordner's try clinched the points N Cordner's try clinched points N a memorable clash Mount Smart, points N a memorable clash Mount Smart, the Warriors
started points N a memorable clash at
Mount Smart, started in dazzling fashion for 10-0. started in dazzling fashion 10-0.Melbourne answered with a 10-0.Melbourne set move, but Thomas 10-0.Melbourne answered with set move, but Thomas Leuluai restored set move, restored the advantage with restored the advantage strength at the line.The Storm hit strength at the line.The hit back via Billy Slater's 149th career hit back via Billy 149th hit back via Billy Slater's
149th career try, Hurrell's burst down the 149th career try, and Konrad Hurrell's burst down the right
was offset Hurrell's burst was offset by Cooper Cronk.A was offset by Cooper grandstand finish came as Johnson gave Kevin Locke the chance to display his aerial skills. The Storm has hit a losing trend away from home and travels to Canberra next Sunday. The Sharks might have been under a cloud after a heavy loss to the Roosters and with manial players facing ASADA interviews, but they started well against Penrith. Todd Carney was sharp. The Panthers' good record in pink this year disappeared as they sunk into the red in the first half.The Socceroos have conceded 4 goals for the first time in Daniel Oss's reign as coach in a 4-3 loss to China in Seoul. At half-time, the score was locked at 1-all, but a flurry saw the scoreline extended. The result means the Socceroos' campaign in South Korea ends winless.Australian Caroline Buchanan has won the women's elite race at the World BMX Championships in Auckland. The 22-year-old made amends for last year's Olympics where she qualified fastest for the final but finished out of the placings. The Canberra rider crossed to win her second world title after taking out the time trial last myself under the pump this year and for anyone trial last year.AlI've put and for anyone who knows myself under the pump and for anyone who knows me, I and think you hit rock bottom, you find out what you've got to do find out what you've got and I'm glad I've pulled it back together.Initially the wrong anthem was played before the error was rectified and Buchanan was able to soak up her status as the world's best BMX rider.Let's have a look at the satellite now. A front and trough is producing showers, storms and blustery winds in SA and Victoria. A large high in the east is keeping NSW and Queensland mostly dry while directing a few showers onto the Queensland coast. Around the country for tomorrow now:

Stay tuned for 'One Plus One' which is coming up next. You're watching ABC News 24. We will leave you with pictures from Brazil where millions of people have joined the Pope for a prayer vigil on Rio de Janeiro's Copacabana Beach.

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The top stories from ABC News - there has been a breakthrough in the search for the mother of a baby found abandoned on the steps of a house south of Brisbane. Late today police located a woman who they say is assisting them with their investigations. The development has answered the prayers of the
local Samoan has answered the prayers local Samoan community who have promised to support both mother and local Samoan community who and baby.The Coalition has confirmed it is prepared to adopt the Government's Papua New Guinea asylum seeker policy in if wins government. The first asylum seekers to be transferred under the deal will arrive at Manus Island this week. The Opposition has questioned Labor's ability to implement the plan.The PM Kevin Rudd has made a surprise visit to Afghanistan with his wife, Therese Rein. They flew to the Australian base in Tarin Kowt where he thanked toops for their service and told them it's time to bring them home.