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A community comes together to offer support to a baby left in a basket in a basket on the steps of a Queensland home.In very good condition in hospital, yes. Thank you.

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Live. Clashs in Cairo leave more than 120 people dead with the Army accused of shooting to kill. 3 million people gather for the Pope's vigil on Rio De Janeiro's Copacabana Beach. And victory on the doorstep of defeat - the Brumbies score a berth in the SuperRugby final with a last-minute try in South

Africa. Hello, live across Australia you are watching ABC News you are watching ABC News 24.
I'm Rachel Puppazoni. Let's take a look at the weather around the country -

The owner of a house where a newborn was left abandoned has nicknamed the little boy Moses. The boy remains in Logan Hospital being cared for by staff and the woman who found him. Queensland Police are trying to identify the boy's mother after the baby was abandoned early yesterday morning wrapped in a blanket with a bag of nappies. Formula and bottles. A group from the Uniting Church have offered prayers for the newborn and his mother. The tightknit Islander community around Logan has rallied around the young boy and the family that found him .How is the little baby going? In a very good condition in hospital, yeah. Thank you.(Inaudible)Very good condition. Yeah, he is doing well. Thank you. Thank you all, have a good day.I understand Ray got he had already named Ray got up and spoke about he had already named the baby, is that right? Can you .How what he said? He sort of figuratively speaking, he named him Moses. He shared that with us. Him and his wife have obviously taken this child under wing but he also knows under there is a procedure and a process that has to be done so he is going to follow that through and we'll so where that leads.Senior police investigator Deon Ditton from Queensland Police gave an update a short time ago.Police continue their appeal to the public in relation to identifying the mother of newborn child that was located in Juer Street outside a residence on Saturday morning. At the moment police are continuing investigations and we appeal to the public to help identify the mother of the newborn child.Have you had calls to Crime Stoppers? We have had some calls to Crime Stoppers from members of the public. We Stoppers assistance at this stage.(Inaudible).As far as I'm aware the baby is in good health, still in Logan Hospital and under observation.What are the plans? Because the child was underweight, the child will be staying in hospital for some time.The family who found the baby, are they keen to keep the child? They are at this stage. Look, where the child was located outside the residence, they are certainly looking at doing their best to care for the child in the future if they can.Can the mother be charged for doing such a thing? I will not comment at this stage. We are looking to identify the mother of the child, we are concerned for her welfare and would like to make contact with her. If she is listening, if she can contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers.Was there an indication the baby was born in hospital? At this stage, all we can say is we believe it was a home birth because of the undersize of the child.How underweight are we ed
talking? It is only undersize ed and police investigations are continuing.(Inaudible).It is just in relation to if anyone was in Juer Street on the Saturday morning, before about 5 cloifn 30a.m. if they can contact police on 131 444 or Crime Stoppers, but if mother is listening, if she can make contact with police, we are concerned fore for her welfare and the welfare of the child.Is there a time frame? The resident told police she found the child around 5:30a.m. Any movements before or around that time in Juer Street, items today? The jump suit the child was located in, the blanket the child was wrapped in and the basket is here as well. Are you hoping that might trigger people's memory? If anyone remembers seeing anyone purchase these items, there is a wofen basket, jump suit and a couple of items of clothing.Are you any the wiser as to who she might be given those phone calls to Crime Stoppers? Not at this stage. Police investigations are continuing at this stage and I will leave it there.

The Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has taken aim at changes to the fringe benefits tax on company cars. The changes tax on company personal use of company vehicles but they're also being blamed for hundreds of job losses in the finance industry and plunging car sales. The Opposition Treasurer Joe Hockey joined Mr Abbott as he addressed the media earlier and said the Government is panicking about the state of the Budget.When the government panics about economic policy, it makes its typical bad decisions. We have seen it on the mining tax, we've seen it on the carbon tax, now we are seeing it on FBT and it goes on. If reports are true and there is a $20-$30 billion hole in the Budget, then this government is going to put in place some reckless announcements over the next few weeks that undoubtedly will hurt everyday Australians.But the Industry Minister Kim Carr says the Opposition is overstating the impact of changes to the fringe benefits taxes on the car industry.Only a minority of vehicles were being purchased from the FBT arrangements going towards the Australian-made vehicles. We've got a simple policy proposition here. Is it right for the taxpayer to fund the private use of people's motor cars? I have
say that's not right and we have to find a mechanism to make the taxation system fairer. It has been reported clashes overnight in the Egyptian capital Cairo have left more than 120 people dead. Most of the victims appear to be supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood has accused the military of shooting to kill, but the Government says soldiers were fired on first and claims the death toll has been exaggerated for political end.On the streets of Cairo this morning under sustained gunfire, this morning gunfire, President Morsi supporters duck for cover.(Yelling)On the other side of the barricades, police fire tear gas and shotguns to push the protesters back.People were worried because they hear the inn Interior Minister say they will remove the people from here so they tried to stop them, then they started throwing tear and liquid gases.The casualties began to mount. We have seen some very seriously injured people here. Huge pools of blood. Many ambulancing ferrying people back and forth. There is a field hospital, the Rabaa mosque is just behind us, the people are being treated there. Lots of automatic gunfire now. We are just taking a crouching position. People are saying there are snipers, we haven't seen any snipers but a there is clearly people on the roof tops firing around the protesters. They said over 100 of the President's supporters died here. The Government claimed just a fraction of that number. The doctors in charge said those firing were shooting to kill.Mostly killed by bullet once, specialty by snipers, specialty in the head. Most patients specialty here.The government says no such order was given.TRANSLATION: We have never directed live fire in the chests of any protester. I can confirm that. I call upon everybody to remain calm until the street conflict is over.But at Rabaa, they are digging in and they won't be moved. The conflict on these streets is far from over. The driver of a train that derailed in Spain killing 78 people has been accused of negligent homicide. The Spanish Interior Minister says Francisco Jose Garzon Amo has been released from hospital but remains in police custody. He is expected to appear before a judge tomorrow. Hour by hour, the physical evidence of Wednesday's tragedy is being lifted away. All the carriages of have been removed. Only the of the ill-fated commuter train lead car remains. The have been removed. Only lead car remains. The glass of the driver's cab shattered by the impact. The man who was at the controls, Francisco Jose Garzon Amo, is now at the city's central police station. After visiting the crash site, Spain's Interior Minister said evidence still indicated that the driver had been responsible for the derailing of the train. So far Mr Garzon has reportedly said little or nothing about his actions on Wednesday evening. Under Spanish law, he has up to 72 hours after his arrest to give his evidence to an examining judge who will then decide whether a prosecution should be pursued. At the city's main hospital, surgical teams are still treating dozens of the most seriously injured, including 38-year-old Mark Woodward pictured as he was helped from the wrecked train.He has tubes everywhere. His head's bandaged up all over. He's had his spleen removed. He has a broken pelvis and broken ribs as well.Tomorrow this ancient cathedral city will pray for those whose world has been shattered. In Canada, a memorial service has been held for the victims of a train crash in the province of Quebec. 42 bodies have been recovered but five people are still missing. The entire town of Lac-Megantic for the first collective grieving to mourn the victims for the first killed in the train crash grieving to mourn killed in the train crash three weeks ago today. 1,000 people are in the church behind me, it is at capacity. Most of those inside are relatives and friends of those who were killed. On the main street, thousands more are watching on a big screen. The Prime Minister turned up as well, Minister Stephen Harper, he was given a round of applause. He made a last-minute decision to turn up and pay his respects as well. The crash site is still a crime scene. So far the death toll stands at 47 people. 34 have been identified. They've pulled 42 bodies from that area. Five people are still missing. This is a town in deep mourning. Everyone here knows someone who has either been killed or close to someone who knows someone. It is a very small community. Everyone This is a town that is not going to be able to put away the grieving any time soon. The town will never be the same.A bus carrying teenagers home from a church camp in the US has crashed, killing three people and injuring 26 others. Witnesses of the crash in Indianapolis say the bus left an interstate highway with speed and then overturned after trying to round a curve. The driver reportedly told witnesses his brakes failed. Local police say a man and woman are among the dead. The bus was carrying 40 passengers who were members of a Baptist Church in Indianapolis. Officials in the US say a gunman holding hostages in a building near Miami killed six people before being shot dead by police.GUNFIREOfficers stormed a block of flats in Hialeah north of Miami after a stand-off lasting several hours. Police say an argument broke out between the couple who ran the building and the suspected gunman, who is thought to have been a tenant. The landlords are among those who have been killed. Today is the one-year anniversary of the Zaatari refugee camp just across the Jordan border. It now houses more than 150,000 people from Syria, making it the fourth biggest city per capita in Jordan. Journalist Nigel Wilson spoke to us via web cam earlier today. He says Syrians are going great lengths to reach the camp which is now at capacity.There is very little information coming because it is difficult for groups to work in that area crossing the Syrian side but crossing there is testimony from eyewitnesses that arrive in Jordan that refugee s are spending 10 days, waiting spending days, sometimes up to 10 days, waiting to come across. There have been some outbreaks of violence at a distribution point. There were a lot of young men, a a lot of young men, a lot of angry guys that maybe want to be fighting back in Syria but for now they are stuck in the refugee camp here in Jordan and tensions can sometimes be high. But there is a sense that maybe the NGO community and refugees are getting used to each other and realising they may be here in the Zaatari camp for a long time and that it seems the community is perhaps beginning to stabilise there.Officials in Libya say more than 1,000 inmates have escaped from a jail in the city of Benghazi. They reportedly fled during a prison riot. A security official has told the media most of the escapees were facing serious charges. It is thought some of them had been captured but officials in Benghazi did not specify how many. In a separate development, opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood have attacked offices linked with the organisation in Tripoli and Benghazi in protest against the assassination of a prominent secular activist. Abdul-Salam Al-Musmari was shot left a mosque in Benghazi on Friday.

Friday. The EU and China have defused their biggest trade dispute with a deal to regulate the importation of Chinese solar panels. The EU Trade chief and his Chinese counterpart came to agreement after six weeks of talks. It means a trade war has been avoided. Set to become the most damaging trade dispute between two of the world's greatest economies. At its centre were millions of dollars worth of solar panels. European manufactures accuse China of dumping them on their market by selling them at less than it cost to make them. As a result, European factories were being forced to close with the loss of hundreds of jobs. Germany and Britain wanted a negotiated settlement. France and Italy wanted to slap on big import tariffs that would make Chinese panels less competitive. The Chinese threatened tariffs of their own which would put up the cost of European exports of wine and steel. After six weeks of intense negotiations, a compromise has been agreed.It was inevitable because neither side can afford to fall out. The EU is China's largest export market and they have a huge surplus with Europe, something like 150 billion Euros. Europe is desperate to export to China to get the economy - the internal demand is very weak, therefore, they must export more.The deal means the price of panels will be set at a level which will help European companies to compete. It won't please everyone as China will still control around half of the EU market. Economists also warn China's need to export goods and its government policy of using hidden subsidies to improve competitiveness will inevitably lead to other disputes in the future. For the time being, a confrontation has been avoided. Millions of people have joined the Pope for a prayer vigil on Rio De Janeiro's Copacabana Beach. The event is part of his historic visit to Brazil which is his first overseas trip since becoming the pontiff. A cross was carried through the crowds on the beach as they waited for the Pope, who is the first ever Latin American pontiff. The vigil is expected to be maintained overnight.A piece of graffiti by one of the world's best-known street artists, Banksy, has been removed from a wall in Opposition Leader. The company that - in London. The company that took it says the mural will be auctioned for charity next year. Some locals of the mural's former home in Tottenham are demanding it be given back. The mural 'No Ball Games' is one of Banksy's more famous. Since 2009, it was here on the wall beneath this scaffolding for all to see. On Thursday it disappeared. It is in possession of the Sincura Group who are going to sell This man managed to sneak a photo before the last This man managed to photo before the last piece was removed.I walk past it every day. removed.I walk past day. I think it is day. I think it is Saturday for London.On Tottenham, Haringey and
London.On Friday workers were re pairing the wall and we re pairing the couldn't get close. re pairing the wall and we couldn't get close. The Sincura
Group couldn't couldn't get close. statement on their web statement on their statement on their web site

The people we spoke to The people we spoke to want the mural back.Apparently they are going to give some money to are going charity. It is not are going to give some money charity. It is not enough.Are you going to charity. It is you going to miss it? Of course I will. I am a big fan course I will. I of Banksy's. This wasn't sold of Banksy's. This wasn't or taken off, it was there to be seen.This happened earlier this year. 'Slave Labour', this Banksy's caustic take on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, was Banksy's caustic take on removed from this wall a few Queen's Diamond Jubilee, kilometres away. The same removed from this wall a ended
kilometres away. The same group ended up kilometres away. The same ended up selling that for over half a million dollars. No-one knows who bought it. Banksy's art, once for public display, is now being sold for private profit and the people of this part of London feel poorer for it.Now to sport with Amy Hetzel. It has been a huge result for the Brumbies last night? They defied history in night? South Africa. The Brumbies are through to the SuperRugby finals against the Chiefs after beating the Bulls in Pretoria. The match was sealed with a match-winning try in the final minutes. Brumbies' Tevita Kuri-Drani scored what looked like the match winner with less than two minutes remaining. The try was eventually rewarded. It sees the Brumbies enter their first SuperRugby final in nine years. Port Adelaide has beaten Brisbane to reclaim eighth place on the AFL ladder. Port had been leapfrogged by Carlton last night but a nine-point win helped rectify that.

In Adelaide, three first-quarter goals gave the Power a 12-point lead at the first break. Brisbane kicked the next three goals to hit the lead midway through the the quarter. Port regained the lead late in the half when this goal survived review.COMMENTATOR: can kick. This will go Butcher. They're the ones he review.
can kick. This will go to the review. It's a goal. It is inconclusive.The third quarter saw the lead change hands several times. Goals to Jonathan Brown and Dayne Zorka gave the visitors a slender advantage. Jay Schulz then nailed a pressure kick to put Port back in front.COMMENTATOR: Puts it up for the breeze. That is out of a copy book.The Power held on in the final quarter to win by nine points and reenter the top eight. In Melbourne, a goal from Sharrod Wellingham gave his side a lead against the Bulldogs but the Dogs stormed into the match late in the second quarter. The AFL's chief executive Andrew Demetriou says the resignation of Essendon's chairman won't delay the release of a report into the club's supplements program. David Evans resigned last night, just weeks before the Sports Anti-Doping program. David Authority is due to deliver its findings. It is understood he suffered a physical breakdown on Friday night prompting his decision.The report is getting finalised. We know that. We are expecting it some time in August. There is nothing that has happened in the last 48 hours, 72 hours, the last week, that will put any of that at risk. It is very important we get this report. We have to put the interests of the competition first, the player welfare issues here are important, so once we get that report, we can then look at it and get answers.NRL, and the Sharks have stunned the Panthers in Sydney running away 26-10.


The Warriors kept their finals chances afloat with an 8-point win over the Melbourne Storm in Auckland. Two first half tries from Ngani Laumape helped the Warriors but the Storm hit back. Cooper Cronk saw Melbourne surge within two points with six minutes remaining before Kevin Locke pounced on a Shaun Johnson high ball to secure the results. Kevin Locke has scored for the Warriors!The Sharks piled on 20 first-half points against Penrith. Michael Gordon scored a double as Cronulla ran in six tries to two to lock in a 28-point win.We worked hard this week. We trained well. We come out and put on a show against home crowd. We have to keep winning. In we do that, we can get in the top four. For us, it is being consistent
every us, it is being every week. A big road trip next week to New Zealand. Keep every week. A big road next week to New Zealand. getting the wins.Australia's getting Sally Pearson has taken Sally Pearson has 100m hurdles at the Diamond League meet in London. 100m hurdles at League meet in London. Her win in a League meet in a time of 12.65 seconds comes almost a year after she claimed Olympic gold at the same stadium. The win is a positive sign just three weeks out from her race at next month's world championships in Moscow.I have three weeks until I race, so that's a until I race, so that's a lot of time to see what I can produce and a lot of training I missed out on I will be able to catch up on in the next three weeks which will be exciting for me.The time was Pearson's quickest so far this season. There are some positive signs for Australian cricket ahead of next week's third Ashes Test at Old Trafford even though the three-day tour match against Sussex is heading for a draw. Steve Smith was unbeaten on 102 when Australia declared at 5/366 on day two. Jackson Bird took 2/33 off his 14 overs with Sussex 5/228 at stumps. England is one test win away from retaining the Ashes urn. Bird says he is doing everything he can to earn selection in the team to play at Old Trafford.I feel like I have been bowling pretty well in the last couple of weeks, been bowling well in the nets. I feel like I am pretty close to being at 100% and I suppose if selected next week in Manchester, I feel like I'm ready to do a good job but that's still a week or so away, still got a day left of cricket tomorrow to concentrate on.A few selection headaches ahead before the third Test that starts on Thursday.Thanks Amy. An American singer songwriter whose music was made famous by the likes of Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton and Santana has JJ Cale considered giving up JJ Cale the business until Eric Clapton recorded his song 'After Midnight' recorded Midnight' until the late 80s. It was a big hit and the two It was a big hit and performed together. The laid-back musician also sang his own way into the record charts with 'Crazy Mama'. JJ Cale died of a heart attack aged 74.

Let's take a look at the satellite. A front and trough is producing showers, storms and blustery winds in SA and Victoria. A large high in the east is keeping NSW and Queensland mostly dry while directing a few showers on to the Queensland coast. Looking around the country for tomorrow -


That is the latest from me for now. A reminder you can keep up to date on all the stories we are following by logging on to our website, Stay with us now for 'Catalyst'. You are watching ABC News 24.

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